FW Horror – Carnival Closing Dance

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FW Horror – Carnival Closing Dance

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William Carver: Before the speech making starts we have one last treat in store that will be the closing dance performed by our graceful Ladies of the Veils”

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps loudly with excitement to see her Mistress dance again.

Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes Resident): /me whispers to his brother.

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me would look up as she heard the administrator announce the dancing of the freewomen she was excited to see her mother up there

William Carver: ” Ladies of the Veils, the stage is yours! ” and with that I would hop down

Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford Resident): /me cocks his head and then lifts his shoulders and drops them again.  He wiped at a pink splotch of glaze on his chest.

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me gasps with admiration at the amazing gowns and poses of the Mistresses.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The ladies come together, looking up towards the sky, the three moons of gor bright as their lights descend upon them on the last day of carnival. A celebration for the ages, this year was amazing and they all would be thankful for all those that came together to volunteer, participate and energize all the wonderful people of Svago. This dance is dedicated to those that made it possible, the events and the good will feelings we all experienced over these last few wonderful days. A special recognition moment for Nikki and pulling it all together, may she find some sleep after this and her jaw that will probably hit the floor by the end of this dance.

FW Horrrors: shouts: Moonlight is alluring, it calls to the Ladies feeling its calm and soothing presence, their bodies begin to sway feeling the need to tell their story of why they are truly the wonders of companionship. They each, in turn, will tell a story of how they are truly special in regards to taking care of a man and the household, true gems in the rough, although it might be very rough. Their attention still on the moons, the stage is set, the music rises in its cadence, they move together as one, the hands reach up to the rays of the moons letting it empower their most feminine aspects of their nature to get this story started in the right direction.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The ladies now all turn in their movements to the front, any birds or animals that were in the vicinity just fled for cover, ones can hear the screeches of tarns overhead going in any direction but theirs, even braving flying over water versus over them. Their distinct features now visible and one could hear some notable baby cries out in their wake, as a vision of ‘holy crap’ descends upon the final night of carnival, a true nod to its jocular nature and expression of whatever may come. The bodies still move, but they probably bumped into each other, tore a skirt for they were not all the greatest coordinated women on Gor. They all move their bodies in their own enticing ways, they continue now after the collective spewing of consumed beverages from the crowd had been completed.

FW Horrrors: shouts: What is this dance about? Well I am so glad you asked! It is a story, about several ladies and the visions they represent when a man has a companion that he never gets to see until companionship night. Of course in true Gor fashion, they usually are that storybook romance, happy with the beauty they possess, the gifts they find, but reality isn’t always so. This is all about what nightmares are made of when that veil lowers, that first meal is cooked, the first slave of their’s hair is burnt off is when the man truly realizes to himself ‘My Priest King or Odin what have I done??!!’ Now the story continues as each women tells their unique story of what they bring to their companionship, this is not for the faint of heart.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She indicated the lit candles, those illuminating the bed chambers, albeit a soft glow – with their flickering flames and shadows that cast and danced merrily upon the table’s surface, ‘Snuff them out’, she demanded and when he protested, for he had never yet seen the woman beneath the robes and veils , she shook her head decisively, ‘Snuff them out’, she said again, unwavering on her stance. It is said that only a fool would buy a woman clothed – perhaps true enough for slaves but her dowry had quietened any further curiosity prior to their companionship ceremony and surely she was lovely: her measured pace, her impeccable posture, the slender figure ensconced within her robes. One only needed to witness the energy with which she attended to her caste work and the intelligence found within her eyes to know she was a catch! Within the dark of the room her fingers lifted, tentatively teasing apart the intricate rows of clips and fastenings that affixed her veil to the features of her face.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She felt his hand grasp her upper arm in some proprietorial fashion, ‘Wait, I am not ready!’, she exclaimed as he leaned down to press the first kiss to the lips of his newly appointed Companion. She heard the gasp of surprise but had known it was coming, steeling herself for that inevitable moment. His fingers lifted, touching beneath her chin and up over the contours of her face,. ‘Replace the veil!’, he cried in disbelief and horror. Many a curse was to follow but it was said that the sons they went on to conceive grew beards more magnificent than any Northern Man could ever attest to cultivating and their bodies were so resplendently thick with bristles of hair that they could withstand sub-zero temperatures with ease. ‘The Bears’ they were known as, feared and admired all at once. Their daughters were of course another matter, for hirsutism was a cruel burden to bear.

FW Horrrors: shouts: For them, those robes and veils that concealed so artfully the daughters that waited until a large enough dowry would secured the acceptance of a man of their own. They waited patiently their turn to demand: ‘Snuff out the candles!’

