Raid Rules

◈◈◈◈◈◈◈SVAGO RAID RULES◈◈◈◈◈◈◈

Welcome to Svago! We welcome raiding and the avenue of role-play it can inspire!

Ignorance of our rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any reason.

All raids must have an IC reason to raid Svago. Prior role-play is much preferred.


Mirror Rules: •We do not mirror rules. Your rules are yours. Ours are ours.
• We abide your sim rules when visiting, You abide ours while visiting


A Raid count must be requested and confirmed with a Sim Owner (Jonah Bernard) or a RAID MOD (see board in landing area), you can only do this from the landing Zone! You may not teleport into city/raid zone nor may any of the raiding party, until this count is confirmed and you have provided your named raiders.

Svago must have two ACTIVE Warriors on Sim

Defender Count Lock:• After the third raider lands on the dock.
• Three raiders minimum required for a raid.
• All people (defenders or citizens) coming in after the lock will be required to set AFK for the duration of the raid

Raid Mod: A raid mod for Svago must be present for a raid to take place.

*CITIZENS* – Regardless of location on the sim, if you are in RP/Combat mode, you are subject to capture (Interior of houses and apartments not included).
– If you don’t want to be part of the raid, flip to AFK on your meter BEFORE the raid starts. This will also prevent your keys being stolen cheaply. Dice combat will not be respected during raids. Thank you.


• Raid Ratio: 1:1+1

• Rescue Ratio: 3:1

• Raid Slaves for Attackers: No

Raid Slaves for Defenders: ONLY in defense of city if weapon given to them by Warrior. Male Slaves ONLY.

All Free and Slaves of Svago:
• May bind and disarm
• May bandage
• May ‘unjam/repair’ doors
• May defend themselves if attacked, corner or pursue



• Arrows: Short and Long

• Weapons: One melee and one ranged weapon allowed
Gor Weapons Only
Must wear a sheath for any weapon used
Each weapon must have their own emote to be disarmed with the name of the person included.
Must use role – appropriate weapons

• Free Men Weapons:

Melee: 40%
Ranged: 20%
Must use role appropriate weapons: No GreatAxes

• Free Women Weapons:

Melee: 25%
Ranged: 11%
Must use role appropriate weapons: Dagger, hairpins, fans, rocks, brooms.


•Male Slaves:
Melee: 40%
Ranged: 20%
Must use role appropriate weapons.

Female Slaves:
Melee: No greater than 25%
Ranged: 11%
Range no greater than 30m
Must use role appropriate weapons: Rocks, brooms, etc (No blowdarts or slingshot, one is unrealistic, the other long range.)


Raid Frequency: Once every three days by same city
One raid a day, in general, allowed

Captives During Rescue: No
Captives During Raid: Yes, but only to the main raiding party’s city

Capture time:
• 2 hours before a rescue can be attempted, after last raider has sailed.

During a rescue:
• No Capturing, stealing, killing, damage to city, loitering; rescue your’s and leave.



ZCS Meter Only
All raiders/defenders must be green metered from the start of the raid. MOD CHANNEL on is monitored.
Anyone in Arena mode for either side when raid starts is subject to auto capture. No whining about this.


Tarns: 1 tarn per side. No passenger! No ferrying!
Tarn House Tarns only 20/20
Only one rez per tarn, no re-rez permitted.
A Tarn may not be landed in the city (Auto return is on)

Tharlarions: 1 Tharlarion per side. No passenger!
Rochambeau Tharlarion only 20/20
Only one rez per tharlarion, no re-rez permitted

*Tarns and Tharlarions both must be confirmed prior to raid with Svago raid mod.*


Safe/Raid Zone:
• Do Not enter raid zone until official count has been exchanged. Do this from the OOC landing area
• 15 minutes from the time the first raider lands
• After 15 minutes from locking of docks the safe zone is no longer safe. Combat can be initiated by the defenders of the sim.
• If the raiding party initiates combat before the 15 minutes is up (shooting from the safe zone, or sending a tarn up, or starting to lock-pick the gate), then the raid will automatically begin and defenders can shoot into safe zone.
• Raid Bells: Will be rung at any time.
• Once a raid has started, no more may log in/tp in/come IC to participate for either side.


Dragging Captives:
Men: Can drag 1 man or 2 women
Men: Can walk two captives
Female: 2 females can drag 1 man


**All Emotes/Posts must be a minimum of 10 words long. They must also have the name of the target of the emoted action**

No Emote:
• Bandaging

One Emote:
• Lock picking
• Stopping/Jamming a Picked Lock (done a max of three times)
• Stealing Keys with Targets Name (Slave have NO keys to any door)
• Self unbinding 10 minutes after being bound
• No self unbinding if leashed
• Unbinding Others
• Aiding
• Sailing: must include captives name, and destination you are sailing to.
Gagging, blindfolding, hooding, etc.

Two Emotes:
• Binding Captives


Raid Moderation:

• Send your issues directly to the raid mod
• The raid will not stop or be paused to moderate
• All moderation will take place AFTER the raid has been completed
• A decision to Redo, not allow captives to be taken, etc will be determined once moderation is complete.
• Do not complain to/get aggressive with/OOCly abuse another player because you’re upset they broke a rule.


*If the reason for the raid or attack is to change Svago sim RP (IE. claiming the city, burning businesses, etc) this MUST be cleared by the sim owners (Jonah Bernard, Bjarte or Lucretia Steele) as it is THEIR sim you are affecting. No one below them can approve this kind of attack. You MUST make this known before you raid.


Things NOT Allowed: (You will be banned for intentional violations)

Grappling ANYWHERE
Rope Arrows
Siege Weapons
Cheating/Huds that let you cheat (of course)
Taking captives during a rescue
Sailing captives during an active raid
Fighting with captives leashed
Running with captives leashed
Moving while bound
Taking captives to GE/Unraidable sims
Duel Wielding
Avatar Displacements
Beasts (other than tarns and tharlarions)
Prim Shooting
Swording/Slashing through walls/doors/gates.
Climbing anything
Shooting from or into the water
Combat of any kind in the water
-Falling- off walls or buildings.
Illegal rearming.
Bubble killing.
Refusing binds
Resetting meters without raid mod approval.
Binding to aid.
Musical draw gestures
Spamming of draw gestures
XP meters
Speed Enhancers
Crouching/sitting in a bubble while lockpicking
Sitting to prevent from being dragged
Pushing of bubble players to open doors or gates
Exploiting of physics, meter, door scripts, weapons.
Hybrid weapons that switch between ranged and melee
Melee that switch between spear, sword or other combinations
Quick switching to skip delay times between strikes.
Cannot return for one (1) hour after sailing / leaving sim

**Keep in Mind**
The Sim Owners/Admin and Raid Mods Understand that accidents happen in some of these things listed that are NOT allowed. However anything done intentionally will result in a Ban.

*The homestead sim (Serendipity/Carver Estate) is NOT open to combat.*

*The interior of private homes and apartments are not open to combat and considered a safe zone as there are no lockable doors on these homes.*


Automatic Ban Implemented If:

• You tp out of a raid/capture/binds
• You verbally abuse another player because they ‘broke a rule’
• Break the rules because you feel justified
• Argue with a moderator for any reason
• Automatic Bans can only be lifted per the admin’s approval so watch yourself.

Just because something is not mentioned does not mean that it is a viable action when visiting another sim and engaging in roleplay or raid activities. If you absolutely must have your hand held in order to make you a good sport so you can be a guest in someone else’s house, DO NOT come to Svago. We have a zero tolerance policy.