The “Talk”

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The “Talk”

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[13:06] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) GWYNN ARE YOU HERE? IT’S MAMMA AND AUNTIE ROSA

[13:07] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) gasped and covered herself. Her face went bright red, making sure the gown is covering her. “YES I AM UPSTAIRS” she replied

13:07] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) looks around “well at least they got rid of that dirty carpet of yours” hears Sara yell and pokes at her ears “Holy moly woman, just made me deaf!!! Maybe I don;t have to hear William drone on tonight, might thank you later”

13:07] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) come on Rosa, and if I find any men up there, ooh is she in trouble

[13:09] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) sniffs, looking around “well I like what you’ve done with the place! Dressing in front of an open window?

13:09] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) frowned and groaned, but then moved closer to hug her mother. “I have missed you.” she sighed, “Tal Auntie Rosa.” she greeted.

13:10] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) just looks at Sara, bad enough she never let her meet her niece now she can’t even introsuce, nudges her sister out of the way “Tal Niece, I am Lady Rosa, of which I am sure has said nothing but horrible things about me” nods

13:10] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) hugs Gwynn tightly, lifting the smaller woman off of her feet

[13:10] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) looks at Sara “since when did you hug someone?”

[13:11] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) if you had given me a moment, i might have, but I did say you were with me downstairs, Rosa, Don’t start a quarrel, not when Gwynn must be so nervous now

13:12] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) giggled as she was lifted from the floor. “Mother has only ever said the kindest of words about you, or nothing at all.” Not really lying, but a half truth was less painful. “Niall has an order of protection over me until our companionship contract takes affect today.” she said, wringing her hands.

13:13] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) moves to the side and lets them do their thing “of course” she said and makes a note “I see she inherited Thrice’s height” nods a bit and looks around.

[13:15] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) sputters “what nonsense and how dare they. Uncle Rec is the male head of our family, and you were under his protection. Niall needs a size 0 kick in the pants,” She stops her rant to stare at Rosa “Gwynn os the perfect height..she is a rare, delicate flower! Have they made you full scribe yet, Gwynn?”

[13:16] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded pointing around to the rather empty space. “I had my belongings sent to Niall’s house. I haven’t been to his home yet, But I do know he has a slave…for…what ever he is using her for. He seems to rave about her cooking skills.” she huffed, sticking her nose in the air and crossing her arms over her chest. “Honestly, I do not understand the appeal these beasts have over men.” Her head shook further, “I had my first class with Lady Nikki this week, but it will be soon. I’ve watched as many contracts as I can this week and it does seem simple enough”

[13:17] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) chuckles hearing that “well what slaves use men for? you might not want to know the details there, just make sure you pickup a hobby, like sewing, crochet, reading a ton of books, something like that to pass the time” she nods a bit

[13:18] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) only simple people write simple contracts, which is why I wished i could have written yours. Your father and I are very much concerned that your interests are protected

[13:18] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes): or did I mean what men use slaves for? one of those two

[13:19] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, “He seemed more worried I might damage his property than anything else in the contract. What’s mine is mine, what is his is his. He will only enslave me if I should behave as a slave, which I shall never do, so I believe we should be fine.”

[13:20] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) hmmm I would have changed that clause that any punishment collars expire with the contract

[13:20] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, a scowl on her face. “I’m sure we can have that amended.” she noted, but hadn’t thought of that.

[13:20] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen): and he will be earning considerably more than you can, AND children could have been negotiated

[13:22] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, “He believes children should have equal access to their mother. I do not think children will become an issue. We’ll only be together for one year and …well, I’m frankly wondering if he can even reproduce. Nothings happened to me over weeks of us courting, you know.”

[13:24] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) coughs a bit hearing her statement and adjusts her gloves a bit just listening and all that.

[13:24] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) holds up a palm “STOP. Companionships are meant to be for a lifetime. They are renewed annually because they are important, not because its expected they will expire like fresh meat left out in the sun. And he better not have been trying to reproduce while you were courting! Which brings me up to another issue. Have you had noble wine?

[13:25] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) would mouth the words ‘just a year’ but veils impede these things so just looks back at Sara and her daughter there like some tennis match.

