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[16:34] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) becomes aware of light and sound in a gradual way. Sliding his hand through dried blood slowly he opens steel blue eyes to see what it is, and then jerks back at the realization that it is blood -even dried. He sits up all too fast. Glancing up he spots Alex, a wreck, and it all comes back to him. It is not a good feeling. Looking around he sees a bota and some cloth. He collects it, popping the top he smells it then tastes it and knowing it is water he wets the cloth. He slowly reaches up to the chain and pulls himself up and offers the cloth wordlessly to Alex.

[16:39] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) watches the jerky movements his brother made and just blinks, blearily. He’d been up most of the night, even if he’d made sure he’d gotten the bed. He takes the offered cloth and wipes at the dried blood on his brow. He felt worse than he’d felt when he drank that Svagian wine that once. Wincing as he cleans the cut, feeling the residual pain of having your face pummeled in by a metal worker. “You hit as hard as I’d imagine a trampling of bosk feels like.” He compliments.

[16:41] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Don’t,” he says it was too raw. Compliment or not, the shame he felt at causing this was more than he could deal with right this very Ihn. He wets the second cloth and instead of wiping his own mouth, he slowly wiped at Alex’s other eye. He wouldn’t meet his gaze, but it was this movement that was so familiar to both of them, done so many times before it was as if it was a practiced dance. Only this time….this time, Trent felt the weight of causing these bruises himself. How do you even begin to apologize for that?

[16:47] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) quietly kept to scrubbing at his brow, feeling the crusted blood made him itch, but in his scrubbing, he’d opened the gash, blood seeping around the scab and dribbling down the side of his face anew. His whole face was just a fountain of pain and when his brother started to tend to him, he caught the hand by his wrist and sighs. The man even refused to look at him. “Sit down.” He all but commanded. “You’ve lost it the last few days. Drinking, staying out. I had to feed your slave because she’d been chained there without.” He took stock of his nose and hisses when his fingers touched it. “Kings” He wheezes. “Think you hit harder than him, but I think this time it was well deserved. I’ll not speak ill of the dead again.” He says as close to an apology as Alex ever really got. “You need to straighten up.” He warns. “We didn’t come here just for my sake. You needed to get away from all those reminders of…” He sighs. “Of the past.”

[16:51] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) hitched his breath when Alex caught his wrist and sits down next to him, bringing the bota with him. Saying Trent hit harder than their father made him wince. He listens to Alex’s lecture as he bows his head, wrapping both calloused hands around the bota in his lap. “I know,” he says after a time. “But it … it’s not ….wasn’t deserved Alex. We’ve kept violence out of our relationship so long, for … ” all of those reasons, and yet here they were. He closes his eyes and puts his head back on the wall for a few Ihn. “I know, we both had to leave Venna,” he admits.

[16:56] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods and scrubs at the choppy hair that clumped in his face, bits of food and flakes of blood showering into his lap. “We needed to, yes.” He pushes the man’s shoulder before squeezing it. “Do you have things to say?” He asks him and as an afterthought. “How’s your ribs?”

[16:58] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “They ache,” he shakes his head, covered in food and blood and in a cage was never how he thought he’d find himself. He opens steel blue eyes to pick a rivet and he stares at it hard, ignoring the way the walls seem to creep closer and closer by the Ihn. He breathes a little faster, but he says softly, “I never should have …. you are nothing like… we’re never going to be …. him.” It was slow, clumpy, but he tried.

[17:01] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) grunts, confirming the sentiment. “No, not like him.” He instinctively reached up to the ornate hammer around his neck and closes his eyes, the injured one throbbing and aching in its socket. “You’ll also move on and be okay.” He offers, knowing he was in dangerous waters. “You’ve move on, and they will not greet you in the City of Dust with contempt for it.”

[17:04] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) walked into the lower guard shack and paused. “Why the..” he paused looking at the Hayford boys. Sighs deeply looking for a incident report…

[17:05] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) winces when Alex said that, almost he would reply but he bit it back. He was clearly not so sure about that, what Alex was saying. IN fact, he was almost sure of the opposite. He takes a sip of water out of the bota and offers it to Alex. He looks up at the Warrior as he walks in to the room, his heart strumming fast hoping it means they get to get out of here, soon. His hands were not shaking yet but it would be soon.

[17:06] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) looks over the man who’d just come in, watching him look entirely confused before sighing and moving off. It was distraction enough. He blinked rapidly, trying to see through his bloody eye, and missed the hand off for the bota. “Tal.” He spoke gruffly, obviously in a very somber and rather unkind mood. It was more or less unlike him. “I’m hoping you have the keys.” He offers.

