Death of Ragnulf, the Slaver – AKA The one where Seir accidentally kills the Slaver

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Death of Ragnulf, the Slaver – AKA The one where Seir accidentally kills the Slaver

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[18:01] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) swallowed, trying not to become hysterical. The reality of the idea was beginning to sink in, ice cold, and clutching around her throat; it was like her collar was choking her, getting smaller hort by hort over each moment. “I don’t think it’s up to me to ruminate or decide,” she finally replied as her stomach flopped. There was also some sphinctal clenchage.

[18:05] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) let out another laugh and the steady, click, click, click would resume, “I didn’t ask you if you thought it was up to you to decide. I asked you if you thought you deserved to die.”, in between that annoying click that was becoming more and more like the swing of a pendulum. Rhythmic but by no means lulling.

[18:10] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) blew out a breath and suppressed a groan. “There is no way for a kajira to do well in this type of discussion, my Mistress,” she said, rather conversationally. After an ehn of thought she finally replied. “No, my Mistress, I don’t.” Maybe not yet, anyway. She certainly didn’t want to, and had spent her entire time on Gor chasing and ensuring survival; she’d manage to do so thus far, but had a few too-close-for-comfort brushes with it all too recently. Shivered again, like an involuntary reaction, hearing her go back and forth in that calculated way; it did anything but ease her tension.

[18:15] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) gave a nod, “I didn’t think so. At least you were honest about that.”, she stated evenly, and then added, “instead of trying to placate me with some middle of the road, half assed response. However, I do need to deal with what has caused me offense on one to many occasions.”, reaching down to grab a fist full of layla’s hair and yanking her head up from the likely now warmed tile and crouched to look in her slave’s now exposed face, “I’ll have to remove that tongue of yours so that you’ll never be able to speak back again. This makes me sad because I looked forward to getting the news from you. But, we both know you know how to read and write, so that will just have to become the alternative.”, letting go her grip in Layla’s hair.

[18:22] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) frowned, “Sometimes those seem the safest, my Mistress,” replied honestly. Winced as that fist was in her hair and dragging her back. She gasped, which was harsh due to the angle her neck was being jerked at. And then listening to Seir’s reply the girl let out a whimper. It had never occurred to her that she might lose some body parts. Her lips twitched as if they might part, but her big fat mouth was what had gotten her into this whole mess. Not expecting to be let go of she tried to turn her head so she didn’t faceplant into the tile; it caught her cheek instead, a small bite of pain blooming there. Tried to mindfully regulate her breathing, which had sped up with her heartbeat as her mind tried to process the idea of having her tongue cut out. Never being able to speak again, sing again. Aside from the obvious pain. The shame.

[18:33] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) stopped midstride hearing Layla’s comment. Her head slowly canted to the side. A slow exhale left her with a sigh rolling in on its heels. “Right then.”, she stated and took a couple steps back from layla, then moved around her to head in to the house, then up the stairs. She didn’t command Layla not to move. Or tell layla she couldn’t go. Seir was simply..packing up a few gowns and some warmer clothing.

[18:37] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) wasn’t told she could move, or she could go, either. She’d err on the side of caution, trying to figure out what was going on from the sound of her footsteps. Oh god, here it came, she was going for a butcher knife or shears or – something more blunt if she was feeling particularly sadistic. So she stayed where she was for now, not wanting to add further to her tallied list of shit she needed punishing for.

[18:43] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) closed the trunk and gave a look around. Grabbing one handle she dragged it behind her. The steady thump thump thump of her downward progress might be heard outside. She came to the door and dragged the trunk out on to the patio, “Now, as I said, I’m going to Boswell”, sounding slightly winded, after all the trunk wasn’t exactly light, even if her gowns were. “You may get up off the tile.”, Seir added, her tone matter of fact. Was there still rage? Oh you fuckin’ betcha. But there was also a weariness in her tone. “You know where it is. If anyone need speak with me face to face, draw them a map or have them tell the captain the location.”. Simple enough.

[18:43] 1.Teleport Device down: Right click and choose ‘teleport’

[18:46] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) might have stood up off the ground, but looked as it she could’ve easily sunk back into the tiles, defeated. “Yes, my Mistress,” she replied, watching her. The woman out of breath, she was going to reach for the trunk, but was reminded Seir could take of herself. Was reminded she wasn’t not accompanying her. Either way, too much shit going on in the brain pan to think very clearly to make any good decision that she felt would likely get her anywhere better than she was now. “I wish you well, my Mistress,” was the final thing she uttered. For then anyway.

