Kron & Latha have a baby

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Kron & Latha have a baby

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[11:38] Latha (elise.larimore) came down from the stairs, rubbing her back and grimacing. “Tal, Landis, Lady, Do you have everything you need?”

[11:41] Landis Aeon (landis.aeon) looks up to Latha , “Tal there. ” He lifts up the tankard. ” I am all set up ,” he says showing her the tankard of mead.

[11:41] Kron Tower (kronofar) came into the inn, through the crowded street, and saw his companion conversing with a few of the patrons ‘greetings Latha’ he said to her, his eye passing over her much more rounded form. It wasn’t just her belly that was well swollen from the child, but the rest of her had also taken on a softer, curvaceous form. He knew the birth was close ‘everything alright today?’ he asked

[11:42] Latha (elise.larimore) heard steps and turned to see her companion. “Oh, Kron. Tal, my back aches so badly today. For hours now.” Her lower back would slowly begin to seize up. It was kind of like the muscles inside were slowly twisting harder and harder until it became almost unbearable, and then it would slowly subside. “It just keeps throbbing and throbbing… then it kind of stops … and then it comes back again.”

[11:45] Kron Tower (kronofar) stepped up toward his companion, taking her by the elbow ‘perhaps you should rest for a bit’ he said, his forehead furrowed into a frown ‘did you see a physician yesterday, like I told you to?’ he asked

[11:47] Landis Aeon (landis.aeon) takes his last drink from the tankard and places it on the table and, feeling a slight buzz, he walks out into the square.

[11:47] Landis Aeon (landis.aeon): “Be safe.”

[11:49] Latha (elise.larimore): “No … well, I did talk to Lady Darcia, who asked my forgiveness.” Latha grimaced as she felt the pain shoot through her back again. “I told her I’d ask her if she could see to me since Lady Domino is traveling.” Then suddenly, there was an audible pop, like the sound of someone cracking his knuckles, and wetness began to spread on Latha’s skirts, puddling on the floor. “Kron!” She stumbled over. “Kron, I think it’s happening!”

[11:53] Kron Tower (kronofar) eyes widened, looking down as the woman’s skirt darkened with fluid that puddled around her feet on the floor of the inn ‘let’s get you upstairs’ he said ‘and I will send a slave for a physician’. He took her arm and guided her up to the stairs ‘can you walk up?’ he asked, ready to hoist her into his arms if she could not.

[11:54] Latha (elise.larimore): “I think I can…” Latha said through gritted teeth. She let him lead her up the stairs, glistening wetness trailing behind her.

[11:57] Kron Tower (kronofar) got his companion up the stairs and over toward the bed ‘Latha, take your skirts off and lay down, I will go and find a physician, harta now’ he said to her, heading over to the verandah to call for help. He’d somehow managed to get to 150 years old not having seen a live birth, he had a feeling that was about to change. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled down to the square…

[11:57] Kron Tower (kronofar) shouts: ‘physician, someone get a physician up to the inn’

[11:59] Latha (elise.larimore) began to peel off her wet skirts, her shirt waist. Though the cramping was much more intense, spreading all through her lower back, she managed to put on her nightgown, leaving her other clothing puddled on the floor.

[12:02] Kron Tower (kronofar) turned and headed back into the living quarters and over to the bed, where Latha had managed to remove her skirts and get into nightwear ‘ah, someone should be coming’ he said awkwardly

[12:02] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) She rushed inside with the aid of Landis and comes into the room. ‘Does someone need my assistance?’ she says as she notices Lady Latha in pain. ‘Tal Lady Latha. I am not sure if you remember me? I am Syndyl.” she turns to find the wash basin and washes her hands. ‘Tal Sir.”

[12:03] Kron Tower (kronofar) stepped back out of the way as the physicians arrived lickety split ‘she’s about to have a child’ he said, which was patently obvious

[12:04] Latha (elise.larimore) was pushing her heels into the bed. The pain was like having her insides twisted, pulled, and squeezed. When she fought it, the pain became worse. “Lady … Syndyl?” Latha managed to get about before she gave a sharp gasp.

[12:05] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she nods to Kron. Taking her wrist to measure her pulse. Than looks at her. ‘How many minutes apart are your contraction?” she asked. Then looks to see if there are more blankets. ‘Sir? I will need some towels, more blankets, bucket of water please?” she looks over Latha and smiles. ‘Relax and breathe for me. She takes one of the blankets and covers her bottom for modesty.

