Bruised Pride & Knuckles

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Bruised Pride & Knuckles

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[2019/04/08 17:39] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Brother!” He calls even as he is a few feet away. His steel blue eyes rests on his brother’s sword and nods. He lifts his hand to Latha in a greeting before he eyes the slave at his brother’s feet, “Swindle,” he acknowledges.

[2019/04/08 17:40] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): When the slave (NPC) returned with her drink of tea, she would reach down for it and place the saucer on her lap. It was not ideal for drinking tea, but she was trying to adapt to the lifestyle of her father and new stepmother. She gave it a careful sip, lifting the many layers of her veil in order to do so. “How kind of you, but I may leave the caste for good now. Maybe even join my stepmother here!” she suggested as another man started to join them, she would give him a polite nod in greeting.

[2019/04/08 17:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me peers around the sign, and nods in return to the other Lady there.

[2019/04/08 17:43] Latha (elise.larimore): “That sounds good, Alex. And yes, Swindle, if you’re good, you may eat the leftovers.” She looked to Alex. “I allow my own slaves to eat the leftovers when they are hungry. If that’s agreeable to you, I’ll let Swindle do it, too.” She raised her hand in a return greeting to Trent, then turned to Zaida. “What do you mean – work here? You’d give up being high caste to work in the inn? How did you even become high caste anyway? Kron is a peasant.” Then she wondered if Zaida had companioned up.

[2019/04/08 17:44] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me felt the tug to his tunic and rolls his eyes. “You insult me and want tasty treats. You’ll be thankful for the vulo feet.” He comments and looks at his brother, noting where his gaze went. “Tal, you’ve risen from bed.” He comments about the man sleeping more and more lately. Hearing Zaida his eyebrows raise. “Lower caste? You must really dislike and abhor your caste.” He comments offhandedly. “She can consume leftovers if you promise not to spoil her. She’s had nothing but gruel and water in my care.” He points to the kitchen area. “Go make my family dinner and prepare it, Mine. Pat will be along as soon as she catches a whiff of food.”

[2019/04/08 17:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me wipes the back of his mouth, totally caught out. Did he smell like paga too? He wipes the guilty look off his face and crosses his arms over his chest. “I can sleep if I like, I do enough work around here.” He was gruff sounding, less jovial than his usual self. But still his eyes softened a bit when he heard Pat would join them soon.

[2019/04/08 17:47] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me wiggles happily at the notion she would get leftovers! Then of course, Alex overruled Latha and she pouted all pretty like … then, then he changed his mind! “Oh I will be good, both of you, I promise!” nodded her head up and down, perhaps already dreaming of ramberry tarts. She was dismissed and sent to the kitchen, pushing to her feet trying to keep up with it all. Turned at the sound of a familiar one word greeting, and glanced over, offering her own with a little grin. “Master.”

[2019/04/08 17:48] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): “I do not abhor my caste. It is all I know. But I believe the bonds of family are stronger than caste, and perhaps I should join my blood!” she returned in reply at the man’s comment, before her eyes flickered back to her stepmother’s unveiled face, “My mother was of higher caste than my Father. Her mother was a green and her father was a commander of Hochburg. They were not keen on the idea, but I suppose Kron had a way of getting what he wanted”. She said, giving her tea another sip. She only knew vague details of the companionship, her mother shielding her from it.

[2019/04/08 17:51] Latha (elise.larimore): “But … you take your father’s caste. I don’t understand. And she was a green what?” Latha looked longingly back at Swindle, wishing Alex hadn’t commanded her to fix the family food. Latha could really use a kal-da talking to Kron’s daughter. She turned her head to the two men. “You can come in and make yourselves comfortable, you know. Trent, that chamomile tea is still an open offer. I noticed you were still limping at the meeting.”

[2019/04/08 17:52] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me heard his brother and fought down the bit of disdain he felt at the comment. His eyes watch the slave patter off with elation and couldn’t help the tug at the corner of his lip. He felt a hot lead at the physician’s comment settle in his gut. “Ah, us of the metal worker’s you’ll find are most proud of our caste. We are taught that our caste is our family from birth.” He comments not unkindly. He moves slowly into the Inn, his back to the paga reeking brother of his and felt his shoulders tense with irritation. “ do plenty of work. I wonder if that is why there were molten piles of metal that’d seeped through a caste that was left in the forge!” He snaps with a dismissive tone. He moved to drop right onto a pillowed cushion. “Thank you, Latha. I appreciate the invitation.” He leans back and sighs. “Swindle, bring wine with whatever you serve me.” He commands off hand.

[2019/04/08 17:54] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me narrows his blue eyes at Alex’s back, but he chose to say nothing. He turns instead to Lady Latha, clear blue eyes looking at her and Zaida for a few Ihn, only half following the conversation. “Thank you, Lady,” he says. “My leg is better but I do have a bit of a headache,” he admits. He follows his brother inside the Inn with a glance at Swindle, “That tea will be good.”

[2019/04/08 17:54] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me wasn’t stupid and already had set to multi-tasking, one heap full of spices for the drink pop and one for the tarsk chops. Hummed as she set the former onto the flames, and the latter was set on the grill. Peeks into the various things on the stove, seeing a collection of root vegetables as per usual. Grabs some hard larma, diced it and set it to boil on the stove. “Wine, of course my Master.” Seemed content enough in the kitchen, obviously enjoying pottering about cooking things. Glanced up when tea was also added to the menu, and on went a pot of water. She needed more hands.

[2019/04/08 17:58] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me fiddle with her saucer. She didn’t know that sense of pride yet that stirred the man to passionate words. She hardly knew herself or her own linage till recently. Perhaps she should stick with the greens? She was not sure either way, her youth and inexperience at life worked against her. She didn’t say anything in reply to him, just listened and waited for the man to move off to the table with his brothers. Looking to Latha with a slight shrug of her shoulders. “I was trained under my grandmother. I did not know Kron or that he was my father, it was guarded secret even from him”.

