Carnival Closing Ceremony

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Carnival Closing Ceremony

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3/13/2019  Carnival Closing Ceremony

William Carver: “The Ubrate of the Carnival, Ubar would you have some words to offer your loyal Carnival subjects?”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me cleared my throat and squinted ot see if I still had a companion out there.

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me bows once more to the Ubara as she joins us, a flourish of his hand as he righted himself and calmed his mighty kaiila.  “Yes, thank you.”

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me snickers.

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me stood before those that had elected her as Ubara of Carnival and was truly humbled and honored.  “I would like to thank Pyrnir for tolerating all my antics and costumes this week and thank you citizens of Svago for the most wonderful opportunity you have given me in being Ubara of this year’s Carnival!  Who would have ever thought that a low caste would stand before you in such a way! Well, I now know what it’s like to sit in the lofty seat at the arena, to have mead at my beckoning, pie every hour of the day, and most importantly to be the recipient of your kindness.   As a token of my thanks for making me Ubara of Carnival I have PIE FOR EVERYONE! ” gestured to the box next to me “Please take yours from the box and I do hope you realize the magnitude of gesture this is from me!” continued….

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): shouts: Svago is a melting pot of culture from all over Gor and that is what makes us so unique, our people.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped organize this amazing event, hosted a competition, organized or participated in the Free Woman dance, and to those who participated in each event or cheered for those that did.  Carnival is not only games, events, decorations or props but the heart of Carnival is you. Let us not forget the spirit of unity and harmony that comes with Carnival and carry it with us through the remainder of the year. We are Svagoreans! Let us not forget that in our trials of politics where we take different sides, or in a rivalry of slave houses, or in any other dispute that we have a common thread and that is that we are Svago.  When our backs are against the wall, it is when we are at our best, strongest, and unstoppable. Thank you administrators for what you do on a daily basis for us all. We may not always express our gratitude, but make no mistake, it is there and it is real. The word “GO’ comes at the end of the name of our Island–SvaGO. That is perhaps a coincidence but it is also because Svago is destined to lead. We do not follow. Svago does not wait for others to do first, we “GO” and do it.  We are the ones who do it first! We “GO” Ubar, thank you for lifting your goblet and toasting Svago during this Carnival and to all of you, my humble and heartfelt thanks for this experience of being your Ubara of Carnival! Hail Svago! Hail Svagoreans!

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /me claps and cheers loud to Ash ..  ” hear hear .. “

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): me smiled to William and nodded indicating I was finished

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me claps his shoulder resoundingly.

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): /me claps “Well said!”

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Laughs and actually gasps a little as the frugal slaver gives away pie or for that matter anything and just applauds leaning to jade “:be sure to get our pie at the end”

Kati Evans: Hail Svago!

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me smiles at his woman’s words, knowing well she could be the Ubara at his side if he ever decided to take over Gor.

William Carver: I applauded the Ubara ” Hail Svago! “

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Hail Svago “

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): /me claps for Ash, nodding

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): shouts: HAIL SVAGO!

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me cheers for the pretty Ubara of the Carnival!

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): well said mother!!

Katerina Amaranth: /me applauds for Ash, then turns to look over her shoulder back at Dragon, her eyes twinkling still with laughter.  “Now you see why I hid that costume?” She turns back as she hears the others. “Hail Svago!”

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): Hail Svago

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): “Hail Svago” she cheers as Ash ends her speech

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me whoops and applauds

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me lifts his hands to the crowd, “People of Svago! It has been my greatest honor to serve the whim of the people for Carnivale!  We have shared wine! We have shared paga! Too, we have shared mead!” He cheers to all. He lowers his hands, the party Ubar fading but still in good cheer he says, “I have done my ultimate best to embody the spirit of Carnivale and want to think you all for your indulgences for this the time of our frivolity.   We have shared kisses! Wishes have been made! Pies were eaten! Races were won, and bets were abundant! Let us all thank one another for our time together in masked anonymity! And also, I would like to especially thank the Svago Olives -the true hero of Carnivale!” he pounds his shoulder and and pauses an Ihn before he would continue:

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me pounds her doll’s shoulder in applause to the Carnival Ubar’s words, and knocks a bit more stuffing out of her.

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): “As with all reigns, our time is at an end,” lifts his hand to ward off the inevitable boos, “No Ubar lasts forever, and the tide has turned! I am afraid it is now time for us to prepare our white paint and our brak for the time of the Waiting Hand is soon upon us.  We must needs balance our most joyous Carnivale with a quiet contemplation and a look to the New Year! Mourn me not, for like the ebb and flow of Thassa we must now say goodbye as a natural order! I bid you each a fond fare thee well, and until next time my friends -a final toast! To Carnivale! To Olives!  Hail Svago!” he touches his shoulder and bows to them all.

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me calls out,”Hail Svago… and I’m nominating you next year!”

