Slave Roleplayers

Svago Slave Roleplayers v12

Welcome to Svago, this card outlines the options you have when initially entering our city. Please consider your choices carefully before entering the roleplay area. Be sure to read the sim rules as well, all sim rules apply to Free and Slaves equally.

Owned slaves:
You will be on the application of your owner and will receive the city tags from that application. You will also receive a slave tag, which will identify you as a private slave.

Unowned Slaves:
All unowned slaves entering the city will need to become part of one of the Svago slave houses in order to be rented/ sold to a citizen of Svago. Citizens are NOT allowed to take an unowned slave from the dock or city street. Svago only has private slave houses. These are proper slave houses and not owners with long chains. The only reason for this is is to give the slavers and slaves alike role play. If a free of Svago wants to collar you it is expected that rp will go through the slave houses with the desired outcome.
Each slave house has a cage out front where you can place yourself or there is a cage just off the docks

Using a (NPC) owner is perfectly acceptable should you want to rp in the city first for a little (3 days max) or when you want to chose a specific slaver. You need to have a collar on, those without could be taken by a slaver *** IT IS THE SLAVES RESPONSIBILITY TO RP AN NPC OWNER FROM THE TIME THEY ENTER THE CITY*** IT IS NOT THE SLAVERS IC RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE OPTIONS. Longer term NPC owners must be approved by William or Nikki. All NPC owned slaves must be sold through a Svago slave house as defined above. Please note there are common sense limitations to an NPC owner, if you need specifics on this contact William or Nikki.

For those slaves that prefer to simply follow a more random roleplay you have several options:
* Enter the cage near the dock. Any slaver can take a slave from this cage.
* Wander around the city and when stopped by a free, they can take you to the slaver that is online. If no slavers are online, you will go back to cage near the docks.
* Enter the cage yourself at either private slave house and wait for a slaver to come online.

Change your mind, want a different slave house? We encourage you rp that out, beg to be sold, etc.. Refer to the sim rules on how to handle IC/OOC differences, and handle it as every person of Svago is expected to with the parties involved.