Svago Housing Information

Svago Housing Information

Welcome to Svago, We are happy you have chosen to role play on our sim. Housing is offered FREE of charge to those who are active in role play in Svago.

We are not a Residential Sim.. so if you are seeking a house to use as the center or majority of your role play, and not be active in the city or hang out in IMs, Svago is most likely not the Gorean city for you. We seek role players who want to be an active part of the community.

There is usually a short waiting list. Once you get your tags and role established. Drop Bjarte an IM to see whats available¬†I will re-assign your housing if I see that you are not here regularly role-playing. This does not mean you are being removed from the sim, we are fine with you RPing when it works, but not keeping a home. If you are going to be away, please let me know or you stand the risk of loosing your home. Prim limits are to be respected… please don’t make me police this, I will start returning things if necessary. As a reminder prims limits are as follows:
Small apartments (those with letters) 40 prims
Large apartments 60 prims
HoC Housing 100 prims

Script time must be .006 or less in cpu time to leave out. To check this: right click on the object > hit more > more > scripts > script info > and it will show you in local. Let thing sit out a few minutes before you check them as they always rez higher. Again, I will start returning those things left out that exceed this.

We also request you make every single thing you possibly can phantom, this will reduce collisions which also contribute to lag …and all your items will still work fine

Please understand I am trying to keep a handle on lag for all of us and to leave scripted items out running when you are not here or using them is kind of senseless. If they are copy items and out for just looks, delete the scripts in them where possible

If you have multiple people rezzing in your home, it is your responsibility to count up the prims and make sure they don’t exceed the total. Please count the Land Impact. It is your responsibility to watch this, each morning when the sim restart is done, any items over the limits will be returned without any notice. If you need to know how to check an items script time ask!!!