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Rygon the Old at the Inn. 082018

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[00:19] Rec Rembrandt: “Come, let’s all head to the inn. I’m hungry and need some ale.” he laughed.
[00:21] Rec Rembrandt was about to enter the inn when he spied a man at the dock “Tal Sir…” he called out in greeting while pointing two spread fingers to the stones.
[00:21] sunny (sunnydayes) tal, Master
[00:21] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): greetings master

[00:23] Ruri Rotaru looks up from some paperwork he has on hand a few scrolls and a medical bag hearing three others approaching along the stone path he looks up with a smile ” tal there sir. “turns to the others ” and you ” using his hand with a waving gesture. ” sorry just trying to organize some old paper work ” he says
[00:25] Rec Rembrandt nodded seeing the scrolls “I am Rec, smith and a slaver to Svago. Well met.” Seeing the man was wearing green garb he added “Were you looking to have some medical tools made? Purchase a slave perhaps?”

[00:28] Ruri Rotaru looks up and smiles before walking over to the glowing barrel and tosses a bunch of files into the fire ” yea those are no good anymore ‘ well maybe in time i’ll need some more medical supplies. a slave i don’t know ” he rubs his chest as he says such his clothing moves oddly as he does.
[00:30] Rec Rembrandt nods again “Well…House of Rembrandt is the best smith…and best slaves. Top quality.” he boasts. “In the meantime…I was heading to the inn to eat. Care to join?”
[00:31] sunny (sunnydayes) looks back and forth between the free
[00:32] Ruri Rotaru thinks for a moment ” humm i haven’t eaten to much since i arrived a meal would be good now that it’s taken my stomach a few days since that ride on the boat in the storm ” he see’s the kijaria and walks over leaning down looking over her features. ” hummmm ” it was clear he was taking notes maybe he just really takes his work a bit to serious some times.
[00:34] Rec Rembrandt again nodded, then began to walk to the inn motioning for the two slaves to follow.
[00:34] sunny (sunnydayes) preens under the bit of attention. surely their master would notice she was of interest

[00:35] Rec Rembrandt took a cushion and then watched as sunny went to get his usual.
[00:35] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): may i serve you Master
[00:36] Ruri Rotaru leans back and thinks for a moment ” what ever they have thats ready to eat and a thing of juice. ” he said feeling the breeze hitting his back
[00:37] sunny (sunnydayes) when their owner moves, sunny jumps up to and after jostling onion playfully, washes her hands and goes straight to fetching a tankard of ale and a bowl of …She leans over and lifts the lid, giving it a quick stir. She spears a lot of the meat for her master, along with the suls and onions, whatever else is in there. In no time she butters some thick slices of bread with bosk butter, puts all that on a tray with an eating prong and a spoon, and hurries back over
[00:37] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master fresh juice and plate of food
[00:41] sunny (sunnydayes) knows how little patience her master has with waiting, so she wastes no time in settling the tray and arranging his food in easy grasp of his right hand. The tankard, she holds to him, smiling “your ale, Master, may you find it and your girl pleasing”
[00:41] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): washes my hands as i reach gor a goblet wipe it free off dust seeing no imperfections i walk to where the juice is kept cool pout it just below the rim place on a tray take a plate seeing fresh bosk stew i ladle some into a bowl add bread a small butter bowl and some fresh fruit of berries melon and return carrying the laden tray
[00:42] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): places the tray on the table as i offer the fresh ramberry juice your juice master may it refresh you this day
[00:42] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm barely moves into the in so she can watch and learn from a distance not wanting to disturb the free with her clumsy ways or to offend the other better trained slaves she would watch them and learn from them
[00:43] Rec Rembrandt watched sunny place his stew…then holding out his ale. He leaned over, took the tankard and playfully gave her a mix between a kiss and nibble just under her jaw “mmm…thank you, mine.” he said as he sat back and looked to nahko serving. He decided then that he would reward the slave by letting him have one night with one of the girls of the house. He’d tell him later.
[00:44] Ruri Rotaru takes the juice and nods to nahko and takes a good drink before popping a couple pieces of fruit into his mouth ” SO you said you have some great slaves. well i may be looking for one to help when i finish paperwork for here. but i tend to be rather specific for what I’d need ”

[00:45] sunny (sunnydayes) smacks her lips, obviously relishing the lingering taste of the kiss. She pays close attention in case more kisses might be coming, or the need for more –well, anything.
[00:46] Rec Rembrandt nodded to the man then said “What did you say your name was Sir?”
[00:48] Ruri Rotaru looks up putting his hand on his chin ” humm i didn’t give my name yet did I. How rude of me i some times forget such simple things I do apologies for my rudeness. so let me do so now I”m Ruri Rotaru mainly a green who’s held other jobs in times of need. been wandering the and for a few years and you don’t come across that many nice people when doing so

[00:49] Rec Rembrandt nodded “Well Met…Ruri” he said then began eating his stew. Mid chew he noticed the girl sitting by the door of the Inn. “You there…come here girl.” he called to her.
[00:50] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “yes master” storm gets up slowly and goes over to the free man who called her
[00:51] sunny (sunnydayes) glances over to the other girl, leaning back a few degrees to check out her hair
[00:51] Ruri Rotaru eats a few more pieces of food. ” well you see for a slave i’ll be looking for a small one a i’d say short hair. she doesn’t need to be perfectly trained as it’s easier to train em in what i need when not complete then to have to retrain one thats already set in their ways.
[00:52] Rec Rembrandt: When the girl approached he noticed the white camisk of the House of Thorn. A smirk tugged on his lips. “You are a white silk…interesting. What name are you called by?” he asked.
[00:54] Rec Rembrandt instantly thinks of cur as the man talks.
[00:54] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm turns to the master speaking to her “they call me storm master for the color of my hair and eyes” she looked at him for a moment then looked back down and traced one of the flowers on the carpet with her eyes
[00:55] Rec Rembrandt: He would make note of that name and seek out Ash later.
[00:56] Ruri Rotaru took anouther drink of the juice. and just watches as he waits
[00:57] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm looked around at the different patterns in the carpet and snuck looks up at both of the free men wondering what they did for a living and wondering if it would be rude to ask them “is there anything i could get for you masters?” storm realized she was being very rude to the free men
[00:58] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::rests against the wall after making the long trip from the paga den.. coughs and spits dark onto the boards at his feet, before he makes his way into the inn. His cane ringing on the wooden decking and announcing his presence before he is seen.

[01:00] Rec Rembrandt reached out to rest a calloused hand upon sunny’s thigh as he replied “I am well served for now, storm…and nahko has seen to our guest…but perhaps he might enjoy looking at you more than nahko.” he chuckled. Seeing the musician enter he calls out “Rygon…join us, please…” and then points to the man telling storm “Offer that man your service.”
[01:00] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::pauses inside as he notes familiar faces:: Tal..
[01:01] Rygon the old (painsdomain): join you.. mmm among the Tuchuk such an offer means you are paying.. but alas we are not on the plains..
[01:01] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::makes his way over and struggles to sit down
[01:01] sunny (sunnydayes) watches the older man walk painfully slow into the inn. The longer he takes, the higher up her eyebrows inch. “tal, Master” she finally says
[01:01] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): greetings Master
[01:02] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “tal master is there anything i can get for you?” storm looks at the elderly man as he sits down
[01:02] Ruri Rotaru perks up and smiles looking to the old man ” tal sir I”m ruri did i hear you right talking about the plains. were you once part of a wagon camp?
[01:03] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::nods to the slaves in turn then turns to the man and nods:: yes of the Tuchuk…
[01:04] Rec Rembrandt laughs “Aye Rygon…I will cover your expense and later you can play something to entertain us…”
[01:04] Ruri Rotaru smiles and nods ” i was part of one myself for awhile. though there was a nasty fight and it fell apart.. ended up in hammerfall after that
[01:05] Rygon the old (painsdomain): now then .. hmm as I am paying a bowl of gruel…… ::pauses as he hears the offer:: make that bosk with a loaf of bread.. with a bowl of kal-da
[01:05] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks the young man over:: I see no scars..
[01:06] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): listens interested
[01:06] Ruri Rotaru lifts his shirt and his entirety of his body under the clothing is scard over from a nasty fire. ” this would be why
[01:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::snorts:: that looks like it smarted..
[01:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::turns in one of his rambling ways:: you Kajirus… do you dance?
[01:08] Ruri Rotaru: .me put his shirt down and smiles’ well lets say if i ever find that slave they won’t have a head.
[01:08] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “so you would like a bowl of bosk stew and a loaf of bread with a bowl of kal-da master?
[01:08] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): me Master not really sorry

[01:08] Rygon the old (painsdomain): yes child and hurry I am hungry enough to eat my shoe… which incidentally does not taste very good.
[01:09] Rygon the old (painsdomain): not really means some.. we will talk.. I may have a part for you..
[01:09] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master
[01:10] Rec Rembrandt chuckled hearing the old man talk of shoes and dances. He glanced over to Ruri…there was a story there somewhere. He’d have to let Sara know so she could set a reporter on it.
[01:11] Rygon the old (painsdomain): I am being rude. my use name is Rygon of the Tuchuk. Musician.. once of the red scar.. him :: waves off Rec:: I know.. and you are?
[01:12] Ruri Rotaru tilts his head a bit and smiles thinking the old man may be a bit hard of hearing and speaks up a bit more then last time ” My name sir is Ruri Rotaru I’m a physician who has also had to take on other jobs in times of dire need.
[01:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ahhh.. well met well met.. Rurye.. it seems my lot to keep meeting healers.. I think the priest kings are telling me something.. but I am a bit deaf.. so.. ::cackles:: they will just have to try harder….
[01:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::slaps his knee at his own joke::
[01:16] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): looks down trying not to laugh at the frees talk
[01:16] Ruri Rotaru grins ” thats ok at the moment if you fell over having a heart attack we would have to send a slave to get someone as I would not be allowed to practice medicine in town till i am a citizen or given permissions from the higher ups. so please don’t die infront of me.

[01:17] Rec Rembrandt roars laughter hearing that “Oh, I am sure that our physicians would not mind…especially since Rygon here is not a citizen of our good Svago either.”
[01:17] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): chuckles to myself
[01:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): hah! good one.. let an old man die for a rule.. Your time on the plains must have been short.. ::cackles at Rec:: indeed.. I think they would just as soon I died close to the pier so they could roll me into the water..
[01:18] sunny (sunnydayes) laughs too, although she doesn’t understand the joke. Its enough for her that the free are happy and laughing
[01:18] Rec Rembrandt: He glanced at sunny and nahko then said “You know…our sword tournament is coming up soon. I was thinking of having two slaves fight before the event to entertain the free.”
[01:18] Ruri Rotaru points to the water behind him ” but the waters right there woudn’t take much effort
[01:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;scratches his butt and nods with a grin::
[01:19] Rygon the old (painsdomain): fighting slaves… haven’t seen a good fighting slave in many seasons
[01:20] Rec Rembrandt: Pointedly he looked to nahko “Have you been taught to fight, nahko?”
[01:20] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): with what weapons Master
[01:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): the one under your belt doesn’t count..
[01:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::cackles::
[01:20] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master i can fight with bow and staff
[01:20] Rec Rembrandt nodded in appreciation “Excellent….excellent.”
[01:21] Rygon the old (painsdomain): bow.. oh priest kings.. do not ever mention that in front of a peasant..
[01:21] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): il try not to master

[01:22] Rygon the old (painsdomain): girl… did you have to kill that bosk…….:;begins to eye his shoe::
[01:23] Rygon the old (painsdomain): some salt and a little spice…
[01:24] Ruri Rotaru: are you sure you want some salt sir your skin looks like leather already
[01:25] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): Master may i be excused for a minute that bush is calling
[01:26] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “yes master” storm scoots back as to not hurt any of the free and goes to the kitchen to look for what she needed she then went to the sink and washed her hands making sure they were really clean she then looks for the bowls and takes some down and looks them over to make sure they are clean and she takes a rep cloth and she wipes one bowl out with it and cleans it to a nice shine she sets it aside she then throws the rep cloth in the dirty pile to be cleaned later she then take another one to clean out the second bowl with it and brings it to a nice shine after seeing that there where no flaws chips or cracks in it she then looks over and finds the serving grays she looks at the serving tray and cleans it off with a fresh rep cloth she tosses both used rep cloths into the used pile and sets each bowl onto the serving tray she then goes over to the stove to see about the stew and if she needed to add anything to it she saw that the stew needed to be stirred and she stirred it a bit and she filled the bowl
[01:26] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud): full of yummy looking bosk stew she then found the pitcher that had kal-da in it she pored some into the second bowl storm then looked over for some plates and fond some she went over to find a fresh rep cloth to polish it before she found the freshes loaf of bread she could find to place on the plate she looked the plate over to see if it had any cracks in it or that it had and chips she then took the fresh rep cloth and polished it to a nice shine before she places a large freshly baked loaf of bread she placed it on the plate she set on the plate as well some butter in case the master wanted it and she then places all three items onto the serving tray and knelt back down by the master offering up the food and wine to him “may this food and drink bless you master” she held the serving try over her head as she bowed and waited for him to take the tray of food and drink
[01:26] Rec Rembrandt smirks “Aye…”
[01:26] Ruri Rotaru loks to the male slave ” water do it in the water don’t kill the poor bush
[01:27] Rec Rembrandt noticed Arella enter the inn and he smiled, stood and said “Greetings Woman.”
[01:28] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): smiled as she approached “greetings Rec, and Sirs, I hope I am not intruding” she hugged her companion
[01:28] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::rises as the free woman enters. then sits down as it is apparent she is well known..
[01:28] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “greetings girls”
[01:28] Ruri Rotaru see’s rec stand and remembers that his is a thing being out in the wilderness for years really has killed his manners so he stands to and lightly bows ” greetings M’lady
[01:28] Rec Rembrandt gestured to the cushion in front of her “Please, sit.”
[01:28] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): smiled at the men “what pleasant manners, so rare these days”
[01:29] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “tal mistress” storm greets the free women as she walks in
[01:29] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;snaps his fingers before Kitty:: hush.. you are in service..

[01:29] Ruri Rotaru takes a steat once again and finishes his drink
[01:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;takes the plate with the bread
[01:30] sunny (sunnydayes) waits until the free are finished greeting and arella settles on a cushion. She pushes her knees together, and moves to the lady’s side “how may i serve you, Mistress?”
[01:30] Rec Rembrandt plops himself back onto the cushion and then says “Arella…this is Ruri and Rygon. Men, this is my companion, Arella.”
[01:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well met..
[01:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::takes the bowl from the platter and sets it on the table
[01:31] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “I am fine for now thank you sunny”
[01:31] Ruri Rotaru nods and smiles ” it’s a pleasure
[01:31] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “well met to both of you”
[01:31] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;lastly takes up the bowl of kal-dah and raises a brow:: it is cold.
[01:31] Rec Rembrandt: When Arella said she was fine he returned his hand to sunny’s thigh. “Did you rest well Arella?” he asked, his smile genuine.
[01:31] sunny (sunnydayes) moves back closer to her master, but leaves her legs closed
[01:32] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): greetings Mistress
[01:32] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): nodded to Rec’s question “yes, I did thank you”
[01:33] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm realized she didn’t do something casual for the master and that was to give him something to eat the food with she blushed but she would fix it once he told her she could “master i made a grave mistake please for give this one for her lack of service but may i get you a spoon and knife and fork to eat your meal with?” storm hoped he wouldn’t be to upset with her bad serve
[01:33] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;looks the girl over and decides she is new to the collar:: kaldah is served hot. go heat it and yes in the city such things are needed..

[01:34] Rygon the old (painsdomain): bring them back with you.. ::sets the bowl on the tray and waves her off::
[01:34] Rec Rembrandt: “Ahhh nahko…I see you have returned. I do hope the bush survived.” he teased.
[01:34] Ruri Rotaru looks to Rygon ” are you sure you can handle it that hot at your age.? maybe it’s your tongue thats out of order my dear plainsman!
[01:34] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master grins
[01:35] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “yes master right away” storm scooted back from the master as to not hurt him or any other free as she got up and she went to worm up the kaldah he ordered
[01:35] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks to the bowl and takes up the bread, nodding to the free woman he breaks off a piece of the bread and scoops up come of the stew into his mouth, snorts hearing the green:: the day I drink cold kal-dah is the day I am gone to the city of dust
[01:36] Ruri Rotaru smiles and chuckles a bit
[01:36] Rygon the old (painsdomain): so your companion.. ::looks her over:: seems sturdy enough..
[01:37] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :: scoops more of the stew into his mouth and chews rather noisily::
[01:37] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): gives a slight frown at being called sturdy
[01:38] Ruri Rotaru see’s arella’s frown and sighs ” yes Rygon your right she is quite fetching ” as he tries to save the situation
[01:39] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::notes the frown and pauses hearing Rec :: ahh I forget.. in the plains this is a compliment..
[01:39] Rygon the old (painsdomain): sturdy women mean good children. .. good to look at.
[01:39] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “ahh well better than being called a bosk I suppose” she said light heartedly
[01:39] Rec Rembrandt: “She’s a strong Torvie woman, yes….” he smiled at Arella “A good match for me.”
[01:40] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;said between mouthfuls of stew

[01:40] Ruri Rotaru puts his hand on his face waiting for the fatal blow that will have him need to hide rygon’s body in the bater behind them
[01:42] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well I was planning on playing the master dance to pay for this. ::lifts the bowl:: but that would not be appropriate.. so.. what would you hear, oh benefactor fo this fine meal…
[01:43] Rec Rembrandt laughs again…”Well, I did enjoy the lively tune you played last time but perhaps Arella, would you prefer a specific tune played?”
[01:44] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm washed her hands and dumped the kalda from the bowl and set the bowl down and washed it out using soap and water from the basin she cleaned it out well and then she went back over to the stove and found the pitcher again and filled the bowl up again but this time se found a pot to place it in and once she was sure the pot was clean she took a fresh rep cloth and polished it before adding the kalda into it to heat up she made sure it was on a low heat as she looked for the utensils to be given to the master to eat his food with she found all the utensils finding a knife fork and spoon she looked each one over carefully to be sure there where no flaws or any dirty spots on them once she found that they looked ok she took a fresh rep cloth and wiped each one down until they shown she looked to see if the kalda was bubbling yet and saw that it was she pored it back into the bowl and then threw the used rep cloths into the used pile she found another fresh one folded it and placed each of the
[01:44] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud): utensils onto the serving tray with the fresh kalda and she walks over to the table again and kneels beside the elder and offers it up to him “may this kalda bless you master” storm then lifts the tray with clean eating utensils and hot kalda to the master lifting it over her head and waiting for him to take it
[01:44] sunny (sunnydayes) smiles as Pavia appears. She isn’t serving at the moment, but she is being quiet to be sure she doesn’t get sent away
[01:44] Rec Rembrandt: He saw pavia enter the inn and he smiled wide “Greetings girl.”
[01:44] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “any music would be nice to hear, not often we have musicians”
[01:45] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): nodded to pavia in greeting not wanting to disturb the free
[01:46] Ruri Rotaru finishes his nuts and berries and places his empty cup with the plate.

[01:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): bless me.. ::chuckles:; perhaps we should worship our drink it might pay more attention to us than the priest kings.. :: takes the bowl and sets it down taking up the utensils as well and setting them on the table..
[01:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;takes a sip from the scalding drink and sighs
[01:47] Rygon the old (painsdomain): a curse on the peasant who got me hooked on this terrible drink..
[01:47] Ruri Rotaru shakes is head seeing rygons’ reaction and smirks as he called it.
[01:47] Pavia: stepped lightly into the Inn..and found a spot near the waters edge to kneel. She smiled back to the Master “Greetings Master” and offered the same to the others gathered “Greetings Masters, Mistress…Kajirae…Kajirus” She then settles and pricks her ears for interesting chat.
[01:47] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;sets the drink down and rises.. shuffling over to the door he picks up his instrument and brings it back to the table
[01:48] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “greetings pavia” she smiled back as the girl settled on the other side of Rec
[01:48] Ruri Rotaru looks over to Pavia who entered and with his eyes givers her a quick once over then turns back to the table
[01:48] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;tunes the instrument and then thinks for an ihn::

[01:49] Rygon the old (painsdomain): nods as the very song comes to mind and his old gnarled fingers appear to spring to life as they dance across the strings.. picking out a light and spiritedly tune.
[01:51] Rygon the old (painsdomain): fingernails worn and cracked with their share of dirt, picks out the tune and the counter measures.. running small scales in the song before finding the tune again is if by accident..
[01:51] Rec Rembrandt tapped his hand against sunny’s skin in time with the music.

[01:52] sunny (sunnydayes) sways back and forth slightly to the tune
[01:53] Ruri Rotaru takes his goblet and looks at the boy who has not been paying attention this whole time and then moves his hand with the goblet over to pavia ” juice!!!
[01:54] sunny (sunnydayes) shifts her eyes to the green, shocked at that command at this time and place
[01:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ;pauses the strings ::
[01:55] sunny (sunnydayes) then sees the goblet in his hand and relaxes
[01:55] Rec Rembrandt held his hand mid tap
[01:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks to the green:: shhhh
[01:55] Pavia: blinks and rises to her feet quickly…”yes Master” she says taking the goblet…”What ..umm..flavor juice would Master like to taste please…”
[01:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): and begins again::
[01:55] Ruri Rotaru: ramsbberry
[01:56] Rec Rembrandt was startled by Ruri’s outburst…he had been so quiet.
[01:56] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): chuckles under her breath the men seemed like a comedy act between them, but the music was pleasant and she didn’t need to talk
[01:56] Rygon the old (painsdomain): a more sedate tune he coaxes form the strings, full of harmony and a light back beat::
[01:57] Pavia: tried to keep her voice down…but a Master’s order was not to be ignored “Yes Master…Ramberry right away!” she scuttled off as elegance was not one of pavia’s finer points…

[02:00] Ruri Rotaru watches as pavia takes his goblet and headed off to the kitchen
[02:01] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :: the ending of a day.. on the plains .. the low sound of the bosk settling in.. the harmony of the low voices of the people as they settle in… the moaning of the evening wind through the grasses.. to others they may hear what they will but this is the tune the old man brings to life::
[02:03] Rec Rembrandt drank a large swallow of ale and would wait until the song finished. He’d ask for a lively tune from the north.
[02:03] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :; finishes the tune by letting it fade into the night
[02:04] Rec Rembrandt: :”Ahhh….very good…Do you know something from the North?”
[02:04] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;scratches his chin for a bit let me see if I can remember….
[02:04] sunny (sunnydayes): claps her hands, in the barbarian way
[02:05] Pavia: returns carrying the goblet and carefully drops to her knees so as not to spill any. She looks at the posh rug and tries to imagine the trouble if a large red puddle appeared. She trembled slightly as she lifted the goblet to her heart and then brushed the side of the goblet lightly before turning it and lowering her head…She offered it up high “May this ramberry juice be most refreshing on your wonderful tongue Master…may it be most tasty!”
[02:05] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): clapped her hands too, “that was lovely”
[02:06] Ruri Rotaru carefully took the cup from her his pinky brushed very gently over the edge of her hand as he smiles ” did good ” he said as he turned to the rest and took a drink
[02:07] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm looks at the free “my i be excused im getting rather tired and would like to head back to the kennels” storm stifled a yawn as she waited for an answer she hoped she didn’t speak to loudly when she asked to be excused
[02:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;picks out a tune from the north he heard long ago.. falters a bit here and there. but gains confidence as he remembers the tune
[02:07] Rec Rembrandt: He looked at the HOT slave “Aye girl…you may go.” and gave her a bit of a smile.
[02:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ehh speak up girl
[02:08] Rygon the old (painsdomain): she is in my service if you please..
[02:09] Rygon the old (painsdomain): now then.. :;speaking over the music::
[02:09] Rygon the old (painsdomain): what was it ?
[02:09] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “may i be excused master i an rather tired and would like to go back to the kennels please” storm yawned again but she hid it well so as to not be rude
[02:10] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ahhh yes.. off you go.. youth … ….. ::misses a couple notes and turns his attention back to the music
[02:11] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “thank you master
[02:11] Pavia: watched the man with a shiny top and trimmed white beard play the instrument…she remembered him from the other day when he stopped to speak to Mistress Dried Sprig…he had promised to play for her…””Aii!” she called out..then remembered she was not allowed to speak unless spoken to and clamped a hand over her mouth…
[02:12] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm gets up slowly and leaves still yawning some the music playing in her ears she hoped she could hear it from the slave house it was such a nice sound
[02:12] Rec Rembrandt looked at everyone around the table. They all seemed to be enjoying the entertainment so he felt it was well worth the cost of a bowl of stew and some drink.
[02:12] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): sleep well storm
[02:12] Ruri Rotaru looked at pavia from the corner of his eye and had a very light smile and said softly ” humm charming
[02:13] Rygon the old (painsdomain): it is my hope to see more dancing.. everyone is always in such a sour mood..

[02:13] Rec Rembrandt looked at pavia and caught Ruri doing the same.
[02:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::chuckles as they both look at the girl::
[02:14] Ruri Rotaru: lol i’m good with my hands very good you don’t want me to dance i break toes
[02:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well then you can clap..
[02:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;lets the music fade as if going over Thassa
[02:16] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;begins a more stately tune such as would be played a city festival.. a good beat to provide dancers with the down beat.
[02:17] Rec Rembrandt did hit his shoulder with his free hand when the music paused. This new tune was even more lively and he found himself half singing along. “Join in everyone…” he said as he sang out “The ship sailed down the Thassa….” because everyone knew that was the chorus.
[02:17] Pavia: held her hand up and waggled in excitement..”I like to dance Masters!” she cried out..”May this girl beg to hop about a bit…she will try not to annoy Onion over there!” She looked over to the rather sour looking slave at the counter…
[02:17] Ruri Rotaru smiles ” i request all dreams must pass
[02:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): it is up to the free woman child, if she does not wish to see slave flesh hopping about.. then you will remain quiet
[02:18] Rec Rembrandt: “Aye pavia…you may stand in the center of the room and dance.”
[02:18] Rec Rembrandt: When nia walked in he grinned wide “nia…perfect timing. You may dance as well.”
[02:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): or do as he says.. :;chuckles::
[02:19] tahinia lowers silently “Greetings Masters, Greetings Mistresses, Tal Kajirae”
[02:19] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::nods::
[02:19] Pavia: rose to her feet and skipped to the center…giving Onion the finger….
[02:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::notes the barbarian sign and cackles lightly::
[02:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): and the ship sailed down the thassa..
[02:21] tahinia hears Masters command, rises and moves to join pavia on the timber
[02:21] Rec Rembrandt added his voice to Rygon’s “The Captain spun the wheel…..and the ship sailed down the Thassa…”
[02:21] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): nodded and smiled “its nice to see the girls dancing and enjoying themselves too”
[02:22] Pavia: moved a little further forward so that Nia might be seen too…
[02:22] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): watches the girls gracefull dance
[02:22] Rygon the old (painsdomain): for never more on land would they set..
[02:22] Ruri Rotaru watched for a bit pavia was differently still rather new to things but a sweetness he noted in his mind then turned back to his food and drink
[02:23] Rec Rembrandt gave sunny a bit of a shove and whispered “dance for me…”
[02:23] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well kajirus…might as well make it a full house..
[02:23] tahinia: The tone and depth of colours in her eyes shine in the soft light as she hears the music begin, The light plays across her skin as her raven tresses swirl about her caressing her skin like the finest of silks. The air is scented by the soft perfume emanating from her hair as she begins to move and gyrate on the creaking timbers
[02:24] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): cringed as dancing wasn’t something i was graceful at
[02:24] sunny (sunnydayes) gives her master a reproachful glance…she can only imagine how she will fare next to the pleasure silk girls. but she doesn’t hesitate to move to obey
[02:24] Rec Rembrandt: The ale was warming his belly now…loudly he sang “And the ship sailed down the Thassa….”
[02:25] Rygon the old (painsdomain): now now it is not that hard. just listen to the beat.. and move.. pretend you are working on your footwork for the staff..
[02:26] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;repeats the well known sailing song as it is less likely to lead to sensual dance..
[02:27] Pavia: would swirl and sweep her arms high…thoroughly enjoying the music and the way it made her body feel full of energy and passion…
[02:27] Rec Rembrandt watch the three girls dance and then nahko rise to the center of the room. He clapped against his shoulder to the lively tune… He looked to Arella to see if she was enjoying this as much as he was.
[02:27] tahinia pirouettes and spins to the melody as she rocks and sways to the sensual music, pursing her luscious, tempting lips she invites the Masters to drink and quench their thirst. the fullness of her sensuality fills her as her gaze rises to the ceiling. Closing her eyes she loses herself to the music, tiny toes thrust forwards as she pivots and her hips rock towards the Masters
[02:28] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;tsks:: pleasure slaves I could pound a cadence with a rock and they would find a way to make it sensual..
[02:29] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): a soft smile crossed her lips at Rec as he looked at her, she was tapping her feet under her gown at the music enjoying the relaxing time at the Inn, the soft steps of the girls behind her as they dance and moved gently about the floor was also pleasant to watch
[02:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;said in a joking manner but his eyes are on the freewoman to see her reaction to being so close to slave girls dancing. … ::shrugs as she appears to be watching it without hesitation and switches the tune.. ::
[02:30] sunny (sunnydayes) looks to the other two girls, beginning to mimic their moves…definitely not Nahko’s though, although he looks good enough as a male. Soon her hips are rolling as she concentrates her attention on their master

[02:31] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :: adds more base to the music as the girls are stepping in time to it and twangs out a tune from the taharia .
[02:31] Rec Rembrandt: Looking to Ruri he says “I own all of them.” his voice full of pride “sunny, pavia, nia and nahko…all Rembrandt slaves.”
[02:31] Rygon the old (painsdomain): giving them something more to work with. ::
[02:32] Ruri Rotaru nods ‘ well that must be one hand full
[02:32] sunny (sunnydayes) tosses her hair back, smiling as she begins to forget herself and enjoy trying to please the free
[02:33] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks to the floor:: I would say at least two handfuls.. each…
[02:34] Rec Rembrandt nodded. The strong ale on his empty stomach giving him a bit of a buzzed feeling “Aye…and there are more…the one that sunburns all the time…umm..pure..yeah, pure..and more than her even. When you decide you want that slave…you come see me. Lady Ash’s slaves can’t compete with mine.”
[02:34] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::fingers dance over the strings as he looks to his cooling drink… :;beats out four measures of the base beat with one hand as he takes a drink::
[02:34] Ruri Rotaru: pavia is going to be a prize as her training continues ” he said to rec quietly
[02:35] tahinia: Passion and heat burns inside her, her curves peek through her silks as if to call attention to her needs. As she turns and spins her well toned thigh briefly exposed beneath her silks, invite the touch of a Master. Teasing, she moves in a circle, riding on a wave of seduction, the music sparking a flame within her, the flame that drives her. Slave heat burns within her as she rocks her ships, swaying. Joy and emotion clearly expressed on the delicate features of her face.