[12:08] Latha (elise.larimore): “Breathe for you? BREATHE FOR YOU?” Latha screamed. Of course she was breathing! Another spasm shot through her back. “Contractions? I don’t know … ” she moaned. ” …. my back, my back, it feels like I am being stabbed over and over.”

[12:10] Kron Tower (kronofar) stood, somewhat stuck, watching the writhing of his companion and hearing the pain in her voice as she yelled and groaned ‘water?’ he said, furrowing his brow toward the physician ‘are you thirsty?’. Kron had no idea what was going on, he couldn’t imagine what the physician wanted all those things for

[12:11] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she knew Latha was excited as most any woman would be in labor. ‘The breathing will help with the pain. I need to check to see how far along you are Latha.’ she says as she lifts her bottom part of her gown up and slips on some gloves from her medicine bag. Checking her cervix she ascertains she is 8 centimeters. Her underthings were wet as she gently slips them off. ‘The baby will be here soon.” she says as she moves to take out some of her sterilized utensils. Turns to Kron. ‘No the water is to keep things clean. The blanket for the babe and the towels for the blood.’ she says quickly.

[12:12] Kron Tower (kronofar) shook his head, but turned and went over to the cupboard to pull out the small wraps and furs Latha had prepared for the pending birth. ‘ONION’ he yelled down the stairs ‘bring water’

[12:13] Latha (elise.larimore): “It feels like someone has taken hold of my insides and is wringing them out like a wet dishrag!” Latha tried to breathe, but was finding it difficult, and found herself panting instead. “Soon, Lady Syndyl?” she asked. She was trying to speak, but nothing was coming out right. “Kron! Kron!”

[12:16] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she nods as she saw Kron doing what he needs to. ‘Thank you Sir.” she then thanks Onion for the towels and dips one into the bucket of water as she wipes her face ‘Yes I need to check again your cervix.’ she slips her fingers into her and then determines. ‘You are now 9 centimeters The babe will be here soon. You are dilating fast.” she rushes to move the things for the babe to the side and moves to the front of the bed,

[12:17] Kron Tower (kronofar) had handed over the things, including the bucket of water onion had brought up. As Latha was calling his name he came back to the side of the bed, moving past the physician who was now at the rear ‘what is it?

[12:17] Kron Tower (kronofar): he said to her

[12:21] Latha (elise.larimore) reached out trying to grab his hand, which she would squeeze so tightly he’d have though she was trying to choke the life out of him. “Stay! Just stay! Nine centimeters? What is this, what do you mean Lady Syndyl?” Latha held on to Kron’s hand as if holding on for dear life. She dug her heels into the bed more deeply. “What do I do now? She was frantic1

[12:22] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she wipes her hands down. Then lifts the blanket as she cups her hands into a v-shape. ‘Lady Latha. Please prepare to give birth. The baby will come soon. When you feel the contractions push for me. When I wish for you to stop, rest and than push again when the contractions come once more.” she says looking beneath the blanket. Slips her fingers in one last time and she was now 10 centimeters. ‘I will need another Physician here since they have not given me the keys yet Lady Latha.’ turns to the slave to get one from downstairs if any

[12:23] Kron Tower (kronofar) looked even more puzzled ‘why do you need keys to open her legs?’ he asked crudely, grimacing as Latha’s tiny hand squeezed his like a vice ‘surely the babe will come regardless’

[12:23] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) I do not.” she smiles. But waits for the babe to come.

[12:25] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) The centimeters tells me how far wide your womb is for the baby to be birthed. The ten centimeters is the widest it goes and so you are ready Lady Latha. Please push for me when you feel a contraction.”

[12:28] Latha (elise.larimore): “Push?” Latha managed to get out. She struggled trying to do what the physician told her, she could not figure out how to do it effectively. All she knew was that her back was strobing painfully, and each flash of pain came quicker and quicker. “I don’t know how!” And she never released her grip on Kron’s hand. “I don’t think … ” she sputtered … ” … no time for someone else … ” It felt like she needed to bear down and her legs spread a little wider as her heels pushed harder into the bed. “Wait! Wait! I have to go use a chamber pot!”

[12:28] LadyDarcia as the slave came down jumped up and ran to the stairs, my breathing quick, looked toward Latha and offered a smile, turned to Kron ”Tal Sir” then moved to the other Woman ”Tal Lady the slave said You needed help?”

