Abduction & Non Raid Combat Rules

The vision for Svago is an OOC safe, fair roleplay sim and we will not even tolerate minor infractions of our rules. In addition, we will NOT tolerate rude and disrespectful behavior on a sim ruling. Nor will we tolerate harassment of other members of our sim by anyone (this means stay out of IMs). Infractions of this will likely lead to banning from our sim.

*The homestead sim (Serendipity/Carver Estate) is NOT open to combat or abduction.

*The interior of private houses and apartments are not open to combat or abduction and considered a safe zone as there are no lockable doors on these homes .

** If your sim has rules such as you can’t be found icly, or some special way your city has to be entered.. (like only by tarn) We will not allow you to Raid, abduct or have any kind of combat rp here. Refer back to the word FAIR in the previous paragraph***

No obvious acts of War (taunting, stealing, destruction of property) without as many active warriors at the START of the roleplay as those provoking the acts of War. Example. 3 men from Ar want to come pick a fight. then there have to be 3 active warriors on sim.

To change Svago sim RP (IE. claiming the city, burning businesses, etc) this MUST be cleared by the sim owners (William & Nikki) in ADVANCE as it is THEIR sim you are affecting. No one below them can approve this kind of attack.

Thirty (30) minutes of RP required with target before you can attempt to abduct, or initiate 1:1 combat – why?? because we are a roleplay sim – no exceptions

If a citizen of Svago choses to allow an abduction rp and the rules have not been followed, or the abduction results in you being taken to a private sim or ship or if you do not alert anyone by a scream or leave a clue as to where you have gone.. We wish you well in your rp and please find a way to escape when you are ready to come home. A rescue will not happen and no legal charges can be made. We will not work on OOC information (like IMs)

Slaves are only allowed meter weapons during a Raid per the Raid rules, they are NOT allowed to carry them on their person at any other time.


1) Thirty (30) minutes of RP required with target before attempt
If you have your sights set on taking someone, keep in mind that it will NOT be honored if there are no active warriors on sim at the start of the rp.
2) You must rp your intent to grab, apply capture scent, knock unconscious, draw your weapon, etc AND allow the target to emote a reaction to the aggressive action.
3) You must rp leaving from the main dock (where the ship and tp point is)

———METERED 1 v 1 COMBAT (Player vs Player)———

Thirty (30) minutes of RP required with target before attempt
For use with the zcs meter.
-1- Initiator of combat :You cannot draw your weapon without first emoting your intent to.
-2- Initiator of combat : You cannot strike before the other person emotes a reaction to the weapon draw.

Please note.. this applies to the initiator of the combat, should you do this in an open area of the sim and there are warrior/defenders around, they can react when you raise your weapon, expect retaliation if seen in some cases.

———UNMETERED 1 v 1 COMBAT (Player vs Player)———
Thirty (30) minutes of RP required with target before attempt
For use with dice given with the rules, Using the zCS HUD
-1- Person A posts their intent then rolls the dice.
-2- Person B rolls the dice.
-3- Person B posts realistic response and rolls dice
-4- Person A rolls dice, Higher number wins round.
-5- Return to step 1

This kind of fight can go on for a very long time. Until both roleplayers concede