[13:27] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) shook her head, “Just red wine from the winery.” she said, “What is this…noble wine?” she asked. “I do not think Niall likes me to drink. Given how excessively his mother tips her glass, if you know what I mean.” she nodded with a judgmental expression. “He has done better to avoid eye contact with me, but frankly I’m shocked with all the times he’s stared at me nothing at all happened. You know Denise, from Ar? She said a million times, if she said it once, her husband only had to look at her for her to conceive. I rather thought it made the whole process very convenient.”
[13:28] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) just shakes her head, scribes teaching each other about the body, this was amusing “oh yes, that’s exactly how it worked, I think Thrice sailed within 9847146 pasangs of Sara and she conceived you!”

[13:32] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) frowned, clearly torn on which way to go with this conversation now “noble wine is a concoction the greens distribute, that prevents women from conceiving,. and there is a wine that “releases” you to conceive. That school should have given you some before you made the voyage home, and i will certainly write them a strongly worded letter.” She slides her eyes ove to Rosa, and blinks a few times “Don’t confuse the poor child more than she already is. I am torn…if she keeps her dignity, she will not allow him to touch–uhm,look at her but then I do want grandchildren. Just so they don’t look like Niall or his crazy family.” SHe looks at Rosa again to see if she has any good advice “but then Nikki did ask in a letter if she could be in on this part”

[13:35] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded again. “No, they did offer something like that, but I went shopping instead that afternoon. I wanted to make sure I got the latest veil from the seamstress. She does fine work.”

[13:36] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) shrugs “It’s the releaser wine when starting a family. figured those details would have been taken care of for tonight” she added, was not sure what advice she wanted, hearing the plan was for Nikki to review these things, she did not say much else.

[13:39] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) moves closer to Gwynn again, fussing with the girls hair, tucking some strands back, pulling some forward. adjusting the drape of her hood. She is about to do the finger-lick fix to Gwynn’s eyebrows, again, when she nods “i think anybody would agree that shopping was the better use of time. And you do look lovely, doesn’t she, Rosa? I never thought this day would come, my baby, getting a companion.” Sara starts to sniffle, but manages to ask “what do you think will happen tonight, when you are alone with Niall?”
[13:41] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) watches and grins behind her thick veils “yes she looks lovely” she states pleasantly.

[13:41] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) watched her mother’s finger like a hawk, not wanting that spit run along her eyebrow again, but not wanting to refuse her mother. “Tonight? I move in with him. I expect he will go back to work as Head of Caste, and I will come here for a time, working on the Post, then we shall go to his house and sleep. That’s what people do at night, Mother, they sleep. I do not plan to let him keep me awake all night with idle chit chat when I have this edition of the post to finish.”
[13:44] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) Sara’s sniffles turn to full-out bawling, now “Yes yes that’s right, Gwynn, that’s all that should happen. If he is a gentleman that is. Make sure the slave cleans everything and keeps at it until you fall asleep. I trust you have your own room in his house and can lock the door?”

[13:44] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) chuckles lightly, now thinking she sounds like a mini Sara “oh yes, the paper always comes first, still trying to figure out how Sara had time to have you, must have been a short gossip day in there somewhere” she waves her hand, thinking that must have been the reason.

[13:49] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) stuck her nose in the air and crossed her arms over her chest again. “Oh she will be busy. I cannot keep all 7 trunks of gowns, Niall feels that is too many and I will need to put some in storage for safe keeping. Imagine if I had sent over all my chests of gowns? What then?” she huffed, “His slave’s name is feather and she will have enough to do with laundry and cooking alone to keep her awake long into the night. You know I asked him if I was to have my own room and he told me not to worry, if that was needed, he would contact the builders. I am guessing I will sleep on his bed and he will have a fur to lay on or something.”

[13:53] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) voice starts to get shrill “what do you mean, he’d have to contact the builders? What sort of shack is he moving you into. The heads of caste have always had large houses set aside for their use. What is Niall trying to pull! Ohhh I wish your father could be here, he’d straighten that young man out right away. I suppose he has his parents manners, or lack thereof. You can always resume living here, or in the Inn. Perhaps that would be better anyway, Since it sounds like he doesn’t intend on giving you any money, maybe you better have some emergency coin. Uhm….Rosa, give Gwynn some emergency coin”

[13:56] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) shrugged as he mother’s voice went shrill. “Mother, this is how his parents sleep. I would imagine he thinks it is normal. I shall educate him on the proper ways to keep a companion in his home. His mother is pregnant, did you know?” she asked her mother. “His father must make a great deal of eye contact with her. “

[13:56] Rσʂα Mσɱɱα Dαɯҽʂ (rosalynne.dawes) just looks at her sister “I am sure she is fine, seems you two need some time, I’ll go check into the inn for a few and see if I can pry Latha from Kron for a few minutes, I wish you both well and best of luck for tonight!”

