Starting Role Play in Svago

It is not an easy task to write about how to start roleplay in the Island of Svago.  The answer depends on your understanding and expertise.  This web site’s “Rules and FAQs” section contains most of what you need to know about rules specific to Svago (each Gorean city in Second Life has their own).


For beginners (aka total noobs):
1. Become a member of Second Life (this is free)
2. Understand at least the basics of both how to roleplay, and learn about the genre in which you will be role playing (i.e. Gorean).
3. Visit the “Welcome Center” at the Island of Svago.  This is accessed by a door in the Svago lobby (the first place you end up when you TP to Svago).
4. Once your role (and caste if appropriate) is determined, look on the wall of the lobby to see who your Head of Caste is, and if role playing a slave, check to see which slavers are around to help you begin your roleplay.  If you are caste-less, walk the streets with care.
5. Wear and set up the Gorean meter as required and keep your personal script level low.  For help with this visit the Welcome Center where mentors are available.

For intermediate to advanced role players :
1. Read the Rules and FAQs section of this web site
2. Contact your Head of Caste if you plan to become a resident of the city.  The application for citizenship is found under the “Rules and FAQs” section. Follow those instructions to get a Svago tag.

Some Helpful Links for Gorean Roleplay

Gorean RP Guide by Targaryen