The Mater of Legion – Magistrate Hearing

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The Mater of Legion – Magistrate Hearing

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[17:26] William Carver: William would stand and then clear his throat ” Welcome Citizens of Svago todays hearing will be on the recent events that have lead to the death of a Citizen of Svago and another man. Magistrate Kaellaed Rhode will be presiding over this hearing. We will be hearing testimony from several witness to the events one happens to himself to a Magistrate of Svago. Advocates are present, their duties will be to to assist Magistrate Kaellaed and see that the right of any of those giving testimony are protected. This is not an open forum for the Citizenry to call out questions. ” I turned and now looked to Kaellead ” Magistrate Rhode, its your court to call to order when you are ready ” I would then sit down.

[17:27] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) glances over and nods at Malice, seeing him sitting along her bench, turning her attention back to the front.

[17:28] Kaellaed Rhode listens and looks about, as William finishes he puts aside the papers and takes up the gavel.

[17:30] Kaellaed Rhode checks the time and notes it is 5,:30 he lifts the gavel and brings it down, “order, we will have order, The time is nigh for the hearing, which is to resolve once and for all, the entity known as Legion. We of Svago gather here, once again, in the courtroom that has been the setting for so many resolutions of disputes. The latest, as you all know, was the hearing where Magistrate Cleatus was cleared of all suspicion, restored to his capacity as Magistrate, and found by all to be worthy and who has shown his honor, duty and love for Svago. We are here now to witness the hearing on Legion, and of two deaths. One, dearly departed Alex Hayford, who died a hero. But I advance the story. We are called to order for the hearing to resolve the issue of Legion. Order!”

[17:32] Malice nodded to Faedra

[17:33] Malice seeing Latha arrive, Malice stood so she could have his seat.

[17:33] Kaellaed Rhode shuffles some papers and clears his throat, “we begin the hearing on Legion. This is a court of law, there will be no audible responses from any other than a questioner authorized to question, and the responses of the witness. Any other audible outbursts will result in the immediate and physical removal of the offending party. I trust that is clear.” He lifts up his eyes, looks at the reds overwatching and nods.

[17:34] Kaellaed Rhode shifts through the papers and takes out a few leafs folded together, “the first witness is Magistrate Cleatus, please, Sir, arise and take the seat in the witness chair.”

[17:35] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) inclines his head and moved up to take the seat.

[17:37] Kaellaed Rhode: Please state your name, caste, title and homestone, Sir.

[17:37] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I am Cleatus Straaf, Scribe, Magistrate of Svago.

[17:38] Kaellaed Rhode: Please swear to tell the truth, Magistrate Cleatus.

[17:38] Daria (gronne): hearing the Master shuffle behind her she moves to the right so her back is not to him…. turns towards him and offers a warm smiles.then turning her attention back to the hearing

[17:38] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I swear, on my honor, that everything I speak is the truth as I know it.

[17:38] Kaellaed Rhode: Do you understand the significance of that oath to tell the truth, Magistrate Cleatus?

[17:40] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): As a man of Gor and Svago, in addition to being a Magistrate, I well understand the significance of that oath.

[17:40] Kaellaed Rhode: Very well, now, I want to limit the time, if you will allow me. And between the time of the last hearing, where you were cleared, of any and all charges, and restored to your current position, from taht time, until the person known as Legion was piked on the post, can we confine to that time frame, Sir?

[17:41] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) inclines his head, “Yes. we can confine to that time frame.”

[17:42] Kaellaed Rhode: At some time you were aware a man was looking for you and you met that man. What happened leading up to that meeting? Well, pardon me, was there a meeting?

[17:43] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I was in the infirmary with my brother, Soren, and companion, Rosette, It seemed that Soren had received an injury while sparring earlier, and my companion was seeing to his wounds. A slave delivered a note requesting me to meet someone that had proof of treason at the pavilion within 30 ehn of receiving the note. I am able to identify this slave. Yes, there was a meeting.

[17:44] Kaellaed Rhode: proof of treason, a note from a slave. what did you do then?

[17:44] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): When I received this note, I left it on the infirmary bed with Soren and Rosette, so that they would know where I had gone. As I had received threats I did not feel it wise to go without any weapons. I had left my sword in the Administration building earlier in the day. Without asking, I took my brother’s sword.

[17:44] Kaellaed Rhode: pardon me, sorry, you were in the infirmary, were you ill? were you in good health at the time?

[17:45] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): As I said, my brother was injured, I was there with my companion and brother. I was not in ill health.

[17:46] Kaellaed Rhode: Soren, your brother, you took his sword?do go on, then what? you were all fine. please go on.

[17:46] Skaenn: They don’t let non citizen in

[17:46] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): Upon arrival at the pavilion, a man was waiting, dressed in dark clothing, hooded. I approached carefully, again, keeping a distance as there had been threats that had been made. The man began to speak to me, inquiring if I was in fact Cleatus Straaf, the Magistrate. The man identified himself as Trystan of Port Kar, and that Cleatus would know him as another name. He proposed offering me the documents in his possession, asking me what value they would have to me. As I was not sure what the documents were I could not name a price until I saw them. He offered to show me the first one, then we would discuss price. At which time I approached him. To retrieve the document. When I reached for it, he drew his sword on me. Stating “I hope you drank wine, tonight Cleatus. You were a sacrifice from the start. It was either going to be me, Legion, or your own people. Your children will now you a hero.”

[17:48] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) waits to see if Kael would ask any further question up to this point in the recounting.

[17:49] Kaellaed Rhode nods, listening, “you said you picked up your brother’s sword. Were you holding it or had you taken the sword, scabbard and belt and attached it? I mean, you meet this fellow, he says he has a document, and then he drew his sword, I suppose my question is, did you also draw or what did you do when he, this man, in a hood and darkness, took out a document or drew a sword?”