[2019/04/08 18:01] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me hummed a tuneless melody as she tasted the softened larma, sprinkling in a small handful of sugar and stirring it. Carefully flipped over each of the tarsk chops, stirred the kal-da, and set a pouch of chamomile leaves into the pot to steep for the tea. Grabbed a tray, sliding it onto the counter and grabbed a bottle of Svago wine and poured a liberal amount into a goblet. Set a rep cloth and eating utensils for three upon it, along with three plates. Padded over to the innkeeper, presenting her with a bowl of extra hot, extra spicy kal-da while the meal finished cooking.
[2019/04/08 18:05] Latha (elise.larimore): “He did tell me that he didn’t know he had a daughter. It seems it was kept from him, too.” She looked up at Swindle, looked longingly at the bowl of kal-da, but simply said, “Have you served your master his drink yet?”

[2019/04/08 18:06] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me was happy enough to look over at his slave as he made the food, his blue eyes glaring down at his brother every so often. “Do you choose now to go to the tavern yourself?” He asks a bit hot headed. “You get the forge you wanted and this is how you act?”He clenches his jaw. “I went to the forge this morning. Seeing the state of it, Father would’ve…” He let it trail off, his lip curling in anger.

[2019/04/08 18:07] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me put his calloused hand on the table a little too loudly, “Dare you lecture me, -younger- brother?! You spend enough time in the tavern yourself,” he practically growled back. But he forced his shoulders to visibly relax. “I was in a middle of a project….” he trails off, because he had forgotten why he left without cleaning up as he usually does.

[2019/04/08 18:08] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me shakes her head. “No Mistress, he asked for it with his meal which is still finishing cooking. I figured since this was ready I would deliver it and manage my time efficiently. Though if I dally, then it might burn ..” trailed off, trying to offer the drink one more time before heading back into the kitchen.

[2019/04/08 18:08] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me pushes the loose strands of hair off her face while making her way into the inn. The smell of fresh foods making her mouth water for the first time in what felt like awhile. She offers a smile to the woman in the chairs as she starts looking around for familiar face. “Alexander! Trentan! I wasn’t expecting to see you both here. Mind if I join you…?” Sniffing at the air she moves over besides her companion and takes a seat before she gives them a chance to respond. Though hearing the mood of the pair of them she already starts to second guess herself.

[2019/04/08 18:11] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): “Pride I think? My mother’s family is quiet proud of their heritage. Kron probably knows more details about the companionship than I. My mother refuses to answers my questions to this day. Catching him in a mood to tell me has not been easy….”she answered, lowering her voice some with the private nature of the conversation. When the the men’s strong voices lifted towards her, she would dart her eyes in their direction for a moment to see which man it might have been speaking with anger.
[2019/04/08 18:11] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): quite*

[2019/04/08 18:13] Latha (elise.larimore): This seemed to satisfy Latha. “Then that is all well, Swindle.” She dearly loved the kajira’s kal-da, took it, breathed in it’s aroma and took a sip. “Don’t let the food burn.” She turned back to Zaida. “Well, there is a lot to learn to work in the inn. I suppose I could teach you if you are serious. But you would have to ask the High Council to change caste and then seek the merchants’ approval. Being careful with the bowl, Latha stood. “And as for Kron … perhaps one day he’ll tell you.” As Latha thought about it, she remembered some of Kron’s words, but she wasn’t about to disabuse Zaida of the notions she had. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to see to the overnight guests.” She headed up the stairs, giving Trent and Alex and Patrice a nod of goodbye as she went.

[2019/04/08 18:14] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me fought the urge to jump as the palm slams against the table a bit too hard, jostling the items that sat upon it. “Mind yourself.” He speaks lowly and stands. “Patrice.” He breathes, looking over her dress and finding her fetching, on this rare occasion. “Dinner will be along, please join us.” He stayed standing a moment, gripping his hands into fists. “Why ask me if I’ve been to a tavern, when you know you’d have seen me there.” He backhands. “Leave the forge in that state, project of not…” He lets that threat trail off. “You best fall in line.” It was something their father had said often, something that’d been ingrained.

[2019/04/08 18:16] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me stood as Patrice joined the table, murmuring a Tal. His head jerked back when Alex backhanded him though. He turns steel blue eyes back to him slowly, all the anger building up again in his shoulders, and when he said that phrase. That. Phrase. His lip curled too. “Maybe it is you that best fall in line … brother,” no where in the history of the world has “brother” sounded more like “asshole.”

[2019/04/08 18:16] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me chuckled and turned on her heel, finding comfort in the familiarity of serving the redhead her favorite drink. Scurried back to the kitchen, checking the meat once more, splashed some wine into the pan and then slid it into the oven for the finishing touch. The apples were ready, drained and then whisked into a lumpy puree which was then strained before being ladled onto the side of each plate. A healthy dose of root vegetables, and then a few broiled suls, sprinkled with salt and a dollop of butter. Pulled the tarsk from the oven and set two of the large portions of single-boned meat. Carried the heavy tray, seemingly oblivious to the tension in the room. “Food!” she sang out happily, placing the offerings onto the table. “Who wants pan-seared tarsk chops, vegetables with butter?!”

[2019/04/08 18:18] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me pushed herself to her feet, “I will see myself around the place and try to get a feel for things!” she offered, trying to be useful, and adding, “I don’t think it will be an issue, the woman of the caste is mad in the head, and thinks me spy already. She is ready with her boot…”she said with a little laugh. This would be interesting, she was not trained in anything domestic besides arranging flowers. “Thank you, Stepmother. Be well!”

[2019/04/08 18:20] Latha (elise.larimore): /me froze at the foot of the stairs, every muscle in her back going rigid. “Latha. My name is Latha.” Then she was gone.

