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Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

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3/9/2019 Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

Svago Slave Dance Troupe

William Carver: I smiled hearing Rosa and said ” When we are done Rosa, I will buy you a cup myself! ”  I would then lift my voice ““ It is my honor to introduce the first event for the 4th Annual Svago Carnival, the Svago Slave Dance Troupe!  “ I turn and gaze upon the slaves “ Troupe the stage is yours “ I would then give smile and wave to the slaves as I made my way off the stage

The Svago Slaves kneel, their thighs pressed together, nervously they look to one another, Clarity clears her throat all eyes immediately focus on her. Clarity addresses the gathered crowd from her knees, “Tal our Owners. Tal Administrator.” the group beams as one of their own greets, “Tal Masters and Mistresses. We are the Svago Dance Troupe,” arms gesture in a grand sweep, indicates the girls kneeling with her. “The journey to Carnival 2019 is the inspiration for our dance today, we hope it pleases”. She settles back, each dancer follows her lead as they prepare for the music to start, slowly she nods her head to the musicians, signals readiness.

Kaellaed Rhode: /me stomps a foot and bashes chest with fist.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me clapped loudly for the girls!

The dancers snap into position as the music begins, the journey to the Svago 2019 Carnival started here. Movement limited, there is little to do but plan, positions and postures change, as ideas adapt and grow. Anticipation birthed and builds, each dancer moves to their feet and offers an open palm.

The dance troupe’s ears prick as the beat begins, bodies start to move with fluidity, each pose now flows into another. Possibilities seem endless as their eyes watch, with fascination and interest, the slow stretch and extension of their arms and legs. Brows are wiped with a delicate hand, thoughts momentarily invaded by doubt.

TyranKamdry Resident: ~he applauded as the girls began dancing ,watching his own in particular ~

The Svago Slaves start to limber up, hips start to wind, necks lengthen, taught skin displays the muscles and sinew in motion. The beasts prepare for the work ahead, imaginings must now become real. Bodies jump into action as the horn sounds, percussion instruments now toll a slow, constant beat, the girls step and spin in time.

Each dancer’s pace quickens, lungs fill with air sharply, the salty taste of Thassa permeates their mouths as they slowly empty their lungs. Confusion visible in each step, small frames drop to the cool wood, roll and stand rapidly. The girls regain the beat, arms swing in time, slow and deliberate, taking time to get it right.

The Svago Slaves eyes stare as feet delicately strut around on the wood. Each footfall and wave, calculated and focused, determined to reach the journey’s end. Momentary exhaustion, hands cradle faces and torsos bend. Although, the girls stay steadfast with a kick, composure and concentration regained, with extra flourish.

Dancers start to move with confidence and stance strong, the time draws near. Each slave now the embodiment of lessons past, toes point, steps high, arms sweep wide, they now hurdle and brush away obstacles in their path. The horns sound, prepared bodies spin and weave on the cool wood floor.

The Svago slaves respond to the sound of trumpets with an arched spine, hands to their mouths emulating the musicians as they herald the commencement of the Svago Carnival. Nervous energy flows through the girls, skin flushes, pupils dilate. Movement slow and gentle, designed to relax and calm the tension.

The Slaves tremble, there is a lull in the music, eyes dart, reality of their situation becomes clear. They walk to-and-fro like caged larls, agitation clear, their feet arch on the cool floor. The Tabors start to beat, pacing only temporarily broken, arms thrown open and heads turn skyward, perhaps hoping for intervention.

The Dancers focus on the music, their fear diverted, as the kalika joins the tabors, steps light and high as they skip to the beat. The musicians start to guide the slaves, offering a selection which captivates, bodies dip and turn in time. Momentum kept even as the samisen plays alone, the tabors return seamlessly, girls keep the tempo.

Each Svago slave feels a charge of energy, the samisens duel, tongues trace dry lips as they turn away. Daringly, dancers bend to see the crowd between their parted legs. The tarn drums pound, the beasts turn, supple torsos pop to the beat. The time has come, now is the time to dance to welcome all to the carnival.

Kaellaed Rhode: hoot

The slaves bend low, stretch a shapely leg forward, greets all who are watching with a high wave of their arms. Lips turn up into brilliant smiles, happiness for all to see. Toes point and press onto the floor, then flick. Tresses of all colours are lifted as they spin, before, ample hips ride the beat of the tambors.

The dancers hear the musicians, their graceful forms seem to emphasize different instruments. Hips thrust to the beat, then wind to the samisen, turn and twist, as the flute takes control. The music slows, brows furrow, as the girls continue to pump the air, forces the tarn drums to comply.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me watches the girls dance with such precise movements and grace only hoping that her dance will be as good!

Nephtides na Neidos (Nephtides Resident): *arrives a bit late, smiling and sipping from a wineskin, bidding all a friendly Tal and seating himself, eyes on the dancers*

The Svago Dance Troupe breathe deeply, lungs fill with the fragrant smell of various flowers in bloom. Arms glide around a twisting body, skin glistens in the rays from Lar-Torvis. Every movement, from the girls, is alive with joyousness, the lines of a smile, infuses their beautiful faces.

The slaves feet deftly stomp onto the wood floor, the collision with the surface makes a slap, the tambor continues to pound. Bountiful curves sway, arms reach to balance, harmony between sight and sound. Eyelashes flutter, as they catch sight of the brightly colored carnival decorations.

Each dancer raises their arms as the music stops all of a sudden, delicate hands move to frame their thrilled faces. Eyes sparkle, a smile snakes, abruptly they lean back and explode into rapid movement. Taunt glistening skin, emphasizes muscular legs as they cross and weave over the cool brown floor.

The Svago slaves hair flutters and drags behind them as they twist and turn. Powerful arms and legs stretch and whip around to the increased tempo, the music now hammers its final beats. Heads wobble, arms cross, they kneel, a gentle breeze brushes soft skin.

The slaves hold their final pose as the music stops, hearts pound, and chests heave with excitement and exhaustion. Tahlia speaks up “thank you, our Owners, Administrator, Masters and Mistresses, for allowing us to dance for you”

Kaellaed Rhode: /me stomps and beats his chest with flattened palm.

Chrysoprase  Ibn Yusef (MineralMaster Resident): applaudes loudly hand hitting shoulder

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki cheers for the slaves “well done slave dancers” she applauds as the dance ends

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me claps claps loudly “Spectacular girls!!!”

The Svago Slave Dance Troupe cheeks flush, take a bow and scamper away.

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds as the dance comes to an end

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /md cheers ” wonderfull epic  so well done girls “

Shirin Pfeffer: /me claps her hands as loud as she can: “Wonderful!”

ℒαδყ Nicα Rαɠńivαrđ Sjöström (MelisandraMelodi Resident): /me nods in approval

TyranKamdry Resident: ~he whistled and clapped extra loudly for all the girls while watching his own ~

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me claps his shoulder not even spilling his wine.

Kaellaed Rhode: /me pokes in bag of bribe money and tosses a few silvers at the girls, hoping to not hit any in the process.

Adayre (XxAdayrexX Resident): /me smiles and claps for the dancers

William Carver: I would applaud loudly for the girls ” Well done Svago Dance Troupe!!! “

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): Clapped her hands and cheered

Katerina Amaranth: /me applauds loudly.  “Well done!”

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me clapped and shouted, having enjoyed the set.

Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (Rosalynne Dawes): /me does a huge gorean appluase “well done girls!”

Lullio Resident: Thank you  for giving this opportunity to perform FOR you all

Lib (Liberace57 Resident): smiles and thinks this the way to start a day

TyranKamdry Resident: “Well done girls “

Kaellaed Rhode: very well choreographed, nice build up, sweet synch with the music, nice diversity

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps her hands excitedly as she runs off the stage waving to the girls, to find her Owners

ClarityDevine Resident: giving a wide smile to the free she blows out a goren kiss and exits the stage to the left!

ღ victoria ღ (hannah26548 Resident): /me bows at the end of the dance and slowly makes her way off the stage with the others

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me snaps her fingers for her npc slaves Hup and Sura to get the water for the girls as they leave the stage!

Pink (ProudlyPink Sheridan): /me beams a somewhat shy smile at the compliments and quickly darts off the stage, following the girls towards the side.

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki heads to the stage and waits for the slaves to get all the recognition they deserve “Well done she calls to them and as they leave she grabs jade by the arm “get that silver and hand it to me”  She takes a step to the front of the stage and waits for a moment to be sure the slave of her gathers all the coins and glances over to her companion with the ‘what did you expect look’

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FW Horror – Carnival Closing Dance

Category : Svago General Info


William Carver: Before the speech making starts we have one last treat in store that will be the closing dance performed by our graceful Ladies of the Veils”

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps loudly with excitement to see her Mistress dance again.

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me whispers to his brother.

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me would look up as she heard the administrator announce the dancing of the freewomen she was excited to see her mother up there

William Carver: ” Ladies of the Veils, the stage is yours! ” and with that I would hop down

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me cocks his head and then lifts his shoulders and drops them again.  He wiped at a pink splotch of glaze on his chest.

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me gasps with admiration at the amazing gowns and poses of the Mistresses.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The ladies come together, looking up towards the sky, the three moons of gor bright as their lights descend upon them on the last day of carnival. A celebration for the ages, this year was amazing and they all would be thankful for all those that came together to volunteer, participate and energize all the wonderful people of Svago. This dance is dedicated to those that made it possible, the events and the good will feelings we all experienced over these last few wonderful days. A special recognition moment for Nikki and pulling it all together, may she find some sleep after this and her jaw that will probably hit the floor by the end of this dance.

FW Horrrors: shouts: Moonlight is alluring, it calls to the Ladies feeling its calm and soothing presence, their bodies begin to sway feeling the need to tell their story of why they are truly the wonders of companionship. They each, in turn, will tell a story of how they are truly special in regards to taking care of a man and the household, true gems in the rough, although it might be very rough. Their attention still on the moons, the stage is set, the music rises in its cadence, they move together as one, the hands reach up to the rays of the moons letting it empower their most feminine aspects of their nature to get this story started in the right direction.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The ladies now all turn in their movements to the front, any birds or animals that were in the vicinity just fled for cover, ones can hear the screeches of tarns overhead going in any direction but theirs, even braving flying over water versus over them. Their distinct features now visible and one could hear some notable baby cries out in their wake, as a vision of ‘holy crap’ descends upon the final night of carnival, a true nod to its jocular nature and expression of whatever may come. The bodies still move, but they probably bumped into each other, tore a skirt for they were not all the greatest coordinated women on Gor. They all move their bodies in their own enticing ways, they continue now after the collective spewing of consumed beverages from the crowd had been completed.

FW Horrrors: shouts: What is this dance about? Well I am so glad you asked! It is a story, about several ladies and the visions they represent when a man has a companion that he never gets to see until companionship night. Of course in true Gor fashion, they usually are that storybook romance, happy with the beauty they possess, the gifts they find, but reality isn’t always so. This is all about what nightmares are made of when that veil lowers, that first meal is cooked, the first slave of their’s hair is burnt off is when the man truly realizes to himself ‘My Priest King or Odin what have I done??!!’ Now the story continues as each women tells their unique story of what they bring to their companionship, this is not for the faint of heart.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She indicated the lit candles, those illuminating the bed chambers, albeit a soft glow – with their flickering flames and shadows that cast and danced merrily upon the table’s surface, ‘Snuff them out’, she demanded and when he protested, for he had never yet seen the woman beneath the robes and veils , she shook her head decisively, ‘Snuff them out’, she said again, unwavering on her stance. It is said that only a fool would buy a woman clothed – perhaps true enough for slaves but her dowry had quietened any further curiosity prior to their companionship ceremony and surely she was lovely: her measured pace, her impeccable posture, the slender figure ensconced within her robes. One only needed to witness the energy with which she attended to her caste work and the intelligence found within her eyes to know she was a catch! Within the dark of the room her fingers lifted, tentatively teasing apart the intricate rows of clips and fastenings that affixed her veil to the features of her face.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She felt his hand grasp her upper arm in some proprietorial fashion, ‘Wait, I am not ready!’, she exclaimed as he leaned down to press the first kiss to the lips of his newly appointed Companion. She heard the gasp of surprise but had known it was coming, steeling herself for that inevitable moment. His fingers lifted, touching beneath her chin and up over the contours of her face,. ‘Replace the veil!’, he cried in disbelief and horror. Many a curse was to follow but it was said that the sons they went on to conceive grew beards more magnificent than any Northern Man could ever attest to cultivating and their bodies were so resplendently thick with bristles of hair that they could withstand sub-zero temperatures with ease. ‘The Bears’ they were known as, feared and admired all at once. Their daughters were of course another matter, for hirsutism was a cruel burden to bear.

FW Horrrors: shouts: For them, those robes and veils that concealed so artfully the daughters that waited until a large enough dowry would secured the acceptance of a man of their own. They waited patiently their turn to demand: ‘Snuff out the candles!’

FW Horrrors: shouts: She awakes with the smell of baby poop  companioned with a soft flavor of acid in the room ..sniffs under her armpits .. ‘not me’  she smirks and slips her sack over which was far away from the noble robes of concealment  she had worn before .. dripping over the piss pot ..gives out some words of anger than presses her swollen feet in way to small slippers .. slowly waddles to the crib .. with one child  in her arms and another under her heart .. she moves to the kitchen ..unwashed .. preparing some kind of almost eatable things .. calling up .. ‘breakfast ready’ while holding the diaper in one hand and the plate of food in the other ..  joy of being a mother .. another bad hair day .. but with a scarf .. it was easy .. after her companion had almost running left the house ..shrugs and throws a wide cape over herself .. and makes her way to work .. Joy of life .. even smelling bad ..  Joy of being companioned ..

FW Horrrors: shouts: She mutters almost too low to hear, somewhat embarrassed. She checks herself in the mirror as she gets ready to go out, trying to tuck the short stubborn wisps of hair back under the covering on her head to hide them, but they just keep popping back out.  She starts to take a step, one large foot catching on the heel on the other and causing her to lurch a bit as she heads for the door, her myopic eyes searching for any more obstacles in her way and just a weeble wobbles all over the place like a duck caught in a wind storm. Her scratchy shrill voice is easily heard several dwellings away as she curses fluently, tripping over her own feet again. ‘pick up some damn bosk milk on your way home from the tavern and this time, come back sooner than 6 moons!’

FW Horrrors: shouts: She was home waiting for her companion as he said he was going to the slave house to obtain a kettle girl and that was two months ago, twirls around as she sweeps his dirty clothes right out the back door into the sea below, hollers out ‘you, slave, go clean that!’ and didn’t particularly notice it was a warrior there at the time. Twirls her thick hideous robes around that catches under her big feet, tripping over a table and smacking her large nose into the wall that had the house whips on it, one falls around her neck as she steps back and trips back onto her back, her slippers go flying, her hands jut upward in the air looking like a crab tossed on its rear and screams out ‘who put this tavern barrel tea table right here??!!’ her voice sounded very eerily similar to the nails raking over metal and she had broken her nose again for the 492057897593rd time.

FW Horrrors: shouts: My companion thinks I am a goof, I threw up on the roof. We had twirled and whirled until I hurled. the next day we saw a healer and my companion was really eager. the physician drew a cloth and blew into my mouth some dust. the scribe’s pen was covered in rust! ‘oh my oh my’ the scribe said when the pen jabbed his hand ‘I need a shot or my hand will rot!’. the physician sighed and walked over ‘I think you and I need to have a chat and begin to sew a knot!’

FW Horrrors: shouts:  ‘I hate you’…’You’ll curse the mother that bore you if you drink that..sign that contract and die!’ she warns her new companion every step of the way.. The contract is signed.  Before the scribe can do the same, she raises her arm, a dagger gleams in the flickering torch lights. Was it aimed for the scribe’s heart or her mate’s eye? A strong hand twists her wrist the blade drops. The ceremony complete. Moving closer to lift her veil. Time to view the harpy’s face and take his first kiss. She leans upwards and tries to bite him, her knee raises forcefully to make a eunuch of him. A few well-chosen steps, her efforts are thwarted. To this day, it’s still argued, who tried to kill the other first. One thing is for certain, it’s her ghost that haunts the man, scolding and breathing threats night and day.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She had just gotten a companion not long ago and already she’d gotten the feeling he wasn’t appreciative of her domestic skills. She had done so much for him!  She was the best cook, She’d show him just how lucky he was and make a grand dinner, she left the bosk out on the back doorstep for 2 days rather than 3 but that didn’t matter., and though it was a pain to scrape the crawlies off the meat at first, which when mashed and put in with the suls made them so much tastier. Odd that he turned a shade of green not unlike the color of the fungus between her toes. Also, she was great at decorating his abode, she ingeniously used his furniture to stock the wood pile for the cooler days, they would not have to go cut any or buy any from the woodsman. For some reason he didn’t seem to appreciate this and so she added his bed linens to the fire just to demonstrate how well they burned and kept the place cozy warm. So what if the flames could be seen from across the city

FW Horrrors: shouts: The kitchen needed to be renovated anyhow. She’d saved him time in the demolition! Since they didn’t have furniture, or kitchen, she sold his slaves because there really wasn’t anything for them to clean and since they were of no use to them anymore. He was lucky to have her!

FW Horrrors: shouts: Ash was excited at the thought of Companionship even though it had cost her Father a great deal of coin.  Arranged it was, politics, power, coin, and then there was the issue with her ‘interesting and unique’ appearance. It was true, she resembled the south end of a north-bound bosk.  Eyes bugged from their sockets, a nose that would make Pinocchio blush, teeth that would eat corn through a picket fence, and well there was her figure. Let’s just say she was a ‘whole lot of woman.’  Did I mention hairy warts? The ceremony, fully veiled under the dark of night she was a mystery to him–What a SURPRISE he was in for. The mood set, romance glowed, and it was time to consummate the contract.  He just ‘thought’ it was many layers of robes of concealment made her ‘fluffy’ when in fact, it was just a whole lot of her–a WHOLE lot.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She did LOVE her pie! Robes removed, veils unmasked, she was nervous but he pushed back the sheer curtain in a full blown state of arousal as he entered the room where the lamp of love was lit. There was no hiding the eagerness of his anticipation of bedding his companion.  BUT THEN…a blood-curdling scream like a goat would be the best way to describe the sound that came from her Companion. Horror wrecked his face and who knew a face would contort like that! An abomination of womanhood lay with not a stitch of fabric one on, eager to bring into this world his offspring as it was her womanly duty, When he laid eyes upon what lay before him, his ‘manhood’ shriveled up as if he were waist deep in the freezing water of Torvaldsland, the TURTLE syndrome it was! That thing retreated faster than Ash making her way to a free pie giveaway, and so did he.

FW Horrrors: shouts: A slow smile drew upon her lips as she knew the law of Companionship and she gloated for HE was HERS for a WHOLE year.  Reaching to the side of the furs for the pie that was to be part of foreplay, it was now satisfaction as she enjoyed the first love of her life, PIE!