[17:52] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I was on guard, considering the circumstances that lead up to this meeting. So I was prepared to draw, if it was needed. I had my brother’s sword sheathed on my belt until the man drew on me first. At which point is when I drew.

[17:52] Kaellaed Rhode nods, “where is this, when you two talk, and he draws, and then you draw?”

[17:53] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): The pavilion Just behind the very building we are in currently.

[17:54] Kaellaed Rhode nods, ‘I know this is not easy, this next part, but please, and take your time, what all happened next?”

[17:54] Elora Oriana Previn (tahliablue) nods at Demi, not wanting to disturb by talking.

[17:57] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) took a breath and began stating the events, all the way through the encounter. “Unbeknown to me, Alexander Hayford was in hiding. At this moment he decided to make his presence known by initiating an attack from behind on the man identified himself as Trystan of Port Kar, Legion. He delivered a blow to the man’s back. The man then seemed to act on reflex and stabbed Alexander with his sword in the chest. I followed Alexander’s attack as the man fell to the ground, and plunged the sword into Trystan of Port Kar. I immediately ran to the side of Alexander, calling out for a warrior and for a physician. Using myself to assist in getting Alexander to the infirmary, while calling out. My companion emerged from the infirmary at my shouts to assist. The two of us managed to get Alexander to the infirmary and to the bed. I then exited the infirmary to ensure that the man in question was either taken into custody if he was not dead.”

[17:57] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) held his breath for a long time as Cleatus spoke of this again, and slowly let it out.

[17:59] Kaellaed Rhode nods, “you took Alex to the infirmary, both of you were wounded, and this other man, the man you had been talking to, he had been killed by Alex, just as he stabbed Alex. I do ask you to forgive me to have you go through this, is that part right?”

[17:59] Valin Paco Spire (artashes): took all this information in and just listened.. said nothing nothing at all. many proper questions would have been asked.. but he was told this was a hearing and not a interigation.

[18:01] Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira.korpov) would cringe slightly as she heard the details of what happened for the first time she would remain quiet, focused her attention forward riveted to every word that was spoken

[18:03] Kaellaed Rhode nods, “Thank You, Magistrate Cleatus, will you please ask Jamison to come to the witness stand? You are subject to recall, please do not leave just yet.
[18:03] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer): I was not injured. I did not receive any blows from the man, as ALexander’s heroic actions prevented the man from lashing out at me. Yes, the man had been killed by Alexander, and he had stabbed Alexander. I had slipped to my knee in an attempt to back up, but when watching the man falling, I lunged forward and planted the sword into Leion.

[18:03] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) nods and takes his seat back in the court room.

[18:07] Kaellaed Rhode: Will the Physician Jamison Bernard please come to the witness stand! I even see you skinny as you are.

[18:08] Jamison Bernard (marrtell) hands come up and he stands not wanting to touch the bench. a low caste might of got their cooites on it. He walked over and took a seat.

[18:08] Kaellaed Rhode: Thank you, Sir, please, your name, caste, title, homestone.

[18:08] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) She watches Jamison stand up and smiles.

[18:11] Jamison Bernard (marrtell) would clear his throat. Pressing his clean manicured fingered tip nails to his chest. In a snobbish way.” Jamison Bernard. Physician, Of course. Apothecary. Mortician and Pathologist…. My home Stone. Is Svago… Naturally.”

[18:11] Kaellaed Rhode: this concerns your caste matters, so I know you will tell the truth. You performed an autopsy. the man was notched of ear, had on his person a journal, recall that?

[18:13] Jamison Bernard (marrtell) would nod. looking up to Keallaed.. ” Indeed, Yes. Along with three notes. One was ripped in half, From the looks of it. And a scar over his right eye. Yes I remember it well. ” he said thinking back and still had the mans brain in a jar.

[18:15] Kaellaed Rhode: Do you associate that body with the person or entity known as Legion?

[18:16] Jamison Bernard (marrtell) Again would nod. ” Yes in fact. It would say it on his person. not only him tattooed on his mide body. But the journal was sewn into his clothes. The hem line of his pants. So they had to he his.”

[18:17] Kaellaed Rhode nods, leaning over to look at the Physician, “so, based on your examination, on his tattoo of the name Legion on his mid body, may we stop there and zoom in? bear with me, a tattoo that said what?”

[18:19] Jamison Bernard (marrtell): Legion. ” he said… “not only that the name Trystan.. And Legion are on the notes and the journal. Clearly proving the man to be one of the same.”

[18:20] Kaellaed Rhode nods, “magistrate Cleatus said that Alex and he went to the infirmary do you know of the treatment and what happened to Alex Hayford?”

[18:22] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) closes his eyes, trying not to see it again. Alex covered in blood, his pregnant Companion clinging to him, he’ll never stop hearing her sobbing pleas. A fists closes on his knee for an Ihn as he swallows a moment and then opens his eyes picking the scales to stare at, steel blue eyes full of his thoughts.

[18:23] Jamison Bernard (marrtell) shakes his head. ” I do not. But all of us Physicians can not be here at the same time. And of course we all have training more in other parts of our work then others to make out process’s go faster and more efficient.”

[18:24] Kaellaed Rhode: thank you Jamison, I think you need to eat more. I am rude, ,pardon me. You may be seated.

[18:24] Kaellaed Rhode looks up, “My friend Trentan, please come up, I am sorry I must question you. do bear with me.”

[18:24] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks proudly at her grand son “well done” she whispers to him as he passes

[18:24] Jamison Bernard (marrtell): / me would look down at his body and shrug… Standing up.. he moved away and back to his seat.

