High Council Hearing

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High Council Hearing

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[18:03] William Carver: ” Men, Women come to order if you please, this hearing will come to order. The rules are simple Cleatus is here to provide a response to questions raised about his job performance and possible violations of the law. If you speak without being called upon you will be removed. ” I looked to Cleatus ” Sir, I trust you have had sufficient time to make your statement ready to present to the Council ? If you are ready you may present it now “

[18:06] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) entered, scroll case in hand. prepared as best he could be for what was about to happen. His eyes went to his companion. A confident nod went to her. Hearing that he may begin, he stepped straight forward, standing between the two podiums. “I have prepared.” With that, he looked across the council members and began his statement.

[18:07] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): mistakes I have made. We all know each city runs their processes different, as is their right. I have learned much of how Svago manages affairs through mistakes and correction and later through more intensive communications. Though I do not bear the title of High Magistrate, or as of this moment Magistrate, I have found myself in the position of seeing to much of the tasks associated with said position, without the authority or communications to support it. I shoulder much of the blame in this. I stand accountable for this, and the mistakes that were made in that.

[18:07] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): Today, I stand before the High Council. The same High Council that appointed me as Magistrate. That very same day of appointment the High Magistrate, at that time, asked me to serve in his wake and it was agreed upon by the Administrator. When that High Magistrate tenured his resignation, I continued to perform the same duties I had been prior. At that time, I had no desire to seek the position of High Magistrate, though I was shouldering some of the responsibilities that fall under the weight of said title, I believed with authorization of the Administrator As a scribe, I should have known to have this in writing, with a list of duties that I was to perform; and that is my error. In doing, and understanding these actions, and taking heed of what actions were presenting themselves, it would have proven to aid in the prevention of some confusions and errors that later took place. This is the first of many lessons learned since my arrival, and it is a hard lesson to learn. Yet, it was only the first of my

[18:08] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): It was clarified, exactly what roles Magistrate Kaellead Rhodes and myself would take. As the Administrator stated yesterday, I was to coordinate efforts and lead in documentation and provide reports to the High Council. As you could see from the meeting yesterday, a new format has been devised to more comprehensively provide information to both the High Council and the citizens of this Home Stone. A small sign of how improvements have been coming forward, with transparency to all. Such transparency that provides an opportunity for the legal offices to answer to the High Council, as is our duty.

[18:10] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I have made my aspirations for the position of High Magistrate known. I will not deny this. I believe I am the right man for the job and I remain confident in that, despite the mistakes I have made. I have grown and learned from those errors. I do not blame the entirety of the unrest on the lack of High Magistrate. However, I do believe that it is a contributing factor. It was made clear to me that I should remain within the scope of the Magistrate position and specific assignments. I took that to heart. Leaving no other than the Administrator and the Head of Scribes to manage the legal department’s day to day activities, in addition to the duties of their respective posts. I have been told I am one man and cannot do it all, they too are single men and cannot do it all, with all respect. The legal department is a team, the city depends on it to be functional and communicative. Training needs to take place, processes and procedures adhered to. Reinforcement of the training, accumulation of information, etc.

[18:10] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): The lack of some of these items has contributed to some of the unrest.

[18:11] Kaellaed Rhode perks up hearing his name spoken.

[18:11] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): As a Magistrate you are thrown into situations that call for immediate and decisive actions. Two of the items called to the attention of the council were such decisions. The first being the case with the Praetor, Cron. I addressed this yesterday. The second being the man visiting from Port Kar. When he was presented to me he had stated that the Warrior Neph had turned him away before. I did not know the circumstances in which the man left, in regards to the agreement between himself and the Administrator. I will also add the man changed his story in that regard as well. I even stated that I would not go against our Administrator. I trusted that if the man truly wished to speak with our Administrator, that he would have left the note with the Merchant Magistrate as he stated he would do. My understanding is that did not take place. He was not forcibly removed, he was simply asked to leave his letter and it would be delivered.

[18:13] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I know you have all seen me out and about within the city. Whether it is taking dinner with my companion, or investigating a case, or even still answering the questions of citizens. I also know that many days I am up early and stay until the knocks on my door end, returning to my home late at night. Some of you have even witnessed the line at my door, or had to wait in that line. It is not uncommon for this to happen. I do this for the love of my Home Stone. For the love of the peoples herein.