[13:57] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): As usual, Nikki walks in her slave right on her heels and calls out “Lady G are you here?” she can hear mumbles from up the stairs and looks at Jade curiously

[13:58] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) called down, “Yes, Lady Nikki. I am upstairs. My mother has come to visit. Please, come join us.”

[13:58] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) Nikki has been pregnant since she was born. She has had over 300 children, you know and the quality just keeps going down with the quanity

[13:58] Jαdε (klonky) follows in behind her Mistress, her eyes look to the ceiling and her head tilts hearing voices upstairs.

[14:00] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Huffs and puffs a she makes her way up the stairs and stares at Sara for a few moments before bursting out in a true smile and reaches out to hug her “Tal Sara, dont get uses to this, its only because I am protected by my belly” and glances to G “Tal Lady”

[14:02] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) endures the hug, with only slight noticeable discomfort “that must be hormones gone wild, Nikki. It is pleasant to see your face, and that of…of…jenny! yes thats right, jenny

[14:03] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) smiled, her eyes showing such above the veil. She went rather wide eyed at the thought of 300 children. “Tal Lady Nikki.” she replied, then looked to Jade, “Tal Pearl.” she canted her head, still trying to figure out how in the world one would have time to do anything besides have babies with 300 of them! Her head shook, “It’s not Jenny, Mother. It’s Pearl.” she told her, then smiled to Jade as though she did the poor girl a favor.

[14:04] Jαdε (klonky) trails behind her Mistress, holds her arms out ready to catch the lady if she falls. Once at the top she takes to her knees “Tal Mistresses” she makes no response to the Jenny and Pearl names she was used to the Ladies not remembering her name. But she did raise an eyebrow when Mistress G corrected Mistress Sara, bites her lip so she doesn’t chuckle.
[14:06] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) harumphs at being corrected, but instead carries on as they were before “what kind of a home does your son have for my Gwynn that only has 2 rooms in it”

[14:06] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): glancing to jade she shrugs a little “call her what you want, did you know I brought her to the Hair lady last night and tried to sell her hair to her, you know to cover the companionship expenses. I will have you know that the lady Sissa told me she only buys hair of the Free” Nikkis eyes move to Saras tied up hair “hmmm” is all she says and laughs hearing Sara “she is moving to the head of caste housing, something that surely you walked by a few times with envy in your eyes”

[14:10] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) watched the two speak to one another. “I’m sure, Niall has a lovely home. He did tell me that builders could add a wall, should he feel we need separate bedrooms.” she interjected, trying to keep the peace. “He will already be building on for my gowns as it is, and I do not mind sharing a room with him. I’m sure we could put up a curtain or something until he can give me my own room. We can make due.”

[14:12] Jαdε (klonky) folded her own hair away from her Mistress, seeing her gaze move to Mistress Sara’s she relaxed some.

[14:14] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) a head of caste’s work is never done, I should assume he will sleep in his office. We have been talking about what Gwynn can expect as a companioned lady” Sara starts to cry again, and again begins arranging and rearranging Gwynn’s clothes and hair
[14:17] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki perks an eyebrow and looks at jade “you made sure there was wine on the roof right? Ladys lets go one floor up and have a seat, I will be happy to tell you what is expected by the Carvers and the best way to handle it” Her eyes move to Sara and she does smile a bit as the usually hard as steel Sara seems to melt a little on knowing her daughter would be companioned
[14:18] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) half swats at her mother as she begins to fuss over her. “I am sure it will be fine. He’s been much better about not making eye contact with me. I do think he intends to be patient with me, and his slave will do the cooking and cleaning. This should leave me with plenty of time to read and study and work on articles.” She looks to Jade, then to the stairs. “Ah, yes, Let’s do so.” she smiled and would lead the way. “I imagine as much as we both work, we’ll hardly even see one another.”

