— NPC’s v10 —

NPC’s are an OOC construct to allow IC immersive RP Per our sim rules:

NPC’s are permitted in Svago to give slave players and single free women players an option to enter the city without being collar fodder.
(From sim rules: FW did not travel unescorted, remember the laws of one’s city only extend to the walls.. So rp a NPC guard if you need to…. rp arriving alone may have some consequences – beware) However for a slave to use a NPC to avoid complying with the BTB commands of a free of Svago is not acceptable.

(From slave information NC: Using a (NPC) owner is perfectly acceptable should you want to rp in the city first for a little or when you want to chose a specific slaver. Please note there are common sense limitations to an NPC owner, if you need specifics on this contact Jonah or Bjarte.) As a clarification:

If the typist chooses to actively play an NPC character as part of their Theme Authentic Role Play, they must have both permission of the other players in the scene, and use role play dice for NPC decisions and actions.