FW Horrrors: shouts: She awakes with the smell of baby poop  companioned with a soft flavor of acid in the room ..sniffs under her armpits .. ‘not me’  she smirks and slips her sack over which was far away from the noble robes of concealment  she had worn before .. dripping over the piss pot ..gives out some words of anger than presses her swollen feet in way to small slippers .. slowly waddles to the crib .. with one child  in her arms and another under her heart .. she moves to the kitchen ..unwashed .. preparing some kind of almost eatable things .. calling up .. ‘breakfast ready’ while holding the diaper in one hand and the plate of food in the other ..  joy of being a mother .. another bad hair day .. but with a scarf .. it was easy .. after her companion had almost running left the house ..shrugs and throws a wide cape over herself .. and makes her way to work .. Joy of life .. even smelling bad ..  Joy of being companioned ..

FW Horrrors: shouts: She mutters almost too low to hear, somewhat embarrassed. She checks herself in the mirror as she gets ready to go out, trying to tuck the short stubborn wisps of hair back under the covering on her head to hide them, but they just keep popping back out.  She starts to take a step, one large foot catching on the heel on the other and causing her to lurch a bit as she heads for the door, her myopic eyes searching for any more obstacles in her way and just a weeble wobbles all over the place like a duck caught in a wind storm. Her scratchy shrill voice is easily heard several dwellings away as she curses fluently, tripping over her own feet again. ‘pick up some damn bosk milk on your way home from the tavern and this time, come back sooner than 6 moons!’

FW Horrrors: shouts: She was home waiting for her companion as he said he was going to the slave house to obtain a kettle girl and that was two months ago, twirls around as she sweeps his dirty clothes right out the back door into the sea below, hollers out ‘you, slave, go clean that!’ and didn’t particularly notice it was a warrior there at the time. Twirls her thick hideous robes around that catches under her big feet, tripping over a table and smacking her large nose into the wall that had the house whips on it, one falls around her neck as she steps back and trips back onto her back, her slippers go flying, her hands jut upward in the air looking like a crab tossed on its rear and screams out ‘who put this tavern barrel tea table right here??!!’ her voice sounded very eerily similar to the nails raking over metal and she had broken her nose again for the 492057897593rd time.

FW Horrrors: shouts: My companion thinks I am a goof, I threw up on the roof. We had twirled and whirled until I hurled. the next day we saw a healer and my companion was really eager. the physician drew a cloth and blew into my mouth some dust. the scribe’s pen was covered in rust! ‘oh my oh my’ the scribe said when the pen jabbed his hand ‘I need a shot or my hand will rot!’. the physician sighed and walked over ‘I think you and I need to have a chat and begin to sew a knot!’

FW Horrrors: shouts:  ‘I hate you’…’You’ll curse the mother that bore you if you drink that..sign that contract and die!’ she warns her new companion every step of the way.. The contract is signed.  Before the scribe can do the same, she raises her arm, a dagger gleams in the flickering torch lights. Was it aimed for the scribe’s heart or her mate’s eye? A strong hand twists her wrist the blade drops. The ceremony complete. Moving closer to lift her veil. Time to view the harpy’s face and take his first kiss. She leans upwards and tries to bite him, her knee raises forcefully to make a eunuch of him. A few well-chosen steps, her efforts are thwarted. To this day, it’s still argued, who tried to kill the other first. One thing is for certain, it’s her ghost that haunts the man, scolding and breathing threats night and day.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She had just gotten a companion not long ago and already she’d gotten the feeling he wasn’t appreciative of her domestic skills. She had done so much for him!  She was the best cook, She’d show him just how lucky he was and make a grand dinner, she left the bosk out on the back doorstep for 2 days rather than 3 but that didn’t matter., and though it was a pain to scrape the crawlies off the meat at first, which when mashed and put in with the suls made them so much tastier. Odd that he turned a shade of green not unlike the color of the fungus between her toes. Also, she was great at decorating his abode, she ingeniously used his furniture to stock the wood pile for the cooler days, they would not have to go cut any or buy any from the woodsman. For some reason he didn’t seem to appreciate this and so she added his bed linens to the fire just to demonstrate how well they burned and kept the place cozy warm. So what if the flames could be seen from across the city

FW Horrrors: shouts: The kitchen needed to be renovated anyhow. She’d saved him time in the demolition! Since they didn’t have furniture, or kitchen, she sold his slaves because there really wasn’t anything for them to clean and since they were of no use to them anymore. He was lucky to have her!

FW Horrrors: shouts: Ash was excited at the thought of Companionship even though it had cost her Father a great deal of coin.  Arranged it was, politics, power, coin, and then there was the issue with her ‘interesting and unique’ appearance. It was true, she resembled the south end of a north-bound bosk.  Eyes bugged from their sockets, a nose that would make Pinocchio blush, teeth that would eat corn through a picket fence, and well there was her figure. Let’s just say she was a ‘whole lot of woman.’  Did I mention hairy warts? The ceremony, fully veiled under the dark of night she was a mystery to him–What a SURPRISE he was in for. The mood set, romance glowed, and it was time to consummate the contract.  He just ‘thought’ it was many layers of robes of concealment made her ‘fluffy’ when in fact, it was just a whole lot of her–a WHOLE lot.

