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The “Talk”

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[13:06] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) GWYNN ARE YOU HERE? IT’S MAMMA AND AUNTIE ROSA

[13:07] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) gasped and covered herself. Her face went bright red, making sure the gown is covering her. “YES I AM UPSTAIRS” she replied

13:07] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) looks around “well at least they got rid of that dirty carpet of yours” hears Sara yell and pokes at her ears “Holy moly woman, just made me deaf!!! Maybe I don;t have to hear William drone on tonight, might thank you later”

13:07] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) come on Rosa, and if I find any men up there, ooh is she in trouble

[13:09] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) sniffs, looking around “well I like what you’ve done with the place! Dressing in front of an open window?

13:09] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) frowned and groaned, but then moved closer to hug her mother. “I have missed you.” she sighed, “Tal Auntie Rosa.” she greeted.

13:10] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) just looks at Sara, bad enough she never let her meet her niece now she can’t even introsuce, nudges her sister out of the way “Tal Niece, I am Lady Rosa, of which I am sure has said nothing but horrible things about me” nods

13:10] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) hugs Gwynn tightly, lifting the smaller woman off of her feet

[13:10] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) looks at Sara “since when did you hug someone?”

[13:11] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) if you had given me a moment, i might have, but I did say you were with me downstairs, Rosa, Don’t start a quarrel, not when Gwynn must be so nervous now

13:12] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) giggled as she was lifted from the floor. “Mother has only ever said the kindest of words about you, or nothing at all.” Not really lying, but a half truth was less painful. “Niall has an order of protection over me until our companionship contract takes affect today.” she said, wringing her hands.

13:13] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) moves to the side and lets them do their thing “of course” she said and makes a note “I see she inherited Thrice’s height” nods a bit and looks around.

[13:15] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) sputters “what nonsense and how dare they. Uncle Rec is the male head of our family, and you were under his protection. Niall needs a size 0 kick in the pants,” She stops her rant to stare at Rosa “Gwynn os the perfect height..she is a rare, delicate flower! Have they made you full scribe yet, Gwynn?”

[13:16] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded pointing around to the rather empty space. “I had my belongings sent to Niall’s house. I haven’t been to his home yet, But I do know he has a slave…for…what ever he is using her for. He seems to rave about her cooking skills.” she huffed, sticking her nose in the air and crossing her arms over her chest. “Honestly, I do not understand the appeal these beasts have over men.” Her head shook further, “I had my first class with Lady Nikki this week, but it will be soon. I’ve watched as many contracts as I can this week and it does seem simple enough”

[13:17] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) chuckles hearing that “well what slaves use men for? you might not want to know the details there, just make sure you pickup a hobby, like sewing, crochet, reading a ton of books, something like that to pass the time” she nods a bit

[13:18] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) only simple people write simple contracts, which is why I wished i could have written yours. Your father and I are very much concerned that your interests are protected

[13:18] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes): or did I mean what men use slaves for? one of those two

[13:19] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, “He seemed more worried I might damage his property than anything else in the contract. What’s mine is mine, what is his is his. He will only enslave me if I should behave as a slave, which I shall never do, so I believe we should be fine.”

[13:20] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) hmmm I would have changed that clause that any punishment collars expire with the contract

[13:20] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, a scowl on her face. “I’m sure we can have that amended.” she noted, but hadn’t thought of that.

[13:20] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen): and he will be earning considerably more than you can, AND children could have been negotiated

[13:22] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, “He believes children should have equal access to their mother. I do not think children will become an issue. We’ll only be together for one year and …well, I’m frankly wondering if he can even reproduce. Nothings happened to me over weeks of us courting, you know.”

[13:24] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) coughs a bit hearing her statement and adjusts her gloves a bit just listening and all that.

[13:24] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) holds up a palm “STOP. Companionships are meant to be for a lifetime. They are renewed annually because they are important, not because its expected they will expire like fresh meat left out in the sun. And he better not have been trying to reproduce while you were courting! Which brings me up to another issue. Have you had noble wine?

[13:25] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) would mouth the words ‘just a year’ but veils impede these things so just looks back at Sara and her daughter there like some tennis match.

[13:27] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) shook her head, “Just red wine from the winery.” she said, “What is this…noble wine?” she asked. “I do not think Niall likes me to drink. Given how excessively his mother tips her glass, if you know what I mean.” she nodded with a judgmental expression. “He has done better to avoid eye contact with me, but frankly I’m shocked with all the times he’s stared at me nothing at all happened. You know Denise, from Ar? She said a million times, if she said it once, her husband only had to look at her for her to conceive. I rather thought it made the whole process very convenient.”
[13:28] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) just shakes her head, scribes teaching each other about the body, this was amusing “oh yes, that’s exactly how it worked, I think Thrice sailed within 9847146 pasangs of Sara and she conceived you!”

[13:32] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) frowned, clearly torn on which way to go with this conversation now “noble wine is a concoction the greens distribute, that prevents women from conceiving,. and there is a wine that “releases” you to conceive. That school should have given you some before you made the voyage home, and i will certainly write them a strongly worded letter.” She slides her eyes ove to Rosa, and blinks a few times “Don’t confuse the poor child more than she already is. I am torn…if she keeps her dignity, she will not allow him to touch–uhm,look at her but then I do want grandchildren. Just so they don’t look like Niall or his crazy family.” SHe looks at Rosa again to see if she has any good advice “but then Nikki did ask in a letter if she could be in on this part”

[13:35] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded again. “No, they did offer something like that, but I went shopping instead that afternoon. I wanted to make sure I got the latest veil from the seamstress. She does fine work.”

[13:36] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) shrugs “It’s the releaser wine when starting a family. figured those details would have been taken care of for tonight” she added, was not sure what advice she wanted, hearing the plan was for Nikki to review these things, she did not say much else.

[13:39] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) moves closer to Gwynn again, fussing with the girls hair, tucking some strands back, pulling some forward. adjusting the drape of her hood. She is about to do the finger-lick fix to Gwynn’s eyebrows, again, when she nods “i think anybody would agree that shopping was the better use of time. And you do look lovely, doesn’t she, Rosa? I never thought this day would come, my baby, getting a companion.” Sara starts to sniffle, but manages to ask “what do you think will happen tonight, when you are alone with Niall?”
[13:41] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) watches and grins behind her thick veils “yes she looks lovely” she states pleasantly.

[13:41] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) watched her mother’s finger like a hawk, not wanting that spit run along her eyebrow again, but not wanting to refuse her mother. “Tonight? I move in with him. I expect he will go back to work as Head of Caste, and I will come here for a time, working on the Post, then we shall go to his house and sleep. That’s what people do at night, Mother, they sleep. I do not plan to let him keep me awake all night with idle chit chat when I have this edition of the post to finish.”
[13:44] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) Sara’s sniffles turn to full-out bawling, now “Yes yes that’s right, Gwynn, that’s all that should happen. If he is a gentleman that is. Make sure the slave cleans everything and keeps at it until you fall asleep. I trust you have your own room in his house and can lock the door?”

[13:44] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) chuckles lightly, now thinking she sounds like a mini Sara “oh yes, the paper always comes first, still trying to figure out how Sara had time to have you, must have been a short gossip day in there somewhere” she waves her hand, thinking that must have been the reason.

[13:49] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) stuck her nose in the air and crossed her arms over her chest again. “Oh she will be busy. I cannot keep all 7 trunks of gowns, Niall feels that is too many and I will need to put some in storage for safe keeping. Imagine if I had sent over all my chests of gowns? What then?” she huffed, “His slave’s name is feather and she will have enough to do with laundry and cooking alone to keep her awake long into the night. You know I asked him if I was to have my own room and he told me not to worry, if that was needed, he would contact the builders. I am guessing I will sleep on his bed and he will have a fur to lay on or something.”

[13:53] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) voice starts to get shrill “what do you mean, he’d have to contact the builders? What sort of shack is he moving you into. The heads of caste have always had large houses set aside for their use. What is Niall trying to pull! Ohhh I wish your father could be here, he’d straighten that young man out right away. I suppose he has his parents manners, or lack thereof. You can always resume living here, or in the Inn. Perhaps that would be better anyway, Since it sounds like he doesn’t intend on giving you any money, maybe you better have some emergency coin. Uhm….Rosa, give Gwynn some emergency coin”

[13:56] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) shrugged as he mother’s voice went shrill. “Mother, this is how his parents sleep. I would imagine he thinks it is normal. I shall educate him on the proper ways to keep a companion in his home. His mother is pregnant, did you know?” she asked her mother. “His father must make a great deal of eye contact with her. “

[13:56] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) just looks at her sister “I am sure she is fine, seems you two need some time, I’ll go check into the inn for a few and see if I can pry Latha from Kron for a few minutes, I wish you both well and best of luck for tonight!”

[13:57] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): As usual, Nikki walks in her slave right on her heels and calls out “Lady G are you here?” she can hear mumbles from up the stairs and looks at Jade curiously

[13:58] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) called down, “Yes, Lady Nikki. I am upstairs. My mother has come to visit. Please, come join us.”

[13:58] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) Nikki has been pregnant since she was born. She has had over 300 children, you know and the quality just keeps going down with the quanity

[13:58] Jαdε (klonky) follows in behind her Mistress, her eyes look to the ceiling and her head tilts hearing voices upstairs.

[14:00] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Huffs and puffs a she makes her way up the stairs and stares at Sara for a few moments before bursting out in a true smile and reaches out to hug her “Tal Sara, dont get uses to this, its only because I am protected by my belly” and glances to G “Tal Lady”

[14:02] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) endures the hug, with only slight noticeable discomfort “that must be hormones gone wild, Nikki. It is pleasant to see your face, and that of…of…jenny! yes thats right, jenny

[14:03] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) smiled, her eyes showing such above the veil. She went rather wide eyed at the thought of 300 children. “Tal Lady Nikki.” she replied, then looked to Jade, “Tal Pearl.” she canted her head, still trying to figure out how in the world one would have time to do anything besides have babies with 300 of them! Her head shook, “It’s not Jenny, Mother. It’s Pearl.” she told her, then smiled to Jade as though she did the poor girl a favor.

[14:04] Jαdε (klonky) trails behind her Mistress, holds her arms out ready to catch the lady if she falls. Once at the top she takes to her knees “Tal Mistresses” she makes no response to the Jenny and Pearl names she was used to the Ladies not remembering her name. But she did raise an eyebrow when Mistress G corrected Mistress Sara, bites her lip so she doesn’t chuckle.
[14:06] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) harumphs at being corrected, but instead carries on as they were before “what kind of a home does your son have for my Gwynn that only has 2 rooms in it”

[14:06] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): glancing to jade she shrugs a little “call her what you want, did you know I brought her to the Hair lady last night and tried to sell her hair to her, you know to cover the companionship expenses. I will have you know that the lady Sissa told me she only buys hair of the Free” Nikkis eyes move to Saras tied up hair “hmmm” is all she says and laughs hearing Sara “she is moving to the head of caste housing, something that surely you walked by a few times with envy in your eyes”

[14:10] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) watched the two speak to one another. “I’m sure, Niall has a lovely home. He did tell me that builders could add a wall, should he feel we need separate bedrooms.” she interjected, trying to keep the peace. “He will already be building on for my gowns as it is, and I do not mind sharing a room with him. I’m sure we could put up a curtain or something until he can give me my own room. We can make due.”

[14:12] Jαdε (klonky) folded her own hair away from her Mistress, seeing her gaze move to Mistress Sara’s she relaxed some.

[14:14] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) a head of caste’s work is never done, I should assume he will sleep in his office. We have been talking about what Gwynn can expect as a companioned lady” Sara starts to cry again, and again begins arranging and rearranging Gwynn’s clothes and hair
[14:17] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki perks an eyebrow and looks at jade “you made sure there was wine on the roof right? Ladys lets go one floor up and have a seat, I will be happy to tell you what is expected by the Carvers and the best way to handle it” Her eyes move to Sara and she does smile a bit as the usually hard as steel Sara seems to melt a little on knowing her daughter would be companioned
[14:18] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) half swats at her mother as she begins to fuss over her. “I am sure it will be fine. He’s been much better about not making eye contact with me. I do think he intends to be patient with me, and his slave will do the cooking and cleaning. This should leave me with plenty of time to read and study and work on articles.” She looks to Jade, then to the stairs. “Ah, yes, Let’s do so.” she smiled and would lead the way. “I imagine as much as we both work, we’ll hardly even see one another.”

[14:18] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) fine, we can go to the roof and hear what the Carvers expect. I am sure it is less than the Threefolds expect

[14:19] Jαdε (klonky) nods “yes my Mistress” she runs up ahead and prepares two glasses of wine and a glass of water

[14:22] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki has to hoist her leg on top of the other one, not a graceful move when it looked like she had swallowed a melon.. whole” and turns to the Ladys and then looks right at Gwen “the good news for you is that Niall already has a slave, so that will make things easier in the long run. However, as we all know, the reason you are getting companioned is to further the Carver lineage, for goodness sakes I cannot bear this alone”

[14:25] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, “The She-Urt did assure us that the Priest Kings will bless us with many sons.” she replied, thinking how many can she have in one year’s time? One! “I am sure, if Niall can reproduce, we will make eye contact many times. He did say,” she whispered, leaning forward, “Nothing would happen unless he’s naked.” she blushed profusely. “I am quite certain I will ensure his slave has his clothing laundered and prepared well in advance.”

[14:29] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) has regained some composure as she finds a seat, even managing to smirk when nikki has to climb into hers. Sara puts a cupped hand to her ear, as lif listening for the chair to creak and break under Nikki’s weight. She was about to coment on her feet not touching the floor until she realized her own were dangling as well. “that is good advice about the clothes and the slave. HOWEVER the Threefolds and Inkpens are more interested in less–shall we say–selfish? ambitions, and that is to strengthen the caste . We don’t want to take in too many greens or whatever. And you keep your clothes on, young lady, no matter how many articles niall takes off!”

[14:30] Jαdε (klonky) moves to her Mistress’ feet and holds up the tray “water my Mistress?”
[14:32] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Taking the water she motions jade on as she begins “Sara, lets get her ready for tonight, and we can worry about the fine details of the other matters later.” she shifts in her chair again a bit awkwardly “so tonight, you will be expected to lay next to him in the same bed, he will be naked, if you are lucky he will let you keep your clothes on, or at least most of them” she glances over to Sara encouraging her to jump in at anytime

[14:35] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) smirks and blushes. “You can’t be serious.” she laughs. “Stop, stop teasing so.” she holds her belly and laughs. “We have no need to discuss naked bodies, surely.” she gasps and leans back in her chair.
[14:37] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) remember you are a high caste woman! I was told men expect you to lay there rigid and frozen, and denounce the whole animalistic mating ritual. Others will not abide by that, or so I am told. I suggest a lot of wine for both of you. And under no circumstances allow that flighty slave of his to be around later.” she glares at Jade as if this were all her fault, somehow
[14:38] Jαdε (klonky) stands and moves inbetween Mistress G and Mistress Sara, trembles as she kneels seeing Mistress Sara’s look, quickly holds the tray high “wine Mistresses?”

[14:39] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) plucks the goblet of wine from the tray, giving it a little bump as she did. Maybe the other prepared goblet will topple and spill on the girls head
[14:42] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): She looks between the two of them “Personally I have perfected something that I will pass onto you, you will need to practice before tonight though as it takes an art to master.” Nikki sips at her wine and looks at Sara “you know this is so much easier with physician children who understand the function of basic anatomy” Her tone one of snootiness on the intelligence of the physicians on these worldly things “Now lady G, I want you to close your eyes, dont squint them shut, you need to make it look like you are tasting a sweet pastry and liking the taste.. this has nothing to do with reality of course, in reality you are shutting out that which is about to happen but try it with me” and Nikki leans back her big old belly protruding and gets a who I love baked good look on her face as she closes her eyes

[14:45] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) reached and snatched up the glass of wine from the tray. It was already to her lips before a drop could be spilled. Once the drink is gone from the glass she sets it back on the tray and closes her eyes. A deep breath inhaled through her nose, pulling her veil in a bit then blown out slowly, making the veil balloon. Her eyes closed and she tried to imagine a nice tasting chocolate treat, but instead she starts to giggle, opening one eye and peeking at her mother. “I can fake sleeping just fine, if that’s what helps. I can even pretend to snore.” she starts to gruffly inhale and exhale, making snoring sounds and her body going limp in the chair.

[14:48] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) begins to titter a little, perhaps she is more nervous than Gwynn is. “its not sleep you are imitating, Gwynn, it is pleasure. Which is one way, but I think you should just imagine myself and your father in the room, watching over you, keeping you safe. And remember your sacrifice is for the greater good. And, as Nikki says, you can try to act like you enjoy laying there.

[14:49] Jαdε (klonky) feels the tray bang her on the head, the knocking of the tray and the removal of the glass making it flip up. She remains as quiet as possible as she stands rubbing her head while returning the tray then back to her Mistress’ feet. Her eyes now focused on the Ladies pretending to .. do what, Master Niall wasn’t ugly she thought.

[14:53] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks at Sara “you and thrice watching her, oooh thats gonna help” she lets out a laugh “now the next part is a little more difficult. while you are laying there with your eyes close, you will do what I call an internal chant. It is very important that you do not allow your lips to move or that you make any noise during this part, noises can be misconstrued and your goal is to get this over with as fast as you can. so what you chant in your mind is six simple words.. Let this be over with soon” she pauses there “now watch” and again Nikki leans back in her chair with the bakery look on her face as her eyes closed and with out moving her lips begins the silent chant over and over and over

[14:56] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) wiggled her glass at Jade. “Pearl! More wine.” she huffed, then watched the two women. Her face went bright red. “How am I supposed to get pregnant if my eyes are closed?” she asked, “The sooner I get pregnant, the sooner he’ll stop staring at me.” she grumbled. “If we lay there, in his bed, and he’s naked, why waste the good opportunity to have eye contact? It’s not like he’s going to touch me or anything. Good grief. With this advice I’m never having any children.”

[15:01] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) “you watch that tone, young lady!” sara swiftly admonishes her daughter, but with no trace of anger. “Nikki has delivered close to 400 children, so her technique must work, but now I am worried that –well, when WIlliam gives one of those long winded speeches, most of us are closing our eyes and chanting to ourselves “let this be over soon” I hope no one things we are all having marital discourse! Shocking thought. Don’t worry, I;ll tell Niall to imagine me and pappa in the room, too. THat should keep him on the straight and narrow. And if –uhm–stares–too much you can always punch him in the–uhm, eye. I would try to pass that off as an accident, Gwynn”

[15:01] Jαdε (klonky) sees the glass wiggle and the call for more wine, stands grabs a bottle of wine and moves to Mistress G. Fills the glass and moves back to her Mistress’ feet.
[15:06] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki sips at her water and stares at Sara blankly “you know Sara, you and I need to synch up on this, this will only be my 20th child” Her eyes move back to G “oh he will touch you alright, and it wont be with a look, you need to get prepared to have you body touched in a number of ways by this man” she kicks out her foot at jade “you will tell her what to expect and make it appropriate for a free womens ears”

[15:07] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded impatiently as the glass was filled, then smiled. “Thank you Pebbles.” she said with a lisp, then sipped at the glass of wine. Her hand waived in the air toward her mother. “I mean no disrespect.” she huffed, “My apologies mother, Lady Nikki. I do not wish to seem unappreciative of your advisement.” She leaned forward. “I shall refuse to remove any garments. That is just an absurd thought to have me naked in this entire process. It makes no sense. If he needs to be naked, which I still can’t figure out why in the world that part is even necessary, then so be it. I’ll be looking at his eyes, not his flesh.” Her head canted to Lady Nikki, “He will?” she went pale. “Why would he want to do that?” she gasped, horrified at the mere thought.

[15:14] Jαdε (klonky) lets out an “aii!” when the slipper heads her way. She opens her mouth about to spill all the juicy details her eyes wide with excitement at the thought, until she hears it should be appropriate. Slumps and closes her mouth while she thinks. Finally, she sits back up cautiously, “he will touch you up under your skirt and over the top of your dress” she swallows “he will touch you with ..” she pauses and looks at her Mistress then Mistress Sara, she turns back to Mistress G “with whats in his pants” sits back and takes a deep breath thinking that was pretty well explained but then adds quickly “if you close your eyes you won’t see” thinking that would enable her not to have to explain exactly what would be coming at her.

[15:17] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) choked on the next sip of wine. Her eyes were wide, an expression of shock on her face as the color paled from it. Slowly her head turned to her mother, then to Lady Nikki. “What in the name of the Priest Kings is in HIS PANTS?” she screamed.

[15:18] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) stares at Jade before commenting to Nikki “is that girl white silk? She may not have been the prime example. And perhaps we should have a similiar talk with Niall, because this one is going so well.” she sniffs again, as only a high caste woman of Gor can. “My daughter, its going to hurt and be uncomfortable, but there’s a good chance Niall won’t even notice. That’s where Nikki’s advice may be useful, Yes, his pants, Gwynn. Nikki perhaps you can describe that for her”

[15:22] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks at G and in her simple physician tone she just states “Niall like all men has a part attached to them that us women dont have. I have often called it their brain, but that is not something that we share with the men. It is about this long and about this big around, he will push that inside you and yes this first time it will hurt, and that G is how he puts his half of a wee little baby inside you” Nikki stops and tries to think “his half is so small you wont feel that, but that brain.. that you will feel”

[15:24] Jαdε (klonky) listens to the two woman and is glad they took over, she didn’t need a whipping for being too graphic, nods to herself as she sits back on her heels.

[15:26] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) flopped back in the chair, her nostrils flaring as she hyperventilates. “A brain?” she whispered, “AND half a baby?” She didn’t know that babies came in halves. She tried to imagine a long round object protruding from Niall’s pelvis that contained half a baby, and the picture in her mind was maddening. “More wine.” she squeaked. Now trying to figure out how she’ll survive getting impaled on this appendage. Her hands trembled, her eyes closed and she repeated….”Let this be over quickly, let this be over quickly.”