[19:02] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was about to turn and go dragging her trunk behind herself when a slave appeared at the gate. Seir canted her head to the side. Literally, the last fucking thing she was in the mood for was dealing with any slave, nevermind a wayward slave, “What the fuck do you want?”, she stated, though the words were harsh, her tone was resigned. The slave balked, pushed the scroll through the gate and turned and bolted without a word. “By Odin”, Seir swore dropping the trunk with a slam to the tile and moving to pick the scroll. She gave it a quick read and then turned like she wanted to punch something, her free hand curled in a white knuckled fist. “Seems I have an appointment to go learn the sleen commands so that it won’t require a handler.”. Svago, always trying to save a copper. She looked at her trunk, then to layla, then back to the trunk, “Leave it. You’ll need the same training for a later date.”

[19:06] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) blinks, losing her footing for a moment even though she was essentially standing still. “I … coming with you? Following?” Layla talk real gud. “Clothes?” she asked, pointing to their neat, folded pile.

[19:09] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was tired. Annoyed. Wanted to stab something. But, Layla’s reaction would have been priceless on any other day. Today was not that day. So Layla’s incredulity was met with a clacking of teeth and a “yes to both, now shift it!”, as she turned to head out of the patio, leaving her trunk there unattended. Because, who was gonna steal that shit? no bitches around here had an ass big enough to fill them

[19:10] Svago Lift whispers: Level 1

[19:11] Svago Lift whispers: Level 0

[19:13] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) had received the missive that it was time for her lesson. She was rather miffed about something else completely, so her movements were choppy. Stiff. “Tal, Marcus.”, looking past him to Aelia and giving a nod, “So this is where I learn how to not end up sleen food?”, canting her head to the side.

[19:15] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) had not realized just how truly talented she, herself, was until she managed to regain her balance, snag her clothing, and run after her Mistress – all while simultaneously sliding on her bits of clothing. At least she knew where they were going, in case she lost sight of Seir she’d know where to meet the woman – though she really did not want to push the woman’s patience by not being dutifully right behind her. And thus, talent prevailed; once they came to a stop, Layla knelt at Seir’s side and offered both Marcus and Aelia a smile. “Greetings, Master,” she offered softly. Yes, no sleen food!

[19:20] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) laughs and says, “Indeed. We will go over the basic commands and hand signals. Depending on how naturally adept you are, we can progress to more difficult tasks as we go. But that will remain to be seen.” He then furrows his brow for an ihn as he regards the woman and her slave and says, “If the Lady is too harsh or too gentle with a sleen, it may lash out not unlike a petulant youth…albeit a deadly petulant youth.” he chuckles. He would cast a sideward glance at layla and offer no “hubba hubba” waggle of his brows this time as the discussion at hand was serious business, so no time for love doctor jones. He would then look at allie to snap his fingers and point to the den.

[19:20] 00Allie00 slipped to a careful tower and folder her hands in her lap and lowered eyes as she did so often as to avoid offending those not collared in steel. “Tal Mistress” she said in a voice hardly audible. A careful observer would no doubt see her fingers rapidly rotating one over her old bracelets about her wrist in what might be considered a nervous fidget.

[19:22] 00Allie00 … quickly took the direction given her and stood to claim beverages from the den for those present… “Your preference in drink Mistress?” she would ask quietly, eyes still held no higher than the feet of the free woman.

[19:28] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) sniffed. As if she’d ever be to gentle with anything. Of course, perhaps she could be to stern and that might create issue. “So confident. Understood.”, because that’s something Seir had in abundance. Mostly. Well not right now. Right now she hated everyone, everything, and all that gorean society represented. Perhaps it was a bad day all told. “I am a fast learn”, she promised, slanting a glance to Aelia, “Mead. If you have it. Nothing otherwise.”, she replied, knowing full well that mead in the south might not be so plentiful.

[19:30] 00Allie00 bowed at the waist and backed away from the free before turning into the den to prepare refreshments for the free.

[19:32] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) was on that telltale Best Behavior™; gaze flickered to Aelia as she got up to retrieve a beverage and shifted a little on her knees. Echoed Seir’s sniff at the feeling of superfluousness, all the while knowing she’d be doing the same thing, herself, were they within the Commander’s domicile. Reminded by Seir’s words of the severity of the sleen and ensuring one’s behavior around them, she looked past Marcus into the gates with a soft frown, hoping that perhaps they were all sleeping for the time being.