[17:11] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) ‘WARD!” he barked loudly and waited a moment before shouting for the lad again. A small boy about the age of ten ran in and clearly trying to catch his breath. “yee .. ye.. yes sir…” the boy spouted out. “Incident report.. where is it…” Pyrnir would say firmly as he lad looked up confused and then pointed to the Hayford boys. “Oh! I’ll go fetch it..” he said and bolted out of the room. While Pyrnir waited he moved to the cell and looked the two of them over. “Well being you two look like you beat the shit out of something, I’m going to assume it was each other.. tho both of you in the same cell would might.. of made that worse.. but being neither of you are dead… I’m going to ask this clearly… Why are you in my cell, looking like you just been fucked by a Tharlarion..”

[17:15] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) jumps slightly when the Warrior shouts, as his fingers go slack and nearly drop the bota in Alex’s lap. He catches it at the last Ihn and stares up at the Warrior some more. He lowers it to Alex’s leg. He opens his mouth to say something, and yet again words fail him. He finds the rivet again and stares hard at it, his hands begin to shake. Why are the walls so much closer than they were a few moments ago?

[17:16] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) snorts as the child comes scrambling in and found himself snorting at the man’s words before he winced and made a move to hold his nose, which he promptly thought better of. He took the bota that was placed on his leg and held it loosely. He stood up, albeit very slowly and with much effort and moves to lean into the bars that separated them from freedom. “We’ll call it a family dispute. Ain’t no law against beating a brother’s face in. Some of the warriors even complimented us on it.” He tried for a grin that came out more of a grimace. “Dead? Surely not. We are of the Metal workers, forged by iron and steel and stronger than both.” He was obviously proud of his caste and gestures to the door. “My brother here doesn’t much care for confined spaces.” He mentions.

[17:21] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) the lad would return with the incident report and was out of breath. “Outside.” he said in a firm tone, the lad would move and stand outside the door in ear shot of the Commander’s word. Unraveling the incident report he started to read over the details. “Family dispute.. ” he said simply as his eyes scanned across the lines. “Damage to Private Property, Disturbing the Peace…” he would read out the initial charges that came to mind. Looking to Trentan “Close your eyes, they deceive you. Smell the air.. listen to the water.. you are at open Thassa.. measure your breathing one break at a time.. concentrate on that.” he said simply, he had a man under his command who felt the same way when having to stow under deck during hard storms. Looking back to Alexander “Has a Physician come to see either one of you?”

[17:23] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Please….” Trentan said, clasping shaking hands together, and it hurt to form those words. His brother landed blows as equally potent and the bruising showed. His words died on his beaten lips as the charges are read out. He closes steel blue eyes then, listening to the commander and tries to measure his breathing, knowing he is right. He had to do so on the ship at times, though Kings knew he stayed above decks as much as possible. He shakes his head slowly but he decides to let Alex do most of the talking.

[17:27] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nearly grinned as the boy headed out and turned his gaze to the man. He listened to the mantra he posed to his brother and gave a light nod of thanks to him. “No physician. Though I’d complain about one man that threatened to stab me should I not comply…” He turned his blue gaze onto the man, “Never once did we draw weapons.” He spoke concisely. “And to stab a man of their own Home Stone.” He let that fall where it may. “We’ll pay damage for the things that were broke and see it spic and span. I do remember using a clay bowl against my brother’s head.” He chuckles lightly, wincing at the pain searing his face and leans close to the bars. “I don’t much think the physician’s are to be trusted.” There was his low caste sensibilities again. “I don’t trust their trickery.”

[17:30] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) grunted slightly at the man’s words, tho amused as he was by them. “Nothing different between those of the High Caste and the Low caste except the manner of education grasped between both. We are all men and women..” he said simply, most likely the one of the High Caste that saw all men and women of a homestone equal. Rolling up the report he would move back towards the desk and lean up against it. Looking at the two brothers a moment “Who threw the first punch and what started this argument that lead to brothers to blows…” he would ask as his eyes scanned either one of the men. Could be twins to a point, which only made him miss his own brother Jace.

[17:33] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) opens his eyes and drags himself off the bench, clutching his stomach an Ihn or two where he was stomped but only so he can grasp the bars and pull himself to them, steel blue eyes opening as he locks on the Warriors there, “Please, let me out.” Kings he was trying his damnedest to not sound like a child. He was over a century in years, and but this…..this was trying him to the bone.
[17:35] pokey Zebberman: ” I just placed them in the jail to cool off I did not arrest them as I do not places charges i am simple a Warrior no Magistrate ” looks to the Commander ” Unless the owner of the Inn would like charges?” shrugs

[17:36] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) reaches out and grips his brother’s shoulder, squeezing hard and holding him centered in place. “I did, I suppose, throw that first punch regardless if it was warranted or not.” He spoke, taking the responsibility. “Then I so wonderfully encouraged him to retaliate which as you can see…he was able to do.” His head began to pound a bit, the worst hangover of his life along with feeling like sliced meat to feed a tharlarion. “All brother’s have issues to see through, sometimes it is best to do so with words, sometimes it does take a swing or two. The Inn was an unfortunate accident, which we’ll see paid fully.”