[18:25] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) rises and moves to the stand, his gaze never leaving the scales until the last Ihn.

[18:25] Jamison Bernard (marrtell) smiles proudly at his grandmother and has a seat.

[18:26] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) turns her attention to Trentan as he was called up, tilting her head to the side, the coin she had been spinning on her knuckles coming to a pause as she focuses.

[18:26] Kaellaed Rhode smiles as Trentan takes his seat. “I know you have borne many burdens of late, and I am support you and Patrice. Let us just be brief. Your brother Alex, what can you tell me of him.

[18:29] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “My Brother Alex-” he pauses for a moment. Recollects, taking a deep breath. “My Brother Alexander was a hothead sir. He was sent here to challenge, and from the moment he was placed an infant in my young arms at sixty, I could tell he would be a force to be reckoned with. I saw him grow to be a man, a son before I had …my son,” he says softly. “He was forged of iron and steel, and the fires of the forge runs hot in his veins, and he had an eye for slaves. He became a Slaver and enjoyed it. Despite being a hothead though, my Brother always stood for what he felt was right, regardless. Always.”

[18:30] Kaellaed Rhode sighs softly, ,”Your brother Alex, he was companioned, to whom was that, Trentan?”

[18:30] Soren Straaf (altruisticegoist) stares somberly, turning to look at his own younger brother, hearing Trentan’s words he nods, respect for the man.

[18:31] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “He was Companioned in Fina to Lady Patrice, one of the many daughters of a rich Merchant because Alexander saved his life, sir.”

[18:31] Kaellaed Rhode: How did Alex, your brother, save the father of his companion, Lady Patrice?

[18:32] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “The man was choking to death, no one seemed to know what to do, it was Alexander who stepped up immediately, without thought or hesitation, and managed to dislodge the choking hazard.”

[18:33] Kaellaed Rhode: So Alex was always there to intervene, to save a dangerous situation, as with his father in law. Tell us of Patrice, his companion.

[18:35] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “Lady Patrice did not come willingly to the wine of Companionship, but she did drink of it on her own power, and honored her father’s wishes. She is a Baker sir, and was well known in Fina. However when Alexander wished to move on, she followed him as was his due, with diligent and due pride she kept to their agreement. They did not always get along, but in time, I feel she grew to love him in her own way, and now will bear him a child,” he swallows softly. Ears turn a bit pink but he told the complete truth,

[18:37] Kaellaed Rhode nods, reaching up to brush his cheek as dust sweeps into his eyes, ‘Patrice is with child, Is she eating, how is she? can you speak of her, the widow of Alex, slain by Legion?”

[18:38] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “We are …. doing the best we can, sir,” he would give him that, at least. “She clung to him in his dying words and her plea for him to stay, her demand to stay for his child … I will not forget it, and I think, had he the power he would have tried -but he left us,” he bows his head slightly. “I saw his first breath and I was with him to the last.”

[18:39] Kaellaed Rhode folds his hands and nods, ‘thank you Trentan. Unless you would say any more, you may be seated.’

[18:39] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) sighs quietly, the loss so evident a pain to the man that she would not be surprised if she looked around to see sadness in every face, but her eyes stayed on the men in the front of the room.

[18:40] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “I do sir, if I may address the court?” he was making sure it would all right.

[18:40] Kaellaed Rhode: yes please, you may speak

[18:41] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) rises but stays in place, “Regardless of what happens here today I speak from a place that would ask your favor of each of you. Legion stole from us, all of us. He twisted your words against you. He prayed on the fears of the hearts of the men and women of Svago, -from us! But the question should be why is this happening? Why weren’t these words so easily discarded? While I know the Legion behind this is dead, I also believe that ‘Legion’ is actually fear itself -and fear knows no Caste. These fears that lurk in the hearts of men and women are our true enemy. What can be done so the people may be strong against these words? What can each of us do to work together to stand strong against this fear?”

[18:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): “I look to each of you, high and low Caste to treat one another with care and respect -we all share a Home Stone, mingled our Blood as one, we are each a Brother and Sister to one another, so let us come to act like it.” He looks at each person as the continues to speak, “We have shared bread and salt together. Each of us. Let us not be so quick to call one another liar for simple mistakes or misinformation, or come to quickly question each other’s honor. I urge everyone to ask themselves in which Svago they would want to live -one that gives breeding ground to this fear and contempt of one another, or one that laughs in the face of such dangers for they know without a doubt that we are One people? Svagorians through and through. We must chose to stand as One. It’s up to us, individually and a whole to chose this, daily in each and every interaction with one another. It is up to us.”

[18:43] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) bows his head, “And … only us.” He closes a fist on the wood before him. “We all share a Home Stone. I, for one, refuse to be a pawn in a shadow game that would have us at each other’s throat regardless of who drives it. We must trust one another. Legion is dead, and what he wrought on us can not be continued or allowed to rule us. My brother, a Slaver, risked his life to protect a Scribe …because he always stood up for what he feels is right, no matter what. Let it not be in vain. Brothers. Sisters. I ask you, now. Will you chose to stand as One?”

[18:44] Kaellaed Rhode pounds his fist on his thigh, “hear hear, Trentan. We are lucky to have you as Merchant Magistrate. We do need to be unitied, all of us. Your words have great value.”

[18:44] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) turns to the Magistrate, a single tear rolling down his cheek, “May I go, sir?”

[18:44] Kaellaed Rhode: yes Trentan, thank you for your service

[18:44] Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) thumps his chest in applause for Trentan’s words.

[18:44] Malice stood.. and simply called out.. “Hail Svago!”

