Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

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Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

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3/9/2019 Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

Svago Slave Dance Troupe

William Carver: I smiled hearing Rosa and said ” When we are done Rosa, I will buy you a cup myself! ”  I would then lift my voice ““ It is my honor to introduce the first event for the 4th Annual Svago Carnival, the Svago Slave Dance Troupe!  “ I turn and gaze upon the slaves “ Troupe the stage is yours “ I would then give smile and wave to the slaves as I made my way off the stage

The Svago Slaves kneel, their thighs pressed together, nervously they look to one another, Clarity clears her throat all eyes immediately focus on her. Clarity addresses the gathered crowd from her knees, “Tal our Owners. Tal Administrator.” the group beams as one of their own greets, “Tal Masters and Mistresses. We are the Svago Dance Troupe,” arms gesture in a grand sweep, indicates the girls kneeling with her. “The journey to Carnival 2019 is the inspiration for our dance today, we hope it pleases”. She settles back, each dancer follows her lead as they prepare for the music to start, slowly she nods her head to the musicians, signals readiness.

Kaellaed Rhode: /me stomps a foot and bashes chest with fist.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me clapped loudly for the girls!

The dancers snap into position as the music begins, the journey to the Svago 2019 Carnival started here. Movement limited, there is little to do but plan, positions and postures change, as ideas adapt and grow. Anticipation birthed and builds, each dancer moves to their feet and offers an open palm.

The dance troupe’s ears prick as the beat begins, bodies start to move with fluidity, each pose now flows into another. Possibilities seem endless as their eyes watch, with fascination and interest, the slow stretch and extension of their arms and legs. Brows are wiped with a delicate hand, thoughts momentarily invaded by doubt.

TyranKamdry Resident: ~he applauded as the girls began dancing ,watching his own in particular ~

The Svago Slaves start to limber up, hips start to wind, necks lengthen, taught skin displays the muscles and sinew in motion. The beasts prepare for the work ahead, imaginings must now become real. Bodies jump into action as the horn sounds, percussion instruments now toll a slow, constant beat, the girls step and spin in time.

Each dancer’s pace quickens, lungs fill with air sharply, the salty taste of Thassa permeates their mouths as they slowly empty their lungs. Confusion visible in each step, small frames drop to the cool wood, roll and stand rapidly. The girls regain the beat, arms swing in time, slow and deliberate, taking time to get it right.

The Svago Slaves eyes stare as feet delicately strut around on the wood. Each footfall and wave, calculated and focused, determined to reach the journey’s end. Momentary exhaustion, hands cradle faces and torsos bend. Although, the girls stay steadfast with a kick, composure and concentration regained, with extra flourish.

Dancers start to move with confidence and stance strong, the time draws near. Each slave now the embodiment of lessons past, toes point, steps high, arms sweep wide, they now hurdle and brush away obstacles in their path. The horns sound, prepared bodies spin and weave on the cool wood floor.

The Svago slaves respond to the sound of trumpets with an arched spine, hands to their mouths emulating the musicians as they herald the commencement of the Svago Carnival. Nervous energy flows through the girls, skin flushes, pupils dilate. Movement slow and gentle, designed to relax and calm the tension.

The Slaves tremble, there is a lull in the music, eyes dart, reality of their situation becomes clear. They walk to-and-fro like caged larls, agitation clear, their feet arch on the cool floor. The Tabors start to beat, pacing only temporarily broken, arms thrown open and heads turn skyward, perhaps hoping for intervention.

The Dancers focus on the music, their fear diverted, as the kalika joins the tabors, steps light and high as they skip to the beat. The musicians start to guide the slaves, offering a selection which captivates, bodies dip and turn in time. Momentum kept even as the samisen plays alone, the tabors return seamlessly, girls keep the tempo.

Each Svago slave feels a charge of energy, the samisens duel, tongues trace dry lips as they turn away. Daringly, dancers bend to see the crowd between their parted legs. The tarn drums pound, the beasts turn, supple torsos pop to the beat. The time has come, now is the time to dance to welcome all to the carnival.

Kaellaed Rhode: hoot

The slaves bend low, stretch a shapely leg forward, greets all who are watching with a high wave of their arms. Lips turn up into brilliant smiles, happiness for all to see. Toes point and press onto the floor, then flick. Tresses of all colours are lifted as they spin, before, ample hips ride the beat of the tambors.

