Anathema Declared in Svago

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Anathema Declared in Svago

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[11:19] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Tal, my Brother.”

[11:20] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “Greetings Brothers, and is a pleasure to met you, Blessed Adilokos” i bow my head to him

[11:20] Adilokos (ugurusu): Tal, Blessed Ones.

[11:20] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “I am Blessed Kardar, the second of the High Initiate of Two Scimitar.. your brother, from now on” smiling

[11:21] Adilokos (ugurusu): Blessed Tariq, and this one must be the student of whom you have written so glowingly. Kardar, is it? I am pleased to meet you at last.

[11:22] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): i touch my forehead, just in confirm of the Grand Inquisitor words, but i let Brother Tariq talk about it

[11:22] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Tal, Blessed Alosos.”

[11:23] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “Tal Blessed Alosos, is a pleasure see you again” i bow

[11:23] Alosos (alosos): Tal Brothers

[11:23] Adilokos (ugurusu): Blessed Alosos! Greetings, indeed, Brother.

[11:24] Alosos (alosos): Good to see you all

[11:24] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “I think if we arrive at the docks together and walk through the City, it will look impressive. Blessed Adilokos, as Inquisitor, will read the charge.”

[11:24] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): i nod as i place my hands on my back.. indeed my brother Tariq is totally in right

[11:25] Adilokos (ugurusu) takes the scroll from his belt and taps it “Indeed. It grieves me to no end that there are those who would dishonor our Caste. But the remedy is at hand, and must be applied. This, we shall do and rid ourselves of the stench of that infidel.”

[11:25] Alosos (alosos) nods “i have to agree it will look impressive”

[11:26] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “Unfaithful” I say shaking my head. My extreme ideas about the treatment that I would reserve for heretics of this caliber are well known to some, or are beginning to be.

[11:26] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): ((This formula of anathema is based on the one used in the medieval Church. Sorry for my lack of imagination, but we have nothing from the books, except the bolt of blue flame which struck the High Initiate of Ar, and that is above my pay grade. LOL ))

[11:27] Alosos (alosos) Nods “i have read the scrolls regarding the evidence has been found”

[11:28] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “I can lead the way with my staff — I know the way to the temple.”

[11:30] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): Are we ready, my Brothers?
[11:30] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “I am brothers”
[11:30] Alosos (alosos): I am ready
[11:31] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “If you would please follow me, Brothers.”

[11:36] Lib (liberace57): “Tal all ” he says on his way to the temple

[11:36] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Tal, Sir.”

[11:37] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): i look at the Free as i give a touch to my forehead “Tal Sir”

[11:38] Alosos (alosos): Tal Brother Rasputin

[11:38] Adilokos (ugurusu): Blessed Rasputin! Good to see you again

[11:38] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “Greetings, Blessed one, and Brother”

[11:38] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120): Tal Brothers

[11:38] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Welcome, my Brother. “

[11:39] Alosos (alosos): Glad you made it

[11:39] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120) nods. aye

[11:39] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “The temple is at the top of the hill and has a fine view of the City.”

[11:40] Adilokos (ugurusu): Thes stairs are new! I am very pleased at the improvement

[11:40] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Tal, my Brother Johyn. Will you join us today in the ceremony?”

[11:41] Dσмiησ (domino.morales) smiles seeing her grandson . ” Tal mio caro .. ” she places her hand on his arm

[11:41] Lib (liberace57): he says quietly to Ari “I released William this morning, his vitals were fine and with Nikki and Jess there i figured he would be ok”

[11:41] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): “Tal Brothers Rasputin and Alosos. And also Adiokos”

[11:41] Arianna Beatrice Voss (abbielynn) seeing so many men in white i move to hide behind Ariella and Lib without making a sound.

[11:41] Alosos (alosos): Tal Brother

[11:42] Jasen Bernard (nocturneowl) steps to the temple and removes his weapons placing them on the rack outside so to moves next to his Granny holding her hand smiling, so looks the Blessed Ones and speaks: “Tal Blessed Ones” looks to Tariq and offers a smile while his fingers runs on the ring he always keep on, so looks to his granny kissing her forehead and speaks: “Tal Granny, Tal All”

[11:42] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): “Greetings Brother” I said to Johyn “I am the last One made, as second of Blessed Tariq in Two Scimitar, i am the Initiate Kardar” i bow to him

[11:42] Mazikeen (kirsme): Mazi hides as far back as possible without falling off the cliff, then reaches out to clutch Tempest’s arm.