[17:39] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would look at the small clutch of scrolls he’d not had time to look at until now; He had no wish to continue the conversation he’d had with Gwyn, and there it was- a reason to avoid her! ” It seems I have some business here. Please excuse me.” He’d head into the building.

[17:41] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) would snap his fingers at Pokey for him to fall silent. “I’ll deal with you in a minute.” he said firmly tho there was look in his eyes he was jesting with his brother. His eyes would turn back towards Trentan getting up, trying to beg for release. He felt for the man, but he couldn’t stand on two brothers coming to blows in a public forum regardless if charges were laid down or not. Hearing Alexander sprout up and taking ownership of the situation he would nod. “Then depending charges if any are to be laid bare across you two for the damage to property.” he said simply as he would push off the desk. “You.” would point to Alexander. “You need tempering, and in this I am in dire need of men who can land a hit and take one in turn..” he said in a firm tone. “You are here by mandated into the City Guard for the duration for Four Months. You are to report to the Sergeant of the watch or any commanding officer of the Caste of Warriors. You will be expected to train under our caste as a mandatory sentancing
[17:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): under the Authority of the Commander of Svago” he said in a firm tone, figuring he would win from this situation. Looking over to Pokey and then back to Alexander and Trentan. “As for you lad..” he would point to Trentan. “You were defending yourself.. charges are dropped against you. If there are any damage to property that needs to be paid out it will be through the Caste of Warriors that will float the bill and tact it on to your Brother’s service to Svago..”

[17:46] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would look from face to face as he stepped inside, and would wait for Pyrnir to finish speaking before saying,” I received a message that there was an incident. I apologize that there was not a praetor to be here.” It seemed that the situation was being taken care of, but kings forbid Niall not taking on work seriously, and of course, making sure that he was needed or not.

[17:46] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “No,” Trentan’s eyes cleared, he felt his brother’s calming influence, but he gasped at the Warrior’s words. He lifts his chin, though his hands still shook. “We are the Caste of Metal Workers, we can not be forced to practice another Caste nor would we invoke the ire of the Priest-Kings,” he made the sign of the circle shakily, eyeballing the walls as he was -sure- they were closer, “to do so. You can not raise his Caste! You are damning him,” the panic he already had at the closed space was added to this. “We’ll all be blue flamed to death all if us!” He shakes his head. “I refuse to be absolved of charges,” he said clearly.

[17:48] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) paled and leaned in against the bars. “You’re sentencing me to caste work that isn’t my own?” He asks confused, and looks to his brother. “Is that not a council decision?” He asks, panic settling in his gut at the idea he’d be muscle for anything. “Four months…” He breathes.

[17:48] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes): “He definitely doesn’t refuse to be absolved either” He glares his brother down.
[17:49] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “YES I DO, do not speak for me,” glares back. “It was both of us.”
[17:49] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) spots Niall, “Help us.”

[17:51] Niall Carver (Bastnine) “I must tell you that they are correct. It is for a praetor or magistrate to determine any punishment they recive.”

[17:54] Niall Carver (Bastnine) felt some one walk behind him, and would pass his brother the scroll he had. “There was an incident involving these two metal workers,” He’d state that that was what they were. “I believe this falls into your jurisdiction.”

[17:55] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) looking at the brothers as he would approach the cell. “You are men, men of Gor. Under City Law any man is required to defend his homestone against any threat afar or within.” he said in a calm tone. “You can spout your faith of the Kings to me but Mjölnir betrays you.” he would tap the ‘Fang’ necklace on his own throat reminding the lads what they wore. “I have threats to Svago from the North, East and South.. under emergency authority provided to the head of my caste.. I can force enlistment of any man I deam worthy that will wear the color of Crimson in the defense of this homestone.” he said in a calm firm tone. “The council will back my decision.” he said simply as he looked to Alexander. “This is not a change of caste, when you are not on patrol or under the charge of a Officer of my Caste you are free to return home. Consider this a Service to your homestone. At the end of the four months, if you choose to return full time to the Caste of Metalworkers then so be it… if you decide you wish to
[17:55] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): remain a Warrior of Svago… depending on your service I will make that fight for you to change caste.” he said firmly and watched Drusus approach. “Preator.. back away from my cell…”

[17:56] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): nods his head in greeting to the commander and his brother as he steps into the room he walks over to the cell as he says “Tal” to both of them taking some scrolls from his brother he begins to read them over as he stands infront of the two brothers in the cell

[17:59] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods to Niall, thankful for him and listens actively to Pyrnir. He pushed lightly at his brother, who already had a limp of sorts and nods. “As long as I take full responsibility..” He silences seeing the Praetor and raises his chin as he sees the Commander having a bit of a aggressive nature about the situation. “Tal.” He says.