[02:36] Pavia: wiggled all her curves in time with the music…wondering at times if her breasts might manage to free themselves from the skimpy bit of silk that covered them…she flicked back her hair and laughed as she shook them harder…
[02:36] Rec Rembrandt nodded, leaning closer and speaking lower a moment “Aye…and the body on that nia… soft, full…you could spend days navigating that flesh.”
[02:38] Ruri Rotaru smiles and nods I’m sure you could sir. but it was hard enough to find one female who wouldn’t get sick when i took off my shirt. so yea ” she smiles
[02:38] Rec Rembrandt: Sitting back up straight he again smiled at Arella. He knew she was nonplussed by dancing slaves having grown up in a long hall. “Do you desire anything Arella..I will have that lazy slave onion fetch it for you…anything at all…”
[02:39] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): shook her head gently “no, i need nothing thank you, I am enjoying the music and dancing”

[02:39] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::notes the girls getting more and more inflamed and looks to Rec as he speaks.. but lets the music fade into a new song.
[02:40] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): winks at onion even a silent girl need attention
[02:41] tahinia’s delicate hands glide up smooth flesh, running over her soft curves, caressing and kissing her silky smooth skin. She appears calm, but under the surface is a fire running rampant within her, the heat building with each step, destined to erupt in a fiery explosion of ecstatic lust.
[02:41] Rec Rembrandt reached out, took her hand and kissed the back of it, smiled then released it as he took another swig of ale. His eyes touched over each slave…as they danced.. even nahko caught his attention and while it was the same sort of smile he gave the girls..he did give a nod of appreciation to the thrall.
[02:42] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :; his fingers literally fly across the strings to make this music pour forth.. the beat increases to dissuade some of the sexual tone of the dancing. . the tune faster and of the minor tune to add a bit of melancholy
[02:42] Pavia: blinked and looked again “Aii!” she sighed…Nahko was a hot dancer…
[02:43] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): smiled at Rec as he reached out taking her hand kissing the back of it, the music clearly putting everyone in a good mood
[02:43] Rec Rembrandt: He watched as sunny lifted her arms…touched her face. Every movement flowing easily.
[02:43] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): smiles seeing the master nod
[02:43] Ruri Rotaru would look up every so often and his gaze always seemed to end up on pavia. while all the slaves were very attractive he always seamed to look right up at her for a moment before pulling out a bit more paper work and sorting though it
[02:44] tahinia catches the Masters gaze, a seductive smile spreads across her crimson lips, her body tingles with excitement and anticipation as she whispers a silent prayer, hoping she is being pleasing,
[02:45] Rygon the old (painsdomain): best hose them off after this.. or a quick swim in the bay.
[02:46] Ruri Rotaru lifts his hand and points to the ledge ” you want me to throw you in is what i’m hearing rygon
[02:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): then you had best go see a green
[02:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): your hearing is bad indeed
[02:47] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;begins to sweat as his fingers keep up with the blistering pace and tune
[02:47] tahinia: Master please may this b east be excused?
[02:47] Ruri Rotaru grins ” or your mind has gone
[02:48] Rec Rembrandt looked to nia “Come here first…”
[02:48] Rygon the old (painsdomain): anything is possible
[02:48] tahinia: Aye Jarl
[02:49] Ruri Rotaru chuckles “mousie
[02:50] Rec Rembrandt: Stood when she came over. He gripped her waist and looked into her pretty face. “Go take a bath and when you are done…you may take a piece of fruit from the basket as a treat.” and then he kissed her softly upon her lush red lips. Giving her a playful swat on the ass to send her off.
[02:51] Rec Rembrandt clapped his hands “You may stop dancing.” he called to the slaves.
[02:51] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;fingers falter briefly on the strings::
[02:51] Rygon the old (painsdomain): then stop::
[02:52] Pavia: drops to her knees panting and light headed…
[02:52] tahinia moans softly as his lips press against her, she keeps her distance so her glistening flesh does not contaminate him, “Aye Jarl, I wish you well, well wishes Masters” smiling softly at Masters mate”well wishes Mistress”. nodding “I wish you well Kajiri” turning she dances merrily off to bathe
[02:52] sunny (sunnydayes) catches her breath, swiping some of the perspiration matted hair from her cheek
[02:52] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): sleep well
[02:52] Rec Rembrandt: He looked to Ruri and said “They probably do need a cooling off…come, let’s see how they swim.” and offered a hand out to Arella to help lift her to her feet.
[02:52] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::cracks his fingers and rubs them::
[02:52] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “be well” she calls after her
[02:53] Rygon the old (painsdomain): we are settled then?
[02:53] Ruri Rotaru got up after stuffing the papers in his bag and nodded ” that sounds good
[02:53] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::takes up the drink and finishes it
[02:54] Rec Rembrandt: “Aye musician….we are. Though come enjoy them swimming…” he said
[02:54] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ahh such sights are for younger eyes but I thank you..
[02:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): I will finish my food and go to bed..
[02:55] Ruri Rotaru: and dirty old man and you definitely fit that bill
[02:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): I bathed last hand..
[02:55] Rec Rembrandt laughs “Then I will see you later my friend. Be well.” and with that he motioned for the slaves to stand and follow him to the dock.

[02:55] Pavia: glanced at the cool waters of the harbour and shuddered….she had heard sea sleen sometimes swam there…
[02:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): be well…
[02:55] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “thank you for entertaining us Sir…be well”
[02:55] sunny (sunnydayes) cant help but laugh at the two men jibing each other
[02:55] Ruri Rotaru smiles to rygon ” sleep well and wake tommorrow
[02:57] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): wonders what lurks in this water
[02:58] Rec Rembrandt shouts: As the free stepped on the raft Rec pointed to the water “Alright now…all in and meet us on the other side.” then set the raft to move.
[02:59] Rec Rembrandt laughed seeing them swim.
[03:00] Ruri Rotaru turns to rec. you now we should have taken their clothing as salt water damages silks
[03:01] Rec Rembrandt: Rumors of the waters being infested where exaggerated. There might be one or two sleen but nothing unusual.
[03:01] Rec Rembrandt shrugged. “I can replace them if needed. I do not spend much to clothe them now.”
[03:02] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): one or two Master nothing to worry about
[03:02] Rec Rembrandt laughs hearing nahko
[03:02] sunny (sunnydayes) splashes around. clearly enjoying herself
[03:03] Ruri Rotaru looks over and smiles ” she’s proving my point
[03:03] Rec Rembrandt: “If you’ve cooled down you may come out of the water by using the ramp by the ship builder’s dock.
[03:04] Pavia: had found a safe place to step out of the water and jogged around to where the Free were standing…her silks clinging to her wet body and her hair like urt tails hanging down…she stuck her lip out and waited…
[03:04] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): im out not letting no sleen eat this boy
[03:04] Rec Rembrandt took hold of Arella’s hand and leaned in close “I know you miss swimming in the waters of Bristol. We will find something suitable soon.”
[03:05] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): squeezed his hand she had certainly missed the cave and cove’s of Bristol “aye, one day” she smiled
[03:05] Ruri Rotaru turns to the building and smiles ” well what i don’t see i don’t know . humm whats in here ” he says as he goes to take a look
[03:06] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): shakes my head to dry my hair flick water everywhere
[03:06] Rec Rembrandt looked up to the position of the moons and sighed “Damn….” turning to Ruri “It was good to meet you..but I must leave now.”
[03:06] Ruri Rotaru: ah i see
[03:06] Ruri Rotaru: it was a pleasure to meet you
[03:06] Rec Rembrandt: To the slaves he said “You two may go and dry off, then tend to any chores you have to finish.”
[03:07] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master
[03:07] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): safe paths Master and mistress
[03:08] Rec Rembrandt: When Ruri walked towards the House of Thorn Rec said “That is the house storm is from…if you wish to see her, Lady Ash is the slaver there. My slaves are caged in those blue tents over there.” he pointed.
[03:08] Pavia: “thank you Master” she called out and then muttered something about conditioning oils for her hair…and maybe a treatment mask…”Well wishes Master…Mistress…”

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Initiate Anointing – James Bernard

Category : Svago General Info

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[15:08] James Bernard (hegesius) made a point to avoid all the slaves and free women even steeping further away from his sister Tal Free, and Slaves”

[15:08] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) bows her head as the Blessed One and the soon to be initiate arrive, and managed to scoot to Leona’s other side.

[15:08] Malchus (marekai) moves to his position beside the ringing bar

[15:09] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): ” tal blessed one ” then looks ot her beloved brother ” James ” knowing this was perhaps the last time she would be able to call him that

[15:09] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Good people of Svago, welcome, and thank you for joining us today as James is anointed to join the Caste of Initiates as a novice. He has purified himself in living water, and washed himself clean of any past which may have hampered his pure and wholehearted dedication to his new caste.”

[15:10] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “/me smiles at James in what he hopes is a reassuring way.

[15:11] James Bernard (hegesius) smiled back to Terek then his eyes seemed to looked over the initiates shoulder to the eternal circle. James then took a deep breath in, allowing it to escape as he calmed his nerves

[15:11] Kezef Dragovar looks about as he listens to the proceedings carefully.

[15:11] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) fortifies himself with a prayer to Priest-Kings that their Will shall be done, and that he may rightly carry out this ritual. Then he turns toward Malchus to begin.

[15:12] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *The High Initiate gestures toward the temple slave to ring the bar three times three strokes. When this is done, the temple slave picks up the thurible and steps into the temple, where he censes the building. He stands with the thurible in front of the white railing until the postulant enters.

[15:12] Gorean Ringing Bar 1 Prim: Ringing is ON
[15:12] Gorean Ringing Bar 1 Prim: Ringing is OFF

[15:13] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): laces her hands before herself, as they were shaking. She looked back at the ubar and nodded to him, moving her eyes back to her brother, watching him carefully

[15:13] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The High Initiate says to the postulant, “Stay here until I summon you before the railing.”

[15:14] James Bernard (hegesius) nods, his thoughts now quietened as he watched the Slave moved about the temple.

[15:14] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The High Initiate raises his arms toward the golden Circle behind the altar, makes the Sign of the Circle, and says, “Glorious Priest-Kings, send your favor upon this your servant and grant that my prayers to you may be heard.” He turns to the lavabo bowl. He washes his hands in the water of purity and dries them above the flame of sanctification, reciting as he does so the prayer of purification: “Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, purify me, I pray you.”

[15:15] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “This day, purify my mind, that I may know your Truth and proclaim it.”
This day purify my heart, that I may show your love and mercy to all.
This day purify my hands, that I may help and heal all who are in any need.
This day purify my ears, that I may hear your voice and obey
This day purify my feet, that I may walk in the way you have set for me to follow.
This day purify my whole being that nothing unclean may touch or enter it.”

[15:15] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): He touches his lips with the blessed water so that his mouth may be purified to speak the words to the Holy Ones, bows his head and exclaims: “Hear me, Priest-Kings! This day and always, make me truly your blessed one, that I may perfectly serve your Will.”

[15:16] Kitten Serpente: The High Initiate walks forward through the white railing to the altar and casts a measure of incense into the brazier burning there. He makes the sign of the Eternal Circle of Priest-Kings, holds up his hands again to the Holy Ones and chants in a loud, clear voice: “Hail, Priest-Kings immortal! Come, attend us now, we pray you, within your holy Temple.

[15:18] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): He turns and walks to the white rail and stands behind it, saying to the postulant, “Enter now into the House of the Holy Ones to make your vows to Priest-Kings as one of their own.”

[15:18] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): All Free are welcome to enter the temple when James has come to the white railing.

[15:18] James Bernard (hegesius) entered the temple for once he did not look back on those gathered.

[15:19] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): Slaves may kneel outside where they can see what is happening.

[15:19] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The high initiate says, from his place behind the white rail, “By this incense, be purified to enter into the space sanctified to Priest-Kings, and those of their Blessed Caste. Come forward to the white railing to receive the gift of Priest-Kings.” The postulant steps forward and stops in front of the white railing, far enough back for the initiate to come forward in front of the railing to face him.

[15:19] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): she steps into the temple and watches closely

[15:20] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): lowering her head reverently

[15:21] James Bernard (hegesius) moved a little further forward the initiate, he could heard the deafening of his own heart beat.

[15:21] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The High Initiate steps down to the area in front of the railing. He studies the postulant in front of him for a long moment, then says solemnly: “Do you come here this day to offer yourself to the service of Priest-Kings by entering into the caste of Initiates as a novice?”

[15:21] James Bernard (hegesius) “I do.”

[15:22] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Do you swear you are a free man of honorable lineage and pure habits, unstained by any infamous crime, free of debt, and without Companion, property, or underage children for whom you are responsible? ”

[15:22] James Bernard (hegesius) listened to the word and nods as he spoke “I do”

[15:24] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) allows his features to be starn and solemn, trying to impress on James how serious this ritual will be with terrifying him into bolting. His mind turns back to his own anointing and how frightened he had been as he made his answers.
[15:24] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): without

[15:25] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Know then, that if you continue in this resolve, you shall be utterly removed from your old caste and family. Your brothers shall be from henceforward only those of the White Caste. Your caste codes shall be obedience to the Holy Ones in all things, no matter the cost, difficulty, or danger, and your whole intent shall be to fulfill their Will and their Law. To this end, will you devote yourself to prayer, and to study of the sacred writings of the caste, asking Priest-Kings with an honest and sincere heart to teach you, through these things, how to follow them perfectly in worship, service, and understanding on the path they have set for you to follow?”

[15:25] Malchus (marekai) feels the familiar swell of pride in the Caste as words are spoken over a newly entering member.

[15:27] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): she gasps hearing the past about leaving family. Tears start to run down her cheeks but she remains silent

[15:27] James Bernard (hegesius) rubbed his fingers over his palms as he took in everything that was said, the eternal circle always seen over the shoulder to the initiate. James looked at Terek , he swallowed hard the words that had been spoken daggers to his own body and mind he said ” I will” in response.

[15:27] Kezef Dragovar watches and listens intently

[15:28] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “By this anointing to the caste as a novice, you give yourself completely to Priest-Kings, trusting in them without reservation. By their gift, if they will it, you shall know and understand the matchless glory and incomparable sweetness of service to the Holy Ones as a full Initiate. By perfect obedience in this life, you may hope to enjoy forever that immortality which the Holy Ones grant only to their anointed. And as you come to know the will of Priest-Kings more and more through your study and training, as you advance in the caste, it will be given to you to reveal that will more fully to their people.”

[15:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “To you, as an Initiate, is appointed the duty, under the authority of your superiors, to guard the Caste and all that belongs to it; to carry out the prescribed rituals and sacrifices, to preserve the purity of sacred doctrine, and to present yourself before the Holy Ones, your caste-brothers, and all the people, as a pure example of virtuous living, unsullied by any violation of the laws of Priest-Kings, or of honor. Yours is the holy obligation to interpret rightly the Will of Priest-Kings and present it correctly. May they grant your ear be tuned perfectly to hear their voice! ”

“So be it. Ta Sardar Gor!”

[15:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The postulant, and all present, shall say, “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[15:30] James Bernard (hegesius): “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[15:30] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): Ta Sardar Gor!

[15:30] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): Ta Sardar Gor!

[15:30] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): ” tar Sardar Gor ”

[15:30] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen): Ta Sadar Gor

[15:30] Malchus (marekai): Ta Sardar Gor!

[15:30] Kezef Dragovar: “Ta Sardar Gor!’

[15:31] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Into your hands also are given, through this anointing, the people of Gor, and particularly those of that city to which you shall be sent. You shall minister to their needs, of body, mind, and spirit, with true understanding, compassion and justice. Above all, you shall guard them faithfully in the service of the Holy Ones, seeing that no taint of heresy or disobedience call down the wrath of Priest-Kings upon them, or upon their city. Beware the Flame Death! Do not take this responsibility lightly, for their lives and the safety of their city are yours to protect, and if you fail, they shall be utterly destroyed, and your own immortal spirit forfeit.”

[15:31] Kiko (paulina.jardberg): “Ta Sardar Gor..”

[15:32] Malchus (marekai) blibnks back his own tears. he had recited the Postulant responses in his mind, not even moving his lips. Knowing he would be beaten bloody or even executed for daring to say them, he remains still and silent, but smiling broadly with the joy of the new Initiate.

[15:32] James Bernard (hegesius) closed his eyes and listened to the words spoken he breathing now eased as the ceremony continued.

[15:33] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) takes a long breath, commends himself and James, and all his Caste to Priest-Kings as he prepares to hear the vows of the new novice which will bind him irrevocably the the Caste of Initiates.

[15:33] Malchus (marekai) listens wioth all his heart

[15:34] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): James Bernard of Svago Do you believe yourself called to this purpose by Priest-Kings?”

[15:34] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): holds her breath listening

[15:35] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): lifting herh ead , she smiled to her friend

[15:35] James Bernard (hegesius) opened his eyes and smiles ” I do” he did not hesitate this time in replying.

[15:35] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Do you vow, before Priest-Kings and before the Caste, to obey all the duties and prohibitions of the Caste of Initiates here set forth in this ceremony of anointing?”

[15:36] James Bernard (hegesius) nods ” I do”

[15:36] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) goes to the cabinet and returns with a dish of sacred chrism, specially prepared for this purpose only with prayer.

[15:37] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): looks on as her brother speaks his words and can see the change in his stance. he was more relaxed now and she let her breath out.

[15:37] James Bernard (hegesius) eyes followed Terek as he moved to the side of the altar. He inhaled deeply again

[15:37] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Then present yourself before the Holy Ones to be marked as their own.”

[15:38] Malchus (marekai) shivers with joy

[15:38] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): smiling wide

[15:38] James Bernard (hegesius) moved closer to the Initiate and the holy ones.

[15:38] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): . The High Initiate takes a dish of sacred chrism and brings it forward to where the postulant waits. He dips his finger into the dish of chrism and traces the Eternal Circle of Priest-Kings on the postulant’s forehead, saying:

[15:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Receive this sacred chrism. By the power of Priest-Kings, I hereby consecrate your mind and will to their service. In all that you believe, say, think, desire, and intend, may you be utterly obedient and dedicated to them, from this day forward. Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:39] James Bernard (hegesius) “Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate dips his finger once more into the sacred chrism and traces the symbol of the Eternal Circle on the palm of each of the postulant’s hands, saying:

[15:40] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): speaking softly ” Ta Sardar Gor”

[15:40] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): tears staining her veil she mumbles ” Tar Sardar Gor”

[15:40] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Receive this sacred chrism. By the power of Priest-Kings, I hereby consecrate your body to their service, that all you do, you may do with purity, according to the laws and rites of Priest-Kings and the Blessed Caste of Initiates. May your every deed thus be sanctified to glorify the Holy Ones, and no reproach be justly brought against you by any man from this day forward. Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:40] Malchus (marekai) lets out a breath he had not even realized he was holding as he blinks back tears of joy

[15:41] James Bernard (hegesius) looked down at his opened hands and watched Terek drew the circle on each palm.

[15:41] James Bernard (hegesius): “Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:41] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate concludes the anointing with the words, “May Priest-Kings give you the will and power to perform this vow as you have sworn it.”

[15:42] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) sets down the dish of chrism on the step.

[15:43] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate steps back through the door in the white railing, and says, “Brother, join me now behind the white railing, purified of all stain of your former life, and consecrated to Priest-Kings as a novice of the Blessed Caste of Initiates.”

[15:44] James Bernard (hegesius) took a leap of faith and cross the barrier and stepped up to stand besides Terek. He turned then to face the people in the temple.

[15:44] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The novice steps behind the white rail to join the High Initiate and turns to face those present beyond the railing. The High Initiate says, “Behold a novice of the Caste of Initiates, purified and consecrated to the service of Priest-Kings! May all so receive him from this day forward.”

[15:44] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): smiling warmly

[15:44] Malchus (marekai) rises to his feet and takes his place at the temple entrance

[15:45] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate turns to the new novice and gives him a copy of the Book of Liturgies of the Caste of Initiates. “Take this book of the holy rites and ceremonies of the Blessed Caste. By this anointing as an Initiate, you are hereby authorized to present these rites before the altar of Priest-Kings and before the whole people of Gor. By the mercy of Priest-Kings, may you prove worthy of that charge with which you have been entrusted here this day.”

[15:45] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): looks up at her brother, smiles softly, proud of him

[15:46] James Bernard (hegesius) reached out his hand to take the book then held it close to his chest.

[15:47] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Let us go forth now, my Brother of the Blessed Caste, to serve Priest-Kings, and the people of Gor who have been given into your keeping in this City. Hail Svago! Hail Priest-Kings!”

[15:47] James Bernard (hegesius) stepped down into the temple

[15:47] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): she mutters as james walks past ” Tal Blesed one ”

[15:47] Malchus (marekai) speaks, a bit more firmly than he usually does, his tone one of pride in the new plural greeting “Tal, Blessed Ones!” and then bows respectfully “As I am owned by the Blessed Caste, Blessed One, you may command me as your own slave and I will obey with joy.”

[15:49] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) whispers to Leona “ok, i was wrong, TWO castes you haven’t been in yet”

[15:49] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Thank you all for joining us to see James join the Caste of Initiates. He is now also your Initiate, as I am.”

[15:49] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): congratulations

[15:49] James Bernard (hegesius) smiled warmly to Malchus, it was strange those words spoken to him. He looked Aat Terek “My thanks Brother for being the one who allowed me to cross the railing and be in service to Priest-kings”, his smile growing with strength and warmness.

[15:50] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) turns and smiles warmly toward James. “Welcome, my Brother. Priest-Kings keep you always.”

[15:50] Kiko (paulina.jardberg) smiled but wasnt really sure if a congratulation was fitting but she called out anyway…” Congratulation Master…”

[15:50] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) congratulations, James

[15:51] Malchus (marekai) grins as he gently corrects the slave “He is Blessed One, now.”

[15:51] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) smiled softly for the newest member of the White Caste “Congratulations, Blessed One” , and then rose gracefully to her feet.

[15:52] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): Malchus, come kneel before your new master.

[15:52] Vlad Voljeti raises his brow “Still looks like a man to me” he shrugs “In either case I wish to have some words with the man when you all are finished if that would be possible”

[15:52] James Bernard (hegesius) found himself uncomfortable as he fought back his normal reaction. ” My thanks to you all for attending”

[15:52] Rανєη (klonky) didn’t say a word, she frowned and stood running back to her Mistress’ side.

[15:52] Kiko (paulina.jardberg) heard Yasmins words and her cheeks began to burn like fire…” Congratulation Blessed one..” she repeated her words

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Purification Bath before James’ Anointing

Category : Svago General Info

Terek and James arrive at the small waterfall, living ( moving ) natural water used for a purification bath.

{14:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Tal, James. This will be a great day for you. Are you ready to begin?”

[14:31] James Bernard (hegesius) looked at the Initiate. “As ready as I can be Blessed one, my nerves are shredded, But i leave my old life we fond memories that that is good”

[14:34] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “James, we will begin with a bath of purification in living water. I have used this waterfall for my own bath. You may strip, wrap yourself in a towel, and we will say the ritual together. I will say a section, then you will repeat after me. Then, you may wear again the pilgrim robe you wore at the Sardar for your anointing at the temple.”

[14:36] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) turns his back to allow James privacy.

[14:38] James Bernard (hegesius) looked at the waterfall, his eyes following the flow of the water. He took the items he had brought with him and stepped towards the fountain, starting then to undress. He removed his shirt, folded it up and left it on the boulder, then his boots and then finally his pant her placed them to the side and then wrapped his naked body in a towel.

[14:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Now walk into the falling water.”

[14:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The candidate takes the soap and the cloth and begins from the least worthy to the most worthy part of the body, dedicating each as he washes it, in purity, to Priest-Kings. “Priest-Kings, ever-living in light, to whom I and all that exists belongs, make clean my feet that they may always walk in purity on the path you have chosen for me.”

[14:40] James Bernard (hegesius) hesitated when the cold water hit his flesh. The water cascades over his head and over his body
[14:41] James Bernard (hegesius) took the soap and rolled it in his hand, before he bent down and started to wash from his feet up. As he did this he repeated what the Blessed one had said: “Priest-Kings, ever-living in light, to whom I and all that exists belongs, make clean my feet that they may always walk in purity on the path you have chosen for me.”

[14:41] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) shivers slightly, remembering the cold water when he had taken this purification bath.
[14:42] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Now repeat each phrase as you wash that part of your body.”

[14:42] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-kings, most immaculate, make clean my legs, in purity, that they may bear me up in your service.”

[14:43] James Bernard (hegesius) lathered up the soap again and washed the other foot , blowing the excess water from his face, before starting to wash his legs “Priest-kings, most immaculate, make clean my legs, in purity, that they may bear me up in your service.”

[14:44] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most perfect, make clean my genitals, that they may be pure as you are pure, and do no infamous carnal act against your holy laws.’

[14:45] James Bernard (hegesius) his hands moved up to his thighs, cleaning thoroughly as he went. rolling the soap in his hands he washed his genitals, pushing any thought of what had happened that day from his mind “Priest-Kings, most perfect, make clean my genitals, that they may be pure as you are pure, and do no infamous carnal act against your holy laws”

[14:45] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most spotless, make clean my body, that it may be wholly dedicated to your service and that nothing impure or unworthy may enter into it by design or accident.”

[14:46] James Bernard (hegesius) shivered under the water now washing his chest and belly. He words splattered with water as he continues to bathe “Priest-Kings, most spotless, make clean my body, that it may be wholly dedicated to your service and that nothing impure or unworthy may enter into it by design or accident.”

[14:47] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings most sacred, make clean my arms and hands, that all they touch and do may be done properly, in purity, to your service alone.”

[14:48] James Bernard (hegesius) washed his arms in the water in turn and then rolled the soap to lather well in his hand, then washed the back and front and each finger as he spoke “Priest-Kings most sacred, make clean my arms and hands, that all they touch and do may be done properly, in purity, to your service alone.”

[14:48] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) watches the young man, approving as he sheds his old life, purifying himself for the new Caste he will soon join.
[14:49] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most glorious, purify my mouth, that in every word I utter, I may glorify you alone.”

[14:49] James Bernard (hegesius) cupped his hand and scooped up the water to wash his mouth out, he spit the water out then said “Priest-Kings, most glorious, purify my mouth, that in every word I utter, I may glorify you alone.”

[14:51] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most holy, purify my eyes that in all I see, I may see your power and majesty, and praise the beauty and wonder of this world which you have given us.”

[14:51] James Bernard (hegesius) tilted his head back so the wash fall over his face. “Priest-Kings, most holy, purify my eyes that in all I see, I may see your power and majesty, and praise the beauty and wonder of this world which you have given us.”

[14:52] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most exalted, make clean my ears, that they may hear only your voice.”

[14:52] James Bernard (hegesius) tilts his head to each side , washing his ears “Priest-Kings, most exalted, make clean my ears, that they may hear only your voice.”

[14:54] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) pauses an Ehn to remember when he had said these words for the first time and how the shedding of his old life had filled him with joy and peace. He breathes in and repeats the final words. “Above all, Priest-Kings most holy, most mighty, most glorious, most sacred, purify my mind that no unworthy thoughts may turn me from the perfect contemplation of your will, and no impure desires mar my complete obedience to your laws, and the codes under which you have set me. Keep me always your blessed one and worthy servant. Hear me Priest-Kings. Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:56] James Bernard (hegesius) closed his eyes and let the water flow over his body. His words sincere as he spoke them “Above all, Priest-Kings most holy, most mighty, most glorious, most sacred, purify my mind that no unworthy thoughts may turn me from the perfect contemplation of your will, and no impure desires mar my complete obedience to your laws, and the codes under which you have set me. Keep me always your blessed one and worthy servant.
Hear me Priest-Kings. Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:57] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Well done, James! Now come dry off and warm up a bit, and we will walk up to the temple for your anointing to the Caste.”

[14:58] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) holds out a thick, fluffy, warm towel for the young man, and sets it down on the boulder next to the pond.

[14:58] James Bernard (hegesius) turned around and smiled. He walked through the water, stepping out and shook the excess water off himself. He grabbed a towel and dried himself, shivering from the cold of the water.

[14:59] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “As soon as you have dressed, we will go up to the temple.”

[15:00] James Bernard (hegesius) nods as he wrapped himself up in the towel. Once he was dry, he rubbed his hair dry then put the towel back down on the boulder, before getting the white robe and dressed himself.

[15:02] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “When you have been anointed, you may choose whatever garment you wish to wear, as long as it is in the proper style for an Initiate, but surely, your pilgrim robe is the best garment for your anointing. Come, we shall go now to the temple.”

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Arathos & Sophie get “Printed”

Category : Svago General Info

[08:00:44] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) descending into the marketplace, she stops at the first shop and peers inside, seeing some merchants in their shop she greeted in a cheery manner, “Tal citizens” her voice soft and melodic, she adds, “I do hope your business is doing well?”

[08:02:35] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) was standing there in the doorway, enjoying the subtle breeze rolling through the lower part of Svago, teasing his muscles, teasing the dark ravenous hair lingering at the back of his head. He stared at his companion, indulged in some paperwork, as she obviously had no clue the Man had been watching her for a while now. The smile upon his unshaven face faded as he heard a voice, slowly turning around on his boots, to face the Woman in green. For a brief ihn, he thought it was Jamilla… but he noticed the difference in those eyes, and the tone of that voice. “Tal , Lady.”, as he tried to determine whether he know her, or not. :”Depends if you are going to spend some coin, Lady .. as such would make business more pleasant.”, he laughed softly.

[08:07:30] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) just grumbled and took the piece of parchment she’d been writing on, tearing it to bits. there had to be a better way to word what she needed from the herbalist but then again, she thought that one probably didn’t even know how to write… let alone read. She lifted her gaze and noticed Arathos nearby and tried to refrain herself from blushing as she wasn’t sure how long she’d been ignoring him. She heard a voice and looked to the door, trying to see how that was “Greetings, lady. Hope the day is finding you well”

[08:13:41] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) shook her head at the man, at his greeting and his inquiry, she noticed he studied her for an Ihn to determine who she was. She replies, “I’m Morwenna Wolff, a physician, as you can see… I’m sure one of these days I will stop by to look at your wares… So this is your shop?” she peers in and saw Sophi rip at some paper in frustration. She nods and nods at her greeting, “yes, I’m very well. Just heading to the lower infirmary to see if I’m needed” she smiles with her eyes, they were a soft, comforting blue, like her mothers, and not the piercing cold one like her father’s blue eyes.