FW Horrrors: shouts: Now as each had their turn, this way and that they had burned. Their delights special to them, the men in their lives probably remained in a tavern for the rest of their nights. How many times has a man in passing claimed that a free woman was a slave in robes? Well by George, this is more than enough proof that yeah…no, it was a no go. Proud as one again, their bodies turn and move across the ground, hope no one would trip and fall, there was no physicians on call. Their movements implore their audience and was sure those watching, if they got over their shock by now, would never forget this scene that unfolded. If one paid enough attention, a bone cracking here and there could be heard, their grunts as they swayed would not be misconstrued for a reason to be laid. They all probably haven’t moved this much in three hundred years or more, they certainly were in no shape for a score.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The music increases and so does their lower back pain, the length of this dance is insane but there is a very important tale to tell, appreciate the one you are with because you may get someone that makes you want to spit. The sky lights up now with it’s sparklers and sounds of joy, could this parody be over? Oh you do not get off that easy. The music was starting to wind down and maybe the crowd would lose their collective frown. Now that they were closer, the body odor would take over as they all probably sweat like a tarsk and the only thing that was missing to complete this ensemble was the appropriate bright fluorescent pink leg warmers to round out their sweatin to the oldies fanfare. They did one last kick and someone’s nasty slipper just launched into the crowd, one could tell where it would be found as they cleared 20 meters on all sides of the blast zone. One last shake, one last move, could this finally improve.

FW Horrrors: shouts: Someone yells like a gianni was stepped on, and of course all the ladies as one, pointed to Lilly, at least it wasn’t a bell.

FW Horrrors: shouts: As the dance finally concludes a message to be sure, a huge thank you to all of Svago, with you all it would be impossible. The last few days have been a delight so no need to run in fright. The Ladies will transform at the end of the night, being like that picture book story in flight. Yes my rhymes are lame, but who is to blame? By this point of the dance my brain ran askance. The ladies move together and take a collective bow and in hopes they enjoyed the satire. If you took this seriously then make sure you schedule an appointment with our local physicians, they excel at politis extraction. It will not hurt, much. La free woman or whatever can be said, this was our dance and thank you from the heart that no one had a fart.

FW Horrrors: shouts: -the end-

Chrysoprase  Ibn Yusef (MineralMaster Resident): laughs so hard and claps as almost falls on the floor

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me chuckles and applauds

Lullio Resident: claps loudly

Kati Evans: /me claps

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me claps and laughs so hard as well

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps and cheers loudly

William Carver: Joined with all the other wise companioned free man in applauding very enthusiastically and was sure the men that wanted to be companioned joined in with the applauds too  ” Well Done Ladies well done! “

Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (Rosalynne Dawes): appluads the Ladies of Svago for doing this!!!!!!

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): /me laughs and claps loudly although he gives his companion a very weary look.

Thorn (BlockDent Resident): /me laughs and shouts out “Huzzah!”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me makes googly eyes at Pyrnir

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Can’t help but howl in laughter and applaud’s Rosa, Kat and Ash for getting this altogether “how fun, and my cooking is not nearly that bad”

βirdy  (BlRDY Resident): claps her small hands

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me cheers for all of the lovely ..err.. Mistresses!!

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds looking up at the stage, shakes his head laughing despite himself. “are you sure Nikki? I saw that half cooked pancake thing with the fish eyes at the cooking contest.”

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me chuckles and would applaud the ladies.

William Carver: ” Well done Ladies ” I called out as I moved up to the stage ” Now would the Carnival Ubrate join me on stage “

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Carnival Closing Ceremony

Category : Svago General Info

3/13/2019  Carnival Closing Ceremony

William Carver: “The Ubrate of the Carnival, Ubar would you have some words to offer your loyal Carnival subjects?”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me cleared my throat and squinted ot see if I still had a companion out there.

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me bows once more to the Ubara as she joins us, a flourish of his hand as he righted himself and calmed his mighty kaiila.  “Yes, thank you.”

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me snickers.

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me stood before those that had elected her as Ubara of Carnival and was truly humbled and honored.  “I would like to thank Pyrnir for tolerating all my antics and costumes this week and thank you citizens of Svago for the most wonderful opportunity you have given me in being Ubara of this year’s Carnival!  Who would have ever thought that a low caste would stand before you in such a way! Well, I now know what it’s like to sit in the lofty seat at the arena, to have mead at my beckoning, pie every hour of the day, and most importantly to be the recipient of your kindness.   As a token of my thanks for making me Ubara of Carnival I have PIE FOR EVERYONE! ” gestured to the box next to me “Please take yours from the box and I do hope you realize the magnitude of gesture this is from me!” continued….

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): shouts: Svago is a melting pot of culture from all over Gor and that is what makes us so unique, our people.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped organize this amazing event, hosted a competition, organized or participated in the Free Woman dance, and to those who participated in each event or cheered for those that did.  Carnival is not only games, events, decorations or props but the heart of Carnival is you. Let us not forget the spirit of unity and harmony that comes with Carnival and carry it with us through the remainder of the year. We are Svagoreans! Let us not forget that in our trials of politics where we take different sides, or in a rivalry of slave houses, or in any other dispute that we have a common thread and that is that we are Svago.  When our backs are against the wall, it is when we are at our best, strongest, and unstoppable. Thank you administrators for what you do on a daily basis for us all. We may not always express our gratitude, but make no mistake, it is there and it is real. The word “GO’ comes at the end of the name of our Island–SvaGO. That is perhaps a coincidence but it is also because Svago is destined to lead. We do not follow. Svago does not wait for others to do first, we “GO” and do it.  We are the ones who do it first! We “GO” Ubar, thank you for lifting your goblet and toasting Svago during this Carnival and to all of you, my humble and heartfelt thanks for this experience of being your Ubara of Carnival! Hail Svago! Hail Svagoreans!

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /me claps and cheers loud to Ash ..  ” hear hear .. “

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): me smiled to William and nodded indicating I was finished

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me claps his shoulder resoundingly.

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): /me claps “Well said!”

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Laughs and actually gasps a little as the frugal slaver gives away pie or for that matter anything and just applauds leaning to jade “:be sure to get our pie at the end”

Kati Evans: Hail Svago!

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me smiles at his woman’s words, knowing well she could be the Ubara at his side if he ever decided to take over Gor.

William Carver: I applauded the Ubara ” Hail Svago! “

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Hail Svago “

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): /me claps for Ash, nodding

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): shouts: HAIL SVAGO!

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me cheers for the pretty Ubara of the Carnival!

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): well said mother!!

Katerina Amaranth: /me applauds for Ash, then turns to look over her shoulder back at Dragon, her eyes twinkling still with laughter.  “Now you see why I hid that costume?” She turns back as she hears the others. “Hail Svago!”

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): Hail Svago

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): “Hail Svago” she cheers as Ash ends her speech

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me whoops and applauds

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me lifts his hands to the crowd, “People of Svago! It has been my greatest honor to serve the whim of the people for Carnivale!  We have shared wine! We have shared paga! Too, we have shared mead!” He cheers to all. He lowers his hands, the party Ubar fading but still in good cheer he says, “I have done my ultimate best to embody the spirit of Carnivale and want to think you all for your indulgences for this the time of our frivolity.   We have shared kisses! Wishes have been made! Pies were eaten! Races were won, and bets were abundant! Let us all thank one another for our time together in masked anonymity! And also, I would like to especially thank the Svago Olives -the true hero of Carnivale!” he pounds his shoulder and and pauses an Ihn before he would continue:

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me pounds her doll’s shoulder in applause to the Carnival Ubar’s words, and knocks a bit more stuffing out of her.

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): “As with all reigns, our time is at an end,” lifts his hand to ward off the inevitable boos, “No Ubar lasts forever, and the tide has turned! I am afraid it is now time for us to prepare our white paint and our brak for the time of the Waiting Hand is soon upon us.  We must needs balance our most joyous Carnivale with a quiet contemplation and a look to the New Year! Mourn me not, for like the ebb and flow of Thassa we must now say goodbye as a natural order! I bid you each a fond fare thee well, and until next time my friends -a final toast! To Carnivale! To Olives!  Hail Svago!” he touches his shoulder and bows to them all.

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me calls out,”Hail Svago… and I’m nominating you next year!”

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): “to Olives” she repeats as she applauds not even sure why she said it “Hail Svago”

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Hail Svago .. Hail to the Ubarate of Carnival “

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): Hail Svagp

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me rises and points at Niall with a laugh.

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): Hail Svago!!

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): Hail Svago!

Katerina Amaranth: Hail Svago!!

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me claps his shoulder casually, grinning all the while.

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): shouts: once again she speaks with pride “Hail Svago”!!

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds the words of the Ubar and Ubara of the carnival “Hail Svago”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): Hail Svago!

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): hail Svago!

William Carver: I would applaud the Ubar ” Well said Ubar! ”  I then looked to Mia ” And a word from the slave of the Ubarate”

Tess ℒionhearϮ (Tess Anatra): /me claps her hands enthusiastically and sigh a little at the realization that it all must now come to an end.

Mia (Vampja Resident): “Thank you Master,” her voice is soft and she rises to her feet.

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me smiled and applauded the Ubar!

Thorn (BlockDent Resident): HAIL SVAGO!

Mia (Vampja Resident): She speaks in a voice loud enough to be heard. “As the duly elected slave of the Carnival Ubarate, and with my slave doll, I greet you and beg to speak freely — from my heart. I offer you a gift of thanks, a poem just written today for this occasion.” She clears her throat, holds up her doll, and says the words in a squeaky voice, as if the doll is a puppet.

Mia (Vampja Resident): “Oh free of Svago, the time has come

The depths of Carnival I saw you plumb

But just as hook and line and bait

Must be pulled up, so ends this fete.

Oh slaves of Svago, you danced and furred

Wresting and racing til your sight blurred

Just as chum is doomed to be eaten

So your lengthy frolic is beaten. “

“The Ubar, Ubara, and Ubarate slave

Must step down from their dais with royal wave.

The slave grabs a broom, the Mistress a duster

The Master goes back to his smithy with bluster.

Not all is forgotten, for in days to come

The foils of the holiday will be often re-spun

Mimed out by the poets, the musicians, the singers

The names of the winners cried out by joy bringers.”

“As the sun sets on Svago’s Carnival adventure

This slave offers her thanks on a well laden trencher

To administrator, regent, builders, and actors

You played your part well, you have no detractors

Like fishermen as the day draws to an end

We all have our prizes and fish to expend

Hold your memories close, from hard work don’t abstain

For very quickly our Carnival will come again!” [the end]

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): “Bravo Ubarate Slave!”

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me turns and kisses the Ubarate dolly soundly where she should have lips! “Well done!”  He pats Mia fondly on the head and smiles at her. He rises and claps his shoulder leading the cheering.

Mia (Vampja Resident): Mia and her doll take a little bow.

William Carver: Would applaud impressed by the poem ” Very lovely mia! ”  I would offer to her

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Bravo ..well spoken .. Bravo .. “

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): claps!!

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): /me claps “Well done girl!”

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me would clap “well done mia well done!!”

βirdy  (BlRDY Resident): after being sure that Fallen was out of sight, did she clap her hands to support her friend. She loved Mias poems and this one was another one so sweet that it made her both smile and giggle. “Bravo Mia” she said and didn’t care if she was allowed to speak or not

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): “Fabulous Mia!”

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me blushes with happiness.

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): /me clapped loudly, “Well done Mia!”

Tess ℒionhearϮ (Tess Anatra): /me claps quickly and enthusiastic again.

Katerina Amaranth: /me too applauds loudly.  “Well done, Mia!” She turns to look at Dragon once more, then back at those on the stage.

Sylvanus Voss: /me claps, “well done Mia,” impressed by the talent of the slave girl.

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki looks at Mia the girl had pleased her with the poem “Well done Mia, well done” and applauds for the slave girl “Hail Svago”  Nikki could not be more proud of her city and the people who live here

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /me grins to Rosa under this layers of materials ..” you did this on purpose right ?  ” she rubs her ear .. at least she hopes it is the right spot

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me bows again and lifting his ‘kaiila’ to his shoulder he exits stage left.

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me holds her doll tightly and exits the stage right.

William Carver: ” Ubar if you will sit on the throne, Ubara at his side and slave kneel near ”  I would ask

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me eyes it for swords first.

William Carver: ” We can get a quick painting of you “

William Carver: ” Thank you Ubrate for your service,” I would say and inclined my head in respect ”   I turned to the crowd and would say ” Ladies and Gentlemen of Svago, with this we close our Carnival, thank you all for your hard work, thank you all from the bottom of mine and Nikki’s heart for all you have done, it means alot.  Nikki, Jade please come up so we can pose for a picture with the Ubrate.

William Carver: ” Thank you Ubar and Ubara and slave of the Ubarte, now for the fun part, cleaning up! ” I would say with a laugh

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Calls out to everyone “thank you for making this week so special and now, we drink wine and rest”

William Carver: ” Warriors please secure the gates, and restart your patrols. ”  I would say to them,

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me smirks hearing William and looked over to the Warrior’s Present. “You hear the Administrator.. see it done Rarii!”

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Poem for Svago by Chrys

Category : Svago General Info

Isle Of Svego

Sitting on a high wall overlooking
on one side the seemingly endless water
on the other the thriving new home
has let me be part.
Svago a place of honest hearts
strong spirits
of lovely flowers at ones feet
as well as elegant ladies to see.
Many folk
some to defend home with strength and honor
some to bring business and make it to thrive
also lest you think is not respectable
those also guide us to remember
as well as live by the wishes
of the mighty ones made all.
Sitting on this high wall
I consider the days then years
gladly I will be part of here
with my humble skills add
to this precious place of living.

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Death of Ragnulf, the Slaver – AKA The one where Seir accidentally kills the Slaver

Category : Svago General Info

[18:01] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) swallowed, trying not to become hysterical. The reality of the idea was beginning to sink in, ice cold, and clutching around her throat; it was like her collar was choking her, getting smaller hort by hort over each moment. “I don’t think it’s up to me to ruminate or decide,” she finally replied as her stomach flopped. There was also some sphinctal clenchage.

[18:05] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) let out another laugh and the steady, click, click, click would resume, “I didn’t ask you if you thought it was up to you to decide. I asked you if you thought you deserved to die.”, in between that annoying click that was becoming more and more like the swing of a pendulum. Rhythmic but by no means lulling.

[18:10] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) blew out a breath and suppressed a groan. “There is no way for a kajira to do well in this type of discussion, my Mistress,” she said, rather conversationally. After an ehn of thought she finally replied. “No, my Mistress, I don’t.” Maybe not yet, anyway. She certainly didn’t want to, and had spent her entire time on Gor chasing and ensuring survival; she’d manage to do so thus far, but had a few too-close-for-comfort brushes with it all too recently. Shivered again, like an involuntary reaction, hearing her go back and forth in that calculated way; it did anything but ease her tension.

[18:15] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) gave a nod, “I didn’t think so. At least you were honest about that.”, she stated evenly, and then added, “instead of trying to placate me with some middle of the road, half assed response. However, I do need to deal with what has caused me offense on one to many occasions.”, reaching down to grab a fist full of layla’s hair and yanking her head up from the likely now warmed tile and crouched to look in her slave’s now exposed face, “I’ll have to remove that tongue of yours so that you’ll never be able to speak back again. This makes me sad because I looked forward to getting the news from you. But, we both know you know how to read and write, so that will just have to become the alternative.”, letting go her grip in Layla’s hair.

[18:22] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) frowned, “Sometimes those seem the safest, my Mistress,” replied honestly. Winced as that fist was in her hair and dragging her back. She gasped, which was harsh due to the angle her neck was being jerked at. And then listening to Seir’s reply the girl let out a whimper. It had never occurred to her that she might lose some body parts. Her lips twitched as if they might part, but her big fat mouth was what had gotten her into this whole mess. Not expecting to be let go of she tried to turn her head so she didn’t faceplant into the tile; it caught her cheek instead, a small bite of pain blooming there. Tried to mindfully regulate her breathing, which had sped up with her heartbeat as her mind tried to process the idea of having her tongue cut out. Never being able to speak again, sing again. Aside from the obvious pain. The shame.

[18:33] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) stopped midstride hearing Layla’s comment. Her head slowly canted to the side. A slow exhale left her with a sigh rolling in on its heels. “Right then.”, she stated and took a couple steps back from layla, then moved around her to head in to the house, then up the stairs. She didn’t command Layla not to move. Or tell layla she couldn’t go. Seir was simply..packing up a few gowns and some warmer clothing.

[18:37] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) wasn’t told she could move, or she could go, either. She’d err on the side of caution, trying to figure out what was going on from the sound of her footsteps. Oh god, here it came, she was going for a butcher knife or shears or – something more blunt if she was feeling particularly sadistic. So she stayed where she was for now, not wanting to add further to her tallied list of shit she needed punishing for.

[18:43] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) closed the trunk and gave a look around. Grabbing one handle she dragged it behind her. The steady thump thump thump of her downward progress might be heard outside. She came to the door and dragged the trunk out on to the patio, “Now, as I said, I’m going to Boswell”, sounding slightly winded, after all the trunk wasn’t exactly light, even if her gowns were. “You may get up off the tile.”, Seir added, her tone matter of fact. Was there still rage? Oh you fuckin’ betcha. But there was also a weariness in her tone. “You know where it is. If anyone need speak with me face to face, draw them a map or have them tell the captain the location.”. Simple enough.

[18:43] 1.Teleport Device down: Right click and choose ‘teleport’

[18:46] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) might have stood up off the ground, but looked as it she could’ve easily sunk back into the tiles, defeated. “Yes, my Mistress,” she replied, watching her. The woman out of breath, she was going to reach for the trunk, but was reminded Seir could take of herself. Was reminded she wasn’t not accompanying her. Either way, too much shit going on in the brain pan to think very clearly to make any good decision that she felt would likely get her anywhere better than she was now. “I wish you well, my Mistress,” was the final thing she uttered. For then anyway.

[19:02] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was about to turn and go dragging her trunk behind herself when a slave appeared at the gate. Seir canted her head to the side. Literally, the last fucking thing she was in the mood for was dealing with any slave, nevermind a wayward slave, “What the fuck do you want?”, she stated, though the words were harsh, her tone was resigned. The slave balked, pushed the scroll through the gate and turned and bolted without a word. “By Odin”, Seir swore dropping the trunk with a slam to the tile and moving to pick the scroll. She gave it a quick read and then turned like she wanted to punch something, her free hand curled in a white knuckled fist. “Seems I have an appointment to go learn the sleen commands so that it won’t require a handler.”. Svago, always trying to save a copper. She looked at her trunk, then to layla, then back to the trunk, “Leave it. You’ll need the same training for a later date.”

[19:06] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) blinks, losing her footing for a moment even though she was essentially standing still. “I … coming with you? Following?” Layla talk real gud. “Clothes?” she asked, pointing to their neat, folded pile.

[19:09] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was tired. Annoyed. Wanted to stab something. But, Layla’s reaction would have been priceless on any other day. Today was not that day. So Layla’s incredulity was met with a clacking of teeth and a “yes to both, now shift it!”, as she turned to head out of the patio, leaving her trunk there unattended. Because, who was gonna steal that shit? no bitches around here had an ass big enough to fill them

[19:10] Svago Lift whispers: Level 1

[19:11] Svago Lift whispers: Level 0

[19:13] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) had received the missive that it was time for her lesson. She was rather miffed about something else completely, so her movements were choppy. Stiff. “Tal, Marcus.”, looking past him to Aelia and giving a nod, “So this is where I learn how to not end up sleen food?”, canting her head to the side.