[17:59] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would take a step back. He knew the law, true, but it was Drusus’ calling to execute it. “Drusus is fulfilling his function, Commander. If you wish to stand in his way, I will be sure to inform the Administrator that the law was not duly allowed to proceed.” His words were quiet, but carried a bedrock solidity to them.

[18:00] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): looks up from the scroll at the commander then rolls his eyes and turns his head to the two brothers in the cage “what happen boys?”

[18:00] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) looks at the Warrior and absolutely one hundred percent has not a clue what he is talking about, when it comes to the tap to his fanged necklace, or the word Mjölnir , it is as obvious as Tor-tu-Gor on Thassa. His devotion to the Priest-Kings was total, and complete. However, the Warrior invoked the rights of Home Stone and -that- he understood. He visibly relaxed when it was told that he was not forcing a Caste change, even though the threat that the council would approve it was there. He turns to his brother and shakes his head, silently trying to talk him out of it in one of their rapid silent conversations.

[18:01] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Warrior, of course, were it to come to that my hammer is always in service to the Home Stone but I need my brother at my side…. and it was both ….” he trails off catching the glance from his brother and the Nial and the Praetor talking and his head hurt so badly. He pressed his forehead to the bars.

[18:06] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): finishes ready the scrolls and looks at the boys as he smiled getting a grasp of what happened “well you two have had a fun night havent you, but there is a bit of information on how this fight between you started?”

[18:06] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) rubs the bridge of his nose, he was a son of a High Magistrate of Ar, technicalities were used in the best of times to force able bodied men to serve the Empire as warriors of Ar. Granted most of the time they were fodder for front lines. “Charges were not filed officially, while a Incident Report was filed to mark that the men have been placed within the cell. The Jurisdiction of this matter falls upon the Caste of Warriors. Til such time civil charges have been filed against the two men.. they are taking a cell in my Captain’s own words .. ‘To cool off’ ” he said simply. “I am simply offering the Lads a way out of any charges by one of them serving the Homestone of Svago as a Guard. This benefits the Homestone and the two in question. I won’t remind you Scribes, that the security of this port falls within my jurisdiction and from what was just offered… it seems to be have accepted. Any formal charges of Damage of Property will fall to my caste and be tact on to the man’s service to Svago.” he said
[18:06] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): simply looking at Alexander. “Unless you rather deal with the Civility Nature of the charges that may be laid against.. both of you.”

[18:08] Niall Carver (Bastnine) It may be that the commander was the son of a magistrate, and that he knew the laws of Ar, but he was a warrior, and they were all in Svago. “Praetors have the authority to adjudicate any crime in the area they are charged to patrol, usually markets and docks. The decision is immediate. If the convicted wishes to appeal, their case will automatically go to trial.” Again Niall spoke quietly,

[18:09] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) looked to Drusus “It’s your show.. I have offered an approach that isn’t normally offered.. I leave it up to you.”

[18:12] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods to Pyr’s words. “I’d be able to practice my caste…but aid in defense of our city..” He looks between the men, trying to judge which he trusted more. Warriors that lived by blade or scribes that wrote sorcery and lived by those trails and strings of ink. “I wish no charges, I’d be much more inclined to defend the city and guard the streets of my Home Stone than to face any sort of trial…” He eyed the Praetor and Pyr, letting them duke out who’s word was law in this building.

[18:14] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): sighed softly as he stepped between the commander and the cells his eyes was starting to take on a look of death and doom to anyone who did not answer his question this time as he looked at the boys he smiled softly to them “im going to ask one more time how did the fight start? if you do not answer my question..” as he looked them over he screamed at them “I WILL FORCE YOUR CASTE CHANGED TO FUCKEN SLEEN SHIT SHOVLER!!”
[18:14] Meilin (kimmy2501) makes her way to the edge of the gathering, listening carefully but not making an issue of her presence.