[18:44] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) claps her hand to her shoulder at the powerful words of the Merchant Magistrate. “Well said, Sir!” She calls.

[18:44] Kaellaed Rhode: Is Warrior Tjark present?

[18:45] Tjark (kirtanu) stepped forward “I am here”

[18:45] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) returns to his seat, ready for this to be over so he can go home and make sure Patrice eats today.

[18:45] Kaellaed Rhode: Aye, Sergeant Tjark, I see you, please

[18:46] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) as he passed the Administrator he touched his shoulder, a salute and gesture of Citizenship. Nodding to Malice before he settles.

[18:47] Kaellaed Rhode looks up at the Rarius, “name, caste, rank, do you agree to be truthful?”

[18:48] Valin Paco Spire (artashes): he would simply not hold back and spoke up his words on the response to add to Trentans words.. ” if by chance this was not the case and this man was not the Legion we all are set to belive.. I hope all of you understand bull shit games like this is why lives cost and are unneccesarrly lost.. and hope all see this tragedy and speak up of your own conserns we are all of Svago and will all be here for one another.. I for one Swore to this Home Stone and will always put my own life on the line when it comes to the safety of any one of you here “

[18:48] Tjark (kirtanu) proudly rumbled “Tjark of the warriors, Sergeant.” he frowned and pursed his lips “A warrior of honor always speaks truth, Sir”

[18:48] Kaellaed Rhode: arrest that outburst

[18:48] Soren Straaf (altruisticegoist) turns his gaze with a bit of quiet outrage towards Valin.

[18:49] Kaellaed Rhode: Sergeant Tjark, tell us about the man that was recently impaled, what you may know about how he got there?

[18:50] Skaenn: Hearing all this he hope Valin make a run for it.

[18:52] Tjark (kirtanu) pondered that a few Ihn “Sir, i cant tell you how he got here. He was surely not of Svago, so i have to conclude that he came by ship, as that is the only way to reach this island, since only few Tarns will fly over the open waters of Thassa and such birds would be seen. all i can give you is an account of what i saw that night and what i make out of it.”

[18:52] Skaenn: Starts to pace up and down saying Don’t do it, Don’t do it.

[18:52] Kaellaed Rhode: who spiked him, you don’t know?

[18:52] Kaellaed Rhode: belay that

[18:52] Kaellaed Rhode: let me know what you saw that night and what you make of it

[18:53] Tjark (kirtanu) chuckled “I did, Sir, but you asked me how he got here.” he answered that question then nodded “That night i had just reached home after my duty when i heard the shout for a warrior from the infirmary. I hastened there to find the magistrate Cleatus dragging the body of the man called Legion. The magistrate was not wounded but covered in blood, the man called Legion had Sorens sword in his back. Cleatus was in talk with Soren who was heavily bandaged and obviously had come out of the infirmary. The magistrate said Legion had drawn steel on him and Alexander had intervened. In the scuffle Alexander was killed since Legion had thrust “his sword into Alexanders chest”. Cleatus produced a Letter he said Legion had on him which contents said Legion had come to kill him.” ((continued))

[18:54] Kaellaed Rhode nods, listening attentively.

[18:54] Tjark (kirtanu) inhaled deeply “Blood traces showed me the combat had been in the FCing pagoda, the man dragged towards the infirmary. I carried the body to the docks, searched it thoroughly turning the man inside out and upside down and found nothing, not even pocket lint, but 30 silver and the mans sword. Then i piked him and carved the name Legion into his flesh with my blade.” he bit his lips and swished his hands over his forearms then said “I must apologize for handing all that into the magistrates hands that night. It was undue of me to let the man who was attacked handle his own case until he could hand it to another. apologies, Sir. That was my failure. I had been investigating the whole Legion case since weeks. One question remains for me though: why is it claimed Alex has been killed by legions sword, but his death certificate says he was killed by a dagger?”

[18:54] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) looked at the strange man standing outside the gates. His eyes narrowed upon the man as he was sure he had smelt the man’s scent before and recently. “TAl.” he said softly as he considered opening the gates for the man, but he didn’t know if the man was friend or foe.

[18:55] Kaellaed Rhode nods, “how’d you come to decide to carve the name into the man’s dead body?”

[18:56] Diodorus Siculus (orcobal) moves across the floor with his hand on the hilt of his sword, “Valin, drop your weapons and hold your hands forward to be placed in irons”. He walks up towards Valin, speaking quietly so not make a scene.

[18:56] Kaellaed Rhode: As for the autopsy, it has multiple fatal wounds take your pick.

[18:56] Tjark (kirtanu) chuckled softly “So people would know who it was on the pike. The letter produced by the magistrate showed clearly the name the man had used: Legion”

[18:57] Kaellaed Rhode: disarm Valin. This is disorder. We see the tentacles of Legion.

[18:58] Kaellaed Rhode looks back to Tjark, “When you came on the dead body, this Legion, was it that Cleatus was dragging it? From the pavilion? Where were you when you first saw this?”

[18:59] Svago door Lower City (Skaenn Resident took over the menu)

[19:00] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) looked at the man who placed his hand upon the gate, he had just passed by one of the upper city gates that seemed to be tampered with. His left arm slid into the shadow of his cloak and found the hilt of his gladius hidden within his robes. “Strangers typically don’t make it this far into the High City… identfy yourself.>”

[19:00] Valin Paco Spire (artashes): looks to them both.. I will gladly go to the cell my self Dio.. you will do your job there.. and looks to Kael looks to him ” I have every right to speak my mind.. this is a hearing not a trial.. ” and then looks to Dio and smiply walked over to the warriors hall motioned for the man to follow ..