[18:14] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I live by the laws, review them daily, reflect on them. Yes, I sent a letter to the Administrator asking for clarification in regards to how to read the section on Merchant Law. This would make a difference significantly in how I handled the urt case. I still have not received a response to that, though I believe that my later conclusion is the correct one. And, I will also admit that it was initially brought to me while I was rejoicing in the birth of my son and daughter. The first time taking them out in public, as I recall. Perhaps the High Council will understand my distraction and how that would have been an abnormal circumstance, perhaps that my judgment was not correctly placed.

[18:16] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): Administrator, I came to you one day. I told you of my aspirations changing. That I wished to take hold of the position of High Magistrate. You spoke of keeping an eye on the pulse of the City. I have felt the pulse first hand, more than once. I have been taken hostage by a man of my own Home Stone with the intent of that man to fight to the death. Attacked in my own streets, while my companion was taken as bait for a Killer. I stood between, two brothers of this Home Stone, one of my own caste, of my own offices, lashing out in anger with a blade, and a man twice my size, while unarmed in the defense of this Home Stone. Yes, I have a finger on the pulse of the city. You asked me about standing alone in the dark alone to face the beasts that seek to destroy me. And I stand here, facing the High Council. Alone, in the darkest of my days. a man who simply wished to serve my Home Stone and the peoples for which I share my bread, I share my salt, I share my fire with all of you. My loyalty and my honor in

[18:16] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): question.

[18:18] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): Mistakes will be made. Administrator, you have said that yourself. I am but human. The only way we do not make mistakes is to do nothing. For, if you are doing nothing what mistake can you make? To be able to take on such a position as a Magistrate, you cannot be afraid to make those mistakes, and answer to them. I stand here, ready and willing to answer to what I have done, learn from them, and move forward with those lessons of the past.

[18:20] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) took a deep breath as he finished his statement, taking a moment to meet the eyes of the High Council before him, individually.

[18:21] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she fiddled with her gown her heart sinking a little bit as her gaze looked to her companion. she took a deep breath in as spoke. she shfited her gaze away for a moment to caste glare at the council members watching.

[18:31] William Carver: William would lift up a sheet of paper and read from it slowly, carefully ” 2.10.B) Treason; This is defined as the act of trying to overthrow and undermine the High Council of Svago and it’s leading Citizens., …. 2.7 Once a topic or case is ruled upon it can not be brought up a second time. ……2.1.B Praetors are appointed by the High Magistrate, or should there not be a High Magistrate at that time the Head of Scribes, Regent or Administrator. They report directly to the High Magistrate, or should there not be a High Magistrate at that time the Administrator, under the authority of the High Council but remain, in matters of their caste under the jurisdiction of the Head of the Caste of Scribes, as they play a dual role as both upholder of Civil law and their duties as a scribe…….2.10 Civil criminal Acts: Based on laws defined by the City High Council, and agreed upon will be enforced by the Legal Branch of the government….. These are just a few points of interest for the Council to

[18:31] William Carver: think upon. It is quiet evident that there was some major mishandling in the case of Praetor Cron. 1. You should of never allowed the crowd to get out of control… the basics of law enforcement are…. ask, tell, make .. ” I would indicate the Warriors in the room ” If you don’t know that the Make aspect. ” I paused there for a moment ” When you reached the point of allowing an honor duel that should of been the end of it. Yet you deprived a man of his liberty because of your fear. I told you that when a man takes up the title of Magistrate he may well die having to uphold the creed and code, it is not a mantle of convince Sir ,Yet let us push past that… What should of been a simple case, you held the man in a cell with out council or charges for 2 days. And only when pressed on it did you carry out your duties. And then only to place the man under… an illiterate man of low caste. The same man who you expected to deliver a message to the Administrator about Kylo. Yet I have not heard you

[18:31] William Carver: address any of these items. ” With that William paused ” Fellow men of the Council if you have something you would say, I would offer to you this time to speak “

[18:36] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) listened to the Administrator, he would then begin to write a few notes, while he awaited his time to speak.