[19:15] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) had not realized just how truly talented she, herself, was until she managed to regain her balance, snag her clothing, and run after her Mistress – all while simultaneously sliding on her bits of clothing. At least she knew where they were going, in case she lost sight of Seir she’d know where to meet the woman – though she really did not want to push the woman’s patience by not being dutifully right behind her. And thus, talent prevailed; once they came to a stop, Layla knelt at Seir’s side and offered both Marcus and Aelia a smile. “Greetings, Master,” she offered softly. Yes, no sleen food!

[19:20] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) laughs and says, “Indeed. We will go over the basic commands and hand signals. Depending on how naturally adept you are, we can progress to more difficult tasks as we go. But that will remain to be seen.” He then furrows his brow for an ihn as he regards the woman and her slave and says, “If the Lady is too harsh or too gentle with a sleen, it may lash out not unlike a petulant youth…albeit a deadly petulant youth.” he chuckles. He would cast a sideward glance at layla and offer no “hubba hubba” waggle of his brows this time as the discussion at hand was serious business, so no time for love doctor jones. He would then look at allie to snap his fingers and point to the den.

[19:20] 00Allie00 slipped to a careful tower and folder her hands in her lap and lowered eyes as she did so often as to avoid offending those not collared in steel. “Tal Mistress” she said in a voice hardly audible. A careful observer would no doubt see her fingers rapidly rotating one over her old bracelets about her wrist in what might be considered a nervous fidget.

[19:22] 00Allie00 … quickly took the direction given her and stood to claim beverages from the den for those present… “Your preference in drink Mistress?” she would ask quietly, eyes still held no higher than the feet of the free woman.

[19:28] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) sniffed. As if she’d ever be to gentle with anything. Of course, perhaps she could be to stern and that might create issue. “So confident. Understood.”, because that’s something Seir had in abundance. Mostly. Well not right now. Right now she hated everyone, everything, and all that gorean society represented. Perhaps it was a bad day all told. “I am a fast learn”, she promised, slanting a glance to Aelia, “Mead. If you have it. Nothing otherwise.”, she replied, knowing full well that mead in the south might not be so plentiful.

[19:30] 00Allie00 bowed at the waist and backed away from the free before turning into the den to prepare refreshments for the free.

[19:32] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) was on that telltale Best Behavior™; gaze flickered to Aelia as she got up to retrieve a beverage and shifted a little on her knees. Echoed Seir’s sniff at the feeling of superfluousness, all the while knowing she’d be doing the same thing, herself, were they within the Commander’s domicile. Reminded by Seir’s words of the severity of the sleen and ensuring one’s behavior around them, she looked past Marcus into the gates with a soft frown, hoping that perhaps they were all sleeping for the time being.

[19:33] Adio Magic: does her best to conceal her nakedness

[19:34] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) lengthens Adio’s leash a bit so she can run around and exercise

[19:34] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the big angry looking man in front of him ” Tal there i need some infomation”

[19:34] Adio Magic: please sir..please let me go

[19:35] Adio Magic: uses vidar’s body as a shield

[19:35] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks back to Adio ” dont even try to beg me to let you go, it aint happening”

[19:36] Vidar Hammond (aresulus): gezz is anoyone awake in this town

[19:36] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) looks to the man addressing him, “Tal. What do you need?” He tilts his head trying to see the girl that begs for release. “She is yours?”

[19:36] Adio Magic: he kidnapped me!

[19:37] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the man and shows him the leash ” of course she is moine”

[19:37] Adio Magic: im not!..help me sir!..i beg of you!…..i am the daughter of the ubar of sais!….help me and you will be rewarded!

[19:37] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) pulls adio closer to him ” be silent girl, i dont want to have to gag you”

[19:38] Adio Magic: whimpers as the harsh tug of her leash hurts

[19:39] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) grins, “Holding someone’s leash doesn’t mean you own them. Do you have ownership papers? And what is it you need help with?”

[19:39] Adio Magic: “thats right….it doenst mean it at all..and he has no papers!”

[19:41] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the man ignoring Adio’s pleads ” i am here to she the physision Nikki” he says and pulls the captive closer to him ” she is a panther i recently captured her and am preparing to get her offical when i get her home, I needed to stop here to see the lady Nikki”

[19:41] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) laughs, “Slut, you are not the daughter of Jarven of Sais. Throw the beast into the bay for all I care.”

[19:41] Adio Magic: he is lying sir!…please help right this injustice!

[19:41] Adio Magic: cowers back from him

[19:42] Vidar Hammond (aresulus): you already got caught in a lie girl, you are untrust worthy

[19:42] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) looked over her shoulder, “Can you just kill it, fuck it or cut out it’s tongue already?”. And by it, she of course meant the new chattle at the end of the leash. “It’s annoying.”

[19:42] Adio Magic: im his other daughter..Adio!

[19:42] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) raises a fist to strike the girl. But he looks to the man holding the leash first.

[19:42] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) shifted so her back was not to any Free and … watched the show.

[19:42] Adio Magic: cowers behind vidar

[19:43] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) “slut, if you say that one more time. I will pay your price in gold to the warrior here and feed you to my sleen.”

[19:43] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the Sgt Marcus ” she is alieing slut and i oppolgise for her mouth, i intend training her myself once she is offically collared and papers have been created” he slaps her up the side of the head Jarven’s seed wouldnt produce such a horrid little beast as you”

[19:43] 00Allie00 returned, striding quickly with the beverages ordered atop a carved wooden try, well worn with use. She began by taking to her reddened knees before the free woman, seeing that her master was indisposed… she poured the sweet mead from a cask of mead… Aelia surprised herself there was any in storage. “May this please you and quench your thirst Mistress.” she brought it to her chest before lifting to the free. She would glance to the slave on her left… lingered for a brief moment and returned to the care of the tray of drinks.

[19:44] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) looks to the beast. “His daughter or not girl you are now a daughter of chains which mean even your family will kill you if they saw you like this. Better accept your faith and submit willingly before he gets annoyed by your whinning and throw you to sleens.”

[19:45] Adio Magic: sobs….her head downcast

[19:45] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to both men and pulls Adio closer to him ” this slut is mine and i will not give her up for any price. She is exquisite and a beauty and i have tracked her for many months. She is mine in my mind and will be mine in her heart when i am done”

[19:46] Adio Magic: continues to sob and whimper, tears trail down her cheeks

[19:47] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) ignores her tears and looks back to them ” she cries a lot, a lot”

[19:47] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx): “If you are seeking lady Nikki, you should head to the upper side of the city and seek the infirmary..” Points to the lift, “That should take you up.”

[19:47] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) reached out and took the drink from Aelia. She inclined her head slightly and too turned to watch the show. She was certain one of the three things she’d suggested was going to happen. It was just a matter of which was going to happen first nd in what order the rest would follow. Of course, fucking after death was necrophilia, but she doubted some present would really mind. idly, she took a sip of the mead, shifting her veil just enough to do so.

[19:47] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) smiles to the man and says, “I do not know who is available to help you with your request. I am the Sergeant of the Guard. High Caste matters are beyond my scope. To find a physician or a scribe, you would have to inquire in the upper city or ask someone of high caste for assistance” he would say politely while casting an eye to the chained beast and say, “know your place and hold your tongue foul slut. You will receive no more warnings.”

[19:49] The GachaLand SPOOKtacular!: Check Your Inventory!

[19:49] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) caught Aelia’s gaze and offered her a hesitant but friendly smile. Arched a brow through, lifting a hand to her own throat and then mouth. Very discreetly she put her fingers in her mouth, just to feel that her own tongue was still there.

[19:50] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks ot the big man and smiles ” thank you” and then looks over to the guard , i ask you spare her foulness and her bad arttitude” he yanks her closer and pulls her hair back ” she is but freshly capture and hasnt had the pleasure of knowing how perfect she can be when she learns her true nature, ” he yanks her hair really hard pulling her head back downwards as hard as he can causing pain ” say sorry to the guard , Girl” he says

[19:51] Adio Magic: continuing to sob quietly, a trail of pee runs down Adio’s right inner thigh..pools at her foot and then flows under Vidar’s boot

[19:51] Adio Magic: winces from the pain of the strain iinduced into her locks…with sobbed broken words “sorry”

[19:52] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) steps out of the puddle ” she hasnt even been house trained yet” he says and lets go of her hair after the oppology ” we will take the elevator then, once again much oblidged to you all”

[19:53] Adio Magic: as she is led away, Adio leaves wet footprints in her path

[19:53] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods, “I wish you well, Sir. Enjoy your stay in the isle of Svago. But I would ask you to kindly stow your bow before leaving the lower city. There is a rack at dock.”

[19:54] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) nods ” i will do , good day to you”

[19:55] Tahlia (tahliablue) feels sorry for the girl but is to clever to say anything, just look at her and waves a finger. Seeing her friend Fluff is close, she offers her a smile

[19:56] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods his head slowly to Ragnulf and turns his way back to the situation he was dealing with before. “Ahh so where were we?” he asks with a shrug and a smile before walking towards alllie for his drink

[19:57] Tahlia (tahliablue) waves Fluff to come closer

[19:57] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was idly sipping at her mead, watching the goings on. She was certain she saw excessive moisture in the path of th enew slave, but from here, one could never be sure. But, either way, it was done and now Marcus had returned, “Sleen commands”, she said, turning away from the open area to face marcus.

[19:57] Fluffiz was hearing a lot of commotion near the lifts and made quiet steps over to it. Seeing her friend Tahlia smile at her she came closer, the Free seemed busy so she moved near them all “Greetings Masters” she said softly as she came closer then noticed a Mistress in the corner “Greetings Mistress”

[20:00] 00Allie00 on her master approach she would pour a goblet of the sweet juice mixture, chilled… she lifted the goblet to her lips, slowly kiss the rim, rotated it and the presented it to him. “May this satisfy your… no doubt parched voice Master.”

[20:00] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) grinned as she heard Aelia and turned back then again so that she could pay attention.

[20:01] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) looks to Seir and steps closer so as not to share his wisdom with too many ears. He whispers a few words in a hushed tone to her that perhaps only layla could hear if she was interested in eavesdropping. Otherwise the only words that could easily be heard were sleen…..signal….command, and perhaps something that sounded like a foreign language.

[20:05] 00Allie00 on her master’s approach she would pour a goblet of the sweet juice mixture, chilled… she lifted the goblet to her lips, slowly kiss the rim, rotated it and the presented it to him. “May this satisfy your… no doubt parched voice Master.” She looked back in the direction of the commotion and shook her head slightly, perhaps annoyed, perhaps sympathetic, perhaps dreading the lingering smell of urine…

[20:09] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was mid drink when Marcus came closer and whispered some words to her and gave her some information. Seir listened closely and then gave a nod. She slanted a glance between the slaves, likely Aelia knew all the stuff, but layla needed some training herself, “Layla, go with Aelia”, taking a few steps closer to Marcus, “Am I going to be able to test any of this out? I mean I should be sure I know what I’m doing so I don’t say something like ‘hey hop your happy ass back to the boat, I’ll be fine here’ as a swarm of brigands converges.”

[20:13] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) tittered as she heard Seir after trying to stuff the laughter in at her words. Then, at the instructions to go off with Aelia she arched a brow and looked to the other girl. Pressed to her feet and brushed off her chalwar. Gestured with hands clasped before her for the other girl to lead the way to kajira sleen training.

[20:15] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) grins and takes the drink from his girl. His hands lightly caress her fingers as he takes the goblet from her. His smile makes it apparent that he was thirsty. He raises the goblet to his lips and takes a drink while trying not to think about the urine smell wafting over from the vicinity of the well. He swishes the juice about in his mouth for a few ihn to cleanse his pallet before he drinks it down and lets out a contented sigh. He then says, “Of course, Lady. You can practice a few commands to me and I will offer criticism. Then when you feel ready to test it out, we will get the sleen.”

[20:16] Tahlia (tahliablue) smiles and pushes Fluff a little seeing who is coming over “Tal Master” she says quietly with a wink, happy to see him again.

[20:17] Fluffiz woke from her daze as Tahlia pushed her and looked up seeing the Master who was renting her and grinned and went up to his boot “Greetings Master” she said softly then whispered “the sleen Master is giving instructions but I cant hear him” she pouted a little

[20:19] Beast Claws LR Weapons 3.20 (only beast allowed): Hades Hurricane has enabled the Claws fight

[20:19] 00Allie00 rose to her feet, gave a nod of understanding to her Master and bowed her head in the direction of the free woman and now patron of the den… “Yes Master…” she managed… visibly contending with something… sleen training was no simple task of course. She raised her eyes to her charge…”Please follow me” her request formal and softly uttered.

[20:19] Jamison Medici (marrtell) come walking up to head to his lab. Seeing a small group. Of course he wanted to see what was up since they were invaded by pirates not to long ago.. His hand drops feeling through Fluffs soft hair and moves in more to hear…

[20:19] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) gave a nod. She whispered a couple of the words to Marcus that had been whispered to her in red savage and then confirmed in Gorean what she would have commanded the sleen to do. “Is that right?”, she asked.

[20:21] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) followed Aelia with a deep breath and looked around immediately as she entered the cooler, rock-laden walls of the pens. She searched for sleen right there, on high alert, as it were. “You doing all right?” she asked her as Layla followed the girl within.

[20:22] Jamison Medici (marrtell) had no clue what was going on. But saw a banner with claws. Then backed up slowly … It had to be a sleen. NO way someone would keep a larl it wouldn’t fit in that door way

[20:22] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods his head and says, “That will do! The Lady has a way with languages. Perhaps that is why she is a diplomat.” he muses clearly impressed. “I will get the sleen. But before I do so, do you want to command him yourself? Do you feel comfortable with the advanced practice at this point?”

[20:23] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) reviewed the words he had given her in her head and then the corresponding expected action and then finally gave a nod, taking another drink of her mead, “I do believe I am. They were basic enough.”, and inclined her head. After all, she needed to know how to manage this fricking behemoth of a beast.

[20:24] 00Allie00 trailed her hand along Grumps coat and calmed him as Layla passed behind her and through the den…”Steady grump…. she is with me.” she advised the monstrous sleen. The slave of the den kept her eyes on the sleen, insuring its good behavior as she answered Layla..”I am well thank you. And you?” Spoken in her most formal gorean… at least so far as a low caste slave could manage

[20:26] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) raises two fingers to his mouth and whistles.

[20:26] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) gave Aelia an odd glance and sighed, but nodded. “Just fine, thank you. Alive to see another da – AY!” she squeaked, not realizing Grump was RIGHTFUCKINGTHERE. Layla hid behind the other girl just a little bit, not wanting to make any sudden movements.

[20:29] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Awaking from a quick nap, feeling more refreshed this day then the eve before when a strange potion was coursing through the entities of my bowels. Creeping over towards the window seel to try and capture a glimpse of the wondrous nights holding and to be nosy to see whom or what was rambling about at night light. Taking in notice to quit a few partons and slaves outside , I reach for thewooden grains of the broom handle , Fiddling it within my grasp to make sure i wouldnt be getting too many splinters this time for its age outlined its grain . Dusting upon the surface of the wooden panels that laced the vessel of the shop , I try to not eavesdrop too much into the dialog that became amidst in the dwellings of the outside world where forms of souls raised from the crippling depths of the streets beholdings to convey with the nexus formed. *

[20:29] Grümp (hades.hurricane) quickly rushes to his trainer’s side. He takes in a deep breath and narrows his eyes as he looks around acquainting himself with the lives nearby. He smells the estrogen of the women and the testosterone of the me before him. He recognizes the veil on the one in red and thinks her to be someone of import based on the quality of her fabrics. His claws etch into the cobblestone and a line of spittle begins to drip from his fangs as he sneers slightly while surveying the slaves in the street. He likes to chase slaves. They taste the sweetest too.

[20:30] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) heard the whistle, and winced. It was pretty much right next to her ear. “Shit”, she mumbled under her breath and took another drink of her mead already knowing what came next. Grump. The king of the grumpiest. Seir took an involuntary step back and cleared her throat. “So. I test this..now?”, she asked, a brow quirking so high up on her forehead it nearly smacks her hairline.

[20:32] 00Allie00 patted Grump along and out of the den as he was called by Master Marcus…”Behave Grump!” she called after her beastly buddy. The slave turned to the other, beautifully adorned slave… she noted the contrast of the dirty, harsh environment, and the clean, perfectly put together kajira before her… she smoothed her tattered camisk and took a deep breath… “Ok Layla, today I will teach how to first not be eaten and then how to direct the sleen to not eat others… well unless you want it too.” she said very matter-of-factly. She gestured towards the door… “they can actually be quite loyal and affectionate…” she added

[20:32] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) chuckles and says, “yep. It’s all you, Lady. I’ll be right back. I forgot to grab my sleen Gee Ohh Aye Dee.” he spells as though to imply the sleen would know what that word meant and might overreact at hearing it. “I’ll be right back. Practice a few simple commands in the meantime.”

[20:34] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) pursed her lips, looking back to Aelia with moderate skepticism. “When you’ve been told your entire Gorean existence you’ll be sleen food, you don’t just suddenly desire to be its best friend.” Blew a breath out of puffed cheeks and straightened up, looking back to the girl seriously. “Okay, not to be eaten. Then not to eat others.” Lips quirked with mischief at the ‘unless you want it to’, though knew deep down she was totally not that hardcore. Like, at all. “Okay, what do I do?”

[20:35] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) ‘s jaws dropped of amazement seeing the beast out. He steps even more closer thinking it is just a well trained animal like any other. “What an amazing creature indeed, lady Seir. So how does this work? I whistle or something and he obeys?” Reaches over to the pat his head.

[20:36] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hisses as the man approaches him. His teeth bared and tail swishes back and forth to tell the man to back off.

[20:36] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) stared at Grump. Part of her wanted to say ‘sit ubu sit..good dog’. The other part of her weren’t that stupid. Instead, she went for the very first thing that Marcus had said “I think that is up to Marcus to share with you, Sir”, she replied, sounding slightly nervous at how close the man was, she commanded “Iyunke!”, and commanded him, to what she thought was, laydown, pointing at a spot on the ground in front of herself.

[20:36] Grümp (hades.hurricane) flops to the ground at the command

[20:37] Grümp (hades.hurricane) he still looks at the man apprehensively. His eyes narrow as razors. His teeth bared in a noticeable growl. the hiss rumbling from the deepest point of his belly as his tail thumps the stone

[20:38] 00Allie00 lifted a hand towards the meat cutting bench…”First lesson… always feed the sleen. If the sleen is not fed, you will be the solution to the beast’s hunger pains.” she padded across the soiled hay covered floor and shewed away some opportunistic flies… “Grump likes the bosk meat bloody.”

[20:39] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) laughs, “I get why they scare slaves by it. I probably should brought my goad with me to keep it in line. Do they use goads with them like tarns?.”