[12:29] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire): She hears the door open and the slave returns with Darcia. She turns and smiles. ‘Are you a Physician?’ she asks. ‘I am Lady Syndyl. I used to be here in Svago and have not spoke to the Chief Physician yet. I am a Physician and yes please. She is ready to give birth. Please assist me and with the Birth Certificate form as well since I do not have one.”

[12:31] Kron Tower (kronofar) narrowed his eyes toward Darcia, and debated in a few ehn whether to toss her out on her ear, or let her assist the physician attending to the birth. He chose to bite his tongue, for once, and let her help ‘it won’t be long now Latha’ he said, though he was only following the lead of the woman who said she was ready

[12:31] Latha (elise.larimore) began to scramble to try to get off the bed to get to the chamber pot and squat, since the physician didn’t tell her what to do.

[12:32] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) ‘Lady Latha. The birth will come naturally and you are doing fine Rest, until you feel the next contraction. Then push please. I am ready. Do not squat Lady Latha. You will harm yourself. Stay on the bed.”

[12:33] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) ‘You may do it on the bed and we shall clean you up. Lady can you clean her as she needs to go.” she says to her.

[12:33] LadyDarcia drew a breath and smiled ‘Tal and Welcome to Svago Lady Syndyl, Lady Darcia apprentice Physician” looked at Latha again before pulling a scroll out, looked at Kron and saw the narrowed eyes and quickly turning away, bit my lip under the veil yet as Latha went to move ”Latha stay there, please its safer” echoed the Womans words, there was concern in my voice

[12:34] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) Well met Lady Darcia.” she smiles and then looks under the blanket.

[12:34] Latha (elise.larimore): .nw still felt like she needed the chamber pot. “You … you don’t undertand … I have to go, now!” And she struggled to get off the bed once again, finally letting go of Kron’s hand.

[12:35] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) Lady Darcia please get the chamber pot. Latha please stay still.’ she turns to Darcia as this was getting messy.

[12:38] LadyDarcia quickly ran around the others side and bobbed down on my knees ”excuse me Sir” reached for the pot then rose to my feet moving back, looked at the bed and cringed a little, this was what put me off having children the pain and mess ”Latha Your doing amazing”

[12:38] Kron Tower (kronofar) put a hand on her shoulder and held her on the bed ‘stay there’ he said, ‘listen to the women here, they know what they are doing’ With that, he stepped back out of the way and moved around behind the bed, to give the women the space to work with her

[12:41] Latha (elise.larimore) felt like her bowels were going to move every time she pushed, until she realized it was the baby … ! The baby was moving down and out! There was a burning, stinging sensation, and Latha gritted her teeth, but she didn’t try to get up from the bed again. “Yes….” she stammered … to her companion, to Lady Syndel, to Lady Darcia …

[12:42] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) Latha. Once you are done and you feel the contraction please push for me. Your body tells me the babe wishes to come out.” she says as she looks to Darcia. ‘Yes thats it. I can see the head. Rest. than push again once the contraction comes.”

[12:42] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) The contraction does feel like you need to move your bowels.’ chuckles as she cups her hands waiting for the babe to arrive.

[12:43] LadyDarcia took up a towel ready for the babe, looked and saw it was near ”Kron come close if You wish to see Your child born” spoke softly over my shoulder at Him

[12:44] Kron Tower (kronofar) just stands back, silent now, watching the final moments play out as his child makes it’s way into the world. ‘It best be a boy’ he muttered, as he stepped up just a slight shuffle toward the bed.

[12:46] Latha (elise.larimore) felt the most intense, primal instinct to push, so intense that she couldn’t help but push. That baby was coming out … and now!

[12:47] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she felt her push and she saw the shoulders. ‘One moment Latha.” she maneuvers the shoulders as he was turned and then looks up. ‘Push Latha. Push.’ she says as she holds the babe’s head.

[12:48] LadyDarcia stood with the towel in my hands, could feel Kron close behind me, looked over my shoulder and smiled at Him though unsure if the smile would return, He His words about Him wanting a boy and chuckled a little, bent down ready to take the baby as soon as it was born

[12:48] Kron Tower (kronofar) watched as his companion’s vagina, rarely seen in the light of day, stretched out beyond belief until the head of his child, wet with dark hair, finally made it’s way out of her body. He could hardly believe what he was witnessing.

[12:51] Latha (elise.larimore) continued to push, could feel something moving out of her. With every contraction and push, something was inching further and further down! “Is that it? Is it … ” Then she felt again the overwhelming urge to push.

