Carnival Opening Remarks

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Carnival Opening Remarks

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Administrator William Carver addresses crowd to open Carnival

3/9/2019 – Carnival Opening Remarks

William Carver: Arrived at the stage and picked the spot right in the middle of the troupe, what man wouldn’t want to be surrounded by slave girls and then looking at the ones who had gathered for the opening he would lift his voice and start “ Welcome to the 4th Annual Svago Carnival.   This exciting event is proof that we the people of Svago are a united people who love their Home Stone and each other. The efforts so many have put forth their time their energy is what drives this Carnival and Svago.

There will be many events for you to observe and take part in.  I encourage you to do both as often as you are able as this is the best way to show your appreciation of the efforts of those who sponsor events. Sponsors and event host as is the proud tradition of Svago cover the full gamment of Castes in our Isle of Svago. ”  I paused before I would continue

Kaellaed Rhode: /me rubs his neck from looking about at all the fascinating gowns and headgear of the ladies.

William Carver: I glanced about at those already dressed for the day and with a smile on my lips I would carry on A part of the tradition of Carnival is not only the games and shows but the elaborate costumes worn by the free.  It is a time that yes Free Women you can have a bad hair day it will be to your benefit! Single Free Men you may want to get a good look at some of these women before you take part in the Game of Favors. ” before I paused to let the crowd gaze at each other

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me clapped his shoulder, one of his favorites games, indeed.  Steel blue eyes moved over the crowd as he grinned and took another small sip of his wine.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me listens to her papa speak, nearly bouncing in place. The feel of carnival was something Jess always enjoyed!

William Carver: Then with some excitement in my voice as I spoke The Carnival is a time for not only Svago but all of Gor to come together as a community to spend a hand enjoying conversations, drink, food and games.  We want everyone to have a good time but remember the laws of Svago still stand our Warriors will be patrolling the streets in conjunction with our Magistrates and Praetors. So I now invite you now to join in the revially of Carnival as I declare this the 4th Annual Svago Carnival OPEN! “  William proclaimed

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me on the other hand was always wary that any FW might be related to him…  He’d clap none the less, but it was more subdued

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me cheers most enthusiastically.

Velleity Dryden (Emma Haskell): /me gave the woman next to her a brief nudge with her elbow to draw her attention – not immediately recognising who it was. She asked regardless, ‘What is a game of favours?’, it not being something that Velleity had ever heard of before and would proceed to watch Domino expectantly whilst awaiting some form of answer.

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): threw her hands up and tossed come confetti!

Kaellaed Rhode: /me pats his bribe bag to get bail from any possible infractions that may be noticed.

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