[19:33] Adio Magic: does her best to conceal her nakedness

[19:34] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) lengthens Adio’s leash a bit so she can run around and exercise

[19:34] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the big angry looking man in front of him ” Tal there i need some infomation”

[19:34] Adio Magic: please sir..please let me go

[19:35] Adio Magic: uses vidar’s body as a shield

[19:35] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks back to Adio ” dont even try to beg me to let you go, it aint happening”

[19:36] Vidar Hammond (aresulus): gezz is anoyone awake in this town

[19:36] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) looks to the man addressing him, “Tal. What do you need?” He tilts his head trying to see the girl that begs for release. “She is yours?”

[19:36] Adio Magic: he kidnapped me!

[19:37] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the man and shows him the leash ” of course she is moine”

[19:37] Adio Magic: im not! me sir!..i beg of you!…..i am the daughter of the ubar of sais!….help me and you will be rewarded!

[19:37] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) pulls adio closer to him ” be silent girl, i dont want to have to gag you”

[19:38] Adio Magic: whimpers as the harsh tug of her leash hurts

[19:39] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) grins, “Holding someone’s leash doesn’t mean you own them. Do you have ownership papers? And what is it you need help with?”

[19:39] Adio Magic: “thats right….it doenst mean it at all..and he has no papers!”

[19:41] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the man ignoring Adio’s pleads ” i am here to she the physision Nikki” he says and pulls the captive closer to him ” she is a panther i recently captured her and am preparing to get her offical when i get her home, I needed to stop here to see the lady Nikki”

[19:41] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) laughs, “Slut, you are not the daughter of Jarven of Sais. Throw the beast into the bay for all I care.”

[19:41] Adio Magic: he is lying sir!…please help right this injustice!

[19:41] Adio Magic: cowers back from him

[19:42] Vidar Hammond (aresulus): you already got caught in a lie girl, you are untrust worthy

[19:42] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) looked over her shoulder, “Can you just kill it, fuck it or cut out it’s tongue already?”. And by it, she of course meant the new chattle at the end of the leash. “It’s annoying.”

[19:42] Adio Magic: im his other daughter..Adio!

[19:42] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) raises a fist to strike the girl. But he looks to the man holding the leash first.

[19:42] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) shifted so her back was not to any Free and … watched the show.

[19:42] Adio Magic: cowers behind vidar

[19:43] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) “slut, if you say that one more time. I will pay your price in gold to the warrior here and feed you to my sleen.”

[19:43] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to the Sgt Marcus ” she is alieing slut and i oppolgise for her mouth, i intend training her myself once she is offically collared and papers have been created” he slaps her up the side of the head Jarven’s seed wouldnt produce such a horrid little beast as you”

[19:43] 00Allie00 returned, striding quickly with the beverages ordered atop a carved wooden try, well worn with use. She began by taking to her reddened knees before the free woman, seeing that her master was indisposed… she poured the sweet mead from a cask of mead… Aelia surprised herself there was any in storage. “May this please you and quench your thirst Mistress.” she brought it to her chest before lifting to the free. She would glance to the slave on her left… lingered for a brief moment and returned to the care of the tray of drinks.

[19:44] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) looks to the beast. “His daughter or not girl you are now a daughter of chains which mean even your family will kill you if they saw you like this. Better accept your faith and submit willingly before he gets annoyed by your whinning and throw you to sleens.”

[19:45] Adio Magic: sobs….her head downcast

[19:45] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks to both men and pulls Adio closer to him ” this slut is mine and i will not give her up for any price. She is exquisite and a beauty and i have tracked her for many months. She is mine in my mind and will be mine in her heart when i am done”

[19:46] Adio Magic: continues to sob and whimper, tears trail down her cheeks

[19:47] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) ignores her tears and looks back to them ” she cries a lot, a lot”

[19:47] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx): “If you are seeking lady Nikki, you should head to the upper side of the city and seek the infirmary..” Points to the lift, “That should take you up.”

[19:47] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) reached out and took the drink from Aelia. She inclined her head slightly and too turned to watch the show. She was certain one of the three things she’d suggested was going to happen. It was just a matter of which was going to happen first nd in what order the rest would follow. Of course, fucking after death was necrophilia, but she doubted some present would really mind. idly, she took a sip of the mead, shifting her veil just enough to do so.

[19:47] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) smiles to the man and says, “I do not know who is available to help you with your request. I am the Sergeant of the Guard. High Caste matters are beyond my scope. To find a physician or a scribe, you would have to inquire in the upper city or ask someone of high caste for assistance” he would say politely while casting an eye to the chained beast and say, “know your place and hold your tongue foul slut. You will receive no more warnings.”