[18:37] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) ‘s eye slightly twitched for a moment as she listening. She began fiddling with the paper that lay in her hand. she eyed her companion. Then her violet gaze set on the men speaking.

[18:38] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) clears his throat and raises a hand for recognition.

[18:38] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) he would look over the scrolls, catching up from the proceedings til his arrival and would look up at the Administrator as he called for any of the council to speak. Wasn’t entirely sure on how to take his turn at voicing his question or concern, but would look over to the Hallowed one to see if the High Initiate wished to speak…

[18:39] William Carver: ” Yes Brother Terek ” I would nod to him

[18:39] Niall Carver (bastnine) was deliberating what he’d heard, his face creased in concentration.

[18:39] Kaellaed Rhode looks up to the gathered members of the council, having heard the Administrator’s words, and noted his tone. He was reminded of the image some had of justice, eyes covered, one hand with a balance and one with a sword. A fair hearing, a chance to be heard. Due process was served.

[18:39] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): “I seems to me that Treason would require an intent to attack the Home Stone. So far, it appears from what I have heard that malfeasance or dereliction of duty would be the most we could set as an accusation.”

[18:42] William Carver: “Thank you Terek, I concur I do not believe the mans heart or intent was to do harm to the home stone. ” I looked over to Pyrnir ” Brother Pyrnir

[18:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) he would look at William and takes a deep breath. “Please forgive me, if I seem out of place with this question as my study of Gorean Law is more of forced spoon fed from my late father. In the matter of the Praetor Cron being placed in a cell for two days, what is the standing statute of limitations on detaining a prisoner without former charges? I ask this mainly on the point that every city is different, Ar was three days while Cos was only one… Within Svago even as a warrior, I’ve detained stranger and citizen alike up to a full day before releasing them after a situation or a period of time passed where heads can cool off or sober up..”

[18:45] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw): formal*

[18:46] Niall Carver (bastnine) looked over at Pyrnir for his observations. As usual, Niall saw multiple possibilities for the way events had unfolded.

[18:49] William Carver: ” To arrest anyone, a charge should be on the books against that person if they are a Citizen or Resident of Svago, the arrest warrant itself requires a charge to be valid. Warriors we typically grant lea way in matters of security to take someone into custody to leave for the Praetor or Magistrates then to judge them. He was standing as a Magistrate, he is held clearly to the highest of standards. “

[18:50] Lady Liliyano (kajiralilyano) raised her hand having a legitamate question to ask the court

[18:52] Niall Carver (bastnine) tilted his head. “I have something to say,” He’d request quietly.

[18:52] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) would nod to WIlliam’s words and considered the weight of a situation. He had more questions but yielded to Niall.

[18:52] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): So do we have an Advocate for the City to list the specific laws that are claimed to have been broken by the accused?

[18:53] William Carver: ” Brother Niall, your words please ” I would offer

[18:54] Kaellaed Rhode pipes up to reply to the initiate, “William mentioned 2.10B treason, 2.7 closure, 2.1B procedure, 2.10 basis for civil and criminal acts.”

[18:55] Niall Carver (bastnine) “If that no harm was intended is the case, then impalement would not be warranted, but further consideration for head magistrate would not be either.” Niall considered what he’d both witnessed himself in the last hands and what he’d heard. “Not at this time at any rate. I keep seeing a recurring theme of being unable to control situations that come across Cleatus’s path.” He’d speak deliberately, and gravely. He was not enjoying what he’d come to determine. “That is all for this time.”

[19:01] William Carver: ” Thank you Niall ” I turned to Terek ” It is not my intention to determine a guilty or innocence of this man, the Council is the last resort of a convicted man for justice. The goat is to determine if the man is fit to continue to serve the Council as a Magistrate and …. or if he should be refereed to the Court for formal charges and hearing. That is the questions before us today “

[19:01] William Carver: *goal

[19:01] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): I see

[19:04] William Carver: Seeing no other hand raised ” Cleatus, you may make another statement”

[19:04] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I will address these in order of how you presented them.
The escalation was swift. I believe that had Cron not arrived and drawn his sword when he did, the matter would have died out. It was a non-violent group. They simply wished to be heard. I was not aware that Cron had arrived until his steel was drawn in the midst of the crowd. Bjorn had drawn in defense of himself, as any man would do. With all due respect, my eyes had scanned the crowd for a man donning red. There were none present.