The dancers hear the musicians, their graceful forms seem to emphasize different instruments. Hips thrust to the beat, then wind to the samisen, turn and twist, as the flute takes control. The music slows, brows furrow, as the girls continue to pump the air, forces the tarn drums to comply.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me watches the girls dance with such precise movements and grace only hoping that her dance will be as good!

Nephtides na Neidos (Nephtides Resident): *arrives a bit late, smiling and sipping from a wineskin, bidding all a friendly Tal and seating himself, eyes on the dancers*

The Svago Dance Troupe breathe deeply, lungs fill with the fragrant smell of various flowers in bloom. Arms glide around a twisting body, skin glistens in the rays from Lar-Torvis. Every movement, from the girls, is alive with joyousness, the lines of a smile, infuses their beautiful faces.

The slaves feet deftly stomp onto the wood floor, the collision with the surface makes a slap, the tambor continues to pound. Bountiful curves sway, arms reach to balance, harmony between sight and sound. Eyelashes flutter, as they catch sight of the brightly colored carnival decorations.

Each dancer raises their arms as the music stops all of a sudden, delicate hands move to frame their thrilled faces. Eyes sparkle, a smile snakes, abruptly they lean back and explode into rapid movement. Taunt glistening skin, emphasizes muscular legs as they cross and weave over the cool brown floor.

The Svago slaves hair flutters and drags behind them as they twist and turn. Powerful arms and legs stretch and whip around to the increased tempo, the music now hammers its final beats. Heads wobble, arms cross, they kneel, a gentle breeze brushes soft skin.

The slaves hold their final pose as the music stops, hearts pound, and chests heave with excitement and exhaustion. Tahlia speaks up “thank you, our Owners, Administrator, Masters and Mistresses, for allowing us to dance for you”

Kaellaed Rhode: /me stomps and beats his chest with flattened palm.

Chrysoprase  Ibn Yusef (MineralMaster Resident): applaudes loudly hand hitting shoulder

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki cheers for the slaves “well done slave dancers” she applauds as the dance ends

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me claps claps loudly “Spectacular girls!!!”

The Svago Slave Dance Troupe cheeks flush, take a bow and scamper away.

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds as the dance comes to an end

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /md cheers ” wonderfull epic  so well done girls “

Shirin Pfeffer: /me claps her hands as loud as she can: “Wonderful!”

ℒαδყ Nicα Rαɠńivαrđ Sjöström (MelisandraMelodi Resident): /me nods in approval

TyranKamdry Resident: ~he whistled and clapped extra loudly for all the girls while watching his own ~

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me claps his shoulder not even spilling his wine.

Kaellaed Rhode: /me pokes in bag of bribe money and tosses a few silvers at the girls, hoping to not hit any in the process.

Adayre (XxAdayrexX Resident): /me smiles and claps for the dancers

William Carver: I would applaud loudly for the girls ” Well done Svago Dance Troupe!!! “

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): Clapped her hands and cheered

Katerina Amaranth: /me applauds loudly.  “Well done!”

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me clapped and shouted, having enjoyed the set.

Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (Rosalynne Dawes): /me does a huge gorean appluase “well done girls!”

Lullio Resident: Thank you  for giving this opportunity to perform FOR you all

Lib (Liberace57 Resident): smiles and thinks this the way to start a day

TyranKamdry Resident: “Well done girls “

Kaellaed Rhode: very well choreographed, nice build up, sweet synch with the music, nice diversity

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps her hands excitedly as she runs off the stage waving to the girls, to find her Owners

ClarityDevine Resident: giving a wide smile to the free she blows out a goren kiss and exits the stage to the left!

ღ victoria ღ (hannah26548 Resident): /me bows at the end of the dance and slowly makes her way off the stage with the others

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me snaps her fingers for her npc slaves Hup and Sura to get the water for the girls as they leave the stage!

Pink (ProudlyPink Sheridan): /me beams a somewhat shy smile at the compliments and quickly darts off the stage, following the girls towards the side.

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki heads to the stage and waits for the slaves to get all the recognition they deserve “Well done she calls to them and as they leave she grabs jade by the arm “get that silver and hand it to me”  She takes a step to the front of the stage and waits for a moment to be sure the slave of her gathers all the coins and glances over to her companion with the ‘what did you expect look’

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