[11:42] Ariella Steele (jessica13074): nodding to Lib “that is fine, i just wanted him monitored overnight, i am sure he will be just fine” nodding to Bea looking to the men in white “tal Blessed ones”

[11:43] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): i raise two fingers as i look around “Greetings you all, good folk of Svago” i said with respect

[11:43] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120) looks over and nods to the small group.

[11:43] Alosos (alosos) nods while looking to his right “Tal all”

[11:43] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316) smiles to his Mentor and says, “Good day Tariq and Kardar”

[11:43] Tali (talista) was totally not comfortable right now but if it had anything to do with that pervert Mal being whatever the heck it was being done, she was there On feeling Mazis hand she put her own on there and shivered a little before whispering to her “i feel like i am about to be struck down”

[11:44] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente) sets aside his processional staff.

[11:44] Arianna Beatrice Voss (abbielynn) hearing everyone else greet them i speak up i say ‘Tal blessed ones” then remain quiet so i can observe what they will do.

[11:44] Dσмiησ (domino.morales) inclines her head to the arriving Initiates a smile on her face well hidden as she eyes a familiar face .. but keeps her greeting general ..” Tal Blessed Ones “

[11:45] Mazikeen (kirsme): Mazi scrunched up her nose. She hadn’t really ever spoken to the Initiate and didn’t know what was going on. But she’d been distracted by the sheer amount of white-robed Masters and well.. she was on a hunt for a Master. Just.. these weren’t the right one. So.. she was nosy and stayed with Tali, even at the words, she shuddered and nodded, whispering to her. “Don’t go near them.. we can’t even accidentally touch them.”

[11:45] Lib (liberace57): “Tal Blessed ones”

[11:46] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Good people of Svago, we are glad that you have joined us today for this ceremony removing the false initiate Mal from the Caste, and denying him the Immortality promised to faithful Initiates.”

[11:46] Alosos (alosos): Tal Sir

[11:47] Adilokos (ugurusu): “For all of you good citizens of this fair isle and city of Svago. Those of you who have been harmed by the heretic, blasphemer and outcast of the white, the one known as Mal, we of the Caste of Initiates, represented by many cities, offer you audience to this proceeding. We intend to disbar, defrock and condemn the creature, abolishing his works and setting right that which he has damaged by his execrable actions here in Svago and wherever else he may have chosen to wreak his damages.”

[11:47] Kiko (paulina.jardberg): “Greetings Masters and Mistresses and Kajirae…” said Kiko loud and clear and moved to the spot where all the slaves were.

[11:47] Baldr (adilah.ghost) remains behind now seeing all the Initiate and steps next to the girls keeps his guards mode on as looks the Administrator also coming closer, looks to all and remains silent aftrer spoke a: “Tal Blessed One, Tal Masters and Mistresses”

[11:48] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) folds her hands before her as she comes to stand near the group of Initiates, offering a respectful bow of her head to them, and then to others as they began to file in, waiting quietly for things to begin.

[11:48] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): i lowering my gaze… an heretic between us is something we need really to eradicate. Indeed i personally hope than the Holy flames take him really fast .. probably also erasing his name from Gor’s face. I just rise my hand for the last arrived, but i keep me in silence.

[11:48] rolm (toporto.babenco) walks along with Kiko and does exactly the same thing as he is the first time he’s at a ceremony here “greetings, Masters, Mistress and Kajirae” he goes to where the slaves

[11:48] William Carver: as painful as it may of been William under his own power walked up the steps to the temple and then over to a chair set near the statue of his friend Terek he would all sit down as carefull as he could before he spoke ” Tal good Citizens of Svago, welcomed Blessed Initiates to faithful Svago “

[11:49] Kiko (paulina.jardberg): had no clue where to be or where to stand so she just stayed in the back and watched what was about to happen.

[11:49] Ariella Steele (jessica13074): standing quietly nodding to those arrived but just waiting and watching the ceremony.

[11:49] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “As you can see, the banner which goes before us is that of the Great Court of the Sardar, the Court which renders judgment on Initiates who have failed in their duties to the Caste. It is not the banner of one City alone, but of the whole Caste, for this is a matter which touches the honor of every member of our Caste, of every City.”

[11:50] Lea Carver (leather.firethorn) watched her father, a bit apprehensively, climb p the stairs. She wrinkled her nose at his stubbornness, though secretly, she was proud of his determination. “Tal, Free.”

[11:50] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): “Tal to all who have arrived to witness the defrocking of the False Initiate.”

[11:51] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente) lights his candle in the flame at the entrance of the temple.