[19:04] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I detained the man based on the following:
2.9.1 The power of arrest lies with the Magistrates, Praetors and any member of the Warrior Caste of the Isle of Svago. These alone may detain or order the arrest of any Citizen or Visitor for breaches of the peace or investigation of violations of the applicable law. Any order issued by a member of the Warrior Caste must be obeyed, including removal of weapons.

[19:05] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): He remained in the cell for no longer than 16 Ahn, not two days. His temper was elevated, even after the duel. I felt that for the protection of the citizens it would be best to detain him for that to subside. By his own admittance he was in a state of mind that he would have initiated another episode.
As for the choice of punishment. My thought process was simple. To attempt to develop some report between him and the Merchant Magistrate. Are we not to work together? Are we not to have respect for each other? I did not consult you in this. Perhaps my attempt was misguided.

[19:05] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) nodded to Terek, as he was about to speak on the treason charge. and then William, “It has never been my intent to do harm to the Home Stone, but to protect it and the people. Then, looked then to Niall. “Have you been informed of the cases where I have managed to control situations? In general, people do not speak of the good deeds we do. Yet, often they speak of the negative. I do not go without fault, but what of the situations that never rose to be an issue, due to my efforts?

[19:09] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): The cases that I have come across my desk are closed, within reasonable time. They are reported, as quickly as possible, they are investigated, and closed.

[19:09] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would nod ” from what i have heard from Cleatus, it was just a mistake and in his job, i do not see him wanting to harm the homestone, but in fact protecting it, just went about it the wrong way, everyone makes mistakes, its what you do with your mistake and learn from it ” he would say

[19:10] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) nodded to Octavius, falling silent again.

[19:12] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she shifted her violet hues once more to her companion her hands fiddling with the ruffles of her dress in habit. Carefully listening to what is being said around her.

[19:15] Lady Liliyano (kajiralilyano) raised her hand and spoke when she thought the room was silent “Your Honour, I lady lilyano would like to obtain permission to ask cleatus a question concerning one of his statements.”

[19:16] Kaellaed Rhode perks up as he hears the chocolate lady pursue her earlier expressed desire to speak

[19:16] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) would gather his thoughts while the other councilors spoke their questions for clarification. When Cleatus stated his defense in this regard he would raise his finger to speak if the Administrator deemed it worthy he could voice his thoughts. But would wait if the Administrator would allow the Lily to voice her question.

[19:17] Kaellaed Rhode looks at Charlotte’s braids and Dio beyond her, he imagines the next edition of the Post will be a double issue.

[19:18] William Carver: ” I suppose Cleatus, I still have yet to make my point clear to you, your sentence of Cron, was in direct violation of 2.1.B . I will be plain as I can with you now. IF, this council allows you to take the mantle of Magistrate, and make such a ruling again, I will be left with no choice but to believe you sir are a part of this Legion that has been targeting this Council and members of the High Caste. At which point I will not been nearly as merciful as I have been with you in this inquiry of your behavior. ” William paused and looked at Lilyano ” Woman, be silent or I will have you removed. ” I then looked to Cleatus and continued ” I suggest you take a look at what a Merchant Magistrate is and Merchant Law it will be interesting reading I suspect “

[19:18] Kaellaed Rhode finds his charcoal nub breaks in his notebook as he hears William.

[19:20] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would look to

[19:20] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): (( sorry ))

[19:20] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) allowed his temper to flare for the moment, “I am NOT associated with this Legion or in collusion with his effects. I am in fact against it or him or her or whatever it is!”

[19:21] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she heard ladly lilliyano ask a question so she took this as her moment to stand and cleared her throat, she looked to the council. ” High Council. If it is allowed I do have something i wish to share with you. That is rather important to what might be going on to shead some light on the situation from the people of svagos perspective. If i am alowed to approach. ” she looked to cleatus for a moment

[19:23] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) nods the implications of himself and Cleatus with this terrorist worthy of an angry response, but he remains silent as he waits to see if he will be called today.

[19:24] Diodorus Siculus (orcobal) holds up his hand towards rosette, “no talking, what did you not understand Lady?”