[2019/04/08 18:22] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me almost jumps out of her seat at the slam of his hands to the table. “Alexan…” She swallows back a squeak and it stops right there not daring to say what it was she was going to. Green eyes move from brother to brother not knowing what it was she had waltzed in on but found herself grabbing one of the spoons on her belt. But when the kajira came over with what smelled so good she was quick to point to this side of the table and mouthed ‘Over here!” to her at once.

[2019/04/08 18:26] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me felt his back go rigid when the man tried to pull rank and how he regarded him. He didn’t do anything wrong!! His knuckles went white and he found himself side stepping in front of his slave who jolted him, making him jerk at her loud proclamation of food. “Serve my companion.” He speaks to Swindle before his hand moves to Trent to point right at his chest, not touching. “You left the forge in a havoc. What are you doing? There’s metal that will take hours and days to purify now.” He snarls at him, voice raising a decibel. “Take responsibility for your wrong doings!”

[2019/04/08 18:28] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me side steps the slave and gets in his brother’s face, almost. His finger is pushed back into his chest, not touch yet either but he growls. “I can leave the forge in any manner I so choose!” His brows lifted though, because he -really- did not recall leaving it a shambles. Which is not a good sign, either someone had come in and done something or he was losing his marbles. Both cases were bad but in Trent’s current state of mind he was not about to slow down. “Purify it then,” he says all too flippantly and pokes his brother’s chest lightly.

[2019/04/08 18:28] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me comes down stairs at the sounds of angry voices and observes for a moment from the bottom of the stairs.

[2019/04/08 18:29] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me jumped, obviously having missed that the lady had entered, gave her a big grin as though she didn’t have spoons at the ready. “Well greetings to you Mistress.” she says happily, moving at her direction. “I have seared tarsk chops, along with some vegetables and hard-larma puree. I um … didn’t bring you a drink but if you just tell me what it is you like, I can get it immediately.” She nodded, offering one of the plats and some utensils to the baker. Glanced over when the metalworker commanded her to do exactly what she had been doing, but otherwise steers right clear out of whatever drama was unfolding there. Seems Pat had saved her from being stepped on, and possibly caught in the middle of the squabble.

[2019/04/08 18:34] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me’s hand reaches out to Alexander as if her touch might calm him in the least bit but as the men got into each other’s faces she was quick to blurt out, “Please.. Alexander, Trentan. Please sit. Doesn’t this smell.. just .. ” It was a lost cause trying to talk to them and the only thought now she had was to save the food that smelled so heavenly. With the spoon in hand she tapped the right side of her for the slave to move to getting her even more out of the way. “Drink.. yes… ummm.. just wait.” She couldn’t stop staring at what was going on and the drink just wasn’t what was first on her mind. “This isn’t like the two of you. Please! You are brothers!” Her words coming out very heartfelt and almost frantic.

[2019/04/08 18:35] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me observes the High caste woman enter and breaks her gaze from the ‘discussion’ that she has been watching intently. “Tal Lady, may I be of any assistance to you.” She offers a friendly smile in contrast to the somewhat heated exchange.

[2019/04/08 18:36] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me raises his brows, heat beginning to radiate off him and his hands were shoving his brother’s shoulders before he knew what was happening. “You can do what you like?” He snaps, his whole body moving right into the man, anger falling off him in waves. He couldn’t believe how flippant, how he didn’t care about their caste, their lives to such a degree. Alex was furious. They’d been breaking their own backs to make a comfortable life in Svago and he’d stopped going to the tavern even! He’d pounded out five thousand and something nails, more because he couldn’t count that high and blood rushed into his ears, pounding his pulse against his ear drums. Before he even knew it himself, he was swining his left fist right at his brother’s cheek.

[2019/04/08 18:38] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me had turned towards the Lady and nodded, trying to regain his composure. She was right, and not the first time someone has observed he was not acting himself and his brows touched together. He took a deep breath and that was when he became aware of his brother’s fist aiming for his cheek. It connected soundly and his head jerked back. He gasped and collected himself. When he turned back to his brother, the disgust on his face was probably more than a blow than any punch he could return. That was until these words, “Ah. Now, you are speaking Father’s language.”

[2019/04/08 18:39] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me would have surely died of shock, because a spoon was drawn and it hit something other than her. Not to mention, she was being moved out of harms way. It seemed Alex was right, food was the secret to keeping Pat happy. Hmmm … “Yes Mistress,” she says softly, not wanting to interrupt further the brewing trouble between the usually peaceful family. Visibly flinched when the first blow landed, and she set the tray well away. Mouth fell open in obvious shock, not knowing what to do in the slightest. She wanted to go to Alex, to do something — anything … but the lady told her to position and so there she stayed, looking back and forward like it were a ping pong match.

[2019/04/08 18:41] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me steps forward as soon as the blow is sent, “Sirs!” She demands in a tone that would surprise coming from a slight woman. “This establishment is not a tavern!” She almost spits the last word. “All are welcome at the round ship, but violence is not tolerated in this establishment.!” She speaks firmly but not rudely as though laying out the rules to children. “If you are going to brawl…” She points to the docks, “Take it outside.” She flashes an apologetic glance at the high caste woman.

[2019/04/08 18:43] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me had started to make herself busy, moving to speak with Onion about what made the inn work, but came to a pause. She glanced at the men just in time to see the fist meet the face of the other brother. “Oh, dear!” she whispered to herself, pulling at the ends of her sleeves nervously. She wondered if she should render the man help but he seemed to make a fast recovery from the blow.

[2019/04/08 18:44] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me screams soon as the punch landed, “ALEXANDER!!” Her voice going shrill not that he would care. “PLEASE!!!” She wouldn’t dare move to them when they were both being as they were. “You are brothers!!” She couldn’t help it though the food got her attention and she immediately snapped at the slave, “Bring it closer.” It was almost like a show and she needed a snack, it had been many many Ahn, more like two but she was starving. “Please take a breath! Sit down!” Her voice was serious and pleading at the same time. Part of her wanted to get up and come between them but she was also in self protect more.