[19:00] Kɪɴɢ 選ばれた天使 βlαcкh3αяt ﮎαηтαηα™ (jaloniee.inglewood) walks up quietly behind Valin leaving distance between them with his hand on his hilt

[19:00] Diodorus Siculus (orcobal) nods and follows

[19:00] Skaenn: Tal I am sorry my thoughts were elsewhere. Thank you for your offer I do feel the need to go in but not being a citizen, well it would get you into trouble..

[19:00] Svago door Lower City (Skaenn Resident took over the menu)

[19:01] Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira.korpov) would sigh as she turns to look at Valin she wouldnt say a peep she would getting her hackles up but she didnt want to end up in the clink besides him she would instead just listen to the testimoney and wondering what Valin do when he took the right action she breathed a sigh of relief silently

[19:01] Tjark (kirtanu) nodded “That is correct. I saw the magistrate dragging the body with Sorens sword in its back towards the infirmary only steps away form the door. I came around the corner coming from the living area when Soren stepped out of the infirmary. I was not even 15 steps away.”

[19:01] Kaellaed Rhode: What possessed you to carve ‘Legion’ into the body’s flesh?

[19:02] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) he looked at the man who spoke finally, the man was old or he was barbarian that had never been touched by the serums. “You have wish to go in, you are still stranger to Svago… your name? homestone? business being here?” he asked calmly, his eyes studying the man. As warriors came and left he didn’t remove his focus from the man. He may be retired, but he was still a warrior at heart.

[19:03] Tjark (kirtanu) canted his head “Sir, Legion was a strain in Svago for weeks, it was proven the man used that name and no signs were available to mark the spike in that instance, so i decided to make an example out of it making clear for any onlooker what fate awaits for enemies of Svago that try to kill us or pry us apart.”

[19:04] Lady Liliyano (kajiralilyano) looks at the sudden arrival of rosette and wonders if there is something else silently

[19:04] Kaellaed Rhode nods, “so you marked him as he was, to your mind, he was Legion, and you had heard others call him Legion, and so, he was Legion. Is that right, Sergeant Tjark?”

[19:05] Skaenn: My name is Skaenn, I am from the North, Tyr’s Fist Stronghold. I came here on a job offer but that did not work out. To this city I am an Outlaw., no home, no caste.

[19:06] ღ Aмεlια Sтεεlε ღ (dorna1983) heard soft steps she looked over and saw Rosette, she would glance over her as she was just having seizures just the other day, she would reach out and place her fingers in Jessnia’s hair before she turned and focused upon the trail

[19:07] Tjark (kirtanu) inhaled deeply “Sir, to that i must answer twofold: the man named himself Legion. But he is not THE Legion and that in double meaning. To explain this i would have to hold a longer speech.”

[19:07] Kaellaed Rhode: you have the floor, soldier.

[19:08] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she rushed into the courtroom glancing about for a moment. Scanning g the room then ehr violet hues fall upon the girl from that night, with the note. She walked over and slipped her hand softly into her hair, only to take a fist full of it tightly. Her violet hues looking down to the girl. Her grip tightening. She castes her violet gaze to Cleatus from across the room. Then falling down to trentan as she let a light cough come from her lips, maybe enough to get one of theirs attention. But not disrupt the hearing.

[19:08] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) looked at the man, speaking as if he were a Torvie but knew enough of the south to believe he would be a outlaw in the eyes of the council. “If you say your a outlaw, then you broke a law… if you have not then you are simply a stranger among citizens.. nothing more and nothing Less Skaenn.. If you wish entry, hand me your arms and I will check them in with the guards. You can be my.. guest.. or you need something more official.. my guard?”

[19:10] Tjark (kirtanu) nodded “Thank you, Sir” then turned around to address the crowd with a stern face. “Here is what i make out of all of this. An outside force used a mercenary calling hinself Legion to distribute the anonymous letter also printed in the Svago post using the regents paper to break low and high caste apart to the brink of rebellion, which points at a rich and powerful man behind the veil. Why this paper? To implicate the 9th and the Spire family unduly. At this point i want to thank for and admire the Regents patience and restraint for the good of Svago.” he crossed his arms in front of his chest “From where that outsider is can only be answered if the source of the parchment is found, the sword of legion is typed, or the coin on the man is not regular one but from a certain region or city. He must have had inside help though. I assume after the Legion death they fast left the city as they had to fear their ruse was up. The people that left Svago recently should be looked into. all hints point towards Port

[19:10] Tjark (kirtanu): Kar.” ((continued))

[19:10] Lib (liberace57): hears the name Skaenn and immediately the hairs on my neck stand up and i say to the guard “do not allow that man in here, he is up to no good, he has been skulking about the city for 4 days trying to make citizenns think he is a city official”

[19:10] Skaenn: Your offer I can not accept I don’t think I could remain silent in there and you would be in trouble.

[19:11] Sooka (valeshkae) moved in silently, wide blue eyes looking around, then she made her way to her Master, kneeling beside him. A soft whisper, closer to him “Greetings my Master” so that her voice would not interrupt the proceeding.