[20:40] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) heard the hissing, but she’d seen the flop to the ground so knew she’d gotten it right. But she was flustered now and trying like hell to think of the command for home. Seir was frazzled and snapped her fingers to Grump, “KTE!”, coming out a little louder than she wanted as she pointed toward the gate. Seir hoped the command she had given was home.

[20:41] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Hearing the sounds of a beastly array arise from the corners of the abode . I quickly glance around as my heart sinks into the depths of my stomach never hearing such a beast so close by . Frozen in place per say as i continue to sweep about , not to aggressively as before ,trying to capture another noise from outside the adobe walls. Hearing the commotion from the free and slaves alike , I swallow lightly and pretend to be busier semi sort of then i was just moments before in case the frees were looking to feed that thing with the succulent flesh of a bad ridden slave *

[20:41] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) nodded. “Well that makes enough sense. How often do you feed it so you know it’s happy?” And no interested in kajira thighs for dinner?

[20:41] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hears the words and loses his shit. He starts to thump his tail and his teeth gnash and his claws pound on the ground. He bursts forward at the man and stops just shy of biting him. The word does not sit well with him. He then notices th man is wearing blue and yellow and begins to lose control of himself wanting nothing but to shred this man to pieces. He then hears the command from the woman and his eyes narrow as if a sleen smile were to fall upon him. He then attacks mercilessly.

[20:41] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:44] Grümp (hades.hurricane) teeth and claws rake across the man’s chest. He bites into his shoulder first and pulls him to the ground. His middle set of claws would hold the man down as his teeth tear into bone and rip away flesh. A bite the sice of the man’s head is torn into his right shoulder and ripped away leaving nothing but a jagged bite mark in its place. The sleen then holding down the man’s arms so they won’t poke out his eyes, he bites one off and swallows it hole before tearing into the other arm. The frenzy fully taking over the sleen he just shreds the man into pieces as clothing and flesh are rended and fly from the sleen’s mouth

[20:45] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) jumped back away from Ragnulf and the sleen. She actually let out a scream as Grump tears through Ragnulf. In to his flesh, gutting him. She fell back against the wall and just stared at the carnage. She was gasping for air. She’d only just learned these words. What had she said? What had she said? Seir had said home. She was sure of it. Her eyes were wide and behind that veil her mouth was agape. The mead had gone flying forgotten and Seir, all she could do was stare. There was no breaking her gaze from Grump as limbs were removed. The skull was cracked in to. Slowly Seir slid to the ground. If the sleen came for her, she was as good as toast.

[20:46] Tahlia (tahliablue) screams “The sleen killed my Master” Stares in big shock not able to move

[20:46] zCS – xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident recovered. –

[20:46] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:47] 00Allie00 heard the scream from outside and the sound of an attacking sleen. She ran to the gated entrance, sure she had indeed hear the command for…’destroy.’ “Oh… no… Layla stay inside and behind me!” she said eyes wild.

[20:48] Grümp (hades.hurricane) continues to chew on flesh and rip at the corpse. This one had the audacity to taunt him. to pet him. to threaten to goad him. Then the lady gave him the command he had been waiting for. “to destroy” The sleen loved her now. He wanted to thank her by utterly demolishing this man for her. Nothing else mattered right now.

[20:50] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Gripping the broom stronger now then before after the screams of a slave girl reigned through the frightening skies . Rushing towards the doorway to see if i could see anything fromt here before traMPLING over to the windows . Not being able to see much i presume the incident occured at the side of the shop. Biting my bottom lip in fear , I lean the broom against the corner of the wall and head back towards the entrance and place my greyish blue hues over the scene unfolding with the emotions and reactions raging high with intensity , Hoping nuh one tries to kill the creature for its insolence in the case , I trail lightly along the front of the shoppe until i reached to beaing near the edge of the corner and take to my towering poise trying to ensure a better look upon the massacre*

[20:50] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings)’s eyes widened as she heard her Mistress scream and the thrashing of a sleen. “What’s going on?” she asked as Aelia moved to the gate. “Stay inside?! Are you nuts?! My Mistress is out there!” Layla turned around and ran back toward the meat Aelia had been showing her. She grabbed a hunk of bloody bosk in her ultraclean hands and tried to get out of that gate. She’d pause, looking to see if Seir was okay, and waiting so that the sleen didn’t pounce her next, the hunk of bloody bosk grasped between her hands, arms outstretched as far from her body as possible.

[20:51] zCS – xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident recovered. –

[20:51] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:52] 00Allie00 would reach out to grab Layla’s arm and attempt to drag her back away from the feeding sleen before it could decide to turn on her. “NOOO! Layla! It’s feeding!” she screamed after the slave girl.

[20:53] Grümp (hades.hurricane) has enough fun letting the man slip in and out of consciousness, so he opens his mouth wide and roars before rearing back and slamming it down upon the man’s head. His jawls would snap shut with the power of a mac truck as he snaps off the man’s head and crunches it like a pistachio nut. The man’s brains would burst and pour out of the sleen’s mouth as it looks at the slave before him and hisses in a way that would say, “are you nuts?” for being so close to him

[20:53] Fluffiz spoke with tears in her eyes “Master, may I be excused” she said softly up to Master Jamison

[20:54] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) eyes goes black with huge amount of pain which faded as his life flashes before his eyes till he was gone.

[20:54] Jamison Medici (marrtell) brushes Fluffs cheek and nods.. ” Yes, Fluff.”

[20:55] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was near to hyperventilating. Every crunch. Every tear. All would be etched in to her memory. And like a bad dream, the one gesture Marcus had given her before departing, her arm came up, hand fisted and glared (while panting like she’d run a marathon) at Grump. If the sleen looked up he was about to see “DESIST”, if he didn’t, he’d hear a hard IYUNKE!..because it was the only word that worked in her mind right now.

[20:56] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hears the command and lowers his head to the ground in an obedient manner before offering the woman a slow blink of his eyes. With the instant willing obedience of the most loyal wingman, he would break contact and bolt for his cage. happy thoughts of the Lady feeding him treats and would be the stuff of his sleen dreams as he revelled in the joy of the kill.

[20:56] Beast Claws LR Weapons 3.20 (only beast allowed): Hades Hurricane has disabled the Claws fight

[20:58] 00Allie00 rushed in front of Layla breathing hard and shielding her as Grump stalked back to his cage… mouth bloody and contented in his kill and subsequent meal…”oh Priest Kings….. no no no…” she mutters looking at the scene before them all.

[20:59] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) hears the commotion and bursts from his chamber. He sees the sleen in his cage and notices the blood all over grump’s maw and thinks the worst. He locks the hasp on the cage and rushes out to the alleyway to see what was happening.

[20:59] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) was pretty nuts, so … yes. She did not continue approaching. She tried to shrug Aelia off. “Then make it STOP feeding,” she said evenly to the other girl, recalling Marcus’s earlier words of not being too hard or too soft. Then finally Seir told it to go away and … it did. When Grump was finally back in behind the gate she’d dropped the hunk of meat, shuddering at the blood on her hands. “My Mistress!” she shouted and moved sliding to the woman on her knees like Derek Jeter attempting to steal home in a precarious World Series type situation. “Are you hurt? Did it get you?” she asked, “Where? Where?” The man lying there dead in the street, ripped apart by sleen seemingly unfazed.

[21:01] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Eyes wide as the death of Ragnulf unfolds before her sights.. Not giving it a second thought or a second matter of consciousness as if i was actually a sick freak for not feeling any pain nor joy from the crimson demise. Peering upon the lady in red , I simply give her a bow of my head and not wanting to upset the sleen,held my tongue for that endearing moment . Watching , waiting for the beast to return from its depths of a cage, I clock my hues back upon the lady to make sure she was stunned or frozen into place against the wall. Seeing Layal arrive to the ladys side , i ease my motions nervously around unknowing what to truely do in this instance. Taking strides with my eyes from the corpse and then back towards the mistress *

[21:03] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): sure she was NOT ^ )

[21:04] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) couldn’t believe Grump had actually gone. But then again, there were very few thoughts in her head right now. Her vision was filled with carnage. There was blood everywhere. A trail of it leading right in to the den from what had dripped from Grump’s maw. Wide eyes she just stared at Layla for a moment and then husked out a “I’m better than he is right now…”, and then it all struck her. She’d done something to get a man killed. Unintentionally. For the first time ever. “I..I…I…I…I need to go..hu hu home”, like a child who’d just gotten over a crying fit. She even twitched with the effort. Her eyes lifted to Marcus and then she looked away, trying to crawl up the wall to her feet.

[21:08] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) nods with a frown. She wiped her hands off on her chalwar and moved to assist her to stand. “All right, come on,” she said softly. “We’ll take you home, we’ll take you home.” Something inside of her buoyed the girl up. She would sidle up to Seir so the woman could lean on her. She looked across and would hold Marcus’s gaze if she met it, solid and frosty, as if Layla had disappeared entirely and another person stood there at Seir’s side. But hearing the woman, she blinked, and Layla led the woman home.

[21:10] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) looks down at the mangled corpse and lowers his eyes standing silently for a few ehn while he does his best to ask the priest kings to guide this man through the city of dust. He had seen this many times before. Men who underestimate the sleen at their own peril only learn the lesson when it is too late and their life fades away. A tear starts to form in his eye as he thinks of the man, but it fades as he is then reminded of the joy that the sleen must have right now in getting to kill and feed. He looks to Seir consolingly and says, “It was the man’s fault. Clearly. I will pay for any damage requested to his next of kin to ensure there are no liabilities. Get some rest and well done. The sleen will appreciate you now. Even if your commands are not flawless, it will give you the benefit of the doubt after having given him such a gift as this.”

[21:13] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) looked over toward Marcus as Layla led her away. Of course she’d recover. She’d seen a bit in her life. It was simply the shock of seeing it first hand. Up in your grill bbq style. “Right.”, was all she could manage as she left the scene behind her. Blood and mayhem in her rearview, but burned in to her retinae for eternity.

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Rygon the Old at the Inn. 082018

Category : Svago General Info

[00:19] Rec Rembrandt: “Come, let’s all head to the inn. I’m hungry and need some ale.” he laughed.
[00:21] Rec Rembrandt was about to enter the inn when he spied a man at the dock “Tal Sir…” he called out in greeting while pointing two spread fingers to the stones.
[00:21] sunny (sunnydayes) tal, Master
[00:21] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): greetings master

[00:23] Ruri Rotaru looks up from some paperwork he has on hand a few scrolls and a medical bag hearing three others approaching along the stone path he looks up with a smile ” tal there sir. “turns to the others ” and you ” using his hand with a waving gesture. ” sorry just trying to organize some old paper work ” he says
[00:25] Rec Rembrandt nodded seeing the scrolls “I am Rec, smith and a slaver to Svago. Well met.” Seeing the man was wearing green garb he added “Were you looking to have some medical tools made? Purchase a slave perhaps?”

[00:28] Ruri Rotaru looks up and smiles before walking over to the glowing barrel and tosses a bunch of files into the fire ” yea those are no good anymore ‘ well maybe in time i’ll need some more medical supplies. a slave i don’t know ” he rubs his chest as he says such his clothing moves oddly as he does.
[00:30] Rec Rembrandt nods again “Well…House of Rembrandt is the best smith…and best slaves. Top quality.” he boasts. “In the meantime…I was heading to the inn to eat. Care to join?”
[00:31] sunny (sunnydayes) looks back and forth between the free
[00:32] Ruri Rotaru thinks for a moment ” humm i haven’t eaten to much since i arrived a meal would be good now that it’s taken my stomach a few days since that ride on the boat in the storm ” he see’s the kijaria and walks over leaning down looking over her features. ” hummmm ” it was clear he was taking notes maybe he just really takes his work a bit to serious some times.
[00:34] Rec Rembrandt again nodded, then began to walk to the inn motioning for the two slaves to follow.
[00:34] sunny (sunnydayes) preens under the bit of attention. surely their master would notice she was of interest

[00:35] Rec Rembrandt took a cushion and then watched as sunny went to get his usual.
[00:35] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): may i serve you Master
[00:36] Ruri Rotaru leans back and thinks for a moment ” what ever they have thats ready to eat and a thing of juice. ” he said feeling the breeze hitting his back
[00:37] sunny (sunnydayes) when their owner moves, sunny jumps up to and after jostling onion playfully, washes her hands and goes straight to fetching a tankard of ale and a bowl of …She leans over and lifts the lid, giving it a quick stir. She spears a lot of the meat for her master, along with the suls and onions, whatever else is in there. In no time she butters some thick slices of bread with bosk butter, puts all that on a tray with an eating prong and a spoon, and hurries back over
[00:37] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master fresh juice and plate of food
[00:41] sunny (sunnydayes) knows how little patience her master has with waiting, so she wastes no time in settling the tray and arranging his food in easy grasp of his right hand. The tankard, she holds to him, smiling “your ale, Master, may you find it and your girl pleasing”
[00:41] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): washes my hands as i reach gor a goblet wipe it free off dust seeing no imperfections i walk to where the juice is kept cool pout it just below the rim place on a tray take a plate seeing fresh bosk stew i ladle some into a bowl add bread a small butter bowl and some fresh fruit of berries melon and return carrying the laden tray
[00:42] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): places the tray on the table as i offer the fresh ramberry juice your juice master may it refresh you this day
[00:42] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm barely moves into the in so she can watch and learn from a distance not wanting to disturb the free with her clumsy ways or to offend the other better trained slaves she would watch them and learn from them
[00:43] Rec Rembrandt watched sunny place his stew…then holding out his ale. He leaned over, took the tankard and playfully gave her a mix between a kiss and nibble just under her jaw “mmm…thank you, mine.” he said as he sat back and looked to nahko serving. He decided then that he would reward the slave by letting him have one night with one of the girls of the house. He’d tell him later.
[00:44] Ruri Rotaru takes the juice and nods to nahko and takes a good drink before popping a couple pieces of fruit into his mouth ” SO you said you have some great slaves. well i may be looking for one to help when i finish paperwork for here. but i tend to be rather specific for what I’d need ”

[00:45] sunny (sunnydayes) smacks her lips, obviously relishing the lingering taste of the kiss. She pays close attention in case more kisses might be coming, or the need for more –well, anything.
[00:46] Rec Rembrandt nodded to the man then said “What did you say your name was Sir?”
[00:48] Ruri Rotaru looks up putting his hand on his chin ” humm i didn’t give my name yet did I. How rude of me i some times forget such simple things I do apologies for my rudeness. so let me do so now I”m Ruri Rotaru mainly a green who’s held other jobs in times of need. been wandering the and for a few years and you don’t come across that many nice people when doing so

[00:49] Rec Rembrandt nodded “Well Met…Ruri” he said then began eating his stew. Mid chew he noticed the girl sitting by the door of the Inn. “You there…come here girl.” he called to her.
[00:50] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “yes master” storm gets up slowly and goes over to the free man who called her
[00:51] sunny (sunnydayes) glances over to the other girl, leaning back a few degrees to check out her hair
[00:51] Ruri Rotaru eats a few more pieces of food. ” well you see for a slave i’ll be looking for a small one a i’d say short hair. she doesn’t need to be perfectly trained as it’s easier to train em in what i need when not complete then to have to retrain one thats already set in their ways.
[00:52] Rec Rembrandt: When the girl approached he noticed the white camisk of the House of Thorn. A smirk tugged on his lips. “You are a white silk…interesting. What name are you called by?” he asked.
[00:54] Rec Rembrandt instantly thinks of cur as the man talks.
[00:54] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm turns to the master speaking to her “they call me storm master for the color of my hair and eyes” she looked at him for a moment then looked back down and traced one of the flowers on the carpet with her eyes
[00:55] Rec Rembrandt: He would make note of that name and seek out Ash later.
[00:56] Ruri Rotaru took anouther drink of the juice. and just watches as he waits
[00:57] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm looked around at the different patterns in the carpet and snuck looks up at both of the free men wondering what they did for a living and wondering if it would be rude to ask them “is there anything i could get for you masters?” storm realized she was being very rude to the free men
[00:58] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::rests against the wall after making the long trip from the paga den.. coughs and spits dark onto the boards at his feet, before he makes his way into the inn. His cane ringing on the wooden decking and announcing his presence before he is seen.

[01:00] Rec Rembrandt reached out to rest a calloused hand upon sunny’s thigh as he replied “I am well served for now, storm…and nahko has seen to our guest…but perhaps he might enjoy looking at you more than nahko.” he chuckled. Seeing the musician enter he calls out “Rygon…join us, please…” and then points to the man telling storm “Offer that man your service.”
[01:00] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::pauses inside as he notes familiar faces:: Tal..
[01:01] Rygon the old (painsdomain): join you.. mmm among the Tuchuk such an offer means you are paying.. but alas we are not on the plains..
[01:01] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::makes his way over and struggles to sit down
[01:01] sunny (sunnydayes) watches the older man walk painfully slow into the inn. The longer he takes, the higher up her eyebrows inch. “tal, Master” she finally says
[01:01] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): greetings Master
[01:02] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “tal master is there anything i can get for you?” storm looks at the elderly man as he sits down
[01:02] Ruri Rotaru perks up and smiles looking to the old man ” tal sir I”m ruri did i hear you right talking about the plains. were you once part of a wagon camp?
[01:03] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::nods to the slaves in turn then turns to the man and nods:: yes of the Tuchuk…
[01:04] Rec Rembrandt laughs “Aye Rygon…I will cover your expense and later you can play something to entertain us…”
[01:04] Ruri Rotaru smiles and nods ” i was part of one myself for awhile. though there was a nasty fight and it fell apart.. ended up in hammerfall after that
[01:05] Rygon the old (painsdomain): now then .. hmm as I am paying a bowl of gruel…… ::pauses as he hears the offer:: make that bosk with a loaf of bread.. with a bowl of kal-da
[01:05] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks the young man over:: I see no scars..
[01:06] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): listens interested
[01:06] Ruri Rotaru lifts his shirt and his entirety of his body under the clothing is scard over from a nasty fire. ” this would be why
[01:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::snorts:: that looks like it smarted..
[01:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::turns in one of his rambling ways:: you Kajirus… do you dance?
[01:08] Ruri Rotaru: .me put his shirt down and smiles’ well lets say if i ever find that slave they won’t have a head.
[01:08] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “so you would like a bowl of bosk stew and a loaf of bread with a bowl of kal-da master?
[01:08] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): me Master not really sorry

[01:08] Rygon the old (painsdomain): yes child and hurry I am hungry enough to eat my shoe… which incidentally does not taste very good.
[01:09] Rygon the old (painsdomain): not really means some.. we will talk.. I may have a part for you..
[01:09] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master
[01:10] Rec Rembrandt chuckled hearing the old man talk of shoes and dances. He glanced over to Ruri…there was a story there somewhere. He’d have to let Sara know so she could set a reporter on it.
[01:11] Rygon the old (painsdomain): I am being rude. my use name is Rygon of the Tuchuk. Musician.. once of the red scar.. him :: waves off Rec:: I know.. and you are?
[01:12] Ruri Rotaru tilts his head a bit and smiles thinking the old man may be a bit hard of hearing and speaks up a bit more then last time ” My name sir is Ruri Rotaru I’m a physician who has also had to take on other jobs in times of dire need.
[01:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ahhh.. well met well met.. Rurye.. it seems my lot to keep meeting healers.. I think the priest kings are telling me something.. but I am a bit deaf.. so.. ::cackles:: they will just have to try harder….
[01:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::slaps his knee at his own joke::
[01:16] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): looks down trying not to laugh at the frees talk
[01:16] Ruri Rotaru grins ” thats ok at the moment if you fell over having a heart attack we would have to send a slave to get someone as I would not be allowed to practice medicine in town till i am a citizen or given permissions from the higher ups. so please don’t die infront of me.