[2019/04/08 18:44] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me stopped short when realization hit him like an ice bucket, the searing jolt rushing up the arm that’d swung at his brother with. He couldn’t believe he’d done that. But his brother’s words, the comparison to their father made him ignite once more. “You bastard” he snarls. “If you hadn’t of had ideas beyond your station and went off to companion outside of what he wanted I wouldn’t have bloody well turned out like this.” He snarls, the Inn keeper’s words falling on deaf ears. “The Priest Kings took care of that though didn’t they!?” He snaps out and his arm swung again.

[2019/04/08 18:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me’s the women’s pleas faded out and he focused on Alexander, when once more he is hit. His steel blue eyes widened at him. “How dare you,” he hissed. “How. Dare. You?!” He said again, his fingers curling into a fist. He went for him then like savage beast, hands moving of their own accord and tried to grapple him.

[2019/04/08 18:48] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me heard the woman shout in one moment, and then demand food in the next. Was barely able to snap out of it long enough to shift back toward the baker. She offered up the plate, pointing to each item again as she wafted it between the lady’s nose. Winced as she heard Meilin’s demands the men step outside, not even daring to look in that direction. There was no good that could come from this, well, except maybe scoring some brownie points with the brunette.

[2019/04/08 18:48] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me snarled now in anger as the men continued to brawl. “Stop this NOW!” she points to the door, “I will not tell you again!” Get out of this Inn if you cannot control your anger! or I will call the guard to throw you out!”

[2019/04/08 18:51] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me blindly grabs at the food and starts devouring it like it was her last meal. And the way this was going it very well could be in the inn at least. As the woman continued to scream at them and the hits kept coming the food quickly disappeared in her mouth as she shriveled back against the cushions. “TRENTAN!!!” Patrice was full out screaming between the bites, “STOP THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE!” Finally she realized what Alexander had said and all she could do was gasp loud choking on some small bit of food a moment. Looking at the slave she hacks and swings the spoon, ‘DRINK” her voice getting raspy as tears come to her eyes. “Har-ta!”

[2019/04/08 18:53] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me snarls right back at the man even as he came at him, losing footing he fell backwards upon the flat of his back, swinging at Trent’s face, every blow he landed sending shocks to his elbow. “You” He swings again. “Lazy” He swings once more. “Bosk” Swings. “Piece of SHIT” he wriggled under the man, trying to get free from the grappling and definitely not hearing anyone around them from the sounds of screaming.

[2019/04/08 18:54] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me gave a gentle swat to onion as she seemed to linger in front of her and blocked her view of the brothers. She was stunned and bit nervous, but even more was fascinated by what was happening. In the towers, she would hear gossip of what was happening and would eat it up just for a bit of reality beyond the ivory. One even lacked a shirt, like the tales of the drunk and disorderly men. Though, it was not over some wanton slave-girl like most of the stories she had been told. Zaida kept her eyes locked on the brothers as they continued to grapple.

[2019/04/08 18:54] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me moves immediately to summons the guards to deal with these bosk headed fools.

[2019/04/08 18:54] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me is on his chest in an instant pummeling at his face, “I left Venna for you. I stood in his way so many times. FOR YOU. AND YOU DARE BRING HER UP?” He’s shouting his head off at him. “NEVER. NEVER, ALEXANDAR.” He stops making any damn sense as he punches at him again.

[2019/04/08 18:56] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me was beyond merely miffed, she was a mix of dumbfounded and outright angry. Her steps would take her past the inn, and she would slow, curiosity outweighing her ire if even for an ehn, and she would approach to none-so-subtly eavesdrop. It’s then she hears the yelling, and reflex has her stepping towards the fray rather than away. But she hesitates, her words caught in her throat, and she watches, stunned…

[2019/04/08 18:58] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me jumped up to her feet when she was ordered to get water. She just so happened to brush right by the men, and paused by the pair of them. The next blow hand been thrown, and they were continuing to let things escalate. Rested a palm against Alex’s cheek, and then would try to stroke it lightly over his shoulder if he didn’t shake it off. Leaned in to press the lightest kiss to the palm of his hand, or attempted to anyways trying to sooth his temper or at the least distract him. Would move on toward the kitchen though for the drink unless he suddenly decided there were other things to do than fight

[2019/04/08 18:59] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me flounders under the onslaught of fists being pummeled into his face. His nose cracks harshly, stars spraying with blood into his vision, but even he keeps swinging with his left arm, his right slapping at the floorboards, seeking anything. A hit to his brow made his howl in rage, and he noticed his sight was blurring quickly enough. He takes hold of something, anything, and came up with a bowl that’d been knocked off the table earlier. He swings it, the clay thing smashing against his brother’s head and spits blood up at him. “Do me favors! You wanted under his thumb as much as I did!” He snarls out, trying to kick him back off.

[2019/04/08 19:00] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me returns with Octavius, she points angrily at the men. “These two fools.” She implores Octavius, “This is not a tavern… violence is not tolerated at the Inn. PLease Ocatvius…”

[2019/04/08 19:02] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me see stars exploding in his vision as the clay bowl connects and sends him whirling. The darkness threatens to envelop him and he falls to the side amongst the shatters of the bowl, narrowing missing the slave that passed them. He gasps on the floor, rolling to his side but his hand comes up and grips Alex’s toga. “It was always for you,” wheezes, “do not speak of her,” even in this state he’s still trying to tell him what to do. The tears on his face are not entirely from the physical pain.

[2019/04/08 19:02] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me coughs out the half chewed piece of food to send flying across the table. Hands cover her face as the fight amps up and blood starts to fly. Her mouth falls open letting out panicked screams, “STOP IT!! BOTH OF YOU!!” When the bowl is broken and pieces go flying she scoots back against the pillows and even uses one as a shield.

[2019/04/08 19:03] pokey Zebberman: /me walks in looking around wondering what was going on

[2019/04/08 19:04] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me moved on past the pair of them and into the kitchen. Looked up as the warriors arrived. Sighed long and hard suffering, having a feeling that someone was going to be spending the evening in jail, somewhere. Couldn’t help but snicker when the backer used a pillow as a shied.

