Rules & FAQs

Welcome to Svago (v10)

Welcome to Svago, please feel free to roleplay here, stay at the Inn or the Tavern. Svago is a city full of awesome para and semi para roleplay and has many experienced Gorean roleplayers.

Svago is an advanced and immersive roleplay sim, and we prefer semi-paragraph and paragraph role players. New role players are always welcome, but we suggest you do a little research and reading on your chosen role prior to entering the active role play area. This guide would be a good start.

We have devised our entry process to ensure it is supporting our vision of authentic Gorean roleplay as well as the overall running of the sim OOCly. Once you have roleplayed and decided you would like to stay, complete the following steps.

1. Complete the app and place in box in landing area – Nikki or Jaris will add you to the main City group based on this application.
2. In RP seek out your Hoc or slaver and IC discuss the role you want to take on.
For knowing who is who in the city, RP your way in or check the boards on the Svago landing area for the Hoc names.
3. Your HoC/Slaver will add you to the appropriate additional groups..

Need to get to the upper city and don’t have keys?? rp your way through any locked doors, there are many people on sim… remember we do have roleplay going on so sometimes they are locked for reasons….

William & Nikki and sim admin team (not rp mods)

**Please read the sim rules if you have not already.. we take these very seriously and have sim admins to help maintain compliance with them

And a recent Review of Svago


AFK – away from the keyboard
App – application
Caste – a group of people who all have the same or similar profession. [SEE Gorean Castes].
HOC – head of caste; person who is appointed or elected to to a leadership role within their caste
IC – in character; interacting as your role-played personality, rather than your usual self (OOC).
NPC – non-player character; a character who exists to play a necessary role, but who is not
OOC – out of character, when you are not typing or acting as your role-played personality or character.
RP – role play
SIM – simulator, i.e. a region within Second Life

Also SEE Gorean Terminology (at