[01:17] Rec Rembrandt roars laughter hearing that “Oh, I am sure that our physicians would not mind…especially since Rygon here is not a citizen of our good Svago either.”
[01:17] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): chuckles to myself
[01:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): hah! good one.. let an old man die for a rule.. Your time on the plains must have been short.. ::cackles at Rec:: indeed.. I think they would just as soon I died close to the pier so they could roll me into the water..
[01:18] sunny (sunnydayes) laughs too, although she doesn’t understand the joke. Its enough for her that the free are happy and laughing
[01:18] Rec Rembrandt: He glanced at sunny and nahko then said “You know…our sword tournament is coming up soon. I was thinking of having two slaves fight before the event to entertain the free.”
[01:18] Ruri Rotaru points to the water behind him ” but the waters right there woudn’t take much effort
[01:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;scratches his butt and nods with a grin::
[01:19] Rygon the old (painsdomain): fighting slaves… haven’t seen a good fighting slave in many seasons
[01:20] Rec Rembrandt: Pointedly he looked to nahko “Have you been taught to fight, nahko?”
[01:20] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): with what weapons Master
[01:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): the one under your belt doesn’t count..
[01:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::cackles::
[01:20] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master i can fight with bow and staff
[01:20] Rec Rembrandt nodded in appreciation “Excellent….excellent.”
[01:21] Rygon the old (painsdomain): bow.. oh priest kings.. do not ever mention that in front of a peasant..
[01:21] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): il try not to master

[01:22] Rygon the old (painsdomain): girl… did you have to kill that bosk…….:;begins to eye his shoe::
[01:23] Rygon the old (painsdomain): some salt and a little spice…
[01:24] Ruri Rotaru: are you sure you want some salt sir your skin looks like leather already
[01:25] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): Master may i be excused for a minute that bush is calling
[01:26] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “yes master” storm scoots back as to not hurt any of the free and goes to the kitchen to look for what she needed she then went to the sink and washed her hands making sure they were really clean she then looks for the bowls and takes some down and looks them over to make sure they are clean and she takes a rep cloth and she wipes one bowl out with it and cleans it to a nice shine she sets it aside she then throws the rep cloth in the dirty pile to be cleaned later she then take another one to clean out the second bowl with it and brings it to a nice shine after seeing that there where no flaws chips or cracks in it she then looks over and finds the serving grays she looks at the serving tray and cleans it off with a fresh rep cloth she tosses both used rep cloths into the used pile and sets each bowl onto the serving tray she then goes over to the stove to see about the stew and if she needed to add anything to it she saw that the stew needed to be stirred and she stirred it a bit and she filled the bowl
[01:26] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud): full of yummy looking bosk stew she then found the pitcher that had kal-da in it she pored some into the second bowl storm then looked over for some plates and fond some she went over to find a fresh rep cloth to polish it before she found the freshes loaf of bread she could find to place on the plate she looked the plate over to see if it had any cracks in it or that it had and chips she then took the fresh rep cloth and polished it to a nice shine before she places a large freshly baked loaf of bread she placed it on the plate she set on the plate as well some butter in case the master wanted it and she then places all three items onto the serving tray and knelt back down by the master offering up the food and wine to him “may this food and drink bless you master” she held the serving try over her head as she bowed and waited for him to take the tray of food and drink
[01:26] Rec Rembrandt smirks “Aye…”
[01:26] Ruri Rotaru loks to the male slave ” water do it in the water don’t kill the poor bush
[01:27] Rec Rembrandt noticed Arella enter the inn and he smiled, stood and said “Greetings Woman.”
[01:28] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): smiled as she approached “greetings Rec, and Sirs, I hope I am not intruding” she hugged her companion
[01:28] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::rises as the free woman enters. then sits down as it is apparent she is well known..
[01:28] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “greetings girls”
[01:28] Ruri Rotaru see’s rec stand and remembers that his is a thing being out in the wilderness for years really has killed his manners so he stands to and lightly bows ” greetings M’lady
[01:28] Rec Rembrandt gestured to the cushion in front of her “Please, sit.”
[01:28] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): smiled at the men “what pleasant manners, so rare these days”
[01:29] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “tal mistress” storm greets the free women as she walks in
[01:29] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;snaps his fingers before Kitty:: hush.. you are in service..

[01:29] Ruri Rotaru takes a steat once again and finishes his drink
[01:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;takes the plate with the bread
[01:30] sunny (sunnydayes) waits until the free are finished greeting and arella settles on a cushion. She pushes her knees together, and moves to the lady’s side “how may i serve you, Mistress?”
[01:30] Rec Rembrandt plops himself back onto the cushion and then says “Arella…this is Ruri and Rygon. Men, this is my companion, Arella.”
[01:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well met..
[01:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::takes the bowl from the platter and sets it on the table
[01:31] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “I am fine for now thank you sunny”
[01:31] Ruri Rotaru nods and smiles ” it’s a pleasure
[01:31] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “well met to both of you”
[01:31] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;lastly takes up the bowl of kal-dah and raises a brow:: it is cold.
[01:31] Rec Rembrandt: When Arella said she was fine he returned his hand to sunny’s thigh. “Did you rest well Arella?” he asked, his smile genuine.
[01:31] sunny (sunnydayes) moves back closer to her master, but leaves her legs closed
[01:32] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): greetings Mistress
[01:32] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): nodded to Rec’s question “yes, I did thank you”
[01:33] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm realized she didn’t do something casual for the master and that was to give him something to eat the food with she blushed but she would fix it once he told her she could “master i made a grave mistake please for give this one for her lack of service but may i get you a spoon and knife and fork to eat your meal with?” storm hoped he wouldn’t be to upset with her bad serve
[01:33] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;looks the girl over and decides she is new to the collar:: kaldah is served hot. go heat it and yes in the city such things are needed..

[01:34] Rygon the old (painsdomain): bring them back with you.. ::sets the bowl on the tray and waves her off::
[01:34] Rec Rembrandt: “Ahhh nahko…I see you have returned. I do hope the bush survived.” he teased.
[01:34] Ruri Rotaru looks to Rygon ” are you sure you can handle it that hot at your age.? maybe it’s your tongue thats out of order my dear plainsman!
[01:34] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master grins
[01:35] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “yes master right away” storm scooted back from the master as to not hurt him or any other free as she got up and she went to worm up the kaldah he ordered
[01:35] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks to the bowl and takes up the bread, nodding to the free woman he breaks off a piece of the bread and scoops up come of the stew into his mouth, snorts hearing the green:: the day I drink cold kal-dah is the day I am gone to the city of dust
[01:36] Ruri Rotaru smiles and chuckles a bit
[01:36] Rygon the old (painsdomain): so your companion.. ::looks her over:: seems sturdy enough..
[01:37] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :: scoops more of the stew into his mouth and chews rather noisily::
[01:37] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): gives a slight frown at being called sturdy
[01:38] Ruri Rotaru see’s arella’s frown and sighs ” yes Rygon your right she is quite fetching ” as he tries to save the situation
[01:39] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::notes the frown and pauses hearing Rec :: ahh I forget.. in the plains this is a compliment..
[01:39] Rygon the old (painsdomain): sturdy women mean good children. .. good to look at.
[01:39] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “ahh well better than being called a bosk I suppose” she said light heartedly
[01:39] Rec Rembrandt: “She’s a strong Torvie woman, yes….” he smiled at Arella “A good match for me.”
[01:40] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;said between mouthfuls of stew

[01:40] Ruri Rotaru puts his hand on his face waiting for the fatal blow that will have him need to hide rygon’s body in the bater behind them
[01:42] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well I was planning on playing the master dance to pay for this. ::lifts the bowl:: but that would not be appropriate.. so.. what would you hear, oh benefactor fo this fine meal…
[01:43] Rec Rembrandt laughs again…”Well, I did enjoy the lively tune you played last time but perhaps Arella, would you prefer a specific tune played?”
[01:44] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm washed her hands and dumped the kalda from the bowl and set the bowl down and washed it out using soap and water from the basin she cleaned it out well and then she went back over to the stove and found the pitcher again and filled the bowl up again but this time se found a pot to place it in and once she was sure the pot was clean she took a fresh rep cloth and polished it before adding the kalda into it to heat up she made sure it was on a low heat as she looked for the utensils to be given to the master to eat his food with she found all the utensils finding a knife fork and spoon she looked each one over carefully to be sure there where no flaws or any dirty spots on them once she found that they looked ok she took a fresh rep cloth and wiped each one down until they shown she looked to see if the kalda was bubbling yet and saw that it was she pored it back into the bowl and then threw the used rep cloths into the used pile she found another fresh one folded it and placed each of the
[01:44] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud): utensils onto the serving tray with the fresh kalda and she walks over to the table again and kneels beside the elder and offers it up to him “may this kalda bless you master” storm then lifts the tray with clean eating utensils and hot kalda to the master lifting it over her head and waiting for him to take it
[01:44] sunny (sunnydayes) smiles as Pavia appears. She isn’t serving at the moment, but she is being quiet to be sure she doesn’t get sent away
[01:44] Rec Rembrandt: He saw pavia enter the inn and he smiled wide “Greetings girl.”
[01:44] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “any music would be nice to hear, not often we have musicians”
[01:45] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): nodded to pavia in greeting not wanting to disturb the free
[01:46] Ruri Rotaru finishes his nuts and berries and places his empty cup with the plate.

[01:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): bless me.. ::chuckles:; perhaps we should worship our drink it might pay more attention to us than the priest kings.. :: takes the bowl and sets it down taking up the utensils as well and setting them on the table..
[01:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;takes a sip from the scalding drink and sighs
[01:47] Rygon the old (painsdomain): a curse on the peasant who got me hooked on this terrible drink..
[01:47] Ruri Rotaru shakes is head seeing rygons’ reaction and smirks as he called it.
[01:47] Pavia: stepped lightly into the Inn..and found a spot near the waters edge to kneel. She smiled back to the Master “Greetings Master” and offered the same to the others gathered “Greetings Masters, Mistress…Kajirae…Kajirus” She then settles and pricks her ears for interesting chat.
[01:47] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;sets the drink down and rises.. shuffling over to the door he picks up his instrument and brings it back to the table
[01:48] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “greetings pavia” she smiled back as the girl settled on the other side of Rec
[01:48] Ruri Rotaru looks over to Pavia who entered and with his eyes givers her a quick once over then turns back to the table
[01:48] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;tunes the instrument and then thinks for an ihn::

[01:49] Rygon the old (painsdomain): nods as the very song comes to mind and his old gnarled fingers appear to spring to life as they dance across the strings.. picking out a light and spiritedly tune.
[01:51] Rygon the old (painsdomain): fingernails worn and cracked with their share of dirt, picks out the tune and the counter measures.. running small scales in the song before finding the tune again is if by accident..
[01:51] Rec Rembrandt tapped his hand against sunny’s skin in time with the music.

[01:52] sunny (sunnydayes) sways back and forth slightly to the tune
[01:53] Ruri Rotaru takes his goblet and looks at the boy who has not been paying attention this whole time and then moves his hand with the goblet over to pavia ” juice!!!
[01:54] sunny (sunnydayes) shifts her eyes to the green, shocked at that command at this time and place
[01:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ;pauses the strings ::
[01:55] sunny (sunnydayes) then sees the goblet in his hand and relaxes
[01:55] Rec Rembrandt held his hand mid tap
[01:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks to the green:: shhhh
[01:55] Pavia: blinks and rises to her feet quickly…”yes Master” she says taking the goblet…”What ..umm..flavor juice would Master like to taste please…”
[01:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): and begins again::
[01:55] Ruri Rotaru: ramsbberry
[01:56] Rec Rembrandt was startled by Ruri’s outburst…he had been so quiet.
[01:56] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): chuckles under her breath the men seemed like a comedy act between them, but the music was pleasant and she didn’t need to talk
[01:56] Rygon the old (painsdomain): a more sedate tune he coaxes form the strings, full of harmony and a light back beat::
[01:57] Pavia: tried to keep her voice down…but a Master’s order was not to be ignored “Yes Master…Ramberry right away!” she scuttled off as elegance was not one of pavia’s finer points…

[02:00] Ruri Rotaru watches as pavia takes his goblet and headed off to the kitchen
[02:01] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :: the ending of a day.. on the plains .. the low sound of the bosk settling in.. the harmony of the low voices of the people as they settle in… the moaning of the evening wind through the grasses.. to others they may hear what they will but this is the tune the old man brings to life::
[02:03] Rec Rembrandt drank a large swallow of ale and would wait until the song finished. He’d ask for a lively tune from the north.
[02:03] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :; finishes the tune by letting it fade into the night
[02:04] Rec Rembrandt: :”Ahhh….very good…Do you know something from the North?”
[02:04] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;scratches his chin for a bit let me see if I can remember….
[02:04] sunny (sunnydayes): claps her hands, in the barbarian way
[02:05] Pavia: returns carrying the goblet and carefully drops to her knees so as not to spill any. She looks at the posh rug and tries to imagine the trouble if a large red puddle appeared. She trembled slightly as she lifted the goblet to her heart and then brushed the side of the goblet lightly before turning it and lowering her head…She offered it up high “May this ramberry juice be most refreshing on your wonderful tongue Master…may it be most tasty!”
[02:05] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): clapped her hands too, “that was lovely”
[02:06] Ruri Rotaru carefully took the cup from her his pinky brushed very gently over the edge of her hand as he smiles ” did good ” he said as he turned to the rest and took a drink
[02:07] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm looks at the free “my i be excused im getting rather tired and would like to head back to the kennels” storm stifled a yawn as she waited for an answer she hoped she didn’t speak to loudly when she asked to be excused
[02:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;picks out a tune from the north he heard long ago.. falters a bit here and there. but gains confidence as he remembers the tune
[02:07] Rec Rembrandt: He looked at the HOT slave “Aye girl…you may go.” and gave her a bit of a smile.
[02:07] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ehh speak up girl
[02:08] Rygon the old (painsdomain): she is in my service if you please..
[02:09] Rygon the old (painsdomain): now then.. :;speaking over the music::
[02:09] Rygon the old (painsdomain): what was it ?
[02:09] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “may i be excused master i an rather tired and would like to go back to the kennels please” storm yawned again but she hid it well so as to not be rude
[02:10] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ahhh yes.. off you go.. youth … ….. ::misses a couple notes and turns his attention back to the music
[02:11] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) “thank you master
[02:11] Pavia: watched the man with a shiny top and trimmed white beard play the instrument…she remembered him from the other day when he stopped to speak to Mistress Dried Sprig…he had promised to play for her…””Aii!” she called out..then remembered she was not allowed to speak unless spoken to and clamped a hand over her mouth…
[02:12] Kitty Katz Cloud Hollow (kittykatzcloud) storm gets up slowly and leaves still yawning some the music playing in her ears she hoped she could hear it from the slave house it was such a nice sound
[02:12] Rec Rembrandt looked at everyone around the table. They all seemed to be enjoying the entertainment so he felt it was well worth the cost of a bowl of stew and some drink.
[02:12] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): sleep well storm
[02:12] Ruri Rotaru looked at pavia from the corner of his eye and had a very light smile and said softly ” humm charming
[02:13] Rygon the old (painsdomain): it is my hope to see more dancing.. everyone is always in such a sour mood..

[02:13] Rec Rembrandt looked at pavia and caught Ruri doing the same.
[02:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::chuckles as they both look at the girl::
[02:14] Ruri Rotaru: lol i’m good with my hands very good you don’t want me to dance i break toes
[02:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well then you can clap..
[02:14] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;lets the music fade as if going over Thassa
[02:16] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;begins a more stately tune such as would be played a city festival.. a good beat to provide dancers with the down beat.
[02:17] Rec Rembrandt did hit his shoulder with his free hand when the music paused. This new tune was even more lively and he found himself half singing along. “Join in everyone…” he said as he sang out “The ship sailed down the Thassa….” because everyone knew that was the chorus.
[02:17] Pavia: held her hand up and waggled in excitement..”I like to dance Masters!” she cried out..”May this girl beg to hop about a bit…she will try not to annoy Onion over there!” She looked over to the rather sour looking slave at the counter…
[02:17] Ruri Rotaru smiles ” i request all dreams must pass
[02:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): it is up to the free woman child, if she does not wish to see slave flesh hopping about.. then you will remain quiet
[02:18] Rec Rembrandt: “Aye pavia…you may stand in the center of the room and dance.”
[02:18] Rec Rembrandt: When nia walked in he grinned wide “nia…perfect timing. You may dance as well.”
[02:18] Rygon the old (painsdomain): or do as he says.. :;chuckles::
[02:19] tahinia lowers silently “Greetings Masters, Greetings Mistresses, Tal Kajirae”
[02:19] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::nods::
[02:19] Pavia: rose to her feet and skipped to the center…giving Onion the finger….
[02:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::notes the barbarian sign and cackles lightly::
[02:20] Rygon the old (painsdomain): and the ship sailed down the thassa..
[02:21] tahinia hears Masters command, rises and moves to join pavia on the timber
[02:21] Rec Rembrandt added his voice to Rygon’s “The Captain spun the wheel…..and the ship sailed down the Thassa…”
[02:21] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): nodded and smiled “its nice to see the girls dancing and enjoying themselves too”
[02:22] Pavia: moved a little further forward so that Nia might be seen too…
[02:22] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): watches the girls gracefull dance
[02:22] Rygon the old (painsdomain): for never more on land would they set..
[02:22] Ruri Rotaru watched for a bit pavia was differently still rather new to things but a sweetness he noted in his mind then turned back to his food and drink
[02:23] Rec Rembrandt gave sunny a bit of a shove and whispered “dance for me…”
[02:23] Rygon the old (painsdomain): well kajirus…might as well make it a full house..
[02:23] tahinia: The tone and depth of colours in her eyes shine in the soft light as she hears the music begin, The light plays across her skin as her raven tresses swirl about her caressing her skin like the finest of silks. The air is scented by the soft perfume emanating from her hair as she begins to move and gyrate on the creaking timbers
[02:24] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): cringed as dancing wasn’t something i was graceful at
[02:24] sunny (sunnydayes) gives her master a reproachful glance…she can only imagine how she will fare next to the pleasure silk girls. but she doesn’t hesitate to move to obey
[02:24] Rec Rembrandt: The ale was warming his belly now…loudly he sang “And the ship sailed down the Thassa….”
[02:25] Rygon the old (painsdomain): now now it is not that hard. just listen to the beat.. and move.. pretend you are working on your footwork for the staff..
[02:26] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;repeats the well known sailing song as it is less likely to lead to sensual dance..
[02:27] Pavia: would swirl and sweep her arms high…thoroughly enjoying the music and the way it made her body feel full of energy and passion…
[02:27] Rec Rembrandt watch the three girls dance and then nahko rise to the center of the room. He clapped against his shoulder to the lively tune… He looked to Arella to see if she was enjoying this as much as he was.
[02:27] tahinia pirouettes and spins to the melody as she rocks and sways to the sensual music, pursing her luscious, tempting lips she invites the Masters to drink and quench their thirst. the fullness of her sensuality fills her as her gaze rises to the ceiling. Closing her eyes she loses herself to the music, tiny toes thrust forwards as she pivots and her hips rock towards the Masters
[02:28] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;tsks:: pleasure slaves I could pound a cadence with a rock and they would find a way to make it sensual..
[02:29] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): a soft smile crossed her lips at Rec as he looked at her, she was tapping her feet under her gown at the music enjoying the relaxing time at the Inn, the soft steps of the girls behind her as they dance and moved gently about the floor was also pleasant to watch
[02:30] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;said in a joking manner but his eyes are on the freewoman to see her reaction to being so close to slave girls dancing. … ::shrugs as she appears to be watching it without hesitation and switches the tune.. ::
[02:30] sunny (sunnydayes) looks to the other two girls, beginning to mimic their moves…definitely not Nahko’s though, although he looks good enough as a male. Soon her hips are rolling as she concentrates her attention on their master