[08:16:43] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) threw a smile in Sophie’s direction as she had noticed Him standing in the doorway. If one thing he enjoyed, it was watching his Companion perform some tasks. The Man cared little for lazy Women, so seeing Sophie work, pleased him. No coin for the lazy, was his motto. As he heard the Woman speak, he made this weird gesture with his mouth, cause he had never heard the name before :”A pleasure to meet you, Lady Wolff. I be Arathos.”, as his calloused paw came up, he patted the sign hanging near the door, obvious he was the one running the office in Svago, together with his Companion. Arathos shifted towards his Companion :”Give Lady Wolff a list of our merchandise, Sophie.”, as he turned towards the Green. :”So you have an idea what we have to offer. We are known among the Svago citizens, though mostly the high Caste come to us for business. And they had their reasons for that.

[08:28:46] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) arched her brow, as she’d not heard the name around the office. But such was life, people would come and go from the island and at least this one seemed nice and proper… for a physician. She walked closer to the doorstep where they were standing, the piece of parchment her companion requested pinched between her fingers as she handed it to her “So I will assume you may also be working on this fingerprinting ordered by the High Magistrate? which” she turned to Arathos “we may need to go through as soon as we have the time, Arathos”

[08:31:12] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) inclined her head at the general introductions. She looked over at the sign board he slapped and smiled, listening rather attentively to the merchant, for he was the kind of male that commanded attention. She nods and nods and says, “I’d appreciate the list, yes, please” and turns towards Sophie who was glowing in her white robe, she waited, holding her hands together before her, not in a hurry. She turns back to Arathos and says, “I’m certain to come by whenever I will need anything. I’ve recently moved out of my father’s home and given a compartment of my own, I am quite certain I shall be needing a lot of things to fill it and I shall come by here.” she paused as Sophie approached with the list, she takes it and nods, “Yes! I believe citizens are to comply by the end of this Hand. I am free to take your finger prints now, if you are free?” she tilted her head as she rolled up the list and slid it inside the long inside pocket of her flowing robe.

[08:34:34] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) nodded softly as he watched Sophie hand over the parchment towards the Physician. “Aye .. we still have to have our fingerprints taken. Though I am still not convinced by the reason they provided… or should I say, the lack of it.”, he said with a soft grumble in his voice. Arathos, who indeed enjoyed rolling over in attention, just like any other Man with a big … ego, shifted his gaze back towards the newly met. “I am convinced we will be aid you, Lady .. with your quest for merchandise.”, as his calloused hand made an arch to the rest of Svago’s lower area. “None can match the price or quality of what you find with us.”, he said with this convinced smirk upon his face. The Man indeed was known well throughout this world, known for his skills in mercantile and navigation. He turned back towards Sophie :”Aye, indeed now would be a good time to get that fingerprint issue to get over with ?”, he said though he did not need approval from his companion, it was more a statement, waiting to be agreed upon.

[08:42:26] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) head was still going through every little bit of assigned tasks she had planned for those pesky slaves of his as she handed the woman the parchment. In hearing about the procedure, and the potential risk this would be for her pretty expensive robes, she made a face, well concealed by the heavy veils she wore. She took a look at her hands, her fingernails had been done pretty by the slaves who actually took time to leave her hands decently looking. The look of anguish she gave to Arathos was probably going to make him laugh as he’d not take a no for an answer anyway “If it is necessary.. I think yes, we could do it now”. she looked at her hands again, the vision of the male slave she’d bumped into, covered in ink from head to toe made her shiver

[08:44:51] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) smiling and totally convince he was telling her the truth, regarding his wares, she nods and nods and makes a mental note to come shop very soon, today she did not bring her purse with her. She patted her other pocket to make sure, and made a little sigh of slight disappointment. Then at his question to Sophie, she turns to look up past the lift where the finger printing station was located. Then turning back casually she smiles at them, “Well, it will not take long at all” she then turns back towards the lift, “Come up when you are ready, I will go and get the scrolls ready”

[08:52:11] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had taken the lift upwards, two Women in his tracks, as they made their way to the little desk near the infirmary. His emerald orbs scanned the large building, the previous infirmary, being shrouded in a layer of old wood. Curiosity was his own, as he wondered what the Builders were going to do this time with Svago’s skyline. His attention was quickly drawn back towards Morwenna. :”So, Lady Wolff … shall we get this over with ?”, he said with a devious smirk upon his unshaven face.

[08:57:59] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) sighed as she noticed the male slave on the lift. poor beast looked skinnier than usual and she pondered just what exactly they fed him… her attention drifted to the little desk she’d seen the past days and quite ignored as her time seemed to revolve around the spa. she moved closer to Arathos “If my robes end up all stained with ink, I swear I will charge the high magistrate for them!” she whispered to him

[09:00:04] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) smiles having practiced on fingerprinting a man last night on Verus, she was ready now to give Arathos a professional and brisk finger printing. She says, “yes, Sir, do come very close to this table, you may sit if you wish, and I will dab each of your finger into an ink pad, it is a special ink which will not soil your clothing” she assured them and looks over at Sophie in her white gown, nodding at her. She then asks, “Arathos, would you have any cuts or scars or wounds on your fingers that I might note on your document?” she also peers towards his hand which she now reaches for with a cloth that she dabbed cleaning solution on, and now waits to clean his had to ready for finger printing.

[09:02:56] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had not been blind for the fact his Companion had eyed the male thrall handling the lift. At times the Man could be jealous, but he did not see much competition in the kajirus, so it bothered him little to none. As Sophie neared, and he heard her words, his brows came upwards, before his eyes turned into little slits :”You will charge the high Magistrate ? I am convinced that will make a good impression and we aiding our business here in Svago.”, he said with a less amused voice. He understood her concern, but there was enough fabric to be turned into robes, so she could also see it as an opportunity for new clothing. His attention was drawn towards Morwenna, and he made a step or two forward towards the desk, though he decided to remain standing, without much of a word. The fact he did not claim the chair, was speaking more as words could. He brought his calloused paws upwards, as his hands were rough, but there were little to no cuts or scars to be seen.

[09:08:58] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese): “he is only of the scribes” she whispered to him. Having been around much gossiping, talking and plots, be in Venna, Ar or Svago, she did think it was coin what actually drove Gor to what it was. And gold gave power and moved the strings of those who did not have it. she shrugged it off for the time being and watched her companion move closer, turning her face slightly to eye the skinny male slave. She promised herself she’d at least let him have crumbles of her pastries one day

[09:14:52] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) taking his hand, she rubs it briskly clean, the taking his thumb firmly with two of her own ungloved hands, she moved the flesh of his thumb, rolling it firmly over the ink pad that she had opened up. Then lifting up his digit, she moved it towards the parchment with official statements where she would write down his information before submitting it into the mail slot nearby. She continues to press each finger over the document, then continues with the other hand, smiling at him reassuringly, briefly for a moment at his pinky finger, then she takes more cleaning solution and spritzes it onto the soft cloth and cleans his hands, squeezing the cloth down over each digit to clean off the ink, she then says, “There! All done, let me jot down some information.” she writes in Archaic Gorean, and asks, “What is your full name, Sir?”

[09:20:39] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) beamed his emerald orbs down in the direction of his hand, within a single ihn, the moment he felt a female hand touching his own rough paw. The size of coal shovels, a slave had once complimented him upon his hands. He could feel the tight grip upon his thumb, though he did not put in any effort to deny Morwenna to guide his hand towards the document and press the pad upon the parchment, leaving a well determined stain of ink. It was rare, that he allowed a female, aside from his Companion, to touch him. It made the Man nervous, that vein at his temple, on the side of his head, was throbbing a bit more visible now. Finger after finger, hand after hand, was brought to place a fingerprint stain of ink upon the white paper, seeing the Woman’s smile. Though he did not throw her back such a kind gesture. The Captain could be cold at times. Physician or not, she was still a Stranger for the Man. He had to admit, it felt good when she cleaned off his fingers, subtle and gentle as the ink was removed from his

[09:20:39] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus): digits. As the question was tossed at his boots, he turned his attention towards Sophie, his eyes narrowing, and she knew why, when his name was mentioned. His voice raw and rusty :”Arathos Desmari.”, he replied in a short and stern way.

[09:29:01] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) was fidgeting the coin pouch she carried with her, entertained with the process as a verr would be in learning to count to ten. she looked curiously when the woman cleaned her companion’s hands and as her eyes met his she blinked curiously, not quite understanding what that look was about. She guessed it would be because he was rather attached to his use name and not so much to give away his full name and that made her chew on her lip to stop herself from laughing. There were times when he showed his fun side. This of course, was the reserved Arathos that new people would get in meeting him and dealing with his personal information.

[09:31:12] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) appreciated his distant, cold, respectful demeanor, for she wasn’t used to being this close to men who were not family. Yesterday when she first finger printed a man, Verus, she was all flustered, but this time she had done well. It helped that he was being so distant, it made her more relaxed and when she was done, she was well pleased with herself, which made her smile at him with what looked like open friendliness. She nods as he gave her his name in a quick abrupt manner, bending down a little to jot it down on the document. She then rolled up the document, sealed it, and dropped it in the slot before the wind could let it fly off. Walking back to the side of the table nearer Sophie, she turns with a smile, stating softly, “Your turn, Lady Sophie. See? It takes no time at all and you both would have complied to the decree by the magistrate, and anyways, Lady Nikki had said that in the future we will be fingerprinting everyone as a routine during physicals” she chatted softly

[09:39:23] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had his attention fully upon the Physician, watching her seal up the parchment and let it slide into the box provided. As it was now Sophie’s turn, the Man took a few steps backwards, away from the table. His hands came up as he inspected them one by one, surprised indeed there was no sample of ink left. The Woman had kept up to her promise, and this was always in favor to get on the Captain’s good side. As he heard the remark Morwenna made, Arathos’ attention was instantly brought back towards her. :”Routine ? As if we are all criminals, Lady Wolff ?”, he growled again, not amused by the prospect of being fingerprinted on a regular base. Though most like it would only be necessary this one time, to get into the database. And also playing for his advantage, was the fact he rarely visited a Physician. Unless he was ‘forced’ by his Companion. Without waiting for an answer, he turned around to face the lower part of Svago, seeing the Thassa in the distance, which gave him a satisfied feeling. His mouth

[09:39:23] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus): opened once again :”What is this charade for, actually ?”, he said, unaware of its meaning.

[09:40:56] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) approached the table and as she passed by her companion, she turned slightly to eye the slave again. She felt pity for the poor beast, in the same manner she would with a malnourished tarsk. she listened to the words of the physician “which reminds me… should you not see either your mother or a physician to check on your vocal cords, Arathos?” she kept pondering why she had gotten the eye when he commented on his name. It was not like he was keeping it under covers when it was all over the office’s sign and papers. when he dropped the question in such manner, she turned her head and looked at him surprised.

[09:46:48] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods and nods at Arathos’s question regarding fingerprinting to become a routine part of a physical. She says casually, “oh, as yours is now taken, you will not have to do it again, Sir” then turning her face up to Sophie, she smiles. Hearing Arathos ask what this charade was for, she says, “It’s no charade. Lady Jessilyn had been shot with an arrow which we have a in safe keeping. The arrow has the fingerprints of the attacker, who is still at large. This is so we can match up the fingerprints, all citizens must comply, not that all citizens are guilty, ofcourse, but how will one be found if all are not checked… ” she trails off, as she reaches for the next document, and then another clean cloth from the stack on the table, spritzing some cleaning solution onto it, she holds a palm up to take Sophie’s hand. She noticed now that the lady keeps eyeing the thrall at the lifts, and not knowing what was on the lady’s mind, she assumed the lady had some particular interest in the slave, she eyed the thrall, then turns back, “ready?” she asks pleasantly

[09:49:36] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had not seen his Companion eye the slave again and again. If he would have seen it .. he would push the thrall from the lift one day, no doubt about that. He would end up a ‘broken man’. He closed his eyes when he heard Sophie, the satisfied feeling the Thassa brought upon him, faded away, melting like snow for a summer sun when she mentioned his promised visit to his Mother. “Did I not say I will visit My Mother soon as I see her ?”, a bit annoyed by the constant reminder she brought upon him with every occasion she had. He could understand her concern though. He nodded once, pleased to hear this was a one time occasion. “Good.”, he just stated. “If the Reds would be doing their duty, one would not be seeking for a needle in a haystack, Lady Wolff.”, as he kept staring out in the direction of lower Svago.

[09:54:58] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) places her hand, palm up, close to the physician’s hand without really touching her but her eyes followed the lady’s as they trailed where the male slave was “does he not look ridiculously skinny to you? is he unwell?” she remembered something about slaves in need to be tested and pondered if that one would need such a thing. Shaking her head at Arathos’ remarks about the warriors she only remained quiet and quite focused in not getting her robes stained

[09:58:05] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) walks to where he saw some citizens. “Tal Citizens” he says rising his right hand up to his shoulder with palm facing inward. “I hope the day is treating you all kindly.”

[09:58:49] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) taking the offered hand, so unlike Arathos’s, Sophie’s being small and dainty, the fingers so small, she smiles and was about to begin, reaching to clean her hands of oils and whatnot, she turns to see Audwin whom she met a few days prior nearby, she greets “Tal Sir” then she begins to hold Lady Sophie’s small digits firmly and rolls the pale flesh of her fingers over the ink pad carefully, and moving the hand towards the document. She glanced up and says, “See, so far away from your white gown” then she turns her head to look briefly at Audwin, and asks, “Are you here to be fingerprinted, Sir?”

[10:01:33] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) heard a voice and turned towards the arriving Man, returning the greeting. :”Tal, Sir…. aye it has been so far.”, he smirked and turned his attention towards the Thassa… as he felt the itch to sail his ship again soon. The large vessel at the docks, a huge ship with three white sails, embroidered with gold linings, and bearing the flag of Concordia, was being teased by the wind. As he heard Morwenna’s remark upon Sophie’s white gown, the smirk grew larger upon his unshaven face. Women and clothing, it would remain a mystery to him.

[10:04:41] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) nods ? Yes, it is law, so let us fulfill the law. I will not ashame my house or caste by avoiding such procedure.”

[10:07:21] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese): “as long as the pad doesnt tip on my robes I will be pleased. Tal, sir” she greeted the newcomer and her eyes followed the movements of the physician’s fingers on her hands, making a disgusted face as she saw the ink covering her flesh. She turned again and noticed Arathos’ gaze lost in the horizon

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[10:12:34] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods at Audwin, then continuing with her task, cleaning the hand that is done before moving on to the other hand as she had done with Arathos’s, for fear she might accidentally touch herself and then lay blame elsewhere, she carefully cleans Sophie’s hand as she replies to Audwin, “Your compliance, Sir, isn’t speedy. You said the same several days ago when I met you” she then reaches for Sophie’s other hand. Glancing back with Sophie’s hand in hers, to look at the thrall, she sees Arathos was faced away from them, she liked his manner. She turns back to Sophie and smiles, “I am not sure about the slave, but he works for the city, and I’m sure the Administrator would not treat his slaves poorly. Perhaps he is just built that way” she says as she takes fingerprint of each digit, then finishing, she asks, “What is your full name, Lady Sophie?”

[10:20:59] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) was a bit lost in thoughts for a moment, feeling the subtle wind kissing his muscular upper torso, toying with the little patch of micro-sized hairs upon his chest.

[10:24:48] Fingerprint Records: Notecard accepted
[10:24:53] Fingerprint Records: Notecard accepted

[10:27:00] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) shrugs “Several days ago I was not under the full protection of this city, so why abide to a law that was specific made for its citizens? Had a time that I could have done it, but had an inconvenient. now here I am. Still inside the time to fulfill it, isn’t I?”

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[10:31:07] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) frowned, but he would still try to convince herself something was up with the male slave. she shrugged her shoulders and put some interest in the conversations unfolding. as she was asked her name, she was thrown into a nervous fit. the typical superstitious fit that kept the lower castes from giving away their full name. she always went by the common ‘Sophie of Venna’, not to be identified if fate decided to turn her back on her one day. it took her time to come up with it “Sophia Gratia Laenas” she almost whispered to the physician. If Arathos said anything she’d lock him out of their chambers for what was left of their contract

[10:35:36] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods and nods at Audwin, “Welcome to Svago, Sir” she then listened to Sophie whisper her her name, and smiled reassuringly, she jots it down. She then cleans Sophie’s hands carefully, sliding the cloth with the cleaning solution firmly down each finger til it was all free of residue, she rubbed some more for good measure, then lets go of her hand gently, “That is all done, and I shall seal this document and submit it” she beams at Sophie. “Thank you, to you both for complying with the magistrate’s decree”

[10:37:13] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) heard Sophie speaking out her name, and even if it was being whispered, the wind carried it all the way to his sensitive ears. With a smirk on his face, one side curled up higher as the other, he briefly turned his gaze towards the two Women at the table. No doubt Sophie could catch his devious stare, though little did he say. Words did not always have to be spoken, for a Man to tell stories. A seagull cried out in the distance, as he brought those windows of his tormented soul back towards the docks, seeing those birds flock around his sails. How he longed to return towards the Twelve Isles one day, to meet the Man who had educated him in his skills of mercantile and navigation. The Katana upon his back, reminded him daily of the respect he carried for that Man. By request of his Mother, He had transformed the young Korvin, into the Man Arathos was today. “I am glad it is over with, Lady Wolff… thank you for your time.”, he stated as a sign of respect. It was not the young physicians fault, all citizens had to go through all of this.

[10:43:38] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) smiled under her veil “why, thank you lady. I may at some point come around the physicians.Since I am working on some things the spa needs, and some of the therapies given there may need to be checked and approved by a physician. I dont want a careless slave twisting a neck and causing more damage than benefit!”. She met Arathos’ gaze and she held it for as long as she could, returning to his side “you are rather quiet. is there something upsetting you?”. She did act distant towards him at times, mostly to save her reputation, but that didn’t stop her from caring and loving him in her own way

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[10:47:26] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods and nods with a pleasant smile at Sophie’s words, she says, tilting her face up, “oh yes, do come as soon as you are free. I will be at the lower infirmary, or any of us can assist you, Lady Sophie” she then drops her document into the slot, and turns to Audwin, “Sir, I’m ready” she says as she reaches for new set of things she will need

[10:49:05] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) could feel the presence of his Companion at his side before she came within vision in the corner of his eye. Her voice calm and soft when she spoke to him. He smiled as his right calloused paw came up, aiming towards the docks, in the direction of his ship. “You hear that … Sophie ?”, he said with a rather soft tone. Not awaiting for an answer, he continued, as it had not been intended to be a question. :”That is the sound of adventure. The breeze, the birds…. the Thassa… calling out to me.”, as he could feel the blood rushing faster through his veins as he saw him standing at the wheel of his ship again, the waves crashing into the thick wood as his vessel would cut through the crystal liquid. Little drops of vaporized water coating his muscled torso with a sheer layer of salty spray of Thassa. As Morwenna told them, any of their Caste could assist, he knew for sure Sophie would never go to Jamilla for help. She had her own personal reasons for that. The thought amused him.

[10:49:56] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) walks forward, presenting himself. Offering his both hands he asks “Which hand do you need for it?”

[10:58:19] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) decided she would take the word of the physician and nodded, pleases. she heard Arathos speak and opened her mouth to respond to him, but instead she remained quiet. she felt as if she was now some sort of anchor keeping him from doing what he loved the most and couldnt help the little knot forming in her throat. her eyes fixed in the horizon until she managed to speak her mind “Perhaps one day” she told him calmly “you can load your ship and sail. there are trades to make and i am sure something may come up”. she looked at him and moved her hand to grip his fingers lightly

[11:01:07] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) reaching out to take Audwin’s offered hands, she just takes them both and briskly cleaned it of oils and such, asking, “Would you happen to have any new wounds or any scars or cuts on your hands, Sir?” tilting her face as she curiously looked over to the pair as they talked quietly to each other. She offered a friendly, “I wish you both well” then turning back to Audwin, she smiles, “I am sure my cousin Alex is well pleased you have come to assist him, Sir, as well as Lady Wimple” she then takes one of his hand to bring towards the ink pad, taking his thumb first. Looking up to him with a reassuring look, then down at her task, she begins to take his prints

[11:02:35] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) heard the subtle tremble in her voice when she spoke, turning his attention fully upon her, seeing that hint of sadness in her orbs. :”Indeed, perhaps one day.”, as he felt her fingers touching his own. Delicate and rough came together. Like water and fire…. joined with a unseen spark. “Have no doubt, I am not leaving you behind. I want to show you the beauty of the Twelve Isles. Show you were I was raised, among the Pani.”, as he let his thumb rake along her fingers before he pulled his hand away. “But, enough dreams for the day, back to reality.”, he growled softly and headed towards the lift. “No coin for the lazy !”, he said stern and turned one last time towards Morwenna and the new Man. “Safe paths, both of you.”, as he made way to the thrall working the system, giving the male slave a harsh gaze, giving him a sign to go down, once Sophie had joined him on the platform.

[11:10:18] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese): noticed his gaze upon the male slave and she couldnt help and arch her brow in a comical manner “safe paths to you both” she said and waited for the lift to go down, though her gaze was briefly on the slave, concern in her eyes. she then looked at Arathos once more and shook her head, laughing inside

[11:11:21] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) faces his own hand as she was taking his fingerprints. “No, my hands do not have any distinctive signals, or at least I do not think so.” then he smiles back. “Yes, I’ve met the High Magistrate and lady Wimple already, at the meeting of my caste. I am feeling at easy and good here”

[11:13:04] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) having transferred the prints of his fingertips to the document, she smiles listening to him, nodding. Then asks, “Sir, what is your name?” she holds up a stylus to document on the form that has all his completed hand prints upon its surface.

[11:14:59] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) faces her “I’m Audwn Reðlson, but some of my house also call me Lucius Meridius, a familiar matter.”

[11:16:36] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods, tilting her head a little, then she bends down to write it on the document, both names, she then rolls up the document after setting the ink, and seals it, drops it in the slot and turns, smiling, “All done, Sir” then she says, “our regent is also called Lucius”

[11:17:16] Fingerprint Records: Notecard accepted

[11:18:55] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) smiles in good mood. “What a coincidence, tho the only ones who calls me Lucius are the direct members of the Meridius house or the ones related to them.”

[11:22:07] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) smiles, she felt a little hungry having spent most of the morning taking finger prints, and unconsciously touched her belly that let out a growl that can be heard, as he was rather close, for the finger printing needs. Eyes widened in surprise and embarassment, she says, “Oh, as you can hear, I’m rather famished” she laughed, sheepishly, and says, “If you will excuse me, I will go and partake of some sustenance” she smiles in a warm, pleasant, physician-like manner, tho she was just newly a physician.

[11:25:38] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) smiles. “Please, do not let me interrupt you. Thank you for your work, I wish you well.”Then, looking around, he decided to go home.

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Consecration of Svago Temple

Category : Svago General Info

[13:48] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): Tal your holiness.” she says in respect as she catches her breath from the cliimb. Carrying her shoes she quietlly slips them on and looks around. Wondering if their was a bench to sit on.

[13:49] Rανєη (klonky) walks up the stairs to the temple she moves to the side out of the way and takes to her knees “Tal Blessed One, Tal Master, Tal Mistresses” she offers before staying silent

[13:50] Nafisa Blacke (eviliz): The space as cleared as she could arrange, but it would have to do. The broom carried away to be put aside where it would not be in the way, and she woudl collect it later on her way home.

[13:50] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) smiles as he sees thje citizens of Svago gathering to watch the consecration of the temple.

[13:50] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): Tal Leona.” smiles and the nods to Raven.

[13:50] Quintius (quentinwolf) continues to feed the huge bosk with little treats of sweetgrass “There you are Laddie… As much as you like.” and scratching his head as the bosk licks his fingers and looks for more

[13:51] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): smiling ” tal everyone ”

[13:51] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Tal, ladies” He sees the Magistrate arrive and adds, “Tal, Sir. Welcome.”

[13:52] Nafisa Blacke (eviliz): “apologies.” She chuckled and attempted to find her way about without running over folk.

[13:52] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Tal, Raven.”

[13:53] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiles and inclines his head, “Blessed One.” He nearly gets run over by the over eager woman and just chuckles, “Ladies.”

[13:53] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): looking back she smiled to Alex

[13:53] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): We will be beginning in a few Ehn. Thus the temple will be consecrated and ready for the Festival of En’Var tomorrow.”

[13:53] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): Sees the Magistrate. ‘Tal Alex.’ she was sure that was his name.

[13:54] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): (( If anyone wants to take pictures, I would appreciate it. I will try as well. ))

[13:55] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): Raven I am sure has you covered, grins ))

[13:55] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): (( point to Raven lol))

[13:55] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “I hope to have a story for the next edition of the Post.”

[13:55] Rανєη (klonky) gets my charcoal and scroll ready to draw

[13:57] Rανєη (klonky): Consecration in 5mins @ the Temple all welcome

[13:57] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “I am told our noble Administrator may be a little late, so we will wait a short while in case he arrives soon.”

[13:59] Quintius (quentinwolf) the bosk moos and lifts his shaggy head, scenting the breeze. He paws one hoof on the platform and looks around. “Steady on, Laddie, steady,” the Facilitator says, soothing the animal.

[13:59] zar (zarnea) had followed the Masters command to follow him to the temple, stays close to him and basically tries to hide, stays silent like he had told her to be

[14:00] Katerina Amaranth smiles at Raven, giving the girl a quiet nod of thanks for showing her the way before she makes her way over to the rest. “Tal Sirs, Ladies.” She stays well away from the edge, not wanting to have an accident with the unsure footing in the area.

[14:00] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “I do not know if this temple had been consecrated before it fell into ruin, but in any case, it would have to be hallowed again before ceremonies could be held in it again, so we will do this today. What happened to the earlier structure, and whether it was profaned in the period before mow is a mystery, so we will treat this as a new structure.”

[14:01] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard) drag his large, massive presence onto the place, his gaze flying on each, but without telling anything. Those kind of place always keep him silent, and so he stayed, simply nodding when he heard a salutation, attentive about what will happen here.

[14:02] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): Tal Lady and those who just arrived.

[14:04] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “For those of you who are not aware, all Free Persons may enter the outer area under the dome, but no one except full anointed Initiates may go inside the white barriers into the section in the back. I have set out a table with a brazier and incense in the front section, so any who wish to offer a gift to Priest-Kings may do so, to thank them or ask for a boon. All are welcome to do so. For those who wish, there is a bowl for donations near the brazier, but let no one fear to offer even if they have no coin. The gifts of the Holy Ones are not for sale.”

[14:06] Quintius (quentinwolf) reaches back and loosens the blade in its sheath. At the sound the bosk stretches forth his head for a treat and Quintius gives him a lump of sugar. All is in readiness.

[14:07] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) takes a deep breath and turns to face the temple, preparing to begin.

[14:08] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) squirms a bit on her knees, unabashedly intrigued. Swallowed hard, though, eying the bosk. Poor beastie.

[14:09] Quintius (quentinwolf) pats the huge animal affectionately

[14:09] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) watches with some interest. He doesn’t even pretend to be the most religious man, but if its important to the Home Stone he is all there. He simply smiles as things get underway.

[14:09] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): * The celebrant stands in front of the Temple door, facing the golden circle above the altar inside. He raises his arms and makes the gesture of the Eternal Circle, then chants: *

[14:10] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Praise be to you Priest-Kings, holy and mighty,
Who have made the whole universe your Temple, and hallowed the entire circle of Gor as your dwelling place.”

[14:10] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): Watches the area as she gets excited. It has been a long time since Ar where she was born she had attended the temple for worship and donation to the Priest-Kings.

[14:10] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Holy Priest-Kings, we pray you to set your Eternal Circle of protection around this, your Temple, that nothing unworthy of you may enter herein, neither any violence or weapon, nor any unclean and profane thing. May all within its walls be done in good order, with reverence, according to your Will, and to your honor.”

[14:11] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): * The celebrant steps over to the place where the bosk is tethered and the Facilitator and the Assistant are waiting, signs the bosk with the symbol of the Eternal Circle, and says: *

“In supplication, we, your anointed ones, now offer this sacred white bosk, bred in the Temple’s own herd and raised in the Temple’s own pastures, a bosk without fault or blemish, perfect as you, Priest-Kings, are perfect, to be a spotless sacrifice to you. We entreat you to hallow the blood of this bosk that by it, through your power, this Temple may be purified and dedicated forever to your service. ”

[14:11] Katerina Amaranth listens quietly, her focus on the initiate though she glances about occasionally, noting in some surprise how few of the lower city inhabitants had attended. Those without the second knowledge were usually among the first to answer the calls of the Initiates. When the man begins to speak his blessing, she once more turns her focus back to him and listens more carefully, curious as she’d rarely spent time in a city with a fully functional temple.

[14:12] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Hear me, Priest-Kings!”

[14:12] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *At the gesture from the celebrant, the Facilitator takes the sacred blade and cuts the throat of the bosk, allowing its blood to fall into a vessel.

[14:13] Quintius (quentinwolf) the bosk, barely feeling the fatal cut, sinks to its knees and with a shove, falls over onto its side, dying swiftly as it bleeds into the bowl

[14:14] Quintius (quentinwolf) then catches the blood in the bowl

[14:14] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) did let out a soft gasp as the bosk was slit and fell. Frowned a touch, though she had heard of such before – simply not witnessing it. Not for ritual purposes anyway.

[14:14] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): wrinkling her nose , she stayed quiet

[14:15] Quintius (quentinwolf) then cuts a tuft of hair from the huge beast’s mane and lays it on the flames.

[14:15] zar (zarnea) covers her face in the Masters cloak when the poor animal goes to its knees and slowly dies, she knew it was going to happen but still it hits her pretty hard

[14:15] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): She removes her scented cloth and places it beneath her nose. Then trns away.
[14:15] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): turns*

[14:16] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) nods to the Facilitator in satisfaction, and turns to return to the rock. “Bring the blood, if you will, Quintius, and we will proceed.”

[14:17] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The celebrant and the assistant walk to the wall where they face toward the East. The assistant dips the whisk into the bowl of bosk blood, sprinkles the wall of the Temple, facing toward the East, and the celebrant chants *

[14:17] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “At the EAST, whence rises the burning brightness of the Central Fire at dawning, we, their anointed ones, pray the Priest-Kings to set their radiant splendor ever before us to illuminate our path, that we may walk without stumbling in the way that they have prepared for us to go.”

