Slave Rules and Behavior


Slaves of the Citizens of Svago must be registered with the City, which requires a Physical sealed by the Physicians of the Isle of Svago..

Slaves must have an exam record under a year old. If the exam record is from another city the Svago Physician should be consulted. If exam record is not under 1 year, then the slave must be examined by a physician within two weeks of their owner becoming a Citizen of Svago.

All publicly sold slaves shall have registration papers, a bill of sale and shall be branded prior to completion of the transaction.

Private slave transactions require bill of sale and the new owner will need to register the slave with the Scribes within 48 hours of the sale.

Slaves must wear a visible token of their slavery. This may be a collar or a brand.

While it is recommended that a restricted slave be belted, it is not required. As use of another person’s slave without permission by the owner is Theft of Service.

Unowned or slaves traveling without an ESCORT will be turned over to the Slave Houses for retention. Exception: Slaves requesting aid from our allies.

Slave Houses on the Isle of Svago do not have breeding programs. Should one desire an exotic, then special arrangements to be made with Slave House to assist with purchase.

Revised 01/10/2017