[02:31] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :: adds more base to the music as the girls are stepping in time to it and twangs out a tune from the taharia .
[02:31] Rec Rembrandt: Looking to Ruri he says “I own all of them.” his voice full of pride “sunny, pavia, nia and nahko…all Rembrandt slaves.”
[02:31] Rygon the old (painsdomain): giving them something more to work with. ::
[02:32] Ruri Rotaru nods ‘ well that must be one hand full
[02:32] sunny (sunnydayes) tosses her hair back, smiling as she begins to forget herself and enjoy trying to please the free
[02:33] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::looks to the floor:: I would say at least two handfuls.. each…
[02:34] Rec Rembrandt nodded. The strong ale on his empty stomach giving him a bit of a buzzed feeling “Aye…and there are more…the one that sunburns all the time…umm..pure..yeah, pure..and more than her even. When you decide you want that slave…you come see me. Lady Ash’s slaves can’t compete with mine.”
[02:34] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::fingers dance over the strings as he looks to his cooling drink… :;beats out four measures of the base beat with one hand as he takes a drink::
[02:34] Ruri Rotaru: pavia is going to be a prize as her training continues ” he said to rec quietly
[02:35] tahinia: Passion and heat burns inside her, her curves peek through her silks as if to call attention to her needs. As she turns and spins her well toned thigh briefly exposed beneath her silks, invite the touch of a Master. Teasing, she moves in a circle, riding on a wave of seduction, the music sparking a flame within her, the flame that drives her. Slave heat burns within her as she rocks her ships, swaying. Joy and emotion clearly expressed on the delicate features of her face.

[02:36] Pavia: wiggled all her curves in time with the music…wondering at times if her breasts might manage to free themselves from the skimpy bit of silk that covered them…she flicked back her hair and laughed as she shook them harder…
[02:36] Rec Rembrandt nodded, leaning closer and speaking lower a moment “Aye…and the body on that nia… soft, full…you could spend days navigating that flesh.”
[02:38] Ruri Rotaru smiles and nods I’m sure you could sir. but it was hard enough to find one female who wouldn’t get sick when i took off my shirt. so yea ” she smiles
[02:38] Rec Rembrandt: Sitting back up straight he again smiled at Arella. He knew she was nonplussed by dancing slaves having grown up in a long hall. “Do you desire anything Arella..I will have that lazy slave onion fetch it for you…anything at all…”
[02:39] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): shook her head gently “no, i need nothing thank you, I am enjoying the music and dancing”

[02:39] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::notes the girls getting more and more inflamed and looks to Rec as he speaks.. but lets the music fade into a new song.
[02:40] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): winks at onion even a silent girl need attention
[02:41] tahinia’s delicate hands glide up smooth flesh, running over her soft curves, caressing and kissing her silky smooth skin. She appears calm, but under the surface is a fire running rampant within her, the heat building with each step, destined to erupt in a fiery explosion of ecstatic lust.
[02:41] Rec Rembrandt reached out, took her hand and kissed the back of it, smiled then released it as he took another swig of ale. His eyes touched over each slave…as they danced.. even nahko caught his attention and while it was the same sort of smile he gave the girls..he did give a nod of appreciation to the thrall.
[02:42] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :; his fingers literally fly across the strings to make this music pour forth.. the beat increases to dissuade some of the sexual tone of the dancing. . the tune faster and of the minor tune to add a bit of melancholy
[02:42] Pavia: blinked and looked again “Aii!” she sighed…Nahko was a hot dancer…
[02:43] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): smiled at Rec as he reached out taking her hand kissing the back of it, the music clearly putting everyone in a good mood
[02:43] Rec Rembrandt: He watched as sunny lifted her arms…touched her face. Every movement flowing easily.
[02:43] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): smiles seeing the master nod
[02:43] Ruri Rotaru would look up every so often and his gaze always seemed to end up on pavia. while all the slaves were very attractive he always seamed to look right up at her for a moment before pulling out a bit more paper work and sorting though it
[02:44] tahinia catches the Masters gaze, a seductive smile spreads across her crimson lips, her body tingles with excitement and anticipation as she whispers a silent prayer, hoping she is being pleasing,
[02:45] Rygon the old (painsdomain): best hose them off after this.. or a quick swim in the bay.
[02:46] Ruri Rotaru lifts his hand and points to the ledge ” you want me to throw you in is what i’m hearing rygon
[02:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): then you had best go see a green
[02:46] Rygon the old (painsdomain): your hearing is bad indeed
[02:47] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;begins to sweat as his fingers keep up with the blistering pace and tune
[02:47] tahinia: Master please may this b east be excused?
[02:47] Ruri Rotaru grins ” or your mind has gone
[02:48] Rec Rembrandt looked to nia “Come here first…”
[02:48] Rygon the old (painsdomain): anything is possible
[02:48] tahinia: Aye Jarl
[02:49] Ruri Rotaru chuckles “mousie
[02:50] Rec Rembrandt: Stood when she came over. He gripped her waist and looked into her pretty face. “Go take a bath and when you are done…you may take a piece of fruit from the basket as a treat.” and then he kissed her softly upon her lush red lips. Giving her a playful swat on the ass to send her off.
[02:51] Rec Rembrandt clapped his hands “You may stop dancing.” he called to the slaves.
[02:51] Rygon the old (painsdomain): :;fingers falter briefly on the strings::
[02:51] Rygon the old (painsdomain): then stop::
[02:52] Pavia: drops to her knees panting and light headed…
[02:52] tahinia moans softly as his lips press against her, she keeps her distance so her glistening flesh does not contaminate him, “Aye Jarl, I wish you well, well wishes Masters” smiling softly at Masters mate”well wishes Mistress”. nodding “I wish you well Kajiri” turning she dances merrily off to bathe
[02:52] sunny (sunnydayes) catches her breath, swiping some of the perspiration matted hair from her cheek
[02:52] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): sleep well
[02:52] Rec Rembrandt: He looked to Ruri and said “They probably do need a cooling off…come, let’s see how they swim.” and offered a hand out to Arella to help lift her to her feet.
[02:52] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::cracks his fingers and rubs them::
[02:52] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “be well” she calls after her
[02:53] Rygon the old (painsdomain): we are settled then?
[02:53] Ruri Rotaru got up after stuffing the papers in his bag and nodded ” that sounds good
[02:53] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ::takes up the drink and finishes it
[02:54] Rec Rembrandt: “Aye musician….we are. Though come enjoy them swimming…” he said
[02:54] Rygon the old (painsdomain): ahh such sights are for younger eyes but I thank you..
[02:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): I will finish my food and go to bed..
[02:55] Ruri Rotaru: and dirty old man and you definitely fit that bill
[02:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): I bathed last hand..
[02:55] Rec Rembrandt laughs “Then I will see you later my friend. Be well.” and with that he motioned for the slaves to stand and follow him to the dock.

[02:55] Pavia: glanced at the cool waters of the harbour and shuddered….she had heard sea sleen sometimes swam there…
[02:55] Rygon the old (painsdomain): be well…
[02:55] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): “thank you for entertaining us Sir…be well”
[02:55] sunny (sunnydayes) cant help but laugh at the two men jibing each other
[02:55] Ruri Rotaru smiles to rygon ” sleep well and wake tommorrow
[02:57] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): wonders what lurks in this water
[02:58] Rec Rembrandt shouts: As the free stepped on the raft Rec pointed to the water “Alright now…all in and meet us on the other side.” then set the raft to move.
[02:59] Rec Rembrandt laughed seeing them swim.
[03:00] Ruri Rotaru turns to rec. you now we should have taken their clothing as salt water damages silks
[03:01] Rec Rembrandt: Rumors of the waters being infested where exaggerated. There might be one or two sleen but nothing unusual.
[03:01] Rec Rembrandt shrugged. “I can replace them if needed. I do not spend much to clothe them now.”
[03:02] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): one or two Master nothing to worry about
[03:02] Rec Rembrandt laughs hearing nahko
[03:02] sunny (sunnydayes) splashes around. clearly enjoying herself
[03:03] Ruri Rotaru looks over and smiles ” she’s proving my point
[03:03] Rec Rembrandt: “If you’ve cooled down you may come out of the water by using the ramp by the ship builder’s dock.
[03:04] Pavia: had found a safe place to step out of the water and jogged around to where the Free were standing…her silks clinging to her wet body and her hair like urt tails hanging down…she stuck her lip out and waited…
[03:04] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): im out not letting no sleen eat this boy
[03:04] Rec Rembrandt took hold of Arella’s hand and leaned in close “I know you miss swimming in the waters of Bristol. We will find something suitable soon.”
[03:05] Arella (arellabea.darkrose): squeezed his hand she had certainly missed the cave and cove’s of Bristol “aye, one day” she smiled
[03:05] Ruri Rotaru turns to the building and smiles ” well what i don’t see i don’t know . humm whats in here ” he says as he goes to take a look
[03:06] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): shakes my head to dry my hair flick water everywhere
[03:06] Rec Rembrandt looked up to the position of the moons and sighed “Damn….” turning to Ruri “It was good to meet you..but I must leave now.”
[03:06] Ruri Rotaru: ah i see
[03:06] Ruri Rotaru: it was a pleasure to meet you
[03:06] Rec Rembrandt: To the slaves he said “You two may go and dry off, then tend to any chores you have to finish.”
[03:07] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): yes Master
[03:07] nahko (aragorn.darkthorn): safe paths Master and mistress
[03:08] Rec Rembrandt: When Ruri walked towards the House of Thorn Rec said “That is the house storm is from…if you wish to see her, Lady Ash is the slaver there. My slaves are caged in those blue tents over there.” he pointed.
[03:08] Pavia: “thank you Master” she called out and then muttered something about conditioning oils for her hair…and maybe a treatment mask…”Well wishes Master…Mistress…”

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Initiate Anointing – James Bernard

Category : Svago General Info

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[15:08] James Bernard (hegesius) made a point to avoid all the slaves and free women even steeping further away from his sister Tal Free, and Slaves”

[15:08] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) bows her head as the Blessed One and the soon to be initiate arrive, and managed to scoot to Leona’s other side.

[15:08] Malchus (marekai) moves to his position beside the ringing bar

[15:09] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): ” tal blessed one ” then looks ot her beloved brother ” James ” knowing this was perhaps the last time she would be able to call him that

[15:09] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Good people of Svago, welcome, and thank you for joining us today as James is anointed to join the Caste of Initiates as a novice. He has purified himself in living water, and washed himself clean of any past which may have hampered his pure and wholehearted dedication to his new caste.”

[15:10] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “/me smiles at James in what he hopes is a reassuring way.

[15:11] James Bernard (hegesius) smiled back to Terek then his eyes seemed to looked over the initiates shoulder to the eternal circle. James then took a deep breath in, allowing it to escape as he calmed his nerves

[15:11] Kezef Dragovar looks about as he listens to the proceedings carefully.

[15:11] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) fortifies himself with a prayer to Priest-Kings that their Will shall be done, and that he may rightly carry out this ritual. Then he turns toward Malchus to begin.

[15:12] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): *The High Initiate gestures toward the temple slave to ring the bar three times three strokes. When this is done, the temple slave picks up the thurible and steps into the temple, where he censes the building. He stands with the thurible in front of the white railing until the postulant enters.

[15:12] Gorean Ringing Bar 1 Prim: Ringing is ON
[15:12] Gorean Ringing Bar 1 Prim: Ringing is OFF

[15:13] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): laces her hands before herself, as they were shaking. She looked back at the ubar and nodded to him, moving her eyes back to her brother, watching him carefully

[15:13] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The High Initiate says to the postulant, “Stay here until I summon you before the railing.”

[15:14] James Bernard (hegesius) nods, his thoughts now quietened as he watched the Slave moved about the temple.

[15:14] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The High Initiate raises his arms toward the golden Circle behind the altar, makes the Sign of the Circle, and says, “Glorious Priest-Kings, send your favor upon this your servant and grant that my prayers to you may be heard.” He turns to the lavabo bowl. He washes his hands in the water of purity and dries them above the flame of sanctification, reciting as he does so the prayer of purification: “Priest-Kings, holy and mighty, purify me, I pray you.”

[15:15] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “This day, purify my mind, that I may know your Truth and proclaim it.”
This day purify my heart, that I may show your love and mercy to all.
This day purify my hands, that I may help and heal all who are in any need.
This day purify my ears, that I may hear your voice and obey
This day purify my feet, that I may walk in the way you have set for me to follow.
This day purify my whole being that nothing unclean may touch or enter it.”

[15:15] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): He touches his lips with the blessed water so that his mouth may be purified to speak the words to the Holy Ones, bows his head and exclaims: “Hear me, Priest-Kings! This day and always, make me truly your blessed one, that I may perfectly serve your Will.”

[15:16] Kitten Serpente: The High Initiate walks forward through the white railing to the altar and casts a measure of incense into the brazier burning there. He makes the sign of the Eternal Circle of Priest-Kings, holds up his hands again to the Holy Ones and chants in a loud, clear voice: “Hail, Priest-Kings immortal! Come, attend us now, we pray you, within your holy Temple.

[15:18] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): He turns and walks to the white rail and stands behind it, saying to the postulant, “Enter now into the House of the Holy Ones to make your vows to Priest-Kings as one of their own.”

[15:18] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): All Free are welcome to enter the temple when James has come to the white railing.

[15:18] James Bernard (hegesius) entered the temple for once he did not look back on those gathered.

[15:19] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): Slaves may kneel outside where they can see what is happening.

[15:19] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The high initiate says, from his place behind the white rail, “By this incense, be purified to enter into the space sanctified to Priest-Kings, and those of their Blessed Caste. Come forward to the white railing to receive the gift of Priest-Kings.” The postulant steps forward and stops in front of the white railing, far enough back for the initiate to come forward in front of the railing to face him.

[15:19] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): she steps into the temple and watches closely

[15:20] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): lowering her head reverently

[15:21] James Bernard (hegesius) moved a little further forward the initiate, he could heard the deafening of his own heart beat.

[15:21] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The High Initiate steps down to the area in front of the railing. He studies the postulant in front of him for a long moment, then says solemnly: “Do you come here this day to offer yourself to the service of Priest-Kings by entering into the caste of Initiates as a novice?”

[15:21] James Bernard (hegesius) “I do.”

[15:22] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Do you swear you are a free man of honorable lineage and pure habits, unstained by any infamous crime, free of debt, and without Companion, property, or underage children for whom you are responsible? ”

[15:22] James Bernard (hegesius) listened to the word and nods as he spoke “I do”

[15:24] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) allows his features to be starn and solemn, trying to impress on James how serious this ritual will be with terrifying him into bolting. His mind turns back to his own anointing and how frightened he had been as he made his answers.
[15:24] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): without

[15:25] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Know then, that if you continue in this resolve, you shall be utterly removed from your old caste and family. Your brothers shall be from henceforward only those of the White Caste. Your caste codes shall be obedience to the Holy Ones in all things, no matter the cost, difficulty, or danger, and your whole intent shall be to fulfill their Will and their Law. To this end, will you devote yourself to prayer, and to study of the sacred writings of the caste, asking Priest-Kings with an honest and sincere heart to teach you, through these things, how to follow them perfectly in worship, service, and understanding on the path they have set for you to follow?”

[15:25] Malchus (marekai) feels the familiar swell of pride in the Caste as words are spoken over a newly entering member.

[15:27] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): she gasps hearing the past about leaving family. Tears start to run down her cheeks but she remains silent

[15:27] James Bernard (hegesius) rubbed his fingers over his palms as he took in everything that was said, the eternal circle always seen over the shoulder to the initiate. James looked at Terek , he swallowed hard the words that had been spoken daggers to his own body and mind he said ” I will” in response.

[15:27] Kezef Dragovar watches and listens intently

[15:28] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “By this anointing to the caste as a novice, you give yourself completely to Priest-Kings, trusting in them without reservation. By their gift, if they will it, you shall know and understand the matchless glory and incomparable sweetness of service to the Holy Ones as a full Initiate. By perfect obedience in this life, you may hope to enjoy forever that immortality which the Holy Ones grant only to their anointed. And as you come to know the will of Priest-Kings more and more through your study and training, as you advance in the caste, it will be given to you to reveal that will more fully to their people.”

[15:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “To you, as an Initiate, is appointed the duty, under the authority of your superiors, to guard the Caste and all that belongs to it; to carry out the prescribed rituals and sacrifices, to preserve the purity of sacred doctrine, and to present yourself before the Holy Ones, your caste-brothers, and all the people, as a pure example of virtuous living, unsullied by any violation of the laws of Priest-Kings, or of honor. Yours is the holy obligation to interpret rightly the Will of Priest-Kings and present it correctly. May they grant your ear be tuned perfectly to hear their voice! ”

“So be it. Ta Sardar Gor!”

[15:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The postulant, and all present, shall say, “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[15:30] James Bernard (hegesius): “Ta Sardar Gor!”

[15:30] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): Ta Sardar Gor!

[15:30] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): Ta Sardar Gor!

[15:30] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): ” tar Sardar Gor ”

[15:30] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen): Ta Sadar Gor

[15:30] Malchus (marekai): Ta Sardar Gor!

[15:30] Kezef Dragovar: “Ta Sardar Gor!’

[15:31] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Into your hands also are given, through this anointing, the people of Gor, and particularly those of that city to which you shall be sent. You shall minister to their needs, of body, mind, and spirit, with true understanding, compassion and justice. Above all, you shall guard them faithfully in the service of the Holy Ones, seeing that no taint of heresy or disobedience call down the wrath of Priest-Kings upon them, or upon their city. Beware the Flame Death! Do not take this responsibility lightly, for their lives and the safety of their city are yours to protect, and if you fail, they shall be utterly destroyed, and your own immortal spirit forfeit.”