[2019/04/08 19:04] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would enter the inn after the lady informs him on whats going ” gentlemen ” he would say to the two men, ” come we settle in the area, a way of honor and ill buy you both paga after”

[2019/04/08 19:04] TahliaBlue: /me had thought of relaxing at the Inn, but hearing and seeing an argument, she passes it and then stops a bit away. When others come and seems to try to calm things down, she slowly moves closer, curious as she is. Mumbles “This is supposed to be a pieceful city.”
[2019/04/08 19:04] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): Arena *

[2019/04/08 19:06] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me wheezes, upon his back and tries to collect where he was in everything. He’d felt a hand touch his bloody cheek but it didn’t stop him from rolling haphazardly towards the pull on his clothing and raise his fist high, bringing it down on his elder’s face. “You.” He breathes hard, his own blood coming down his lips and down his chin. “Liar.” He snaps and clasps his hand around the man’s throat, getting better leverage as he continues to pump his fist right into his brother’s face. “You, fucking liar.” He was exhausted, but if it were anyone else he’d be murderous. As it was he kept going.

[2019/04/08 19:07] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me step back out of the way, muttering to herself, about the damage and how much she would charge the two of them before any of the group set foot in this Inn again.

[2019/04/08 19:08] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me gasps with each blow, feeling his hand on his throat and looks up at him, opening steel blue eyes wide. “You know better,” he rasps. Somewhere Alex might but he lifts his arms defensively and gathering his strength he PUSHES. Oblivious to anyone else he simply tries to get his brother off of him, though he is not too careful about where and with what strength he attempts to toss him. On some level he realizes it is not him his brother is attacking but even then his own confused state make it difficult to get his bearings and his head pounded. He returns what blows he can but they are weakening.

[2019/04/08 19:09] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me glances briefly to the warriors as they enter the inn, but her attention soon returns to the Metal Workers, her expression unreadable, a muttered prayer to someone is offered. She fights the urge to call out, to add her wintry rasp to the confusion

[2019/04/08 19:09] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me poured some wine and delivered it back to Pat, taking the long way around this time. “Drink for you, Mistress,” she said, trying to tug the pillow out of the way long enough to serve it.

[2019/04/08 19:09] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would sign as he was ignored he would look at Pokey and nod his head and moves to break up the fight getting in the middle of them trying to pull Alexander off of Trentan

[2019/04/08 19:12] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me snarls at the slave, “No more food, or drink for any of them. If i catch you near that kitchen again before the damage is paid for, I will take it out of your hide girl! She takes in Alexander, Trentan, Patrice and Adayre in a baleful gaze. “You pay for the food and drink and the damage before yo set foot in this Inn again!”

[2019/04/08 19:12] Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (ashellia): /me walked up behind the slave with the curly red hair and cleared my throat “Ahem.”

[2019/04/08 19:12] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me throws the pillow she was clinging to then grabs handfuls of food and throws it at them next. “STOP IT!!” She wouldn’t stop screaming and in her frantic state her hand flies back and knocks the offered cup from the slaves hand sending it flying over the pair of them. Spattering out with wine now dripping down her face she uses the back of her arm to wipe at the mess.

[2019/04/08 19:14] pokey Zebberman: /me moved closer as he watched the two men most times pokey would not get between brothers fighting but the Inn kept getting broken up : The Tavgern is more suited for this ” he chuckled

[2019/04/08 19:18] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me snarls and made another swing for the face under him, missing and slamming a fist in the floorboards beside the targeted head. He felt a man’s hands on him and brushes him away with an exhausted shove. “Stay out of it!” He growls out, but his fight was waning and he sat back with his chest heaving, kneeling over his own brother, bloody and worn. He’d turn a glare to the Inn keeper, or where he thought she was, and spit blood upon the floor before food began to be pelted at him.

[2019/04/08 19:19] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me had grown up in the north a rough and tumble place. Fist fights between men, and even brothers, were a part and parcel of growing up. Normally, such a thing wouldn’t phase her. But this was different, and she would step beside the tiny innkeeper, then placing herself between the woman and the brawling me

[2019/04/08 19:20] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me pelted with food and breathing hard, he tuned his head sharply at the last blow. He closes his eyes and tries to get his bearings, and what was happening. “Don’t bring her up again,” he hisses, his mind just going on and on like a broken jagged piece of glass that poked him again and again over this topic. That Alex had mentioned in the first place, AGAIN, was enough to make him ball up his fists and swing at him again, though now it was with much less power. “It’s not my fault….” he says in more pain than his bruised face can account for.

[2019/04/08 19:21] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me heard herself berated by an innkeeper who was not Latha, and then drenched in wine when Pat knocked it all over her. The redhead just sighed, grabbing up the vessel and offering Pat one of the rep cloths she had brought with the meal before. “Understood, Mistress,” Adayre would say to Meilin, probably looking a right mess with wine dripping down her nose and from scarlet locks. Glanced back to the baker. “Mistress, may I please be excused to clean up?”

[2019/04/08 19:21] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me shakes her head. “This nonsense has got to stop! You fools!’ She snarls at the two men. “The high caste are slowing buying us all out of the docks, and you two roll on the floor brawling with each other like idiot children!”

[2019/04/08 19:22] pokey Zebberman: ” OK Ok ” step forward looking to Octavius and nods ” You both could use time be hide bars to cool off?” move forward pokey being much larger then them but, they are metal workers he would not under guess them at all “

[2019/04/08 19:22] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): as he would be brushed off he stop an momoent and attempts giving Alexander a good kick just below the back of his knee. ” and would try for a head lock to follow through with.

[2019/04/08 19:25] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me disregards the rep cloth and uses the slave’s hair to clean off her hand, petting and getting all that was on the plate in the girl’s messy locks. “Do something.. though stay away from them.” Seeing the rep cloth now though she takes it from her and dabs at her face, the mess of food, blood and now wine all over as she looks around at the crowd that had gathered. She couldn’t believe she was about to say it but she did. “Lock em’ up!” It didn’t appear much was going to stop them from this fight.

