Civil Criminal Acts

— Civil Criminal Acts V 2.0 —


Based on laws defined by the City High Council,and agreed upon will be enforced by the Legal Branch of the government. Note: In the case of slaves, laws by which one may be enslaved, or to determine what a slave may or may not do in public places falls under civil law.

Attempted murder
Damage/Destruction of property (includes arson)
Face stripping a free woman, forcefully removing her veils
Failure to obey the orders from City Officials, e.g. impeding an official investigation.
Intentionally giving false sworn testimony
Home Stone:
Not standing when speaking of
Theft of
Vandalism of

Map, Keys, Forgery and Fraud:
Making/Distributing an unauthorized map of the Isle of Svago.
Forgery/Unauthorized use of the Official Isle of Svago seals.
Making an unauthorized key

Theft of Property or Service: (Using a slave, private or kennel, without owner permission)

Altering of caste without consent from the High Council/Ubar.

Failure to pay debt
Redemption Laws

Free Women:
Dressing/acting in a lewd or scandalous manner
Couching another’s slave or readying to do so.
Submission different from self submission
Addressing a man as ‘Master’ while kneeling before a Free man
Indecency and vagrancy
fraud and theft
Performing a Sensuous dance

Strikes a Free
Touches a Free Woman without command/permission.
Claims to be of a caste.
Wearing/using weapons without permission.
Claims to be Free without documentation


Aside from being the law system adopted by many trade ports and cities, Merchant Law is said to be almost universally applied in areas of trade. It covers as many aspects of trade and merchanting as one can think of, including, of course the market of human property.

Scales failing calibration, tested 4 times a year
A merchant using a deceptive Foot or Stone
Working without a permit or registration
Enslaving one of the Caste of Players or Caste or Musicians
Docking and not paying wharfage
Alteration of coin weights (shaving, etc.)
Not paying Taxes
Falsification of Pedigree Papers on any slave

Property (including Slaves):
Sale of items unowned
Public sale of an unbranded slave
Slaves may not take part in Civil construction.
Slaves Claiming Home Stone
Earth Girls are under general permission of enslavement
Slaves may not instruct Frees
Slaves may not Play Kaissa
A slave girl always kneels unless excused from doing so
A slave dressed as a Free
A slave may not lie
Enslavement by situation
Capture and voluntary submission


In the case of enslavement, property and titles, good and assets transfer automatically to nearest male relative or the city if no relative is available. If there is an annulment of slave status, Case right, the right to a name, or clan and citizenship do NOT revert when the individual is freed.


Battery: the crime or tort of unconsented physical contact with another person, even where the contact is Not violent but merely menacing or offensive.

Assault: a physical attack

Vandalism: willful wanton and malicious destruction of the property of others

Prisoner: A prisoner is not the same as a slave. “I have been neither branded nor collared, nor have I performed a gesture of submission.”

Treason:the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

Theft: the action or crime of stealing. To act as a thief; commit theft; steal.

Slave: a person who is branded, collared or performed a gesture of submission. See – “That I am not a slave, for though I am a prisoner. I have been neither brand or collared, nor have I performed a gesture of submission.”Tribesmen of Gor

Slander: Defamation is an area of law that provides a civil remedy when someone’s words end up causing harm to your reputation or your livelihood. Libel is a written or published defamatory statement, while slander is defamation that is spoken by the defendant. “If it were true, in Gorean law, it could be no slander.” – Slave Girl of Gor

Revised 01/10/2017