[12:53] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) “You are doing great Latha. She watches as the baby slides out of her womb and she catches her. Cradles the baby girl in her arms. As she cups her right hand and clears any debris in her mouth, Than uses the bulb to suck out the mucous from her nose. ‘Congratulations Kron and Latha. It is a girl!” she passes the babe to Darcia to clean and measure the baby.

[12:55] LadyDarcia looked as the baby came into the World and gasped, holding back a chuckle ”its a girl Latha, a daughter” looks back at Kron ”Congratulations Sir You have a beautiful Daughter, does She have a name yet?” takes the baby in my arms and gazes down at Her, making sure Her air ways were clear ”ten fingers ten toes” then suddenly the baby let out a scream, the sound so beautiful

[12:55] Latha (elise.larimore) laid back in the bed, sweat trickling from her brow. She was elated! “I want to see, Kron… come look!” But then a spasm of fear hit her. It wasn’t a boy. Would he still be pleased? “Kron … ” she plead.

[12:57] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) She thought she heard the whimper in Latha’s voice. But she starts to take the umbiblical cord out and clamps each side. ‘Kron do you wish to do the honor of cutting the cord?” she asks. Hands him a small sterilized blade.

[12:59] Kron Tower (kronofar) watches as the tiny red mewling urt-looking creature emerged from her body, and the physicians did what they did, wiping the muck from the wrinkled skin, stepping up to take a look with not a small amount of interest ‘a girl’ he said, looking toward Latha, who seemed to be a combination of exhausted and high ‘you gave me a daughter’. Kron’s own voice was low, and though he was disappointed, that was not the tone that would be heard. Looking at this strange creature, who was now beginning to bellow and look somewhat more human as the air filled her lungs. He looked at the physician like she was going mad as she handed him a blade to sever the child from his mother’s womb ‘ah, you do it’ he said, waiting for them to hand the child to his companion ‘give her the babe Darcia’

[13:02] LadyDarcia moved towards Latha after the cord was cut and laid the baby on the bed near Her, looked at Latha and could see the concern in Her face at the fact the babe was a girl, measured the babes head and then the length of Her, ”she is a good length i am sure she will have Her fathers height” chuckled a little ”then at Krons words wrapped the baby back up and passed Her to Latha and whispered ”Congratulations Latha You did amazing” smiled warmly though Krons tone hung in the air and gave Him a look ”its the Father that controls the sex, Sir She is beautiful, like Her Mother”

[13:03] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she nods as she cuts the cord and then places the scalpel down. She notices he was not happy but she kept professional as she places the cord in the tub. Then gently pushes down Latha’s belly to push out the placenta. Places the placenta into the bucket and wipes her gloved hands as she uses some numbing salve to her vagina so she could sew the small tear. ‘Latha. Enjoy your child while I stitch you up.” she says as she moves the needle and gut thread close to her.

[13:04] Kron Tower (kronofar) stood beside his companion as the babe was placed next to her ‘no’ he said to Syndyl, holding a hand to stop her ‘no stitches’. Kron didn’t really know what he was saying, but he surely wasn’t letting that woman get anywhere near his companion’s crotch with a needle and thread

[13:07] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) She was about to thread the tear and then looks up. ‘She will have a scar Kron. I will make sure it does not get infected.” she did not like that Latha’s vagina’s skin will be hung like that. But she cleaned her up very well and was glad it was a small tear. ‘Very well.” she said as she then made a small cloth for her menses. ‘Kron. She needs to heal. No sex for at least 1 month. You do need to follow up in 2 weeks with a Physician.”

[13:07] Latha (elise.larimore) was a little alarmed when Syndyl offered Kron the knife, a little relieved when he declined. And though he didn’t seem elated, he didn’t seem disappointed, either. As the baby was placed next to her, she began feeling mild cramps … and the need to push. So push she did and the placenta slid out in one red, viscous, lump. “Please … get that away.” She scooped the baby in her arms, but had barely gotten to look at her before Syndyl started to get the needle and gut. “No!” she shouted, right about the time Kron stopped her. “What he said,” she murmured. “Kron, have you decided what to call her?”