[15:30] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) ah I see you are going to adopt Nikki’s suggestion, Try not to say it outloud, but he may be making so much noise he wouldn’t hear you if you scream. Also, try to eat lightly, you don’t want to throw up on him, not the first time anyway. But it will all be fine, Gwynn, its what we must endure as women. Who knows” she ventures, hesitatingly “perhaps you may even enjoy this mating ritual as time goes on. Its best you not let him know it, however, as his demands will only grow and he may be angry if he thinks such conduct is unbecoming to a woman of Gor”

[15:35] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): “she listens well, now G try it again, silent so only you can hear and dont move your lips” she looks at the time “now we need to get over there, or should I say I have a few things to get ready before this companionship. so here is my last piece of advice “other than making no sounds as he will see that as encouragement. when its all over, turn over on your side, not facing him. dont move as he will think of that as a sign that you want him to use his brain again. then be sure to be the first one out of the bed and dont even venture into that room again until he is awake and out of it”

[15:36] Jαdε (klonky) stands and moves quickly over to Mistress G and fills her glass, then returns to her Mistress’ side ready to follow her Mistress.

[15:37] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) still had no color back in her cheeks and stared wide mouthed at her mother. Jaw gaping open in disbelief. “How could anyone…like…that?” she cringed. “This is a nightmare.” she gasped, putting her hands to her face, still in disbelief. Her eyes went to Jade, “Do you enjoy being impaled by brains?” she asked, surely even a slave didn’t like that. She nodded to Lady Nikki. “Don’t move my lips, don’t say it out loud and don’t move or he’ll think I want him to do it again.” she nodded again and again, “Sage advice, Lady.” Her eyes went to her mother, “I had no idea.”

[15:39] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) Nikki is a professional at this, Gwynn. all the women in Svago are her offspring, thats why they jumped at the chance to gain you. Less incest this way. Do you have more preparations to make too, Gwynn? We should all be prepared to get over there

[15:41] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks at G “:this is why you keep a slave in the house, who cares if she enjoys it. Its what one of her purposes are” she turns and just glares at jade and then to her pregnant belly “and sometimes they fail. So do what you do to keep them around, burn the food, leave the house messy, soil his clothes with some kind of berry juice should he ask you to wash them.. remember you need a slave or you will get the brain” Happy this conversation was over she inclines her head ‘I will see both of you over there, I wish you well”

[15:42] Jαdε (klonky) nods happily and goes to answer but quickly shuts her mouth seeing the look on her Mistress’ face. “I wish you well Mistresses” she turns to follow her Mistress

[15:42] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) shook her head, she was ready…but this felt like a walk to the gallows. “Keep the slave or get the brain shoved up my ass. Got it.” she said, swallowing hard. “Well…I guess we should go.”

[[15:43] Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki walks down the stairs calling to Sara “maybe clarify the hole”

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Honor & Iron

Category : Svago General Info

[16:34] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) becomes aware of light and sound in a gradual way. Sliding his hand through dried blood slowly he opens steel blue eyes to see what it is, and then jerks back at the realization that it is blood -even dried. He sits up all too fast. Glancing up he spots Alex, a wreck, and it all comes back to him. It is not a good feeling. Looking around he sees a bota and some cloth. He collects it, popping the top he smells it then tastes it and knowing it is water he wets the cloth. He slowly reaches up to the chain and pulls himself up and offers the cloth wordlessly to Alex.

[16:39] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) watches the jerky movements his brother made and just blinks, blearily. He’d been up most of the night, even if he’d made sure he’d gotten the bed. He takes the offered cloth and wipes at the dried blood on his brow. He felt worse than he’d felt when he drank that Svagian wine that once. Wincing as he cleans the cut, feeling the residual pain of having your face pummeled in by a metal worker. “You hit as hard as I’d imagine a trampling of bosk feels like.” He compliments.

[16:41] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Don’t,” he says it was too raw. Compliment or not, the shame he felt at causing this was more than he could deal with right this very Ihn. He wets the second cloth and instead of wiping his own mouth, he slowly wiped at Alex’s other eye. He wouldn’t meet his gaze, but it was this movement that was so familiar to both of them, done so many times before it was as if it was a practiced dance. Only this time….this time, Trent felt the weight of causing these bruises himself. How do you even begin to apologize for that?

[16:47] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) quietly kept to scrubbing at his brow, feeling the crusted blood made him itch, but in his scrubbing, he’d opened the gash, blood seeping around the scab and dribbling down the side of his face anew. His whole face was just a fountain of pain and when his brother started to tend to him, he caught the hand by his wrist and sighs. The man even refused to look at him. “Sit down.” He all but commanded. “You’ve lost it the last few days. Drinking, staying out. I had to feed your slave because she’d been chained there without.” He took stock of his nose and hisses when his fingers touched it. “Kings” He wheezes. “Think you hit harder than him, but I think this time it was well deserved. I’ll not speak ill of the dead again.” He says as close to an apology as Alex ever really got. “You need to straighten up.” He warns. “We didn’t come here just for my sake. You needed to get away from all those reminders of…” He sighs. “Of the past.”

[16:51] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) hitched his breath when Alex caught his wrist and sits down next to him, bringing the bota with him. Saying Trent hit harder than their father made him wince. He listens to Alex’s lecture as he bows his head, wrapping both calloused hands around the bota in his lap. “I know,” he says after a time. “But it … it’s not ….wasn’t deserved Alex. We’ve kept violence out of our relationship so long, for … ” all of those reasons, and yet here they were. He closes his eyes and puts his head back on the wall for a few Ihn. “I know, we both had to leave Venna,” he admits.

[16:56] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods and scrubs at the choppy hair that clumped in his face, bits of food and flakes of blood showering into his lap. “We needed to, yes.” He pushes the man’s shoulder before squeezing it. “Do you have things to say?” He asks him and as an afterthought. “How’s your ribs?”

[16:58] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “They ache,” he shakes his head, covered in food and blood and in a cage was never how he thought he’d find himself. He opens steel blue eyes to pick a rivet and he stares at it hard, ignoring the way the walls seem to creep closer and closer by the Ihn. He breathes a little faster, but he says softly, “I never should have …. you are nothing like… we’re never going to be …. him.” It was slow, clumpy, but he tried.

[17:01] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) grunts, confirming the sentiment. “No, not like him.” He instinctively reached up to the ornate hammer around his neck and closes his eyes, the injured one throbbing and aching in its socket. “You’ll also move on and be okay.” He offers, knowing he was in dangerous waters. “You’ve move on, and they will not greet you in the City of Dust with contempt for it.”

[17:04] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) walked into the lower guard shack and paused. “Why the..” he paused looking at the Hayford boys. Sighs deeply looking for a incident report…

[17:05] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) winces when Alex said that, almost he would reply but he bit it back. He was clearly not so sure about that, what Alex was saying. IN fact, he was almost sure of the opposite. He takes a sip of water out of the bota and offers it to Alex. He looks up at the Warrior as he walks in to the room, his heart strumming fast hoping it means they get to get out of here, soon. His hands were not shaking yet but it would be soon.

[17:06] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) looks over the man who’d just come in, watching him look entirely confused before sighing and moving off. It was distraction enough. He blinked rapidly, trying to see through his bloody eye, and missed the hand off for the bota. “Tal.” He spoke gruffly, obviously in a very somber and rather unkind mood. It was more or less unlike him. “I’m hoping you have the keys.” He offers.

[17:11] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) ‘WARD!” he barked loudly and waited a moment before shouting for the lad again. A small boy about the age of ten ran in and clearly trying to catch his breath. “yee .. ye.. yes sir…” the boy spouted out. “Incident report.. where is it…” Pyrnir would say firmly as he lad looked up confused and then pointed to the Hayford boys. “Oh! I’ll go fetch it..” he said and bolted out of the room. While Pyrnir waited he moved to the cell and looked the two of them over. “Well being you two look like you beat the shit out of something, I’m going to assume it was each other.. tho both of you in the same cell would might.. of made that worse.. but being neither of you are dead… I’m going to ask this clearly… Why are you in my cell, looking like you just been fucked by a Tharlarion..”

[17:15] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) jumps slightly when the Warrior shouts, as his fingers go slack and nearly drop the bota in Alex’s lap. He catches it at the last Ihn and stares up at the Warrior some more. He lowers it to Alex’s leg. He opens his mouth to say something, and yet again words fail him. He finds the rivet again and stares hard at it, his hands begin to shake. Why are the walls so much closer than they were a few moments ago?

[17:16] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) snorts as the child comes scrambling in and found himself snorting at the man’s words before he winced and made a move to hold his nose, which he promptly thought better of. He took the bota that was placed on his leg and held it loosely. He stood up, albeit very slowly and with much effort and moves to lean into the bars that separated them from freedom. “We’ll call it a family dispute. Ain’t no law against beating a brother’s face in. Some of the warriors even complimented us on it.” He tried for a grin that came out more of a grimace. “Dead? Surely not. We are of the Metal workers, forged by iron and steel and stronger than both.” He was obviously proud of his caste and gestures to the door. “My brother here doesn’t much care for confined spaces.” He mentions.

[17:21] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) the lad would return with the incident report and was out of breath. “Outside.” he said in a firm tone, the lad would move and stand outside the door in ear shot of the Commander’s word. Unraveling the incident report he started to read over the details. “Family dispute.. ” he said simply as his eyes scanned across the lines. “Damage to Private Property, Disturbing the Peace…” he would read out the initial charges that came to mind. Looking to Trentan “Close your eyes, they deceive you. Smell the air.. listen to the water.. you are at open Thassa.. measure your breathing one break at a time.. concentrate on that.” he said simply, he had a man under his command who felt the same way when having to stow under deck during hard storms. Looking back to Alexander “Has a Physician come to see either one of you?”

[17:23] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Please….” Trentan said, clasping shaking hands together, and it hurt to form those words. His brother landed blows as equally potent and the bruising showed. His words died on his beaten lips as the charges are read out. He closes steel blue eyes then, listening to the commander and tries to measure his breathing, knowing he is right. He had to do so on the ship at times, though Kings knew he stayed above decks as much as possible. He shakes his head slowly but he decides to let Alex do most of the talking.

[17:27] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nearly grinned as the boy headed out and turned his gaze to the man. He listened to the mantra he posed to his brother and gave a light nod of thanks to him. “No physician. Though I’d complain about one man that threatened to stab me should I not comply…” He turned his blue gaze onto the man, “Never once did we draw weapons.” He spoke concisely. “And to stab a man of their own Home Stone.” He let that fall where it may. “We’ll pay damage for the things that were broke and see it spic and span. I do remember using a clay bowl against my brother’s head.” He chuckles lightly, wincing at the pain searing his face and leans close to the bars. “I don’t much think the physician’s are to be trusted.” There was his low caste sensibilities again. “I don’t trust their trickery.”

[17:30] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) grunted slightly at the man’s words, tho amused as he was by them. “Nothing different between those of the High Caste and the Low caste except the manner of education grasped between both. We are all men and women..” he said simply, most likely the one of the High Caste that saw all men and women of a homestone equal. Rolling up the report he would move back towards the desk and lean up against it. Looking at the two brothers a moment “Who threw the first punch and what started this argument that lead to brothers to blows…” he would ask as his eyes scanned either one of the men. Could be twins to a point, which only made him miss his own brother Jace.

[17:33] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) opens his eyes and drags himself off the bench, clutching his stomach an Ihn or two where he was stomped but only so he can grasp the bars and pull himself to them, steel blue eyes opening as he locks on the Warriors there, “Please, let me out.” Kings he was trying his damnedest to not sound like a child. He was over a century in years, and but this…..this was trying him to the bone.
[17:35] pokey Zebberman: ” I just placed them in the jail to cool off I did not arrest them as I do not places charges i am simple a Warrior no Magistrate ” looks to the Commander ” Unless the owner of the Inn would like charges?” shrugs

[17:36] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) reaches out and grips his brother’s shoulder, squeezing hard and holding him centered in place. “I did, I suppose, throw that first punch regardless if it was warranted or not.” He spoke, taking the responsibility. “Then I so wonderfully encouraged him to retaliate which as you can see…he was able to do.” His head began to pound a bit, the worst hangover of his life along with feeling like sliced meat to feed a tharlarion. “All brother’s have issues to see through, sometimes it is best to do so with words, sometimes it does take a swing or two. The Inn was an unfortunate accident, which we’ll see paid fully.”

[17:39] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would look at the small clutch of scrolls he’d not had time to look at until now; He had no wish to continue the conversation he’d had with Gwyn, and there it was- a reason to avoid her! ” It seems I have some business here. Please excuse me.” He’d head into the building.

[17:41] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) would snap his fingers at Pokey for him to fall silent. “I’ll deal with you in a minute.” he said firmly tho there was look in his eyes he was jesting with his brother. His eyes would turn back towards Trentan getting up, trying to beg for release. He felt for the man, but he couldn’t stand on two brothers coming to blows in a public forum regardless if charges were laid down or not. Hearing Alexander sprout up and taking ownership of the situation he would nod. “Then depending charges if any are to be laid bare across you two for the damage to property.” he said simply as he would push off the desk. “You.” would point to Alexander. “You need tempering, and in this I am in dire need of men who can land a hit and take one in turn..” he said in a firm tone. “You are here by mandated into the City Guard for the duration for Four Months. You are to report to the Sergeant of the watch or any commanding officer of the Caste of Warriors. You will be expected to train under our caste as a mandatory sentancing
[17:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): under the Authority of the Commander of Svago” he said in a firm tone, figuring he would win from this situation. Looking over to Pokey and then back to Alexander and Trentan. “As for you lad..” he would point to Trentan. “You were defending yourself.. charges are dropped against you. If there are any damage to property that needs to be paid out it will be through the Caste of Warriors that will float the bill and tact it on to your Brother’s service to Svago..”

[17:46] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would look from face to face as he stepped inside, and would wait for Pyrnir to finish speaking before saying,” I received a message that there was an incident. I apologize that there was not a praetor to be here.” It seemed that the situation was being taken care of, but kings forbid Niall not taking on work seriously, and of course, making sure that he was needed or not.

[17:46] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “No,” Trentan’s eyes cleared, he felt his brother’s calming influence, but he gasped at the Warrior’s words. He lifts his chin, though his hands still shook. “We are the Caste of Metal Workers, we can not be forced to practice another Caste nor would we invoke the ire of the Priest-Kings,” he made the sign of the circle shakily, eyeballing the walls as he was -sure- they were closer, “to do so. You can not raise his Caste! You are damning him,” the panic he already had at the closed space was added to this. “We’ll all be blue flamed to death all if us!” He shakes his head. “I refuse to be absolved of charges,” he said clearly.

[17:48] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) paled and leaned in against the bars. “You’re sentencing me to caste work that isn’t my own?” He asks confused, and looks to his brother. “Is that not a council decision?” He asks, panic settling in his gut at the idea he’d be muscle for anything. “Four months…” He breathes.

[17:48] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes): “He definitely doesn’t refuse to be absolved either” He glares his brother down.
[17:49] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “YES I DO, do not speak for me,” glares back. “It was both of us.”
[17:49] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) spots Niall, “Help us.”

[17:51] Niall Carver (Bastnine) “I must tell you that they are correct. It is for a praetor or magistrate to determine any punishment they recive.”

[17:54] Niall Carver (Bastnine) felt some one walk behind him, and would pass his brother the scroll he had. “There was an incident involving these two metal workers,” He’d state that that was what they were. “I believe this falls into your jurisdiction.”

[17:55] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) looking at the brothers as he would approach the cell. “You are men, men of Gor. Under City Law any man is required to defend his homestone against any threat afar or within.” he said in a calm tone. “You can spout your faith of the Kings to me but Mjölnir betrays you.” he would tap the ‘Fang’ necklace on his own throat reminding the lads what they wore. “I have threats to Svago from the North, East and South.. under emergency authority provided to the head of my caste.. I can force enlistment of any man I deam worthy that will wear the color of Crimson in the defense of this homestone.” he said in a calm firm tone. “The council will back my decision.” he said simply as he looked to Alexander. “This is not a change of caste, when you are not on patrol or under the charge of a Officer of my Caste you are free to return home. Consider this a Service to your homestone. At the end of the four months, if you choose to return full time to the Caste of Metalworkers then so be it… if you decide you wish to
[17:55] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): remain a Warrior of Svago… depending on your service I will make that fight for you to change caste.” he said firmly and watched Drusus approach. “Preator.. back away from my cell…”

[17:56] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): nods his head in greeting to the commander and his brother as he steps into the room he walks over to the cell as he says “Tal” to both of them taking some scrolls from his brother he begins to read them over as he stands infront of the two brothers in the cell

[17:59] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods to Niall, thankful for him and listens actively to Pyrnir. He pushed lightly at his brother, who already had a limp of sorts and nods. “As long as I take full responsibility..” He silences seeing the Praetor and raises his chin as he sees the Commander having a bit of a aggressive nature about the situation. “Tal.” He says.

[17:59] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would take a step back. He knew the law, true, but it was Drusus’ calling to execute it. “Drusus is fulfilling his function, Commander. If you wish to stand in his way, I will be sure to inform the Administrator that the law was not duly allowed to proceed.” His words were quiet, but carried a bedrock solidity to them.

[18:00] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): looks up from the scroll at the commander then rolls his eyes and turns his head to the two brothers in the cage “what happen boys?”

[18:00] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) looks at the Warrior and absolutely one hundred percent has not a clue what he is talking about, when it comes to the tap to his fanged necklace, or the word Mjölnir , it is as obvious as Tor-tu-Gor on Thassa. His devotion to the Priest-Kings was total, and complete. However, the Warrior invoked the rights of Home Stone and -that- he understood. He visibly relaxed when it was told that he was not forcing a Caste change, even though the threat that the council would approve it was there. He turns to his brother and shakes his head, silently trying to talk him out of it in one of their rapid silent conversations.

[18:01] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Warrior, of course, were it to come to that my hammer is always in service to the Home Stone but I need my brother at my side…. and it was both ….” he trails off catching the glance from his brother and the Nial and the Praetor talking and his head hurt so badly. He pressed his forehead to the bars.

[18:06] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): finishes ready the scrolls and looks at the boys as he smiled getting a grasp of what happened “well you two have had a fun night havent you, but there is a bit of information on how this fight between you started?”

[18:06] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) rubs the bridge of his nose, he was a son of a High Magistrate of Ar, technicalities were used in the best of times to force able bodied men to serve the Empire as warriors of Ar. Granted most of the time they were fodder for front lines. “Charges were not filed officially, while a Incident Report was filed to mark that the men have been placed within the cell. The Jurisdiction of this matter falls upon the Caste of Warriors. Til such time civil charges have been filed against the two men.. they are taking a cell in my Captain’s own words .. ‘To cool off’ ” he said simply. “I am simply offering the Lads a way out of any charges by one of them serving the Homestone of Svago as a Guard. This benefits the Homestone and the two in question. I won’t remind you Scribes, that the security of this port falls within my jurisdiction and from what was just offered… it seems to be have accepted. Any formal charges of Damage of Property will fall to my caste and be tact on to the man’s service to Svago.” he said
[18:06] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): simply looking at Alexander. “Unless you rather deal with the Civility Nature of the charges that may be laid against.. both of you.”

[18:08] Niall Carver (Bastnine) It may be that the commander was the son of a magistrate, and that he knew the laws of Ar, but he was a warrior, and they were all in Svago. “Praetors have the authority to adjudicate any crime in the area they are charged to patrol, usually markets and docks. The decision is immediate. If the convicted wishes to appeal, their case will automatically go to trial.” Again Niall spoke quietly,

[18:09] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) looked to Drusus “It’s your show.. I have offered an approach that isn’t normally offered.. I leave it up to you.”

[18:12] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods to Pyr’s words. “I’d be able to practice my caste…but aid in defense of our city..” He looks between the men, trying to judge which he trusted more. Warriors that lived by blade or scribes that wrote sorcery and lived by those trails and strings of ink. “I wish no charges, I’d be much more inclined to defend the city and guard the streets of my Home Stone than to face any sort of trial…” He eyed the Praetor and Pyr, letting them duke out who’s word was law in this building.

[18:14] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): sighed softly as he stepped between the commander and the cells his eyes was starting to take on a look of death and doom to anyone who did not answer his question this time as he looked at the boys he smiled softly to them “im going to ask one more time how did the fight start? if you do not answer my question..” as he looked them over he screamed at them “I WILL FORCE YOUR CASTE CHANGED TO FUCKEN SLEEN SHIT SHOVLER!!”
[18:14] Meilin (kimmy2501) makes her way to the edge of the gathering, listening carefully but not making an issue of her presence.

[18:17] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) as the Warrior had explained it was not a change of Caste and Alex was not being damned, he was no longer protesting as loudly. He had fallen silent then. Watching the wall out of the corner of his eye but he was gaining control of himself by the Ihn. His pounding head made worse b the shouting. His steel blue eyes moved to the Praetor, and then Niall. He turns towards the Praetor, “Could you please not shout, Praetor? My head is killing me,” he said softly. “It started over … ” he trails off, trying to remember. He looks over at Alex and looks puzzled. Then back at the Praetor, “My brother said something to invoke my ire.”

[18:18] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would nod to Alexander. Drusus may consider the option if it was favorable. He’d keep his face composed as Drusus spoke to the two brothers in such a heated manner, though his mouth twitched slightly to the left.

[18:20] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) Raised a brow ‘Sleen Shit Shoveler’ he thought was that a caste… he just made kettle slaves do it. Taking in a deep breath, he had tried to offer a modified ‘Penel Collar’ moment and envoke Military Service for lesser crimes. Shame this wasn’t the Empire, but Svago was not at war.. she was on the brink of it. Martial Law couldn’t be enforced and he wasn’t the Ubar. Moving over to Pokey he would slap the man’s shoulder “You did good.” he said softly as he looked over the square.

[18:21] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) winces as the Praetor shouts and tilts his head to balance out the buzzing there. “I’m sure that sleen shit shovlers are a noble caste within themselves.” He speaks respectfully of the sleen trainers. His blue eyes, one obviously unwell looked over the man. “I insulted him, he did so back, I replied with a fist and that’s how fights tend to escalate.” He explains simply. “It was a family matter and I’ll be happy to see the damages to the Inn paid in full.” He watches Pyr move away, his grip on the bar a bit more harsh as he figured he’d be left with sorcerers now.

