Citizenship Application

* Isle of Svago Citizenship application v13*

Welcome to Svago! Please feel free to role play here, stay at the Inn, the Tavern, it is a city full of awesome para and semi para experienced Gorean role players. Once you have role played and decided you would like to stay, complete the following steps.

1. Complete this application, rename it and place in the box in the landing area.

2. Bjarte or Lucretia Steele will process your app and hand you the city group.

3. Next get your relevant group tag by:
a. If you play a free:
Role Play seeking out your Head or Caste or the assistant Head of Caste:
b. If you play a privately owned slave:
Contact Bjarte to get your private slave of Svago tag
(your information should be on your own application or your owner’s application)
c. If you play an un-owned slave
The slaver of the house you will join will add you to the slaves of Svago group. Bjarte will add to the slave group for those that chose a temporary NPC owner.

Need to get to the upper city and don’t have keys?? RP your way through any locked doors, there are many people on sim. Remember we do have role play going on, so sometimes they are locked for reasons. Taking the Lift is an Option.

Please complete the application below and drag drop it
(Hold CTRL and Drag) to the mailbox in the landing area. Which says in hover text “Place completed Apps Here”

*Don’t forget to add your name to the title of the NC.*

General Information:

Avatars under 30 days old need to be approved by
Jonah Bernard, Bjarte or Lucretia Steele
before they can role play in the city.

1. Date:
2. Name (SL Name):
3. SL Birth date:

Caste and Status:

4. Are you a Free Man, Free Woman or Unowned Slave?:

5. Are you already a member of a Caste (if so, which one):

6. Desired Role in Svago:

7. Do you have a companion? If so list their name (SL name) and caste:

8. Do you own slaves? If so list their name (SL name) here:

9. How many hours on-sim RP time do you anticipate spending in Svago/week?:

10. What Earth Time Zone do you reside in?:

11 If male, do you want to be a Svago defender and counted in the Raid counts?