[18:17] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) as the Warrior had explained it was not a change of Caste and Alex was not being damned, he was no longer protesting as loudly. He had fallen silent then. Watching the wall out of the corner of his eye but he was gaining control of himself by the Ihn. His pounding head made worse b the shouting. His steel blue eyes moved to the Praetor, and then Niall. He turns towards the Praetor, “Could you please not shout, Praetor? My head is killing me,” he said softly. “It started over … ” he trails off, trying to remember. He looks over at Alex and looks puzzled. Then back at the Praetor, “My brother said something to invoke my ire.”

[18:18] Niall Carver (Bastnine) would nod to Alexander. Drusus may consider the option if it was favorable. He’d keep his face composed as Drusus spoke to the two brothers in such a heated manner, though his mouth twitched slightly to the left.

[18:20] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) Raised a brow ‘Sleen Shit Shoveler’ he thought was that a caste… he just made kettle slaves do it. Taking in a deep breath, he had tried to offer a modified ‘Penel Collar’ moment and envoke Military Service for lesser crimes. Shame this wasn’t the Empire, but Svago was not at war.. she was on the brink of it. Martial Law couldn’t be enforced and he wasn’t the Ubar. Moving over to Pokey he would slap the man’s shoulder “You did good.” he said softly as he looked over the square.

[18:21] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) winces as the Praetor shouts and tilts his head to balance out the buzzing there. “I’m sure that sleen shit shovlers are a noble caste within themselves.” He speaks respectfully of the sleen trainers. His blue eyes, one obviously unwell looked over the man. “I insulted him, he did so back, I replied with a fist and that’s how fights tend to escalate.” He explains simply. “It was a family matter and I’ll be happy to see the damages to the Inn paid in full.” He watches Pyr move away, his grip on the bar a bit more harsh as he figured he’d be left with sorcerers now.

[18:23] pokey Zebberman smiles looking up ” I stopped two brother from breaking up the Inn and hurting each other no more no less a simple day of a Warrior ” looks up to the Commander ” it is Raining orr has the wind pick up something is in the Air” grins

[18:24] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): he suddenly let out a small laugh and smiled at both of them he had threatened a caste change to something unpleasent something he had no intention of backing up with action but he smiled softly at them deciding to keep that to himself “so you insulted him may i ask what was the insult?”

[18:28] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) clenches his jaw and took a moment to calm himself. “You could ask Praetor, but family business is for the family.” He speaks simply, he’d give absolutely nothing more than he had.

[18:28] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) pales completely. He looks at Alex and then the Praetor, “It is a family matter.” He knew somewhere this was probably not going to suffice. He leans looking after the Warrior, then back at Alex. He turns to face the Praetor then. “I will not speak against my brother.”

[18:33] Niall Carver (Bastnine) was curious about what started the fight, but he could also understand not wanting a family issue not being aired to the public. So far his conflicts with Gwyn had been largely private and he preferred it that way.

[18:34] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): lets out a chuckle admiring there loyalty to each other and how it had endured there fight he nodded his head in understand he would never speak out against his brother either “very well since you both seem to want to take responsibility here is what will happen, since you” he points at alex “started the fight you will pay for the property damages and other fee’s that is 40 copper tasks to the inn from broken items and two silver that was spent on braking up your fight you will also pay patrices bill of 10 copper for a total of 2 silver and 50 copper paid by weeks end to the inn if you should fail this i will double it” he then turned to trentan “you are metal workers? then your punishment for this will be to replace all the old metal in the inn with brand new ones for half price” he looked between them and then back at alex “i assume you will help your brother with that work to” he smiled at them this time “seem fair?”

[18:35] Niall Carver (Bastnine) nodded,”It seems so to me. The Inn will come out better for this conflict. These two,” He’d nod to the brothers,” Do good work, and with pride.”

[18:36] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) sighs loudly, his irritation growing. “Are we being charged with anything in particular, or are you giving us a suggestion, Praetor?” He spouts off. “Farewell, Niall…Oh, and I’d like to be let out now, Thank you.” He snaps a bit.

[18:37] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Alex,” he hisses.

[18:37] Meilin (kimmy2501) nods to herself, the Inn would be in good hands, and she would make the brothers feel welcome again once the reparations had been made. Whether or not they held a grudge, she would not.

[18:38] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “I will be glad to offer such restitutions, Praetor,” he announces loudly. But his gaze shifted to the Warrior, wondering if he Alex could have been better off.

[18:39] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): slowly turns his head to look at alex “damage of private property, damage of public property, disruption of the peace, assualt…do you want me to go on?”

[18:39] Niall Carver (Bastnine) stepped outside, smiling as he saw Joslyn,”Tal Sister. ” He’d extend that to the lady he’d not yet met,” And Lady. “

[18:41] Meilin (kimmy2501) moves silently back toward the Inn. She had work to do. She nods politely to Elysia Jolyn and Niall.

