Svago Dance Troupe

The Svago Dance Troupe was founded by Administrator Jaris Bernard with the intention of breathing the arts into our fine port city. What better way to add beauty than to have several beautiful kajirae dancing for the pleasures of the free?

The leader of the Troupe, Raven is actively looking for more slaves who wish to join! They will train all active participants to aid them in bettering their dance skills.

--Permission To Participate in Svago Dance Troupe--
(copy and paste to a note card in SL)

I (Free's Name) owner of the slave (Slave's Name) give my permission for my slave to perform in the Svago Dance Troupe.

This permission includes:

Practice at times set forth by the troupe

Classes and/or lecture on dance (and all the encompasses) if required, needed, or desired

Active participation in performance

Any other duty for which the troupe is involved

I give my permission as well to allow the directors of the troupe and other Free involved with the troupe to give instruction and/or basic command to said slave for the express purpose of troupe business.

Signed: (Free's Name)
Seal if available

Please return this card to the Svago Administration drop box for Jaris Bernard (Jopie Klaar)

Slaves! What better way to increase value in your owner's eyes and learn to please the free?

Free! What better way to raise the sale price of your slave than to have an amazing dancer?

Please fill out the attached permission form and drop it in Jaris' mailbox...or bring it to Raven so we can get you started!