[19:11] Kaellaed Rhode pounds on his gavel shouting ‘order’

[19:11] Tjark (kirtanu) he took another deep breath then spoke on “After the hearing of Magistrate Cleatus, that puppet master of the killed Legion – and he is a puppet what is proven by his correspondence and the payment money of 30 silver on him – decided to up the ante and kill Cleatus. He lured him into the pagoda, tried to kill him. Only Alexander was not planned and that man sacrificed his life for the good of our city saving a high caste. That man is a hero, a true Svagorean who put his Home Stone above his own life. A man who did the right thing despite quarrels. A man who should be a role model to us all.” he gave Trentan a nod “But all of this was only possible because a group of concerned citizens decided to build a front. They decided to act on their own and not trust the system we live in. Head my two stories i told at the campfire, which i had not chosen by coincidence, and learn from them. Trust the law and proceedings or outsiders that want to bring us down can do great damage. Mistakes have been made, we have

[19:11] Tjark (kirtanu): to strife to be better. Mistakes have been heard and taken out of context. Never judge without knowing both sides directly from the source. An example: Lady Patrice pleaded here, it was not heard so it seemed. Shortly after we acted upon threats to a high caste woman. Instantly the rumor sprang up high caste gets better treatment and protection than low. What those people claiming that not know is that between both we warriors decided to act upon threats against ANY FW of Svago more decisively and aggressively. The system works.” he turned around again “That is all i can say, Sir. The piked man was the hand, not the brain, a message was sent by my carving.”

[19:12] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) hears Rose and glances over, noticing she has a hold of one of Gaius’ slaves. He turns back then sharply looks back again.

[19:12] Magnolia (sloaneriley) let’s out a heated shriek when her hair is roughly grabbed. She new better than to say anything so did her best to bite lips and cant her head back seeing who attacked her. Seeing the woman her jaw fell open, hands went up to shield her face at once.

[19:13] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) returns Tjark’s nod as he honors Alexander’s memory.

[19:13] Kaellaed Rhode looks at Tjark, ‘you carved Legion in the man, you felt he was Legion. I am not listening to any other items, this is a trial of who was Legion. So by your hand, you named Legion, isn’t that right?”

[19:14] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) her violet hues still a bit glassy but fierce in this moment. She jerked the girl closer to her, as she yelled. ” Quiet you. Youre in enough trouble.” she said lowly to the girl in a growled whisper she then turned and gave Trentan a very Stern nod. In hopes he understands the nod.

[19:14] Tjark (kirtanu) shrugged “Sir, i do not know how i can make myself any clearer as by my words: the man was the hand of Legion from the outside by that part of it thus labeled as such.”

[19:14] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) he would look at the man, that own admission made him wonder. “One who can not hold his voice, and yet a Stranger to Svago.. do you happen to have a finger or more in what ever was being discussed upstairs?” he looked at the man with a sly smile crossing his lips. There were strings that didn’t line up in his mind with what was being discussed upstairs. “If you can not keep your voice, and you openly stated your a outlaw.. when I ask if you broke a law you negate reply.. if I were a Warrior I would have provable cause….” he paused seeing Teach enter the council chambers. To many strange faces, but this one he knew was in Port Kar recently…

[19:14] Demi Deveroux (lunaryu) looked over to Malice, “I thought this was a hearing…?” she whispered

[19:15] ღ Ṍṥḧṳṅ Ṙṍṥḕ ღ (ginger.boyau) nods looking around “yes my Master”

[19:15] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) turns her head towards the sounds behind her, a lifted eyebrow at the noise of the slave. seeing her gripped by the Physician, but turns her attention back ahead, listening to Tjark’s words attentively, sharp focus in her gaze.

[19:16] Kaellaed Rhode nods, ‘then we need the puppet master, but we got the puppet, you agree with that? we got the instrument? and we can back work to the hand controlling? eh? any idea on that, sarg’ent?”

[19:16] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) heard Rosette, his eyes sharply darted in her direction and saw the slave. He would seek Rosette’s gaze, and nod silently. He would be patient and not speak.

[19:16] Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira.korpov) as she heard Tjark speak she felt secretly vindicated as she had thought that the man on the pike could not have been the infamous Legion she was absolutely riveted now

[19:17] Malice nodded to Fardra and whispered, “That is what the notice stated.”

[19:18] Magnolia (sloaneriley) shrinks back away from the physician only to make the pain more intense against her head. LIps tightly purse together to keep from any other sounds from coming out. She was just kneeling here after all, quiet this whole time.

[19:19] Tjark (kirtanu) smiled and shook his head “I cant give you a name or a target, Sir. That would need further investigation as i hinted at. But yes we got the puppet and cut its strings. The hand is running free. Looking at the evidence found all points towards the city i named, but that must not be it after all that port is a crossway of many things”

[19:20] Skaenn: I tell I am an Outlaw because other here call me that, As I said I have not caste. As to the events inside. I took it on myself to look into it. I found the blood in the plaza behind us and showed them to the Sergeant., he did not know of them.

[19:20] Sooka (valeshkae) peered over to the slave that had made some kind of noise, even with the many people talking, the shriek was not hard to notice. She saw that it was Magnolia, and her eyes widened. What had the girl done to the free woman to be chastised during the hearing. Sooka looked to her Master then down towards his boot.

[19:21] Kaellaed Rhode: So you will stand by for your carving, that the piked body was Legion, that Alex died a hero. that this sorry state of affairs can be concluded. Mind you, all stones leave ripples, but some chimes need minding. Can we leave off that Legion is Dead, he was piked, Alex killed him as a hero, and we of Svago, and step forward, unified, how may that sound, Sergeant Tjark of Svago?

[19:21] ღ Ṍṥḧṳṅ Ṙṍṥḕ ღ (ginger.boyau) looks over her eyes wide “So he died for nothing my Master?”

[19:21] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) her gaze then fell upon Cleatus’s as she jerked the girl once more, Harshly this time looking down at her breaking gaze. ” Follow.” she said sternly yet quietly as not to disrupt the session.She began to walk with out giving the girl a chance to reject her order. Dragging her over to her brothers and companion. Waiting Quietly.