[11:52] Adilokos (ugurusu): I stand, with my back to the Temple entrance, just as we have stood, down through the centuries, when pronouncing anathema upon a former Initiate, to guard the entry, that none impure and blasphemous might gain entry. Initiates stand in a ring before me, with the banner at the centre to form the Golden Circle of Protection, to which we refer in times of necessity and during the services. “Come Brothers and form the circle. All onlookers standing near the circle are within our protection.”

[11:53] Alosos (alosos) steps forward with other Brothers to form a circle

[11:54] Mazikeen (kirsme): Mazi leans over, pats Kiko on the arm gently. She had decided it was best to hide behind the Thrall in this instance.

[11:54] rolm (toporto.babenco): just follows Kiko and kneels aside her, contemplating the scene, everything looked so sophisticated, the Panther camp that once owned him seemed so precarious in comparison.

[11:54] Adilokos (ugurusu): “Brothers of our Caste. Compose your minds to this task. Not of worship, nor of praise, but of solemn defense. We shall make Outcast. We shall make Anathema of the heretic. His crimes will be enumerated and she shall be placed forever outside our Circle. Are we agreed, Brothers?”

[11:54] Kiko (paulina.jardberg) chuckled softly as she clearly could see that a few of the slaves didn’t know what to do , including herself.

[11:55] Lib (liberace57): he watches the ceremony in fascination

[11:55] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Be it so, High Inquisitor.”

[11:55] Alosos (alosos): “so be it” in agreeance with the High Inquisitor.

[11:55] Adilokos (ugurusu) listens for others

[11:55] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316) says, “Aye I am of the same mind High Inquisitor”

[11:56] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki listens and watches as the Initiates speak of the former Initiate of Svago, she had never seen this before and listened to each word that was said.

[11:56] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): form the circle, between my brothers as i listen all ritual in progress. My candle burn with the other also.”Aye, Brother” I say nodding placidly .. really determined to be part of this marginalization from immortality too. And from the Gorean path. Disregarding one’s caste codes only deserves indignation and impalement. That’s for sure.

[11:56] Lea Carver (leather.firethorn) looked on, finding this much more interesting than the normal temple ceremonies…

[11:57] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente) composes his mind to the solemn occasion and waits for the Inquisitor to begin at the Ahn.

[11:57] Adilokos (ugurusu): “As is the custom among us, is there one Initiate, any of us, who feels that the accused, one Mal, formerly of Svago and other parts, be innocent? If so, speak now in his defense.”

[11:58] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Not I It was my agents who uncovered his crimes in Svago.”

[11:59] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120): “Not the Temple of Olni for his deeds have reached our shores.”

[11:59] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): my tight lips make me understand my thoughts about the heretic Mal. What we are doing is all too light, almost a caress, compared to what should be done .. but the unwary run away in front of the Priest Kings .. and I can understand it .. they will escape a little while they burn screaming. “No, not me Brothers”

[12:00] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): “Not for the Temple of Svago as his deeds among the people here are known”

[12:00] Alosos (alosos):” Not me as i am in agreeance with Brother of Olni”

[12:00] Adilokos (ugurusu): “The Rite of Last Chance is accomplished. The Mercy of the Caste of Initiates is as boundless as the Mercy of Priest-Kings. The Wrath of the Caste of Initiates is as boundless and swift as the Wrath of Priest-Kings. Let it be so.”

[12:01] Adilokos (ugurusu): The Initiates gather in a circle and turn toward the highest ranking official of the caste present, Blessed Adilokos, Grand Inquisitor of the Caste.

[12:01] Adilokos (ugurusu): “My brothers, we gather today to render judgment on the false Initiate known as Mal, to remove him from the Caste of Initiates, and to deny him the immortality given to those members of our Caste who live pure lives, obedient to the Codes under whose authority we are set by Priest-Kings and our superiors.”

[12:02] Adilokos (ugurusu): “Mal, the false Initiate has knowingly and willfully violated the oath he swore to uphold at his entry into the Caste. He has offended against the Codes, and is unworthy any longer to be considered a member in good standing of the Caste of Initiates. Among those violations known to us by sure and certain evidence of eyewitnesses are eating meat, and having carnal relations with females. We therefore find him in violation of his ritual purity and befouled by forbidden behavior before Priest-Kings and his Caste-Brothers.”

[12:03] Adilokos (ugurusu): “He is also reported to have neglected to carry out the proper duties of our Caste, by refusing to hold a memorial for the son of one of the most noble families of the Island and city of Svago, after that Free Man met his death in an accident and his ashes were returned to the island. Thus this man, Mal has offended in both things done and things left undone which he was obligated by his Professed Oath to do.”