[2019/04/08 19:26] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me felt one more blow and leans back, looking up to the ceiling and groaning. “Yea…yea.” He lifts himself up and stomps against his brother’s stomach, stumbling about and knocking over the contents on the table nearest him. He wasn’t drunk, but exhausted. He uses his sleeve to wipe blood off him and turns to regard just how many people had come to see that scene. “Entertained?” He asks sarcastically and holds up his arms. “Anyone else want some? I have plenty to give.” He snaps out, obviously not up for much else.

[2019/04/08 19:26] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me notes Branwen’s by her side, and gives a slight nod of acknowledgement and thanks,

[2019/04/08 19:27] Adayre (xxadayrexx): /me was now a napkin it seems, oh boy. Rose to her feet with about as much dignity as she could manage given her bedraggled looks. “Thank you Mistress,” she managed, not entirely sure what to do about the entire debacle and heads right out the door toward a bath. “Wish you all well,” she called out as though it were any other day in the inn.

[2019/04/08 19:28] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me groans in pain when his stomach is attacked. The breath knocked out of him. He is suddenly aware of the Warriors, the crowd. His rapid heart not slowing down. Alexander is on a roll and he wheezes, trying to grab around his knees and pull him back down. Trying to prevent him from fighting the Warriors, or something. He too felt blood coming from his lips and he shakes.

[2019/04/08 19:29] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me glanced about at the man’s invitation. It was a gaggle of women that seemed to join them to watch. Was the man wishing the women to fight him? Nope. She took a step back, wanting one of whatever that was. She wondered if she should push the crowd back at least, and use her healer skills to attend to the man. But the woman had warned her not to practice the craft, so what could she do?

[2019/04/08 19:29] pokey Zebberman: /me would grab Trentan he place his hand to the man belt guarding against the man grabbing his weapons with both of his hand he would lift the man up to looks to Octavius ” Pull him I got this one ” pulling up Trentan lifting him to his feet and pulling him back away from his brother

[2019/04/08 19:31] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me would stand between Meilin and the men, looming over the tiny woman, her gaze flicking to Alexander. Her eyes narrow, yes both of them, and she lifts her chin “Hardly” she offers, then sighs as one of them seems determined to continue “Trentan, enough. Breathe.” she says firmly, though not unkindly, her rasping voice nonetheless managing to carry well, raised in the noisy longhalls

[2019/04/08 19:31] Meilin (kimmy2501): /me steps forward when the man threatens the crowd, “The magistrate will hear of all of this, and you will pay for the damage you have done! Get out of this Inn immediately and do not return until you have paid for the mess you have caused!” She states in an icy tone.

[2019/04/08 19:31] Ashellia Thorne Ana’Bandit (ashellia): “I see. Well as you don’t know where he is, I’ll give him two more days to show himself here. You see we don’t allow slaves to roam without owners here. If in two days he is not here and you are, you MUST go to a slave house by Svago law. I have a slave house here.. I should just take you right now

[2019/04/08 19:33] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would put the man in a head lock as he was looking over at the people, ” you’re done. you struggle anymore will be stabbed, i think we both don’t want that to happen “he would say to Alexander.

[2019/04/08 19:35] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me found his own chin raising with Branwen’s and scowls at the InnKeeper. “I’ll speak to Latha.” He says spitefully before he was found in a headlock and snarls jerking at the hold. “Stabbed?” He laughs wildly. “Go on, kill someone of your own Home Stone, that’ll do wonders for your reputation” He just wouldn’t shut up tonight.

[2019/04/08 19:35] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me couldn’t believe it when the slave wandered off to take care of herself. It wouldn’t be something she would forget and continued to dab and wipe at her face. Hands brush food off her dress as she rises but remains in the corner of the inn well out of the way. Hearing the warrior as he puts her companion in a headlock the panic comes over her once more, ‘He’s a citizen of Svago! Arrest him just don’t stab him!”

[2019/04/08 19:35] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me has never once reached for his weapon throughout this exchange and he did not do so now. He groaned when he is hefted up and he struggles against the larger Warrior, as if he could get away. He’s still going for his brother but to attack more or try to stop him is difficult to ascertain. He heard bits and pieces of the conversation about him, and he winces again with the pain he is carrying, both physically and emotionally.

[2019/04/08 19:39] pokey Zebberman: /me lifting the man as his feeling him waving his legs and arms not really sure what he was trying to do ” yes a night in the jail will give you both time to think of what you both have done and what you both have been to each other your hole life not what ever your fighting about is not worth all this ” pulling the man with his arms swinging about ” Men will be men no one is getting stabbed ” laughs

[2019/04/08 19:40] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he smirked, ” doesnt matter to me good Sir, i am giving you the option to go peacefully, its your choice. ” as he holds the grip tight around his neck. pushing him along

[2019/04/08 19:41] Zaida Elenora Tower (ada.opaque): /me slipped away from the scene as the onlookers continued to build. Her own words about family and the bonds weighing heavier on her heart now.

[2019/04/08 19:41] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me chokes a bit iin the tight hold and wheezes as he’s dragged along

[2019/04/08 19:41] Branwen (branwen.loring): /me looks down at Mei and rests a soothing, heavily-scarred hand on the woman’s arm “I will help you clean up” she offers, then looks over to Patrice, stepping closer to the baker “Are you alright?” she asks gently

[2019/04/08 19:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me goes limp and then panics when he sees the cage, “Wait! NO!” But to no avail as he is shoved inside. He pulls himself up by the bars, shaking and bleeding. “Don’t.”