[18:23] pokey Zebberman smiles looking up ” I stopped two brother from breaking up the Inn and hurting each other no more no less a simple day of a Warrior ” looks up to the Commander ” it is Raining orr has the wind pick up something is in the Air” grins

[18:24] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): he suddenly let out a small laugh and smiled at both of them he had threatened a caste change to something unpleasent something he had no intention of backing up with action but he smiled softly at them deciding to keep that to himself “so you insulted him may i ask what was the insult?”

[18:28] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) clenches his jaw and took a moment to calm himself. “You could ask Praetor, but family business is for the family.” He speaks simply, he’d give absolutely nothing more than he had.

[18:28] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) pales completely. He looks at Alex and then the Praetor, “It is a family matter.” He knew somewhere this was probably not going to suffice. He leans looking after the Warrior, then back at Alex. He turns to face the Praetor then. “I will not speak against my brother.”

[18:33] Niall Carver (Bastnine) was curious about what started the fight, but he could also understand not wanting a family issue not being aired to the public. So far his conflicts with Gwyn had been largely private and he preferred it that way.

[18:34] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): lets out a chuckle admiring there loyalty to each other and how it had endured there fight he nodded his head in understand he would never speak out against his brother either “very well since you both seem to want to take responsibility here is what will happen, since you” he points at alex “started the fight you will pay for the property damages and other fee’s that is 40 copper tasks to the inn from broken items and two silver that was spent on braking up your fight you will also pay patrices bill of 10 copper for a total of 2 silver and 50 copper paid by weeks end to the inn if you should fail this i will double it” he then turned to trentan “you are metal workers? then your punishment for this will be to replace all the old metal in the inn with brand new ones for half price” he looked between them and then back at alex “i assume you will help your brother with that work to” he smiled at them this time “seem fair?”

[18:35] Niall Carver (Bastnine) nodded,”It seems so to me. The Inn will come out better for this conflict. These two,” He’d nod to the brothers,” Do good work, and with pride.”

[18:36] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) sighs loudly, his irritation growing. “Are we being charged with anything in particular, or are you giving us a suggestion, Praetor?” He spouts off. “Farewell, Niall…Oh, and I’d like to be let out now, Thank you.” He snaps a bit.

[18:37] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Alex,” he hisses.

[18:37] Meilin (kimmy2501) nods to herself, the Inn would be in good hands, and she would make the brothers feel welcome again once the reparations had been made. Whether or not they held a grudge, she would not.

[18:38] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “I will be glad to offer such restitutions, Praetor,” he announces loudly. But his gaze shifted to the Warrior, wondering if he Alex could have been better off.

[18:39] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): slowly turns his head to look at alex “damage of private property, damage of public property, disruption of the peace, assualt…do you want me to go on?”

[18:39] Niall Carver (Bastnine) stepped outside, smiling as he saw Joslyn,”Tal Sister. ” He’d extend that to the lady he’d not yet met,” And Lady. “

[18:41] Meilin (kimmy2501) moves silently back toward the Inn. She had work to do. She nods politely to Elysia Jolyn and Niall.

[18:42] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) slips a finger in his ear and wiggles it a bit and looks at his brother. “Do you want to press charges for our fists?” He asks him. “I don’t…so…I don’t believe assault applies.” He counted on his fingers. “We’ll pay for damages that’ve been accumulated.” He states easily as well but looks back to the man. “I saw a slave sucking off a man in the square and the noise disturbed my peace. Shall we give you names for their arrest as well?” He works his jaw. He was obviously tired of being in the cell. “I damaged a clay bowl worth maybe a copper a piece.” He speaks “So yes, what are my charges?” He could nearly be an advocate at this rate.

[18:44] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) turns and once more tries to grapple his brother, “What in the Kings name is -wrong- with you?” this time though it is with a lot less force, instead he is trying to get his attention, they were so close to getting out of this ever-closing cell he could taste it and his brother just had to just. keep. talking. “Stop it.”

[18:44] Niall Carver (Bastnine) looked back to the door, wondering if perhaps Joslyn was speaking out to Drusus.” It seems business as usual…” He’d offer. “perhaps I can escort you home and you can tell me of what you’ve heard of my adventures.”

[18:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) shrugs “The offer was on the table.. you never officially accepted it. Now you don’t have that choice.” he said simply looking at Pokey. “I don’t like to force my officers to do what is needed. A man’s heart has to be in the way he commands.. and I’m asking you to command men that you will have to lead into battle.. they have to trust and respect you.. a forced man in chains will do what he is told yes… but he is nothing be a pawn. I don’t see you as a pawn, I see you as someone who can lead but your heart has to be in it.” he said simply looking at Pokey. “You want a replacement, you train them.. then I’ll bust your ass all the way back to Warrior and you can live the rest of your days in peace in what ever shack you deem worthy to park your ass in.” he said simply and looked back towards the cells. Scribes, never saw the greater picture… shaking his head he looked at Pokey. “Captain… open recruitment. Any man willing to stand and fight.. I am willing to make a fight for them to change caste. You
[18:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): find someone willing, you put them through the ringer and see if they would be worthy to stand as one of us… ” he said simply as he look back towards the Hayford boys. Both of them would made fine War Engineers, specially Alexander. Something about the lad, spoke of a man of Honor and one who could lead otthers.
[18:45] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): a smile spread across his face as he watched them curiously he then turns to to warriors “let this one” points at trentan “out he has accepted his punishment and im sure is eager to get to work you can leave the other one in there a bit longer seems he has not calmed down from the fight just yet and wants to start another”

[18:49] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) Trent held his brother still for a moment, he was listening to the Warrior in the distance, any man. He turns to look at his brother for a few Ihn. This would be a conversation, but not here. Not now. He turns to the Praetor and swallows hearing him grant his release from this blasted cell but he steeled himself, and took a deep breath. “Not without my brother.”

[18:49] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) shut up a bit too late and looks over his brother, his bloody eye hurting a bit and he took to winking at the man. “Go on. See to my companion and slave.” He said, squeezing his brother’s shoulder. ” I intend to do what I can so no punishment is made.” He mutters under his breath before looking over Drusus. “I will pay…I’ll be paying for an advocate of the caste I hate, unless the offer the Commander of Svago has given still stands.” He stood proud, his jaw set and inclines his head, a proud man with a ravaged face. “If that’s all you need from me Praetor?”

[18:51] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): suddenly let out a loud booming laugh as he watched them “oh interesting so you want to serve the warrior caste and have them pay your debt?” he chuckled to himself as he thaught about it for a little bit then shrugged his shoulders and waved the commander over to him “commander i have a propasistion for you”

[18:51] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) slapping Pokey on the shoulder he would move over to Drusus. Pyr would pull the coin purse from his belt and fish out four silver. Handing it palm up towards the Praetor. “What is owed by them.” he said simply as he would look to both of the Hayford boys and then to Drusus. “My coin is good as any other…” he said simply, hearing Alex, this was the only legal way he could possibly get the man to serve. “This is Two Months Wages on a Guard Posting that hasn’t been accept fully into the Warriors.. incidentally.. same wages I pay my son.”

[18:53] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): looks down at the four silver coins he tilted his head then shrugged and took them from pyr “very well alex is yours Commander trentan get to work on fixing up the inn’s metal”

[18:54] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) looks at Alex, ‘are you sure’? his bruised face read.

[18:55] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) slowly made his way towards the lower districts office. The Warrior looks worse for wear, heavy ags under his eyes… Was that a branch stuck in his cloak? Either way the man came to a halt at the sight of Joslyn and Nial and offered them a nod of his head, “Tal.” he offered, before his gaze traveled to the office for a moment.

[18:55] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): smiled to alex as he looked down at the coins “i will see to it that your share of these four coins makes it to the inn so your damages to it are paid in full”

[18:57] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods and looks at Pyr. “I’ll do it.” His gaze turns to his brother and he shrugs. “Much better than making our wares and it being free, isn’t it?” He says and glances back to the Commander. “I’d like to see to my face before attending to my new duties. Tomorrow?” He asks. “If I can get out of this blasted cell.”

[18:57] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) looked over his shoulder as Joslyn passed him and then shot a glance over to Niall in light question of the matter, but said nothing and would head inside to see what all the commotion was about..

[18:58] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) lets go of his brother then, he’s stopped running his mouth hotly and the Warrior seemed sensible, and after all he was not being forced to change Caste, and Trent was hoping this would be good for him in the long run. He flexes his calloused fingers, as if he were already working the metal grating of the Inn, he moved to the door, steel blue eyes looking to either man for a key.

[18:58] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) he would nod simply as he had placed a bit of extra silver into Drusus hand to make this official. Next Council meeting was going to be interesting in the least.. moving over to the cell he would pull the key ring from his belt. “Trentan your out first.” he said firmly looking at Alexander, he would hold the man for a moment to have word for him before dismissing him for the night.

[19:00] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) walked behind his brother but wouldn’t make a move to leave unless he was told to. He wouldn’t be pissing off everyone today when the deal was the best he’d get. He put his hand to his brother’s back. “I’ll be starving. Maybe Patrice will have some of those tart things with the fruit in it.” He offers, giving the man something to look forward to.

[19:01] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) hesitates, looking up at the Warrior, the man was taller than him and he eyed him for a half-Ihn though it was ridiculous. Trentan had the brute force of a Metal Worker behind him, as did Alex, given the proof of bruises on bother their faces. As much as he longed to get out of this cell that he was -sure- was smaller even now, he stopped just inside. “Why?” It was not sullen, or fearful, or even disrespectful. He shielded his brother even then.
[19:02] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) he knew he had no way to stop a skilled Warrior for getting at or hurting Alex but he’d be the rock that stemmed the flow all the same.

[19:03] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) looked at Trentan, admiring the man’s loyalty to his brother even in a situation where his mind would think the walls were closing in on him. “You are a honorable man and a loving brother… I give you my oath as the Commander of Svago and a man of Gor… I will not allow harm to come to your brother under my charge.. I am to speak to my new guard of expectations and nothing more. I will send him along shortly… ” he said softly looking at Trentan. “Alexander Hayford, step from the cell and place your back against the bars facing the Preator.” he gave clear and precise instructions, also showing Trentan that he was allowing Alex to step from the cell.

[19:04] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) reaches out and grasps the Warrior’s forearm and gave it a squeeze, if there was gratitude in his steel blue eyes he would not let the man see it for long. He steps from the cell and passes the Warriors, but he didn’t go too far.

[19:05] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): smiles softly and nods his head to the commander then the brothers “i shall see to the paperwork and make sure the other scribes know this has been delt with and on my way i will pay your debt alex to the inn that the nice commander has paid for”
[19:06] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): waved his hand to them as he turned to leave “be safe and have fun”

[19:06] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) came to stand inside the office and readjusted the helmet kept under his arm, “Commander.” he said and would look to the others present, offering them a nod of his head in kind before his gaze fell back upon Pyrnir. Aetius looked rough on the eye, like he had just tracked for severals days at a time and it was all clear to be read from his facial expression…

[19:07] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) couldn’t stop the smile on his face as his brother made an attempt at the least to protect him. He moves and follows the instruction of Pyr and settles quietly against the bars, just happy to be on the other side of them. He was horribly sore, pained, but he held himself tall and takes a deep breath. “Gratitude for your handling of my brother. He is a good man.”

[19:12] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) goes to wait by the wall, one palm pressed to his temple where his brother had introduced a clay bowl it it. Steel blue eyes searched the busy streets. At some point, maybe a Physician would come into play here but he waited.

[19:13] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) taking in a deep breath as Drusus left “Scribes..” he muttered under his beard before turning his eyes towards Alexander. “Alexander Hayford, the Warriors Caste has paid your fines in the sum of Four Silvers. Under authority of the Council of Svago and by Caste Law I am subjugating you to Military Service in repayment to the Warriors Caste of Svago. You are hereby appointed a Guard of the Lower City at the pay of 1 silver a month. You will answer directly to the officers appointed above you and your acting Captain will be that of Aetius Vita. He will see you are properly accessed, trained and attired. Such items of our caste are on loan to you through the duration of your service. If at the end of your service, you choose to stay within the ranks… I will at that time access the assessment reports provided to me by the officers appointed above you and see if you are worthy of changing caste. You are a Metal Worker, and by the fines I just paid.. you can dish a hit while taking one.. ” he would pause
[19:13] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): looking at the man. “Swear your oath that you Alexander Hayford, will obey and uphold the Laws of Svago, serve and protect the Homestone with your life from all threats foreign and domestic through the duration of your service or the debt that was paid is paid in full.” he said in a firm tone.

[19:18] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) listens very carefully as this was a drastic change in his life. He turns his head to the other man that was there and inclines it in a silent greeting. “I understand the state of what is expected of me.” He turns to look up at the Commander, maybe he’d get what they were fed. Though his blue eyes were hard, pained, but the seriousness of the situation called for the harsh look he was given. “I, Alexander Hayford, do so give my oath to uphold the laws of Svago and protect the city and its Home Stone with my body, my life if need be. I will serve my home with the iron heart I was born with.” He stood just a bit taller, proudly when discussing such a serious thing as Home Stones.

[19:20] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) slowly started to get an idea what this was about and looked toward Trentan for a moment, “Who won?” he simply asked as his steely gaze went for one busted face to the other before settling upon Alexander, “That would be me.” he said and turned his attention to Pyrnir, “Do we give him a spoon or a sword?” he asked then in a light raise of his brows. Surely Pyr knew what he meant.

[19:21] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Alexander won,” Trentan was not ashamed of this, for his younger brother had clearly moved faster, even if Trentan hit harder, but it was Alex’s swift wit that spoke the words needed to over anger Trentan in just the right way to make him lose his sensibility, and Trentan knew it.

[19:23] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) he would nod taking the man’s oath as good as steel. “I, Pyrnir Ala’Bandit, Commander of the First and Second Fleet of Svago and Head of Caste of the Warriors of Svago.. Accept your Oath and hold you to it. You are dismissed to seek medical attention, when you are able you are to report to Captain Vita for assessment.” he said in a calm but firm tone. “Captain, treat this man as any recruit seeking our caste.. but I want him on patrol properly attired.” he said simply and looked back to Alexander. “When your earn your right to stand a guard, that’s when your time of service starts… ” he said with a sly smile crossing his lips. Pyrnir was a Bandit, he knew how to use coin, trick women into submission and get what was needed in the most desperate of times.

[19:25] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) turns his gaze back to the man that was now identified as Aetius. “I make the swords you swing and the arrow tips you bury in your enemies.” He says with a sharp tongue. His head was the anvil and the wounds to it was the hammer. “If I do not know at least which side goes in the bad guy, I think I’d have more than one problem.” He was blunt, if anything. He turned back to Pyr and listened with a dreadful nod. “Physicians…” He says with as much affection as the Commander had called out scribes. “I’d like…to shower and sleep in a bed that is my own first. I’ll seek out Aetius” He looks back to the man. “Upon my waking. My face will heal.” His gaze darts to the door, ready to be gone.

[19:29] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) nodded firmly upon Trentan’s words and managed a light grin, “Dually noted.” he said and would dip his head to Pyrnir, “Very well.” he said and would turn his gaze for Alexander, “Find me at the Warrior’s hall tomorrow. I’ll get you properly suited. As for your wounds, you may see more of them during your assessment.” he told.

[19:30] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) would take in a deep breath “Honor and Steel” he would call out ot the warriors within earshot as he started to depart. Wondering if this was going to go over well with the council. For now, he felt a small victory was had.. for the moment he would enjoy it.

[19:31] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Thank you, Warrior,” he said quietly as the man passed him.

[19:31] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) narrows his gaze at the thought of getting even more wounds and nods. He’d already sworn himself. “Very well.” He said simply. He’d taken much worse in his time. Upon the Commanders leave, he’d follow suit, gripping his brother’s shoulder. “Home.” He said almost desperately.

[19:33] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) nods once. He thought they’d never get out of that blasted cage. He heard the idea of more wounds but …. Alex had grown up taking hits. This time, he prayed to the Priest-Kings it was for a more honorable reason. “Yes.” He looks at Aetius curiously once, but he turns away.

[19:33] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov): “Honor and steel.” he bid them and too would take his leave then so.

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Bruised Pride & Knuckles

Category : Svago General Info

[2019/04/08 17:39] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Brother!” He calls even as he is a few feet away. His steel blue eyes rests on his brother’s sword and nods. He lifts his hand to Latha in a greeting before he eyes the slave at his brother’s feet, “Swindle,” he acknowledges.

[2019/04/08 17:40] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): When the slave (NPC) returned with her drink of tea, she would reach down for it and place the saucer on her lap. It was not ideal for drinking tea, but she was trying to adapt to the lifestyle of her father and new stepmother. She gave it a careful sip, lifting the many layers of her veil in order to do so. “How kind of you, but I may leave the caste for good now. Maybe even join my stepmother here!” she suggested as another man started to join them, she would give him a polite nod in greeting.

[2019/04/08 17:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me peers around the sign, and nods in return to the other Lady there.

[2019/04/08 17:43] Latha (elise.larimore): “That sounds good, Alex. And yes, Swindle, if you’re good, you may eat the leftovers.” She looked to Alex. “I allow my own slaves to eat the leftovers when they are hungry. If that’s agreeable to you, I’ll let Swindle do it, too.” She raised her hand in a return greeting to Trent, then turned to Zaida. “What do you mean – work here? You’d give up being high caste to work in the inn? How did you even become high caste anyway? Kron is a peasant.” Then she wondered if Zaida had companioned up.

[2019/04/08 17:44] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me felt the tug to his tunic and rolls his eyes. “You insult me and want tasty treats. You’ll be thankful for the vulo feet.” He comments and looks at his brother, noting where his gaze went. “Tal, you’ve risen from bed.” He comments about the man sleeping more and more lately. Hearing Zaida his eyebrows raise. “Lower caste? You must really dislike and abhor your caste.” He comments offhandedly. “She can consume leftovers if you promise not to spoil her. She’s had nothing but gruel and water in my care.” He points to the kitchen area. “Go make my family dinner and prepare it, Mine. Pat will be along as soon as she catches a whiff of food.”

[2019/04/08 17:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me wipes the back of his mouth, totally caught out. Did he smell like paga too? He wipes the guilty look off his face and crosses his arms over his chest. “I can sleep if I like, I do enough work around here.” He was gruff sounding, less jovial than his usual self. But still his eyes softened a bit when he heard Pat would join them soon.

[2019/04/08 17:47] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me wiggles happily at the notion she would get leftovers! Then of course, Alex overruled Latha and she pouted all pretty like … then, then he changed his mind! “Oh I will be good, both of you, I promise!” nodded her head up and down, perhaps already dreaming of ramberry tarts. She was dismissed and sent to the kitchen, pushing to her feet trying to keep up with it all. Turned at the sound of a familiar one word greeting, and glanced over, offering her own with a little grin. “Master.”

[2019/04/08 17:48] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): “I do not abhor my caste. It is all I know. But I believe the bonds of family are stronger than caste, and perhaps I should join my blood!” she returned in reply at the man’s comment, before her eyes flickered back to her stepmother’s unveiled face, “My mother was of higher caste than my Father. Her mother was a green and her father was a commander of Hochburg. They were not keen on the idea, but I suppose Kron had a way of getting what he wanted”. She said, giving her tea another sip. She only knew vague details of the companionship, her mother shielding her from it.

[2019/04/08 17:51] Latha (elise.larimore): “But … you take your father’s caste. I don’t understand. And she was a green what?” Latha looked longingly back at Swindle, wishing Alex hadn’t commanded her to fix the family food. Latha could really use a kal-da talking to Kron’s daughter. She turned her head to the two men. “You can come in and make yourselves comfortable, you know. Trent, that chamomile tea is still an open offer. I noticed you were still limping at the meeting.”

[2019/04/08 17:52] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me heard his brother and fought down the bit of disdain he felt at the comment. His eyes watch the slave patter off with elation and couldn’t help the tug at the corner of his lip. He felt a hot lead at the physician’s comment settle in his gut. “Ah, us of the metal worker’s you’ll find are most proud of our caste. We are taught that our caste is our family from birth.” He comments not unkindly. He moves slowly into the Inn, his back to the paga reeking brother of his and felt his shoulders tense with irritation. “ do plenty of work. I wonder if that is why there were molten piles of metal that’d seeped through a caste that was left in the forge!” He snaps with a dismissive tone. He moved to drop right onto a pillowed cushion. “Thank you, Latha. I appreciate the invitation.” He leans back and sighs. “Swindle, bring wine with whatever you serve me.” He commands off hand.

[2019/04/08 17:54] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me narrows his blue eyes at Alex’s back, but he chose to say nothing. He turns instead to Lady Latha, clear blue eyes looking at her and Zaida for a few Ihn, only half following the conversation. “Thank you, Lady,” he says. “My leg is better but I do have a bit of a headache,” he admits. He follows his brother inside the Inn with a glance at Swindle, “That tea will be good.”

[2019/04/08 17:54] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me wasn’t stupid and already had set to multi-tasking, one heap full of spices for the drink pop and one for the tarsk chops. Hummed as she set the former onto the flames, and the latter was set on the grill. Peeks into the various things on the stove, seeing a collection of root vegetables as per usual. Grabs some hard larma, diced it and set it to boil on the stove. “Wine, of course my Master.” Seemed content enough in the kitchen, obviously enjoying pottering about cooking things. Glanced up when tea was also added to the menu, and on went a pot of water. She needed more hands.

[2019/04/08 17:58] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me fiddle with her saucer. She didn’t know that sense of pride yet that stirred the man to passionate words. She hardly knew herself or her own linage till recently. Perhaps she should stick with the greens? She was not sure either way, her youth and inexperience at life worked against her. She didn’t say anything in reply to him, just listened and waited for the man to move off to the table with his brothers. Looking to Latha with a slight shrug of her shoulders. “I was trained under my grandmother. I did not know Kron or that he was my father, it was guarded secret even from him”.