[12:03] Adilokos (ugurusu): “Moreover, Mal has also brought disgrace and shame upon the Caste by wanton and willful breaking of the civil Law of the Island of Svago, by the furring of the property of Warrior Mjarko of Svago, and the theft of this Free Man’s lawfully owned kajira, fleeing with her from the island. Following this, we are informed, Mal lost the kajira in a game of chance and abandoned her, rather than return her to her rightful master after carnally using her.”

[12:04] Dσмiησ (domino.morales) nods to the spoken words and holds the hand of her grandson

[12:04] George (george1480) arrives quietly as the event has already started

[12:04] Jasen Bernard (nocturneowl) stiffens his jaws remembering and nodding as looks with respect the Blessed One.

[12:04] Adilokos (ugurusu)’s voice deepens and becomes firmer as he reads on
[12:05] Adilokos (ugurusu): “THEREFOR, in the name of, and by the authority given me by, the Holy Priest-Kings — as Grand Inquisitor and highest judge of the Caste of Initiates, — I, Blessed Adilokos of the Great Temple of the Sardars, hereby utterly CAST HIM OUT of the Caste of Initiates and remove him from membership in our blessed society!”

[12:05] Adilokos (ugurusu): “We hereby remove the false Initiate known as Mal from all fellowship with either Men or Gods. We separate him utterly from the society of all believers and servants of the holy Priest-Kings, and from all privileges of membership in the White Caste. We declare him excommunicate and anathema. His words are not heard by the Holy Ones, or by men. No one shall shelter him, give him food, or grant him any communication of any kind. Should he pretend to celebrate any rituals of the Caste, they are not valid to be recognized by Priest-Kings, or by Men. Entry into any temple or shrine is forbidden to him. All Caste doors are shut to him. He shall not touch book nor scroll nor altar nor candle nor any furnishment belonging to the Caste. Any such contact shall be regarded as blasphemy and theft.”

[12:05] Lib (liberace57): he thinks Mal would fur a snake if he could get someone to hold its head.

[12:06] Adilokos (ugurusu) shouts: “Likewise, after his death, we condemn him to forfeit that immortality granted alone to Initiates by Priest-Kings. Let him be sent to the Cities of Dust, where he shall wander forever as a mindless and insubstantial shade. Let his name be blotted out before the Holy Ones and forgotten by Men. He shall no longer exist. He is banished from the Light of Priest-Kings into Darkness!”
[12:07] Adilokos (ugurusu) shouts: “So be it! Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!”

[12:07] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!”

[12:07] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): I repeat, full of fervor “Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!” and extinguish my candle.

[12:07] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120): SO BE IT FIAT! FIAT! FIAT! FIAT!

[12:07] Adilokos (ugurusu): * The initiates each repeat: “Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!” and extinguish their candles. *

[12:08] Alosos (alosos): “Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!” in a full voice and extinguishes the candle.

[12:08] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): “Fiat!Fiat!Fiat!”

[12:08] rolm (toporto.babenco) watches the ritual trying to figure out what happened as it seemed really serious.

[12:08] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente) throws his candle down and it sputters and goes out in the damp grass.

[12:09] Adilokos (ugurusu) hears the roar of thunder from the cloudless sky and smiles. They have been Heard

[12:09] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120) steps on the candle insuring its destruction and its flame no longer able to light

[12:10] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): look at the sky roaring as i touch my forehead.. a gesture to ward off the apostate’s name, far from my figure and that of my brothers.

[12:10] rolm (toporto.babenco) hears the thunders and feels goose bumps.

[12:10] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki gets a chill and rubs her arms as the Initiates cast Mal out. She looks up when the thunder roars.

[12:10] Adilokos (ugurusu): Good people of Svago, the danger has been lifted from your beautiful city. The temple has been cleansed and the blessings of the Almighty Priest-Kings have once again been restored to you.

[12:10] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120): Hear Hear!

[12:10] Alosos (alosos): Hear Hear!

[12:11] rolm (toporto.babenco) thinks to himself “well now that’s really serious business” as he hears the thunders.

[12:11] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): The final words, meaning “It is done” in ancient Gorean seals the anathema, as each Initiate joins in pronouncing the curse.

[12:12] Adilokos (ugurusu): And now, if the Administrator of this city will step forth, the caste of Initiates will give you gold in order to recompense you for the damages done by one who claimed our Authority.

[12:12] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120):” May he find no mercy, no peace”

[12:12] Alosos (alosos):” Indeed Brother Indeed.”