[14:18] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) fine, we can go to the roof and hear what the Carvers expect. I am sure it is less than the Threefolds expect

[14:19] Jαdε (klonky) nods “yes my Mistress” she runs up ahead and prepares two glasses of wine and a glass of water

[14:22] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki has to hoist her leg on top of the other one, not a graceful move when it looked like she had swallowed a melon.. whole” and turns to the Ladys and then looks right at Gwen “the good news for you is that Niall already has a slave, so that will make things easier in the long run. However, as we all know, the reason you are getting companioned is to further the Carver lineage, for goodness sakes I cannot bear this alone”

[14:25] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded, “The She-Urt did assure us that the Priest Kings will bless us with many sons.” she replied, thinking how many can she have in one year’s time? One! “I am sure, if Niall can reproduce, we will make eye contact many times. He did say,” she whispered, leaning forward, “Nothing would happen unless he’s naked.” she blushed profusely. “I am quite certain I will ensure his slave has his clothing laundered and prepared well in advance.”

[14:29] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) has regained some composure as she finds a seat, even managing to smirk when nikki has to climb into hers. Sara puts a cupped hand to her ear, as lif listening for the chair to creak and break under Nikki’s weight. She was about to coment on her feet not touching the floor until she realized her own were dangling as well. “that is good advice about the clothes and the slave. HOWEVER the Threefolds and Inkpens are more interested in less–shall we say–selfish? ambitions, and that is to strengthen the caste . We don’t want to take in too many greens or whatever. And you keep your clothes on, young lady, no matter how many articles niall takes off!”

[14:30] Jαdε (klonky) moves to her Mistress’ feet and holds up the tray “water my Mistress?”
[14:32] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Taking the water she motions jade on as she begins “Sara, lets get her ready for tonight, and we can worry about the fine details of the other matters later.” she shifts in her chair again a bit awkwardly “so tonight, you will be expected to lay next to him in the same bed, he will be naked, if you are lucky he will let you keep your clothes on, or at least most of them” she glances over to Sara encouraging her to jump in at anytime

[14:35] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) smirks and blushes. “You can’t be serious.” she laughs. “Stop, stop teasing so.” she holds her belly and laughs. “We have no need to discuss naked bodies, surely.” she gasps and leans back in her chair.
[14:37] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) remember you are a high caste woman! I was told men expect you to lay there rigid and frozen, and denounce the whole animalistic mating ritual. Others will not abide by that, or so I am told. I suggest a lot of wine for both of you. And under no circumstances allow that flighty slave of his to be around later.” she glares at Jade as if this were all her fault, somehow
[14:38] Jαdε (klonky) stands and moves inbetween Mistress G and Mistress Sara, trembles as she kneels seeing Mistress Sara’s look, quickly holds the tray high “wine Mistresses?”

[14:39] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) plucks the goblet of wine from the tray, giving it a little bump as she did. Maybe the other prepared goblet will topple and spill on the girls head
[14:42] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): She looks between the two of them “Personally I have perfected something that I will pass onto you, you will need to practice before tonight though as it takes an art to master.” Nikki sips at her wine and looks at Sara “you know this is so much easier with physician children who understand the function of basic anatomy” Her tone one of snootiness on the intelligence of the physicians on these worldly things “Now lady G, I want you to close your eyes, dont squint them shut, you need to make it look like you are tasting a sweet pastry and liking the taste.. this has nothing to do with reality of course, in reality you are shutting out that which is about to happen but try it with me” and Nikki leans back her big old belly protruding and gets a who I love baked good look on her face as she closes her eyes

[14:45] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) reached and snatched up the glass of wine from the tray. It was already to her lips before a drop could be spilled. Once the drink is gone from the glass she sets it back on the tray and closes her eyes. A deep breath inhaled through her nose, pulling her veil in a bit then blown out slowly, making the veil balloon. Her eyes closed and she tried to imagine a nice tasting chocolate treat, but instead she starts to giggle, opening one eye and peeking at her mother. “I can fake sleeping just fine, if that’s what helps. I can even pretend to snore.” she starts to gruffly inhale and exhale, making snoring sounds and her body going limp in the chair.

[14:48] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) begins to titter a little, perhaps she is more nervous than Gwynn is. “its not sleep you are imitating, Gwynn, it is pleasure. Which is one way, but I think you should just imagine myself and your father in the room, watching over you, keeping you safe. And remember your sacrifice is for the greater good. And, as Nikki says, you can try to act like you enjoy laying there.