[2019/04/08 19:43] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would push Alexander in the cell ” now if you wish to keep fight each other, go head, my job was only to keep you from fighting in the inn” he chuckled. but i wouldnt i am sure Pokey wont be to happy”

[2019/04/08 19:43] pokey Zebberman: /me pulls the man along hold on to the man roughly then pushes the man one another ” her her ” gruffs some ” nothing like a night on the town ” coughs ” have you men been drinking the Tavrn just reopened today ” smiled

[2019/04/08 19:44] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me leans heavily against the wall as he was put into the cell, breathing deeply. He looks to Octavius and glares at him. “What do they feed you?” He snaps.

[2019/04/08 19:44] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me grips the bars breathing fast and hard. “Don’t do this,” he wheezes, his panic apparent as he looks from one Warrior to another.

[2019/04/08 19:45] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me snorts at his brother’s discomfort. “Don’t worry, I won’t choke you to death…tonight.” He allows.

[2019/04/08 19:45] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” years of fighting wars in the north will put some meat on you, but you can take a hit” he pulls a pipe

[2019/04/08 19:47] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me chuckles at Octavius and wipes a bit of blood off his face. “Was taught from a child how to.” He talks about taking a hit and keeps an eye on his brother, nose burning something fierce.

[2019/04/08 19:47] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me shoots his brother the most hurt glance, as if he was afraid of him, which even after all that he really wasn’t. He slipped to the left and grips the bars, pressing his forehead to the iron and tries to breathe evenly.

[2019/04/08 19:47] pokey Zebberman: ” Warrior blood we have a blood line of warrior bred to be much larger than the rest of the goreans ” looks to Octvius ” Aye fighting and training to be fighters does this some”

[2019/04/08 19:49] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” aye, fought with my brothers as well, but i think i taken more hits from “twin” puff on the pipe some herbs he gotten from some savages in north, good relaxing effect, offers it to Trentan

[2019/04/08 19:51] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he chuckled” aye Brother, i think i know more fighting moves then word i know how to spell “

[2019/04/08 19:51] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me shakes his head and instead draws his hammer, beating it on the bars in pure panic. Yet this hammer was made for fighting and not bending iron and it does very little.
[2019/04/08 19:52] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Let me out, let me out, let me out,” he chants, near crazy with fear and panic.

[2019/04/08 19:54] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me sighs and takes off his sword, swinging it right through the bars to clatter near the chair. “If the northern men are as large as Branwen the grocer, I’d die before I got a swing in.” He comments, before his fingers moved over his nose with a wince.

[2019/04/08 19:54] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): was tired of the man freaking out, ” DUDE CHILL THE FUCK OUT” he yelled with his deepest War Cry” would probably echo tot he inn

[2019/04/08 19:54] pokey Zebberman: /me steps back ” I never said you two are weak swinging your tools to bend metal take great strength but without the fire i fear your hammer will only make noise this night cool off for the night i let you out in the morning or when i awake understand men ?”

[2019/04/08 19:55] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me nods to Pokey, and gestures to the bed. “You’re on the floor, Brother.” He says the word like he’d have said a curse to him.

[2019/04/08 19:55] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me nervously heads over to the building, complete disbelief washing over her as she fidgets with her hands. At the door way she doesn’t know what to do then heard the cry of someone and it made her scream and jump. “Oh goodness!” she shrieks innocently and pops he head in the door. “Is this.. the jail?”

[2019/04/08 19:56] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me looks up at the Warrior stunned for a few Ihn, then drops his hammer. On the other side of the bars. He grips the bars again and tries to control his breathing, ignoring Alex for now. He heard Patrice arrive and he just stares.

[2019/04/08 19:57] pokey Zebberman: /me looks to the women ” This is one of the jails the city has another one in the upoper city for high caste

[2019/04/08 19:58] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): he would step closer taking the hammer, ” Glad you can see things my way” and goes to to put it on the weapons rack, ” other brother, give me yours as well, “

[2019/04/08 20:00] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me let’s out a nervous laugh, “Well the two buffoons you arrested are certianly not high class coughs caste I mean! One of them is my companion. Will he be here all night?” She gulps and couldn’t help but look around the doorway into the room trying to spot the pair of wannabe warriors.

[2019/04/08 20:00] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me gestures to where he had already slid it through the bars and had landed near the chair. “Patrice?” He looks up and raises his brows. “Awww…you do care.”

[2019/04/08 20:01] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me shaking hands move down to his belt, for in a few Ehn he could re-rivet these bars, and he is suddenly realizing they are in enough trouble as it is. The temptation would be too great, he knew for this small enclosed space was not wearing on his nerves very well. He drops it too on the other side of the bars. Still, he tries to bring in ragged breath after ragged breath. He heard Patrice too but he can not see her. He wipes at the blood on his cheek.

[2019/04/08 20:02] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): takes the sword, and leans it on the rack,” looks to pokey, i have to speak with the inn Keeper really quick”

[2019/04/08 20:02] pokey Zebberman: ” You two are the New Metal workers are you not ,” looks back to the women who was talking ” the new building you have is a fine new building what is it your fighting about as lower caste that is a nice up grade ” looks to OctVIUS ” NOW WE NEED TO DO PAPER WORK A report not paper work paper work yes they will not be let out until all the paper work is done”

[2019/04/08 20:05] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me blows blood out of his nose and sighs. “A family matter.” He answered cryptically and slides down to sit on the ground, back pressed to the wall.

[2019/04/08 20:06] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me jumps back out of the way as the one warrior came barreling past her. She steps in just a few hort more to see the damage they had done to each other. “I care. I care about the fools you have made of yourselves. The inn keeper has banned me for simply being there with the two of you.” Her jaw clenches seeing the both of them there and steps closer. “What has gotten into the two of you??” Like a mother she starts wagging her finger at them both as if they were children. “Look at you!” Seeing all the blood covering Alexander’s face her heart just stopped a moment as she dug deep into her pouch and pulled out a rep cloth and tore it in half now holding it out for both brothers.