[14:18] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *The celebrant and the assistant then proceed counterclockwise to the North wall of the Temple. The assistant dips the whisk again into the vessel of bosk blood, sprinkles the wall of the Temple with it, and the celebrant chants: *

[14:19] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Any who wish are welcome to follow us.”

[14:20] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard) was far from being the deepest religious one… But indeed, all was about appearance. To don’t come for this celebration, if not by obligation, would have been seen as being rejecting the city by a certain way. Impassible, immobile, the living mountain was keeping an unreadable gaze upon the scene. The smell, ironed, heavy by it taste, light by it intensity, came to his nose. He’ll make slowly, from his hand, free circles into the air. Or more exactly, the same circle, ringed three times. Nothing large, no really marked. Just a finger moving slowly, as he seemed to have his own words in mind, as a silent prayer.

[14:21] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “At the NORTH, whence come the freezing cold and fierce storms of winter, we pray the Priest-Kings to set the shield of their invincible protection between their faithful servants, and particularly those who serve them here in this Temple, and any danger or tribulation, that at all times we may rest secure within the shelter of their sure defense. Spare us, oh holy Priest-Kings, we pray you, and preserve us in safety”

[14:21] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *The celebrant and his assistant then proceed counterclockwise to the West wall of the Temple. The assistant dips the whisk again into the vessel of bosk blood, sprinkles the wall of the Temple with it, and the celebrant chants.*

[14:22] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “At the WEST, whence the Central Fire sinks down again into Thassa at evening, we pray Priest-kings to be with us in our end as at our beginning, to guard and guide us in all things, keeping us perfectly within the boundaries of their Will and commandments. May holy Priest-Kings give us the intention and the strength to be ever obedient to the codes of our Caste and the rules of our Order, that all within these walls, and everywhere, may serve Priest-Kings in unsullied purity, with unfeigned devotion.”

[14:23] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): * *The celebrant and his assistant then proceed counterclockwise to the South wall of the Temple. The assistant dips the whisk again into the vessel of bosk blood, sprinkles the wall of the Temple with it, and the celebrant chants *

[14:23] zar (zarnea) had gotten to her feet to follow the Master should he decide to follow the people gathered, when he does follows him and kneels down again, seeking his presence to stay safe

[14:23] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): She moves back feeling a little dizzy as she wobbles over the stones. Decides to walk back and then squeezes someone’s hand to balance herself. Realizing it was the man in blue. Audwn. ‘My apologies.” cheeks pink, hoping he did not notices.

[14:24] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “At the SOUTH, whence comes the gentle breath of summer dawning, we pray Priest-Kings to make us ever mindful of the warmth of their mercy, and grateful for all the good gifts which they have given us. May their praise be ever on our lips and in our hearts, and may all that we do within these walls be done in thanksgiving, to their glory and honor.” *

[14:25] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard) came closer, mostly to hear the blessing more than anything else… he wasn’t exactly following the procession. But he was keeping an eye… No jokes… Upon what happened and was said…

[14:25] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): * *The celebrant and his assistant return to the door of the Temple. * *The celebrant and his assistant return to the door of the Temple.

[14:27] Katerina Amaranth steps back on the rough stone once more as the initiate returns to the front, giving him plenty of space, continuing to watch quietly.

[14:27] Quintius (quentinwolf) the Facilitator returns to the carcass of the bosk “If the city butchers wish to take the meat for the public feast or donation to the impoverished, the Priest-Kings will be pleased at your charity”

[14:27] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The celebrant makes the sign of the Eternal Circle before the doors, facing the golden circle above the altar, and chants*

“Come, O Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, and enter with your anointed one into this Temple which we have consecrated and set aside to your honor. Make it, we pray you, your sacred House wherein you may be always present to us and we to you.”

[14:28] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (adrian.ghennyn) faces the woman in green and gold garments. He smiles to her kindly and in good mood tho surely surprised about the touch. “No worries, Lady” He says simply as faces the irregular ground before return his eyes to the one of the Initiates.
[14:28] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *The celebrant enters the doors to the Temple and moves toward the altar. The celebrant pauses at the table with the containers of chrism oil, box of incense, offering bowl, and any other necessary items for worship are set. He makes the sign of the Eternal Circle and chants:*

[14:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Sanctify this chrism oil, Priest-Kings, we pray you, that all who are marked with it may enter into the doors of this, your Temple, cleansed of all impurity and dedicated wholly to your service. Sanctify this precious incense that it, like your anointed ones, may burn before your altar with the pure flame of perfect service. Send your blessing upon all things here that they may be set apart to your use only and kept without any contamination of the outer world.”

[14:29] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): So he did ntice. ‘Oh Gawd.” she nods and smiles in return as she tries to listen to the man speaking. The wind was heavy up here so she held on to her robes to stay balanced.
[14:29] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): notice*

[14:30] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *The procession moves toward the altar. The celebrant lights the candles and the brazier for incense on the altar and when it is burning, raises his arms to the golden Circle over the altar and chants: *

[14:31] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Sanctify this altar, O Priest-Kings, we pray, and make it holy, set apart for your worship. Grant that it may never be defiled by any act of impious men nor failing of those who stand before you here within the Railing. Sanctify those of the White Caste who offer prayers and sacrifices to you at this altar and make them pure before you, so that they may show forth your Will in all their words and all their ways, to the praise and glory of your sacred Name.”

[14:32] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, grant, we pray you, that from this altar, now consecrated and dedicated to your worship, our appointed prayers may rise to you like this incense and be as a sweet savor to you. From your sacred Sardar Mountains send down to those Initiates sealed to you by their vows, who serve you here at this altar, the knowledge of your Will that we may rightly proclaim what you command, and bring all of Gor, through your power, into perfect obedience to you.”

[14:33] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Hear me, Priest Kings! Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:33] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): Ta Sardar Gor!

[14:33] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *Each of those present will repeat*

“Hear me, Priest Kings!”

[14:33] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): Ta Sardar Gor!

[14:34] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): Ta Sardar Gor!.

[14:34] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:34] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): “Hear me, Priest Kings!” his voice rose

[14:34] Katerina Amaranth repeats as instructed, her voice low.

[14:34] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): “Hear me, Priest Kings” she repeats the words of the Initiate

[14:34] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard) took a bota at his belt, and remove the cork with his teeth, before to let a large split flow onto the ground. “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:35] zar (zarnea) is not sure slaves should too, looks at raven to see if she would speak

[14:35] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): smiling she lowered her head ” Hear me Priest Kings!”

[14:35] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): ” Hear me Preist Kings ”

[14:35] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): She places her hand quickly on her hood before it would fly away and show her fiery red hair. Hear me, Priest Kings”

[14:35] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (adrian.ghennyn): ‘me ‘s mouth moves without make any sound. “Ta Sardar gor!” would be his words, somehow uneasy.

[14:36] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (adrian.ghennyn): “Hear me Priest Kings” he says as instructed

[14:37] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Good people of Svago, the temple is now consecrated to the worship of the Holy Ones. The meat of the bosk will be given to the city to be distributed to the poor, and, if they wish, kept until tomorrow when it may be consumed as part of the Festival of En’Var. There will be a devotion here tomorrow for the Festival, at the same Ahn of the day

[14:38] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “It should be a bit sweeter scented, for there will be no sacrifice of blood, only flowers. I hope to see all who can attend tomorrow for the Festival of Light of Priest-kings, the Summer Solstice.”

[14:38] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): smiles

[14:38] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) grins

[14:38] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “I wish you all well.”

[14:38] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): she makes a note to be here. Then smiles as it was done. ‘Thank you your holiness.”

[14:38] Leona Spire Stormborne (judy.wunderland): thank you Blessed One

[14:39] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): “And to you Blessed one ”

[14:39] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): She tosses some silver in donation so her prayers may be answered/

[14:39] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiles, “Thank you Blessed One. I shall make sure my household is aware.”

[14:39] Katerina Amaranth smiles under her veil as she hears the initiate declare the ceremony over and turns slightly. Spotting Nikki, she moves toward her, voice low so as to not interrupt the rest. “Lady Nikki, I’d appreciate a quiet word with you when you have a few free ehn to spare.” She turns back to the initiate once more at his words. “Thank you, Blessed one.”, then returns her attention to Nikki.

[14:41] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki was happy and relieved she made it in time to see the end of the consecration and taps her fist to her shoulder in gorean applause at the announcement “Hail Svago and thank you to our Initiates” Her eyes move to Lady Katerina “I have much time now, would you care to take a little walk?”

[14:42] Katerina Amaranth smiles to her and nods. “I’ll let you lead. I had to have one of the girls guide me up here and I’m not sure how to get down again, to be honest. I hate open heights.”

[14:42] Rανєη (klonky) had stayed silent throughout the consecration, once finished she gave zar and layla a soft smile. She stands “well wishes ” moves to stand nearer to her Mistress and was ready to move when instructed.

[14:42] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): her bright blue eyes look about the group ” Tal Alex, Kain Mother and Syn ” amd she nods ot the slaves. There were some new people she didnt know

[14:43] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): “I wish you well” she calls to the Free and snpas her fingers for raven to follow “we can take the path to the back and end up near the house”
[14:43] Katerina Amaranth nods and wishes those around her well, then follows nikki.

[14:43] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): I wish you well Nikki.” she walks back home being careful not to fall.

[14:43] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (adrian.ghennyn) walks closer to the man in white, to the speaker. Facing him for some ihns as if he were studying the person, he then smiles politely. “I wish you well, Initiate.”

[14:43] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Thank you all for attending.”

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Jaris literally gives Joslyn away

Category : Svago General Info

[2018/02/14 15:17] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me waves “Tal Raven, good to see you”

[2018/02/14 15:17] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): “Tal Master”

[2018/02/14 15:18] Rανєη (klonky): Tal Lotus

[2018/02/14 15:19] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): “You breaking the lift? giggles

[2018/02/14 15:20] Rανєη (klonky): /me grumbles “its that stupid boy who makes it work, wasn’t me”

[2018/02/14 15:21] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): “Guess the Free are going to get their exercise now having to walk up”
[2018/02/14 15:22] Rανєη (klonky): /me nods “and exercise there whipping hand… on me”

[2018/02/14 15:23] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): “I am sure all will be fixed soon, before anyone even finds out”

[2018/02/14 15:27] Rανєη (klonky): /me smiles “I hope so, my Master and Mistress are smart they will work it out”

[2018/02/14 15:33] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me smiles and pretends nothing happened

[2018/02/14 15:33] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): grins

[2018/02/14 15:35] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me nods as Nikki arrives “tospit Pie tangy tarts…. I love them .. Raven… serve the black wine. it is on hte table all ready.. ”

[2018/02/14 15:35] Rανєη (klonky): /me moves beside her Master and Mistress “Tal my Master. Tal my Mistress” spies Mistress Rosa “Tal Mistress”

[2018/02/14 15:37] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me quietly folds in a kneel, knees pressed together. “Tal Master, Tal Mistress, Tal Raven”

[2018/02/14 15:37] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Followng Jaris she watches as he takes her pillow but says nothing but a few grumble sounds as she sits “Tal Rosa. have I got news for you” Her eyes move between the slave girls coldly

[2018/02/14 15:38] Momma Rosa Rembrandt (rosalynne.dawes): /me waves her hand seeing more come over and Jaris wake up again “Tal Nikki!” Oh I have news for you too” she laughs, gives a nice nod to the girl Raven and ignores the girl that didn’t greet her “so what is your news?”

[2018/02/14 15:39] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me hangs her head down. “Forgive me Mistress I did not see you, i beg forgiveness from you”

[2018/02/14 15:41] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me chums away on his pie as he is sure his girl would have heard him, if not the lift would be a minor thing all together … He sits back and listens, always the wisest thing when women about.

[2018/02/14 15:42] Rανєη (klonky): /me smiles as she sees her friend kneel “Tal Lotus” her face changes quickly seeing her Mistress’ icy stare, trembles a little “my Master may I serve you?”

[2018/02/14 15:44] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me’s heart races at the stare of the Mistress, stammers “Mistress may I be of service to you?”

[2018/02/14 15:45] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Hearing raven male Jaris repeat his serve she snickers a little and keeps on talking “Rosa, I bought some fabric yesterday from the twelve islands, and I need you to make me some gowns for carnival” She had heard of rosas new but first things first and with a look to lotus “I will take some black wine as well with cream”

[2018/02/14 15:46] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me sighs… and calls Raven over… and pulls her ear … “let me whisper a sweet nothing in your ear girl… ” he waits till her ear is close when he says softly “you need a hearing test ” and lets her go again. then slams a fist on the table and yells “server the black wine… now!”

[2018/02/14 15:47] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me siddles up by Rosa giving her a quick grin, ‘Haven’t seen you since the companionship, but it’s looking like it suites you” Glancing over to her Mother then, “Did Raven remember to ask you a question this morning that I wanted to inquire about?”

[2018/02/14 15:47] Momma Rosa Rembrandt (rosalynne.dawes): /me nods hearing her “oh those fabrics finally came? I was beginning to wonder if that was a dream” chuckles “Yes I can do that, have to be off my feet more here soon down the road. There anything special you want me to do with them? or just a festive motiff?” she pulls out a tablet and writes some notes for herself, sees Joslyn and waves “Tal Lady!” she said very pleasantly

[2018/02/14 15:49] Rανєη (klonky): /me whimpers as she feels her ear pulled, cringes when he slams his fist on the table “y-yes my Master, yes” moves to the table and pours the black wine into the mug kneels back at her Masters feet lifts the mug high and bows her head her hands shaking a little “your black wine my Master, I hope it pleases you”

[2018/02/14 15:49] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me smiles “yes Mistress, black wine with cream coming right up. Stands quickly on shaky legs and retreats to get Mistress her black wine

[2018/02/14 15:52] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): She jumps a little at the Jaris fist pounding and scowls a little at raven “even worse than clinking girl” she calls after her and nods seeing Joslyn “tal Joslyn” Her attention back to rosa “I have a few ideas for the gowns. Maybe we can meet later and get the specific documented”

[2018/02/14 15:53] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me takes the black wine and carefully pours it into a mug, careful not to spill a drop. Pours just a bit of cream into the mug and stirs. Drops on worn knees before Mistress, bows her head and offers the mug up to the Mistress “May you find this drink pleasing to you”

[2018/02/14 15:53] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me sees his daughter arrive and greet the ladies but not him… “Daughter… come to the table and sit here, I need to talk to you. Whatever business you had, is now of little relevance… sit!” he says sternly… He turns to Raven and accepts the black wine and points to Rosa.. “see if you can serve her, not my daughter”

[2018/02/14 15:55] Momma Rosa Rembrandt (rosalynne.dawes): /me quirks an eyebrow, least she wasn’t the only one to get mad at slaves and nods to Nikki “of course, can meet here soon when you have the time” she placed the rest of the tospit pie on the table case he wanted more of others wanted some, there was a small stack of plates on the table already and moves to make sure there was enough backwine ready

[2018/02/14 15:56] Rανєη (klonky): /me lowers her hands to her lap “yes my Master” stands, moves next to Mistress Rosa and kneels “may I serve you?”

[2018/02/14 15:56] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me raised her brow in her most respected father, tugging her head scarf downwards, to her that was always the problem. “Is this about the exam forms?” She’d ask him, looking at her curiously for a moment.

[2018/02/14 15:58] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): She takes the drink from lotus, a sip and gives her a nod “this will do girl. Now I need some kind of fruit tart to go with it, rosa can show you the best one I am sure” she motions with her head back towards the bakery and does not interrupt jaris, he was in a mood” seeing Beo she inclines her head with respect “Tal Sir”

[2018/02/14 16:00] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me whispers “yes Mistress” Stands and retreats into the bakery

[2018/02/14 16:00] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me had completed about half his patrol circuit as he came to the bakery, hearing a merry gathering. He would raise his hand in the usual salute but before he spoke he had been spoken too ” Greetings Free ” he would offer

[2018/02/14 16:01] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me looks at her “do you wonder, daughter of mine, so you wonder why you are still in my house? Why you are not FCed to a Svago man of standing producing offspring for the Svago cause? Do you wonder why no man is offering my gold to take your hand? No man I can offer gold to take your hand, Do you? Do you wonder?” he looks up and sees a warrrior…” Tal warrior, a small domestic correction happening… let it not trouble you!”

[2018/02/14 16:03] Momma Rosa Rembrandt (rosalynne.dawes): /me checked on stuff within the kitchen, waved off raven as she had to leave her stomach was starting to feel off again and she needed to take that drink mix to settle it, the smells getting to her a little bit she moved towards the direction of the lift, she wasn;t going to thandle stairs right now “Pardon me I must be off quickly so I don;t ruin your bakery stay, oh and Nikki my news was that I was pregnant, I wish you all well!” she offered pleasantly as her stomach churned a bit

[2018/02/14 16:04] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me continues to raise her brows, turning to him with increased interest, “I’d always suspected that it was because I travel with different family members on caste trips frequently and read a lot and am generally emotionally unavailable.” She’d offer rather casually to him, lips quirking up behind her veil, interested in seeing what he was going to say.

[2018/02/14 16:05] Rανєη (klonky): /me keeps looking over at her Master, she had ever seen him like this. Saw Mistress Rosa wave her away, she beams hearing the wonderful news “I wish you well” she calls after her. Stands and moves back to her Masters side and kneels.

[2018/02/14 16:07] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me overheard the conversation going on and casually looked in to his coin purse and counted a few gold coins in his head. As Jaris spoke he realised he who the Administrators were and had seen them at the meeting he had attended but had never introduced himself to them. ” Oh , I am not concerned in the slightest Sir, infact if you ever need a third firm hand just give me a shout” he would smile down to the trio of Free

[2018/02/14 16:08] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Hearing Rosa she looks at her rushing off and calling her news “you are what?? congratulations!!” this was indeed exciting news and not lost in the word salad of conversation int he bakery “I wish you well Rosa, we will talk more later”

[2018/02/14 16:09] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me checks the shelves for a fruit tart for Mistress, the sweet smells of the bakery fill her nostrils. Eyes open wide at as they fall upon a larma tart. Takes a plate from the shelf and lowers it the counter in front of her. Carefully moves the tart onto the plate, turns on narrow hell and makes her way across the chocolate colored floor boards. Lowers herself into tower before the Mistress and settle back onto her heels. Offers the plate up to the Mistress “I hope you find this pleasing Mistress”

[2018/02/14 16:12] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me looks at the warrior and nods, seems he gets it. He turns to Jos.. “it is because you have only eyes for women, You dont see men, you dont greet men… You do not show proper consideration for their place in society and therefore not your own. My suggestion to you is to change that, that is if you would like to be known as a proper free woman of Svago… ” he then turns to Nikki ” do we still have the name of that verr breeder, you know the loner in the hills about our house? You know you can smell him coming near before you hear the bells on his verrs!”

[2018/02/14 16:17] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me frowned slightly, “I’m quite sure I do Father, I just like to pay equal attention to women as well, I refuse to be one of those obvious Ladies who can’t hide her interest, it never bodes well for them in the future.” She’d then glance over to her mother pleadingly. “Tal by the way Father, I hope your evening has been very pleasant and your cups filled with black wine.” Looking up and over to Beo, “Greetings Sir, good patrol so far and all that?”

[2018/02/14 16:17] Rανєη (klonky): /me lifts her head and smiles seeing Master Beo counting his coin “Tal Master”. Sits back on her heels and watches Lotus bring the tart, neck cranes to see what delicious thing could smell so good. Her face suddenly screws up as her Master talks about a stinky verr breeder.

[2018/02/14 16:19] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me ran hand through his hair as he felt he had kind of been complimented by the administrator himself. He looked between the Free as they spoke he probably should not get involved in family matters, but well how else was he going to settle in here if he didnt get involved. He smiled to the Lady Jos as she greeted him ” Tal Lady”

[2018/02/14 16:21] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Takes the tart from lotus “see of the warrior is in need of anything lotus” shooing her off to Beo before picking att he tart a little “It was a tarsk breeder jaris, not verr and is why he really smelled so bad. but you can take com for Joslyn, not sure your father is ready to companion you off to a low caste… yet”

[2018/02/14 16:23] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): “Yes Mistress” Stands and makes her way to the Master. Kneels, back straight, knees pressed together in respect to the Free Women. “Master may I be of service to you

[2018/02/14 16:23] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): /me stopped at the bakery where there was a gathering of free, he smiled and offered Tal’s all around…”Tal Free”

[2018/02/14 16:24] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me roars laughing..as he looks at Beo… ” would you whip here for her insolence? I mean she has spoken what….. 100 words already and THEN greets me after being admonished and then claims she treats men and women equally! As if that is a virtue!” he looks at her … “i will find a man for you. I will” He returns to his black wine.. and smiles at the prospect. And turns to greet the other warrior arriving.

[2018/02/14 16:27] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me nodded down to the slave as she asked to serve ” fill my skin with water please girl” he would say before he head Jaris laugh his cock off after hearing his words he would smirk ” I would give her a few nights chained to the foot of my couch to start with” he said with smirk . turning the newly joined brother of arms he offers his hand in salute ” Tal Sir” he said

[2018/02/14 16:28] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me gaped at her father for a moment, horrified that this was all being said in public, her brows risen to an incredible height. “Right, well.” She’d pause, trying to wet her dry throat. Glancing up to the man behind her in a rather mortified fashion she’d nod her head “Tal Sir” Turning back to the family table, she’d look towards her mother curiously, searching in her eyes for some missing piece of information.

[2018/02/14 16:28] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): /me returns the salute to his brother warrior, “Tal Warrior”

[2018/02/14 16:28] Rανєη (klonky): /me looks around at all the free, sees another warrior arrive “Tal Master” she says to Mater Damien.
[2018/02/14 16:29] Rανєη (klonky): *Master

[2018/02/14 16:30] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me snaps his fingers at his girl “see to the warrior!”

[2018/02/14 16:30] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): “Yes Master” holds out her hands to take the skin from the Master. wraps slender fingers around the skin, Stands and makes her way across the cobble stones into the bakery

[2018/02/14 16:30] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Inclines her head to Damien as he arrives “Tal Damient” she looks between the twomen “the city is indeed in good hands tonight” she of ofourse is refeering to the presence of two of the strong warriors. Hearing Jaris’ words and the irritation clear in his voice “Jaris…” she reaches out to pat his arm gently in an effort to calm him

[2018/02/14 16:31] Rανєη (klonky): /me nods “yes my Master” stands and moves to Master Damien’s feet “may I serve you Master?”

[2018/02/14 16:32] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): /me Tal Lady Nikki, it is a pleasure to see you again, looks to the slave “aye girl blackwine”

[2018/02/14 16:33] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): /me walks over to the table. “Mind if I join you ? he says to the free already seated>

[2018/02/14 16:35] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): “Just because he was a warrior didnt mean he wasnt polite he smiled

[2018/02/14 16:35] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me smiles as his companion tries to calm him and well it works, as always, instantly. He, much calmer, starts thinking about solutions in stead of troubles. He looks at the warriors, high caste of course. He looks from one to the other… ” any of you man interested in fcing into the Bernard family? I have a strong bright intelligent young daughter who needs… a perspective… ” he nods to himself … “perspective indeed” He looks at the men, any of you interested in agreeing to court my daughter? 2 weeks .. and then we decide how to progress? anyone?”

[2018/02/14 16:37] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me Eyes went to Jovvi as soon as she arrived with a man in tow, half hoping that would distract Jaris from his current train of thought. “Greetings Free,” She’d glance between the two of them and turn to look again at her mother pointedly, the arbitrator of the family if ever there was one.

[2018/02/14 16:38] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn): /me approaches the bakery, leading Vlad to where she saw her father was. Seeing her mother sitting there as well, she grins wickedly and takes a seat across the table. She listens a moment and laughs, hearing her father trying to find a companion for her sister. “Tal, Papa. Tal, Mama” she says and casts a wink to Joslyn. Looking up to Vlad, she shivers and tries to stay straight faced. “Papa, I have a question for you.”

[2018/02/14 16:39] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me looked over to the Lady Jos, he had spoke to her a couple of times around the city , it was not a terrible idea that Jaris had proposed , he laughed a little ” Well I know I would give you pretty strong grandsons, be as big as tem trees and as smart as their grandpa” he said trying to creep a little

[2018/02/14 16:40] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Motions to the cushion hearing Damiens question “please join us” jaris’ tone makes her a little worried and she keeps her hand on his arm hoping the peaceful vibrations transfer to him .. quickly “Tal Jovvi, Sir” she grrets more as they come in and her face sort of pales as Jovvi starts to speak .. Jaris was in a mood” as Beo speaks she looks at Joslyn and her mouth just drops open a little under her veil

[2018/02/14 16:41] Rανєη (klonky): /me smiles up “yes Master, blackwine” she stands and moves to the table pours some blackwine from the jug into a mug. Moves back to Master Damien’s feet, bows her head and holds the mug up high “your blackwine Master”

[2018/02/14 16:41] Vlad Voljeti: /me looks at Joslyn and gives her a nod as she speaks to him. He dosnt have a seat though and instead goes behind Jovvi and then leans against one of the poles holding up the pavilion. His arms crossing as he looks at the man and shakes his head some before looking at at Jovvi’s family members

[2018/02/14 16:42] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me makes her way to the counter where a pitcher of water sits, wraps her small hands around the pitcher and with sturdy hands watches the clear liquid run into the skin, pours slowly as to prevent it from overflowing. Lowers the pitcher back to the counter. Cradles the skin between palms, Turns slender hips around to make her way across smooth floor boards until she find herself before the Master. Lowers once again to her knees, offers the skin up to the Master. head bowed, eyes find a spot in front of her to stare at

[2018/02/14 16:43] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): /me takes a cushion and settles in as Raven arrives just in time with his blackwine, he lifts the drink from her hands and nods to her aye girl thank you..he takes a drink and listens to the conversation

[2018/02/14 16:44] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me slams a fist on the table “by the PKs another daughter who does not greet the men as she arrives! Where did fail as a father? did i work too many hours in the clinic to arrive home after dark? I mean Nikki … did we fail? ” turning to Jovvi.. ” you will greet the men who keep Svago save … I am sure it is just an oversight but you will!” He then turns to Beo… “it is settled… You have my permission to court the lady Joslyn for 2 hand. And i hope you don’t return her.. we need offspring… ” ,

[2018/02/14 16:46] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me took the skin from the girl then attached it to his belt before ruffling the girls hair ” thank you girl, you have done serving me” he said but as he finished talking Jaris addressed him once more and his lip curled in to a smile ” I thank you for your trust Sir, I am sure between us we can straighten out what ever needs fixing” he offer a little wink in the direction of the Lady Jos, not knowing if she saw or not

[2018/02/14 16:48] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): / me moves the hair out of her eyes as she stands and kneels before Master Vlad “Master may I serve you?”

[2018/02/14 16:48] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn): /me jumps at the bang on the table and whirls her head around. She pales and nods her head. “Tal Free” she says, adding “Please forgive me. I seem to have a one track mind lately.” She nods her head to Damien and Beo, flashing a smile to the both of them. She was wholly aware of Vlad standing behind her, his ever dark presence nearby. Looking back to her parents, she takes a deep breath and waits for her father to be finished with Jos.

[2018/02/14 16:50] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me starts grinding her teeth, forever thankful that Jovvi had forgotten to greet too and was thus included in the crap shoot that was her father’s wraith. “About that Father” She’d turn to him, taking a side look at her mother’s pale face, her nose would wrinkle as she said the next part lightly. “Whatever you say” She’d finish, turning to regard Beo, “He likes black wine if you need any ideas.”

[2018/02/14 16:52] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): and there it was , one daughter basically given away to courting right before her eyes. Her hand instinctively squeezes his arm lightly “Jovvi, what is it that is on yourmind?’

[2018/02/14 16:52] Rανєη (klonky): /me lowers her hands to her lap, trembles as her Master hits the table. She looks at Jovvi and Jos before standing and moving to her Master’s side.

[2018/02/14 16:53] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me smiles ” that is settle then…excellent. His mood even better now… he smiles to Nikki. “the day is looking brighter already what could possibly go wrong now?”

[2018/02/14 16:54] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me nodded to the Lady Jovvi ” greetings Lady, I hope all is well” he would then look to Jos and nodded as she mentioned blackwine

[2018/02/14 16:56] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn): /me takes a deep breath, the mere act of inhaling sending a shiver through her body. “Papa, this is Vlad. He’s new to the city, but we knew each other during my time in Besnit during my studies. Now, I know he’s not a physician, but as I’m sure you’re aware, Jace didn’t return with me. I’ve since then dissolved my companionship, and Vlad is willing to step in. He did however help me return from our research mission. I’m asking for your blessing to get companioned to this merchant.”

[2018/02/14 16:56] pokey Zebberman: Tal,,

[2018/02/14 16:57] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me admires her mother’s shocked face for a moment there, at least she appeared to share some of Joslyn’s feelings. Feeling it better to shut her mouth at the moment she’d look over to Jovvi, brows raising yet again, she was destined to be the good daughter it appeared.

[2018/02/14 16:58] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): Tal Mine

[2018/02/14 16:59] Peaches (peaches.spicoli): /me grins seeing her Master..”Tal, my Master” almost sounding giddy to see him…”Tal, Master” she addressed Beodaren

[2018/02/14 17:00] Yasmin (annabella.christensen): /me settled on the steps with her basket of work so she wouldn’t look like she was eavesdropping, even though she was. Picking up a cake of soap and her sharp little knife, she went to carving slowly while she listened to the happenings going on next door.

[2018/02/14 17:01] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar): /me falls backwards One daughter, now the next… He thinks on it and looks at Nikki. “well then … did you know about this? I mean …. I need to think about this. ” he stands and sys ” i need to go for a walk…

[2018/02/14 17:01] Peaches (peaches.spicoli): /me smiled as the man from the docks had followed….”Excuse me my Master, I am in service to this visitor…” her head turning to his direction as she rose to follow him

[2018/02/14 17:02] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): /me nodded down to the slave that spoke ” greetings girl” then he went back to doing his warrior thing, which was sitting by quiet just in case

[2018/02/14 17:02] Damien Darkheart (aslan.swordthain): Aye Mine, tend to him and then return to my boots when your done

[2018/02/14 17:05] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): She looks at Jovvi as she asks “Jovvi, you miht want to wait on this question” she cant believe it Joslyn no given to the warrior to court, Jovvis question and now Jaris just up and leaves “raven i need wine” she says simply
[2018/02/14 17:05] Peaches (peaches.spicoli): “Yes, my Master” nodding her head before turning to the visitor…”Please make yourself comfortable Master, and I’ll bring you something to drink and eat”

[2018/02/14 17:06] Rανєη (klonky): /me hears her Mistress “yes my Mistress” she jumps up and runs to the Inn.