[19:49] The GachaLand SPOOKtacular!: Check Your Inventory!

[19:49] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) caught Aelia’s gaze and offered her a hesitant but friendly smile. Arched a brow through, lifting a hand to her own throat and then mouth. Very discreetly she put her fingers in her mouth, just to feel that her own tongue was still there.

[19:50] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) looks ot the big man and smiles ” thank you” and then looks over to the guard , i ask you spare her foulness and her bad arttitude” he yanks her closer and pulls her hair back ” she is but freshly capture and hasnt had the pleasure of knowing how perfect she can be when she learns her true nature, ” he yanks her hair really hard pulling her head back downwards as hard as he can causing pain ” say sorry to the guard , Girl” he says

[19:51] Adio Magic: continuing to sob quietly, a trail of pee runs down Adio’s right inner thigh..pools at her foot and then flows under Vidar’s boot

[19:51] Adio Magic: winces from the pain of the strain iinduced into her locks…with sobbed broken words “sorry”

[19:52] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) steps out of the puddle ” she hasnt even been house trained yet” he says and lets go of her hair after the oppology ” we will take the elevator then, once again much oblidged to you all”

[19:53] Adio Magic: as she is led away, Adio leaves wet footprints in her path

[19:53] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods, “I wish you well, Sir. Enjoy your stay in the isle of Svago. But I would ask you to kindly stow your bow before leaving the lower city. There is a rack at dock.”

[19:54] Vidar Hammond (aresulus) nods ” i will do , good day to you”

[19:55] Tahlia (tahliablue) feels sorry for the girl but is to clever to say anything, just look at her and waves a finger. Seeing her friend Fluff is close, she offers her a smile

[19:56] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods his head slowly to Ragnulf and turns his way back to the situation he was dealing with before. “Ahh so where were we?” he asks with a shrug and a smile before walking towards alllie for his drink

[19:57] Tahlia (tahliablue) waves Fluff to come closer

[19:57] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was idly sipping at her mead, watching the goings on. She was certain she saw excessive moisture in the path of th enew slave, but from here, one could never be sure. But, either way, it was done and now Marcus had returned, “Sleen commands”, she said, turning away from the open area to face marcus.

[19:57] Fluffiz was hearing a lot of commotion near the lifts and made quiet steps over to it. Seeing her friend Tahlia smile at her she came closer, the Free seemed busy so she moved near them all “Greetings Masters” she said softly as she came closer then noticed a Mistress in the corner “Greetings Mistress”

[20:00] 00Allie00 on her master approach she would pour a goblet of the sweet juice mixture, chilled… she lifted the goblet to her lips, slowly kiss the rim, rotated it and the presented it to him. “May this satisfy your… no doubt parched voice Master.”

[20:00] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) grinned as she heard Aelia and turned back then again so that she could pay attention.

[20:01] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) looks to Seir and steps closer so as not to share his wisdom with too many ears. He whispers a few words in a hushed tone to her that perhaps only layla could hear if she was interested in eavesdropping. Otherwise the only words that could easily be heard were sleen…..signal….command, and perhaps something that sounded like a foreign language.

[20:05] 00Allie00 on her master’s approach she would pour a goblet of the sweet juice mixture, chilled… she lifted the goblet to her lips, slowly kiss the rim, rotated it and the presented it to him. “May this satisfy your… no doubt parched voice Master.” She looked back in the direction of the commotion and shook her head slightly, perhaps annoyed, perhaps sympathetic, perhaps dreading the lingering smell of urine…

[20:09] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was mid drink when Marcus came closer and whispered some words to her and gave her some information. Seir listened closely and then gave a nod. She slanted a glance between the slaves, likely Aelia knew all the stuff, but layla needed some training herself, “Layla, go with Aelia”, taking a few steps closer to Marcus, “Am I going to be able to test any of this out? I mean I should be sure I know what I’m doing so I don’t say something like ‘hey hop your happy ass back to the boat, I’ll be fine here’ as a swarm of brigands converges.”

[20:13] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) tittered as she heard Seir after trying to stuff the laughter in at her words. Then, at the instructions to go off with Aelia she arched a brow and looked to the other girl. Pressed to her feet and brushed off her chalwar. Gestured with hands clasped before her for the other girl to lead the way to kajira sleen training.