[2019/04/08 20:07] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me sinks to the ground, all the air coming out of him in a whoosh. He cradles his stomach, and wipes blood at his lips again. He would not look at Alexander, and he tries to control his panic. His shaking fingers reach for the rep cloth Patrice offers when she appears. Steel blue eyes clouded still but the anger is seeping from him rapidly.

[2019/04/08 20:09] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me almost didn’t want to take the rep cloth when the woman came a nagging. He did take it and pressed it to the bottom of his nose and grunts in response to her. He was watching his brother and the panic he was all but holding restrained. “panic what you like, you aren’t getting out anymore than I am.” He snorts, then winces.

[2019/04/08 20:11] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me turns back to the warrior at the desk and fingers the pouch hanging from her belt, ‘Is there anything that can be done to keep them here for the night. I fear they will just start this all up again if they are released.” As her hand moves around the sound of coin jingling could be heard.

[2019/04/08 20:13] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “I am not a liar,” he says to Alexander, this time with a more normal tone. He stares at the bars. He wipes the blood off his face with the rep cloth. When he heard the coins jingle his brows shot up again. He tries to control his shaking and ground himself into -this- moment and not whatever memory of enclosed cages or spaces this jail might be bringing him. Besides, it was not too small, and despite everything that had just happened, Alex being there was more of a help than a hindrance.

[2019/04/08 20:13] pokey Zebberman: /me looks up from writitng the report ” I so dislike writing reports ” grumbles not paying much attention to them speaking

[2019/04/08 20:14] Alexander Hayford (hereforfuntimes): /me tips his head back and closes his eyes, turning to nap. “Liar.” He mutters to just send another jolt home to his brother.

[2019/04/08 20:15] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): “Sir…” she says in a louder tone. “I don’t mean to interrupt your .. reports.” She tried hard to keep the surprised look from her face, “Is there anything that can be done to keep them here … all night perhaps?” This time she shook the coin pouch on her belt to get his attention.

[2019/04/08 20:16] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me puts his head in his hands and weeps, openly, though quietly.

[2019/04/08 20:18] pokey Zebberman: me rolls up the scroll can i help you ” smiles now ready to talk

[2019/04/08 20:19] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me blows out a deep breath, “How much is it going to cost to keep them in there for the night?”

[2019/04/08 20:19] pokey Zebberman: You want to pay to keep them in all night ” smiled looking at her as he rub his chin then look to the two men ” Most with to buy their way out not in?”
[2019/04/08 20:19] pokey Zebberman: wish *

[2019/04/08 20:21] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me explains, “If they are released too soon… I fear they will just start this back up at home. And then I could be hurt.. or worse. Please.” She already pulled out several coppers and slide them across the desk towards him.

[2019/04/08 20:22] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me looks way up at him now feeling a bit worried.

[2019/04/08 20:23] pokey Zebberman: /me looks the the two men then back to the women ” I will not let them out I need not your coin i just had a new home built where the old Black smith shop so i am happy they built a new shop so i could move to where the old one was as a high caste i will not take coin for you i am Honorable
[2019/04/08 20:24] pokey Zebberman: /me pushes the coin back to her ” your safe for tonight i hope you do not live with both of them ” laughs

[2019/04/08 20:26] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me gathers up the coin and smiles, “Indeed I do. As that one there…” she points to Alexander, “Is my companion. At least tonight I will have a good nights sleep. Thank you, Sir. And congratulations on your new home.” She looks back to the pair of brothers and tsks softly. She wasn’t trying to be mean but they needed a harsh dose of reality right now.

[2019/04/08 20:29] Patrice Bennett (fatbakerpat): /me pockets the coins and turns towards the door, eyes glancing back at the pair of them, “Talk with out your fists. There will be NO fighting when you come home.” She wasn’t always this bossy with them but right now she was hungry and had wine all over her dress. “Thank you again, Warriors.”

[2019/04/08 20:29] pokey Zebberman: ” they seem much better now a good night in jail will do men good to sleep off an night of drinking and fighting “

[2019/04/08 20:30] pokey Zebberman: ” YOu should see my new Home here in Svago the Upper caste wished i live in a better home than i was ” laughs

[2019/04/08 20:32] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” So Metal workers are you “

[2019/04/08 20:32] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me lifts his face from his hands and looks up at the Warrior. He nods slowly.
[2019/04/08 20:37] pokey Zebberman: /me grunts ” You can shapen my swords?”
[2019/04/08 20:37] pokey Zebberman: sharpen *

[2019/04/08 20:39] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” so when you guys are better i would like to see your work” i am in the market for about 1000 Swords”

[2019/04/08 20:39] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Yes,” he replies simply, focusing on the other large Warrior. “When not in jail…” he says this un-ironically. His brows lift sudden jolted out of whatever fear is gripping him, “One thousand?” he confirms.
[2019/04/08 20:40] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Sab carries a sword we made for him,” he remembers.

[2019/04/08 20:40] pokey Zebberman: /me Places his hand to the hilt of his swords then draw ready to fight

[2019/04/08 20:41] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” aye One Thousand, need to see my cohorts are well armed, new guys need something to swing when goign to fight the torvies “

[2019/04/08 20:42] pokey Zebberman: ” Well i need sleep now ” places his hand to Octavius shoulder ” We seem to keep finding ourselves standing next to each other”

[2019/04/08 20:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): /me scrambles back from the bars for an Ihn before he realizes that likelihood of the Warrior attacking him was extremely low. He nods slowly to Octavius, “We can do that…” he says voice shaky but he’s grounded now in the moment between the attention of the two warriors. He hears Alex’s breath deepen as he sleeps.

[2019/04/08 20:43] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): ” indeed Frien, i hope it keeps up, ” oh heres your cut for helping ” he hands the man one sliver.

[2019/04/08 20:44] pokey Zebberman: me takes the silver from the man “: thank you ” winks as he walks away flipping the coin

[2019/04/08 20:45] Octavius Junius Spire (xreds): looks back to Trentan, ” if you are good enough ill see you have jobs

[2019/04/08 20:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Thank you, Warrior,” he says faintly.

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