[2018/02/14 17:06] Broney Handrick: /me seeing the slave come to a stand and slowly follows behind her. His feet wet with water as they leave small foot steps from the dock. He looks to the man around him. ” Tal everyone.” He says to them in a simple hello. He of course had questions of his own. He returns his eyes to peaches. ” A water for now, and a menu.” He then looks to Damien. ” I’m Standly. Fresh off the boat. And you are?” He asks him with a small hint of wonder.

[2018/02/14 17:07] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me turns to her Mother as Jaris leaves, her eyes on his back the entire way. “Did uhm…did something happen in the city earlier or something…or was the Bosk milk a little on the sour side or….” She’d ask quietly, leaning over.

[2018/02/14 17:10] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn): /me blinks, watching her father rise and walk away. She looks to her mother and frowns. “Bad time?” she quips and looks around to Vlad. She saw him watching her and her eyes darken, knowing what information he held over her head. It was the reason why she’d hustled her ass to talk to her father. Her hands rest in her lap, grazing over the thin lines that had been cut onto her thighs. Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and tries to block out the sensations going through her body and mind.

[2018/02/14 17:12] Peaches (peaches.spicoli): /me curtsied with a small chuckle “Yes, Master” before turning into the bakery and filling a clean goblet with the drinking water from the pitcher. She quickly returned to the man and offered the goblet to him….”Master, your water, I hope you find it most refreshing…I shall be right back with a menu” and she scooted off towards the Inn.

[2018/02/14 17:12] Rανєη (klonky): /me heads up to the wine rack, picks the svago wine she knows her Mistress Likes and a large goblet, she waves her hand at Onion “no time to talk my Mistress needs wine, its a wine emergency” she was about to pour the wine but decides to take the bottle just in case. Runs back to her Mistress’ feet and pours the wine. Watches as the ruby red liquid fills the goblet. Carefully, goblet is lifted above her bowed head “your wine my Mistress, I hope it pleases you”.

[2018/02/14 17:13] Lotus Superstes (lotusblossom1978): /me watches as Raven rushes back with the wine in hand.

[2018/02/14 17:22] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): She looks at Jaris as he leaves and glances to her daughters as she takes the goblet of wine “I think it might be a really bad day to have this conversation “she stands “i f you will excuse me I need to attend to soemthing”

[2018/02/14 17:22] Broney Handrick: /me eyes turn to the slave as she comes back with the water in hand. He takes it from her and downs it in one go. The man was thirsty and perhaps hungry. He waits wondering if anyone would take to him in such a fashion. Yet he stands tall in his rags and naked feet. It was after all just clothing. He continued to look at Damien as he had asked who he is. From the man’s looks he had thought a guard. But he wasn’t so sure.

[2018/02/14 17:22] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn): /me glances at her mother and frowns. Her attention turns toward her sister “What did you do?” she accuses the woman.

[2018/02/14 17:23] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me rolled her shoulders, clearly not getting Jaris’s message in the tiniest bit, it appeared Beo might have his work cut out for him. “I believe it’s simply because I exist?” She’d ask, not answer.

[2018/02/14 17:24] Kool Sim bell: ▶ secondlife:///app/agent/8db8870c-aad2-4817-835e-81b64e1c8f47/about
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪
RAID BELL: Enemy ship sighted…….Warriors to the walls…….Citizens take cover!
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪

[2018/02/14 17:24] Peaches (peaches.spicoli): /me returned swiftly to the man’s boots…or bare feet rather, and handed him the menu. “Here is the menu, Master, and I must add the food in the kitchen smells delectable.”

[2018/02/14 17:24] Rανєη (klonky): /me drops her hands

[2018/02/14 17:25] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey): /me stood up and made a grab for Raven, who was closest, heading up to her father’s home.

[2018/02/14 17:25] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn): /me hears the warning bell and jumps to her feet, reaching out for her sister. “Jos, run!”

[2018/02/14 17:25] Kool Sim bell: ▶ secondlife:///app/agent/8db8870c-aad2-4817-835e-81b64e1c8f47/about
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪
RAID BELL: Enemy ship sighted…….Warriors to the walls…….Citizens take cover!
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪

[2018/02/14 17:25] Peaches (peaches.spicoli): /me jumps to her feet, “Please Master, run! Hide!”

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The Cage Girl

Category : Svago General Info

[12:09] Soren Valerius (conciliar) received the message from Yasmin, heading over towards Arn and Wimple, “Tal Sir, Lady. I’m needed?”

[12:09] Latha (elise.larimore): “Oh, wait … let me introduce you to someone. Vulhal?”

[12:10] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) settled back at her Master’s feet when they reached the Lady in blue. Dipping her head respectfully, she remained silent.

[12:11] Wimple Ethaniel: was just about to head over when the guard appeared…”Tal Soren, l am sure you read the report about that slave in the Pretors cage, l am concerned now, there , now there is a man talking to her, and if she is the spy we thought she was, after all that lockpicking, he could be her contact, would you mind taking a look”?

[12:11] Soren Valerius (conciliar): “Of course.” Headed that way, short and sweet.

[12:12] Arn Greybeard turned around to see where his companion would be as a man with a helmet passed him. Probably a Warrior.

[12:12] Soren Valerius (conciliar) headed over to the cage, nodding towards the man sitting there, “Tal Sir. How goes your day?” He didn’t acknowledge the slave in the cage, a common sight for most Gorean cities, indeed.

[12:12] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): As the girl were explaining things he just nodded along, doing the usual little pokes and prods to his outfit and varied belts. As she concluded the story he followed again with yet another nod, only this time his eyebrows raised slightly in the vision his mind-film created. “I see, well that’s interesting indeed. Such a wait even too, sort of pending death perhaps. Can’t imagine it myself.” Clearly no man would bide his time in a cage and be pleased over it, yet this clearly were no man. “Perhaps, well there.” He added, as some other men arrived to see over the girl. “You here for the intensive torturing?” A casual and yet coy greeting for the reds who happened by.

[12:15] Amethyst (zjinslet) a soft growl in her throat as she watches another man walk up. Her eyes harden a bit as she continues to run her nails over the soft skin on her thighs. Hearing his words as she shakes her head. Wondering where he expected her to go. Then looks back to the man who was having a pleasant conversation with her. “yes Master” She lowered her head as she saw more people show up. Keeping herself silent as there seemed to not be any words for her.

[12:16] Wimple Ethaniel: follows the guard over…ready to explain further what the slave was accused of…but leave it to the Guard, as he had the report, there was little more she could add, but she eyed the main talking to the beast with suspicion

[12:20] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) as she sank back to her knees, her eyes went to the girl in the cage. The slave was unknown to her, so in the end she really didn’t care if the beast was behind bars. Hearing the small growl, she rolled her pale eyes before shifting them to look at her Master and the man who was sitting and speaking with the girl. “Tal, Master” she said in a pleasant, softly accented voice that belied her exotic origin, and a warm smile curved on her crimson painted lips.

[12:24] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): Things were really starting to pop off around the log bench, he’d shuffle slightly to the side and give it a couple pats with his palm as if to invite the crowd to join him. It were surely not a real invitation but it made him smile all the same. “Yes yes, tal everyone.” His arm hoisted into the air to wave at whomever happened to notice. Even still the man were just waiting, a spectator of the city to enjoy whatever sort of event may unfold. The girls would get a wink or something of his attention, though mostly he were just pending a resolution to the cage-girl story.

[12:25] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen) happily flitted through the city as only a just fucked woman could do. which was to say with a slight limp, a backside covered in welts and smelling like she just got out of a bath. cause you know, totes couth. she was going to her usual spot when she noticed a crowd, but a crowd that had a safe space. meaning soren. and yasmin. she took the lift down, making it the delift, and fancied herself over towards the warrior and her buddy. she had just the one slave buddy. because dema mostly didn’t make friends with slaves. she greeted no one with words, she simply found her knees, sliding her arm through yasmin’s and letting her other hand lightly pat the top of soren’s foot by way of allo! mostly cause obv something was going on, and dema was nosey and wanted to see what it was.

[12:25] Georgette Jonson: ”Greetings Mistress”

[12:26] Arn Greybeard regarded the man sitting on the bench warily. Who tried to blend in and did his best to be pleasant, might have different thoughts. His eyes shifted between him and the red caste. Unfortunately he could not do much, except throwing a scroll maybe, or one of the wine bottles he carried with him.

[12:26] Soren Valerius (conciliar) nodded his head at the man at the pat of the seat. Moving over and sitting right next to him. Respecting personal bubble space, but not entirely. “I haven’t seen you around before, Sir. New to Svago?” His voice monotonic, but seemingly friendly enough. Looking towards the girl, “Is she for sale? Or putting on a show?” He too glanced around at everyone involved. “I daresay, a rather impressive turnout for one girl in a cage.” Seeing Dema joining, he waved her over too. “Apparently there’s a show.” Looking at the caged girl, he waited, with not quite bated breath. Digging his elbow into Artorious’ side gently, he leaned in and whispered, “Did I miss anything exciting yet? I hate coming into a story half way in.”

[12:31] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): Now that things of gab were about to begin he’d shuffle a little more over, giving way for slave bodies and the like. In some show of comradery his hand lifted to his chin, index finger uncurled to then stroke at the corner of his mouth. “Well.” Spoken like a free woman in a tea house. “This girl here is apparently accused as a spy, for whom we don’t know, but she’s waiting torture to confirm it.” The tone he used were one taken as if he had found the best way to hem a dress, spoken matter of factly all while enjoying some hint of amusement. “I am just visiting, Artorious Balehawk of Sais. We are pending a war with Jasmine and I got antsy while in wait, so figured I’d take up some country-side until things became exciting.” As he finished the thought he’d tuck a boot under the log, using it for leverage so he could lean back a little. “I had hoped maybe you were here to do something with the girl, now it seems we’ll all just… Wait?”

[12:33] Amethyst (zjinslet) had continued to kneel there quietly. Peering up as she looks around to those there. Seemed more and more were showing up. Wondering if this was a normal event here in this city. Blush had fallen over her fall over her face as they began to speak. She couldn’t help but giggle at the red caste who sat down on the bench. Quickly shushing herself as she kneels on the wood floor of the cage. She stays still other then her finger nails trailing over her thigh. Peering back to the man who wanted to hear a story from her. Wiggling her lips as it seemed no one knew what was going on. Peering over to the two who originally placed her in the cage. She lowers her eyes to her thighs once more.

[12:34] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) moved as he moved, because the leash…and settled once again as he settled, such was the life of a slave. While he conversed with the man on the bench, about the girl in the cage, her smile…this one utterly sincere…went to her beautiful blonde friend as she arrived. Softly so as not to disturb the men, she purred happily “Tal, Dema” as the slave sank down beside her and linked arms. For a moment she looked Dema head to, well knee, and then smirked “Don’t you look pleased.” she teased before leaning her shoulder against the glowing girl’s.

[12:37] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen) laughed hearing yasmin and leaned in, pressing her head against yasmin;s. she said, her words light, “i am pleased. mal is pleased. it all works out.” dema was not particularly a creature who walked around with her sex on her sleeve. likely because she so rarely wore sleeves, but her love for her owner was always evident in her voice. she pulled bak from y asmins head but kept her arm wrapped against the other slave’s as she listened to the conversation of soren and the man from sais who was going to be warring with jasmine soon. her brows raised slightly at this and the grin that had already been a smirk slid upwards still. as if she had eaten a canary. a delicious, delicious canary that likely had something to do with starting a little trouble. because that’s how dema’s rolled. she poked soren lightly in the back of the ankle before tilting slightly to the side to see the redhead in the cage. redheads! always pretty, always a little bad.

[12:37] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) As the girl left the docks she muttered lightly under her breath, more admonishment for her for letting the entire crate of larmas upend like it did, and scatter across the floor. It had taken a surprisingly longer time than anticipated to clean them all up. As she left the dock and entered the market, her gaze swept around, this prayer that her owner hadn’t run off deeper into the city. A small gathering of people drew her attention to it, and drawing even with them, she spotted him, there, upon the bench. Relief flooded her, and she made her way towards him, quiet as a mouse until she reached his side. The other girls kneeling set a sort of example, but she approached from his front, rather than his back. “Forgive me my Master, the cleanup took longer than expected” she’d whisper, breathlessly.

[12:38] Soren Valerius (conciliar) gave a slight chuckle at the man’s antics. Going so far as to mimic them slightly. Leaning back a tad and pretending to fan himself with an imaginary fan, “I daresay, a spy? Perish the thought.” A touch of flair added to the inflection of the last sentence. Leaning in, lowering his voice to a softer tone, “Don’t they kill spies? Impalement? Keel Hauling? Death by a thousand cuts?” Bringing the back of his hand to his forehead, in a dramatic pantomime of fainting for a moment. “Jasmine you say? War? Horrible business that. You know, we have a man from Jasmine that joined recently. Apparently, there are issues afoot within the castes of Jasmine. Not that we get too much details all the way out here in the country!” Again, another flair of dramatics. Looking back to the girl, not having seen her do much that was entertaining, he sighed, giving Art (can I call you Art?) another nudge in the ribs with his elbow, “We could poke her with sticks, or put another slave in there and shake the cage to see if they
[12:38] Soren Valerius (conciliar): fight.”

[12:38] Wimple Ethaniel glanced at her companion, knowing his views on the matter she decides then to offer her opinion..”l can think of no other reason for her and the slave that was with her to break into the library, picking locks as they did so other than they were sent here as spies, ” turning then to look at the seated man…”maybe from Sais, who is to say…all l know is, no normal slave would be able to pick locks, unless they had been taught and for some purpose”.

[12:42] Arn Greybeard fastened his eyes at the Stranger sitting on the bench “It would be interesting to know more about who and why and what.” He smiled a moment later towards the cage and at the slave inside “A beast would not decide such by her own,besides, who brought her here?”

[12:44] Amethyst (zjinslet) continued not to move as she listened to the words around her. Shivering at the thought of them deciding she was a spy. Tho she had no clue who she would be spying for. Shaking her head she just closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Hearing of a fight or being poked with a stick. Tho no words towards her she peers over to wimple for just a moment with a raised brow then returns her eyes to look at her thighs as she hears Arn talk.

[12:45] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): In the midst of his afternoon tea conversation, his late slave suddenly appeared and without anything of interest in her hands either. “Cleanup, aren’t there ship-slaves and such for those things?” His hand then unfolded out, fingers all splayed and he’d point to his palm. “Bring a drink, about this big.” Actually miming the outline of a mug he took interest in what the other warrior were doing, playing along the same tea-games. “Oh kings, war is such dirty business isn’t it. I’ve heard much of the inner-turmoil of Jasmine, it’s just no good, that Jasmine.” Following a nod his leg lifted, crossing one over the other. “We could get perhaps a few sticks, or have the girls drag the bench closer to the cage, thus we’d need just one stick.” The math were difficult to run through so he just waved off the very notion. “I’m sure she’s of more use serving boots than the cage. Someone ought to claim the beast.” Said slightly proclaimed, he settled back then as he had before, starting that forever-lasting nod they all
[12:45] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): did.

[12:45] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) chuckled lightly in return to Dema as she heard her friend’s answer against her ear. “Indeed it does” she said in reply, and as she said it her eyes found her Master, studying and enjoy the look of him for a brief moment so that the rest of the world fell away. Finally she looked away, to the girl in the cage and all the commotion around them in regard to that girl. It was interesting that she might be a spy, but a spy for who. The mention of war between Jasmin and Sais was interesting, but not all that surprising, there had been whispers on the wind for awhile that Jasmine had not been making friends among the other Gorean cities. Another girl arrived, apparently owned by the one that was conversing with her own Master, and she offered her a gentle welcoming smile. She looked up again just in time to catch her Master’s dramatics and laughed softly. Sliding Dema a side look about the whole thing, and then laughed again.

[12:49] Soren Valerius (conciliar) gave a point at Berry, much like Forest Gump on a bench would, after a moment, or two, he finally said, “That’s a pretty girl you have there.” The inflection wasn’t quite Forest Gump-ish, but the Tea Games, as they were, were continuing. At the suggestion of moving the bench, he actually half stood and gave the bench a slight tug, then sat back down. “It wouldn’t take much to move it, but honestly, the sun is JUST PERFECT right here, isn’t it?” Once more, the imaginary fan being fanned. Reaching into a pouch, he pulled out a couple chocolates. A gift from the new chocolate maker person thing. “Would you like a chocolate?” He asked Art. “Many would say that life is like a chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.” Pulling one out, he inspected it, then tossed it into the cage. Leaning into tell Art, “Fruit filling. That just won’t do.” Heaving a sigh, he eventually called out to the girl in the cage, “Let’s get the show started girl, do something!” Stomping his feet a bit in a ‘start the show!’
[12:49] Soren Valerius (conciliar): way.

[12:50] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): seeing Alex she hurried over ” Alex! Please come up to the high caste area ..there is an ,…incident ”

[12:50] Wimple Ethaniel: glares at the man from Sais, he clearly did not realise what exactly the slave in the cage had done…so explains as clearly as she can…”who ever claims the slave will be arrested as a spy as well, they obviously trained the slave in lock picking, and sent her here, how else could she have got here…” sniffs then, her attention drawn to the guard that stood up, quietens then, just observing

[12:51] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) had started toward the lift seeing the crowd. Opens his mouth to say something just as Leona had come, “Another? Something in the damn water I swear…” He moved closer, waving a hand, “Show me.”

[12:52] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen) smiled at yasmin. she liked the way the other slave looked at her owner. because it reminded dema of how she looked at mal. and that yasmin only looked at soren that way and not at mal was awesome. mostly because while dema wasn’t actually the jelly sort, she rather preferred mal’s attention on her. she was greedy. not jealous. it was an entirely different beast. such thoughts made her think briefly of a free woman whom she quite liked, that mal liked too and her cheeks pinkened though once she through up some sort of prayer to not jinx the whole thing. so into her own brain was she that she mostly ended up kneeling there, just looking pretty and sort of ignoring the whole possible slave spy thing. which was a shame, because really alex was the peson to fix it. considering he was the magistrate and could torture slaves for their testimony. back to tea and chocolate then, she thought, smoothing the white fabric over her pale thighs as she knelt their prettily.

[12:52] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) A sheepish little grin pressed to her lips “of course it is my Master.” The man, Soren’s comment drew her gaze to him, and she’d give this deeper sort of pleased smile to him, as she rose to her feet to seek out a drink for her owner. Since she had observed a kitchen in the building presently closest, she made her way towards there.

[12:54] Upper city Sim bell: ▶ Estereya Bernard (estereya)
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪
GUARD!! ** A Guard is needed in the Upper city ***Warriors/Defenders*** a Guard is needed in the upper city***
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪

[12:55] Soren Valerius (conciliar) sighs, patting Art on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Sir.”

[12:55] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): With the shadow of a nearby tree slightly beyond them, all he could find were the warm basking of the heat. To which he clearly agreed and would smile at the man and his gift of chocolates. “Why bother to craft chocolate only to stuff fruit in there? Is that common?” Since the notion of food were now around them and the thoughts of treacherous slaves becoming out of mind, he found himself focused on the food aspect. “Anyway, seems to be making light of spy-work. I suppose a city has to have something of interest to spy about. Is there a pending war, or some interesting magistrate work… Afoot?” He wasn’t sure he used the term correctly but it fit in there, so he smiled feeling accomplished. “A slave could do well for herself to hold some fabric above us, a sheer-cloth of sorts. Just then his friend were called away, so he were left with slaves and the lady Wimple. “Picking locks you say? Why’s she in the cage then, why not whip her and get her back to serving?”

[12:56] Arn Greybeard hears the bell “Shall we go have a look .. Darling?”
[12:56] Arn Greybeard grinned at wimple

[12:57] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): …Muttered, “Now I feel as though we’re missing something important, elsewhere.”

[12:57] Amethyst (zjinslet) her head perked up when she heard of chocolate. Looking to the man the around for a moment she watched the peice land in the bottom of the cage “What would you have me do Master?” wiggles her lips. “im not very good at dancing, i do not have an instrument in here to be able to play, I could talk and tell stories if you wish. Tho you would probably not be pleased with my singing.” she gives a nod as she looks to the man as he walks off. Then looks to art as her ice blue eyes watch him for a moment. her fingers move from off her lap and take the chocolate from the floor of the cage. Sighing softly as she gives him a smile. Plopping the chocolate into her mouth.

[12:57] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) heard the click of the leash being unclipped and looked up from her own thoughts in time to watch her Master stride off. Looking at Dema, she wondered what was going on in the upper city. Softly she asked her friend, because she wasn’t used to being left behind “Should we follow?” she hated missing things as much as she hated being away from her Master.

[12:58] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen) tilted her head to the side slightly and shrugged her shoulders upwards, “mght as well. it’s not like the slave is going to be tortured without the magistrate here anyway.” and just like that, she hopped up, waited for yasmin and would wander off to the upper city with her. cause, nosey.

[12:59] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): Waving to the two at the bench, his head twisted about to see them. “Don’t wait to serve me, if you rush off now you can tell me what I missed.”

**Occurs after Yasmin and Dema arrive in the upper city**

[13:00] Lαdу Dσмiησ Wιηѕтση (domino.morales) hearing the bell and gives a thankful nod to Lady Estereya .. she than steps a bit aside .. knowing that the men will sort this out .. at least her common sense tells her …” well i do hope thi swil be sort out soon as i have an appointment with this woman ..” she points to Lady Sciavo .. ” Lady Nikki informed me about her coming .. but it seems this Warrior has his own ideas with her .. ” she informs Alexander

[13:00] Soren Valerius (conciliar) looked between Kain and Bubi, giving a shrug and mostly waiting to hear Kain’s side. But to Est, “If she stripped and kneeled, the codes are clear.”

[13:00] Brandy (phedre29) shifts awkwardly trying to hide the fact that she was angry, staring at Bubi with an expression that would speak loudly that she was angry at the woman for lying.

[13:03] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) leans on his sword thinking he was going to be here a while, he wa wishing he had brought Sara’s tea with him

[13:06] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): “not only that, brothers. But she wear a token of slavery. And have a child from no companion. Both are subject to enslavement. I offered to her, to preserve her usefulness as a Physician and judge by myself about her virtue, and to offer to her child to have a chance to stand freely and not being enslaved by it birth, to take her as my companion by my own conditions. Which stipulated than she could be enslaved as it pleased me, when it pleased me… What is still conform to our codes, as it is nothing than a collar made from paper and ink. I prove my too great gentleness. And have been naive to trust into her words, as I consider commonly physicians as worthy of being trusted. She ran when she was into my custody. And now she returned here, having plotting some nonsense to avoid her own engagement and words given.” he realized suddenly, Brandy… Just can’t talk… “Brandy, you’re allowed to speak. Say what happened into my house.” and turning his gaze, seen Amai. “Amai, same for you, you were witnessing.
[13:06] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): By the way, you’re knowing why this woman came.”

[13:07] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) cocks his head as he listens to those around him, pulling out his tablet to record. “She stripped… and knelt?” He moved closer to Kain and the woman he didn’t know, crossing his arms, looking at the slave girls

[13:08] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): “Knelt as a pleasure slave, indeed.”

[13:09] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): ” Last I remember, slaves where not permitted to be pregnant in Svago so i would say the point is mute ”

[13:09] Soren Valerius (conciliar) gave a bit of a shrug, holding a hand up for all in greeting, and now departure, “Sounds like a matter between the couple and the High Magistrate.” Waving his hands as if herding sheep. “Go about your business citizens. You can read about the results in the paper.” Nodding to Beo and Kain, “Brothers. Honor and Steel.” Turning, he headed back to deal with the potential slave-spy.

[13:09] Brandy (phedre29) is overwhelmed with relief as her master gives her permission to speak, she looks to Bubi before turning her attention to the magistrate, “Master, she did indeed kneel before my master as he says, naked in his house.”

[13:09] Lαdу Dσмiησ Wιηѕтση (domino.morales) mutters something about .. ” if slaves become witness without feeling the whip ..

**Departs from the upper city by lift, and returns to the man from Sais and the girl in the cage**

[13:10] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) The kiss to her head pressed her eyes closed, sending this feeling tingling through her veins, tightening around her heart, and drawing a smile to her lips. “Five coppers” she’d say, looking up at him. They discussed the slave in the cage, and she looked behind her at the slave, giving her this assessing sort of look before looking away. The girls fate was one she reaped, as was the way of Gor.

[13:10] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) rolled her lips downwards, folding her arms loosely. “Was your baggage already sent to our home? Try to stay away from these ‘incidents’ until you’re better acquainted with the people here. Come, I’ll show you the lower city though unless you wish to rest.” She’d offer, turning to start it unless she intended on leaving.

[13:11] Soren Valerius (conciliar) headed back over to the bench, heaving another sigh. Looking between Art and the cage girl, hoping something was happening by now. Leaning in, he whispered to Art again, “Anything?”

[13:12] Amethyst (zjinslet) hearing him talk to the lady and shakes her head. Then looks to art once more and sighs. She was grateful to him tho she didn’t understand why he kept trying. Looking to the red that returned. She tilted her head to him “Welcome back Master” she says “i had meant to ask before you left what would you have me do? There isnt much from a cage i could do that would be pleasing.”

[13:13] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): “I’m sure there’s some form of plan for her, lady.” At the word of his slave and the price of ale he glanced to the mug. “Five copper for a single ale… It’s good but…” Now considering the price of things, suppose that’s island living at its finest. “Ah, brother you’re back again. I trust your duties weren’t in vane hmm?” The mug then sort of motioned at the cage. “Just that the girl here were found behind a lockpicked door I suppose. The plot, she thickens like delicious slave-thighs.” Taking his time to enjoy Berry his hand just tangled in her hair. “Better than sitting about though, at least you’ve got a girl in a cage. We are lacking on the caged girls back at home.”

[13:14] Wimple Ethaniel found it quite amusing how the slave attempted to appear pleasing, but Wimple had made clear what she had done….

[13:14] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen) thought that was kailla shit. there was tons of stuff dema could think to do from a cage that would be pleasing. and some of them, she could even do in front of wimple. mind you, some of them she definitely couldn’t but this was neither here nor there. she leaned against the bench some and clued back into the conversation about a spayslave that had thus far not gone anywhere. dema opened her mouth to speak, because she was curious of things like wars between jasmine and sais but again she held her tongue.

[13:16] Mila Eoch (milaeoch) nodded her head up and down though she really had no idea if her baggage had made it to the house. “The captain said he would hangle it.” She looked at all the people and it was overwhelming. She had until now spent most of her life at the university, seeing the same people day in, day out. It was exciting but she was exhausted “would you mind if I rested a bit, then we could have dinner after?”

[13:17] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) nodded slowly, “Have to make sure everything got home anyways, I’ll check on that. Lets head over to your grandparent’s, you can rest at their home.”

[13:17] Soren Valerius (conciliar) waved a hand at the cage-girl in response to her greeting, “Why are you asking me, girl? Isn’t this your show? Or is it improv night?” He gave Art a look and rolled his eyes, “Performers these days.” Overhearing the price of the ale, and giving Berry a wink, he added, “We do have to import most things, so no wonder the price is higher than one may be used to, brother. As for being in vain, you know how things can be. Even if Sais lacks caged girls, there are always those free that would be more beneficial being in a cage.” Hearing more of the conversation, he gave a very good mock incredulous look at cage-girl, “YOU picked locks? YOU? Really? Why?” Once more, the imaginary fan was out as he remarked, “Apparently, it’s a story.” Looking up at cage-girl with interest to hear the reasoning for locks and picks. He could sense Yasmin and Dema behind him. One hot and wet, the other, well, hot and wet too probably, but also eager to speak up.

[13:19] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) glanced at the cage girl again, and shook her head, with a little imagination and the right attitude there was lots of entertaining things that could be done from the cage. Why she could swing from the bars like an excited little jit, that would certainly be amusing. Smirking to herself as she thought about it, she set a hand on the bench between the two men, though touching her Master only and in no way close enough to accidentally brush the other man. Her other hand went to rest on Dema’s warm thigh. She was a tactile creature and she liked to be touching, but only those she cared about….which pretty much left out everyone but her Master and Dema. Lifting her eyes as she heard more dramatics, she laughed softly.

[13:22] Amethyst (zjinslet) continues kneeling there as she waited for an answer. Being pleasing to the man was better then being poked by a stick from the man. Calmly breathing as she kneels there keeping her temper under control. Smiling to him “i am not sure Master, i was thrown in here and told to wait to be tortured… or killed maybe.. Im not sure i didnt realize i was a performer. I did not know i had that skill Master. Can i have a pick to try?” she tilts her head to him. After all the time in this cage one would think she would have picked out by now.

[13:24] Soren Valerius (conciliar) was pondering that very same thing; regarding picking her way out. But, that was neither here nor there. Art seemingly lost in his drink for a moment, Soren covered for his main bro. “It’s amazing what we learn about ourselves, isn’t girl? Especially with time for reflection. So tell me, during your time in that cage, what have you reflected on?” Perhaps a very philosophical question, if one took it such. Or perhaps a basic one word answer if not. In either case, he gave Yasmin’s hand a pet because why not, and went back to looking at cage-girl. “And here’s a question. Would you rather be killed or tortured?”

[13:25] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) Catching the wink, the corners of her lips turned up in an amused smile, her eyes crinkling a bit. The hand in her hair gave this warm pleasure, punctured by the occasional pinch where his fingers caught a knot. She lifted her hand up, and laid it upon his muscled thigh, feeling it through the fabric of his trousers. A light massage was given, slow, gentle squeezing motions that slid closer to his body. A suggestion to help the girl in the cage was on the tip of her tongue, but she swallowed the urge, since it was not her place.

[13:26] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen): was going to say super important things. things that the whole world would be bowled over by. the answer to all those really important questions. like she had been a machine built and working for millions of years. but instead, she lifted up and moved away. she could feel mal awake and moving again. and if the man was awake and moving, she wanted to be with him. cause you know…. luff.

[13:27] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) slanted a glance toward the goings on then realized she hadn’t eaten all day and quickly departed, Leaving them to their entertainment.

[13:30] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): Broken out of the gaze of ale, he just sort of barked out. “Lock picking slaves!” Then paused, blinking and eying over the mug. “I think in transport it must ferment or something.” Blaming the ale for becoming rather potent, he followed up with the usual nod. Berry had made herself at home but wasn’t pressing buttons in the view of the women, thus no corrections were handed to her. Just the salute he gave Soren for holding down the fort. “Seems to me, she’d just beg for a collar. Then one would be forced to either take her, or kill her. As such maybe she’d risk not dying? Then again women are quick to rid these slaves… Odd as that is, for if there aren’t any slaves whom will be serving drinks?” The man winked toward Wimple and sort of did one of those have tilts of the head, as if questioning her for just who would serve if we killed all the hoes.