[20:15] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) grins and takes the drink from his girl. His hands lightly caress her fingers as he takes the goblet from her. His smile makes it apparent that he was thirsty. He raises the goblet to his lips and takes a drink while trying not to think about the urine smell wafting over from the vicinity of the well. He swishes the juice about in his mouth for a few ihn to cleanse his pallet before he drinks it down and lets out a contented sigh. He then says, “Of course, Lady. You can practice a few commands to me and I will offer criticism. Then when you feel ready to test it out, we will get the sleen.”

[20:16] Tahlia (tahliablue) smiles and pushes Fluff a little seeing who is coming over “Tal Master” she says quietly with a wink, happy to see him again.

[20:17] Fluffiz woke from her daze as Tahlia pushed her and looked up seeing the Master who was renting her and grinned and went up to his boot “Greetings Master” she said softly then whispered “the sleen Master is giving instructions but I cant hear him” she pouted a little

[20:19] Beast Claws LR Weapons 3.20 (only beast allowed): Hades Hurricane has enabled the Claws fight

[20:19] 00Allie00 rose to her feet, gave a nod of understanding to her Master and bowed her head in the direction of the free woman and now patron of the den… “Yes Master…” she managed… visibly contending with something… sleen training was no simple task of course. She raised her eyes to her charge…”Please follow me” her request formal and softly uttered.

[20:19] Jamison Medici (marrtell) come walking up to head to his lab. Seeing a small group. Of course he wanted to see what was up since they were invaded by pirates not to long ago.. His hand drops feeling through Fluffs soft hair and moves in more to hear…

[20:19] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) gave a nod. She whispered a couple of the words to Marcus that had been whispered to her in red savage and then confirmed in Gorean what she would have commanded the sleen to do. “Is that right?”, she asked.

[20:21] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) followed Aelia with a deep breath and looked around immediately as she entered the cooler, rock-laden walls of the pens. She searched for sleen right there, on high alert, as it were. “You doing all right?” she asked her as Layla followed the girl within.

[20:22] Jamison Medici (marrtell) had no clue what was going on. But saw a banner with claws. Then backed up slowly … It had to be a sleen. NO way someone would keep a larl it wouldn’t fit in that door way

[20:22] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) nods his head and says, “That will do! The Lady has a way with languages. Perhaps that is why she is a diplomat.” he muses clearly impressed. “I will get the sleen. But before I do so, do you want to command him yourself? Do you feel comfortable with the advanced practice at this point?”

[20:23] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) reviewed the words he had given her in her head and then the corresponding expected action and then finally gave a nod, taking another drink of her mead, “I do believe I am. They were basic enough.”, and inclined her head. After all, she needed to know how to manage this fricking behemoth of a beast.

[20:24] 00Allie00 trailed her hand along Grumps coat and calmed him as Layla passed behind her and through the den…”Steady grump…. she is with me.” she advised the monstrous sleen. The slave of the den kept her eyes on the sleen, insuring its good behavior as she answered Layla..”I am well thank you. And you?” Spoken in her most formal gorean… at least so far as a low caste slave could manage

[20:26] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) raises two fingers to his mouth and whistles.

[20:26] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) gave Aelia an odd glance and sighed, but nodded. “Just fine, thank you. Alive to see another da – AY!” she squeaked, not realizing Grump was RIGHTFUCKINGTHERE. Layla hid behind the other girl just a little bit, not wanting to make any sudden movements.

[20:29] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Awaking from a quick nap, feeling more refreshed this day then the eve before when a strange potion was coursing through the entities of my bowels. Creeping over towards the window seel to try and capture a glimpse of the wondrous nights holding and to be nosy to see whom or what was rambling about at night light. Taking in notice to quit a few partons and slaves outside , I reach for thewooden grains of the broom handle , Fiddling it within my grasp to make sure i wouldnt be getting too many splinters this time for its age outlined its grain . Dusting upon the surface of the wooden panels that laced the vessel of the shop , I try to not eavesdrop too much into the dialog that became amidst in the dwellings of the outside world where forms of souls raised from the crippling depths of the streets beholdings to convey with the nexus formed. *

[20:29] Grümp (hades.hurricane) quickly rushes to his trainer’s side. He takes in a deep breath and narrows his eyes as he looks around acquainting himself with the lives nearby. He smells the estrogen of the women and the testosterone of the me before him. He recognizes the veil on the one in red and thinks her to be someone of import based on the quality of her fabrics. His claws etch into the cobblestone and a line of spittle begins to drip from his fangs as he sneers slightly while surveying the slaves in the street. He likes to chase slaves. They taste the sweetest too.