FW Horrrors: shouts: She did LOVE her pie! Robes removed, veils unmasked, she was nervous but he pushed back the sheer curtain in a full blown state of arousal as he entered the room where the lamp of love was lit. There was no hiding the eagerness of his anticipation of bedding his companion.  BUT THEN…a blood-curdling scream like a goat would be the best way to describe the sound that came from her Companion. Horror wrecked his face and who knew a face would contort like that! An abomination of womanhood lay with not a stitch of fabric one on, eager to bring into this world his offspring as it was her womanly duty, When he laid eyes upon what lay before him, his ‘manhood’ shriveled up as if he were waist deep in the freezing water of Torvaldsland, the TURTLE syndrome it was! That thing retreated faster than Ash making her way to a free pie giveaway, and so did he.

FW Horrrors: shouts: A slow smile drew upon her lips as she knew the law of Companionship and she gloated for HE was HERS for a WHOLE year.  Reaching to the side of the furs for the pie that was to be part of foreplay, it was now satisfaction as she enjoyed the first love of her life, PIE!

FW Horrrors: shouts: Now as each had their turn, this way and that they had burned. Their delights special to them, the men in their lives probably remained in a tavern for the rest of their nights. How many times has a man in passing claimed that a free woman was a slave in robes? Well by George, this is more than enough proof that yeah…no, it was a no go. Proud as one again, their bodies turn and move across the ground, hope no one would trip and fall, there was no physicians on call. Their movements implore their audience and was sure those watching, if they got over their shock by now, would never forget this scene that unfolded. If one paid enough attention, a bone cracking here and there could be heard, their grunts as they swayed would not be misconstrued for a reason to be laid. They all probably haven’t moved this much in three hundred years or more, they certainly were in no shape for a score.

FW Horrrors: shouts: The music increases and so does their lower back pain, the length of this dance is insane but there is a very important tale to tell, appreciate the one you are with because you may get someone that makes you want to spit. The sky lights up now with it’s sparklers and sounds of joy, could this parody be over? Oh you do not get off that easy. The music was starting to wind down and maybe the crowd would lose their collective frown. Now that they were closer, the body odor would take over as they all probably sweat like a tarsk and the only thing that was missing to complete this ensemble was the appropriate bright fluorescent pink leg warmers to round out their sweatin to the oldies fanfare. They did one last kick and someone’s nasty slipper just launched into the crowd, one could tell where it would be found as they cleared 20 meters on all sides of the blast zone. One last shake, one last move, could this finally improve.

FW Horrrors: shouts: Someone yells like a gianni was stepped on, and of course all the ladies as one, pointed to Lilly, at least it wasn’t a bell.

FW Horrrors: shouts: As the dance finally concludes a message to be sure, a huge thank you to all of Svago, with you all it would be impossible. The last few days have been a delight so no need to run in fright. The Ladies will transform at the end of the night, being like that picture book story in flight. Yes my rhymes are lame, but who is to blame? By this point of the dance my brain ran askance. The ladies move together and take a collective bow and in hopes they enjoyed the satire. If you took this seriously then make sure you schedule an appointment with our local physicians, they excel at politis extraction. It will not hurt, much. La free woman or whatever can be said, this was our dance and thank you from the heart that no one had a fart.

FW Horrrors: shouts: -the end-

Chrysoprase  Ibn Yusef (MineralMaster Resident): laughs so hard and claps as almost falls on the floor

Niall Carver (Bastnine Resident): /me chuckles and applauds

Lullio Resident: claps loudly

Kati Evans: /me claps

Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira Korpov): /me claps and laughs so hard as well

Jαdε (Klonky Resident): /me claps and cheers loudly

William Carver: Joined with all the other wise companioned free man in applauding very enthusiastically and was sure the men that wanted to be companioned joined in with the applauds too  ” Well Done Ladies well done! “

Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (Rosalynne Dawes): appluads the Ladies of Svago for doing this!!!!!!

Dragon (DragonSteel2017 Resident): /me laughs and claps loudly although he gives his companion a very weary look.

Thorn (BlockDent Resident): /me laughs and shouts out “Huzzah!”

Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (Ashellia Resident): /me makes googly eyes at Pyrnir

Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Can’t help but howl in laughter and applaud’s Rosa, Kat and Ash for getting this altogether “how fun, and my cooking is not nearly that bad”

βirdy  (BlRDY Resident): claps her small hands

Mia (Vampja Resident): /me cheers for all of the lovely ..err.. Mistresses!!

Sylvanus Voss: /me applauds looking up at the stage, shakes his head laughing despite himself. “are you sure Nikki? I saw that half cooked pancake thing with the fish eyes at the cooking contest.”

Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): /me chuckles and would applaud the ladies.

William Carver: ” Well done Ladies ” I called out as I moved up to the stage ” Now would the Carnival Ubrate join me on stage “

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