[13:11] Kron Tower (kronofar) chuckled ‘I have slaves, physician’ he said, ‘there is no need to worry yourself’. Kron looked down at his companion with the child beside her. Surprisingly, the babe had stopped crying just from being swaddled. He was unsure regarding the name, they had discussed it, but he had honestly thought the child would be a boy ‘how about we worry about that later’ he said

[13:13] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she removes her gloves as she tosses them into the bucket. Then piles up the soiled towels. Washes her hands once more. Than removes the dirty blanket from Latha and nods to the npc slave to clean the sheets quickly beneath her. ‘Darcia perhaps you can help her to dress. Latha. I am going to pass you the scroll and you can use this for when you are ready to register her with the scribes.” she says as she starts to seal the scroll.

[13:15] Latha (elise.larimore): “I don’t want to get dressed,” that said with a smile as she stroked the little girl’s cheek with a finger tip. “I just want to stay here in my gown, in my bed, and gaze at her little face. Kron, would you lie with me? Maybe we can just call her ‘Baby’ for now.”

[13:16] Kron Tower (kronofar) reached out to take whatever the woman was offering; Latha was not in any position to be dealing with whatever it was; probably an invoice for services ‘thank you for your help physician’ he said, ‘and to you Darcia’. Kron heard Latha call for him and he looked uncertain for an ehn, before he moved around and awkwardly sat on the bed next to her and the child, ‘I am here’ he said

[13:17] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she smiles to the both of them. Than nods to the npc slaves to take the placenta and cord for Jamison to use in his herb making things. ‘I wish you both well. Thank you Lady Darcia for coming.’ she smiles as she moves to the door.

[13:17] LadyDarcia nods to Syndyl and moves around the bed but at Lathas words stepped back and nodded ”as You wish Lady Latha, You will need to rest as much as possible and no work at all” looked at Kron and nodded ”Thank You Sir for allowing me to help, please make sure She rests, She need to more so because of the tear”

[13:19] LadyDarcia smiles as Kron goes and sits with Latha and steps back again ”i will call in later and check on You, if allowed?” knowing there was tension still hanging around my neck like a noose

[13:20] Latha (elise.larimore) looked up at Kron and grinned as Syndyl left the room. She would have thanked her, but the physician was gone in a flash. “You know, on the farm, the women would squat and have a baby in the fields, then be working the next ahn. I’m a little tired, though.” She really had no intention of staying in bed, unless he told her too. “Thank you for coming, Lady Darcia,” she murmured. But she looked to Kron to see if he would give Darcia permission to visit again.

[13:20] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) she quietly leaves and goes down the steps.

[13:21] Kron Tower (kronofar) turns to look at Darcia ‘I will not argue with you at this time’ he said ‘we will talk at another point, I do not trust a woman who would strip the face of another’

[13:23] LadyDarcia drew a breath and nodded ”i will wait to hear from You Sir and apologize wholeheartedly for what happened and will do anything to earn forgiveness” left the words hanging in the air as i moved towards the steps ”i will be back later Latha, Congratulations once more”

[13:26] Latha (elise.larimore) nodded at Darcia, then her eyes fell to the wee babe again, marveling at how tiny she was, how perfect she was, with just the tiniest bit of dark hair on her head. “I wonder if she’ll have your temper, Kron,” she teased. “I’m sure you will teach her well, though,” she amended. Then more quietly, “I am sorry I didn’t bear you a boy. I know that you wanted one.”

[13:30] Kron Tower (kronofar) waited until Darcia was out of the room before he reached out to touch the babe’s puffy cheek ‘you know I never know about Zaida, this was kept from me by my old companion Vivina’. Kron’s touch was ever so light, the skin of the babe’s face as soft as velvet ‘you did good Latha’

[13:32] Latha (elise.larimore) practically beamed at him when he praised her, gazed fondly at him as he touched Baby’s soft cheek. “Zaida … that was unfair of Vivina not to tell you.” She thought about what it would have been like, to miss all those years, all those firsts … first word, first step …

[13:34] Kron Tower (kronofar) watched as the babe began to stir after her small nap ‘I think she’s hungry Latha’ he said, watching as the child’s tiny mouth began to open at the touch of his finger on her check ‘you should feed her’

[13:40] Latha (elise.larimore) nodded. With her free hand, she undid the fastenings of her nightgown, revealing breasts that were pleasantly larger and full of milk. Laying Baby across her tummy, Latha cradled the child’s head and brought her lips to Latha’s nipple. At first, baby seemed as though she didn’t know what to do, but after a little encouragement, she latched on and began to suck. “That’s … amazing isn’t it?”

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