[20:30] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) heard the whistle, and winced. It was pretty much right next to her ear. “Shit”, she mumbled under her breath and took another drink of her mead already knowing what came next. Grump. The king of the grumpiest. Seir took an involuntary step back and cleared her throat. “So. I test”, she asked, a brow quirking so high up on her forehead it nearly smacks her hairline.

[20:32] 00Allie00 patted Grump along and out of the den as he was called by Master Marcus…”Behave Grump!” she called after her beastly buddy. The slave turned to the other, beautifully adorned slave… she noted the contrast of the dirty, harsh environment, and the clean, perfectly put together kajira before her… she smoothed her tattered camisk and took a deep breath… “Ok Layla, today I will teach how to first not be eaten and then how to direct the sleen to not eat others… well unless you want it too.” she said very matter-of-factly. She gestured towards the door… “they can actually be quite loyal and affectionate…” she added

[20:32] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) chuckles and says, “yep. It’s all you, Lady. I’ll be right back. I forgot to grab my sleen Gee Ohh Aye Dee.” he spells as though to imply the sleen would know what that word meant and might overreact at hearing it. “I’ll be right back. Practice a few simple commands in the meantime.”

[20:34] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) pursed her lips, looking back to Aelia with moderate skepticism. “When you’ve been told your entire Gorean existence you’ll be sleen food, you don’t just suddenly desire to be its best friend.” Blew a breath out of puffed cheeks and straightened up, looking back to the girl seriously. “Okay, not to be eaten. Then not to eat others.” Lips quirked with mischief at the ‘unless you want it to’, though knew deep down she was totally not that hardcore. Like, at all. “Okay, what do I do?”

[20:35] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) ‘s jaws dropped of amazement seeing the beast out. He steps even more closer thinking it is just a well trained animal like any other. “What an amazing creature indeed, lady Seir. So how does this work? I whistle or something and he obeys?” Reaches over to the pat his head.

[20:36] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hisses as the man approaches him. His teeth bared and tail swishes back and forth to tell the man to back off.

[20:36] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) stared at Grump. Part of her wanted to say ‘sit ubu sit..good dog’. The other part of her weren’t that stupid. Instead, she went for the very first thing that Marcus had said “I think that is up to Marcus to share with you, Sir”, she replied, sounding slightly nervous at how close the man was, she commanded “Iyunke!”, and commanded him, to what she thought was, laydown, pointing at a spot on the ground in front of herself.

[20:36] Grümp (hades.hurricane) flops to the ground at the command

[20:37] Grümp (hades.hurricane) he still looks at the man apprehensively. His eyes narrow as razors. His teeth bared in a noticeable growl. the hiss rumbling from the deepest point of his belly as his tail thumps the stone

[20:38] 00Allie00 lifted a hand towards the meat cutting bench…”First lesson… always feed the sleen. If the sleen is not fed, you will be the solution to the beast’s hunger pains.” she padded across the soiled hay covered floor and shewed away some opportunistic flies… “Grump likes the bosk meat bloody.”

[20:39] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) laughs, “I get why they scare slaves by it. I probably should brought my goad with me to keep it in line. Do they use goads with them like tarns?.”

[20:40] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) heard the hissing, but she’d seen the flop to the ground so knew she’d gotten it right. But she was flustered now and trying like hell to think of the command for home. Seir was frazzled and snapped her fingers to Grump, “KTE!”, coming out a little louder than she wanted as she pointed toward the gate. Seir hoped the command she had given was home.

[20:41] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Hearing the sounds of a beastly array arise from the corners of the abode . I quickly glance around as my heart sinks into the depths of my stomach never hearing such a beast so close by . Frozen in place per say as i continue to sweep about , not to aggressively as before ,trying to capture another noise from outside the adobe walls. Hearing the commotion from the free and slaves alike , I swallow lightly and pretend to be busier semi sort of then i was just moments before in case the frees were looking to feed that thing with the succulent flesh of a bad ridden slave *

[20:41] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) nodded. “Well that makes enough sense. How often do you feed it so you know it’s happy?” And no interested in kajira thighs for dinner?

[20:41] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hears the words and loses his shit. He starts to thump his tail and his teeth gnash and his claws pound on the ground. He bursts forward at the man and stops just shy of biting him. The word does not sit well with him. He then notices th man is wearing blue and yellow and begins to lose control of himself wanting nothing but to shred this man to pieces. He then hears the command from the woman and his eyes narrow as if a sleen smile were to fall upon him. He then attacks mercilessly.