[12:13] Adilokos (ugurusu):sees that the Administrator is seated and so he goes to him, instead.

[12:13] Caius Carver (bomberblue) had shot a look up hearing the thunder, when they called William he looked over knowing his condition, but also his stubborn nature.

[12:13] William Carver: William would then, hearing the words would stand as best he could and clenching his jaw he would step forward.

[12:13] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): “May such never set foot on the ground of this Blessed Island and it be forever protected.”

[12:14] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): “Ta Sardar Gor” she calls out as the initiates conclude the ceremony and tries to help William out of his seat at the Initiate approaches.

[12:14] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120) turns to face the crowd.

[12:14] Adilokos (ugurusu) holds out a heavy box to the administrator “This contains gold from our Caste to your City. may it help to heal the wounds inflicted..” He smiles and makes the sign of the Circle and adds quietly “And may your own wounds heal swiftly, Sir.”

[12:14] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente) nods. “The loss by theft is repaid by the Caste. The other crimes will be repaid upon Mal by Priest-Kings.”

[12:15] Dσмiησ (domino.morales): ” Ta Sadar Gor ” she speaks from the bottom of her heart

[12:15] Jasen Bernard (nocturneowl) calls out: “Ta Sardar Gor!” speaks proud nodding as looks to the Blessed Ones

[12:15] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120): TAL SARDAR GOR!!

[12:15] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[12:16] Johanna-Nikki Bernard (anaris.draconia) ” Tal Sardar Gor”

[12:16] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): I also proceed with a small sign of the circle, addressed to all citizens, honoring the delivery of the repairing gold .. in the hope that all this will never happen again. “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[12:16] Alosos (alosos): “Ta Sardar Gor , May this island be protected.”

[12:16] Jonah Bernard (tobiasscribe69) watched the proceedings, the ceremony was all he had hoped it would be, and his voice would chime out. “Ta Sardar Gor!” Though he would quiet down to continue to watch the interaction between William and the Initiate.

[12:16] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): Tar sardar Gor”

[12:16] George (george1480): “Ta Sardar Gor!” he repeats

[12:16] Juvαnα Pyrnεα Cαrvεr (melisandramelodi) looks on with great seriousness, she says, “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[12:16] William Carver: “Caius ” He would call for his son as he felt himself waiver a moment he would not reach for the box it was all he could do to stand there and he drew in some air and forced back the pain as he spoke ” The faithful of Svago are grateful for the mercy of this Council of Initiates in their efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the Isle of Svago, our faith has never wavered “

[12:16] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga): “Ta Sardar God.” She replies quietly with the rest.

[12:17] Lib (liberace57): “Ta Sadar Gor” he says a bit louder than he intended.

[12:17] Adilokos (ugurusu) smiles and steps back, withdrawing so that the man could regain his seat without offense.

[12:17] Baldr (adilah.ghost) hears his Master’s name and looks to him while looks the Initiate.

[12:18] Caius Carver (bomberblue) arched a brow hearing his Father and he moved through the Crowd and moved to his side. Inclining his head to the Initiates.

[12:18] Adilokos (ugurusu) shouts: “The ceremony is concluded. Priest-Kings bless you all. You may return to your lives, blessed and protected once again. Ta Sardar Gor! Hail Svago!”

[12:19] Baldr (adilah.ghost) follows his Master but remains far enough but his guards mode was on as well, keeping his eyes time in time to the stairs

[12:19] Juvαnα Pyrnεα Cαrvεr (melisandramelodi): Hail Svago!

[12:19] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120):” Blessing upon all of Svago this day.”

[12:19] Blessed Johyn (timothypaul316): “Hail Svago!”

[12:19] William Carver: He would then indicate the box of gold ” Son, if you can see to that ” William would not admit he did not have the strength but such was the case he would then move back to the chair and would call out before he sat ” TA SARDAR GOR!”

[12:19] Adilokos (ugurusu): “And now, my Caste Brothers, those who desire to remain, we can all go to the Inn and have tea and refreshment. On my coin!”

[12:20] Lea Carver (leather.firethorn): “Hail Svago,” she echoed.

[12:20] Alosos (alosos): “Blessings to you all Svago.”

[12:20] Kardar Alhazred (tavarkardar): ” Hail Svago! Blessing to each of you, good citizens!” i repeat

[12:20] Blessed Rasputin (rasputin120): “aye tea that is given free is always welcome.” He grins.

[12:20] Tariq ibn Joshao (kitten.serpente): “Blessing of Priest-King be upon Svago and all her people.”

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