[13:31] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) felt slightly abandoned as she Dema rose to her feet, her Mal sense apparently tingling, and walked off. Glancing down at the leash, she wondered briefly if there was enough slack to move around the log and settle in a better position to touch her Master. Pushing to her feet, she gave it a try, either she would semi-strangle herself in the attempt and fail…or she would semi-strangle herself and succeed.

[13:31] Amethyst (zjinslet) wiggles her lips and sways back and forth. She listened to him as tilted her head “i learned to tell free what they wanna hear and not the truth, not to speak out of turn. Is that the correct answer Master?” she tilts her head. “obviously the free want to hear what they assume.” shrugging “do i get to live at the end of torturing? Am i going to be asked questions and if you dont like the answer going to kill me anyways? If im going to die at the end of it then i rather just be killed Master”

[13:33] Wimple Ethaniel paid no never mind to the mans views, she was doing what was right for the port, and if the man was persuaded by a few pretty words from a slave, his opinion meant nothing to her she stood their proudly behind her words, still half convinced they were both in this spying plot, and voices this by saying….”you are quick to defend a slave that you know nothing about sir…”

[13:34] Soren Valerius (conciliar) nodded at Art’s words, “One would assume. Unless she’s owned. Although, it sounds as if none have claimed her. So, perhaps she isn’t owned?” Giving a shrug, he stood up, having seen Yasmin’s attempts to murder herself with the leash. Letting the girl move around, since physics sucked and Newton was the biggest prick around because of that, “Who would, indeed, serve the drinks?” He asked rhetorically. Stretching somewhat dramatically, he moved over to the cage, wrapping one hand around one of the bars on the cage. “I’m not sure how it would go, girl, but that’s an honest answer I suppose. Who does own you? If anyone?” Looking back to Art, “If no one, do you want her? You and I go far enough back, that I don’t mind helping you out with this.” At Wimple’s words, he gave a bit of a shrug, “But Lady, obviously this girl here is innocent. Were she able to pick locks, she’d not be in the cage!” And with that, he pulled on the door of the cage, planning on rattling it around to show the girl was locked safe and
[13:34] Soren Valerius (conciliar): sound. When the cage door opened without any resistance, he gave a low whistle, “Well, would you look at that.”
[13:36] Angel (keisha.bachman): walks off the lift and tries to sneak back unnoticed and about runs right smack into her owner….she wraps around her Masters leg and presses her chest against his leg and places a kiss on it as she softly greets…”greetings my Master

[13:37] xxxx (xxxxx) arrives in the lower city, meets a crowd right at the cage, kneels and greets ‘greetings Masters’ followed by a ‘greetings Mistresses’ and ‘greetings kajirae’

[13:38] Wimple Ethaniel: just stood there then, not at all surprised when the cage door opened so easily….scoffs as she says…”her lock picking skills are obvious….yes she dares to deny it…what more proof do you need, if you will not take Arn’s and my word for it”

[13:39] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) coming from the bank when he noticed the crowd gathering around what…..a slave girl in a cage” he slowly cants his head wondering what was going on and his curiosity was even more peaked at the Lady Wimple’s words. ” Tal all Free….tall girls…” then he felt something small, lush and soft smack right into him. He gazed down as he watched his girl wrap herself around his leg with greeted him.” Tal mine…she who likes ta walk into things” he snickers at jess then looks back up and around…his amber gaze rather focused yet curious

[13:40] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): Clearly they had gone back quite a ways and as such he settled all casually in his seat there. “Well of course, though I can’t say I particularly want a slave. Though, I mean free is free.” Despite whatever possessions he may have had, one didn’t just say no to free things. Glancing to his actual slave and to the girl in the cage he’d compare the two, contemplating a trade maybe. “Look at that… It just opened.” Scratching at his head to try and figure out just how these things come to be. “That IS something, ain’t that something, that’s something.” he carried on, giving Wimple another little nod and sipping to his ale. The whole event though truly amused him so he wasn’t rushing off the bench anytime soon to tip the train off these rails.

[13:41] Amethyst (zjinslet) gulps as she watches the man move up to the cage. She slinks back a bit hoping he doesn’t try to kill her. A tear forms in her eye as her heart races. “Master Dieter said im still property of the kennels of Brundisuim, tho i thought i got sold Master.” she answers truthfully. Her eyes widened as the door opened. She was just as shocked by it as anyone else. Wondering why in the world she stayed in the cage all this time if the door wasn’t locked. She looked around bewildered tho now she had herself in the back corner. “i didnt do that, i swear i didnt.” now the tear rolls down her cheek shaking her head.

[13:41] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) was able to move as he moved, because that was usually how this sort of thing worked, and so for the most part she was practically dragged over the log. Doing a little hop, skip, and jump, she made it over and sank to her knees again, practically plopping down right on her Master’s boot. Looking between all the free that were speak, she frowned a bit but offered no words, though she had many.

[13:42] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Intrigued by the rather large crowd as she heads off the lift and glances towards the stocks trying to see what was causing all the commotion. seeing her friend Wimple and knowing much gossip passed between the two of them she steps closer moving around the on lookers “Tal Free” she greets and leans to Wimple “what is happening, another magistrate punishment?” her voice low as she looked on

[13:43] Arn Greybeard laughed from the background “Suddenly the slave is own. Little Liar. I bet when she is tortured she will change her mind again and speak the whole truth because till yesterday she wasn’t owned by anyone.You wonder whom she tries to cover:”
[13:43] Arn Greybeard: owned*

[13:44] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) A sort of grin flashed across her lips, too quick to really register it happened, hearing both the girl in the cage’s words, and the warrior’s. The girl spoke honestly, truth that could get her killed where she knelt, but in a small way, Berry admired her bravery. The hand she massaged Art’s thigh with kept PG-13 at most, innocent massages that didn’t wander too far, or too lewd where it could be viewed and objected by the Free Woman. The hand slid to the typically more sensitive flesh of the inner thigh, lingering closer to the knee than the groin, rolling her thumb in a smoothing sort of motion, as she listened to the talk around her. She shifted her body on the stones, relieving the pressure that the ground dug into her knees, to get more comfortable
[13:44] Arn Greybeard looked at nikki “That is merely a slave, a Magistrate would hardly tend to animals.”

[13:44] Wimple Ethaniel: sniffs just saying simply…”and l saw you locked that cage Arn when you put her in there, another lie…”

[13:44] Angel (keisha.bachman): Just sometimes my Master but you are soft and cuddly enough i do not mind walking into you, but i was still in thought about what was going on up top when I stepped off the lift. I dropped some scrolls off for the Mistress scribe cause well she does not like to not be busy” leans in and softly places a kiss on his thigh

[13:45] Wimple Ethaniel: turns to the Nikki and smiles..saying calmly and quietly .”tal lady, just one of those troublesome slaves from yesterday, who appears to be stopping at nothing to lie her way out of her deserved punishment..”

[13:45] Soren Valerius (conciliar) tried the door a few more times, ensuring it wasn’t simply a mistake. Turning, as if putting on a show himself, Soren, the Vanna White of the Cage opened it and closed it, his hand, holding the leash as it were, gesturing at the door. Yasmin would be tugged each time he moved his hand as if showing off the newest Gorean washing tub. “Now now, I wonder how that happened? Perhaps one of our warriors simply forgot to lock the cage.” Looking at the cage-girl, “And surely, you never rattled the bars? Truly, a mystery.” Hearing the girl was owned, but sold, and still sorta owned, but probably not really, he looked at the gathering, still in Vanna mode, “It seems to me, that perhaps we simply put this girl back on the ship to Brundisuim? Let them sort out her final destination.” Overhearing Wimple speaking to Arn, Soren pipes up, “Ah ha! So it wasn’t a warrior that forgot, it was our very own Sir Arn, is that right, cage-girl?” He called her cage-girl for reals this time. “What an extreme oversight!” Shaking
[13:45] Soren Valerius (conciliar): his head dramatically. “Come here cage-girl.” Holding his hand out to snatch the girl, either her collar or her hair, or hell, even an ankle should she take off.

[13:49] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) slowly grins as he hears her words yet his gaze was still focused on the girl in the cage…” Soft is a word dat usually dinna describe meh mine…but me thinks ya already know dat.” he grins then looks at wimple..” Lady if I may asked…..just whot is eet dis one..” he motions to the girl in the cage..” has done? and if she be owned…has dar been any attempt ta contact her owner….if she has one? ” He made sure that last statement was clear as if the girl was unowned…he got work to do yet directed his gaze back to wimple as she seems to be the only one with answers at the moment

[13:49] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Frowns a bit as she watches the scene unfold “is that the one from the library? she should get whipped just to remind her of her place” Nikki has no idea what is going on and really could care less about a slave girl “I wish you well, but there are far more interesting things to see..anything…” she mumbles as she turns towards the lower infirmary

[13:50] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): Suddenly drawn to the cage, it were as if someone just put a tag on the thing and for him, the price were right. Staring off at the metal and forged bars he began some appreciation for it, despite the rather loose duty of the lock. “Slave owned by Brundi, sent here to uncover the secrets of the library. It has all the makings of a late night, fire-lit, tales-night. I heard something like that were coming here soon.” As before he hoisted the mug in salute of the cage, especially since he were now considering just how much one might cost for his own city-hosting events. “Berry, we’ve been to Brundi haven’t we?” As she were the bookkeeper among other things, he’d leave it to his slave to figure out where they’d been. “It all seems interesting though brother. if anything the girl serves as something to do. I can’t imagine that war started yet either.” It were just poking anyway, as everyone knew by now the forces of Jasmine had split off elsewhere.

[13:52] Arn Greybeard simply said, to answer Jakes question “She’s a lockpicking spie Sir. You do not send such just back to who owns her and who is probably the enemy, just waiting to slit your throath and to get your Woman and stock.”

[13:53] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) huffed a bit to be moving constantly, but that was nothing new and so she adjusted as she needed too, making sure each time not to get in the way of what he was doing. She was tempted to suggest that perhaps the cage door was at fault, after all there had been another slave that escaped out of this cage not that long ago. The girl’s pleadings reached her ears, and she looked to see that sweet little tear rolling down the slave’s face. Either she was really good at acting, or telling the truth, though it was not her place to decide that, it was up to people who weren’t on their knees. She would be curious to find out exactly which one it was. Tipped her head back a little to look at the helmet shadowed face, her eyes seemed to inquire if he meant to torture the slave or if he was just playing games with the cage beast. The riot of voices around her seemed to be divided, and it seemed that scribes were rather blood thirsty today.

[13:53] Amethyst (zjinslet) her eyes still wide as she looks at the open cage “No Master, i never touched it. I stayed right here.” she pleaded as she bites her lip. Looking over at the two to the side and sighs softly. “i found out yesterday when Master Dieter saw me here in the cage.” she moves over to the edge of the cage where his hand was. She didnt make a move to flee or anything. Just knelt there raising her chin as to let him grab her collar if he wished. Peering around to those there. Still shaking a bit and closing her eyes hoping he doesnt take her up on the killing her she really didnt want to die

[13:54] Wimple Ethaniel: sighs…”she lies”

[14:00] Soren Valerius (conciliar) did, in fact, hook a hand around the girl’s collar. Pulling her out. Inspecting her, one brow raised, he even spun her around a bit like a caught fish. “I’m not sure if you want this one, brother. I mean, if you want her, you can have her.” Holding her over a bit closer for Art to see. “Perhaps you could take her to Jasmine as a peace offering? Droth may take a liking to her.” Giving a shrug, then looking at all gathered. “Sir Arn, I must question your ability to sleep at night. Surely, a man with such limited abilities as to lock a cage, would surely forget to breath at night. Perhaps a visit to the greens?” He gave the man a wink, it was always hard to tell if Soren was being sarcastic or not. “And you, you poor kajira. Being subjected to the horrors of locked doors. I’ll tell you what. You can submit to my long time brother there, or I can kill you. Yes, that’s right. No torture!” He said this with the voice inflection of jazz hands. “Come now, Lady Wimple. Surely you know, we’d never trust the word
[14:00] Soren Valerius (conciliar): of a free over a slave, now would we? Perish the thought!” Giving cage-girl a bit of a shake, “So which is it?”

[14:02] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) In her mind, she ran over the varied locations they had visited in their travels, and gave a slow nod “I believe so my Master. I’d have to look at the journal.” She frowned and ran a finger over her lips thinking. They’d done a lot of traveling over the past few months. The girl in the cage proclaiming her innocence, the sorrow in her voice prominent enough that she’d not have to turn around to see it. The warrior seemed to have a knack for theatrics, amusing the crowd by his wit of tongue alone, although Berry had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t hold up well with the woman proclaiming the girl was a spy and a liar. She looked at her owner to see his thoughts on his face, regarding the situation, most particularly of giving the girl to Jasmine, or buying her himself, or some other thing like that.

[14:03] Wimple Ethaniel had to grin the under her veil, Soren was well known for his wit and sarcasm and he was in full flow now…turns to smile at Arn, feeling sure he would be grinning too…

[14:04] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): On the first words he almost lost his ale, his mind instantly creating a few jokes about Droth and the sputtering and motion to keep the ale inwards then followed. “Ooo he’s not into flesh like that, they don’t call him the father of tharlarions for nothing.” That really spoke for itself, while he sort of motioned to the slave. “Submit to me will you there girl? You’ll have an early bedtime, something to consider.” as if that were bad enough to die over, yet he didn’t really seem overly pushed off from suddenly owning some new slave either. “That’s a kind gesture, the gift of a girl. Ain’t that nice, Berry?” Asking her while passing her the mostly empty mug now. “A free slave means free drinks, and I do like coin.” That’s all he had to say really, having never been volun-told a slave to go submit to him, he found the whole thing rather amusing.

[14:05] Arn Greybeard frowned at Soren “The cage snapped close, there is no visible lock, so i thought it is alright. Maybe hang some chains to the bars.”
[14:07] Arn Greybeard had missed the sarcasm totally as he was just a stiff scribe.

[14:07] Amethyst (zjinslet) feels his finger hook around her collar. She closes her eyes. Feeling herself pulled from the cage. She could feel his eyes looking over her. Her heart continues to race as she trembles standing there. Feeling herself being moved around as she tries to move again to her knees. Feeling him holding her the cool stones under her feet as she listens to her options. looking to art for a moment. Feeling the shake as he asks what would she rather. Sighing softly knowing she would rather live then be killed. “Ill Submit Master” knowing there was no other option. Looking around to see if there was anyother way out of this.

[14:07] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) looked at Arn, his words causing both his brows to raise up surprised then nods while slowly whistling then chuckles at the rather ironic answer considering he had no idea what the girl was being held for until he answered by the man in the Lady’s stead..”Aye…i would assume not” he replied then looks to the girl in the cage again. ” Hmm…a spy….I assume she will be questioned…or is all dis just some side show like in da carnival?” he asked with a slight look on his face hinting that he has other skills at the ready..” Othawise….i kin ta be willing ta question dis girl and find out whot she knows.” he chuckle at both Soren and Art’s words so leans back on one booted heel and watches the scene unfold before him.

[14:08] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): saying nothing , she had seen enough today , but she was curious , watching everyone interest in said slave

[14:10] Soren Valerius (conciliar) gave a rather odd look at Arn’s words. “Indeed?” Moving closer to the cage, he looked dramatically, “Perhaps chains indeed, Sir!” Turning back to Art, cage-girl now hook-girl, he gave her a nonchalant toss to the stones at the man’s feet. “Then get to it, and keep in mind, early bedtime aside, the man still has to accept you. I suggest you beg to be his in the most pretty of ways, lest my brother decide you’re not worth the time.” Working his head into a circle, stretching the tendons and muscles, he looked down at Yasmin, “Should we put you in the cage next? Perhaps you and that one,” pointing at Berry, “Could put a show on for us?” Giving the girl a wink, then looking around at the gathering. “Perhaps admission would be required?”

[14:10] Wimple Ethaniel sniffs as she recalled the sight of the two slaves in her most precious library, a crime deserving only one punishment, and cannot hold back as she calls out…”just kill the offending beast, she deserves nothing less…”
[14:11] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): grinning she looked to Wimple , always practical

[14:12] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) did her best to not smile too much at her Master’s biting sarcasm and wit, especially when he was being this dramatic. That might encourage him, and the crowd was doing well enough in that without her help. Bowing her head to let the mane of black hair veil her face, she finally did smile and laugh. She knew the girl was afraid, but she’d clearly choose the option that kept her pretty hide intact, and so she did not a few moments later. Though it was hard to tell if the man would take her or if this was just one big jest with a different purpose. Regardless, it was amusing. Getting control of herself, she ran her hands through her hair as she lifted her head, pushing the silky strands away from her face and pulling them in a glorious waterfall over one painted shoulder. Hearing him direct his words down at her, she looked up with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “Of course, my Master! That sounds like a good idea…shall I run home and grab the puppets first?” she asked, all cheery and eager, but
[14:12] Yasmin (annabella.christensen): in a tone he would know all too well was not serious in the least.

[14:13] Arn Greybeard said to Wimple, as he moved closer to her “I wonder if the Praetor would have decided different”

[14:13] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): “An imported slave, all the way from Sais!” Said with a slight chuckle. “If an ale is five copper, imagine how much imported slave tanglings would bring.” The man continued to smile at his brothers thoughts of some afternoon amusement. “And indeed you shall beg well there girl. Aside from my afternoon humor, that’s for my brother. You on the other hand… Have no idea what sort of man I am. Perhaps I tend verr, shovel bosk shit… I could be Ubar for all you know. Best consider those words.” Soon as he finished the man just eyed the slave very intensely, truly waiting for something good to be said.

[14:16] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) A small sound in the back of her throat, clearly a sort of stifled laughter sounded from her, but she’d give a serious sort of nod, clearing her throat “yes my Master, very nice.” She’d glance over at the girl in question, who might actually become a slave owned by Art, giving her this even more thorough assessment with her eyes. Sorens words pressed a grin to her lips as she said “if so commanded Master, I would be pleased to put on a show.” The tone there might be slightly eager, as the girl had recently discovered she liked dancing, and wished to stretch her skills. Her owners words carried a hint of mystery to the girl wishing to submit, and she’d echo it with a mask of her own, neither confirming or denying just what kind of man owned her. If the girl were to look at her, she’d see unmarred flesh, which would be the only hint given that, at least for now, she appeared to not be abused… though a trip in a small ship for a few days could heal any sort of ‘damage’, so one didn’t really know for
[14:16] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet): sure.

[14:18] Keowa Frenn (cheiienne) wanders down from her nap and pauses. She had prepared to speak but laughs as Vulhal dashes off, “Seems to be what folk do here,” smiling, “Tal Lady.”

[14:19] Wimple Ethaniel shrugs then as she heard her companion…”that we will never know now Arn…” but we should be going, l do need to attend to something else, will you come with me” glanced then, really wanted to see some conclusion to the locking picking slave, but it seems her fate was still being decided

[14:20] Amethyst (zjinslet) gulps as she looks around once again. Wishing she could see any other option. Moving to her knees in front of art. She curls her knees under her and spreads her thighs. Tears still falling from her face. Tho she wasn’t sure if she should be happy about this or not. Tho she wasn’t getting killed so that is a good thing. She lowers her head as she raises her arms above her head and together. Closing her eyes unbelieving the words shes about to say as she takes a deep breath. Collecting the words. “Master i am far from the perfect slave. I submit to you with hopes that you will take me as your slave to serve you. Would you please privilege me to be in your collar?” Gulping as her lip quivers a bit.

[14:20] Arn Greybeard: “i should go and rest and also check the lock of the house before i sleep.” He watched the going on for a moment longer before he said “Let’s go. If she is isnt seen anymore, she is gone … this or that way.”

[14:21] Keowa Frenn (cheiienne) “I wish you well, did not mean to disturb,” ducks out the door with a little wave.

[14:21] Wimple Ethaniel: smiles over at Leona as she takes off after her companion

[14:21] Soren Valerius (conciliar) applauded. Loud enough to be heard, but not so much to be obnoxious. He did, let the clapping linger for perhaps a bit too long. Reaching over, he clasped Art on the shoulder, “I knew we’d get a show today, brother!” Taking a step back, he waited, again with not quite bated breath, for the conclusion. The finale, as it were. Leaning down to Yasmin, he commented to her in a soft voice, “Now comes the fun part. He’ll either keep her, or kill her. Per the codes. There’s still plenty more to go on with the show.”

[14:25] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): To honor the traditions they all held dear, he paused in the random fun and let the girl have a moment. His hand just placed to Berry’s head with a few little taps as the gears were turning. “So that’s your submission then? Tears and the confession you are far from perfect. Hardly a sale…” An actual frown pressed the corners of his mouth, that hand on Berry’s head now taking a handful of hair. “Ooo what to do. Burden myself with the death of a slave, loss of life is never pleasant. Or.. Well who am I kidding. The kennels will give me ‘something’ for the beast.” After this he just removed his hand from Berry and thus leaned to touch the slaves cheek. “I will take you slave, but don’t you call me ‘My’ Master. You may keep quiet until I figure out what I feel like doing with you.” With that now done he released his hand and just pointed down so she’d stay there. “Well this were a profitable trip… Say there brother, the ale seems to be kicking in rather deep. Must’ve forgotten your name…”

[14:25] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) looked up as he came close, feeling his breath on her skin caused a shiver to work it’s way down her spine. Looking back to the girl begging for a collar, she waited with to see if the cage girl would be accepted or slain. Replying to her Master’s words “We’re just waiting for the grand finale then, my Master?” she smirked as she said it, leaning back into the warmth of him as she did.

[14:29] Soren Valerius (conciliar) nudged Yasmin when the submission was accepted, “And there, my kajira, is the finale.” Chuckling a bit as he nodded towards Art, “Congratulations on your new property, brother. Be careful though, apparently she picks locks.” This last said somewhat conspiratorially. “I am Soren. A simple man or simple means. I own a perfume shop.” Thankfully, the man himself didn’t reek of the scents of a thousand soaps and perfumes. In fact, he smelled quite manly.

[14:30] Amethyst (zjinslet) trembling as she kneels there. Her eyes still shut as she listens intently. A slight whimper as she hears Soren speak to the girl next to her. She had spoken truth instead of trying to sugar her way threw it. Feeling his hand move to her cheek she held her breath. Eyes look to him as he answers her. Finally breathing as she heard him telling her to stay quiet. Nodding her head as she places her hands on her thigh and shuffles herself so her back wasnt turned to anyone.

[14:33] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) held perfectly still, as he did his considering with his hand in her hair. His words to the slave. Her submission had given her a slight pause, the words not quite something she was used to hearing a slave say, though.. honest. The acceptance of the girls submission though, turned her eyes towards the girl now owned by the man who owned herself. She’d give a sort of nod to the girl, acknowledgment of her presence. Berry hadn’t moved from where she knelt, hand still on his thigh, though had slowed its movements to a stop while the seriousness had taken place. Slowly like the slow turn of an engine, her hand returned its slow massage, and she’d lower her head down, slowly to press her forehead to his knee.

[14:35] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): That hand moved to his chest, giving it a couple light thuds and finally after a really long time sitting he stretched out his legs. “Well, my appreciation and thanks to you, Soren. Seems I owe you a drink. Once I determine if this slave is indeed some spy, or worth serving something, perhaps she might be the one to bring it to you.” His hand then brushed down his stomach and adjusted the rope he had for a belt. “I suppose though, it might be time to return to the war effort. I trust Svago will continue to be kind to you, and your perfume shop.” His fingers snapped just once and he called to Berry. “You’re responsible for guiding the girl along, I don’t feel like playing slaver at the moment.”

[14:37] Soren Valerius (conciliar) nod, giving a nod. “Indeed, brother. I look forward to that day. From her hand, or another’s, where we can catch up on old times, and new.” Chuckling a bit. Giving the leash a tug, showing Yasmin the time to depart was coming, he gave Berry a nod, “Serve with fire, girl. And good luck.” Knowing it was just as hard for the current girl as it was the new girl.
[14:37] Soren Valerius (conciliar) gave two nods, apparently.

[14:37] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) he smelled very manly, incredibly manly in fact. She loved the smell of him, and so as he nudged her, she leaned back even more and inhaled the scent of the man who made her all weak in the knees and doe eyed. “The ending was a bit anti-climatic for my tastes, my Master” she replied with a smirk settling on her mouth. Seeing the other man rise, she dipped her head a bit and offered a warm farewell. “I wish you well, Master, and much luck with your war. May you always come out the victor.” she gave a friendly wave to his slave, not the new one because she might still be a spy and then said “Serve with fire” which could be to them both. Then she rose to her feet, ready to follow her Master.

[14:39] Ѕatchelberry (byakko.violet) looked up at the at the snap, and her head tilted in acknowledgment of his words, rising to her feet “yes my Master.” She turned to the new slave, and gestured she move closer, not wanting to lose her when they moved.

[14:40] Amethyst (zjinslet) her eyes closed as she sighed softly. Tho her head was still intact. Looking around for anyone she might know. Her head snapped looking to him as she heard the snap. Smiling to berry as she had nodded at her. Taking a deep breath as she saw the man had stood up. Still remaining silent till he told her something. Her fingers traced over her thighs as she thought for a moment. Watching as berry stood up she also stood up. Taking a deep breath and moved by her still not saying a word.

[14:40] Artorious Balehawk (vxxr): “My thanks again, and indeed girl… Much luck with the war. I spent more time crafting clever banners than actually fighting.” That served as a sore spot for now but he threw up his arm just the same in his leaving. “I’ll be back soon, for a drink and something else interesting, I’m sure. Come on Berry, you too spy girl.” Stepping mostly over the girls he just gave Berry one more point at the new one, so someone was at least keeping track of her.

[14:41] Soren Valerius (conciliar) chuckles, “Well, if the spy is back in Sais’ hands, I doubt she had much information to pass on. At the very least, it will be that we’re vigilant here.” Heading for the shop, he gave a wave to jake and Angel on the way.


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The Protest

Category : Svago General Info

[16:49] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “kajira come here.. hold this sign!”

[16:50] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “On your feet, kajira hold it up high

[16:50] Latha (elise.larimore): “What does the sign say?”

[16:51] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn) looks to her sister and nods her head, sliding a few sheets of paper over to her so she could get up to date.

[16:51] Caity Pinelli quickly hurried over and smiled a warm “yes Mistress” taking the sign in her hand as she fell to her knees.

[16:51] Hulapop Mahoney: A sign fo rme and one for my kajira Ladt Ash if you would

[16:51] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “Tal Sir. Lady.. Can you not read Lady, then how will you keep your books for taxes?”

[16:52] Latha (elise.larimore): “I keep all my figures and orders up here.” Latha tapped her temple. “In my head. Now what does the sign say?”

[16:52] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “Our point exactly!”

[16:52] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) begins to chant ‘VOTE NO! VOTE NO! VOTE NO!

[16:52] Latha (elise.larimore): “I can’t tell your point if you won’t say what it is … vote no on what? Honestly, Lady Ash. All you do lately is yell and storm out of meetings!”

[16:54] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: “VOTE NO! VOTE NO! VOTE NO!”

[16:54] Latha (elise.larimore) shouts: Clearly, you didn’t hear me, Lady Ash! What does your sign say?

[16:54] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Our prices have gone up up UP! thanks to unfair taxes. Yours will too. Fight unfair taxation!

[16:55] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: ‘RECORD KEEPING FOR ALL! AND NOT JUST IN THEIR HEADS!

[16:55] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn) pinches the bridge of her nose at the commotion outside and looks over toward Alex.

[16:55] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Fair taxes for all citizens!

[16:55] Caity Pinelli took a moment to quietly gaze at the sign that was handed to her and then waved it side to side from her knees as she listened to them speak. Murmuring a soft “Tal Master, Mistress, tal kajira” though she was sure no one would hear her over the shouting.

[16:55] Latha (elise.larimore): “You realize, of course, there is no tax plan?” Latha asked mildly.

[16:55] Jasmine Bernard Sjöström (jasminelayla): puffs her cheeks out as she looked over what was given seeing alex get up and move off she kinda just was used to it now

[16:55] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “you realize Lady you were in the meeting I was in and clearly there was!”

[16:56] Latha (elise.larimore): “Yes, and no tax plan was developed.”

[16:56] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: ‘VOTE NO! MAKE IT FAIR! VOTE NO MAKE IT FAIR!

[16:56] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Our books are private, keep your nose out of our books taxers!

[16:56] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine) t does hold the sign caus my Master said to but does know know what barbarian told them to do this

[16:57] Latha (elise.larimore) sighs. It wasn’t any use talking to a brick wall about something that didn’t even exist.

[16:57] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Accounting is not cheap, citizens wil pay for it!

[16:57] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) looks at those gathered, “You are disturbing the peace… You have a few moments to disperse, or I shall arrest the lot of you.” He looked at them crossing his arms.

[16:58] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “We won’t disturb the meeting, Sir. We are civilized, we just want our voice heard as the Head of the Merchant Caste or the Assistants seems to hear!”

[16:58] Hulapop Mahoney: Lady Ash, shll we march fo rour freedom?

[16:58] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: No way, we wont pay!

[16:58] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) narrowed his eyes, and starts to count, “One..”

[16:59] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Vot NO, let us go FREE

[16:59] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) looked to Mahoney “We should head in and well be quiet” grinned

[16:59] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiles, “Beo, arrest these two and cage the slaves.”

[17:00] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine) look at the man ” Master i am just a slave doing as i am told to do ”

[17:00] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “he just got to One.. I heard him one.” looked to Mahoney

[17:00] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “Who gets arrested on, a count of one?”

[17:00] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Help, we are being oppressed!

[17:00] Caity Pinelli glances nervously between the gatherd group, her fingers clutching the sign handed to her a little tighter. The grin on Lady Ash’s face only serving to make her more nervous but her curiosity had gotten the best of her and she listened keenly to every word exchanged.

[17:01] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) shouted, “I am not in the fucking mood. You are disturbing the peace. And I am done.”

[17:01] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: ” SILENCE THE UNFAIR TAX PROPOSAL! NOT US!

[17:01] Hulapop Mahoney: I demand a warrant

[17:01] Jasmine Bernard Sjöström (jasminelayla): places the papers in a neat pile and lets her head rest in her hands for a little while as she tried to hold on to her earlier meal.. the sounds of voices from out side drifted in

[17:01] Hulapop Mahoney: House Mahoney has shut its doors

[17:01] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): ‘Your meeting hasn’t started. We said we would be quiet. Yeah what he said a warrant!”

