Alliances and Declarations of War


Trade alliance negotiations will be the responsibility of the appointed Ambassador sealed by the High Council. Notification of Trade and Safe Passage Alliances will be provided to Magistrates and Warriors to ensure representatives of the Trade City are treated appropriately.

Ambassadors may be from any Caste and are appointed by the High Council through recommendation of their Head of Caste.

While Ambassadors answer directly to the High Council they remain under the jurisdiction of their Head of Caste.

Military alliance negotiations are the responsibility of the Commander or any of his designees. Notification of Military Alliances will be provided to Magistrate and Warriors to ensure representatives Allied City are treated appropriately.

Declarations of war only become valid when the Commander or his Designee approach the High Council with evidence of aggression or impending assault to the Isle of Svago. The request must be approved by a majority High Council vote.

Safe Passage Agreements, will be for 90 Gorean Days and visiting city’s citizens will follow current cities, laws. The agreement will be reviewed within 90 days. Visitors must have some visible marker, or document sealed by a scribe, that they are from an Allied City.