Welcome Center

Island of Svago’s VISITOR CENTER

Welcome center 1

Our goal is to provide our visitors with the following;

  • Authentic (BTB, By The Books) ) Information on Gor, various roles and castes
  • Information on techniques and terminology used by role players of Gor
  • Freebies to get new role players started (clothes, weapons, meters)
  • Links to original literature, audio books and websites
  • Information on Gorean universities and campuses
  • Mentors who will help answer questions and get you started in Gor

The Welcome Center is an OOC (Out of Character) environment high above the city of Svago. There is no combat, collaring, or any kind of roleplay in the Center. It is a space in which you will get the basics you need to start enjoying roleplay here: for information sharing, socializing, discussion and education.

We do not allow recruiting here from other cities. You are in a welcoming and safe place for people new to Gor and/or roleplay – to meet and learn or teach.

Questions? Bring ‘em on, and once again – WELCOME!

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