[18:42] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) slips a finger in his ear and wiggles it a bit and looks at his brother. “Do you want to press charges for our fists?” He asks him. “I don’t…so…I don’t believe assault applies.” He counted on his fingers. “We’ll pay for damages that’ve been accumulated.” He states easily as well but looks back to the man. “I saw a slave sucking off a man in the square and the noise disturbed my peace. Shall we give you names for their arrest as well?” He works his jaw. He was obviously tired of being in the cell. “I damaged a clay bowl worth maybe a copper a piece.” He speaks “So yes, what are my charges?” He could nearly be an advocate at this rate.

[18:44] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) turns and once more tries to grapple his brother, “What in the Kings name is -wrong- with you?” this time though it is with a lot less force, instead he is trying to get his attention, they were so close to getting out of this ever-closing cell he could taste it and his brother just had to just. keep. talking. “Stop it.”

[18:44] Niall Carver (Bastnine) looked back to the door, wondering if perhaps Joslyn was speaking out to Drusus.” It seems business as usual…” He’d offer. “perhaps I can escort you home and you can tell me of what you’ve heard of my adventures.”

[18:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) shrugs “The offer was on the table.. you never officially accepted it. Now you don’t have that choice.” he said simply looking at Pokey. “I don’t like to force my officers to do what is needed. A man’s heart has to be in the way he commands.. and I’m asking you to command men that you will have to lead into battle.. they have to trust and respect you.. a forced man in chains will do what he is told yes… but he is nothing be a pawn. I don’t see you as a pawn, I see you as someone who can lead but your heart has to be in it.” he said simply looking at Pokey. “You want a replacement, you train them.. then I’ll bust your ass all the way back to Warrior and you can live the rest of your days in peace in what ever shack you deem worthy to park your ass in.” he said simply and looked back towards the cells. Scribes, never saw the greater picture… shaking his head he looked at Pokey. “Captain… open recruitment. Any man willing to stand and fight.. I am willing to make a fight for them to change caste. You
[18:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): find someone willing, you put them through the ringer and see if they would be worthy to stand as one of us… ” he said simply as he look back towards the Hayford boys. Both of them would made fine War Engineers, specially Alexander. Something about the lad, spoke of a man of Honor and one who could lead otthers.
[18:45] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): a smile spread across his face as he watched them curiously he then turns to to warriors “let this one” points at trentan “out he has accepted his punishment and im sure is eager to get to work you can leave the other one in there a bit longer seems he has not calmed down from the fight just yet and wants to start another”

[18:49] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) Trent held his brother still for a moment, he was listening to the Warrior in the distance, any man. He turns to look at his brother for a few Ihn. This would be a conversation, but not here. Not now. He turns to the Praetor and swallows hearing him grant his release from this blasted cell but he steeled himself, and took a deep breath. “Not without my brother.”

[18:49] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) shut up a bit too late and looks over his brother, his bloody eye hurting a bit and he took to winking at the man. “Go on. See to my companion and slave.” He said, squeezing his brother’s shoulder. ” I intend to do what I can so no punishment is made.” He mutters under his breath before looking over Drusus. “I will pay…I’ll be paying for an advocate of the caste I hate, unless the offer the Commander of Svago has given still stands.” He stood proud, his jaw set and inclines his head, a proud man with a ravaged face. “If that’s all you need from me Praetor?”

[18:51] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): suddenly let out a loud booming laugh as he watched them “oh interesting so you want to serve the warrior caste and have them pay your debt?” he chuckled to himself as he thaught about it for a little bit then shrugged his shoulders and waved the commander over to him “commander i have a propasistion for you”

[18:51] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) slapping Pokey on the shoulder he would move over to Drusus. Pyr would pull the coin purse from his belt and fish out four silver. Handing it palm up towards the Praetor. “What is owed by them.” he said simply as he would look to both of the Hayford boys and then to Drusus. “My coin is good as any other…” he said simply, hearing Alex, this was the only legal way he could possibly get the man to serve. “This is Two Months Wages on a Guard Posting that hasn’t been accept fully into the Warriors.. incidentally.. same wages I pay my son.”

[18:53] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): looks down at the four silver coins he tilted his head then shrugged and took them from pyr “very well alex is yours Commander trentan get to work on fixing up the inn’s metal”

[18:54] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) looks at Alex, ‘are you sure’? his bruised face read.