[19:22] Tjark (kirtanu) nodded “I can agree with that, Sir, if we call the instrument of the outside force Legion”

[19:22] Kaellaed Rhode: very well, I won’t mince words, thank you Tjark

[19:23] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) rises to allow Rosette to be seated next to her Companion. He nodded as Tjark named the traitor Legion, as he was clearly.

[19:23] Magnolia (sloaneriley) barely gets off her knees before her body was being yanked and drug across the floor. Stumbling forward hands reached out to catch herself from calling but ended up yanking on the womans skirts.

[19:23] William Carver: William listened and was nodding and how was waiting to see if something would be concluded now

[19:24] Tjark (kirtanu) stepped back and to the side to yield the floor.

[19:24] Kaellaed Rhode looks up to William and Nikki, “based on the testimony, Legion is Dead, he was Trystan, Alex is a hero, as is Cleatus. If any have anything to say, now is the time.

[19:25] Soren Straaf (altruisticegoist) stands quietly, waiting.

[19:25] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she wrapped her hand tighter around the girls hair gripping close to her skull now ” I have something to speak.” she spoke loudly. holding the girl tighter” This is the slut that brought cleauts the note” she barked out.

[19:25] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks up and only add “I would recognize the caste of physicians, the work rosette did in an attempt to save Alex and the work by Jamison in uncovering much evidence”

[19:26] Kaellaed Rhode: yes, if rosette can come up to add about alex?

[19:26] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) sighs softly the man admitted again to being a outlaw. “Did you tamper with the gate to enter the High City?” he asked, man was forth coming so would least ask the man to see how much he would admit too.

[19:27] Magnolia (sloaneriley) couldn’t hold it back this time and cries out in pain. “Please lemme go” she pleased ever so softly with the woman.

[19:27] Magnolia (sloaneriley): *peads

[19:27] Kaellaed Rhode looks up as William stands, “Administrator.”

[19:27] William Carver: Stood, and then so close but sat back down, he would glance over and just wait to see now what would happen.

[19:28] Magnolia (sloaneriley): really meant to type *pleads)

[19:29] Soren Straaf (altruisticegoist) sits down as well, waiting his turn.

[19:29] ღ Ṍṥḧṳṅ Ṙṍṥḕ ღ (ginger.boyau) quickly lowers to her knees by her Master’s command “yes my Master” her icy orbs darting around the room listening to the going ons quietly

[19:30] Kaellaed Rhode: I testimony and the facts can only lead to the conclusion that Tyrstan, the piked outlaw, was Legion, based on the body, the notes, the journal, the attack upon Cleatus, the battle with Alex, the heroic defense of Alex. That is the finding.

[19:30] Skaenn: I will tell you this. I am Serpent Ship Captain. I lead raids, attacks, committed piracy. So Iam an Outlaw. Now what do you think?

[19:30] Sooka (valeshkae) heard Rosette speak of Magnolia, but she kept silent. Her hands placed on her lap calmly. She would only listen to what would happen next.

[19:31] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) looked to Rosette, “My Companion, There is no need to torture the girl. The findings have proven what we came here to prove.”

[19:32] Skaenn: Hearing Cleatus, he shakes his head.

[19:32] Kaellaed Rhode looks up to Magistrate Cleatus, “do more need to be heard, Sir?”

[19:33] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) nods as Kael speaks, he’d known in his heart, in his bones, and in the very Blood of Alexander Hayford that runs in his own veins, that Alex had struck true, taking out Legion, and now the discord come to light it can be put to rest, as he would be in a few days.

[19:34] Kaellaed Rhode stacks up his papers, and looking to the crowd, “the hearing is ended. Be well.”

[19:34] Skaenn: Looking at who is coming. “Here trouble.”

[19:34] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) gestures to the slave in Rosettes grasp. “My companion has a hold of the girl that sent the note.”

[19:34] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) her grip tightened as she moved forward as she was addressed. ” Thank you Nikki for that recognition as well as thanking our caste. Aye, I was the one to work upon Alex up until his final moments. ” she shook her head blinking a few times for known reasons. Jerking the girl again. ” THIS girl is the one who delivered the note to Cleatus to be summoned at the pavilion” looking to cleatus as she raised a brow. She was still confused in her own mind. ” This girl is the one who brought the note” she repeated herself.

[19:34] Kaellaed Rhode: I would like it noted, 2 Ahn.

[19:35] Lady Liliyano (kajiralilyano) looks around wondering why something being noted would take 2 earth hours

[19:35] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) he looked at the man and would shake his head. “I think the only reason you would be here is if you knew what was going on, and that you have a part in it. I already know one man that I’ve seen in Kar recently entered this building moments ago.. I also note I seen a gate tampered with but moments ago and now your here with a hand on my gates … I have every reason to draw steel and knock you on your ass old man… the only piece of the puzzle I’m not finding a fit is why are you here.. are you in any way related or identify yourself as “Legion”?” he looked at the man with a serious look in his eyes. If the man reached for his steel, Pyr would draw fast and quick. His heart might not be the best at the moment, but he could get a few quick swings in before he started to fight exertion.

[19:35] Kaellaed Rhode: Rosette, if the girl is a slave she must be tortured so if she is yours come up here with her and pull some of her short hairs out.

[19:36] ღ Aмεlια Sтεεlε ღ (dorna1983) stands up and waves her fingers to Jess ” come mine, lets go, i need some wine”

[19:36] Syndyl Cretusfyr (syndilfire) chuckles

[19:36] Soren Straaf (altruisticegoist) stands slowly, keeping quiet on what he’d have said and turns to regard Rosette and the slave.

[19:36] Lib (liberace57): says in a quiet voice to the Warrior “there is a ma outside called Skaenn, he is a trouble maker do not let him into the hearing”

[19:37] Skaenn: Chuckles “I think I know who this Puppet Master they speak of is.