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): “to Olives” she repeats as she applauds not even sure why she said it “Hail Svago”

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Hail Svago .. Hail to the Ubarate of Carnival “

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): Hail Svagp

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me rises and points at Niall with a laugh.

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): Hail Svago!!

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): Hail Svago!

Katerina Amaranth: Hail Svago!!

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me claps his shoulder casually, grinning all the while.

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): shouts: once again she speaks with pride “Hail Svago”!!

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds the words of the Ubar and Ubara of the carnival “Hail Svago”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): Hail Svago!

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): hail Svago!

William Carver: I would applaud the Ubar ” Well said Ubar! ”  I then looked to Mia ” And a word from the slave of the Ubarate”

Tess ℒionhearϮ (Tess Anatra): /me claps her hands enthusiastically and sigh a little at the realization that it all must now come to an end.

Mia (Vampja Resident): “Thank you Master,” her voice is soft and she rises to her feet.

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me smiled and applauded the Ubar!

Thorn (BlockDent Resident): HAIL SVAGO!

Mia (Vampja Resident): She speaks in a voice loud enough to be heard. “As the duly elected slave of the Carnival Ubarate, and with my slave doll, I greet you and beg to speak freely — from my heart. I offer you a gift of thanks, a poem just written today for this occasion.” She clears her throat, holds up her doll, and says the words in a squeaky voice, as if the doll is a puppet.

Mia (Vampja Resident): “Oh free of Svago, the time has come

The depths of Carnival I saw you plumb

But just as hook and line and bait

Must be pulled up, so ends this fete.

Oh slaves of Svago, you danced and furred

Wresting and racing til your sight blurred

Just as chum is doomed to be eaten

So your lengthy frolic is beaten. “

“The Ubar, Ubara, and Ubarate slave

Must step down from their dais with royal wave.

The slave grabs a broom, the Mistress a duster

The Master goes back to his smithy with bluster.

Not all is forgotten, for in days to come

The foils of the holiday will be often re-spun

Mimed out by the poets, the musicians, the singers

The names of the winners cried out by joy bringers.”

“As the sun sets on Svago’s Carnival adventure

This slave offers her thanks on a well laden trencher

To administrator, regent, builders, and actors

You played your part well, you have no detractors

Like fishermen as the day draws to an end

We all have our prizes and fish to expend

Hold your memories close, from hard work don’t abstain

For very quickly our Carnival will come again!” [the end]

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): “Bravo Ubarate Slave!”

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me turns and kisses the Ubarate dolly soundly where she should have lips! “Well done!”  He pats Mia fondly on the head and smiles at her. He rises and claps his shoulder leading the cheering.

Mia (Vampja Resident): Mia and her doll take a little bow.

William Carver: Would applaud impressed by the poem ” Very lovely mia! ”  I would offer to her

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Bravo ..well spoken .. Bravo .. “

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): claps!!

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): /me claps “Well done girl!”

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me would clap “well done mia well done!!”

βirdy  (BlRDY Resident): after being sure that Fallen was out of sight, did she clap her hands to support her friend. She loved Mias poems and this one was another one so sweet that it made her both smile and giggle. “Bravo Mia” she said and didn’t care if she was allowed to speak or not

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): “Fabulous Mia!”

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me blushes with happiness.

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): /me clapped loudly, “Well done Mia!”

Tess ℒionhearϮ (Tess Anatra): /me claps quickly and enthusiastic again.

Katerina Amaranth: /me too applauds loudly.  “Well done, Mia!” She turns to look at Dragon once more, then back at those on the stage.

Sylvanus Voss: /me claps, “well done Mia,” impressed by the talent of the slave girl.

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki looks at Mia the girl had pleased her with the poem “Well done Mia, well done” and applauds for the slave girl “Hail Svago”  Nikki could not be more proud of her city and the people who live here

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /me grins to Rosa under this layers of materials ..” you did this on purpose right ?  ” she rubs her ear .. at least she hopes it is the right spot

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me bows again and lifting his ‘kaiila’ to his shoulder he exits stage left.

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me holds her doll tightly and exits the stage right.

William Carver: ” Ubar if you will sit on the throne, Ubara at his side and slave kneel near ”  I would ask

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me eyes it for swords first.

William Carver: ” We can get a quick painting of you “

William Carver: ” Thank you Ubrate for your service,” I would say and inclined my head in respect ”   I turned to the crowd and would say ” Ladies and Gentlemen of Svago, with this we close our Carnival, thank you all for your hard work, thank you all from the bottom of mine and Nikki’s heart for all you have done, it means alot.  Nikki, Jade please come up so we can pose for a picture with the Ubrate.

William Carver: ” Thank you Ubar and Ubara and slave of the Ubarte, now for the fun part, cleaning up! ” I would say with a laugh

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Calls out to everyone “thank you for making this week so special and now, we drink wine and rest”

William Carver: ” Warriors please secure the gates, and restart your patrols. ”  I would say to them,

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me smirks hearing William and looked over to the Warrior’s Present. “You hear the Administrator.. see it done Rarii!”

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