[2019/04/08 18:01] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me hummed a tuneless melody as she tasted the softened larma, sprinkling in a small handful of sugar and stirring it. Carefully flipped over each of the tarsk chops, stirred the kal-da, and set a pouch of chamomile leaves into the pot to steep for the tea. Grabbed a tray, sliding it onto the counter and grabbed a bottle of Svago wine and poured a liberal amount into a goblet. Set a rep cloth and eating utensils for three upon it, along with three plates. Padded over to the innkeeper, presenting her with a bowl of extra hot, extra spicy kal-da while the meal finished cooking.
[2019/04/08 18:05] Latha (elise.larimore): “He did tell me that he didn’t know he had a daughter. It seems it was kept from him, too.” She looked up at Swindle, looked longingly at the bowl of kal-da, but simply said, “Have you served your master his drink yet?”

[2019/04/08 18:06] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me was happy enough to look over at his slave as he made the food, his blue eyes glaring down at his brother every so often. “Do you choose now to go to the tavern yourself?” He asks a bit hot headed. “You get the forge you wanted and this is how you act?”He clenches his jaw. “I went to the forge this morning. Seeing the state of it, Father would’ve…” He let it trail off, his lip curling in anger.

[2019/04/08 18:07] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me put his calloused hand on the table a little too loudly, “Dare you lecture me, -younger- brother?! You spend enough time in the tavern yourself,” he practically growled back. But he forced his shoulders to visibly relax. “I was in a middle of a project….” he trails off, because he had forgotten why he left without cleaning up as he usually does.

[2019/04/08 18:08] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me shakes her head. “No Mistress, he asked for it with his meal which is still finishing cooking. I figured since this was ready I would deliver it and manage my time efficiently. Though if I dally, then it might burn ..” trailed off, trying to offer the drink one more time before heading back into the kitchen.

[2019/04/08 18:08] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me pushes the loose strands of hair off her face while making her way into the inn. The smell of fresh foods making her mouth water for the first time in what felt like awhile. She offers a smile to the woman in the chairs as she starts looking around for familiar face. “Alexander! Trentan! I wasn’t expecting to see you both here. Mind if I join you…?” Sniffing at the air she moves over besides her companion and takes a seat before she gives them a chance to respond. Though hearing the mood of the pair of them she already starts to second guess herself.

[2019/04/08 18:11] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): “Pride I think? My mother’s family is quiet proud of their heritage. Kron probably knows more details about the companionship than I. My mother refuses to answers my questions to this day. Catching him in a mood to tell me has not been easy….”she answered, lowering her voice some with the private nature of the conversation. When the the men’s strong voices lifted towards her, she would dart her eyes in their direction for a moment to see which man it might have been speaking with anger.
[2019/04/08 18:11] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): quite*

[2019/04/08 18:13] Latha (elise.larimore): This seemed to satisfy Latha. “Then that is all well, Swindle.” She dearly loved the kajira’s kal-da, took it, breathed in it’s aroma and took a sip. “Don’t let the food burn.” She turned back to Zaida. “Well, there is a lot to learn to work in the inn. I suppose I could teach you if you are serious. But you would have to ask the High Council to change caste and then seek the merchants’ approval. Being careful with the bowl, Latha stood. “And as for Kron … perhaps one day he’ll tell you.” As Latha thought about it, she remembered some of Kron’s words, but she wasn’t about to disabuse Zaida of the notions she had. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to see to the overnight guests.” She headed up the stairs, giving Trent and Alex and Patrice a nod of goodbye as she went.

[2019/04/08 18:14] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me fought the urge to jump as the palm slams against the table a bit too hard, jostling the items that sat upon it. “Mind yourself.” He speaks lowly and stands. “Patrice.” He breathes, looking over her dress and finding her fetching, on this rare occasion. “Dinner will be along, please join us.” He stayed standing a moment, gripping his hands into fists. “Why ask me if I’ve been to a tavern, when you know you’d have seen me there.” He backhands. “Leave the forge in that state, project of not…” He lets that threat trail off. “You best fall in line.” It was something their father had said often, something that’d been ingrained.

[2019/04/08 18:16] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me stood as Patrice joined the table, murmuring a Tal. His head jerked back when Alex backhanded him though. He turns steel blue eyes back to him slowly, all the anger building up again in his shoulders, and when he said that phrase. That. Phrase. His lip curled too. “Maybe it is you that best fall in line … brother,” no where in the history of the world has “brother” sounded more like “asshole.”

[2019/04/08 18:16] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me chuckled and turned on her heel, finding comfort in the familiarity of serving the redhead her favorite drink. Scurried back to the kitchen, checking the meat once more, splashed some wine into the pan and then slid it into the oven for the finishing touch. The apples were ready, drained and then whisked into a lumpy puree which was then strained before being ladled onto the side of each plate. A healthy dose of root vegetables, and then a few broiled suls, sprinkled with salt and a dollop of butter. Pulled the tarsk from the oven and set two of the large portions of single-boned meat. Carried the heavy tray, seemingly oblivious to the tension in the room. “Food!” she sang out happily, placing the offerings onto the table. “Who wants pan-seared tarsk chops, vegetables with butter?!”

[2019/04/08 18:18] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me pushed herself to her feet, “I will see myself around the place and try to get a feel for things!” she offered, trying to be useful, and adding, “I don’t think it will be an issue, the woman of the caste is mad in the head, and thinks me spy already. She is ready with her boot…”she said with a little laugh. This would be interesting, she was not trained in anything domestic besides arranging flowers. “Thank you, Stepmother. Be well!”

[2019/04/08 18:20] Latha (elise.larimore): /me froze at the foot of the stairs, every muscle in her back going rigid. “Latha. My name is Latha.” Then she was gone.

[2019/04/08 18:22] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me almost jumps out of her seat at the slam of his hands to the table. “Alexan…” She swallows back a squeak and it stops right there not daring to say what it was she was going to. Green eyes move from brother to brother not knowing what it was she had waltzed in on but found herself grabbing one of the spoons on her belt. But when the kajira came over with what smelled so good she was quick to point to this side of the table and mouthed ‘Over here!” to her at once.

[2019/04/08 18:26] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me felt his back go rigid when the man tried to pull rank and how he regarded him. He didn’t do anything wrong!! His knuckles went white and he found himself side stepping in front of his slave who jolted him, making him jerk at her loud proclamation of food. “Serve my companion.” He speaks to Swindle before his hand moves to Trent to point right at his chest, not touching. “You left the forge in a havoc. What are you doing? There’s metal that will take hours and days to purify now.” He snarls at him, voice raising a decibel. “Take responsibility for your wrong doings!”

[2019/04/08 18:28] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me side steps the slave and gets in his brother’s face, almost. His finger is pushed back into his chest, not touch yet either but he growls. “I can leave the forge in any manner I so choose!” His brows lifted though, because he -really- did not recall leaving it a shambles. Which is not a good sign, either someone had come in and done something or he was losing his marbles. Both cases were bad but in Trent’s current state of mind he was not about to slow down. “Purify it then,” he says all too flippantly and pokes his brother’s chest lightly.

[2019/04/08 18:28] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me comes down stairs at the sounds of angry voices and observes for a moment from the bottom of the stairs.

[2019/04/08 18:29] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me jumped, obviously having missed that the lady had entered, gave her a big grin as though she didn’t have spoons at the ready. “Well greetings to you Mistress.” she says happily, moving at her direction. “I have seared tarsk chops, along with some vegetables and hard-larma puree. I um … didn’t bring you a drink but if you just tell me what it is you like, I can get it immediately.” She nodded, offering one of the plats and some utensils to the baker. Glanced over when the metalworker commanded her to do exactly what she had been doing, but otherwise steers right clear out of whatever drama was unfolding there. Seems Pat had saved her from being stepped on, and possibly caught in the middle of the squabble.

[2019/04/08 18:34] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me’s hand reaches out to Alexander as if her touch might calm him in the least bit but as the men got into each other’s faces she was quick to blurt out, “Please.. Alexander, Trentan. Please sit. Doesn’t this smell.. just .. ” It was a lost cause trying to talk to them and the only thought now she had was to save the food that smelled so heavenly. With the spoon in hand she tapped the right side of her for the slave to move to getting her even more out of the way. “Drink.. yes… ummm.. just wait.” She couldn’t stop staring at what was going on and the drink just wasn’t what was first on her mind. “This isn’t like the two of you. Please! You are brothers!” Her words coming out very heartfelt and almost frantic.

[2019/04/08 18:35] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me observes the High caste woman enter and breaks her gaze from the ‘discussion’ that she has been watching intently. “Tal Lady, may I be of any assistance to you.” She offers a friendly smile in contrast to the somewhat heated exchange.

[2019/04/08 18:36] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me raises his brows, heat beginning to radiate off him and his hands were shoving his brother’s shoulders before he knew what was happening. “You can do what you like?” He snaps, his whole body moving right into the man, anger falling off him in waves. He couldn’t believe how flippant, how he didn’t care about their caste, their lives to such a degree. Alex was furious. They’d been breaking their own backs to make a comfortable life in Svago and he’d stopped going to the tavern even! He’d pounded out five thousand and something nails, more because he couldn’t count that high and blood rushed into his ears, pounding his pulse against his ear drums. Before he even knew it himself, he was swining his left fist right at his brother’s cheek.

[2019/04/08 18:38] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me had turned towards the Lady and nodded, trying to regain his composure. She was right, and not the first time someone has observed he was not acting himself and his brows touched together. He took a deep breath and that was when he became aware of his brother’s fist aiming for his cheek. It connected soundly and his head jerked back. He gasped and collected himself. When he turned back to his brother, the disgust on his face was probably more than a blow than any punch he could return. That was until these words, “Ah. Now, you are speaking Father’s language.”

[2019/04/08 18:39] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me would have surely died of shock, because a spoon was drawn and it hit something other than her. Not to mention, she was being moved out of harms way. It seemed Alex was right, food was the secret to keeping Pat happy. Hmmm … “Yes Mistress,” she says softly, not wanting to interrupt further the brewing trouble between the usually peaceful family. Visibly flinched when the first blow landed, and she set the tray well away. Mouth fell open in obvious shock, not knowing what to do in the slightest. She wanted to go to Alex, to do something — anything … but the lady told her to position and so there she stayed, looking back and forward like it were a ping pong match.

[2019/04/08 18:41] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me steps forward as soon as the blow is sent, “Sirs!” She demands in a tone that would surprise coming from a slight woman. “This establishment is not a tavern!” She almost spits the last word. “All are welcome at the round ship, but violence is not tolerated in this establishment.!” She speaks firmly but not rudely as though laying out the rules to children. “If you are going to brawl…” She points to the docks, “Take it outside.” She flashes an apologetic glance at the high caste woman.

[2019/04/08 18:43] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me had started to make herself busy, moving to speak with Onion about what made the inn work, but came to a pause. She glanced at the men just in time to see the fist meet the face of the other brother. “Oh, dear!” she whispered to herself, pulling at the ends of her sleeves nervously. She wondered if she should render the man help but he seemed to make a fast recovery from the blow.

[2019/04/08 18:44] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me screams soon as the punch landed, “ALEXANDER!!” Her voice going shrill not that he would care. “PLEASE!!!” She wouldn’t dare move to them when they were both being as they were. “You are brothers!!” She couldn’t help it though the food got her attention and she immediately snapped at the slave, “Bring it closer.” It was almost like a show and she needed a snack, it had been many many Ahn, more like two but she was starving. “Please take a breath! Sit down!” Her voice was serious and pleading at the same time. Part of her wanted to get up and come between them but she was also in self protect more.

[2019/04/08 18:44] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me stopped short when realization hit him like an ice bucket, the searing jolt rushing up the arm that’d swung at his brother with. He couldn’t believe he’d done that. But his brother’s words, the comparison to their father made him ignite once more. “You bastard” he snarls. “If you hadn’t of had ideas beyond your station and went off to companion outside of what he wanted I wouldn’t have bloody well turned out like this.” He snarls, the Inn keeper’s words falling on deaf ears. “The Priest Kings took care of that though didn’t they!?” He snaps out and his arm swung again.

[2019/04/08 18:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me’s the women’s pleas faded out and he focused on Alexander, when once more he is hit. His steel blue eyes widened at him. “How dare you,” he hissed. “How. Dare. You?!” He said again, his fingers curling into a fist. He went for him then like savage beast, hands moving of their own accord and tried to grapple him.

[2019/04/08 18:48] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me heard the woman shout in one moment, and then demand food in the next. Was barely able to snap out of it long enough to shift back toward the baker. She offered up the plate, pointing to each item again as she wafted it between the lady’s nose. Winced as she heard Meilin’s demands the men step outside, not even daring to look in that direction. There was no good that could come from this, well, except maybe scoring some brownie points with the brunette.

[2019/04/08 18:48] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me snarled now in anger as the men continued to brawl. “Stop this NOW!” she points to the door, “I will not tell you again!” Get out of this Inn if you cannot control your anger! or I will call the guard to throw you out!”

[2019/04/08 18:51] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me blindly grabs at the food and starts devouring it like it was her last meal. And the way this was going it very well could be in the inn at least. As the woman continued to scream at them and the hits kept coming the food quickly disappeared in her mouth as she shriveled back against the cushions. “TRENTAN!!!” Patrice was full out screaming between the bites, “STOP THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE!” Finally she realized what Alexander had said and all she could do was gasp loud choking on some small bit of food a moment. Looking at the slave she hacks and swings the spoon, ‘DRINK” her voice getting raspy as tears come to her eyes. “Har-ta!”

[2019/04/08 18:53] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me snarls right back at the man even as he came at him, losing footing he fell backwards upon the flat of his back, swinging at Trent’s face, every blow he landed sending shocks to his elbow. “You” He swings again. “Lazy” He swings once more. “Bosk” Swings. “Piece of SHIT” he wriggled under the man, trying to get free from the grappling and definitely not hearing anyone around them from the sounds of screaming.

[2019/04/08 18:54] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me gave a gentle swat to onion as she seemed to linger in front of her and blocked her view of the brothers. She was stunned and bit nervous, but even more was fascinated by what was happening. In the towers, she would hear gossip of what was happening and would eat it up just for a bit of reality beyond the ivory. One even lacked a shirt, like the tales of the drunk and disorderly men. Though, it was not over some wanton slave-girl like most of the stories she had been told. Zaida kept her eyes locked on the brothers as they continued to grapple.

[2019/04/08 18:54] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me moves immediately to summons the guards to deal with these bosk headed fools.

[2019/04/08 18:54] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me is on his chest in an instant pummeling at his face, “I left Venna for you. I stood in his way so many times. FOR YOU. AND YOU DARE BRING HER UP?” He’s shouting his head off at him. “NEVER. NEVER, ALEXANDAR.” He stops making any damn sense as he punches at him again.

[2019/04/08 18:56] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me was beyond merely miffed, she was a mix of dumbfounded and outright angry. Her steps would take her past the inn, and she would slow, curiosity outweighing her ire if even for an ehn, and she would approach to none-so-subtly eavesdrop. It’s then she hears the yelling, and reflex has her stepping towards the fray rather than away. But she hesitates, her words caught in her throat, and she watches, stunned…

[2019/04/08 18:58] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me jumped up to her feet when she was ordered to get water. She just so happened to brush right by the men, and paused by the pair of them. The next blow hand been thrown, and they were continuing to let things escalate. Rested a palm against Alex’s cheek, and then would try to stroke it lightly over his shoulder if he didn’t shake it off. Leaned in to press the lightest kiss to the palm of his hand, or attempted to anyways trying to sooth his temper or at the least distract him. Would move on toward the kitchen though for the drink unless he suddenly decided there were other things to do than fight

[2019/04/08 18:59] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me flounders under the onslaught of fists being pummeled into his face. His nose cracks harshly, stars spraying with blood into his vision, but even he keeps swinging with his left arm, his right slapping at the floorboards, seeking anything. A hit to his brow made his howl in rage, and he noticed his sight was blurring quickly enough. He takes hold of something, anything, and came up with a bowl that’d been knocked off the table earlier. He swings it, the clay thing smashing against his brother’s head and spits blood up at him. “Do me favors! You wanted under his thumb as much as I did!” He snarls out, trying to kick him back off.

[2019/04/08 19:00] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me returns with Octavius, she points angrily at the men. “These two fools.” She implores Octavius, “This is not a tavern… violence is not tolerated at the Inn. PLease Ocatvius…”

[2019/04/08 19:02] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me see stars exploding in his vision as the clay bowl connects and sends him whirling. The darkness threatens to envelop him and he falls to the side amongst the shatters of the bowl, narrowing missing the slave that passed them. He gasps on the floor, rolling to his side but his hand comes up and grips Alex’s toga. “It was always for you,” wheezes, “do not speak of her,” even in this state he’s still trying to tell him what to do. The tears on his face are not entirely from the physical pain.

[2019/04/08 19:02] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me coughs out the half chewed piece of food to send flying across the table. Hands cover her face as the fight amps up and blood starts to fly. Her mouth falls open letting out panicked screams, “STOP IT!! BOTH OF YOU!!” When the bowl is broken and pieces go flying she scoots back against the pillows and even uses one as a shield.

[2019/04/08 19:03] pokey Zebberman: /me walks in looking around wondering what was going on

[2019/04/08 19:04] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me moved on past the pair of them and into the kitchen. Looked up as the warriors arrived. Sighed long and hard suffering, having a feeling that someone was going to be spending the evening in jail, somewhere. Couldn’t help but snicker when the backer used a pillow as a shied.

[2019/04/08 19:04] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would enter the inn after the lady informs him on whats going ” gentlemen ” he would say to the two men, ” come we settle in the area, a way of honor and ill buy you both paga after”

[2019/04/08 19:04] TahliaBlue: /me had thought of relaxing at the Inn, but hearing and seeing an argument, she passes it and then stops a bit away. When others come and seems to try to calm things down, she slowly moves closer, curious as she is. Mumbles “This is supposed to be a pieceful city.”
[2019/04/08 19:04] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): Arena *

[2019/04/08 19:06] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me wheezes, upon his back and tries to collect where he was in everything. He’d felt a hand touch his bloody cheek but it didn’t stop him from rolling haphazardly towards the pull on his clothing and raise his fist high, bringing it down on his elder’s face. “You.” He breathes hard, his own blood coming down his lips and down his chin. “Liar.” He snaps and clasps his hand around the man’s throat, getting better leverage as he continues to pump his fist right into his brother’s face. “You, fucking liar.” He was exhausted, but if it were anyone else he’d be murderous. As it was he kept going.

[2019/04/08 19:07] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me step back out of the way, muttering to herself, about the damage and how much she would charge the two of them before any of the group set foot in this Inn again.

[2019/04/08 19:08] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me gasps with each blow, feeling his hand on his throat and looks up at him, opening steel blue eyes wide. “You know better,” he rasps. Somewhere Alex might but he lifts his arms defensively and gathering his strength he PUSHES. Oblivious to anyone else he simply tries to get his brother off of him, though he is not too careful about where and with what strength he attempts to toss him. On some level he realizes it is not him his brother is attacking but even then his own confused state make it difficult to get his bearings and his head pounded. He returns what blows he can but they are weakening.

[2019/04/08 19:09] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me glances briefly to the warriors as they enter the inn, but her attention soon returns to the Metal Workers, her expression unreadable, a muttered prayer to someone is offered. She fights the urge to call out, to add her wintry rasp to the confusion

[2019/04/08 19:09] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me poured some wine and delivered it back to Pat, taking the long way around this time. “Drink for you, Mistress,” she said, trying to tug the pillow out of the way long enough to serve it.

[2019/04/08 19:09] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would sign as he was ignored he would look at Pokey and nod his head and moves to break up the fight getting in the middle of them trying to pull Alexander off of Trentan

[2019/04/08 19:12] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me snarls at the slave, “No more food, or drink for any of them. If i catch you near that kitchen again before the damage is paid for, I will take it out of your hide girl! She takes in Alexander, Trentan, Patrice and Adayre in a baleful gaze. “You pay for the food and drink and the damage before yo set foot in this Inn again!”

[2019/04/08 19:12] Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (ashellia): /me walked up behind the slave with the curly red hair and cleared my throat “Ahem.”

[2019/04/08 19:12] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me throws the pillow she was clinging to then grabs handfuls of food and throws it at them next. “STOP IT!!” She wouldn’t stop screaming and in her frantic state her hand flies back and knocks the offered cup from the slaves hand sending it flying over the pair of them. Spattering out with wine now dripping down her face she uses the back of her arm to wipe at the mess.

[2019/04/08 19:14] pokey Zebberman: /me moved closer as he watched the two men most times pokey would not get between brothers fighting but the Inn kept getting broken up : The Tavgern is more suited for this ” he chuckled

[2019/04/08 19:18] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me snarls and made another swing for the face under him, missing and slamming a fist in the floorboards beside the targeted head. He felt a man’s hands on him and brushes him away with an exhausted shove. “Stay out of it!” He growls out, but his fight was waning and he sat back with his chest heaving, kneeling over his own brother, bloody and worn. He’d turn a glare to the Inn keeper, or where he thought she was, and spit blood upon the floor before food began to be pelted at him.

[2019/04/08 19:19] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me had grown up in the north a rough and tumble place. Fist fights between men, and even brothers, were a part and parcel of growing up. Normally, such a thing wouldn’t phase her. But this was different, and she would step beside the tiny innkeeper, then placing herself between the woman and the brawling me

[2019/04/08 19:20] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me pelted with food and breathing hard, he tuned his head sharply at the last blow. He closes his eyes and tries to get his bearings, and what was happening. “Don’t bring her up again,” he hisses, his mind just going on and on like a broken jagged piece of glass that poked him again and again over this topic. That Alex had mentioned in the first place, AGAIN, was enough to make him ball up his fists and swing at him again, though now it was with much less power. “It’s not my fault….” he says in more pain than his bruised face can account for.

[2019/04/08 19:21] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me heard herself berated by an innkeeper who was not Latha, and then drenched in wine when Pat knocked it all over her. The redhead just sighed, grabbing up the vessel and offering Pat one of the rep cloths she had brought with the meal before. “Understood, Mistress,” Adayre would say to Meilin, probably looking a right mess with wine dripping down her nose and from scarlet locks. Glanced back to the baker. “Mistress, may I please be excused to clean up?”