[20:41] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:44] Grümp (hades.hurricane) teeth and claws rake across the man’s chest. He bites into his shoulder first and pulls him to the ground. His middle set of claws would hold the man down as his teeth tear into bone and rip away flesh. A bite the sice of the man’s head is torn into his right shoulder and ripped away leaving nothing but a jagged bite mark in its place. The sleen then holding down the man’s arms so they won’t poke out his eyes, he bites one off and swallows it hole before tearing into the other arm. The frenzy fully taking over the sleen he just shreds the man into pieces as clothing and flesh are rended and fly from the sleen’s mouth

[20:45] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) jumped back away from Ragnulf and the sleen. She actually let out a scream as Grump tears through Ragnulf. In to his flesh, gutting him. She fell back against the wall and just stared at the carnage. She was gasping for air. She’d only just learned these words. What had she said? What had she said? Seir had said home. She was sure of it. Her eyes were wide and behind that veil her mouth was agape. The mead had gone flying forgotten and Seir, all she could do was stare. There was no breaking her gaze from Grump as limbs were removed. The skull was cracked in to. Slowly Seir slid to the ground. If the sleen came for her, she was as good as toast.

[20:46] Tahlia (tahliablue) screams “The sleen killed my Master” Stares in big shock not able to move

[20:46] zCS – xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident recovered. –

[20:46] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:47] 00Allie00 heard the scream from outside and the sound of an attacking sleen. She ran to the gated entrance, sure she had indeed hear the command for…’destroy.’ “Oh… no… Layla stay inside and behind me!” she said eyes wild.

[20:48] Grümp (hades.hurricane) continues to chew on flesh and rip at the corpse. This one had the audacity to taunt him. to pet him. to threaten to goad him. Then the lady gave him the command he had been waiting for. “to destroy” The sleen loved her now. He wanted to thank her by utterly demolishing this man for her. Nothing else mattered right now.

[20:50] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Gripping the broom stronger now then before after the screams of a slave girl reigned through the frightening skies . Rushing towards the doorway to see if i could see anything fromt here before traMPLING over to the windows . Not being able to see much i presume the incident occured at the side of the shop. Biting my bottom lip in fear , I lean the broom against the corner of the wall and head back towards the entrance and place my greyish blue hues over the scene unfolding with the emotions and reactions raging high with intensity , Hoping nuh one tries to kill the creature for its insolence in the case , I trail lightly along the front of the shoppe until i reached to beaing near the edge of the corner and take to my towering poise trying to ensure a better look upon the massacre*

[20:50] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings)’s eyes widened as she heard her Mistress scream and the thrashing of a sleen. “What’s going on?” she asked as Aelia moved to the gate. “Stay inside?! Are you nuts?! My Mistress is out there!” Layla turned around and ran back toward the meat Aelia had been showing her. She grabbed a hunk of bloody bosk in her ultraclean hands and tried to get out of that gate. She’d pause, looking to see if Seir was okay, and waiting so that the sleen didn’t pounce her next, the hunk of bloody bosk grasped between her hands, arms outstretched as far from her body as possible.

[20:51] zCS – xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident recovered. –

[20:51] zCS ⚔ Hades Hurricane captured xXIlSAxxDIxxSTlIXx Resident. ⚔

[20:52] 00Allie00 would reach out to grab Layla’s arm and attempt to drag her back away from the feeding sleen before it could decide to turn on her. “NOOO! Layla! It’s feeding!” she screamed after the slave girl.

[20:53] Grümp (hades.hurricane) has enough fun letting the man slip in and out of consciousness, so he opens his mouth wide and roars before rearing back and slamming it down upon the man’s head. His jawls would snap shut with the power of a mac truck as he snaps off the man’s head and crunches it like a pistachio nut. The man’s brains would burst and pour out of the sleen’s mouth as it looks at the slave before him and hisses in a way that would say, “are you nuts?” for being so close to him

[20:53] Fluffiz spoke with tears in her eyes “Master, may I be excused” she said softly up to Master Jamison

[20:54] 亗 Яắģŋʉɭᵮ ℠亗 (xxilsaxxdixxstlixx) eyes goes black with huge amount of pain which faded as his life flashes before his eyes till he was gone.

[20:54] Jamison Medici (marrtell) brushes Fluffs cheek and nods.. ” Yes, Fluff.”

[20:55] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) was near to hyperventilating. Every crunch. Every tear. All would be etched in to her memory. And like a bad dream, the one gesture Marcus had given her before departing, her arm came up, hand fisted and glared (while panting like she’d run a marathon) at Grump. If the sleen looked up he was about to see “DESIST”, if he didn’t, he’d hear a hard IYUNKE!..because it was the only word that worked in her mind right now.