[18:55] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) slowly made his way towards the lower districts office. The Warrior looks worse for wear, heavy ags under his eyes… Was that a branch stuck in his cloak? Either way the man came to a halt at the sight of Joslyn and Nial and offered them a nod of his head, “Tal.” he offered, before his gaze traveled to the office for a moment.

[18:55] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): smiled to alex as he looked down at the coins “i will see to it that your share of these four coins makes it to the inn so your damages to it are paid in full”

[18:57] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) nods and looks at Pyr. “I’ll do it.” His gaze turns to his brother and he shrugs. “Much better than making our wares and it being free, isn’t it?” He says and glances back to the Commander. “I’d like to see to my face before attending to my new duties. Tomorrow?” He asks. “If I can get out of this blasted cell.”

[18:57] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) looked over his shoulder as Joslyn passed him and then shot a glance over to Niall in light question of the matter, but said nothing and would head inside to see what all the commotion was about..

[18:58] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) lets go of his brother then, he’s stopped running his mouth hotly and the Warrior seemed sensible, and after all he was not being forced to change Caste, and Trent was hoping this would be good for him in the long run. He flexes his calloused fingers, as if he were already working the metal grating of the Inn, he moved to the door, steel blue eyes looking to either man for a key.

[18:58] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) he would nod simply as he had placed a bit of extra silver into Drusus hand to make this official. Next Council meeting was going to be interesting in the least.. moving over to the cell he would pull the key ring from his belt. “Trentan your out first.” he said firmly looking at Alexander, he would hold the man for a moment to have word for him before dismissing him for the night.

[19:00] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) walked behind his brother but wouldn’t make a move to leave unless he was told to. He wouldn’t be pissing off everyone today when the deal was the best he’d get. He put his hand to his brother’s back. “I’ll be starving. Maybe Patrice will have some of those tart things with the fruit in it.” He offers, giving the man something to look forward to.

[19:01] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) hesitates, looking up at the Warrior, the man was taller than him and he eyed him for a half-Ihn though it was ridiculous. Trentan had the brute force of a Metal Worker behind him, as did Alex, given the proof of bruises on bother their faces. As much as he longed to get out of this cell that he was -sure- was smaller even now, he stopped just inside. “Why?” It was not sullen, or fearful, or even disrespectful. He shielded his brother even then.
[19:02] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) he knew he had no way to stop a skilled Warrior for getting at or hurting Alex but he’d be the rock that stemmed the flow all the same.

[19:03] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) looked at Trentan, admiring the man’s loyalty to his brother even in a situation where his mind would think the walls were closing in on him. “You are a honorable man and a loving brother… I give you my oath as the Commander of Svago and a man of Gor… I will not allow harm to come to your brother under my charge.. I am to speak to my new guard of expectations and nothing more. I will send him along shortly… ” he said softly looking at Trentan. “Alexander Hayford, step from the cell and place your back against the bars facing the Preator.” he gave clear and precise instructions, also showing Trentan that he was allowing Alex to step from the cell.

[19:04] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) reaches out and grasps the Warrior’s forearm and gave it a squeeze, if there was gratitude in his steel blue eyes he would not let the man see it for long. He steps from the cell and passes the Warriors, but he didn’t go too far.

[19:05] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): smiles softly and nods his head to the commander then the brothers “i shall see to the paperwork and make sure the other scribes know this has been delt with and on my way i will pay your debt alex to the inn that the nice commander has paid for”
[19:06] Drusus Carver (leroo Baily): waved his hand to them as he turned to leave “be safe and have fun”

[19:06] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) came to stand inside the office and readjusted the helmet kept under his arm, “Commander.” he said and would look to the others present, offering them a nod of his head in kind before his gaze fell back upon Pyrnir. Aetius looked rough on the eye, like he had just tracked for severals days at a time and it was all clear to be read from his facial expression…

[19:07] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) couldn’t stop the smile on his face as his brother made an attempt at the least to protect him. He moves and follows the instruction of Pyr and settles quietly against the bars, just happy to be on the other side of them. He was horribly sore, pained, but he held himself tall and takes a deep breath. “Gratitude for your handling of my brother. He is a good man.”

[19:12] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) goes to wait by the wall, one palm pressed to his temple where his brother had introduced a clay bowl it it. Steel blue eyes searched the busy streets. At some point, maybe a Physician would come into play here but he waited.