[2019/04/08 19:21] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me shakes her head. “This nonsense has got to stop! You fools!’ She snarls at the two men. “The high caste are slowing buying us all out of the docks, and you two roll on the floor brawling with each other like idiot children!”

[2019/04/08 19:22] pokey Zebberman: ” OK Ok ” step forward looking to Octavius and nods ” You both could use time be hide bars to cool off?” move forward pokey being much larger then them but, they are metal workers he would not under guess them at all “

[2019/04/08 19:22] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): as he would be brushed off he stop an momoent and attempts giving Alexander a good kick just below the back of his knee. ” and would try for a head lock to follow through with.

[2019/04/08 19:25] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me disregards the rep cloth and uses the slave’s hair to clean off her hand, petting and getting all that was on the plate in the girl’s messy locks. “Do something.. though stay away from them.” Seeing the rep cloth now though she takes it from her and dabs at her face, the mess of food, blood and now wine all over as she looks around at the crowd that had gathered. She couldn’t believe she was about to say it but she did. “Lock em’ up!” It didn’t appear much was going to stop them from this fight.

[2019/04/08 19:26] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me felt one more blow and leans back, looking up to the ceiling and groaning. “Yea…yea.” He lifts himself up and stomps against his brother’s stomach, stumbling about and knocking over the contents on the table nearest him. He wasn’t drunk, but exhausted. He uses his sleeve to wipe blood off him and turns to regard just how many people had come to see that scene. “Entertained?” He asks sarcastically and holds up his arms. “Anyone else want some? I have plenty to give.” He snaps out, obviously not up for much else.

[2019/04/08 19:26] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me notes Branwen’s by her side, and gives a slight nod of acknowledgement and thanks,

[2019/04/08 19:27] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me was now a napkin it seems, oh boy. Rose to her feet with about as much dignity as she could manage given her bedraggled looks. “Thank you Mistress,” she managed, not entirely sure what to do about the entire debacle and heads right out the door toward a bath. “Wish you all well,” she called out as though it were any other day in the inn.

[2019/04/08 19:28] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me groans in pain when his stomach is attacked. The breath knocked out of him. He is suddenly aware of the Warriors, the crowd. His rapid heart not slowing down. Alexander is on a roll and he wheezes, trying to grab around his knees and pull him back down. Trying to prevent him from fighting the Warriors, or something. He too felt blood coming from his lips and he shakes.

[2019/04/08 19:29] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me glanced about at the man’s invitation. It was a gaggle of women that seemed to join them to watch. Was the man wishing the women to fight him? Nope. She took a step back, wanting one of whatever that was. She wondered if she should push the crowd back at least, and use her healer skills to attend to the man. But the woman had warned her not to practice the craft, so what could she do?

[2019/04/08 19:29] pokey Zebberman: /me would grab Trentan he place his hand to the man belt guarding against the man grabbing his weapons with both of his hand he would lift the man up to looks to Octavius ” Pull him I got this one ” pulling up Trentan lifting him to his feet and pulling him back away from his brother

[2019/04/08 19:31] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me would stand between Meilin and the men, looming over the tiny woman, her gaze flicking to Alexander. Her eyes narrow, yes both of them, and she lifts her chin “Hardly” she offers, then sighs as one of them seems determined to continue “Trentan, enough. Breathe.” she says firmly, though not unkindly, her rasping voice nonetheless managing to carry well, raised in the noisy longhalls

[2019/04/08 19:31] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me steps forward when the man threatens the crowd, “The magistrate will hear of all of this, and you will pay for the damage you have done! Get out of this Inn immediately and do not return until you have paid for the mess you have caused!” She states in an icy tone.

[2019/04/08 19:31] Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (ashellia): “I see. Well as you don’t know where he is, I’ll give him two more days to show himself here. You see we don’t allow slaves to roam without owners here. If in two days he is not here and you are, you MUST go to a slave house by Svago law. I have a slave house here.. I should just take you right now

[2019/04/08 19:33] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would put the man in a head lock as he was looking over at the people, ” you’re done. you struggle anymore will be stabbed, i think we both don’t want that to happen “he would say to Alexander.

[2019/04/08 19:35] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me found his own chin raising with Branwen’s and scowls at the InnKeeper. “I’ll speak to Latha.” He says spitefully before he was found in a headlock and snarls jerking at the hold. “Stabbed?” He laughs wildly. “Go on, kill someone of your own Home Stone, that’ll do wonders for your reputation” He just wouldn’t shut up tonight.

[2019/04/08 19:35] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me couldn’t believe it when the slave wandered off to take care of herself. It wouldn’t be something she would forget and continued to dab and wipe at her face. Hands brush food off her dress as she rises but remains in the corner of the inn well out of the way. Hearing the warrior as he puts her companion in a headlock the panic comes over her once more, ‘He’s a citizen of Svago! Arrest him just don’t stab him!”

[2019/04/08 19:35] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me has never once reached for his weapon throughout this exchange and he did not do so now. He groaned when he is hefted up and he struggles against the larger Warrior, as if he could get away. He’s still going for his brother but to attack more or try to stop him is difficult to ascertain. He heard bits and pieces of the conversation about him, and he winces again with the pain he is carrying, both physically and emotionally.

[2019/04/08 19:39] pokey Zebberman: /me lifting the man as his feeling him waving his legs and arms not really sure what he was trying to do ” yes a night in the jail will give you both time to think of what you both have done and what you both have been to each other your hole life not what ever your fighting about is not worth all this ” pulling the man with his arms swinging about ” Men will be men no one is getting stabbed ” laughs

[2019/04/08 19:40] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he smirked, ” doesnt matter to me good Sir, i am giving you the option to go peacefully, its your choice. ” as he holds the grip tight around his neck. pushing him along

[2019/04/08 19:41] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me slipped away from the scene as the onlookers continued to build. Her own words about family and the bonds weighing heavier on her heart now.

[2019/04/08 19:41] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me chokes a bit iin the tight hold and wheezes as he’s dragged along

[2019/04/08 19:41] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me looks down at Mei and rests a soothing, heavily-scarred hand on the woman’s arm “I will help you clean up” she offers, then looks over to Patrice, stepping closer to the baker “Are you alright?” she asks gently

[2019/04/08 19:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me goes limp and then panics when he sees the cage, “Wait! NO!” But to no avail as he is shoved inside. He pulls himself up by the bars, shaking and bleeding. “Don’t.”

[2019/04/08 19:43] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would push Alexander in the cell ” now if you wish to keep fight each other, go head, my job was only to keep you from fighting in the inn” he chuckled. but i wouldnt i am sure Pokey wont be to happy”

[2019/04/08 19:43] pokey Zebberman: /me pulls the man along hold on to the man roughly then pushes the man one another ” her her ” gruffs some ” nothing like a night on the town ” coughs ” have you men been drinking the Tavrn just reopened today ” smiled

[2019/04/08 19:44] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me leans heavily against the wall as he was put into the cell, breathing deeply. He looks to Octavius and glares at him. “What do they feed you?” He snaps.

[2019/04/08 19:44] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me grips the bars breathing fast and hard. “Don’t do this,” he wheezes, his panic apparent as he looks from one Warrior to another.

[2019/04/08 19:45] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me snorts at his brother’s discomfort. “Don’t worry, I won’t choke you to death…tonight.” He allows.

[2019/04/08 19:45] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” years of fighting wars in the north will put some meat on you, but you can take a hit” he pulls a pipe

[2019/04/08 19:47] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me chuckles at Octavius and wipes a bit of blood off his face. “Was taught from a child how to.” He talks about taking a hit and keeps an eye on his brother, nose burning something fierce.

[2019/04/08 19:47] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me shoots his brother the most hurt glance, as if he was afraid of him, which even after all that he really wasn’t. He slipped to the left and grips the bars, pressing his forehead to the iron and tries to breathe evenly.

[2019/04/08 19:47] pokey Zebberman: ” Warrior blood we have a blood line of warrior bred to be much larger than the rest of the goreans ” looks to Octvius ” Aye fighting and training to be fighters does this some”

[2019/04/08 19:49] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” aye, fought with my brothers as well, but i think i taken more hits from “twin” puff on the pipe some herbs he gotten from some savages in north, good relaxing effect, offers it to Trentan

[2019/04/08 19:51] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he chuckled” aye Brother, i think i know more fighting moves then word i know how to spell “

[2019/04/08 19:51] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me shakes his head and instead draws his hammer, beating it on the bars in pure panic. Yet this hammer was made for fighting and not bending iron and it does very little.
[2019/04/08 19:52] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Let me out, let me out, let me out,” he chants, near crazy with fear and panic.

[2019/04/08 19:54] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me sighs and takes off his sword, swinging it right through the bars to clatter near the chair. “If the northern men are as large as Branwen the grocer, I’d die before I got a swing in.” He comments, before his fingers moved over his nose with a wince.

[2019/04/08 19:54] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): was tired of the man freaking out, ” DUDE CHILL THE FUCK OUT” he yelled with his deepest War Cry” would probably echo tot he inn

[2019/04/08 19:54] pokey Zebberman: /me steps back ” I never said you two are weak swinging your tools to bend metal take great strength but without the fire i fear your hammer will only make noise this night cool off for the night i let you out in the morning or when i awake understand men ?”

[2019/04/08 19:55] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me nods to Pokey, and gestures to the bed. “You’re on the floor, Brother.” He says the word like he’d have said a curse to him.

[2019/04/08 19:55] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me nervously heads over to the building, complete disbelief washing over her as she fidgets with her hands. At the door way she doesn’t know what to do then heard the cry of someone and it made her scream and jump. “Oh goodness!” she shrieks innocently and pops he head in the door. “Is this.. the jail?”

[2019/04/08 19:56] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me looks up at the Warrior stunned for a few Ihn, then drops his hammer. On the other side of the bars. He grips the bars again and tries to control his breathing, ignoring Alex for now. He heard Patrice arrive and he just stares.

[2019/04/08 19:57] pokey Zebberman: /me looks to the women ” This is one of the jails the city has another one in the upoper city for high caste

[2019/04/08 19:58] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would step closer taking the hammer, ” Glad you can see things my way” and goes to to put it on the weapons rack, ” other brother, give me yours as well, “

[2019/04/08 20:00] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me let’s out a nervous laugh, “Well the two buffoons you arrested are certianly not high class coughs caste I mean! One of them is my companion. Will he be here all night?” She gulps and couldn’t help but look around the doorway into the room trying to spot the pair of wannabe warriors.

[2019/04/08 20:00] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me gestures to where he had already slid it through the bars and had landed near the chair. “Patrice?” He looks up and raises his brows. “Awww…you do care.”

[2019/04/08 20:01] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me shaking hands move down to his belt, for in a few Ehn he could re-rivet these bars, and he is suddenly realizing they are in enough trouble as it is. The temptation would be too great, he knew for this small enclosed space was not wearing on his nerves very well. He drops it too on the other side of the bars. Still, he tries to bring in ragged breath after ragged breath. He heard Patrice too but he can not see her. He wipes at the blood on his cheek.

[2019/04/08 20:02] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): takes the sword, and leans it on the rack,” looks to pokey, i have to speak with the inn Keeper really quick”

[2019/04/08 20:02] pokey Zebberman: ” You two are the New Metal workers are you not ,” looks back to the women who was talking ” the new building you have is a fine new building what is it your fighting about as lower caste that is a nice up grade ” looks to OctVIUS ” NOW WE NEED TO DO PAPER WORK A report not paper work paper work yes they will not be let out until all the paper work is done”

[2019/04/08 20:05] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me blows blood out of his nose and sighs. “A family matter.” He answered cryptically and slides down to sit on the ground, back pressed to the wall.

[2019/04/08 20:06] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me jumps back out of the way as the one warrior came barreling past her. She steps in just a few hort more to see the damage they had done to each other. “I care. I care about the fools you have made of yourselves. The inn keeper has banned me for simply being there with the two of you.” Her jaw clenches seeing the both of them there and steps closer. “What has gotten into the two of you??” Like a mother she starts wagging her finger at them both as if they were children. “Look at you!” Seeing all the blood covering Alexander’s face her heart just stopped a moment as she dug deep into her pouch and pulled out a rep cloth and tore it in half now holding it out for both brothers.

[2019/04/08 20:07] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me sinks to the ground, all the air coming out of him in a whoosh. He cradles his stomach, and wipes blood at his lips again. He would not look at Alexander, and he tries to control his panic. His shaking fingers reach for the rep cloth Patrice offers when she appears. Steel blue eyes clouded still but the anger is seeping from him rapidly.

[2019/04/08 20:09] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me almost didn’t want to take the rep cloth when the woman came a nagging. He did take it and pressed it to the bottom of his nose and grunts in response to her. He was watching his brother and the panic he was all but holding restrained. “panic what you like, you aren’t getting out anymore than I am.” He snorts, then winces.

[2019/04/08 20:11] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me turns back to the warrior at the desk and fingers the pouch hanging from her belt, ‘Is there anything that can be done to keep them here for the night. I fear they will just start this all up again if they are released.” As her hand moves around the sound of coin jingling could be heard.

[2019/04/08 20:13] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “I am not a liar,” he says to Alexander, this time with a more normal tone. He stares at the bars. He wipes the blood off his face with the rep cloth. When he heard the coins jingle his brows shot up again. He tries to control his shaking and ground himself into -this- moment and not whatever memory of enclosed cages or spaces this jail might be bringing him. Besides, it was not too small, and despite everything that had just happened, Alex being there was more of a help than a hindrance.

[2019/04/08 20:13] pokey Zebberman: /me looks up from writitng the report ” I so dislike writing reports ” grumbles not paying much attention to them speaking

[2019/04/08 20:14] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me tips his head back and closes his eyes, turning to nap. “Liar.” He mutters to just send another jolt home to his brother.

[2019/04/08 20:15] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): “Sir…” she says in a louder tone. “I don’t mean to interrupt your .. reports.” She tried hard to keep the surprised look from her face, “Is there anything that can be done to keep them here … all night perhaps?” This time she shook the coin pouch on her belt to get his attention.

[2019/04/08 20:16] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me puts his head in his hands and weeps, openly, though quietly.

[2019/04/08 20:18] pokey Zebberman: me rolls up the scroll can i help you ” smiles now ready to talk

[2019/04/08 20:19] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me blows out a deep breath, “How much is it going to cost to keep them in there for the night?”

[2019/04/08 20:19] pokey Zebberman: You want to pay to keep them in all night ” smiled looking at her as he rub his chin then look to the two men ” Most with to buy their way out not in?”
[2019/04/08 20:19] pokey Zebberman: wish *

[2019/04/08 20:21] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me explains, “If they are released too soon… I fear they will just start this back up at home. And then I could be hurt.. or worse. Please.” She already pulled out several coppers and slide them across the desk towards him.

[2019/04/08 20:22] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me looks way up at him now feeling a bit worried.

[2019/04/08 20:23] pokey Zebberman: /me looks the the two men then back to the women ” I will not let them out I need not your coin i just had a new home built where the old Black smith shop so i am happy they built a new shop so i could move to where the old one was as a high caste i will not take coin for you i am Honorable
[2019/04/08 20:24] pokey Zebberman: /me pushes the coin back to her ” your safe for tonight i hope you do not live with both of them ” laughs

[2019/04/08 20:26] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me gathers up the coin and smiles, “Indeed I do. As that one there…” she points to Alexander, “Is my companion. At least tonight I will have a good nights sleep. Thank you, Sir. And congratulations on your new home.” She looks back to the pair of brothers and tsks softly. She wasn’t trying to be mean but they needed a harsh dose of reality right now.

[2019/04/08 20:29] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me pockets the coins and turns towards the door, eyes glancing back at the pair of them, “Talk with out your fists. There will be NO fighting when you come home.” She wasn’t always this bossy with them but right now she was hungry and had wine all over her dress. “Thank you again, Warriors.”

[2019/04/08 20:29] pokey Zebberman: ” they seem much better now a good night in jail will do men good to sleep off an night of drinking and fighting “

[2019/04/08 20:30] pokey Zebberman: ” YOu should see my new Home here in Svago the Upper caste wished i live in a better home than i was ” laughs

[2019/04/08 20:32] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” So Metal workers are you “

[2019/04/08 20:32] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me lifts his face from his hands and looks up at the Warrior. He nods slowly.
[2019/04/08 20:37] pokey Zebberman: /me grunts ” You can shapen my swords?”
[2019/04/08 20:37] pokey Zebberman: sharpen *

[2019/04/08 20:39] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” so when you guys are better i would like to see your work” i am in the market for about 1000 Swords”

[2019/04/08 20:39] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Yes,” he replies simply, focusing on the other large Warrior. “When not in jail…” he says this un-ironically. His brows lift sudden jolted out of whatever fear is gripping him, “One thousand?” he confirms.
[2019/04/08 20:40] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Sab carries a sword we made for him,” he remembers.

[2019/04/08 20:40] pokey Zebberman: /me Places his hand to the hilt of his swords then draw ready to fight

[2019/04/08 20:41] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” aye One Thousand, need to see my cohorts are well armed, new guys need something to swing when goign to fight the torvies “

[2019/04/08 20:42] pokey Zebberman: ” Well i need sleep now ” places his hand to Octavius shoulder ” We seem to keep finding ourselves standing next to each other”

[2019/04/08 20:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me scrambles back from the bars for an Ihn before he realizes that likelihood of the Warrior attacking him was extremely low. He nods slowly to Octavius, “We can do that…” he says voice shaky but he’s grounded now in the moment between the attention of the two warriors. He hears Alex’s breath deepen as he sleeps.

[2019/04/08 20:43] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” indeed Frien, i hope it keeps up, ” oh heres your cut for helping ” he hands the man one sliver.

[2019/04/08 20:44] pokey Zebberman: me takes the silver from the man “: thank you ” winks as he walks away flipping the coin

[2019/04/08 20:45] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): looks back to Trentan, ” if you are good enough ill see you have jobs

[2019/04/08 20:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Thank you, Warrior,” he says faintly.

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More Poems from Chrys

Category : Svago General Info

This Home
Chrysoprase Ibn Yusef
Of Svago

This family this group of folk
work and strive seek many things
here in our home and day by day
share small and large events
yes some work to keep things operating .
Thank those like
the lady Nikki and many others
but the heart and soul
is all of us the ones are merchants
the ones protect us the ones
guide our faith
this is the back bone
of this family and wonderful they are.
Do you live in such a home?
Do you see folk about every day?
Do you find folk doing their parts
actively to make this home
or your home thrive?
Dont answer me
answer yourself.
My answer is yes.
I do so see
this home so.

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Carnival Opening Remarks

Category : Svago General Info

Administrator William Carver addresses crowd to open Carnival

3/9/2019 – Carnival Opening Remarks

William Carver: Arrived at the stage and picked the spot right in the middle of the troupe, what man wouldn’t want to be surrounded by slave girls and then looking at the ones who had gathered for the opening he would lift his voice and start “ Welcome to the 4th Annual Svago Carnival.   This exciting event is proof that we the people of Svago are a united people who love their Home Stone and each other. The efforts so many have put forth their time their energy is what drives this Carnival and Svago.

There will be many events for you to observe and take part in.  I encourage you to do both as often as you are able as this is the best way to show your appreciation of the efforts of those who sponsor events. Sponsors and event host as is the proud tradition of Svago cover the full gamment of Castes in our Isle of Svago. ”  I paused before I would continue

Kaellaed Rhode: /me rubs his neck from looking about at all the fascinating gowns and headgear of the ladies.

William Carver: I glanced about at those already dressed for the day and with a smile on my lips I would carry on A part of the tradition of Carnival is not only the games and shows but the elaborate costumes worn by the free.  It is a time that yes Free Women you can have a bad hair day it will be to your benefit! Single Free Men you may want to get a good look at some of these women before you take part in the Game of Favors. ” before I paused to let the crowd gaze at each other

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me clapped his shoulder, one of his favorites games, indeed.  Steel blue eyes moved over the crowd as he grinned and took another small sip of his wine.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me listens to her papa speak, nearly bouncing in place. The feel of carnival was something Jess always enjoyed!

William Carver: Then with some excitement in my voice as I spoke The Carnival is a time for not only Svago but all of Gor to come together as a community to spend a hand enjoying conversations, drink, food and games.  We want everyone to have a good time but remember the laws of Svago still stand our Warriors will be patrolling the streets in conjunction with our Magistrates and Praetors. So I now invite you now to join in the revially of Carnival as I declare this the 4th Annual Svago Carnival OPEN! “  William proclaimed

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me on the other hand was always wary that any FW might be related to him…  He’d clap none the less, but it was more subdued

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me cheers most enthusiastically.

Velleity Dryden (Emma Haskell): /me gave the woman next to her a brief nudge with her elbow to draw her attention – not immediately recognising who it was. She asked regardless, ‘What is a game of favours?’, it not being something that Velleity had ever heard of before and would proceed to watch Domino expectantly whilst awaiting some form of answer.

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): threw her hands up and tossed come confetti!

Kaellaed Rhode: /me pats his bribe bag to get bail from any possible infractions that may be noticed.

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Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

Category : Svago General Info

3/9/2019 Carnival Opening Slave Troupe Dance

Svago Slave Dance Troupe

William Carver: I smiled hearing Rosa and said ” When we are done Rosa, I will buy you a cup myself! ”  I would then lift my voice ““ It is my honor to introduce the first event for the 4th Annual Svago Carnival, the Svago Slave Dance Troupe!  “ I turn and gaze upon the slaves “ Troupe the stage is yours “ I would then give smile and wave to the slaves as I made my way off the stage

The Svago Slaves kneel, their thighs pressed together, nervously they look to one another, Clarity clears her throat all eyes immediately focus on her. Clarity addresses the gathered crowd from her knees, “Tal our Owners. Tal Administrator.” the group beams as one of their own greets, “Tal Masters and Mistresses. We are the Svago Dance Troupe,” arms gesture in a grand sweep, indicates the girls kneeling with her. “The journey to Carnival 2019 is the inspiration for our dance today, we hope it pleases”. She settles back, each dancer follows her lead as they prepare for the music to start, slowly she nods her head to the musicians, signals readiness.