[19:24] William Carver: ” Councilors, we will now vote. A yes vote to reinstate Cleatus a no vote will refer this matter to the courts, 3 votes will carry the matter, I will abstain unless there is a tie as we have a representative from all the Castes. We will vote in order of Caste ” William would say and then I paused ” Lady, sit down, that the last warning I hand out, Warriors one more stands up, just drag them out. ” I then took a breath ” Initiates”

[19:25] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga)’s eyebrows rose, folding her arms over her chest to still the movement of her fingers prone to fidget. Her brow furrowed, veil fluttering with frustrated exhalations of breath.

[19:26] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) took a deep breath, relaxing back into his place at the podium. It wanted it clear that that allegation that he would be associated with that traitor was outlandish and not something he would be a part of. He stood a bit taller as the votes were called.

[19:26] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she looked to them and sighed sitting back down. staring them intently down with a twitched brow.

[19:28] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente): My opinion is that a Magistrate must have the full confidence of all involved with enforcing the law. I would like to have a period where specifics can be brought forward to see if a trial is actually warranted. I will, on that basis vote “No” and ask to revisit he question within a reasonable length of time.

[19:30] William Carver: I nod to Terek ” Scribes “

[19:32] Niall Carver (bastnine) “I find I am still turning over the case in my head.” Niall is not one to make anything like a snap judgment. “I would like to give him the chance to show that he is able to prove me wrong, and so, I will vote yes.”

[19:33] William Carver: I would nod to Niall ” Builders “

[19:34] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) takes a deep breath and speaks his voice on this matter “The role of a Magistrate is a difficult one, for a man who wields the power to sentence death should be held accountable to swing the sword. With Cron’s own words in defense of the Magistrate’s actions at the Council Meeting.. I believe Cleatus was handling a situation as any man charged in maintaining the peace. As Bjorn drew in defense, the agitator in the situation from what has been stated today was Cron. The arrest and detainment of the man was on grounds of ‘Security’ of the situation. If it were a warrior, if present that made the same call to detain the Praetor then I don’t think the Warrior would be questioned on his intent. As for the detainment length, that falls on a judgment call and I agree council should of been provided at earliest convenience if not releasing the man with a sentencing of fine or civil service provided without pay.” he would pause and look to William. “The weight of this doesn’t fall on a dis-service or ill intent

[19:34] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw): against the homestone but questioning the methods of a man handling a situation that could easily spiral out of control if not have the blood of a city official adorning our streets. Which a Magistrate in my opinion has to balance the scales and act with the available resources. While some of his actions are questionable, I do not see disloyalty or incompetence. We are all human, low caste or high caste we are this in common and as humans we make mistakes and we as humans have to make decisions that not everyone if anyone would like when a heavy situation is placed upon our shoulders.” Looking back to Cleatus. “I do not see you a threat, but I do see the stress of the position placed upon you with balancing of your current responsibilities as a Magistrate and by your own admission some of that of the High Magistrate. Builders at this time do not see fit at this time to remove you from your office, but at this time can’t support you at any time in the near future for the role of High Magistrate.” he would

[19:34] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw): pause “In Short, Builders Vote Yes to reinstate Cleatus as Magistrate”

[19:35] William Carver: ” Physcians “

[19:35] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) her eyes shoot to lib curious of his answer.

[19:37] Lib (liberace57): it saddens me but the city has to have complete confidence and a more detailed trial with a chance to hear from all concerned parties is needed. Physicians vote no

[19:38] William Carver: I would nod and then turned to Reds ” Commander, no pressure, your vote “

[19:40] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would stand from his seat and would look to the masses ” i say he put his head back into the law and learn from his mistakes” he looked to cleatus ” Cleatus i want your word, that he will in fact do such.” then back to the masses” he is a good man in my personal and professional opinion. if i fine out he is working with the legion and in fact working against the home stone i will impale himself, i give my word on that. Warriors vote he be reinstated as full magistrate.”

[19:40] ღ Syrenity Darling ღ (alaniflame26) she could not help herself but she applauded and claps loudly.

[19:43] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) listened as the votes were coming in. He remained calm and even. He nodded to each in kind as they made their statements. His eyes landed upon Reds when he was addressed, “You have my word.”His eyes then went to William.