[17:01] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): I don’t have to have a warrant you nimrod.

[17:01] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) takes out her writing implements, to record everything for the Svago Post

[17:01] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine) pulls on the leash cause she doesnot want to be here now

[17:02] Hulapop Mahoney: No arrest warrant no arrest

[17:02] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark): coughs at Alexs choice of words and looks at the ceiling

[17:02] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn) begins to twitch.

[17:02] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): how about I just bash your face in

[17:02] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): sighing , she looked about for Jaris

[17:02] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) “what’s a nimrod?”

[17:02] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded to the warrior, “These two will remain for twenty four hours in the city jail. The slaves I will deal with soon. ”

[17:03] Hulapop Mahoney: Do your worst, we are moving out

[17:03] Caity Pinelli flinches now as things threaten to turn violent. Her body shrinking back and out of the way, quite frankly unsure what she was to do at this point.

[17:03] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “I demand an advocate!”

[17:03] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) waves her quill to Joslyn “as long as the juicy stuff is verbal.”

[17:03] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “Oh what charge are we being arrested? Because we have a voice?”

[17:03] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: ‘DON’T SILENCE THE VOICE OF FAIRNESS!”

[17:04] Hulapop Mahoney: I demand an advocate too. Ther eis no meeting going on you are not fooling anyone

[17:04] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine) shakes as she heard all this tears going in to her eyes still pulling on the leash to get free cause she did not want to get killed

[17:04] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) begins to march and chant ‘VOTE NO VOTE NO VOTE NO!

[17:04] Hulapop Mahoney: Do you all here that/ You can not protest in Svago

[17:04] Vυlнαl Odιиѕσи Sкαll (vulhal) waved Dyna over. ” go make note of those speaking. If they are merchants I want their nmes as I will deal with them after

[17:05] Hulapop Mahoney: You can have my name and the pieces of my busines sliense, we are stuck with unfair taxation

[17:05] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): /ME grins to the big man “wanna hold my sign?” asking him as I drew next to him

[17:05] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) grinned , “You are resiting arrest?” He looked at Beo,

[17:05] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “Here Sir hold this sign for me a moment.” speaking to Alex

[17:06] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) moved up behind Ash and firmly gripped her hair

[17:06] Hulapop Mahoney stands in silent protest

[17:06] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) “if you need an advocate, I am here! plus, I will see you to get your stories for the Post!” Sara shouts across the room, her soft voice could really carry when she wanted it to

[17:06] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): HELL NO WE WONT’ GO! OUCH! You’re pulling my hair!

[17:07] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark): claps a hand to her mouth

[17:07] Vυlнαl Odιиѕσи Sкαll (vulhal) stood and looked at the slvers. ” I will deal with you both after this. Leave now or be made to leave. You may be slavers but you are still merchants under my command and I will not ave you making a mockery of our caste. No go.”

[17:07] Hulapop Mahoney: I have been protesting peacefully before you meeting, and I will walk away peacefully. Your scaret’s threats mean nothign to me

[17:08] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor): ” Ash, do yourself a favor and walk on over to the warriors office and wait there like the good little slut vendor you are ”

[17:08] Dyna Might (dustbunnytarber) moved across to stand near the gallery and Latha, when she so wanted to go stand behind Hal’s chair, she looked up and said “they act like we are going to take over their businesses” her voice ending in a growl

[17:08] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) squinted to the man Vuhhal “You don’t own me SIR, to command ME!” glared at him and showed him my sign.

[17:08] Hulapop Mahoney: She has the right to voice her mind, all the citizens do

[17:09] Vυlнαl Odιиѕσи Sкαll (vulhal): Aye SER I command you to return to where ever you wish and not make a mockery of tha caste you belong to. I am tha head of this caste and will not let you make a side show of us.

[17:09] Latha (elise.larimore): “They said their signs were about voting no to taxes – I don’t suppose they’re smart enough to realize that whether it’s the Merchants or the Scribes, someone will be collecting taxes.”

[17:09] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine) still pulling on the leash looking to the Master with her sad eyes like it was not my thing whispers ” i was born on gor not earth ”

[17:09] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “Oh you’re the head of the ost Sir.. the ost named Taxes!

[17:10] Hulapop Mahoney: Where does that tax money go, to put in fine carpets for your estate?

[17:10] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) shakes his head, and raises his voice ” Your sword Slaver Remove it.” He holds out his hand.

[17:10] Hulapop Mahoney: You can take it if you have the strength

[17:11] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “And who will collect it? A Merchant Magistrate ? Why not a Scribe?”

[17:11] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) frowned ” if you do not do as commanded i shall have to move to violence”

[17:11] Hulapop Mahoney: I demand an arrest warrant

[17:11] zCS ⚔ DanielCarter Resident captured (rp) Hulapop Mahoney. ⚔

[17:11] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: HELP! HELP!

[17:11] zCS DanielCarter Resident tries to bind Hulapop Mahoney.
[17:11] zCS – Hulapop Mahoney has been bound by DanielCarter Resident. –

[17:11] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): Move it Ash

[17:11] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) hoped off the seat, moving over towards the balcony in interest.

[17:11] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) pushed her forward releasing the grip on her hair

[17:11] Vυlнαl Odιиѕσи Sкαll (vulhal): no it goes to the reds to protect yer sorry hide and to tha city that protects and lets you stay. Now begone or else I will take measures to see you gone. You are merchants. act like it.”

[17:12] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) shouts: “I demand word be sent to my guardian AZERBAIN GREY!”

[17:12] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) chuckles, “I’ve known Az longer than you. Mach!”

[17:12] Hulapop Mahoney: Coward, you fight without warning when I was demonstrating peacefully, come to the arena and have a fair fight

[17:12] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): March

[17:12] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “My sorry hide? It’s my sorry hide that provides flesh to yo uand everyone else in this city and woe be unto you if you put a stop to that Sir!

[17:13] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine) still pulling on the leach looking the Master in the eyes showing i can not leave here
[17:13] ѕค๒ιηe (sweetbondofmine): leash

[17:13] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “I doubt that Sir. Send for him and we shall see! glared to the magistrate

[17:13] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: This is how they treat citizens who complain out looud Svago, resist!

[17:13] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) hit Ash in the back of her head with his pommel

[17:13] zCS ⚔ Ozzie Mildor captured (rp) Ashellia Resident. ⚔

[17:13] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) screams bloody murder

[17:13] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn) looks over at Jasmine and just thunks her head on the table.

[17:14] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: Yell, you are next Svago people if you complain!

[17:14] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) what a hell?”

[17:14] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nods to Beo, “Let’s get them in cells I have actual work to do.”
[17:14] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) seems oddly excited at the ruckus, no news was NOT good news for the editor of the Post

[17:15] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: I demand an arrest warrant and an avocate, Tyrant!

[17:15] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) “Disperse!

[17:15] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) elbowed Sara in the side playfully, edging loser towards the balcony.

[17:15] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) draw his sword as he nears the scene…what is da meaning of dis?

[17:15] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) pulled out his binding rope to bind ash , looking to the men who charged in ” Jake, Thor, you need to lower your weapons and walk way”

[17:15] zCS Ozzie Mildor tries to bind Ashellia Resident.
[17:15] zCS – Ashellia Resident has been bound by Ozzie Mildor. –

[17:15] Hulapop Mahoney shouts: people of Svago, leave while you still can!

[17:15] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard) advanced with a sigh and negate by his head, putting himself in the middle of those unsheathed blades. “Alright CALM DOWN. Both of you!”

[17:16] Vυlнαl Odιиѕσи Sкαll (vulhal): you will go or you will find your ability to trade very much restricted. We are merchants not kids acting at adults.

[17:16] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): sighs and rubs her forehead

[17:16] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) looks at he dras Ash away…someone betta tell me what da hell is going on?

[17:16] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) tugs on Joslyn in her excitement “do you see that? what are they protesting? with slavers its usually their records”

[17:16] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark): me blinks and wonders what taxes has to do with out ability to leave and shrugs, going back to examining her nails, grateful someone else is in trouble besides her for once

[17:16] Vυlнαl Odιиѕσи Sкαll (vulhal): jake it seems our caste is full of idiots

[17:17] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark) stares unblinking at Vulhal after hearing him speak

[17:17] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): “She resisted an arrest for troubling public order… Put down the steel, sirs. There is no need for it. They are not injured and will be in trial for their behavior on front of a court of their own city.”

[17:17] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) rolls her shoulders, glancing over to her. “When I passed it was something about Voting no, but there were lots of posters up by the building.”

[17:17] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn) looks up feeling movement beside her, lifting her head from the marble table. “Papa.” she says, pinching the bridge of her nose.

[17:17] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): looking up she smiles seeing the Admin

[17:17] Jasmine Bernard Sjöström (jasminelayla): she would lift her head out of her hands and looked over to her father and just sighs as she nods ” greetings father ” she would nods her head as she let her head back in her hands

[17:18] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71): Afa i just saw ya attack yer own people…ya expect meh to trust ya at yer word? Why was she attacked?”

[17:18] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar) hates he HATES being late… He looks around, I expected a few more people… Are they otherwise occupied?”

[17:18] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) lets out a sigh of relief as she settled down onto the stone floor next to Raven. “Tal, Raven” she said softly, offering her friend a smile.

[17:18] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark): coughs out a laugh at Jaris question and whistles softly beneath her breath

[17:19] Jovvi Bernard (eilvanwyn) nods her head and points down. “The slavers are protesting the new tax plan it seems. And Alex and Beo are dealing with it.”

[17:19] Rανєη (klonky) smiles over at her friend “Tal Yas”

[17:19] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) turned about, hearing the voice of her father nearby. She’d offer him a gorean wave. “Tal Father, over here, you can hear the ruckus from the balcony.”

[17:20] Latha (elise.larimore) just shakes her head as she hears the ruckus, then grins when it dies down.

[17:20] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) nods at Joslyn, she too was peering over the balcony

[17:20] Jaris Bernard (jopie.klaar) frowns “ruckus? I mean how inconvenient! Is that why some are not here?”

[17:21] Joslyn Bernard (sophie.lacquey) nodded back to him, “So it would seem.” She’d offer, turning back around to the balcony.

[17:21] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): “She have been warned more than once, and resisted until having a magistrate demanding her arrest. Than resisted again. I don’t know all the issue, but that, I can witnessing about. I’m more troubled to know if they are drunk for I have seen their behavior… Their is liberty of speech, but their is also limit to it, and they pass through it. Now please, don’t let it become an unneeded bloodshed. It will not deserve them.”
[17:21] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): there is *
[17:21] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): but there is also**

[17:23] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) narrow his eyes and starts to pace….” since when is protesting peacefully leads to arrest? I will be seeking out those involved? Are ya telling me..Svago’s own citizens are not allowed to protest?”

[17:24] Beodaren Eoch (ozzie.mildor) came up the stairs , late to the meeting now, he offered his hand ” Tal all, sorry I am late” he offered as he made his way to the red seat

[17:24] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) looks to Cai….ta me girl”

[17:24] Kain Kur-Eater (utopiousbastard): “Now, anew… Put the steel to the sheath. There is no need for it. It will only make the situation worst.” he negated by his head. “That I can’t tell, Sir. But in this instant, being sword in hand will not offer an correct answer anyway.”

[17:25] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded, “Yeah do that.” Nodded at Jake, “She’s a house girl yes?”

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The Case against Lady Ash

Category : Svago General Info

[16:51:40] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) walked with Nika and grumbled about the class”Can you believe that man’s nerve? Teaching my methods my house as if it were his own? South end of a north bound bosk he is!”

[16:53:14] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) looked up as he heard Ash’s voice and promptly finished the tankard of mead setting it in front of Angel and motioning outside. “I hear her coming” he explained and stood up, making way outside.

[16:53:20] Nιкα Lуѕιαѕ (monika20pl) shakes her head, “well it must mean that your methods are the best then?”, a shrug, “look at it this way, all he knows is going into six classes, he doesn’t know that much”, she would glance over her shoulder at the man that approached, “greetings”

[16:53:27] Angel (keisha.bachman): laughed harder when he did and as he leaned over she listened carefully. “you are probably right Master as most do and the Mistress makes it known her first rule is…*that ain’t happening” That I agree with as well it takes alot of work, even for me being the FG I have alot of work to deal with, making sure the girls do what they are suppose to do as well as other things

[16:54:29] Angel (keisha.bachman): takes the tankard and walks it into the kitchen and sits it down

[16:56:19] inci (milkncream) was quiet for the most part.. and finished setting the clothes back into the chests… she walks out stepping quietly not to disturb anyone. Her little hand came out and held on to the Bannister and leans down seeing Mistress and an other. Her smile brighten even more! Inci liked being in the house and not out to much in the city. But she should show off her talents of serve.. she was more humble just cleaning the toilets and tub. clothes and such in the house better though.

[16:57:59] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiled as he looked over some documents, walking toward the slave house, “Tal.” He would nod to the Ladies and beyond to Az, “Ah good. Lady Thorne, I need words with you. We can go to my office but you have a quiet spot we can use that is fine.”

[16:59:30] Angel (keisha.bachman): walks out of the slave house and kneels by the Master she was serving as she quietly sits and waits to greet the other Master and the Mistress’s
[16:59:39] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) turned to see who Nika was speaking about and then, there he was, the High Magistrate. My mouth went dry and my heart sank but I’d do my best not to show it. Talking to myself reminding myself be calm Ash be calm, though everything in me was crying out Help! “Oh um…” clearing my throat “Tal, Sir. Out for a walk? You know the physicians say that is such great exercise! I should do more of it myself. I do love pie. Did I mention that I loved pie? Oh just any ol kind too, I mean you can have ramberry or apricot. or red fruit or even a meat pie, but then you can mix them like apricot red fruit and you could call it redcot, or aprired, or ..” just waved my hand as if swatting a fly “Oh just any lil ol thing your heart desires.” A nervous smile hid behind the veil and quickly eyes darted to my Guardian and the exhale fluttered the veil as I let him speak for me as to where and when. “T-t-al Sir.” nodding to Az
[17:00:09] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) saw that indeed all parties were present and accounted for, “Just the person I wanted to speak with” he said as he came closer to Ash. “Tal Sir I am Azerbain Grey” he introduced himself to Alex. “I am the guardian for the good Lady Az” he explained as he settled in standing between Nika and Ash.
[17:00:31] Azerbain Grey (azerbain): lady Ash)

[17:01:25] Nιкα Lуѕιαѕ (monika20pl) turns this way and that, wiggling to and fro, she was surrounded, she didn’t like being surrounded, nope, so she takes a step back, “tal Sir”, offered to Az and she shimmies her ass back over towards Angel, out of range or magistrates and guardians, men generally

[17:01:56] Angel (keisha.bachman): greetings Mistress

[17:02:00] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) nodded at Nika and replied “Tal Lady”

[17:03:15] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded to him, “Good and tal Sir. I had wanted to send you word but it was taken care of.” He chuckled listening to Ash ramble on a bit, “I see you are nervous. You should be, but I am not unreasonable..” He looked about, “You want to do this in the street? or that office?” He crossed his arms and waited for her.
[17:03:49] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) had nothing to say, for once, and looked to Az

[17:05:35] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) looked over to the man and then to Ash. “Lets head into the office” he told him “We can at least sit down” he told the man and added. “Do not worry Ash, lets just hear what he has to say” he explained and then lead the way into the slave house.

[17:06:51] Nιкα Lуѕιαѕ (monika20pl) watches them go that was and she moves the other way, plonking herself down on the chairs quietly, she shoos Angel off, “you better go offer them some drinks”

[17:07:09] Angel (keisha.bachman): yes Mistress

[17:07:18] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) moved to the house and eased onto the cushion and exhaled a fragile breath.

[17:08:03] Angel (keisha.bachman): walks up to the steps of the house as ordered and in almost a whisper ask..”Masters ….Mistress may i be of service?”

[17:08:57] inci (milkncream) hung over watching them all come inside… the PIE! she made for Ashes.. Strawberry.. would it be a good time to serve them..? the other master looked like he was ready for business! Inci came down Just! a little on the stairs and listened in.

[17:12:12] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) spread a few documents on the table before him, “Now then Lady, and Sir. The initial charge of disturbing the peace was expanded. The charges now sit at the original, failing to heed a direct order of a city official, resisting a lawful detainment, and acting with a disrespect that earned you a charge of indecency, which is defined as as grossly improper or offensive in this case. Other than the original which you were sentenced for, I have not yet judged the others. ” He paused so they both could let that sink in, “One charge… is easily remedied…but this is multiple and compound.”

[17:15:54] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) the documents fell like a house of cards on the table as he shuffled them out and it seemed like he was throwing everything plus the tavern sink at me! Eyes of blue widened and looked at the papers and then to the Magistrate, multiple times as if I had to be seeing things. “Mul-ti-ple char-ges?” sliding my gaze to Az and then the papers. “Indecency?” my voice climbing a clear octave as I said it. “Resisting? He had a hand in my hair, Sir. There was no resistance. “Others? Judged the others? What others?” my voice cracking a bit as I raked worried fingers through my hair.

[17:18:40] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) shook his head as he heard this. Azerbain looked up at Alex and then at Ash, taking in the information they were presenting, about additional and compound charges. He too surveyed the documents, and then looked up at Alexander “You have judged? when was the trial?” he asked.

[17:21:44] Angel (keisha.bachman): hears footsteps and looks up seeing the Mistress arrive, in a low whisper as to not disturb I offer a smile. “greetings Mistress may I be of service?”

[17:22:08] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiled softly and calmly, “The warrior in question took you by the hair to restrain you not after one command to disperse, but four, do you deny it?” He looked to Az, “These aside from the indecency charge.. which I am willing to consider dropping, words and heated emotions were of the day… and minor crimes here in Svago, a trial is not necessary for a minor crime. The biggest charge would necessitate a trial if I myself were not the witness to the events. But with the multiple minor charges, this does necessitate a civil punishment. We cannot have our women acting in this manor.”

[17:24:05] Juvana Grey (juvana) headed down into the lower to check on Ash, she hadn’t seen her in a couple of days. As she arrived she realized she wasn’t going to be alone. She stepped up inside and immediately saw Az, Ash and Alex and she knew was this was about. Juvana shook her head at the slave girl who offered service and moved to sit in the empty seat, letting the questioning go on without interrupting. Although she did send a gaze of smiling eyes to her companion across the table.

[17:25:42] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) had panic in my eyes hearing all this and my head began to swim. Chrages upon charges and more to come it seemed. “Acting in ‘this ‘ manner?” fingers reached for my necklace that held my son’s lock of hair and lashes blinked as worry filled my eyes.

[17:32:44] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) greeted his companion “Tal Darling” he said to her, before motioning to Alexander. “This fella here says hes a magistrate” he said shrugging. “Suppose he is right, its been a while since Ive been back to the city to look after our interests” he said and then directly addressed the man. “So, let me first of all explain that indecency isnt a crime here in Svago” he told the man. “Now I understand what you are getting at, and that a Free Woman needs to act proper, and one of the proper ways a free woman can act is by expressing her opinion, that is indeed the prerogative of a free woman.” he then raised right hand and wavered it back and forth as though it were tilting on scales. “How you weigh it, is of no concern to me, but as a Scarlet, I cannot understand an attempt to drive a Free Woman away from a council meeting where she is set to present a complaint.”

[17:41:14] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) watched and listened as Az spoke and well put up a pretty dang good argument and I’d nod now and then but dare not open my mouth. Eyes shifted and eyebrows raised and glancing to Juvana as she arrived speaking softly “Tal.” and nothing more as my thumb spun a ring around my finger.

[17:41:17] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded to his fellow Scribe but stayed on task, and smiled, “You have been away for awhile. So let me explain it to you. There is a new set of laws that have come into effect. And indecency IS in fact a crime.. one punishable by a collar. Women are allowed to speak, but they are responsible for the repercussions of said speech. The citizens have a set of channels to go through for complaints and their representative Head of Caste is their voice. If the Lady has issue with her head of caste she is welcome to lodge a complaint with the administration… but their presence on the council gives them the right to speak for all their caste. I personally saw what transpired, and tried to head them off at the gates to stop them from making this error… but ignorance of the laws or how the justice system works in Svago is not a defense.” He pointed to Ash, “She’s a grown woman not a child, and her actions were her own. The only reason I would dismiss that charge is I do believe the man involved swayed her, “He smiled, “And Ash is apparently passionate toward what she sees as injustice, something I can applaud personally, but as the High Magistrate I cannot allow that to sway my decision.”

[17:42:53] Juvana Grey (juvana) settled to her cushion, arranging skirts and fixing wrinkles as she listened. Her eyes moved around the table, glancing at all three of them in turn. “I know I am late to party here but Alex…” she started, turning her attention his direction “If you would please, cite the laws by number under which each of the charges were assessed. I just want to make sure I get the full picture of what we are dealing with here.”

[17:49:07] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) hands Ju a fresh copy of the laws and tells her ” 3.6.2 , 3.6.3, and Civial criminal acts 2.10 E, and M only to the indecency, which as I said is defined as grossly improper or offensive.”

[17:52:20] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) looked down at the table. Azerbain could read and write, a feat for most warriors, but he of course had once been an Ubar. Old and soured he looked as though someone had spat tospit seeds in his mead. He could read but, that didnt mean he liked it. “Oh for the love of the Priest Kings ” he said and stood before someone passed him a scroll. “I need a mead girls” he said without being particular about who served what to whom. he went to stand at the arcway, the entrance to the slave house. “Indecency, you would think she were face down and arse up, asking for it, when what really happened was she complained loudly” The scarlet was much more comfortable using his blade for brains at times, and this was one of them, and he would leave the scribes to mash it out, and likely he would be better off for it. His back to the gathering now, he merely stared out over svago port, wondering how many charcter assualts the number one slaver in svago would have to undergo.

[17:53:52] Angel (keisha.bachman): sio come with me let me show you how to prepare his mead

[17:53:56] inci (milkncream) made some mead for the master and opened the gates.. pushing it to Angel.. with a small giggle. Still hiding behind the wall.

[17:54:38] inci (milkncream) stood up and looks at angel grabbing the mug. wiggling her little fingers. not knowing where to put the mead she almost drank it but set ti back down.

[17:55:07] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): i stand up and follow angle inside so i can see how the mead is prepared for the master

[17:55:39] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) looked as Az stood up as it took a good bit to even get that sort of reaction from him. Slowly looked to the Magistrate angling my head slightly and a slow blink hid for a breath’s time the color of blue that held a tenderness of gaze. “How did a simple protest become ‘so’ many charges. Have I not already paid for it, Sir? I was in your jail for 24 hours.”

[17:58:06] Angel (keisha.bachman): there is different ways to make mead…the master that asked for it wants it from that barrel in a takard…this is his tankard from earlier so we will jsut wipe it out and add fresh mead to it and take it out..would one of you like to or would you rather i did
[17:59:00] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) chuckles softly, “I understand. And truly, I have no great desire to see Lady Ash in collar. I have gotten one of my finest slaves from this establishment. SO alright, I will drop that particular charge, and chalk it up to passion. The others as I said, are relatively minor.” He smiled to Juvana, “It became an issue when the simple protest devolved into a near riot.. with screaming across the square, waving of banners and Lady you gave not one single care to the commands you were given. You allowed yourself to be carried away on the moment but as a woman you should know that can cost you. This was not peaceful.. this was not small. And when given a direct order to desist you chose to continue.

[17:59:05] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): i can take it to him if You like angle

[17:59:18] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): only way for me to learn is to serve

[18:00:38] Angel (keisha.bachman): inci you and sio make some tea the Mistress is gonnna need it

[18:00:53] Angel (keisha.bachman): and Pie she will defiantely ned pie

[18:01:18] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): yes sounds like a pretty tense conversation going on out there

[18:02:21] Angel (keisha.bachman): walks back out the gate and holding the tankard of mead I offer it up to him…”your tankard of mead Master, may it be as refreshing as the first and my service still be pleasing to you

[18:04:49] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) exhaled heavily. “Sir, two people I don’t see how a riot can make. There was nothing but signs and trying to make our point heard, Sir. We had every intention to halting before the meeting and I even expressed that to you. Sir? Have you ever been wronged? I mean really wronged to the point where you have to act because of it? If I couldn’t make the good people of the council see what was about to happen, well Sir, I may have to close these doors and leave Svago. I feel I provide a good service to this city. To not have a voice at all, would have been an injustice in the worst way.”

[18:06:12] inci (milkncream) hands ride up and ball up all excited. ” Yes mistress!” she said to Angel. and grabs a pot filling it with water and slips it to the heat. looking at Siobhan.. ” some tea leaves .” nodding. and let Sio do the rest while she pulls out her pie… Yes Pie! hmmm. knowing Ash’s liked pie.. but what kind? Inci would find out soon enough.

[18:07:11] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) retrieved the tankard from her and nodded. “Aye Angel” he said before taking a drink, and dismissing her with idle waive of hand. he turned back to Alex and Ash, listening now, before speaking. He really wanted to interject evidence, but it was clear that the man was here to pronounce sentence. At best, Azerbain could try and make a good argument, but at worst, he could anger the man and cause things to grow more dire. He, for once in his completely impetuous life decided not to try and control a situation, and instead let it play out.

[18:11:44] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) shook his head, “You have the same voice as any other citizen Lady Ash. That is why there are Heads of the Castes. If you have issue with something your leader proposes, waving banners and yelling at the start of a High Council meeting is not the way to address it. I can understand your frustration, but this is the way things are done. You have served your twenty four hours for disturbing the peace, and I am not here for that. As I understand it you did so peacefully. Now … I am unreasonable as I said at the start of this conversation.. I did not barge over here and make a huge scene. You are a valued citizen. But our laws bind every person… every resident, citizen and visitor to this Isle.” He paused, his eyes not unkind, “You did the crimes, there is no denying, it is time to pay your due.”

[18:12:01] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): Tal my master i did not see You come in there You wre very quite

[18:14:41] inci (milkncream) looks at Sio and watch the water bubble.. she wondered if the girl was gunna finish.. ” Um .. girl?” you want to finish the tea?” she said pulling out a plate and sliced the pie.. not to big. though she was not sure if the mistress would want a big piece or little. Ya know because what was going on and all. setting the piece on the plate and a small flower on the plate with a utensil to.. and waited for Angel.
[18:15:03] inci (milkncream) almost peed her self when she turned around and saw master and kneels quickly!

[18:15:53] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): i smile at inci as she drops to her knees obedient seeing master

[18:17:02] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): “i don’ think we have been introduced before my nake is siobhan and You are ? i say as i look inquisitively at my fellow white silk slave

[18:17:15] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) comes from down the stairs after landing his tarn on the roof…he did not feel like walking today. ” Tal girls..” he then directed his amber gaze towards Siobhan ” how well have yer tasks been coming for ya.?” he motions to Inci” Tal girl..I kin ta think dis be the longest I seen ya stand dis still” he raised a brow…then looks around..” where is yer Mistress?

[18:17:51] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) folded my hands in my lap and looked to them as a soft voice came in a cracking break and clearing my throat I trued once more “What..is.” exhaled “What is it you propose, exactly, Sir.”
[18:18:59] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) took a deep drink of his mead, he listened for the sentence. He couldn’t see the lady being collared for this, and instead of in-sighting a riot, which apparently was what brought them here, he simply waited for calm reasoning to prevail. “There is a bit of history in svago of other slavers coming around opening up shop and closing and yet Lady Ash is still here, providing good stock, and doing the hard work so many others do not” he said not being able to contain himse.f
[18:19:18] inci (milkncream) grabs Sio’s hand and says .” Inci.. ” then looks to Master and points out the door. ” Um.. Master. Ash has guests.”

[18:21:06] Angel (keisha.bachman): hears her Masters voice and quietly goes back through the gate after serving the Master his mead..shaking her head as her stomache gets all tied in knots as she breaths out a few breaths trying to relax it some

[18:22:39] Angel (keisha.bachman): walks over and wraps her velvet thighs around his boot and pressing her chest up against his leg she softly kisses it…taking a few deep breaths as she hugs his leg tight she still stays in earshot to hear what is about to happen…”greetings my Master and welcome home”

[18:22:42] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): “it is so nice to meet You inci and You a fellow white silk too. i am not the only white silk slave here ” i sile at inci happy to have something in common with her

[18:23:25] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71): As he was about to correct her on using the name of a free…he frowned as he turned his head towards the gate, hearing heard voices coming from the other room, then holds up his hand in understanding the girl..” Aii I kinda figured dat..” he looked at her then..” go about yer duties..we will talk later.” he then turns and heads out the gate door into the room, finding it full.

[18:25:46] Juvana Grey (juvana): “I suppose I would go on to say that while her protest was annoy perhaps, she was non-violent the entire time. She did not insult or threaten, she just simply didn’t leave immediately and continued to chant.” she said as she looked over at Ash “And Az is right, of all the slavers who have come and gone it is Lady Ash who is still here. Lady Ash who is sworn to the Home Stone. Lady Ash who really did nothing more than exercise her law protected right to express her opinion as a free woman in a non-violent way. I would hope that the city would not sentence her to a collar for exercising a right that law 3.63 was meant to protect her from.” and then she quit talking and smiled behind her veils knowing in the end his word would be final and there was little else they could do about it.

[18:25:51] siobhan (siobhanmaoindubh): i have some chores i need to take care of i just remermeber i better get back to that

[18:26:30] inci (milkncream) holds her mouth closed… ‘shoot!’ she thought… this was not gunna be good.. and was nerves about what punishment she would get.

[18:29:22] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded to Az and Juvana, “Yes, I am taking that into consideration. I have looked through the files, and I have seen nothing in them that would lead me to believe the Lady is not an honest business woman, nor do I believe she was not riled a bit by this. The man involved escaped from our jail, and should he ever step a foot on this Isle again, he will receive the brunt of the powers I can bring. And I know he instigated, by his own confession. Now, I am a Scribe.. the proposed changes for taxes didn’t seem that radical to me. But then I am perhaps more used to paperwork.” He chuckled softly then became serious. He looked at Lady Ash and slowly rose,” Lady Ash will rise and face me and accept your judgment.”

[18:29:45] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) pets Angel (keisha.bachman)’s head.
[18:30:38] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): will you rise*

[18:31:29] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) looked to Az and the Juvana and felt horrible how I must look. They had been so good to me and here I was messing up. “Well..I guess this is it.” rose to my feet and folded my hands before me, my chin was parallel to the ground as I looked to the Magistrate. I wasn’t prideful but I was a Woman of Gor and even in adversity, I would stand, and stand well.
[18:32:45] Angel (keisha.bachman): stayed wrapped about her Master and buried her head in his leg as she listened to what was about to unfold

[18:33:22] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) reaches down and rubs his hand in her hair as he listens as well..a tick working in his Jaw

[18:35:27] inci (milkncream) would turn around and pull the pot off the heat setting a rep cloth on it and drop some tea leaves onto it. Gathering the cloth and dipping into the water. watching the color turn into a golden brown.. She listen too.. taking a gulp… pulling the cloth off setting it to the side..

