Assassins | Black Caste Rules

Rules for Assassins/black caste v13

For Citizens:
• If you do not wish to RP with an assassin and feel the RP is not authentic (see sim rules for guidance, the same principle about choice of RP applies to ALL rp in Svago not just BC). All deaths must be consensual, just like with the roleplay with a physician, warrior, etc.

• Svago will NOT be a home for an assassin camp

• There will be no assassin group, no MA, no organized caste

• Assassins will dress BTB. This means a black tunic, helmet only if on a hunt, etc. You will NOT wear hoods, shadowed faces.

• Assassins will be held to ALL the city laws at all times

*HUNTS will be allowed in Svago with the following considerations:

• An active hunt will have the sign of the dagger in full display on the assassin, you will be allowed entrance into the city, but that is all you are entitled to. If your AV cannot display the mark clearly, then you will change your meter label to “Marked”.

• All must be IC, you cannot know miraculously where your target is, what they look like, where they go. That is the purpose of the hunt. • • OOC actions including profiles, standing in the OOC landing area, mini map etc are forms of Meta-gaming and will NOT be Tolerated.
• Your Hunt/RP should include how you even know the target is in Svago

*KILLS will be allowed in Svago ONLY if the following considerations are followed:

• Pre approval by sim administration – and yes we will make you prove it is not OOC related, this will be held confidential – yes we may ask for rp logs which can be redacted. There will be NO rules applied higher than our sim rules.
• The roleplay with the target must be 30 minutes long before the killing.
• The combat killing still will require the emote of intent and the recipient’s reaction before meter can take place (see raid rules, single combatant)

Since we do not moderate RP, if at any time the role play moves from IC to OOC, it can be stopped by any participant just like any other rp (see the sim rules and the rights of each roleplayer)

Sim Owner – Jonah Bernard
Sim Admin – Lucretia Steele and Bjarte