[14:49] Jαdε (klonky) feels the tray bang her on the head, the knocking of the tray and the removal of the glass making it flip up. She remains as quiet as possible as she stands rubbing her head while returning the tray then back to her Mistress’ feet. Her eyes now focused on the Ladies pretending to .. do what, Master Niall wasn’t ugly she thought.

[14:53] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks at Sara “you and thrice watching her, oooh thats gonna help” she lets out a laugh “now the next part is a little more difficult. while you are laying there with your eyes close, you will do what I call an internal chant. It is very important that you do not allow your lips to move or that you make any noise during this part, noises can be misconstrued and your goal is to get this over with as fast as you can. so what you chant in your mind is six simple words.. Let this be over with soon” she pauses there “now watch” and again Nikki leans back in her chair with the bakery look on her face as her eyes closed and with out moving her lips begins the silent chant over and over and over

[14:56] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) wiggled her glass at Jade. “Pearl! More wine.” she huffed, then watched the two women. Her face went bright red. “How am I supposed to get pregnant if my eyes are closed?” she asked, “The sooner I get pregnant, the sooner he’ll stop staring at me.” she grumbled. “If we lay there, in his bed, and he’s naked, why waste the good opportunity to have eye contact? It’s not like he’s going to touch me or anything. Good grief. With this advice I’m never having any children.”

[15:01] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) “you watch that tone, young lady!” sara swiftly admonishes her daughter, but with no trace of anger. “Nikki has delivered close to 400 children, so her technique must work, but now I am worried that –well, when WIlliam gives one of those long winded speeches, most of us are closing our eyes and chanting to ourselves “let this be over soon” I hope no one things we are all having marital discourse! Shocking thought. Don’t worry, I;ll tell Niall to imagine me and pappa in the room, too. THat should keep him on the straight and narrow. And if –uhm–stares–too much you can always punch him in the–uhm, eye. I would try to pass that off as an accident, Gwynn”

[15:01] Jαdε (klonky) sees the glass wiggle and the call for more wine, stands grabs a bottle of wine and moves to Mistress G. Fills the glass and moves back to her Mistress’ feet.
[15:06] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki sips at her water and stares at Sara blankly “you know Sara, you and I need to synch up on this, this will only be my 20th child” Her eyes move back to G “oh he will touch you alright, and it wont be with a look, you need to get prepared to have you body touched in a number of ways by this man” she kicks out her foot at jade “you will tell her what to expect and make it appropriate for a free womens ears”

[15:07] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) nodded impatiently as the glass was filled, then smiled. “Thank you Pebbles.” she said with a lisp, then sipped at the glass of wine. Her hand waived in the air toward her mother. “I mean no disrespect.” she huffed, “My apologies mother, Lady Nikki. I do not wish to seem unappreciative of your advisement.” She leaned forward. “I shall refuse to remove any garments. That is just an absurd thought to have me naked in this entire process. It makes no sense. If he needs to be naked, which I still can’t figure out why in the world that part is even necessary, then so be it. I’ll be looking at his eyes, not his flesh.” Her head canted to Lady Nikki, “He will?” she went pale. “Why would he want to do that?” she gasped, horrified at the mere thought.

[15:14] Jαdε (klonky) lets out an “aii!” when the slipper heads her way. She opens her mouth about to spill all the juicy details her eyes wide with excitement at the thought, until she hears it should be appropriate. Slumps and closes her mouth while she thinks. Finally, she sits back up cautiously, “he will touch you up under your skirt and over the top of your dress” she swallows “he will touch you with ..” she pauses and looks at her Mistress then Mistress Sara, she turns back to Mistress G “with whats in his pants” sits back and takes a deep breath thinking that was pretty well explained but then adds quickly “if you close your eyes you won’t see” thinking that would enable her not to have to explain exactly what would be coming at her.

[15:17] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) choked on the next sip of wine. Her eyes were wide, an expression of shock on her face as the color paled from it. Slowly her head turned to her mother, then to Lady Nikki. “What in the name of the Priest Kings is in HIS PANTS?” she screamed.