[20:56] Grümp (hades.hurricane) hears the command and lowers his head to the ground in an obedient manner before offering the woman a slow blink of his eyes. With the instant willing obedience of the most loyal wingman, he would break contact and bolt for his cage. happy thoughts of the Lady feeding him treats and would be the stuff of his sleen dreams as he revelled in the joy of the kill.

[20:56] Beast Claws LR Weapons 3.20 (only beast allowed): Hades Hurricane has disabled the Claws fight

[20:58] 00Allie00 rushed in front of Layla breathing hard and shielding her as Grump stalked back to his cage… mouth bloody and contented in his kill and subsequent meal…”oh Priest Kings….. no no no…” she mutters looking at the scene before them all.

[20:59] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) hears the commotion and bursts from his chamber. He sees the sleen in his cage and notices the blood all over grump’s maw and thinks the worst. He locks the hasp on the cage and rushes out to the alleyway to see what was happening.

[20:59] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) was pretty nuts, so … yes. She did not continue approaching. She tried to shrug Aelia off. “Then make it STOP feeding,” she said evenly to the other girl, recalling Marcus’s earlier words of not being too hard or too soft. Then finally Seir told it to go away and … it did. When Grump was finally back in behind the gate she’d dropped the hunk of meat, shuddering at the blood on her hands. “My Mistress!” she shouted and moved sliding to the woman on her knees like Derek Jeter attempting to steal home in a precarious World Series type situation. “Are you hurt? Did it get you?” she asked, “Where? Where?” The man lying there dead in the street, ripped apart by sleen seemingly unfazed.

[21:01] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): Eyes wide as the death of Ragnulf unfolds before her sights.. Not giving it a second thought or a second matter of consciousness as if i was actually a sick freak for not feeling any pain nor joy from the crimson demise. Peering upon the lady in red , I simply give her a bow of my head and not wanting to upset the sleen,held my tongue for that endearing moment . Watching , waiting for the beast to return from its depths of a cage, I clock my hues back upon the lady to make sure she was stunned or frozen into place against the wall. Seeing Layal arrive to the ladys side , i ease my motions nervously around unknowing what to truely do in this instance. Taking strides with my eyes from the corpse and then back towards the mistress *

[21:03] Λcαcια ßεαя Rσgєяѕ (taintedsacrifice): sure she was NOT ^ )

[21:04] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) couldn’t believe Grump had actually gone. But then again, there were very few thoughts in her head right now. Her vision was filled with carnage. There was blood everywhere. A trail of it leading right in to the den from what had dripped from Grump’s maw. Wide eyes she just stared at Layla for a moment and then husked out a “I’m better than he is right now…”, and then it all struck her. She’d done something to get a man killed. Unintentionally. For the first time ever. “I..I…I…I…I need to hu home”, like a child who’d just gotten over a crying fit. She even twitched with the effort. Her eyes lifted to Marcus and then she looked away, trying to crawl up the wall to her feet.

[21:08] ℓαƴℓα (candlelitbeginnings) nods with a frown. She wiped her hands off on her chalwar and moved to assist her to stand. “All right, come on,” she said softly. “We’ll take you home, we’ll take you home.” Something inside of her buoyed the girl up. She would sidle up to Seir so the woman could lean on her. She looked across and would hold Marcus’s gaze if she met it, solid and frosty, as if Layla had disappeared entirely and another person stood there at Seir’s side. But hearing the woman, she blinked, and Layla led the woman home.

[21:10] Marcüs (gnookie.hubbenfluff) looks down at the mangled corpse and lowers his eyes standing silently for a few ehn while he does his best to ask the priest kings to guide this man through the city of dust. He had seen this many times before. Men who underestimate the sleen at their own peril only learn the lesson when it is too late and their life fades away. A tear starts to form in his eye as he thinks of the man, but it fades as he is then reminded of the joy that the sleen must have right now in getting to kill and feed. He looks to Seir consolingly and says, “It was the man’s fault. Clearly. I will pay for any damage requested to his next of kin to ensure there are no liabilities. Get some rest and well done. The sleen will appreciate you now. Even if your commands are not flawless, it will give you the benefit of the doubt after having given him such a gift as this.”

[21:13] Seirene Evangeline Spire (farina.franizzi) looked over toward Marcus as Layla led her away. Of course she’d recover. She’d seen a bit in her life. It was simply the shock of seeing it first hand. Up in your grill bbq style. “Right.”, was all she could manage as she left the scene behind her. Blood and mayhem in her rearview, but burned in to her retinae for eternity.

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