Svago Defenders

Svago Defenders v10

We have established a group called Svago Defenders. This group will consist of those men, who are not of the red caste, but who will/can defend Svago (GM meter) in the event of a raid. Officers in this group are the Officers from the Svago Red caste. During a head count first the warriors are counted ( must have minimum of 2 active on sim) and then the Defenders group will be used for a final head count for raid purposes.

The Defenders will take direction from the officers of the Red caste when called upon. They may spar with the Red caste and need to attend Defense planning meetings if requested by the officer(s).

Defenders only defend Svago, they do not coordinate or participate in rescues or raid on other cities.

*** Please note, if your connectivity is so bad that you cannot fight or move well do not offer to be part of the defenders. The last thing we need is to have your keys stolen when you are downed due to lag.