[15:18] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) stares at Jade before commenting to Nikki “is that girl white silk? She may not have been the prime example. And perhaps we should have a similiar talk with Niall, because this one is going so well.” she sniffs again, as only a high caste woman of Gor can. “My daughter, its going to hurt and be uncomfortable, but there’s a good chance Niall won’t even notice. That’s where Nikki’s advice may be useful, Yes, his pants, Gwynn. Nikki perhaps you can describe that for her”

[15:22] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks at G and in her simple physician tone she just states “Niall like all men has a part attached to them that us women dont have. I have often called it their brain, but that is not something that we share with the men. It is about this long and about this big around, he will push that inside you and yes this first time it will hurt, and that G is how he puts his half of a wee little baby inside you” Nikki stops and tries to think “his half is so small you wont feel that, but that brain.. that you will feel”

[15:24] Jαdε (klonky) listens to the two woman and is glad they took over, she didn’t need a whipping for being too graphic, nods to herself as she sits back on her heels.

[15:26] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) flopped back in the chair, her nostrils flaring as she hyperventilates. “A brain?” she whispered, “AND half a baby?” She didn’t know that babies came in halves. She tried to imagine a long round object protruding from Niall’s pelvis that contained half a baby, and the picture in her mind was maddening. “More wine.” she squeaked. Now trying to figure out how she’ll survive getting impaled on this appendage. Her hands trembled, her eyes closed and she repeated….”Let this be over quickly, let this be over quickly.”

[15:30] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) ah I see you are going to adopt Nikki’s suggestion, Try not to say it outloud, but he may be making so much noise he wouldn’t hear you if you scream. Also, try to eat lightly, you don’t want to throw up on him, not the first time anyway. But it will all be fine, Gwynn, its what we must endure as women. Who knows” she ventures, hesitatingly “perhaps you may even enjoy this mating ritual as time goes on. Its best you not let him know it, however, as his demands will only grow and he may be angry if he thinks such conduct is unbecoming to a woman of Gor”

[15:35] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): “she listens well, now G try it again, silent so only you can hear and dont move your lips” she looks at the time “now we need to get over there, or should I say I have a few things to get ready before this companionship. so here is my last piece of advice “other than making no sounds as he will see that as encouragement. when its all over, turn over on your side, not facing him. dont move as he will think of that as a sign that you want him to use his brain again. then be sure to be the first one out of the bed and dont even venture into that room again until he is awake and out of it”

[15:36] Jαdε (klonky) stands and moves quickly over to Mistress G and fills her glass, then returns to her Mistress’ side ready to follow her Mistress.

[15:37] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) still had no color back in her cheeks and stared wide mouthed at her mother. Jaw gaping open in disbelief. “How could anyone…like…that?” she cringed. “This is a nightmare.” she gasped, putting her hands to her face, still in disbelief. Her eyes went to Jade, “Do you enjoy being impaled by brains?” she asked, surely even a slave didn’t like that. She nodded to Lady Nikki. “Don’t move my lips, don’t say it out loud and don’t move or he’ll think I want him to do it again.” she nodded again and again, “Sage advice, Lady.” Her eyes went to her mother, “I had no idea.”

[15:39] Sara Inkpen (sarai.inkpen) Nikki is a professional at this, Gwynn. all the women in Svago are her offspring, thats why they jumped at the chance to gain you. Less incest this way. Do you have more preparations to make too, Gwynn? We should all be prepared to get over there

[15:41] Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nikki looks at G “:this is why you keep a slave in the house, who cares if she enjoys it. Its what one of her purposes are” she turns and just glares at jade and then to her pregnant belly “and sometimes they fail. So do what you do to keep them around, burn the food, leave the house messy, soil his clothes with some kind of berry juice should he ask you to wash them.. remember you need a slave or you will get the brain” Happy this conversation was over she inclines her head ‘I will see both of you over there, I wish you well”

[15:42] Jαdε (klonky) nods happily and goes to answer but quickly shuts her mouth seeing the look on her Mistress’ face. “I wish you well Mistresses” she turns to follow her Mistress

[15:42] Gwynneth Threefold (zodiacbastnine) shook her head, she was ready…but this felt like a walk to the gallows. “Keep the slave or get the brain shoved up my ass. Got it.” she said, swallowing hard. “Well…I guess we should go.”

[[15:43] Nikki Lordes (AlwaysNikki Resident): Nikki walks down the stairs calling to Sara “maybe clarify the hole”

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