Kaellaed Rhode: /me stomps a foot and bashes chest with fist.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me clapped loudly for the girls!

The dancers snap into position as the music begins, the journey to the Svago 2019 Carnival started here. Movement limited, there is little to do but plan, positions and postures change, as ideas adapt and grow. Anticipation birthed and builds, each dancer moves to their feet and offers an open palm.

The dance troupe’s ears prick as the beat begins, bodies start to move with fluidity, each pose now flows into another. Possibilities seem endless as their eyes watch, with fascination and interest, the slow stretch and extension of their arms and legs. Brows are wiped with a delicate hand, thoughts momentarily invaded by doubt.

TyranKamdry Resident: ~he applauded as the girls began dancing ,watching his own in particular ~

The Svago Slaves start to limber up, hips start to wind, necks lengthen, taught skin displays the muscles and sinew in motion. The beasts prepare for the work ahead, imaginings must now become real. Bodies jump into action as the horn sounds, percussion instruments now toll a slow, constant beat, the girls step and spin in time.

Each dancer’s pace quickens, lungs fill with air sharply, the salty taste of Thassa permeates their mouths as they slowly empty their lungs. Confusion visible in each step, small frames drop to the cool wood, roll and stand rapidly. The girls regain the beat, arms swing in time, slow and deliberate, taking time to get it right.

The Svago Slaves eyes stare as feet delicately strut around on the wood. Each footfall and wave, calculated and focused, determined to reach the journey’s end. Momentary exhaustion, hands cradle faces and torsos bend. Although, the girls stay steadfast with a kick, composure and concentration regained, with extra flourish.

Dancers start to move with confidence and stance strong, the time draws near. Each slave now the embodiment of lessons past, toes point, steps high, arms sweep wide, they now hurdle and brush away obstacles in their path. The horns sound, prepared bodies spin and weave on the cool wood floor.

The Svago slaves respond to the sound of trumpets with an arched spine, hands to their mouths emulating the musicians as they herald the commencement of the Svago Carnival. Nervous energy flows through the girls, skin flushes, pupils dilate. Movement slow and gentle, designed to relax and calm the tension.

The Slaves tremble, there is a lull in the music, eyes dart, reality of their situation becomes clear. They walk to-and-fro like caged larls, agitation clear, their feet arch on the cool floor. The Tabors start to beat, pacing only temporarily broken, arms thrown open and heads turn skyward, perhaps hoping for intervention.

The Dancers focus on the music, their fear diverted, as the kalika joins the tabors, steps light and high as they skip to the beat. The musicians start to guide the slaves, offering a selection which captivates, bodies dip and turn in time. Momentum kept even as the samisen plays alone, the tabors return seamlessly, girls keep the tempo.

Each Svago slave feels a charge of energy, the samisens duel, tongues trace dry lips as they turn away. Daringly, dancers bend to see the crowd between their parted legs. The tarn drums pound, the beasts turn, supple torsos pop to the beat. The time has come, now is the time to dance to welcome all to the carnival.

Kaellaed Rhode: hoot

The slaves bend low, stretch a shapely leg forward, greets all who are watching with a high wave of their arms. Lips turn up into brilliant smiles, happiness for all to see. Toes point and press onto the floor, then flick. Tresses of all colours are lifted as they spin, before, ample hips ride the beat of the tambors.

The dancers hear the musicians, their graceful forms seem to emphasize different instruments. Hips thrust to the beat, then wind to the samisen, turn and twist, as the flute takes control. The music slows, brows furrow, as the girls continue to pump the air, forces the tarn drums to comply.

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me watches the girls dance with such precise movements and grace only hoping that her dance will be as good!

Nephtides na Neidos (Nephtides Resident): *arrives a bit late, smiling and sipping from a wineskin, bidding all a friendly Tal and seating himself, eyes on the dancers*

The Svago Dance Troupe breathe deeply, lungs fill with the fragrant smell of various flowers in bloom. Arms glide around a twisting body, skin glistens in the rays from Lar-Torvis. Every movement, from the girls, is alive with joyousness, the lines of a smile, infuses their beautiful faces.

The slaves feet deftly stomp onto the wood floor, the collision with the surface makes a slap, the tambor continues to pound. Bountiful curves sway, arms reach to balance, harmony between sight and sound. Eyelashes flutter, as they catch sight of the brightly colored carnival decorations.

Each dancer raises their arms as the music stops all of a sudden, delicate hands move to frame their thrilled faces. Eyes sparkle, a smile snakes, abruptly they lean back and explode into rapid movement. Taunt glistening skin, emphasizes muscular legs as they cross and weave over the cool brown floor.

The Svago slaves hair flutters and drags behind them as they twist and turn. Powerful arms and legs stretch and whip around to the increased tempo, the music now hammers its final beats. Heads wobble, arms cross, they kneel, a gentle breeze brushes soft skin.

The slaves hold their final pose as the music stops, hearts pound, and chests heave with excitement and exhaustion. Tahlia speaks up “thank you, our Owners, Administrator, Masters and Mistresses, for allowing us to dance for you”

Kaellaed Rhode: /me stomps and beats his chest with flattened palm.

Chrysoprase  Ibn Yusef (MineralMaster Resident): applaudes loudly hand hitting shoulder

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki cheers for the slaves “well done slave dancers” she applauds as the dance ends

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me claps claps loudly “Spectacular girls!!!”

The Svago Slave Dance Troupe cheeks flush, take a bow and scamper away.

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds as the dance comes to an end

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /md cheers ” wonderfull epic  so well done girls “

Shirin Pfeffer: /me claps her hands as loud as she can: “Wonderful!”

ℒαδყ Nicα Rαɠńivαrđ Sjöström (MelisandraMelodi Resident): /me nods in approval

TyranKamdry Resident: ~he whistled and clapped extra loudly for all the girls while watching his own ~

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me claps his shoulder not even spilling his wine.

Kaellaed Rhode: /me pokes in bag of bribe money and tosses a few silvers at the girls, hoping to not hit any in the process.

Adayre (XxAdayrexX Resident): /me smiles and claps for the dancers

William Carver: I would applaud loudly for the girls ” Well done Svago Dance Troupe!!! “

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): Clapped her hands and cheered

Katerina Amaranth: /me applauds loudly.  “Well done!”

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me clapped and shouted, having enjoyed the set.

Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (Rosalynne Dawes): /me does a huge gorean appluase “well done girls!”

Lullio Resident: Thank you  for giving this opportunity to perform FOR you all

Lib (Liberace57 Resident): smiles and thinks this the way to start a day

TyranKamdry Resident: “Well done girls “

Kaellaed Rhode: very well choreographed, nice build up, sweet synch with the music, nice diversity

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps her hands excitedly as she runs off the stage waving to the girls, to find her Owners

ClarityDevine Resident: giving a wide smile to the free she blows out a goren kiss and exits the stage to the left!

ღ victoria ღ (hannah26548 Resident): /me bows at the end of the dance and slowly makes her way off the stage with the others

Jessilyn Bernard (Jessilyn Erin): /me snaps her fingers for her npc slaves Hup and Sura to get the water for the girls as they leave the stage!

Pink (ProudlyPink Sheridan): /me beams a somewhat shy smile at the compliments and quickly darts off the stage, following the girls towards the side.

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki heads to the stage and waits for the slaves to get all the recognition they deserve “Well done she calls to them and as they leave she grabs jade by the arm “get that silver and hand it to me”  She takes a step to the front of the stage and waits for a moment to be sure the slave of her gathers all the coins and glances over to her companion with the ‘what did you expect look’

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FW Horror – Carnival Closing Dance

Category : Svago General Info


William Carver: Before the speech making starts we have one last treat in store that will be the closing dance performed by our graceful Ladies of the Veils”

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps loudly with excitement to see her Mistress dance again.

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me whispers to his brother.

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me would look up as she heard the administrator announce the dancing of the freewomen she was excited to see her mother up there

William Carver: ” Ladies of the Veils, the stage is yours! ” and with that I would hop down

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me cocks his head and then lifts his shoulders and drops them again.  He wiped at a pink splotch of glaze on his chest.

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me gasps with admiration at the amazing gowns and poses of the Mistresses.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The ladies come together, looking up towards the sky, the three moons of gor bright as their lights descend upon them on the last day of carnival. A celebration for the ages, this year was amazing and they all would be thankful for all those that came together to volunteer, participate and energize all the wonderful people of Svago. This dance is dedicated to those that made it possible, the events and the good will feelings we all experienced over these last few wonderful days. A special recognition moment for Nikki and pulling it all together, may she find some sleep after this and her jaw that will probably hit the floor by the end of this dance.

FW Horrrors: shouts: Moonlight is alluring, it calls to the Ladies feeling its calm and soothing presence, their bodies begin to sway feeling the need to tell their story of why they are truly the wonders of companionship. They each, in turn, will tell a story of how they are truly special in regards to taking care of a man and the household, true gems in the rough, although it might be very rough. Their attention still on the moons, the stage is set, the music rises in its cadence, they move together as one, the hands reach up to the rays of the moons letting it empower their most feminine aspects of their nature to get this story started in the right direction.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The ladies now all turn in their movements to the front, any birds or animals that were in the vicinity just fled for cover, ones can hear the screeches of tarns overhead going in any direction but theirs, even braving flying over water versus over them. Their distinct features now visible and one could hear some notable baby cries out in their wake, as a vision of ‘holy crap’ descends upon the final night of carnival, a true nod to its jocular nature and expression of whatever may come. The bodies still move, but they probably bumped into each other, tore a skirt for they were not all the greatest coordinated women on Gor. They all move their bodies in their own enticing ways, they continue now after the collective spewing of consumed beverages from the crowd had been completed.

FW Horrrors: shouts: What is this dance about? Well I am so glad you asked! It is a story, about several ladies and the visions they represent when a man has a companion that he never gets to see until companionship night. Of course in true Gor fashion, they usually are that storybook romance, happy with the beauty they possess, the gifts they find, but reality isn’t always so. This is all about what nightmares are made of when that veil lowers, that first meal is cooked, the first slave of their’s hair is burnt off is when the man truly realizes to himself ‘My Priest King or Odin what have I done??!!’ Now the story continues as each women tells their unique story of what they bring to their companionship, this is not for the faint of heart.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She indicated the lit candles, those illuminating the bed chambers, albeit a soft glow – with their flickering flames and shadows that cast and danced merrily upon the table’s surface, ‘Snuff them out’, she demanded and when he protested, for he had never yet seen the woman beneath the robes and veils , she shook her head decisively, ‘Snuff them out’, she said again, unwavering on her stance. It is said that only a fool would buy a woman clothed – perhaps true enough for slaves but her dowry had quietened any further curiosity prior to their companionship ceremony and surely she was lovely: her measured pace, her impeccable posture, the slender figure ensconced within her robes. One only needed to witness the energy with which she attended to her caste work and the intelligence found within her eyes to know she was a catch! Within the dark of the room her fingers lifted, tentatively teasing apart the intricate rows of clips and fastenings that affixed her veil to the features of her face.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She felt his hand grasp her upper arm in some proprietorial fashion, ‘Wait, I am not ready!’, she exclaimed as he leaned down to press the first kiss to the lips of his newly appointed Companion. She heard the gasp of surprise but had known it was coming, steeling herself for that inevitable moment. His fingers lifted, touching beneath her chin and up over the contours of her face,. ‘Replace the veil!’, he cried in disbelief and horror. Many a curse was to follow but it was said that the sons they went on to conceive grew beards more magnificent than any Northern Man could ever attest to cultivating and their bodies were so resplendently thick with bristles of hair that they could withstand sub-zero temperatures with ease. ‘The Bears’ they were known as, feared and admired all at once. Their daughters were of course another matter, for hirsutism was a cruel burden to bear.

FW Horrrors: shouts: For them, those robes and veils that concealed so artfully the daughters that waited until a large enough dowry would secured the acceptance of a man of their own. They waited patiently their turn to demand: ‘Snuff out the candles!’

FW Horrrors: shouts: She awakes with the smell of baby poop  companioned with a soft flavor of acid in the room ..sniffs under her armpits .. ‘not me’  she smirks and slips her sack over which was far away from the noble robes of concealment  she had worn before .. dripping over the piss pot out some words of anger than presses her swollen feet in way to small slippers .. slowly waddles to the crib .. with one child  in her arms and another under her heart .. she moves to the kitchen ..unwashed .. preparing some kind of almost eatable things .. calling up .. ‘breakfast ready’ while holding the diaper in one hand and the plate of food in the other ..  joy of being a mother .. another bad hair day .. but with a scarf .. it was easy .. after her companion had almost running left the house ..shrugs and throws a wide cape over herself .. and makes her way to work .. Joy of life .. even smelling bad ..  Joy of being companioned ..

FW Horrrors: shouts: She mutters almost too low to hear, somewhat embarrassed. She checks herself in the mirror as she gets ready to go out, trying to tuck the short stubborn wisps of hair back under the covering on her head to hide them, but they just keep popping back out.  She starts to take a step, one large foot catching on the heel on the other and causing her to lurch a bit as she heads for the door, her myopic eyes searching for any more obstacles in her way and just a weeble wobbles all over the place like a duck caught in a wind storm. Her scratchy shrill voice is easily heard several dwellings away as she curses fluently, tripping over her own feet again. ‘pick up some damn bosk milk on your way home from the tavern and this time, come back sooner than 6 moons!’

FW Horrrors: shouts: She was home waiting for her companion as he said he was going to the slave house to obtain a kettle girl and that was two months ago, twirls around as she sweeps his dirty clothes right out the back door into the sea below, hollers out ‘you, slave, go clean that!’ and didn’t particularly notice it was a warrior there at the time. Twirls her thick hideous robes around that catches under her big feet, tripping over a table and smacking her large nose into the wall that had the house whips on it, one falls around her neck as she steps back and trips back onto her back, her slippers go flying, her hands jut upward in the air looking like a crab tossed on its rear and screams out ‘who put this tavern barrel tea table right here??!!’ her voice sounded very eerily similar to the nails raking over metal and she had broken her nose again for the 492057897593rd time.

FW Horrrors: shouts: My companion thinks I am a goof, I threw up on the roof. We had twirled and whirled until I hurled. the next day we saw a healer and my companion was really eager. the physician drew a cloth and blew into my mouth some dust. the scribe’s pen was covered in rust! ‘oh my oh my’ the scribe said when the pen jabbed his hand ‘I need a shot or my hand will rot!’. the physician sighed and walked over ‘I think you and I need to have a chat and begin to sew a knot!’

FW Horrrors: shouts:  ‘I hate you’…’You’ll curse the mother that bore you if you drink that..sign that contract and die!’ she warns her new companion every step of the way.. The contract is signed.  Before the scribe can do the same, she raises her arm, a dagger gleams in the flickering torch lights. Was it aimed for the scribe’s heart or her mate’s eye? A strong hand twists her wrist the blade drops. The ceremony complete. Moving closer to lift her veil. Time to view the harpy’s face and take his first kiss. She leans upwards and tries to bite him, her knee raises forcefully to make a eunuch of him. A few well-chosen steps, her efforts are thwarted. To this day, it’s still argued, who tried to kill the other first. One thing is for certain, it’s her ghost that haunts the man, scolding and breathing threats night and day.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She had just gotten a companion not long ago and already she’d gotten the feeling he wasn’t appreciative of her domestic skills. She had done so much for him!  She was the best cook, She’d show him just how lucky he was and make a grand dinner, she left the bosk out on the back doorstep for 2 days rather than 3 but that didn’t matter., and though it was a pain to scrape the crawlies off the meat at first, which when mashed and put in with the suls made them so much tastier. Odd that he turned a shade of green not unlike the color of the fungus between her toes. Also, she was great at decorating his abode, she ingeniously used his furniture to stock the wood pile for the cooler days, they would not have to go cut any or buy any from the woodsman. For some reason he didn’t seem to appreciate this and so she added his bed linens to the fire just to demonstrate how well they burned and kept the place cozy warm. So what if the flames could be seen from across the city

FW Horrrors: shouts: The kitchen needed to be renovated anyhow. She’d saved him time in the demolition! Since they didn’t have furniture, or kitchen, she sold his slaves because there really wasn’t anything for them to clean and since they were of no use to them anymore. He was lucky to have her!

FW Horrrors: shouts: Ash was excited at the thought of Companionship even though it had cost her Father a great deal of coin.  Arranged it was, politics, power, coin, and then there was the issue with her ‘interesting and unique’ appearance. It was true, she resembled the south end of a north-bound bosk.  Eyes bugged from their sockets, a nose that would make Pinocchio blush, teeth that would eat corn through a picket fence, and well there was her figure. Let’s just say she was a ‘whole lot of woman.’  Did I mention hairy warts? The ceremony, fully veiled under the dark of night she was a mystery to him–What a SURPRISE he was in for. The mood set, romance glowed, and it was time to consummate the contract.  He just ‘thought’ it was many layers of robes of concealment made her ‘fluffy’ when in fact, it was just a whole lot of her–a WHOLE lot.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She did LOVE her pie! Robes removed, veils unmasked, she was nervous but he pushed back the sheer curtain in a full blown state of arousal as he entered the room where the lamp of love was lit. There was no hiding the eagerness of his anticipation of bedding his companion.  BUT THEN…a blood-curdling scream like a goat would be the best way to describe the sound that came from her Companion. Horror wrecked his face and who knew a face would contort like that! An abomination of womanhood lay with not a stitch of fabric one on, eager to bring into this world his offspring as it was her womanly duty, When he laid eyes upon what lay before him, his ‘manhood’ shriveled up as if he were waist deep in the freezing water of Torvaldsland, the TURTLE syndrome it was! That thing retreated faster than Ash making her way to a free pie giveaway, and so did he.

FW Horrrors: shouts: A slow smile drew upon her lips as she knew the law of Companionship and she gloated for HE was HERS for a WHOLE year.  Reaching to the side of the furs for the pie that was to be part of foreplay, it was now satisfaction as she enjoyed the first love of her life, PIE!

FW Horrrors: shouts: Now as each had their turn, this way and that they had burned. Their delights special to them, the men in their lives probably remained in a tavern for the rest of their nights. How many times has a man in passing claimed that a free woman was a slave in robes? Well by George, this is more than enough proof that yeah…no, it was a no go. Proud as one again, their bodies turn and move across the ground, hope no one would trip and fall, there was no physicians on call. Their movements implore their audience and was sure those watching, if they got over their shock by now, would never forget this scene that unfolded. If one paid enough attention, a bone cracking here and there could be heard, their grunts as they swayed would not be misconstrued for a reason to be laid. They all probably haven’t moved this much in three hundred years or more, they certainly were in no shape for a score.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The music increases and so does their lower back pain, the length of this dance is insane but there is a very important tale to tell, appreciate the one you are with because you may get someone that makes you want to spit. The sky lights up now with it’s sparklers and sounds of joy, could this parody be over? Oh you do not get off that easy. The music was starting to wind down and maybe the crowd would lose their collective frown. Now that they were closer, the body odor would take over as they all probably sweat like a tarsk and the only thing that was missing to complete this ensemble was the appropriate bright fluorescent pink leg warmers to round out their sweatin to the oldies fanfare. They did one last kick and someone’s nasty slipper just launched into the crowd, one could tell where it would be found as they cleared 20 meters on all sides of the blast zone. One last shake, one last move, could this finally improve.

FW Horrrors: shouts: Someone yells like a gianni was stepped on, and of course all the ladies as one, pointed to Lilly, at least it wasn’t a bell.

FW Horrrors: shouts: As the dance finally concludes a message to be sure, a huge thank you to all of Svago, with you all it would be impossible. The last few days have been a delight so no need to run in fright. The Ladies will transform at the end of the night, being like that picture book story in flight. Yes my rhymes are lame, but who is to blame? By this point of the dance my brain ran askance. The ladies move together and take a collective bow and in hopes they enjoyed the satire. If you took this seriously then make sure you schedule an appointment with our local physicians, they excel at politis extraction. It will not hurt, much. La free woman or whatever can be said, this was our dance and thank you from the heart that no one had a fart.

FW Horrrors: shouts: -the end-

Chrysoprase  Ibn Yusef (MineralMaster Resident): laughs so hard and claps as almost falls on the floor

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me chuckles and applauds

Lullio Resident: claps loudly

Kati Evans: /me claps

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me claps and laughs so hard as well

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps and cheers loudly

William Carver: Joined with all the other wise companioned free man in applauding very enthusiastically and was sure the men that wanted to be companioned joined in with the applauds too  ” Well Done Ladies well done! “

Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (Rosalynne Dawes): appluads the Ladies of Svago for doing this!!!!!!

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): /me laughs and claps loudly although he gives his companion a very weary look.

Thorn (BlockDent Resident): /me laughs and shouts out “Huzzah!”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me makes googly eyes at Pyrnir

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Can’t help but howl in laughter and applaud’s Rosa, Kat and Ash for getting this altogether “how fun, and my cooking is not nearly that bad”

βirdy  (BlRDY Resident): claps her small hands

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me cheers for all of the lovely ..err.. Mistresses!!

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds looking up at the stage, shakes his head laughing despite himself. “are you sure Nikki? I saw that half cooked pancake thing with the fish eyes at the cooking contest.”

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me chuckles and would applaud the ladies.

William Carver: ” Well done Ladies ” I called out as I moved up to the stage ” Now would the Carnival Ubrate join me on stage “

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Carnival Closing Ceremony

Category : Svago General Info

3/13/2019  Carnival Closing Ceremony

William Carver: “The Ubrate of the Carnival, Ubar would you have some words to offer your loyal Carnival subjects?”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me cleared my throat and squinted ot see if I still had a companion out there.

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me bows once more to the Ubara as she joins us, a flourish of his hand as he righted himself and calmed his mighty kaiila.  “Yes, thank you.”

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me snickers.