[15:31] Kiko (paulina.jardberg): “Ta Sardar Gor..”

[15:32] Malchus (marekai) blibnks back his own tears. he had recited the Postulant responses in his mind, not even moving his lips. Knowing he would be beaten bloody or even executed for daring to say them, he remains still and silent, but smiling broadly with the joy of the new Initiate.

[15:32] James Bernard (hegesius) closed his eyes and listened to the words spoken he breathing now eased as the ceremony continued.

[15:33] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) takes a long breath, commends himself and James, and all his Caste to Priest-Kings as he prepares to hear the vows of the new novice which will bind him irrevocably the the Caste of Initiates.

[15:33] Malchus (marekai) listens wioth all his heart

[15:34] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): James Bernard of Svago Do you believe yourself called to this purpose by Priest-Kings?”

[15:34] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): holds her breath listening

[15:35] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): lifting herh ead , she smiled to her friend

[15:35] James Bernard (hegesius) opened his eyes and smiles ” I do” he did not hesitate this time in replying.

[15:35] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Do you vow, before Priest-Kings and before the Caste, to obey all the duties and prohibitions of the Caste of Initiates here set forth in this ceremony of anointing?”

[15:36] James Bernard (hegesius) nods ” I do”

[15:36] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) goes to the cabinet and returns with a dish of sacred chrism, specially prepared for this purpose only with prayer.

[15:37] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): looks on as her brother speaks his words and can see the change in his stance. he was more relaxed now and she let her breath out.

[15:37] James Bernard (hegesius) eyes followed Terek as he moved to the side of the altar. He inhaled deeply again

[15:37] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Then present yourself before the Holy Ones to be marked as their own.”

[15:38] Malchus (marekai) shivers with joy

[15:38] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): smiling wide

[15:38] James Bernard (hegesius) moved closer to the Initiate and the holy ones.

[15:38] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): . The High Initiate takes a dish of sacred chrism and brings it forward to where the postulant waits. He dips his finger into the dish of chrism and traces the Eternal Circle of Priest-Kings on the postulant’s forehead, saying:

[15:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Receive this sacred chrism. By the power of Priest-Kings, I hereby consecrate your mind and will to their service. In all that you believe, say, think, desire, and intend, may you be utterly obedient and dedicated to them, from this day forward. Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:39] James Bernard (hegesius) “Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate dips his finger once more into the sacred chrism and traces the symbol of the Eternal Circle on the palm of each of the postulant’s hands, saying:

[15:40] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): speaking softly ” Ta Sardar Gor”

[15:40] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): tears staining her veil she mumbles ” Tar Sardar Gor”

[15:40] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Receive this sacred chrism. By the power of Priest-Kings, I hereby consecrate your body to their service, that all you do, you may do with purity, according to the laws and rites of Priest-Kings and the Blessed Caste of Initiates. May your every deed thus be sanctified to glorify the Holy Ones, and no reproach be justly brought against you by any man from this day forward. Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:40] Malchus (marekai) lets out a breath he had not even realized he was holding as he blinks back tears of joy

[15:41] James Bernard (hegesius) looked down at his opened hands and watched Terek drew the circle on each palm.

[15:41] James Bernard (hegesius): “Ta Sardar Gor.”

[15:41] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate concludes the anointing with the words, “May Priest-Kings give you the will and power to perform this vow as you have sworn it.”

[15:42] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) sets down the dish of chrism on the step.

[15:43] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate steps back through the door in the white railing, and says, “Brother, join me now behind the white railing, purified of all stain of your former life, and consecrated to Priest-Kings as a novice of the Blessed Caste of Initiates.”

[15:44] James Bernard (hegesius) took a leap of faith and cross the barrier and stepped up to stand besides Terek. He turned then to face the people in the temple.

[15:44] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The novice steps behind the white rail to join the High Initiate and turns to face those present beyond the railing. The High Initiate says, “Behold a novice of the Caste of Initiates, purified and consecrated to the service of Priest-Kings! May all so receive him from this day forward.”

[15:44] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): smiling warmly

[15:44] Malchus (marekai) rises to his feet and takes his place at the temple entrance

[15:45] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The initiate turns to the new novice and gives him a copy of the Book of Liturgies of the Caste of Initiates. “Take this book of the holy rites and ceremonies of the Blessed Caste. By this anointing as an Initiate, you are hereby authorized to present these rites before the altar of Priest-Kings and before the whole people of Gor. By the mercy of Priest-Kings, may you prove worthy of that charge with which you have been entrusted here this day.”

[15:45] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): looks up at her brother, smiles softly, proud of him

[15:46] James Bernard (hegesius) reached out his hand to take the book then held it close to his chest.

[15:47] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Let us go forth now, my Brother of the Blessed Caste, to serve Priest-Kings, and the people of Gor who have been given into your keeping in this City. Hail Svago! Hail Priest-Kings!”

[15:47] James Bernard (hegesius) stepped down into the temple

[15:47] Jαмḯℓℓα ℬℯґηαґđ (jasmineoak): she mutters as james walks past ” Tal Blesed one ”

[15:47] Malchus (marekai) speaks, a bit more firmly than he usually does, his tone one of pride in the new plural greeting “Tal, Blessed Ones!” and then bows respectfully “As I am owned by the Blessed Caste, Blessed One, you may command me as your own slave and I will obey with joy.”

[15:49] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) whispers to Leona “ok, i was wrong, TWO castes you haven’t been in yet”

[15:49] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Thank you all for joining us to see James join the Caste of Initiates. He is now also your Initiate, as I am.”

[15:49] Leona Spire (judy.wunderland): congratulations

[15:49] James Bernard (hegesius) smiled warmly to Malchus, it was strange those words spoken to him. He looked Aat Terek “My thanks Brother for being the one who allowed me to cross the railing and be in service to Priest-kings”, his smile growing with strength and warmness.

[15:50] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) turns and smiles warmly toward James. “Welcome, my Brother. Priest-Kings keep you always.”

[15:50] Kiko (paulina.jardberg) smiled but wasnt really sure if a congratulation was fitting but she called out anyway…” Congratulation Master…”

[15:50] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) congratulations, James

[15:51] Malchus (marekai) grins as he gently corrects the slave “He is Blessed One, now.”

[15:51] Yasmin (annabella.christensen) smiled softly for the newest member of the White Caste “Congratulations, Blessed One” , and then rose gracefully to her feet.

[15:52] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): Malchus, come kneel before your new master.

[15:52] Vlad Voljeti raises his brow “Still looks like a man to me” he shrugs “In either case I wish to have some words with the man when you all are finished if that would be possible”

[15:52] James Bernard (hegesius) found himself uncomfortable as he fought back his normal reaction. ” My thanks to you all for attending”

[15:52] Rανєη (klonky) didn’t say a word, she frowned and stood running back to her Mistress’ side.

[15:52] Kiko (paulina.jardberg) heard Yasmins words and her cheeks began to burn like fire…” Congratulation Blessed one..” she repeated her words

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Purification Bath before James’ Anointing

Category : Svago General Info

Terek and James arrive at the small waterfall, living ( moving ) natural water used for a purification bath.

{14:29] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Tal, James. This will be a great day for you. Are you ready to begin?”

[14:31] James Bernard (hegesius) looked at the Initiate. “As ready as I can be Blessed one, my nerves are shredded, But i leave my old life we fond memories that that is good”

[14:34] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “James, we will begin with a bath of purification in living water. I have used this waterfall for my own bath. You may strip, wrap yourself in a towel, and we will say the ritual together. I will say a section, then you will repeat after me. Then, you may wear again the pilgrim robe you wore at the Sardar for your anointing at the temple.”

[14:36] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) turns his back to allow James privacy.

[14:38] James Bernard (hegesius) looked at the waterfall, his eyes following the flow of the water. He took the items he had brought with him and stepped towards the fountain, starting then to undress. He removed his shirt, folded it up and left it on the boulder, then his boots and then finally his pant her placed them to the side and then wrapped his naked body in a towel.

[14:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Now walk into the falling water.”

[14:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): The candidate takes the soap and the cloth and begins from the least worthy to the most worthy part of the body, dedicating each as he washes it, in purity, to Priest-Kings. “Priest-Kings, ever-living in light, to whom I and all that exists belongs, make clean my feet that they may always walk in purity on the path you have chosen for me.”

[14:40] James Bernard (hegesius) hesitated when the cold water hit his flesh. The water cascades over his head and over his body
[14:41] James Bernard (hegesius) took the soap and rolled it in his hand, before he bent down and started to wash from his feet up. As he did this he repeated what the Blessed one had said: “Priest-Kings, ever-living in light, to whom I and all that exists belongs, make clean my feet that they may always walk in purity on the path you have chosen for me.”

[14:41] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) shivers slightly, remembering the cold water when he had taken this purification bath.
[14:42] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Now repeat each phrase as you wash that part of your body.”

[14:42] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-kings, most immaculate, make clean my legs, in purity, that they may bear me up in your service.”

[14:43] James Bernard (hegesius) lathered up the soap again and washed the other foot , blowing the excess water from his face, before starting to wash his legs “Priest-kings, most immaculate, make clean my legs, in purity, that they may bear me up in your service.”

[14:44] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most perfect, make clean my genitals, that they may be pure as you are pure, and do no infamous carnal act against your holy laws.’

[14:45] James Bernard (hegesius) his hands moved up to his thighs, cleaning thoroughly as he went. rolling the soap in his hands he washed his genitals, pushing any thought of what had happened that day from his mind “Priest-Kings, most perfect, make clean my genitals, that they may be pure as you are pure, and do no infamous carnal act against your holy laws”

[14:45] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most spotless, make clean my body, that it may be wholly dedicated to your service and that nothing impure or unworthy may enter into it by design or accident.”

[14:46] James Bernard (hegesius) shivered under the water now washing his chest and belly. He words splattered with water as he continues to bathe “Priest-Kings, most spotless, make clean my body, that it may be wholly dedicated to your service and that nothing impure or unworthy may enter into it by design or accident.”

[14:47] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings most sacred, make clean my arms and hands, that all they touch and do may be done properly, in purity, to your service alone.”

[14:48] James Bernard (hegesius) washed his arms in the water in turn and then rolled the soap to lather well in his hand, then washed the back and front and each finger as he spoke “Priest-Kings most sacred, make clean my arms and hands, that all they touch and do may be done properly, in purity, to your service alone.”

[14:48] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) watches the young man, approving as he sheds his old life, purifying himself for the new Caste he will soon join.
[14:49] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most glorious, purify my mouth, that in every word I utter, I may glorify you alone.”

[14:49] James Bernard (hegesius) cupped his hand and scooped up the water to wash his mouth out, he spit the water out then said “Priest-Kings, most glorious, purify my mouth, that in every word I utter, I may glorify you alone.”

[14:51] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most holy, purify my eyes that in all I see, I may see your power and majesty, and praise the beauty and wonder of this world which you have given us.”

[14:51] James Bernard (hegesius) tilted his head back so the wash fall over his face. “Priest-Kings, most holy, purify my eyes that in all I see, I may see your power and majesty, and praise the beauty and wonder of this world which you have given us.”

[14:52] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Priest-Kings, most exalted, make clean my ears, that they may hear only your voice.”

[14:52] James Bernard (hegesius) tilts his head to each side , washing his ears “Priest-Kings, most exalted, make clean my ears, that they may hear only your voice.”

[14:54] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) pauses an Ehn to remember when he had said these words for the first time and how the shedding of his old life had filled him with joy and peace. He breathes in and repeats the final words. “Above all, Priest-Kings most holy, most mighty, most glorious, most sacred, purify my mind that no unworthy thoughts may turn me from the perfect contemplation of your will, and no impure desires mar my complete obedience to your laws, and the codes under which you have set me. Keep me always your blessed one and worthy servant. Hear me Priest-Kings. Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:56] James Bernard (hegesius) closed his eyes and let the water flow over his body. His words sincere as he spoke them “Above all, Priest-Kings most holy, most mighty, most glorious, most sacred, purify my mind that no unworthy thoughts may turn me from the perfect contemplation of your will, and no impure desires mar my complete obedience to your laws, and the codes under which you have set me. Keep me always your blessed one and worthy servant.
Hear me Priest-Kings. Ta Sardar Gor!”

[14:57] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “Well done, James! Now come dry off and warm up a bit, and we will walk up to the temple for your anointing to the Caste.”

[14:58] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) holds out a thick, fluffy, warm towel for the young man, and sets it down on the boulder next to the pond.

[14:58] James Bernard (hegesius) turned around and smiled. He walked through the water, stepping out and shook the excess water off himself. He grabbed a towel and dried himself, shivering from the cold of the water.

[14:59] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “As soon as you have dressed, we will go up to the temple.”

[15:00] James Bernard (hegesius) nods as he wrapped himself up in the towel. Once he was dry, he rubbed his hair dry then put the towel back down on the boulder, before getting the white robe and dressed himself.

[15:02] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “When you have been anointed, you may choose whatever garment you wish to wear, as long as it is in the proper style for an Initiate, but surely, your pilgrim robe is the best garment for your anointing. Come, we shall go now to the temple.”

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Arathos & Sophie get “Printed”

Category : Svago General Info

[08:00:44] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) descending into the marketplace, she stops at the first shop and peers inside, seeing some merchants in their shop she greeted in a cheery manner, “Tal citizens” her voice soft and melodic, she adds, “I do hope your business is doing well?”

[08:02:35] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) was standing there in the doorway, enjoying the subtle breeze rolling through the lower part of Svago, teasing his muscles, teasing the dark ravenous hair lingering at the back of his head. He stared at his companion, indulged in some paperwork, as she obviously had no clue the Man had been watching her for a while now. The smile upon his unshaven face faded as he heard a voice, slowly turning around on his boots, to face the Woman in green. For a brief ihn, he thought it was Jamilla… but he noticed the difference in those eyes, and the tone of that voice. “Tal , Lady.”, as he tried to determine whether he know her, or not. :”Depends if you are going to spend some coin, Lady .. as such would make business more pleasant.”, he laughed softly.

[08:07:30] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) just grumbled and took the piece of parchment she’d been writing on, tearing it to bits. there had to be a better way to word what she needed from the herbalist but then again, she thought that one probably didn’t even know how to write… let alone read. She lifted her gaze and noticed Arathos nearby and tried to refrain herself from blushing as she wasn’t sure how long she’d been ignoring him. She heard a voice and looked to the door, trying to see how that was “Greetings, lady. Hope the day is finding you well”

[08:13:41] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) shook her head at the man, at his greeting and his inquiry, she noticed he studied her for an Ihn to determine who she was. She replies, “I’m Morwenna Wolff, a physician, as you can see… I’m sure one of these days I will stop by to look at your wares… So this is your shop?” she peers in and saw Sophi rip at some paper in frustration. She nods and nods at her greeting, “yes, I’m very well. Just heading to the lower infirmary to see if I’m needed” she smiles with her eyes, they were a soft, comforting blue, like her mothers, and not the piercing cold one like her father’s blue eyes.

[08:16:43] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) threw a smile in Sophie’s direction as she had noticed Him standing in the doorway. If one thing he enjoyed, it was watching his Companion perform some tasks. The Man cared little for lazy Women, so seeing Sophie work, pleased him. No coin for the lazy, was his motto. As he heard the Woman speak, he made this weird gesture with his mouth, cause he had never heard the name before :”A pleasure to meet you, Lady Wolff. I be Arathos.”, as his calloused paw came up, he patted the sign hanging near the door, obvious he was the one running the office in Svago, together with his Companion. Arathos shifted towards his Companion :”Give Lady Wolff a list of our merchandise, Sophie.”, as he turned towards the Green. :”So you have an idea what we have to offer. We are known among the Svago citizens, though mostly the high Caste come to us for business. And they had their reasons for that.

[08:28:46] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) arched her brow, as she’d not heard the name around the office. But such was life, people would come and go from the island and at least this one seemed nice and proper… for a physician. She walked closer to the doorstep where they were standing, the piece of parchment her companion requested pinched between her fingers as she handed it to her “So I will assume you may also be working on this fingerprinting ordered by the High Magistrate? which” she turned to Arathos “we may need to go through as soon as we have the time, Arathos”

[08:31:12] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) inclined her head at the general introductions. She looked over at the sign board he slapped and smiled, listening rather attentively to the merchant, for he was the kind of male that commanded attention. She nods and nods and says, “I’d appreciate the list, yes, please” and turns towards Sophie who was glowing in her white robe, she waited, holding her hands together before her, not in a hurry. She turns back to Arathos and says, “I’m certain to come by whenever I will need anything. I’ve recently moved out of my father’s home and given a compartment of my own, I am quite certain I shall be needing a lot of things to fill it and I shall come by here.” she paused as Sophie approached with the list, she takes it and nods, “Yes! I believe citizens are to comply by the end of this Hand. I am free to take your finger prints now, if you are free?” she tilted her head as she rolled up the list and slid it inside the long inside pocket of her flowing robe.

[08:34:34] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) nodded softly as he watched Sophie hand over the parchment towards the Physician. “Aye .. we still have to have our fingerprints taken. Though I am still not convinced by the reason they provided… or should I say, the lack of it.”, he said with a soft grumble in his voice. Arathos, who indeed enjoyed rolling over in attention, just like any other Man with a big … ego, shifted his gaze back towards the newly met. “I am convinced we will be aid you, Lady .. with your quest for merchandise.”, as his calloused hand made an arch to the rest of Svago’s lower area. “None can match the price or quality of what you find with us.”, he said with this convinced smirk upon his face. The Man indeed was known well throughout this world, known for his skills in mercantile and navigation. He turned back towards Sophie :”Aye, indeed now would be a good time to get that fingerprint issue to get over with ?”, he said though he did not need approval from his companion, it was more a statement, waiting to be agreed upon.

[08:42:26] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) head was still going through every little bit of assigned tasks she had planned for those pesky slaves of his as she handed the woman the parchment. In hearing about the procedure, and the potential risk this would be for her pretty expensive robes, she made a face, well concealed by the heavy veils she wore. She took a look at her hands, her fingernails had been done pretty by the slaves who actually took time to leave her hands decently looking. The look of anguish she gave to Arathos was probably going to make him laugh as he’d not take a no for an answer anyway “If it is necessary.. I think yes, we could do it now”. she looked at her hands again, the vision of the male slave she’d bumped into, covered in ink from head to toe made her shiver

[08:44:51] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) smiling and totally convince he was telling her the truth, regarding his wares, she nods and nods and makes a mental note to come shop very soon, today she did not bring her purse with her. She patted her other pocket to make sure, and made a little sigh of slight disappointment. Then at his question to Sophie, she turns to look up past the lift where the finger printing station was located. Then turning back casually she smiles at them, “Well, it will not take long at all” she then turns back towards the lift, “Come up when you are ready, I will go and get the scrolls ready”

[08:52:11] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had taken the lift upwards, two Women in his tracks, as they made their way to the little desk near the infirmary. His emerald orbs scanned the large building, the previous infirmary, being shrouded in a layer of old wood. Curiosity was his own, as he wondered what the Builders were going to do this time with Svago’s skyline. His attention was quickly drawn back towards Morwenna. :”So, Lady Wolff … shall we get this over with ?”, he said with a devious smirk upon his unshaven face.