[18:43:39] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded an approval of her stance, at least there was once woman in Svago who would take her lumps with pride on her face, “Lady Ash I sentence you to five lashes in the public square. Two for failing to heed the orders, three for the conduct and the actions of the other charges.” He paused, “I will inform you, as a citizen you are allowed to appeal my judgment and sentence and I will go over that if you so choose to invoke that right.”

[18:46:34] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) felt lightheaded and the room got bright and….

[18:48:26] Juvana Grey (juvana) chuckled and shook her head “Well it’s better than where you could have taken it but why is Ash always the scapegoat in Svago?” she asked, although it was more of a rhetorical question than one she really wanted an answer to. Then Ash wavered and fell and Juvana moved directly to her “Ash” she said as she got close, leaning in close to listen to breathing “I find it incredibly ironic that Svago continually stretches the wording of the law to find her guilty of ‘something’…anything “she huffed as she continued to check on Ash. “Disturbing the peace, yes. Failing to heed an order of an official, yes. The rest is pure boskshit”

[18:50:40] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) gasped, as he tried to stop lady Ash from fainting, his poor attempt at catching her was no where near close to the speed of gravity acting upon a body in free fall though, and he sprung to her aid as soon as possible. The implications of the sentence were clearly more than she could take, he knew the lashes would hurt, but that sting would go away. “I should perhaps fetch a physician” he suggested as he checked to first make sure she had a pulse.
[18:52:24] inci (milkncream) jaw dropped! and looked over to the Master and then Angel.
[18:53:42] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) nodded to Juvana, “Perhaps as her guardians, she needs some instruction on how to avoid putting herself in these situations.” Looked around the room for one of the slave girls, “One of you girls, fetch a physician..” He called out not seeing anyone readily

[18:59:21] Juvana Grey (juvana) laughs “Which has been done” she said flashing him a look. She felt for a pulse, her gloved hands making that difficult. “You used the law that is meant to protect the right of a free woman to express herself against her. For the love of the Priest Kings, she was non-violent the entire time. Never made an attempt to be threatening or to resist being arrested. So she got caught up in the moment and simply didn’t leave immediately. How is that in anyway indecent?” Juvana pursed her lips under her veils and pulled strands of hair out of Ash face as she stroked her cheek in an attempt to wake her “This is all because you found their loud voices annoying. Which brings up another point…since you are involved in the case why are you passing judgment on it? That is a conflict of interest and you should have passed this along to another magistrate to decided. Not that it would likely have done much good, Svago seems hell bent on persecuting Ash every which way they fathom. Even if it means bending the

[19:00:23] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) nodded in agreement “better idea” he said nodding a Alexander. “Send a slave for the physician” he said, just as he realized that he had sprung into action, holding his mead, and by merest of instincts had not spilled a drop. He looked over at Juvana who was now also attending to ash, and decided he could merely supervise, and leaned against the wall marveling a bit more at his tankard, and the distance he had just jumped when seeing Ash fall. Indeed, instinct had proven out on this night. ‘Whatever you do do not spill the mead’

[19:01:20] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) frowning as he heard the agitation in the Lady’s voice he however moved when he heard a commotion and a calling of Ash’s name. He moved to her, Reached Ash’s side. His amber gaze darken with concern and raw unbridled anger..” Mine…get her a wet cool cloth…then fetch a physician. ” He looked over at Alex…his amber gaze harden and cold..” are ya done with da Lady? She needin rest now…no thanks ta ya” he turns looks to Az..” lets sit her in da chair?” he asked as he was her guardian afterall.

[19:02:39] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) moaned and blinked “What happened.” realizing I was on the floor and went to push myself up a bit

[19:03:08] Angel (keisha.bachman): takes a cloth and still shaking herself dips it in the cool water and wringing it out she walks back out and offers it to the Mistress

[19:04:32] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) nodded at Jake, and set the mead on the table, squarely he then made ready to assist Ash into the chair along side him. “Good idea” he said

[19:04:38] Angel (keisha.bachman): kneels down and lays teh cloth on the Mistress head and its times like these that she hates biting her tongue…she leans and whispers in ash’s ear so noone can hear

[19:04:51] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiles softly to Juvana, “I understand your frustration, but I stand here before you calm, and collected. I am not railroading the Lady. I in fact have done everything I can to minimize her sentence.” He looked to Jake, “When she has made her final decision to appeal or not I will be done or after her punishment.” Kept his hands to help her into the chair, “It truly is not what could have been done Juvana, but I understand your protective instincts.”

[19:08:47] Juvana Grey (juvana) rolled her eyes a little “Oh yes, minimized her punishment to include lashes for things that aren’t fully supported by the law. How kind of you to not sentence her to a collar for offenses not worth of one anyway.” she said, supporting an arm of Ash’s as the men moved her to a chair “Ash, you were sentenced to 5 lashes for a variety of charges. Some accurate, some well…not so accurate.” she explained and then with that she shushed before the looks from her companion started. She knew she was pushing the limits and it was time to pull back a little.

[19:11:16] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) indeed had started giving Juvana those looks, his eyes widening, as he stepped back so that Jake and Angel could attend to Ash. “Now now, a lash on a Free Woman is nothing like a slave’s” he clearly was not saying this for Juvana’s sake, she well knew the difference. “Kindly counsel the Lady on where she should appeal” he offered as he made way to stand next to Juvana.

[19:14:05] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) leans to Ash…” let meh help ya Lady…ya fainted..took quite a nasty fall..” he wraps one arm around her waist to help her to stand then moves her over to one of the chairs so she can sit down.” First ya attack yer own people for protesting..peacefully…throw dem in jail…treated dem harden criminals and now..ya want to whip yer own women for charges dat are boskshit at da most…and dey say we northmen are savages.” he snorted then check’s Ash over..particularly her head..” I kin ta think ya be sportin a nice bump dar but i be no physician” he shakes his head at the absurdity of those whole thing.
[19:14:32] inci (milkncream) run off to find a green

[19:14:46] Angel (keisha.bachman): here Mistress is that better? of course it was not better..Angel tried tokeep her mouth shut as being a slave she knew her owner would knock her on her ass rather he agreed or not…she put the Mistress hand in her own and softly laid the cloth in it as a few tears welled up in her eyes…

[19:15:05] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Oh sheesh, look there sheis
[19:15:09] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): She’s the red head

[19:15:56] Nightshade Priestman: hmmmmmmmmm
[19:16:10] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Don’t get too close

[19:16:39] Nightshade Priestman: no reason too,,smiles

[19:17:26] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): So, that’s the tour
[19:17:38] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Wanna go to the high city?
[19:17:47] Nightshade Priestman: intresting ,,,chuckles
[19:17:48] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Upper ity, where the snobby people are?
[19:17:54] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) had reached a breaking point and the emotion welled and streamed down my cheeks. There was only so much any person could take and I suppose this was it. Listening to Juvana as she repeated the sentence, tears flowed freely and I was unashamed of them, what was there to lose now? Welling eyes sought the Magistrate and held their gaze to him for what seemed an eternity. ‘you do realize this probably will mean I will have to leave the city because it’s hard enough as low caste woman to stand the ridicule and degrading that I endure already. You don’t know what it’s like. High Caste men are told to stay away from me because they can’t court a low caste woman, I’ve been accused and taken my punishment many times Sir, whether I deserved it or not. This sentence will last beyond the five lashes. The public humiliation will leave deep enough scars Jake, I suppose it’s a good thing we made that document.” then turning to the Magistrate, Can we do this now?” Standing to my feet and sniffles rang out as
[19:17:54] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): my hands smoothed my dress.

[19:18:18] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) stood tall, “Are you questioning my integrity Lady Juvana? I have been more than fair.. erring on the side of kind I would say. You can be as angry as you like but do not insult me or my intentions in this matter, or perhaps you would like a lesson in manners as well?” He not fully serious, but he wasn’t taking that crap, “He softened as Az gave Juvana his looks and turned to Ash, “The appeals process is simple, you will still be ‘in custody’. I will allow you to continue to do business, but you may not leave this island. At the next Council meeting I will present your appeal, and the Council will vote if they choose to overturn my ruling. It takes a unanimous vote. If they do not vote the sentence will be carried out immediately. Or if you choose we can do this now, and be done with it.” He didn’t bother to respond to Jake , it wasn’t the first time someone disagreed with him he simply nodded affirming he had heard him.
[19:18:37] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) stops hearing Ash speak on leaving the city. He pauses a moment “Hold here girl”
[19:18:54] Nightshade Priestman: aye Jarl
[19:21:40] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) walks closer to the HoT building and notices quite a few folks in the room.
[19:21:43] Angel (keisha.bachman): sees the Mistress rise and moves closer to her owner and touches his leg
[19:22:05] mercedes Stransky finally grabs the last pieces and places them on the basket cutted while nods and gets several pinches of salt over them while she shakes hard before walks towards the kicthen.She noticed the gathering inside but for her wa sjust another busy day in the Slave House so pays no attention not knowing really what is happning while walks inside with a bow to all Frees,not interrupting them while carries the basket of salty cuteed and cleaned fish already to cook tomorrow.
[19:22:09] Juvana Grey (juvana) leaned a little into Az as he drew near “I know it’s not the same but it’s the principal of the matter” she whispered quietly Az’s direction. She didn’t respond to Alex’s statement either. She knew her limit, even with Az present she could only stretch that so far. At the same time too she knew what Ash had already been through, taking punishments for similar incidents, never fully at fault but always the one to pay the price because the rest run from the city like cowards “Ash, if you don’t wish to appeal. I have a thought on the matter. Something from deep within our histories that most have likely forgotten.”

[19:22:56] Edward Alecsson Wolff (edwardblack37) follow the slave to the slave house seeing it quite filled “Tal free”
[19:23:06] inci (milkncream) heads in to the house and points to Ashellia her mistress.
[19:23:54] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) places a hand on Ash’s shoulder…shaking his head..” Ya need not ta be thinking about dis now…especially when dar be wagging tongues about..” he warned her…then looks back towards the entrance having heard the man and his slave there before..then looks back at her. ” Be sure dis is what ya want and not based off emotion Lady..as we ya stated…all is protected”
[19:24:31] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) steps in and interrupts the proceedings quite purposefully and says publicly, for no real reason exceptof some stupid honor code he has and says “If there is to be a punishment administered to the Lady Slaver, let me take it in her stead.” He makes his statement and just stands there awaiting a reply

[19:24:53] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) held hands up and in a conciliatory manner, he gestured for calm. Looking between, the Lady Ash and Alex, then to his Companion Juvana he commanded “Now now” he said and looked over at Lady Ash “You are a part of a clan lady, and that clan is Grey” he said before looking to his companion who brought sage counsel on the matter. “You will bear no such shame lady for that would be against my will and woe to he who crosses my blade. As your guardian I would profess that you should accept this sentence, and post haste take treatment for your fall” he explained, looking over to Juvana he winked at her knowingly, as they well knew the card she had up her frilly little sleeve.
[19:24:59] Angel (keisha.bachman): blinks hearing the Master and smiles to him
[19:25:55] Angel (keisha.bachman): greetings Masters
[19:25:59] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) continues and says “Lashes is it? I will take them.” He slips off his fur shoulder wrap and tosses it aside.
[19:27:15] ClarityDevine entered chat range (18.59 m).
[19:27:24] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) shook his head at the man, “Constantine right? I think I did some paperwork for you. While noble and rare..” He smiled, “Unfortunately its not an option.” He turned to Ash, “Lady, I do not take pleasure in this part of my job, and I can promise you I will not be cruel.”

[19:28:05] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) looks up at the man offering to take Ash’s punishment….to say he was surprised was an understatement…yet he heard Az’s words as well…and figured at least it will be quick and over with and they can put this whole mess behind them and continue on with business as usual.
[19:28:09] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Bosk shit! It’s an option if you permit it. There’s no reason to punish the Lady when a perfectly good other Free man willingly accepts it in her stead
[19:29:24] Edward Alecsson Wolff (edwardblack37) stays back waiting has seem to be commotion still and crowdiong the Lady
[19:29:43] ClarityDevine: was looking for Ash but when she saw the room full of free people, she decided it might be a good idea to wait and so does, but would respect them all when the chance was there with no words heard”Tal my Mistress, Tal Masters and Tal Mistress”jiggled the cup of coins hoping Ash heard it, if not she would see it later for sure
[19:29:45] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) felt faint again but for other reasons as the man who earlier today expressed a completely different slant towards me and here he stood willing to take my lashes? Oh yes feeling faint was an understatement. “What is it Juvana?” looked to her as I mentally tried to prepare myself and slid a tearful gaze to the Magistrate “Cruel?” didn’t say anything else, I was in enough trouble.

[19:30:03] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): What’s this over? These arbitrary taxes set upon us? Does she owe you? There’s no reason to mark her skin over coin. Mark mine, double if you think it fair.!”

[19:32:31] Juvana Grey (juvana) drew in a breath “There is a case in our histories where a slave stood as substitute for the lashing sentenced to a free woman. Thus, there is precedent for that happening here” she said looking to Con “I’m afraid nothing in our histories or cultures shows a man doing such a thing but it is documented that slaves did.” she stated, looking around the room at the slaves present and then to Alex “I can show you the case if you like. It is a valid option and would show mercy for a woman who has been lashed for the crimes of others repeatedly in the past.”

[19:32:54] Angel (keisha.bachman): I will do it
[19:33:06] Angel (keisha.bachman): I will take her place…if my Master allows it
[19:33:13] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) snapped my fingers to angel “no.”
[19:33:57] Edward Alecsson Wolff (edwardblack37) seeing that the Lady Ash is awake and alert and starts wondering why I was called
[19:34:08] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): No slave is needed. I am right here, among all you free, offering my back. Let’s end this charade and do this

[19:35:58] mercedes Stransky She gets up not able to sleep with all the loud voices under and slowly wonders why all the commotion so she gets down from the bed and walks down to listen.
[19:36:23] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) looks to Alex as he slowly stands and eyes the other man. He worked a tick in his jaw…his anger rising at what he is hearing…then he looked to Angel…saw the look on her face then snarls as he looks back at Alex.” Is whot da Lady Juvana say is true High Magistrate? ”
[19:37:32] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) canted his head, “I know the one you speak of. The case.” He tapped his chin, “Usually Lady Juvana I have advocates arguing case to me. It is considered Gorean tradition, which of itself is not usually enforceable in Svago, our laws are the absolute part of our City. But..” He turned to Lady Ash, “While unusual, I am moved by a fellow free man in which qualities so rarely displayed are present, DO you request him to take your place?”
[19:38:17] Edward Alecsson Wolff (edwardblack37) stand by for now if needed. but listens to the other speaking
[19:38:35] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) looks at Ash and nods to her

[19:38:38] ClarityDevine: blinks and then rubs her eyes, now that would be a sight, who was getting lashed she wondered. Finger on chin listening further and expression of concern hoping it wasn’t her Mistress!
[19:38:47] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) looked in shock to the man Constantine and shook my head “I cannot let you do that, Sir. It would mean I was indebted to you and well that cannot happen. Though I am surprised and it touches my heart that you would offer.” looked over to the Magistrate to hear what he had to say.
[19:39:26] ρяιηcєѕѕ dєmα (demogoguefallen) left the region.
[19:39:49] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) looks at the Magistrate and says “I will do it, and she’ll not be indebted to me at all.” he snaps a look at Ash and shakes his head before saying “Interesting you’d think me so low as to do this for some sort of favor from you”
[19:40:23] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “it’s not about you, it’s about Gorean traditions and customs.”
[19:40:54] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) raised his tankard of mead, which was sorely in need of attention, and proclaimed “To Constantine” he said and finished the draught.
[19:41:06] Juvana Grey (juvana) looked over at Ash with that motherly look most of her children feared “Let someone else take it Ash. Pick a slave, Angel volunteered if Jake will let her. That much is within our culture.”
[19:41:38] ClarityDevine: kind of faintly smiled a litttle like dumbo on that earth cartoon back home only it was for sure a nervous one. She wasn’t a first girl, Clarity was nothing, no one saw her anyway her back wasn’t going to be seen either”I’ll do it my Mistress”she called out
[19:41:49] Angel (keisha.bachman): looks to her Master with tears in her eyes…”please my Master let me do this for her ..please”
[19:41:59] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiled and nodded, good man. “I will keep that in record if this proceeds. Lady I will leave this choice to you. In way can this man, “Pointing to Constantine, “hold a debt over you.” He was actually smiling, “Your decision then.”
[19:42:12] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): in no way*
[19:43:35] mercedes Stransky Blinks wide, were they speaking of whipping Mistress Slaver?am I still sleeping?she asks herself while rubs her eyes wondering if this is even real, she sure not know what is about, the last thing remember was cleaning fish and now this.She gets closer to the gate while listens curiously, when Master said will get the place she blinks wider, looking every of those in the room while bites her bottom lip.She listens to Clarity and she also says behind the gate” I will take some lashes for Mistress also, after all i am thankful for her having me back in here and will be great of me to honor that punishment in her place Masters and Mistresses”…she said softly.
[19:43:37] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) looked over at the girl who spoke up for her Mistress. “Even the slaves offer themselves for you…Slaver

[19:43:53] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) having heard what he needed to hear…he spoke up..” We are in a slave house….dar be slaves here dat can take one lash in her stead…ya get yer punishment high magistrate carried out…she regains herself reputation…”

[19:45:57] Edward Alecsson Wolff (edwardblack37) steps back seeing not need has I head home ((sorry rl calls))
[19:46:03] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) looking around the room to the most priceless of treasures any woman could ever own. One by one they began to speak up it tugged my heart. “I don’t know. I… ” rubbed my temples “I just don’t know.” looked to Juvana, the Jake, then Con and the back of my swiped my tears as quick as they fell.

[19:47:58] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Enough of this Magistrate, I have offered and I state plainly she’ll not be indebted to me in any manner. Let’s just get this over with!
[19:50:19] Juvana Grey (juvana) noted the look from Ash “While I am hesitant to advise that the man take it, because it is not the norm without Gorean culture as a whole I am not opposed either. The decision is yours who you pick, just pick someone other than yourself. You’ve taken enough lashes for things like this.”
[19:52:55] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) looked down at his now empty mead, a sullen wet bottom of wooden vessel. It had served him well, and he set it back down on the table as he had done earlier, abandoning it to be fondled by a random slave girl later, a fate not so unfortunate. Looking up from the carcass of his mead, he reached over and took ahold of Juvana’s sleeve and pulled her to him, tugging only so slightly.
[19:54:07] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) covered my face with my hands and felt the weight of this upon me like an anvil poised upon my shoulders. Sliding my hands down my face and balling my fists under my chin for it to rest upon and looking to Con. “I know how stubborn you are. I, I don’t know what to say as this was very unexpected. You have my heartfelt gratitude. I will each and every lash like a shroud of shame that I have brought this upon you. I’m so very sorry.”

[19:55:39] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) nods as Ash speaks. He looks to the Magistrate and says “There, it’s said, lets do this. Who will have the honor of administeing the lashes?”
[19:55:55] ClarityDevine: didn’t say anymore, she still hadn’t know what this was all about but it wasn’t worth having her owner disrepected, and shamed this way. Why would they even suggest such a thing and what the heck did she do for them to want to whip her?”listens to Ash speak but still Clarity had no clarity here, what the heck happened! She was yelling in her mind.

[19:56:59] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) smiled to Ash stepping up beside her, “Your decision Lady. I state now once this has completed Lady Ash has been duly processed, and the case will close. Constantine, ” He turned and held out his hand, looking him over “Weapons if you have them, and then you will proceed me to the square.”

[19:57:32] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): I am a Merchant, I carry no weapons. Lead on Magistrate

[19:57:55] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) looks to the other man..Con….and bows his head once towards him respectfully..”I will carry ya weapons …tis a show of honor and ta thank ya for dis”

[19:59:15] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) looks around and asks “Does anyone have a small sting I can use to tie my hair up with?”

[19:59:36] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) goes over and rings the bell, “Stand by here.” He pointed near him, “And face out ward.”

[19:59:49] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “I don’t know if I can watch.” it was the past coming back to haunt me as the sound of the lash and the feel of it I knew well. Many a time I felt it and wore the angry marks once upon a time when I was on my knees. It had left scars that went beyond the flesh and I shook visibly in the expectation of what was to come.
[19:59:50] Kool Sim bell: ▶ Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter)
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪
Punishment Bell – The Magistrate will be punishing a criminal, come to the square to witness.. Ring a ling
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪

[20:00:00] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) pulled a binding cord from his belt and handed the length of leather to Constantine.
[20:00:00] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling): Might I have a moment to prepare myself?

[20:00:07] Juvana Grey (juvana) sucked in a breath as she heard Ash’s statement, although at the same time Az was tugging at her sleeve. That was Az speak for it was time to relax. Then the whole group left to dole out the punishment and she followed. Not about to leave the ward of their house until this was done. She stopped near Ash, a hand to her arm.
[20:00:30] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): “I’m sorry I’m so sorry..”
[20:00:50] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark) steps off the lift and looks curiously at the gathered crowd, stopping to see what was going on

[20:01:05] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) reaches down to his boot and tugs at a strapping piece of leather. Raising back u, he ties his hair up in a fashon so it’s not on his shoulders or back
[20:01:05] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) reaches down to his boot and tugs at a strapping piece of leather. Raising back u, he ties his hair up in a fashon so it’s not on his shoulders or back

[20:02:15] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Hearing the bell she rushes the square and looks around a bit curiously
[20:02:17] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) walks pver. Kneeling down, he places his head inside the contraption and says “I am ready”
[20:02:23] Brandy (phedre29) entered chat range (18.23 m).
[20:02:31] Juvana Grey (juvana) leaned close to Ash “You can watch it. And don’t be sorry, he volunteered.”
[20:02:54] mercedes Stransky looks over shoulders seeing yasmin and smiles softly while turns to look the other Frees,she bites her bottom lip admiring the still that nice gesture of Master for take the lashes for Mistress while looks up when he said ready .
[20:03:09] Estereya Bernard (estereya) joins her grand mother “what is going on?” she whispered to her
[20:03:49] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) yells cupping his mouth, “Hear me Svago! The Lady Ash is accused and convicted of crimes against the state. In her stead Constantine of the Merchant Caste has taken her place in a show of bravery and honor. I have allowed this, moved by the passion of my fellow man of Svago, a true Gorean. The sentence is five lashes.”
[20:04:18] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) had heard the bell and came over from the shop to see what was happening. Sinking to closed knees somewhere out of the way, she just kind of hovered silently and watched with interest. Raising a dark brow when she heard what this was for.
[20:04:20] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) tears flowed like a spring rain, peppering my cheeks as they streamed down to soak the veil that covered my face. Taking a deep breath and forcing myself to watch, it would be a moment in time I would never forget. I could hear Juvana in my ear and shook as my hangs wrung before me in a nervousness. My eyes met those of Con, each of a different color, and I heard the proclamation of the Magistrate.
[20:05:12] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) grips the side of the stocks. He has been though this once before so he was preparing as best he could. Gripping the stocks tightly he looks up and gives ash a wink…yes, a simple wink. “Administer the lashes Magistrate”
[20:05:21] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) locks the stock in place and pulls his whip, looking at the man who looks more than ready , “I’ll begin.”
[20:05:47] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark) raises a hand to cover her mouth in shock and looks to Ash and then Constantine , vowing to watch every lash even tho she despised the necessity. if he was willing to sacrifice himself in this way for Ash, the least she could do was watch
[20:06:43] Nikias Sjöström (stevesteven) shouts: Perks his ears up “whaaaa” he says and stands walking towards the edge of the balcony. “Wonder what she did” looking down to watch his son in action.
[20:06:45] ClarityDevine: just rubs her head, thoughts running wild in the wilderness. It was a very kind thing he was doing for Ash, but Clarity would have taken his place too.
[20:07:07] Juvana Grey (juvana) looked around her as the city gathered after the bell sounded, her hand slipping around the upper portion of Ash’s arm in support. It had been a long since Juvana had witnessed a lashing and while she didn’t look forward to the spectacle she would watch and make sure Ash didn’t faint again.
[20:07:25] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) was curious about this man, who would volunteer to take such a punishment, and he couldn’t help but notice that it was a rather romantic overture. Say whatever one would about the Gorean Warrior, they appreciated such gestures, and the grizzled and scarred warrior was no exception. Beneath bluster and brash was a sense of weight to the actions of others, and he found himself riveted to the scene, watching Ash as she witnessed a man make a sacrifice for her, a Free Woman. Azerbain found himself relieved that his ward would not face these punishments, and made a mental note to himself to help out Constantine in some meaningful way, weather the man knew he was behind it or not, Clan Grey would ensure that such a thing was not unnoticed.
[20:10:04] Åιє̀ȿαυńđгα Rαɠńivαrđ Sjöström (alesaundra) shouts: let out a loud growl as she had finally been found guilty of something and her smile turned to a frown. “Beat him hard as if it were her” she smiled under her damn snot rag.
[20:11:22] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) takes aim and strikes hard down on Con, as he counts, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” with each stroke
[20:11:58] Juvana Grey (juvana) lifted an eyebrow as a lady in nearby shouted “How about you take them for her?” she hollered back as the lashes rang out in the square
[20:12:09] ClarityDevine: startled she jumped, no way this place don’t have bears of earth here”frowns moving little finger in her ear as she could have sworn she heard a growl but eh maybe not, tabs her stomach and cringes hearing the whip go to five”ssss”blows out air turning head away

[20:12:25] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark) eyes the basket of rotten fruit and then looks at Alex, thinking it might be worth it
[20:12:28] mercedes Stransky When the Master Magistrate pulled that whip, making the loud sound of the cracking on that leather when hits the ground first and echoes her ears when the first lash strikes against Master’s skin.She is a very natural reaction gets to feel her heart jumping as her upper body from being kneeled while closes her eyes briefly.Each lash on Master skin was bringing memories on her while her hands closed in a fist against her belly.She easy could feel that pain as if it was happening to her so she hears another one and sighs quietly.

[20:12:43] Estereya Bernard (estereya) watches interesting keeping her self steady with the sounds. the sounds seemed different when on a free over a slave.
[20:13:06] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) with the first strike I about jumped out of my own skin and held my gaze to his as if I wished I could provide some comfort. The second, third, fourth, and fifth made my knees buckle and I felt I would find the stone soon. Reaching out for Juvana as my tears ran free.[20:13:33] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) grits his teeth and takes the first lash. The sting instant and severe. He grunts though his teeth but maintains his composure. Taking a deep breath he feels the next lash. That one makes him squirm some but he does not shout out. The third comes and his legs jerks in reaction as an audible grunt comes from his mouth. The forth cause him to spit some, as he breathes heavily. Finally, the last lash causes his head to jerk hard as he growls. Feeling the end he looks at the Magistrage and says in a raspy voice “Unlock this fucking thing”
[20:13:38] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Watching the lashes she just sighs and cringes as each one is administered, but cant help but watch through squinted eyes. she hears the shouting and turns to see who that was
[20:15:14] Juvana Grey (juvana) took a stronger hold on Ash as she felt her knees buckle “Oh no, not again Ash” she said “breath, just breath” she added, calmly
[20:16:33] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) lowers his amber gaze to the ground….that tick working in his jaw again as each lash of the whip was heard..and the comments people would make about matters they knew little about. He watched Con take the blows..once again admitting that he admired the man for what he did for his friend and employer then slowly exhales as the man is released then looks to Ash…and slowly gazes at her , ready to rush to her at a moments notice should she faint again
[20:16:35] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter) brings each down swiftly and unlocks him , helping him to his feet, “The case is closed! Let this be a lesson to all here when a man has real honor it shows.” He was very moved still, chivalry at least tonight was not dead.

[20:17:59] Cσиѕтαитιиє (constantine.shilling) pushes away from the Magistrate, not in a mean manner but in a manner of a man who is in pain. He looks around and says “The Lady Ash owes me nothing” he then looks for the quickest exit and walks, slowly, that way. His back bleeding, his body in pain. Things a bit blurry.
[20:18:10] Juvana Grey (juvana) slipped an arm around Ash “For all the times you took punishments you didn’t deserve. For all the times you stayed and faced the consequences while the real guilty ones ran like cowards” she said, loud enough for those around to hear, even the ones on the overhang.

[20:18:55] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) bore witness to the stalwart way in which the man took the pain, and looked solemnly to his upset companion as she proclaimed the litany, and cautioned “be still and let us retire” he said insistently, the more pressure was on the less he was willing to act. “Lady Ash” he said in a meaningful way. “See too it that any medical attention he needs is taken care of, and we will meet about these events after matters have calmed” he told her intending to ensure that blowback was felt from the instigating slave house, and that it was indeed going to be real, but that was a matter for another day.
[20:20:23] Ashellia Thorne (ashellia) looked to Az and nodded as fingers did their best to swipe the continuing tears. “yes, of course. If.. if you will excuse me.”
[20:20:28] Åιє̀ȿαυńđгα Rαɠńivαrđ Sjöström (alesaundra) shouts: laughed hearing the words of the woman. Ales rolled her eyes. “That is funny” was all she said. She didn’t have time for anyone at he moment except for Con being #One thousand and two.

[20:20:53] Juvana Grey (juvana) pursed her lips behind her veils and gave a faintly narrowed glance to her companion “Yes, yes. I’m all done now.” she said, letting go of Ash as she headed away to see to Con.
[20:22:15] Azerbain Grey (azerbain) took Juvana by her sleeve but before leaving he nodded at Alex “A fair sentence, and sage reasoning” he told him. “I wish you well” he added, before leaving
[20:22:17] Jǟӄɛ Wօʟʄɛ (boytoy71) gazes around..then down at Angel..” we will need a physician for Con…” see to it mine while i accompany da lady
[20:22:22] Alexander Ragnivard Sjöström (danielcarter): /made his way up to the lift, the punishment done, “I wish you all well. ” He had things to write , cases to finish

[20:22:40] mercedes Stransky: /m wonders what will happen with the Slave House and inhales deep worried while goes there to sleep .
[20:22:40] Tamrissa Voljeti (shameless.shark) can only shake her head as she watches Con walk stiffly away. hoping that he will accept medical aide but who knew. looking to Alex she gives him a nod, he was only doing his job . turning back towards the lift, she left for home, her desire to be in public gone