Svago OOC Sim Rules


Role play in Svago is characterized by 3 main elements:
1. we value role play above all
2. we insist on theme authenticity and
3. we appreciate story line integrity.

• IC city officials (the 5 Head of Castes, the head merchant, head magistrate and ambassador) need to be level headed people who can lead and delegate and not foster or entertain OOC drama. Therefore in Svago these positions are earned and not elected.

• We don’t have role play moderators. We presume that if you are adult enough to RP in Gor that you can also resolve your own problems. IC issues: go to your family, your head of Caste or other castes as seems fitting. RP your way out of trouble.

• Svago is an advanced and immersive role play sim, and we prefer semi-paragraph and paragraph role players. New role players are always welcome, but we suggest you do a little research and reading on your chosen role prior to entering the active role play area. See the role play info on Svago’s website or visit our welcome center via the green doors off the landing area. There are in character (IC) reactions/consequences to IC choices, words and actions, it’s the beauty of good role play.

• You are in charge of your role play. That means you have both rights and obligations. You have the right to terminate RP that doesn’t agree with you. However, we expect you not to leave others hanging with genuine story lines. You may however at any time fade to black (FTB).

• Alts – there are both valid reasons and mature enough rpers to handle playing 2 characters in Svago. But there are also those that cannot do it effectively. We request that you tell us if you will be playing more than one character here. We do not need you to furnish the names in every case, this is based on admins decision.

• Just because some people like to push the limits, we added the following:
We as Sim Owners have final say. We expect respect and compliance when dealing with us and our assistant Admins. Failing to comply with sim admin instructions/sim rules and persistent arguing means you are requesting us to eject you and if you still continue, we will ban you.

Sim Rules:

At all times the Sim Owners reserve the right to have the final say in anything.

****Sim Policy on thought emotes****

• Svago strives to be a fair role play sim and allowing words to incite or give opinions that cannot be responded to is simply not fair role play.

• If you feel the urge to get a point across, you need to say it or act in a way where people can react icly to your words or action as if the words had been said. You have to be accountable and not take a cheap shot.

• No longer will this be tolerated in public meetings and events, offenders will be tpd home without any warning or words. You may return should you know how to keep your thought emotes under control.

• In private role plays, by using thought emotes that cannot be reacted to, you have given up your right to call metagaming should the role players you are with chose to address your thoughts as spoken.

• All role play should leave open a place for re-action to your action/words. You are all actors on the stage

You may NOT:
• Change Svago sim RP (IE. claiming the city, burning businesses, etc) this MUST be cleared by the sim owners FIRST

• NO Physics (turn off the bouncing boobs and ass while on sim to avoid causing lag)

• No dual grouping – you cannot belong to Svago and any other BTB sim unless admins approve

• No G&S, No Animesh, No Breedables what so ever on sim

• Appear, act or role-play in a non-authentic Gorean manner or attire

• God-Mod, Power game or Meta-game

• Use NPC characters as active RPers (meaning they cannot speak or rp with others, you may refer to their presence, but that is it)

• Be on sim without a zcs meter

• Go AFK/Away in public RP areas

• Wear an “OOC” tag (Only members of the management team wear the OOC tag when on sim business)

• Wear the “Arena” tag without sparring with at least one Svago defender

• Svago does not recognize pregnant slave or baby role play for slaves – if you feel you have a valid BTB storyline, bring us the supporting book information and we can discuss it BEFORE you start the role play

• Use a childlike avatar (includes dress, appearance and conduct)

• RP any animal of Gor – Svago does not recognize pets of any kind (no larls, gianis, ravens, birds, baby tarsk, nothing)
This includes Avatars and attachments – unless specifically approved by Sim Admins.

• Use Out of Character (OOC) speech in local chat anywhere in Svago

• Use OOC or IC interest groups to influence RP

• Use group chat in any non constructive manner, nor to discuss or debate RP

• Declare anything unilaterally to be invalid

• Grief, harass, jump, fly or cheat in anyway

• Use explosives, gunpowder or other banned weapons

• Dual wield nor use enhanced weaponry of any sort

• Run with a leashed captive.

• Grapple, wall or building climb

• No BC kills are valid unless cleared by the sim owner beforehand

• No face Shadows/Huds – unrealistic

Additional Considerations:

The ZCs meter is utilized in Svago.
We strongly encourage the use of good roleplay sense and/or the roleplay dice when faced with a significant roleplay decision or direction.

Roleplay etiquette is expected:
• Take turns to post
• NO negative thought emotes without visible body language the other person can react to ICly
• when entering role play areas be considerate to the existing rp when joining, unless there is an emergency of sorts
• Do not linger on the edge of RP without posting yourself
• Remember, posting can take awhile, so have patience
• Leave the RP area when you have to attend to rl, but stay IC, do not say in local brb or back or anything OOC, make an IC excuse and rush off
• Consider to make use of multiple or conference IMs if you need to let people know around you need to be away for a bit.

• Sim assist Admins are appointed by us to control griefers and those that create ooc drama or non authentic rp.

• When OOC issues cannot be resolved, use the block/mute feature if you can’t work it out with others. You may also report issues to LL based on the current TOS.

• Tuesdays and Sundays are NO Raid days

• If you don’t want to partake in raid RP, you may go AFK out of the way of traffic.

• If you are suffering from lag and a raid starts, do your fellow citizens a favor and go to AFK, chances are that you will lose your keys because you can’t run.

• Panthers, Kur, Talunas, Savages, Inuits, etc. will generally not be able to find or travel to our island.

• If you come to our island from another Gorean culture, we expect you to adjust to our dominant culture, which is Southern. We do not accept other culture’s norms without consequence.
For example: we don’t care if your women of standing are veil-less in your culture, we will presume that unveiled women are low caste and treat you as such. If you have a problem with that, Svago is not for you.

• Panthers and Talunas would not travel to trade, nor attack Svago. They might come as an unarmed capture (slave) or possibly disguised as a FW.

• FW did not travel unescorted, remember the laws of your city only extend to your walls.. So rp a NPC guard if you need to. RP arriving alone may have some consequences – Beware!

• Role players who are not in communication with either their caste, their family, their property or a city official for more than one week, may lose these as we have an OOC clause which allows roleplay to move on when it is clear somebody has disappeared. You will be removed from the groups and free housing with more than two weeks of absence. We do recognize that rl can suddenly impact a person and if you are removed from a group, you can simply ask to be added back if this was the case.

• We aim for Gorean RP characterized by Gorean authenticity, story line integrity and fun.
• We will share ordinary and epic storylines with each other through

Sim Owner – Jonah Bernard
Sim Admin Lucretia Steele and Bjarte
Isle of Svago