[19:13] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) taking in a deep breath as Drusus left “Scribes..” he muttered under his beard before turning his eyes towards Alexander. “Alexander Hayford, the Warriors Caste has paid your fines in the sum of Four Silvers. Under authority of the Council of Svago and by Caste Law I am subjugating you to Military Service in repayment to the Warriors Caste of Svago. You are hereby appointed a Guard of the Lower City at the pay of 1 silver a month. You will answer directly to the officers appointed above you and your acting Captain will be that of Aetius Vita. He will see you are properly accessed, trained and attired. Such items of our caste are on loan to you through the duration of your service. If at the end of your service, you choose to stay within the ranks… I will at that time access the assessment reports provided to me by the officers appointed above you and see if you are worthy of changing caste. You are a Metal Worker, and by the fines I just paid.. you can dish a hit while taking one.. ” he would pause
[19:13] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw): looking at the man. “Swear your oath that you Alexander Hayford, will obey and uphold the Laws of Svago, serve and protect the Homestone with your life from all threats foreign and domestic through the duration of your service or the debt that was paid is paid in full.” he said in a firm tone.

[19:18] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) listens very carefully as this was a drastic change in his life. He turns his head to the other man that was there and inclines it in a silent greeting. “I understand the state of what is expected of me.” He turns to look up at the Commander, maybe he’d get what they were fed. Though his blue eyes were hard, pained, but the seriousness of the situation called for the harsh look he was given. “I, Alexander Hayford, do so give my oath to uphold the laws of Svago and protect the city and its Home Stone with my body, my life if need be. I will serve my home with the iron heart I was born with.” He stood just a bit taller, proudly when discussing such a serious thing as Home Stones.

[19:20] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) slowly started to get an idea what this was about and looked toward Trentan for a moment, “Who won?” he simply asked as his steely gaze went for one busted face to the other before settling upon Alexander, “That would be me.” he said and turned his attention to Pyrnir, “Do we give him a spoon or a sword?” he asked then in a light raise of his brows. Surely Pyr knew what he meant.

[19:21] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Alexander won,” Trentan was not ashamed of this, for his younger brother had clearly moved faster, even if Trentan hit harder, but it was Alex’s swift wit that spoke the words needed to over anger Trentan in just the right way to make him lose his sensibility, and Trentan knew it.

[19:23] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) he would nod taking the man’s oath as good as steel. “I, Pyrnir Ala’Bandit, Commander of the First and Second Fleet of Svago and Head of Caste of the Warriors of Svago.. Accept your Oath and hold you to it. You are dismissed to seek medical attention, when you are able you are to report to Captain Vita for assessment.” he said in a calm but firm tone. “Captain, treat this man as any recruit seeking our caste.. but I want him on patrol properly attired.” he said simply and looked back to Alexander. “When your earn your right to stand a guard, that’s when your time of service starts… ” he said with a sly smile crossing his lips. Pyrnir was a Bandit, he knew how to use coin, trick women into submission and get what was needed in the most desperate of times.

[19:25] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) turns his gaze back to the man that was now identified as Aetius. “I make the swords you swing and the arrow tips you bury in your enemies.” He says with a sharp tongue. His head was the anvil and the wounds to it was the hammer. “If I do not know at least which side goes in the bad guy, I think I’d have more than one problem.” He was blunt, if anything. He turned back to Pyr and listened with a dreadful nod. “Physicians…” He says with as much affection as the Commander had called out scribes. “I’d like…to shower and sleep in a bed that is my own first. I’ll seek out Aetius” He looks back to the man. “Upon my waking. My face will heal.” His gaze darts to the door, ready to be gone.

[19:29] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov) nodded firmly upon Trentan’s words and managed a light grin, “Dually noted.” he said and would dip his head to Pyrnir, “Very well.” he said and would turn his gaze for Alexander, “Find me at the Warrior’s hall tomorrow. I’ll get you properly suited. As for your wounds, you may see more of them during your assessment.” he told.

[19:30] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (Lextonian Snowpaw) would take in a deep breath “Honor and Steel” he would call out ot the warriors within earshot as he started to depart. Wondering if this was going to go over well with the council. For now, he felt a small victory was had.. for the moment he would enjoy it.

[19:31] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford): “Thank you, Warrior,” he said quietly as the man passed him.

[19:31] Alexander Hayford (HereForFunTimes) narrows his gaze at the thought of getting even more wounds and nods. He’d already sworn himself. “Very well.” He said simply. He’d taken much worse in his time. Upon the Commanders leave, he’d follow suit, gripping his brother’s shoulder. “Home.” He said almost desperately.

[19:33] Trentan Hayford (TrentanHayford) nods once. He thought they’d never get out of that blasted cage. He heard the idea of more wounds but …. Alex had grown up taking hits. This time, he prayed to the Priest-Kings it was for a more honorable reason. “Yes.” He looks at Aetius curiously once, but he turns away.

[19:33] Aetius Rufus Vita (Igor Rechkalov): “Honor and steel.” he bid them and too would take his leave then so.

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