[19:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) looked over Commander’s shoulders “An you’ll be held to them, you be surprise the measure of pain a builder can do on a human body if he put’s his mind to it..” he piped up and then sunk in his seat before william through a Ink well at him.

[19:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw): threw*

[19:44] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) put his hand to his shoulder and left it there.

[19:44] William Carver: ” The High Council of Svago has spoken, as such their word is final, Cleatus is absolved and returned to his duties as a Magistrate of Svago” I placed the seals on the desk ” Your Sear of Office Magistrate Cleatus ” William then looked out over the crowd ” In Svago, your High Council does not hide behind closed doors locked away from the people, they instead invite the people in so they can see the Council working through issues. ALL men are flawed, and here all can find mercy and forgiviness “

[19:45] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) looked to reds and nodded her head with a look of gratitude in her eyes then raised her brow at williams words.

[19:45] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) breathes out slowly, feeling the edges of tension in the room melt away at the edges at least for the moment. Her eyes close a moment in some silent thanks before they open again and focus on the Council at the other end of the room.

[19:46] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Exhales the breath she seemed to have been holding forever “Well done this hearing was” She was proud of the process in Svago and tapped her shoulder “I am glad this is all over, I need some food”

[19:47] Kaellaed Rhode: congratulations, Cleatus, Welcome back. There is much to do, but please, take this time to enjoy your reinstatement, it is well earned. You stood up for yourself and your homestone.

[19:48] Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (ashellia): smiled to my friend and nodded to him regarding his reinstatement

[19:48] Lib (liberace57): am glad Cleatus is reinstated but would have rather had it done after a trial so there could be no second guessing

[19:49] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) takes a step forward, taking the seal in his hand, feeling the cold metal resting in his palm. He addresses the High Council, “I would like to take this opportunity to say one final set of words, if you would allow.” His seal resting in his palm delicately.

[19:50] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) plops down in the chair as Cleatus wished to speak.

[19:50] William Carver: I would nod to Cleatus ” Go head you have earned a closing statement before we adjourn “

[19:50] Marco Alighieri (xxaimleexx) “congratulations, Cleatus, it was rough, welcome back,” he stood up from the chair to dispose of the tablet and parchments with notes, sketches, agenda.

[19:51] ღ Syrenity Darling ღ (alaniflame26) Congratulations Sir! I am so happy for you!” she calls out smiling.

[19:51] Skaenn: What joy is expressed is not his, He still understands little the South and their ways.

[19:52] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) turned and spotted Trentan and glared, anger welling up inside her as she turned her head away and put her nose in the air.

[19:54] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) caught the glare coming his way and looks not only shocked but completely puzzled, a mixture of hurt coming in to steel blue eyes as he can not imagine what has brought this Lady’s ire. It was plain as day the emotions on his face and in his eyes.

[19:56] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she stood and made her way to her companions side she stood her place as the other people were standing and she stood proud.. Remaining silent.

[19:56] ღ Syrenity Darling ღ (alaniflame26) She stood up to go back towards home. She looks for Leo but he was nowhere to be found. She hopes that he will talk to her later in the gardens. Sighs Excuses herself among everyone as she walks down the steps. ‘I wish you all well.” she smiles and leaves.

[19:57] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) looked to the Council first, “I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to stand before you today to defend myself and my actions. I have made mistakes, and I assure you that I have learned from them. I now take the opportunity to address the people.” He turned, “Know this, a Magistrate has face death today, and by the mercy of the Council of our Home Stone, I have been absolved and proven to be innocent of Treason. We are held accountable for our actions. You have witnessed this” He turned back to William, “That will be all. I presume that we will be meetingin the coming days.” He nodded and stepped back.

[19:58] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) watched, it was her usual habit, relaxing slightly at the immediate concern of the event was winding down. Still, as she watched and listened with a cock of her head, there was a flow to it’s people, fish in an energy filled stream. Which fish would swim where was yet to be determined.

[19:59] Tjark (kirtanu) turned and silently left the room obviously in deep thought.

[20:00] William Carver: ” I look forward to it Cleatus, we are going to find this… Legion ” I stood and proclaimed ” This meeting stands adjourned, Councilors thank you for your time, Warriors, gratitude for your protection, Hail Svago! “

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