[08:57:59] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) sighed as she noticed the male slave on the lift. poor beast looked skinnier than usual and she pondered just what exactly they fed him… her attention drifted to the little desk she’d seen the past days and quite ignored as her time seemed to revolve around the spa. she moved closer to Arathos “If my robes end up all stained with ink, I swear I will charge the high magistrate for them!” she whispered to him

[09:00:04] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) smiles having practiced on fingerprinting a man last night on Verus, she was ready now to give Arathos a professional and brisk finger printing. She says, “yes, Sir, do come very close to this table, you may sit if you wish, and I will dab each of your finger into an ink pad, it is a special ink which will not soil your clothing” she assured them and looks over at Sophie in her white gown, nodding at her. She then asks, “Arathos, would you have any cuts or scars or wounds on your fingers that I might note on your document?” she also peers towards his hand which she now reaches for with a cloth that she dabbed cleaning solution on, and now waits to clean his had to ready for finger printing.

[09:02:56] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had not been blind for the fact his Companion had eyed the male thrall handling the lift. At times the Man could be jealous, but he did not see much competition in the kajirus, so it bothered him little to none. As Sophie neared, and he heard her words, his brows came upwards, before his eyes turned into little slits :”You will charge the high Magistrate ? I am convinced that will make a good impression and we aiding our business here in Svago.”, he said with a less amused voice. He understood her concern, but there was enough fabric to be turned into robes, so she could also see it as an opportunity for new clothing. His attention was drawn towards Morwenna, and he made a step or two forward towards the desk, though he decided to remain standing, without much of a word. The fact he did not claim the chair, was speaking more as words could. He brought his calloused paws upwards, as his hands were rough, but there were little to no cuts or scars to be seen.

[09:08:58] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese): “he is only of the scribes” she whispered to him. Having been around much gossiping, talking and plots, be in Venna, Ar or Svago, she did think it was coin what actually drove Gor to what it was. And gold gave power and moved the strings of those who did not have it. she shrugged it off for the time being and watched her companion move closer, turning her face slightly to eye the skinny male slave. She promised herself she’d at least let him have crumbles of her pastries one day

[09:14:52] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) taking his hand, she rubs it briskly clean, the taking his thumb firmly with two of her own ungloved hands, she moved the flesh of his thumb, rolling it firmly over the ink pad that she had opened up. Then lifting up his digit, she moved it towards the parchment with official statements where she would write down his information before submitting it into the mail slot nearby. She continues to press each finger over the document, then continues with the other hand, smiling at him reassuringly, briefly for a moment at his pinky finger, then she takes more cleaning solution and spritzes it onto the soft cloth and cleans his hands, squeezing the cloth down over each digit to clean off the ink, she then says, “There! All done, let me jot down some information.” she writes in Archaic Gorean, and asks, “What is your full name, Sir?”

[09:20:39] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) beamed his emerald orbs down in the direction of his hand, within a single ihn, the moment he felt a female hand touching his own rough paw. The size of coal shovels, a slave had once complimented him upon his hands. He could feel the tight grip upon his thumb, though he did not put in any effort to deny Morwenna to guide his hand towards the document and press the pad upon the parchment, leaving a well determined stain of ink. It was rare, that he allowed a female, aside from his Companion, to touch him. It made the Man nervous, that vein at his temple, on the side of his head, was throbbing a bit more visible now. Finger after finger, hand after hand, was brought to place a fingerprint stain of ink upon the white paper, seeing the Woman’s smile. Though he did not throw her back such a kind gesture. The Captain could be cold at times. Physician or not, she was still a Stranger for the Man. He had to admit, it felt good when she cleaned off his fingers, subtle and gentle as the ink was removed from his

[09:20:39] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus): digits. As the question was tossed at his boots, he turned his attention towards Sophie, his eyes narrowing, and she knew why, when his name was mentioned. His voice raw and rusty :”Arathos Desmari.”, he replied in a short and stern way.

[09:29:01] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) was fidgeting the coin pouch she carried with her, entertained with the process as a verr would be in learning to count to ten. she looked curiously when the woman cleaned her companion’s hands and as her eyes met his she blinked curiously, not quite understanding what that look was about. She guessed it would be because he was rather attached to his use name and not so much to give away his full name and that made her chew on her lip to stop herself from laughing. There were times when he showed his fun side. This of course, was the reserved Arathos that new people would get in meeting him and dealing with his personal information.

[09:31:12] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) appreciated his distant, cold, respectful demeanor, for she wasn’t used to being this close to men who were not family. Yesterday when she first finger printed a man, Verus, she was all flustered, but this time she had done well. It helped that he was being so distant, it made her more relaxed and when she was done, she was well pleased with herself, which made her smile at him with what looked like open friendliness. She nods as he gave her his name in a quick abrupt manner, bending down a little to jot it down on the document. She then rolled up the document, sealed it, and dropped it in the slot before the wind could let it fly off. Walking back to the side of the table nearer Sophie, she turns with a smile, stating softly, “Your turn, Lady Sophie. See? It takes no time at all and you both would have complied to the decree by the magistrate, and anyways, Lady Nikki had said that in the future we will be fingerprinting everyone as a routine during physicals” she chatted softly

[09:39:23] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had his attention fully upon the Physician, watching her seal up the parchment and let it slide into the box provided. As it was now Sophie’s turn, the Man took a few steps backwards, away from the table. His hands came up as he inspected them one by one, surprised indeed there was no sample of ink left. The Woman had kept up to her promise, and this was always in favor to get on the Captain’s good side. As he heard the remark Morwenna made, Arathos’ attention was instantly brought back towards her. :”Routine ? As if we are all criminals, Lady Wolff ?”, he growled again, not amused by the prospect of being fingerprinted on a regular base. Though most like it would only be necessary this one time, to get into the database. And also playing for his advantage, was the fact he rarely visited a Physician. Unless he was ‘forced’ by his Companion. Without waiting for an answer, he turned around to face the lower part of Svago, seeing the Thassa in the distance, which gave him a satisfied feeling. His mouth

[09:39:23] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus): opened once again :”What is this charade for, actually ?”, he said, unaware of its meaning.

[09:40:56] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) approached the table and as she passed by her companion, she turned slightly to eye the slave again. She felt pity for the poor beast, in the same manner she would with a malnourished tarsk. she listened to the words of the physician “which reminds me… should you not see either your mother or a physician to check on your vocal cords, Arathos?” she kept pondering why she had gotten the eye when he commented on his name. It was not like he was keeping it under covers when it was all over the office’s sign and papers. when he dropped the question in such manner, she turned her head and looked at him surprised.

[09:46:48] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods and nods at Arathos’s question regarding fingerprinting to become a routine part of a physical. She says casually, “oh, as yours is now taken, you will not have to do it again, Sir” then turning her face up to Sophie, she smiles. Hearing Arathos ask what this charade was for, she says, “It’s no charade. Lady Jessilyn had been shot with an arrow which we have a in safe keeping. The arrow has the fingerprints of the attacker, who is still at large. This is so we can match up the fingerprints, all citizens must comply, not that all citizens are guilty, ofcourse, but how will one be found if all are not checked… ” she trails off, as she reaches for the next document, and then another clean cloth from the stack on the table, spritzing some cleaning solution onto it, she holds a palm up to take Sophie’s hand. She noticed now that the lady keeps eyeing the thrall at the lifts, and not knowing what was on the lady’s mind, she assumed the lady had some particular interest in the slave, she eyed the thrall, then turns back, “ready?” she asks pleasantly

[09:49:36] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) had not seen his Companion eye the slave again and again. If he would have seen it .. he would push the thrall from the lift one day, no doubt about that. He would end up a ‘broken man’. He closed his eyes when he heard Sophie, the satisfied feeling the Thassa brought upon him, faded away, melting like snow for a summer sun when she mentioned his promised visit to his Mother. “Did I not say I will visit My Mother soon as I see her ?”, a bit annoyed by the constant reminder she brought upon him with every occasion she had. He could understand her concern though. He nodded once, pleased to hear this was a one time occasion. “Good.”, he just stated. “If the Reds would be doing their duty, one would not be seeking for a needle in a haystack, Lady Wolff.”, as he kept staring out in the direction of lower Svago.

[09:54:58] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) places her hand, palm up, close to the physician’s hand without really touching her but her eyes followed the lady’s as they trailed where the male slave was “does he not look ridiculously skinny to you? is he unwell?” she remembered something about slaves in need to be tested and pondered if that one would need such a thing. Shaking her head at Arathos’ remarks about the warriors she only remained quiet and quite focused in not getting her robes stained

[09:58:05] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) walks to where he saw some citizens. “Tal Citizens” he says rising his right hand up to his shoulder with palm facing inward. “I hope the day is treating you all kindly.”

[09:58:49] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) taking the offered hand, so unlike Arathos’s, Sophie’s being small and dainty, the fingers so small, she smiles and was about to begin, reaching to clean her hands of oils and whatnot, she turns to see Audwin whom she met a few days prior nearby, she greets “Tal Sir” then she begins to hold Lady Sophie’s small digits firmly and rolls the pale flesh of her fingers over the ink pad carefully, and moving the hand towards the document. She glanced up and says, “See, so far away from your white gown” then she turns her head to look briefly at Audwin, and asks, “Are you here to be fingerprinted, Sir?”

[10:01:33] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) heard a voice and turned towards the arriving Man, returning the greeting. :”Tal, Sir…. aye it has been so far.”, he smirked and turned his attention towards the Thassa… as he felt the itch to sail his ship again soon. The large vessel at the docks, a huge ship with three white sails, embroidered with gold linings, and bearing the flag of Concordia, was being teased by the wind. As he heard Morwenna’s remark upon Sophie’s white gown, the smirk grew larger upon his unshaven face. Women and clothing, it would remain a mystery to him.

[10:04:41] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) nods ? Yes, it is law, so let us fulfill the law. I will not ashame my house or caste by avoiding such procedure.”

[10:07:21] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese): “as long as the pad doesnt tip on my robes I will be pleased. Tal, sir” she greeted the newcomer and her eyes followed the movements of the physician’s fingers on her hands, making a disgusted face as she saw the ink covering her flesh. She turned again and noticed Arathos’ gaze lost in the horizon

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[10:12:34] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods at Audwin, then continuing with her task, cleaning the hand that is done before moving on to the other hand as she had done with Arathos’s, for fear she might accidentally touch herself and then lay blame elsewhere, she carefully cleans Sophie’s hand as she replies to Audwin, “Your compliance, Sir, isn’t speedy. You said the same several days ago when I met you” she then reaches for Sophie’s other hand. Glancing back with Sophie’s hand in hers, to look at the thrall, she sees Arathos was faced away from them, she liked his manner. She turns back to Sophie and smiles, “I am not sure about the slave, but he works for the city, and I’m sure the Administrator would not treat his slaves poorly. Perhaps he is just built that way” she says as she takes fingerprint of each digit, then finishing, she asks, “What is your full name, Lady Sophie?”

[10:20:59] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) was a bit lost in thoughts for a moment, feeling the subtle wind kissing his muscular upper torso, toying with the little patch of micro-sized hairs upon his chest.

[10:24:48] Fingerprint Records: Notecard accepted
[10:24:53] Fingerprint Records: Notecard accepted

[10:27:00] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) shrugs “Several days ago I was not under the full protection of this city, so why abide to a law that was specific made for its citizens? Had a time that I could have done it, but had an inconvenient. now here I am. Still inside the time to fulfill it, isn’t I?”

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[10:31:07] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) frowned, but he would still try to convince herself something was up with the male slave. she shrugged her shoulders and put some interest in the conversations unfolding. as she was asked her name, she was thrown into a nervous fit. the typical superstitious fit that kept the lower castes from giving away their full name. she always went by the common ‘Sophie of Venna’, not to be identified if fate decided to turn her back on her one day. it took her time to come up with it “Sophia Gratia Laenas” she almost whispered to the physician. If Arathos said anything she’d lock him out of their chambers for what was left of their contract

[10:35:36] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods and nods at Audwin, “Welcome to Svago, Sir” she then listened to Sophie whisper her her name, and smiled reassuringly, she jots it down. She then cleans Sophie’s hands carefully, sliding the cloth with the cleaning solution firmly down each finger til it was all free of residue, she rubbed some more for good measure, then lets go of her hand gently, “That is all done, and I shall seal this document and submit it” she beams at Sophie. “Thank you, to you both for complying with the magistrate’s decree”

[10:37:13] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) heard Sophie speaking out her name, and even if it was being whispered, the wind carried it all the way to his sensitive ears. With a smirk on his face, one side curled up higher as the other, he briefly turned his gaze towards the two Women at the table. No doubt Sophie could catch his devious stare, though little did he say. Words did not always have to be spoken, for a Man to tell stories. A seagull cried out in the distance, as he brought those windows of his tormented soul back towards the docks, seeing those birds flock around his sails. How he longed to return towards the Twelve Isles one day, to meet the Man who had educated him in his skills of mercantile and navigation. The Katana upon his back, reminded him daily of the respect he carried for that Man. By request of his Mother, He had transformed the young Korvin, into the Man Arathos was today. “I am glad it is over with, Lady Wolff… thank you for your time.”, he stated as a sign of respect. It was not the young physicians fault, all citizens had to go through all of this.

[10:43:38] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) smiled under her veil “why, thank you lady. I may at some point come around the physicians.Since I am working on some things the spa needs, and some of the therapies given there may need to be checked and approved by a physician. I dont want a careless slave twisting a neck and causing more damage than benefit!”. She met Arathos’ gaze and she held it for as long as she could, returning to his side “you are rather quiet. is there something upsetting you?”. She did act distant towards him at times, mostly to save her reputation, but that didn’t stop her from caring and loving him in her own way

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[10:47:26] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods and nods with a pleasant smile at Sophie’s words, she says, tilting her face up, “oh yes, do come as soon as you are free. I will be at the lower infirmary, or any of us can assist you, Lady Sophie” she then drops her document into the slot, and turns to Audwin, “Sir, I’m ready” she says as she reaches for new set of things she will need

[10:49:05] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) could feel the presence of his Companion at his side before she came within vision in the corner of his eye. Her voice calm and soft when she spoke to him. He smiled as his right calloused paw came up, aiming towards the docks, in the direction of his ship. “You hear that … Sophie ?”, he said with a rather soft tone. Not awaiting for an answer, he continued, as it had not been intended to be a question. :”That is the sound of adventure. The breeze, the birds…. the Thassa… calling out to me.”, as he could feel the blood rushing faster through his veins as he saw him standing at the wheel of his ship again, the waves crashing into the thick wood as his vessel would cut through the crystal liquid. Little drops of vaporized water coating his muscled torso with a sheer layer of salty spray of Thassa. As Morwenna told them, any of their Caste could assist, he knew for sure Sophie would never go to Jamilla for help. She had her own personal reasons for that. The thought amused him.

[10:49:56] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) walks forward, presenting himself. Offering his both hands he asks “Which hand do you need for it?”

[10:58:19] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese) decided she would take the word of the physician and nodded, pleases. she heard Arathos speak and opened her mouth to respond to him, but instead she remained quiet. she felt as if she was now some sort of anchor keeping him from doing what he loved the most and couldnt help the little knot forming in her throat. her eyes fixed in the horizon until she managed to speak her mind “Perhaps one day” she told him calmly “you can load your ship and sail. there are trades to make and i am sure something may come up”. she looked at him and moved her hand to grip his fingers lightly

[11:01:07] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) reaching out to take Audwin’s offered hands, she just takes them both and briskly cleaned it of oils and such, asking, “Would you happen to have any new wounds or any scars or cuts on your hands, Sir?” tilting her face as she curiously looked over to the pair as they talked quietly to each other. She offered a friendly, “I wish you both well” then turning back to Audwin, she smiles, “I am sure my cousin Alex is well pleased you have come to assist him, Sir, as well as Lady Wimple” she then takes one of his hand to bring towards the ink pad, taking his thumb first. Looking up to him with a reassuring look, then down at her task, she begins to take his prints

[11:02:35] Arathos Desmari (Sulfurus) heard the subtle tremble in her voice when she spoke, turning his attention fully upon her, seeing that hint of sadness in her orbs. :”Indeed, perhaps one day.”, as he felt her fingers touching his own. Delicate and rough came together. Like water and fire…. joined with a unseen spark. “Have no doubt, I am not leaving you behind. I want to show you the beauty of the Twelve Isles. Show you were I was raised, among the Pani.”, as he let his thumb rake along her fingers before he pulled his hand away. “But, enough dreams for the day, back to reality.”, he growled softly and headed towards the lift. “No coin for the lazy !”, he said stern and turned one last time towards Morwenna and the new Man. “Safe paths, both of you.”, as he made way to the thrall working the system, giving the male slave a harsh gaze, giving him a sign to go down, once Sophie had joined him on the platform.

[11:10:18] Sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ Dᴇsᴍᴀʀɪ (SophieReese): noticed his gaze upon the male slave and she couldnt help and arch her brow in a comical manner “safe paths to you both” she said and waited for the lift to go down, though her gaze was briefly on the slave, concern in her eyes. she then looked at Arathos once more and shook her head, laughing inside

[11:11:21] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) faces his own hand as she was taking his fingerprints. “No, my hands do not have any distinctive signals, or at least I do not think so.” then he smiles back. “Yes, I’ve met the High Magistrate and lady Wimple already, at the meeting of my caste. I am feeling at easy and good here”

[11:13:04] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) having transferred the prints of his fingertips to the document, she smiles listening to him, nodding. Then asks, “Sir, what is your name?” she holds up a stylus to document on the form that has all his completed hand prints upon its surface.

[11:14:59] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) faces her “I’m Audwn Reðlson, but some of my house also call me Lucius Meridius, a familiar matter.”

[11:16:36] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) nods, tilting her head a little, then she bends down to write it on the document, both names, she then rolls up the document after setting the ink, and seals it, drops it in the slot and turns, smiling, “All done, Sir” then she says, “our regent is also called Lucius”

[11:17:16] Fingerprint Records: Notecard accepted

[11:18:55] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) smiles in good mood. “What a coincidence, tho the only ones who calls me Lucius are the direct members of the Meridius house or the ones related to them.”

[11:22:07] ℳαrcɛℓℓα (MelisandraMelodi) smiles, she felt a little hungry having spent most of the morning taking finger prints, and unconsciously touched her belly that let out a growl that can be heard, as he was rather close, for the finger printing needs. Eyes widened in surprise and embarassment, she says, “Oh, as you can hear, I’m rather famished” she laughed, sheepishly, and says, “If you will excuse me, I will go and partake of some sustenance” she smiles in a warm, pleasant, physician-like manner, tho she was just newly a physician.

[11:25:38] Audwn Guðfrøðr Reðlson (Adrian Ghennyn) smiles. “Please, do not let me interrupt you. Thank you for your work, I wish you well.”Then, looking around, he decided to go home.