[19:37] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) closes her eye a few Ehn, pleased enough with the outcoming, which might have gone a number of ways.

[19:37] Magnolia (sloaneriley)’s arms flail about as she is yanked and jerked this way and that way, by the time the woman would be done her head would be bald. “I did as I was told!” struggling to stand or kneel at this point, not sure if she should be quiet or speak. Eyes went about the room looking for her owner, “The short ones? She’s yanking out all the long ones now.”

[19:37] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) would sigh “Well that answers that..” he said simply as he would look at the man. Seeing a Rarius come up “Warrior..”

[19:39] ℒillianna (badbunny2011) quietly sighs and keeps back from the gates till the ruckus is over. finishing her drawing from memory

[19:39] ღ Ṍṥḧṳṅ Ṙṍṥḕ ღ (ginger.boyau): Master becareful..she calls after him not liking this at all but it wasnt her place to tell her Master what to do

[19:39] Skaenn: Turning to Tjark “Good for you Sergeant, you spoke.the truth.

[19:39] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) sighs deeply “Kings help me..” he muttered under his breath. Pulling his cloak back he pulled his sword. “Under the authority of the Council of Svago. You have openly admitted to being a outlaw, and now possessing information of those who have plotted and caused disrest within Svago. You can surrender your steel or I will see you on the ground after you meet Gorean Steel.. how do you answer Skaenn the outlaw?”

[19:39] Kɪɴɢ 選ばれた天使 βlαcкh3αяt ﮎαηтαηα™ (jaloniee.inglewood) hears a man call him, looking toward the man “Tal sir how may i be of help to you?

[19:40] Cleatus Straaf (scottybeamer) stood slowly, nodding to Kael, politely, “Thank you for the hearing. The girl is not ours. I simply identify her. I do not know what information she holds.”

[19:40] Kaellaed Rhode looks up to Lady Rosette and magnolia, “does she wish to speak? Otherwise I would call recess as the matter is closed.”

[19:41] Kɪɴɢ 選ばれた天使 βlαcкh3αяt ﮎαηтαηα™ (jaloniee.inglewood) hears the mans words and {Draws his weapon

[19:41] ღ Aмεlια Sтεεlε ღ (dorna1983) coming out of the hearing she sees a group of men about ” Tal ” she would quietly say

[19:41] Tjark (kirtanu) stepped outside as the girl was being handled and needed a moment to assess the situation in which steel was drawn. His hands went instantly to his weapons “What is the matter here?” he rumbled

[19:41] Demi Deveroux (lunaryu) pushes up from teh seat as i seemed the hearing was over, “I appreciate you letting me use the seat sir Malice.” she dipped her chin to him.

[19:41] ℜøşєţţє Straaf (musiclover30) she shakes her head looking to kael with her rather empty hues at this moment ” She is not mine. ” she looks at trentan with a raised brow with a certain look in her eyes ” I do not know who owns her. But she was the one” she nodded softly she wobbled a wee bit but caught herself. Though she wouldn’t let go of the girls hair. Jerking her again for speaking out” Did as you were told?” she raised her brow. ” Who…” she said rather… strangely.. Her injures still at large. ” I blelieve she will speak if she knwos waht is good for her.” she nodded softly ” If she speaks a different tongue can be of use and translate” she said looking to kael.

[19:42] Skaenn whispers: Laughs out loud, “What fool I have been I have tried to help a city, yet I am treated less then an urt.

[19:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford) rises, “This is the slave of House Varro, Gaius calls her Magonlia,” he identifies her and then sits down.

[19:42] Kaellaed Rhode looks to Rosette, “she gave a note to Cleatus? Also and you treated Alex? was he awake and alert when he first presented?”

[19:42] Trentan Hayford (trentanhayford): *Magnolia

[19:42] Aisha Thorne Na’Bandit (samira.korpov) would hear what was a drawing of some kind of weapon her head would turn towards the stairs and wonder what the hell was happening now she would shake her head slightly and turns to what is going on in here

[19:43] Soren Straaf (altruisticegoist) moves down out of the courtroom to gather his weapons and heads out the door to the commotion.

[19:43] Lady Liliyano (kajiralilyano) looks at rosette and motions silently to her goad if needed

[19:44] Lib (liberace57): “Daughter get back here,” he says in a raised voice

[19:44] Skaenn: takes out his sword and throws it to the ground. “Here I am unworthy of it. I do hope you find a man more worthy of it.. “

[19:44] Pчяиιя Alα’Bαиdιт (lextonian.snowpaw) he would look at Skaeen “Quite the choice of words… Under Gorean Law, Outlaws are typically killed on sight. Being you are still breathing, count yourself fortunate. Maybe if you release information to the Magistrates.. they may see you to a oar for the rest of your days.” he would state simply “Sergeant, this man has openly admitted to being a Outlaw.” he said simply and watched Skaenn toss his sword ot the ground.

[19:44] Faedra Venherth (surrendersaga) glances behind her at Trentan’s words about the slave, then looks back at the slave Rosette was holding onto, crossing her arms as she waited to see if the slave’s words would be taken or not, the case closed, as it were.

[19:44] Kɪɴɢ 選ばれた天使 βlαcкh3αяt ﮎαηтαηα™ (jaloniee.inglewood) listens to their words as he grips his blade “no do as you wish i just want to make sure im attacking him for a reason” watches the man throw his weapon down

[19:45] ღ Aмεlια Sтεεlε ღ (dorna1983) looks around confused.. but then searches for her papa and slave.. not seeing them about she runs to a pillared and stands back watching

[19:45] Kaellaed Rhode bangs his gavel, “the matter is decided, please go all in peace.”

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