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me stood before those that had elected her as Ubara of Carnival and was truly humbled and honored.  “I would like to thank Pyrnir for tolerating all my antics and costumes this week and thank you citizens of Svago for the most wonderful opportunity you have given me in being Ubara of this year’s Carnival!  Who would have ever thought that a low caste would stand before you in such a way! Well, I now know what it’s like to sit in the lofty seat at the arena, to have mead at my beckoning, pie every hour of the day, and most importantly to be the recipient of your kindness.   As a token of my thanks for making me Ubara of Carnival I have PIE FOR EVERYONE! ” gestured to the box next to me “Please take yours from the box and I do hope you realize the magnitude of gesture this is from me!” continued….

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): shouts: Svago is a melting pot of culture from all over Gor and that is what makes us so unique, our people.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped organize this amazing event, hosted a competition, organized or participated in the Free Woman dance, and to those who participated in each event or cheered for those that did.  Carnival is not only games, events, decorations or props but the heart of Carnival is you. Let us not forget the spirit of unity and harmony that comes with Carnival and carry it with us through the remainder of the year. We are Svagoreans! Let us not forget that in our trials of politics where we take different sides, or in a rivalry of slave houses, or in any other dispute that we have a common thread and that is that we are Svago.  When our backs are against the wall, it is when we are at our best, strongest, and unstoppable. Thank you administrators for what you do on a daily basis for us all. We may not always express our gratitude, but make no mistake, it is there and it is real. The word “GO’ comes at the end of the name of our Island–SvaGO. That is perhaps a coincidence but it is also because Svago is destined to lead. We do not follow. Svago does not wait for others to do first, we “GO” and do it.  We are the ones who do it first! We “GO” Ubar, thank you for lifting your goblet and toasting Svago during this Carnival and to all of you, my humble and heartfelt thanks for this experience of being your Ubara of Carnival! Hail Svago! Hail Svagoreans!

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /me claps and cheers loud to Ash ..  ” hear hear .. “

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): me smiled to William and nodded indicating I was finished

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me claps his shoulder resoundingly.

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): /me claps “Well said!”

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Laughs and actually gasps a little as the frugal slaver gives away pie or for that matter anything and just applauds leaning to jade “:be sure to get our pie at the end”

Kati Evans: Hail Svago!

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me smiles at his woman’s words, knowing well she could be the Ubara at his side if he ever decided to take over Gor.

William Carver: I applauded the Ubara ” Hail Svago! “

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Hail Svago “

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): /me claps for Ash, nodding

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): shouts: HAIL SVAGO!

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me cheers for the pretty Ubara of the Carnival!

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): well said mother!!

Katerina Amaranth: /me applauds for Ash, then turns to look over her shoulder back at Dragon, her eyes twinkling still with laughter.  “Now you see why I hid that costume?” She turns back as she hears the others. “Hail Svago!”

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): Hail Svago

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): “Hail Svago” she cheers as Ash ends her speech

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me whoops and applauds

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me lifts his hands to the crowd, “People of Svago! It has been my greatest honor to serve the whim of the people for Carnivale!  We have shared wine! We have shared paga! Too, we have shared mead!” He cheers to all. He lowers his hands, the party Ubar fading but still in good cheer he says, “I have done my ultimate best to embody the spirit of Carnivale and want to think you all for your indulgences for this the time of our frivolity.   We have shared kisses! Wishes have been made! Pies were eaten! Races were won, and bets were abundant! Let us all thank one another for our time together in masked anonymity! And also, I would like to especially thank the Svago Olives -the true hero of Carnivale!” he pounds his shoulder and and pauses an Ihn before he would continue:

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me pounds her doll’s shoulder in applause to the Carnival Ubar’s words, and knocks a bit more stuffing out of her.

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): “As with all reigns, our time is at an end,” lifts his hand to ward off the inevitable boos, “No Ubar lasts forever, and the tide has turned! I am afraid it is now time for us to prepare our white paint and our brak for the time of the Waiting Hand is soon upon us.  We must needs balance our most joyous Carnivale with a quiet contemplation and a look to the New Year! Mourn me not, for like the ebb and flow of Thassa we must now say goodbye as a natural order! I bid you each a fond fare thee well, and until next time my friends -a final toast! To Carnivale! To Olives!  Hail Svago!” he touches his shoulder and bows to them all.

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me calls out,”Hail Svago… and I’m nominating you next year!”

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): “to Olives” she repeats as she applauds not even sure why she said it “Hail Svago”

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Hail Svago .. Hail to the Ubarate of Carnival “

Sara Inkpen (Sarai Inkpen): Hail Svagp

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me rises and points at Niall with a laugh.

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): Hail Svago!!

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): Hail Svago!

Katerina Amaranth: Hail Svago!!

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me claps his shoulder casually, grinning all the while.

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): shouts: once again she speaks with pride “Hail Svago”!!

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds the words of the Ubar and Ubara of the carnival “Hail Svago”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): Hail Svago!

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): hail Svago!

William Carver: I would applaud the Ubar ” Well said Ubar! ”  I then looked to Mia ” And a word from the slave of the Ubarate”

Tess ℒionhearϮ (Tess Anatra): /me claps her hands enthusiastically and sigh a little at the realization that it all must now come to an end.

Mia (Vampja Resident): “Thank you Master,” her voice is soft and she rises to her feet.

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me smiled and applauded the Ubar!

Thorn (BlockDent Resident): HAIL SVAGO!

Mia (Vampja Resident): She speaks in a voice loud enough to be heard. “As the duly elected slave of the Carnival Ubarate, and with my slave doll, I greet you and beg to speak freely — from my heart. I offer you a gift of thanks, a poem just written today for this occasion.” She clears her throat, holds up her doll, and says the words in a squeaky voice, as if the doll is a puppet.

Mia (Vampja Resident): “Oh free of Svago, the time has come

The depths of Carnival I saw you plumb

But just as hook and line and bait

Must be pulled up, so ends this fete.

Oh slaves of Svago, you danced and furred

Wresting and racing til your sight blurred

Just as chum is doomed to be eaten

So your lengthy frolic is beaten. “

“The Ubar, Ubara, and Ubarate slave

Must step down from their dais with royal wave.

The slave grabs a broom, the Mistress a duster

The Master goes back to his smithy with bluster.

Not all is forgotten, for in days to come

The foils of the holiday will be often re-spun

Mimed out by the poets, the musicians, the singers

The names of the winners cried out by joy bringers.”

“As the sun sets on Svago’s Carnival adventure

This slave offers her thanks on a well laden trencher

To administrator, regent, builders, and actors

You played your part well, you have no detractors

Like fishermen as the day draws to an end

We all have our prizes and fish to expend

Hold your memories close, from hard work don’t abstain

For very quickly our Carnival will come again!” [the end]

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): “Bravo Ubarate Slave!”

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me turns and kisses the Ubarate dolly soundly where she should have lips! “Well done!”  He pats Mia fondly on the head and smiles at her. He rises and claps his shoulder leading the cheering.

Mia (Vampja Resident): Mia and her doll take a little bow.

William Carver: Would applaud impressed by the poem ” Very lovely mia! ”  I would offer to her

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): shouts:  ” Bravo ..well spoken .. Bravo .. “

Elysia Turia Ambrosius (spiritsandwine Resident): claps!!

Tasha Rose Dresden (RoseTorok Resident): /me claps “Well done girl!”

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me would clap “well done mia well done!!”

βirdy  (BlRDY Resident): after being sure that Fallen was out of sight, did she clap her hands to support her friend. She loved Mias poems and this one was another one so sweet that it made her both smile and giggle. “Bravo Mia” she said and didn’t care if she was allowed to speak or not

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): “Fabulous Mia!”

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me blushes with happiness.

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): /me clapped loudly, “Well done Mia!”

Tess ℒionhearϮ (Tess Anatra): /me claps quickly and enthusiastic again.

Katerina Amaranth: /me too applauds loudly.  “Well done, Mia!” She turns to look at Dragon once more, then back at those on the stage.

Sylvanus Voss: /me claps, “well done Mia,” impressed by the talent of the slave girl.

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki looks at Mia the girl had pleased her with the poem “Well done Mia, well done” and applauds for the slave girl “Hail Svago”  Nikki could not be more proud of her city and the people who live here

Dσмiησ Bernard (Domino Morales): /me grins to Rosa under this layers of materials ..” you did this on purpose right ?  ” she rubs her ear .. at least she hopes it is the right spot

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me bows again and lifting his ‘kaiila’ to his shoulder he exits stage left.

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me holds her doll tightly and exits the stage right.

William Carver: ” Ubar if you will sit on the throne, Ubara at his side and slave kneel near ”  I would ask

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me eyes it for swords first.

William Carver: ” We can get a quick painting of you “

William Carver: ” Thank you Ubrate for your service,” I would say and inclined my head in respect ”   I turned to the crowd and would say ” Ladies and Gentlemen of Svago, with this we close our Carnival, thank you all for your hard work, thank you all from the bottom of mine and Nikki’s heart for all you have done, it means alot.  Nikki, Jade please come up so we can pose for a picture with the Ubrate.

William Carver: ” Thank you Ubar and Ubara and slave of the Ubarte, now for the fun part, cleaning up! ” I would say with a laugh

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Calls out to everyone “thank you for making this week so special and now, we drink wine and rest”

William Carver: ” Warriors please secure the gates, and restart your patrols. ”  I would say to them,

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me smirks hearing William and looked over to the Warrior’s Present. “You hear the Administrator.. see it done Rarii!”

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Poem for Svago by Chrys

Category : Svago General Info

Isle Of Svego

Sitting on a high wall overlooking
on one side the seemingly endless water
on the other the thriving new home
has let me be part.
Svago a place of honest hearts
strong spirits
of lovely flowers at ones feet
as well as elegant ladies to see.
Many folk
some to defend home with strength and honor
some to bring business and make it to thrive
also lest you think is not respectable
those also guide us to remember
as well as live by the wishes
of the mighty ones made all.
Sitting on this high wall
I consider the days then years
gladly I will be part of here
with my humble skills add
to this precious place of living.

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Death of Ragnulf, the Slaver – AKA The one where Seir accidentally kills the Slaver

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[18:01] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) swallowed, trying not to become hysterical. The reality of the idea was beginning to sink in, ice cold, and clutching around her throat; it was like her collar was choking her, getting smaller hort by hort over each moment. “I don’t think it’s up to me to ruminate or decide,” she finally replied as her stomach flopped. There was also some sphinctal clenchage.

[18:05] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) let out another laugh and the steady, click, click, click would resume, “I didn’t ask you if you thought it was up to you to decide. I asked you if you thought you deserved to die.”, in between that annoying click that was becoming more and more like the swing of a pendulum. Rhythmic but by no means lulling.

[18:10] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) blew out a breath and suppressed a groan. “There is no way for a kajira to do well in this type of discussion, my Mistress,” she said, rather conversationally. After an ehn of thought she finally replied. “No, my Mistress, I don’t.” Maybe not yet, anyway. She certainly didn’t want to, and had spent her entire time on Gor chasing and ensuring survival; she’d manage to do so thus far, but had a few too-close-for-comfort brushes with it all too recently. Shivered again, like an involuntary reaction, hearing her go back and forth in that calculated way; it did anything but ease her tension.

[18:15] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) gave a nod, “I didn’t think so. At least you were honest about that.”, she stated evenly, and then added, “instead of trying to placate me with some middle of the road, half assed response. However, I do need to deal with what has caused me offense on one to many occasions.”, reaching down to grab a fist full of layla’s hair and yanking her head up from the likely now warmed tile and crouched to look in her slave’s now exposed face, “I’ll have to remove that tongue of yours so that you’ll never be able to speak back again. This makes me sad because I looked forward to getting the news from you. But, we both know you know how to read and write, so that will just have to become the alternative.”, letting go her grip in Layla’s hair.

[18:22] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) frowned, “Sometimes those seem the safest, my Mistress,” replied honestly. Winced as that fist was in her hair and dragging her back. She gasped, which was harsh due to the angle her neck was being jerked at. And then listening to Seir’s reply the girl let out a whimper. It had never occurred to her that she might lose some body parts. Her lips twitched as if they might part, but her big fat mouth was what had gotten her into this whole mess. Not expecting to be let go of she tried to turn her head so she didn’t faceplant into the tile; it caught her cheek instead, a small bite of pain blooming there. Tried to mindfully regulate her breathing, which had sped up with her heartbeat as her mind tried to process the idea of having her tongue cut out. Never being able to speak again, sing again. Aside from the obvious pain. The shame.

[18:33] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) stopped midstride hearing Layla’s comment. Her head slowly canted to the side. A slow exhale left her with a sigh rolling in on its heels. “Right then.”, she stated and took a couple steps back from layla, then moved around her to head in to the house, then up the stairs. She didn’t command Layla not to move. Or tell layla she couldn’t go. Seir was simply..packing up a few gowns and some warmer clothing.

[18:37] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) wasn’t told she could move, or she could go, either. She’d err on the side of caution, trying to figure out what was going on from the sound of her footsteps. Oh god, here it came, she was going for a butcher knife or shears or – something more blunt if she was feeling particularly sadistic. So she stayed where she was for now, not wanting to add further to her tallied list of shit she needed punishing for.

[18:43] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) closed the trunk and gave a look around. Grabbing one handle she dragged it behind her. The steady thump thump thump of her downward progress might be heard outside. She came to the door and dragged the trunk out on to the patio, “Now, as I said, I’m going to Boswell”, sounding slightly winded, after all the trunk wasn’t exactly light, even if her gowns were. “You may get up off the tile.”, Seir added, her tone matter of fact. Was there still rage? Oh you fuckin’ betcha. But there was also a weariness in her tone. “You know where it is. If anyone need speak with me face to face, draw them a map or have them tell the captain the location.”. Simple enough.

[18:43] 1.Teleport Device down: Right click and choose ‘teleport’

[18:46] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) might have stood up off the ground, but looked as it she could’ve easily sunk back into the tiles, defeated. “Yes, my Mistress,” she replied, watching her. The woman out of breath, she was going to reach for the trunk, but was reminded Seir could take of herself. Was reminded she wasn’t not accompanying her. Either way, too much shit going on in the brain pan to think very clearly to make any good decision that she felt would likely get her anywhere better than she was now. “I wish you well, my Mistress,” was the final thing she uttered. For then anyway.

[19:02] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was about to turn and go dragging her trunk behind herself when a slave appeared at the gate. Seir canted her head to the side. Literally, the last fucking thing she was in the mood for was dealing with any slave, nevermind a wayward slave, “What the fuck do you want?”, she stated, though the words were harsh, her tone was resigned. The slave balked, pushed the scroll through the gate and turned and bolted without a word. “By Odin”, Seir swore dropping the trunk with a slam to the tile and moving to pick the scroll. She gave it a quick read and then turned like she wanted to punch something, her free hand curled in a white knuckled fist. “Seems I have an appointment to go learn the sleen commands so that it won’t require a handler.”. Svago, always trying to save a copper. She looked at her trunk, then to layla, then back to the trunk, “Leave it. You’ll need the same training for a later date.”

[19:06] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) blinks, losing her footing for a moment even though she was essentially standing still. “I … coming with you? Following?” Layla talk real gud. “Clothes?” she asked, pointing to their neat, folded pile.

[19:09] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was tired. Annoyed. Wanted to stab something. But, Layla’s reaction would have been priceless on any other day. Today was not that day. So Layla’s incredulity was met with a clacking of teeth and a “yes to both, now shift it!”, as she turned to head out of the patio, leaving her trunk there unattended. Because, who was gonna steal that shit? no bitches around here had an ass big enough to fill them

[19:10] Svago Lift whispers: Level 1

[19:11] Svago Lift whispers: Level 0

[19:13] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) had received the missive that it was time for her lesson. She was rather miffed about something else completely, so her movements were choppy. Stiff. “Tal, Marcus.”, looking past him to Aelia and giving a nod, “So this is where I learn how to not end up sleen food?”, canting her head to the side.

[19:15] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) had not realized just how truly talented she, herself, was until she managed to regain her balance, snag her clothing, and run after her Mistress – all while simultaneously sliding on her bits of clothing. At least she knew where they were going, in case she lost sight of Seir she’d know where to meet the woman – though she really did not want to push the woman’s patience by not being dutifully right behind her. And thus, talent prevailed; once they came to a stop, Layla knelt at Seir’s side and offered both Marcus and Aelia a smile. “Greetings, Master,” she offered softly. Yes, no sleen food!

[19:20] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) laughs and says, “Indeed. We will go over the basic commands and hand signals. Depending on how naturally adept you are, we can progress to more difficult tasks as we go. But that will remain to be seen.” He then furrows his brow for an ihn as he regards the woman and her slave and says, “If the Lady is too harsh or too gentle with a sleen, it may lash out not unlike a petulant youth…albeit a deadly petulant youth.” he chuckles. He would cast a sideward glance at layla and offer no “hubba hubba” waggle of his brows this time as the discussion at hand was serious business, so no time for love doctor jones. He would then look at allie to snap his fingers and point to the den.

[19:20] 00Allie00 slipped to a careful tower and folder her hands in her lap and lowered eyes as she did so often as to avoid offending those not collared in steel. “Tal Mistress” she said in a voice hardly audible. A careful observer would no doubt see her fingers rapidly rotating one over her old bracelets about her wrist in what might be considered a nervous fidget.

[19:22] 00Allie00 … quickly took the direction given her and stood to claim beverages from the den for those present… “Your preference in drink Mistress?” she would ask quietly, eyes still held no higher than the feet of the free woman.

[19:28] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) sniffed. As if she’d ever be to gentle with anything. Of course, perhaps she could be to stern and that might create issue. “So confident. Understood.”, because that’s something Seir had in abundance. Mostly. Well not right now. Right now she hated everyone, everything, and all that gorean society represented. Perhaps it was a bad day all told. “I am a fast learn”, she promised, slanting a glance to Aelia, “Mead. If you have it. Nothing otherwise.”, she replied, knowing full well that mead in the south might not be so plentiful.

[19:30] 00Allie00 bowed at the waist and backed away from the free before turning into the den to prepare refreshments for the free.

[19:32] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) was on that telltale Best Behavior™; gaze flickered to Aelia as she got up to retrieve a beverage and shifted a little on her knees. Echoed Seir’s sniff at the feeling of superfluousness, all the while knowing she’d be doing the same thing, herself, were they within the Commander’s domicile. Reminded by Seir’s words of the severity of the sleen and ensuring one’s behavior around them, she looked past Marcus into the gates with a soft frown, hoping that perhaps they were all sleeping for the time being.

[19:33] Adio Magic: does her best to conceal her nakedness

[19:34] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) lengthens Adio’s leash a bit so she can run around and exercise

[19:34] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the big angry looking man in front of him ” Tal there i need some infomation”

[19:34] Adio Magic: please sir..please let me go

[19:35] Adio Magic: uses vidar’s body as a shield

[19:35] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks back to Adio ” dont even try to beg me to let you go, it aint happening”

[19:36] Vidar Hammond (aresulus): gezz is anoyone awake in this town

[19:36] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) looks to the man addressing him, “Tal. What do you need?” He tilts his head trying to see the girl that begs for release. “She is yours?”

[19:36] Adio Magic: he kidnapped me!

[19:37] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the man and shows him the leash ” of course she is moine”

[19:37] Adio Magic: im not! me sir!..i beg of you!…..i am the daughter of the ubar of sais!….help me and you will be rewarded!

[19:37] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) pulls adio closer to him ” be silent girl, i dont want to have to gag you”

[19:38] Adio Magic: whimpers as the harsh tug of her leash hurts

[19:39] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) grins, “Holding someone’s leash doesn’t mean you own them. Do you have ownership papers? And what is it you need help with?”

[19:39] Adio Magic: “thats right….it doenst mean it at all..and he has no papers!”

[19:41] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the man ignoring Adio’s pleads ” i am here to she the physision Nikki” he says and pulls the captive closer to him ” she is a panther i recently captured her and am preparing to get her offical when i get her home, I needed to stop here to see the lady Nikki”

[19:41] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) laughs, “Slut, you are not the daughter of Jarven of Sais. Throw the beast into the bay for all I care.”

[19:41] Adio Magic: he is lying sir!…please help right this injustice!

[19:41] Adio Magic: cowers back from him

[19:42] Vidar Hammond (aresulus): you already got caught in a lie girl, you are untrust worthy

[19:42] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) looked over her shoulder, “Can you just kill it, fuck it or cut out it’s tongue already?”. And by it, she of course meant the new chattle at the end of the leash. “It’s annoying.”

[19:42] Adio Magic: im his other daughter..Adio!

[19:42] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) raises a fist to strike the girl. But he looks to the man holding the leash first.

[19:42] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) shifted so her back was not to any Free and … watched the show.

[19:42] Adio Magic: cowers behind vidar

[19:43] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) “slut, if you say that one more time. I will pay your price in gold to the warrior here and feed you to my sleen.”

[19:43] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the Sgt Marcus ” she is alieing slut and i oppolgise for her mouth, i intend training her myself once she is offically collared and papers have been created” he slaps her up the side of the head Jarven’s seed wouldnt produce such a horrid little beast as you”

[19:43] 00Allie00 returned, striding quickly with the beverages ordered atop a carved wooden try, well worn with use. She began by taking to her reddened knees before the free woman, seeing that her master was indisposed… she poured the sweet mead from a cask of mead… Aelia surprised herself there was any in storage. “May this please you and quench your thirst Mistress.” she brought it to her chest before lifting to the free. She would glance to the slave on her left… lingered for a brief moment and returned to the care of the tray of drinks.

[19:44] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) looks to the beast. “His daughter or not girl you are now a daughter of chains which mean even your family will kill you if they saw you like this. Better accept your faith and submit willingly before he gets annoyed by your whinning and throw you to sleens.”

[19:45] Adio Magic: sobs….her head downcast

[19:45] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to both men and pulls Adio closer to him ” this slut is mine and i will not give her up for any price. She is exquisite and a beauty and i have tracked her for many months. She is mine in my mind and will be mine in her heart when i am done”

[19:46] Adio Magic: continues to sob and whimper, tears trail down her cheeks

[19:47] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) ignores her tears and looks back to them ” she cries a lot, a lot”

[19:47] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx): “If you are seeking lady Nikki, you should head to the upper side of the city and seek the infirmary..” Points to the lift, “That should take you up.”

[19:47] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) reached out and took the drink from Aelia. She inclined her head slightly and too turned to watch the show. She was certain one of the three things she’d suggested was going to happen. It was just a matter of which was going to happen first nd in what order the rest would follow. Of course, fucking after death was necrophilia, but she doubted some present would really mind. idly, she took a sip of the mead, shifting her veil just enough to do so.

[19:47] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) smiles to the man and says, “I do not know who is available to help you with your request. I am the Sergeant of the Guard. High Caste matters are beyond my scope. To find a physician or a scribe, you would have to inquire in the upper city or ask someone of high caste for assistance” he would say politely while casting an eye to the chained beast and say, “know your place and hold your tongue foul slut. You will receive no more warnings.”

[19:49] The GachaLand SPOOKtacular!: Check Your Inventory!

[19:49] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) caught Aelia’s gaze and offered her a hesitant but friendly smile. Arched a brow through, lifting a hand to her own throat and then mouth. Very discreetly she put her fingers in her mouth, just to feel that her own tongue was still there.

[19:50] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks ot the big man and smiles ” thank you” and then looks over to the guard , i ask you spare her foulness and her bad arttitude” he yanks her closer and pulls her hair back ” she is but freshly capture and hasnt had the pleasure of knowing how perfect she can be when she learns her true nature, ” he yanks her hair really hard pulling her head back downwards as hard as he can causing pain ” say sorry to the guard , Girl” he says

[19:51] Adio Magic: continuing to sob quietly, a trail of pee runs down Adio’s right inner thigh..pools at her foot and then flows under Vidar’s boot

[19:51] Adio Magic: winces from the pain of the strain iinduced into her locks…with sobbed broken words “sorry”

[19:52] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) steps out of the puddle ” she hasnt even been house trained yet” he says and lets go of her hair after the oppology ” we will take the elevator then, once again much oblidged to you all”

[19:53] Adio Magic: as she is led away, Adio leaves wet footprints in her path

[19:53] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods, “I wish you well, Sir. Enjoy your stay in the isle of Svago. But I would ask you to kindly stow your bow before leaving the lower city. There is a rack at dock.”

[19:54] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) nods ” i will do , good day to you”

[19:55] Tahlia (tahliablue) feels sorry for the girl but is to clever to say anything, just look at her and waves a finger. Seeing her friend Fluff is close, she offers her a smile

[19:56] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods his head slowly to Ragnulf and turns his way back to the situation he was dealing with before. “Ahh so where were we?” he asks with a shrug and a smile before walking towards alllie for his drink

[19:57] Tahlia (tahliablue) waves Fluff to come closer

[19:57] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was idly sipping at her mead, watching the goings on. She was certain she saw excessive moisture in the path of th enew slave, but from here, one could never be sure. But, either way, it was done and now Marcus had returned, “Sleen commands”, she said, turning away from the open area to face marcus.

[19:57] Fluffiz was hearing a lot of commotion near the lifts and made quiet steps over to it. Seeing her friend Tahlia smile at her she came closer, the Free seemed busy so she moved near them all “Greetings Masters” she said softly as she came closer then noticed a Mistress in the corner “Greetings Mistress”

[20:00] 00Allie00 on her master approach she would pour a goblet of the sweet juice mixture, chilled… she lifted the goblet to her lips, slowly kiss the rim, rotated it and the presented it to him. “May this satisfy your… no doubt parched voice Master.”

[20:00] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) grinned as she heard Aelia and turned back then again so that she could pay attention.

[20:01] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) looks to Seir and steps closer so as not to share his wisdom with too many ears. He whispers a few words in a hushed tone to her that perhaps only layla could hear if she was interested in eavesdropping. Otherwise the only words that could easily be heard were sleen…..signal….command, and perhaps something that sounded like a foreign language.

[20:05] 00Allie00 on her master’s approach she would pour a goblet of the sweet juice mixture, chilled… she lifted the goblet to her lips, slowly kiss the rim, rotated it and the presented it to him. “May this satisfy your… no doubt parched voice Master.” She looked back in the direction of the commotion and shook her head slightly, perhaps annoyed, perhaps sympathetic, perhaps dreading the lingering smell of urine…

[20:09] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was mid drink when Marcus came closer and whispered some words to her and gave her some information. Seir listened closely and then gave a nod. She slanted a glance between the slaves, likely Aelia knew all the stuff, but layla needed some training herself, “Layla, go with Aelia”, taking a few steps closer to Marcus, “Am I going to be able to test any of this out? I mean I should be sure I know what I’m doing so I don’t say something like ‘hey hop your happy ass back to the boat, I’ll be fine here’ as a swarm of brigands converges.”

[20:13] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) tittered as she heard Seir after trying to stuff the laughter in at her words. Then, at the instructions to go off with Aelia she arched a brow and looked to the other girl. Pressed to her feet and brushed off her chalwar. Gestured with hands clasped before her for the other girl to lead the way to kajira sleen training.

[20:15] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) grins and takes the drink from his girl. His hands lightly caress her fingers as he takes the goblet from her. His smile makes it apparent that he was thirsty. He raises the goblet to his lips and takes a drink while trying not to think about the urine smell wafting over from the vicinity of the well. He swishes the juice about in his mouth for a few ihn to cleanse his pallet before he drinks it down and lets out a contented sigh. He then says, “Of course, Lady. You can practice a few commands to me and I will offer criticism. Then when you feel ready to test it out, we will get the sleen.”

[20:16] Tahlia (tahliablue) smiles and pushes Fluff a little seeing who is coming over “Tal Master” she says quietly with a wink, happy to see him again.

[20:17] Fluffiz woke from her daze as Tahlia pushed her and looked up seeing the Master who was renting her and grinned and went up to his boot “Greetings Master” she said softly then whispered “the sleen Master is giving instructions but I cant hear him” she pouted a little

[20:19] Beast Claws LR Weapons 3.20 (only beast allowed): Hades Hurricane has enabled the Claws fight

[20:19] 00Allie00 rose to her feet, gave a nod of understanding to her Master and bowed her head in the direction of the free woman and now patron of the den… “Yes Master…” she managed… visibly contending with something… sleen training was no simple task of course. She raised her eyes to her charge…”Please follow me” her request formal and softly uttered.

[20:19] Jamison Medici (marrtell) come walking up to head to his lab. Seeing a small group. Of course he wanted to see what was up since they were invaded by pirates not to long ago.. His hand drops feeling through Fluffs soft hair and moves in more to hear…

[20:19] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) gave a nod. She whispered a couple of the words to Marcus that had been whispered to her in red savage and then confirmed in Gorean what she would have commanded the sleen to do. “Is that right?”, she asked.

[20:21] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) followed Aelia with a deep breath and looked around immediately as she entered the cooler, rock-laden walls of the pens. She searched for sleen right there, on high alert, as it were. “You doing all right?” she asked her as Layla followed the girl within.

[20:22] Jamison Medici (marrtell) had no clue what was going on. But saw a banner with claws. Then backed up slowly … It had to be a sleen. NO way someone would keep a larl it wouldn’t fit in that door way

[20:22] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods his head and says, “That will do! The Lady has a way with languages. Perhaps that is why she is a diplomat.” he muses clearly impressed. “I will get the sleen. But before I do so, do you want to command him yourself? Do you feel comfortable with the advanced practice at this point?”

[20:23] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) reviewed the words he had given her in her head and then the corresponding expected action and then finally gave a nod, taking another drink of her mead, “I do believe I am. They were basic enough.”, and inclined her head. After all, she needed to know how to manage this fricking behemoth of a beast.

[20:24] 00Allie00 trailed her hand along Grumps coat and calmed him as Layla passed behind her and through the den…”Steady grump…. she is with me.” she advised the monstrous sleen. The slave of the den kept her eyes on the sleen, insuring its good behavior as she answered Layla..”I am well thank you. And you?” Spoken in her most formal gorean… at least so far as a low caste slave could manage

[20:26] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) raises two fingers to his mouth and whistles.

[20:26] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) gave Aelia an odd glance and sighed, but nodded. “Just fine, thank you. Alive to see another da – AY!” she squeaked, not realizing Grump was RIGHTFUCKINGTHERE. Layla hid behind the other girl just a little bit, not wanting to make any sudden movements.

[20:29] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Awaking from a quick nap, feeling more refreshed this day then the eve before when a strange potion was coursing through the entities of my bowels. Creeping over towards the window seel to try and capture a glimpse of the wondrous nights holding and to be nosy to see whom or what was rambling about at night light. Taking in notice to quit a few partons and slaves outside , I reach for thewooden grains of the broom handle , Fiddling it within my grasp to make sure i wouldnt be getting too many splinters this time for its age outlined its grain . Dusting upon the surface of the wooden panels that laced the vessel of the shop , I try to not eavesdrop too much into the dialog that became amidst in the dwellings of the outside world where forms of souls raised from the crippling depths of the streets beholdings to convey with the nexus formed. *

[20:29] Grümp (hades.hurricane) quickly rushes to his trainer’s side. He takes in a deep breath and narrows his eyes as he looks around acquainting himself with the lives nearby. He smells the estrogen of the women and the testosterone of the me before him. He recognizes the veil on the one in red and thinks her to be someone of import based on the quality of her fabrics. His claws etch into the cobblestone and a line of spittle begins to drip from his fangs as he sneers slightly while surveying the slaves in the street. He likes to chase slaves. They taste the sweetest too.

[20:30] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) heard the whistle, and winced. It was pretty much right next to her ear. “Shit”, she mumbled under her breath and took another drink of her mead already knowing what came next. Grump. The king of the grumpiest. Seir took an involuntary step back and cleared her throat. “So. I test”, she asked, a brow quirking so high up on her forehead it nearly smacks her hairline.

[20:32] 00Allie00 patted Grump along and out of the den as he was called by Master Marcus…”Behave Grump!” she called after her beastly buddy. The slave turned to the other, beautifully adorned slave… she noted the contrast of the dirty, harsh environment, and the clean, perfectly put together kajira before her… she smoothed her tattered camisk and took a deep breath… “Ok Layla, today I will teach how to first not be eaten and then how to direct the sleen to not eat others… well unless you want it too.” she said very matter-of-factly. She gestured towards the door… “they can actually be quite loyal and affectionate…” she added

[20:32] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) chuckles and says, “yep. It’s all you, Lady. I’ll be right back. I forgot to grab my sleen Gee Ohh Aye Dee.” he spells as though to imply the sleen would know what that word meant and might overreact at hearing it. “I’ll be right back. Practice a few simple commands in the meantime.”

[20:34] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) pursed her lips, looking back to Aelia with moderate skepticism. “When you’ve been told your entire Gorean existence you’ll be sleen food, you don’t just suddenly desire to be its best friend.” Blew a breath out of puffed cheeks and straightened up, looking back to the girl seriously. “Okay, not to be eaten. Then not to eat others.” Lips quirked with mischief at the ‘unless you want it to’, though knew deep down she was totally not that hardcore. Like, at all. “Okay, what do I do?”

[20:35] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) ‘s jaws dropped of amazement seeing the beast out. He steps even more closer thinking it is just a well trained animal like any other. “What an amazing creature indeed, lady Seir. So how does this work? I whistle or something and he obeys?” Reaches over to the pat his head.

[20:36] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hisses as the man approaches him. His teeth bared and tail swishes back and forth to tell the man to back off.

[20:36] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) stared at Grump. Part of her wanted to say ‘sit ubu sit..good dog’. The other part of her weren’t that stupid. Instead, she went for the very first thing that Marcus had said “I think that is up to Marcus to share with you, Sir”, she replied, sounding slightly nervous at how close the man was, she commanded “Iyunke!”, and commanded him, to what she thought was, laydown, pointing at a spot on the ground in front of herself.

[20:36] Grümp (hades.hurricane) flops to the ground at the command

[20:37] Grümp (hades.hurricane) he still looks at the man apprehensively. His eyes narrow as razors. His teeth bared in a noticeable growl. the hiss rumbling from the deepest point of his belly as his tail thumps the stone

[20:38] 00Allie00 lifted a hand towards the meat cutting bench…”First lesson… always feed the sleen. If the sleen is not fed, you will be the solution to the beast’s hunger pains.” she padded across the soiled hay covered floor and shewed away some opportunistic flies… “Grump likes the bosk meat bloody.”

[20:39] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) laughs, “I get why they scare slaves by it. I probably should brought my goad with me to keep it in line. Do they use goads with them like tarns?.”

[20:40] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) heard the hissing, but she’d seen the flop to the ground so knew she’d gotten it right. But she was flustered now and trying like hell to think of the command for home. Seir was frazzled and snapped her fingers to Grump, “KTE!”, coming out a little louder than she wanted as she pointed toward the gate. Seir hoped the command she had given was home.

[20:41] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Hearing the sounds of a beastly array arise from the corners of the abode . I quickly glance around as my heart sinks into the depths of my stomach never hearing such a beast so close by . Frozen in place per say as i continue to sweep about , not to aggressively as before ,trying to capture another noise from outside the adobe walls. Hearing the commotion from the free and slaves alike , I swallow lightly and pretend to be busier semi sort of then i was just moments before in case the frees were looking to feed that thing with the succulent flesh of a bad ridden slave *

[20:41] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) nodded. “Well that makes enough sense. How often do you feed it so you know it’s happy?” And no interested in kajira thighs for dinner?

[20:41] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hears the words and loses his shit. He starts to thump his tail and his teeth gnash and his claws pound on the ground. He bursts forward at the man and stops just shy of biting him. The word does not sit well with him. He then notices th man is wearing blue and yellow and begins to lose control of himself wanting nothing but to shred this man to pieces. He then hears the command from the woman and his eyes narrow as if a sleen smile were to fall upon him. He then attacks mercilessly.

[20:41] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:44] Grümp (hades.hurricane) teeth and claws rake across the man’s chest. He bites into his shoulder first and pulls him to the ground. His middle set of claws would hold the man down as his teeth tear into bone and rip away flesh. A bite the sice of the man’s head is torn into his right shoulder and ripped away leaving nothing but a jagged bite mark in its place. The sleen then holding down the man’s arms so they won’t poke out his eyes, he bites one off and swallows it hole before tearing into the other arm. The frenzy fully taking over the sleen he just shreds the man into pieces as clothing and flesh are rended and fly from the sleen’s mouth

[20:45] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) jumped back away from Ragnulf and the sleen. She actually let out a scream as Grump tears through Ragnulf. In to his flesh, gutting him. She fell back against the wall and just stared at the carnage. She was gasping for air. She’d only just learned these words. What had she said? What had she said? Seir had said home. She was sure of it. Her eyes were wide and behind that veil her mouth was agape. The mead had gone flying forgotten and Seir, all she could do was stare. There was no breaking her gaze from Grump as limbs were removed. The skull was cracked in to. Slowly Seir slid to the ground. If the sleen came for her, she was as good as toast.

[20:46] Tahlia (tahliablue) screams “The sleen killed my Master” Stares in big shock not able to move

[20:46] zCS – xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident recovered. –

[20:46] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:47] 00Allie00 heard the scream from outside and the sound of an attacking sleen. She ran to the gated entrance, sure she had indeed hear the command for…’destroy.’ “Oh… no… Layla stay inside and behind me!” she said eyes wild.

[20:48] Grümp (hades.hurricane) continues to chew on flesh and rip at the corpse. This one had the audacity to taunt him. to pet him. to threaten to goad him. Then the lady gave him the command he had been waiting for. “to destroy” The sleen loved her now. He wanted to thank her by utterly demolishing this man for her. Nothing else mattered right now.

[20:50] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Gripping the broom stronger now then before after the screams of a slave girl reigned through the frightening skies . Rushing towards the doorway to see if i could see anything fromt here before traMPLING over to the windows . Not being able to see much i presume the incident occured at the side of the shop. Biting my bottom lip in fear , I lean the broom against the corner of the wall and head back towards the entrance and place my greyish blue hues over the scene unfolding with the emotions and reactions raging high with intensity , Hoping nuh one tries to kill the creature for its insolence in the case , I trail lightly along the front of the shoppe until i reached to beaing near the edge of the corner and take to my towering poise trying to ensure a better look upon the massacre*

[20:50] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings)’s eyes widened as she heard her Mistress scream and the thrashing of a sleen. “What’s going on?” she asked as Aelia moved to the gate. “Stay inside?! Are you nuts?! My Mistress is out there!” Layla turned around and ran back toward the meat Aelia had been showing her. She grabbed a hunk of bloody bosk in her ultraclean hands and tried to get out of that gate. She’d pause, looking to see if Seir was okay, and waiting so that the sleen didn’t pounce her next, the hunk of bloody bosk grasped between her hands, arms outstretched as far from her body as possible.

[20:51] zCS – xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident recovered. –

[20:51] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:52] 00Allie00 would reach out to grab Layla’s arm and attempt to drag her back away from the feeding sleen before it could decide to turn on her. “NOOO! Layla! It’s feeding!” she screamed after the slave girl.

[20:53] Grümp (hades.hurricane) has enough fun letting the man slip in and out of consciousness, so he opens his mouth wide and roars before rearing back and slamming it down upon the man’s head. His jawls would snap shut with the power of a mac truck as he snaps off the man’s head and crunches it like a pistachio nut. The man’s brains would burst and pour out of the sleen’s mouth as it looks at the slave before him and hisses in a way that would say, “are you nuts?” for being so close to him

[20:53] Fluffiz spoke with tears in her eyes “Master, may I be excused” she said softly up to Master Jamison

[20:54] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) eyes goes black with huge amount of pain which faded as his life flashes before his eyes till he was gone.

[20:54] Jamison Medici (marrtell) brushes Fluffs cheek and nods.. ” Yes, Fluff.”

[20:55] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was near to hyperventilating. Every crunch. Every tear. All would be etched in to her memory. And like a bad dream, the one gesture Marcus had given her before departing, her arm came up, hand fisted and glared (while panting like she’d run a marathon) at Grump. If the sleen looked up he was about to see “DESIST”, if he didn’t, he’d hear a hard IYUNKE!..because it was the only word that worked in her mind right now.

[20:56] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hears the command and lowers his head to the ground in an obedient manner before offering the woman a slow blink of his eyes. With the instant willing obedience of the most loyal wingman, he would break contact and bolt for his cage. happy thoughts of the Lady feeding him treats and would be the stuff of his sleen dreams as he revelled in the joy of the kill.

[20:56] Beast Claws LR Weapons 3.20 (only beast allowed): Hades Hurricane has disabled the Claws fight

[20:58] 00Allie00 rushed in front of Layla breathing hard and shielding her as Grump stalked back to his cage… mouth bloody and contented in his kill and subsequent meal…”oh Priest Kings….. no no no…” she mutters looking at the scene before them all.

[20:59] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) hears the commotion and bursts from his chamber. He sees the sleen in his cage and notices the blood all over grump’s maw and thinks the worst. He locks the hasp on the cage and rushes out to the alleyway to see what was happening.

[20:59] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) was pretty nuts, so … yes. She did not continue approaching. She tried to shrug Aelia off. “Then make it STOP feeding,” she said evenly to the other girl, recalling Marcus’s earlier words of not being too hard or too soft. Then finally Seir told it to go away and … it did. When Grump was finally back in behind the gate she’d dropped the hunk of meat, shuddering at the blood on her hands. “My Mistress!” she shouted and moved sliding to the woman on her knees like Derek Jeter attempting to steal home in a precarious World Series type situation. “Are you hurt? Did it get you?” she asked, “Where? Where?” The man lying there dead in the street, ripped apart by sleen seemingly unfazed.

[21:01] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Eyes wide as the death of Ragnulf unfolds before her sights.. Not giving it a second thought or a second matter of consciousness as if i was actually a sick freak for not feeling any pain nor joy from the crimson demise. Peering upon the lady in red , I simply give her a bow of my head and not wanting to upset the sleen,held my tongue for that endearing moment . Watching , waiting for the beast to return from its depths of a cage, I clock my hues back upon the lady to make sure she was stunned or frozen into place against the wall. Seeing Layal arrive to the ladys side , i ease my motions nervously around unknowing what to truely do in this instance. Taking strides with my eyes from the corpse and then back towards the mistress *

[21:03] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): sure she was NOT ^ )

[21:04] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) couldn’t believe Grump had actually gone. But then again, there were very few thoughts in her head right now. Her vision was filled with carnage. There was blood everywhere. A trail of it leading right in to the den from what had dripped from Grump’s maw. Wide eyes she just stared at Layla for a moment and then husked out a “I’m better than he is right now…”, and then it all struck her. She’d done something to get a man killed. Unintentionally. For the first time ever. “I..I…I…I…I need to hu home”, like a child who’d just gotten over a crying fit. She even twitched with the effort. Her eyes lifted to Marcus and then she looked away, trying to crawl up the wall to her feet.

[21:08] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) nods with a frown. She wiped her hands off on her chalwar and moved to assist her to stand. “All right, come on,” she said softly. “We’ll take you home, we’ll take you home.” Something inside of her buoyed the girl up. She would sidle up to Seir so the woman could lean on her. She looked across and would hold Marcus’s gaze if she met it, solid and frosty, as if Layla had disappeared entirely and another person stood there at Seir’s side. But hearing the woman, she blinked, and Layla led the woman home.

[21:10] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) looks down at the mangled corpse and lowers his eyes standing silently for a few ehn while he does his best to ask the priest kings to guide this man through the city of dust. He had seen this many times before. Men who underestimate the sleen at their own peril only learn the lesson when it is too late and their life fades away. A tear starts to form in his eye as he thinks of the man, but it fades as he is then reminded of the joy that the sleen must have right now in getting to kill and feed. He looks to Seir consolingly and says, “It was the man’s fault. Clearly. I will pay for any damage requested to his next of kin to ensure there are no liabilities. Get some rest and well done. The sleen will appreciate you now. Even if your commands are not flawless, it will give you the benefit of the doubt after having given him such a gift as this.”

[21:13] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) looked over toward Marcus as Layla led her away. Of course she’d recover. She’d seen a bit in her life. It was simply the shock of seeing it first hand. Up in your grill bbq style. “Right.”, was all she could manage as she left the scene behind her. Blood and mayhem in her rearview, but burned in to her retinae for eternity.