Two slaves, an urt & a bad idea

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Two slaves, an urt & a bad idea

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[01:26] Vash (Sebedai Charron) briefly glanced at Four having her dilemma with Onion, which he would sort out in a moment, for now he took the tea from his slaves finger, and placed it on his palm, turning it seven times as he looked back at Roca “Of course, don’t let me hold you up. I am going to have a quiet morning, and do some Urt investigations. I hope you rest well, and have a profitable expedition.” He then devoted some of his attention to the wayward Four “Kitai, go slap Onion to get her attention, and demand she fetch me poison, then tell four that if she doesn’t get me cheese, I am going to stand up, and go over there to tell her myself.” He then gave his little curved slave a brief pet on her backside.

[01:26] Roca Mogambo (Sathvik Vacano) lifts his head, closes his eyes and slowly bites the berry a few times and swallows it. Then opens his eyes and turns to Larissa and “Girl, lets go and take rest. There is a big agenda tomorrow”
[01:27] Roca Mogambo (Sathvik Vacano): heel Larissa
[01:27] Roca Mogambo (Sathvik Vacano): “you take care sir, I am sure your slave girl takes good care of you. I shall see you around, or may be during my next trip back to home. bye for now”

[01:28] Larissa (shjana Resident): “Yes Master” she rises ready to leave, she turns to the White haired man, “I wish you well Master” and to the slave” Serve well, kajira”

[01:29] Clarissa Faith if it was appropriate for her to facepalm, she would have. Instead she returned to being the best slave she could be and reminding herself that the poor behaviour of others was not her concern, or her place to correct. Smiling coyly op at her Master she let her fingers play softly on his thigh, stroking them back and forth. Her desire to purr was repressed as this was not the place for it. Of course her attention was drawn momentarily to the Free woman’s tantrum, but that was the whole point of it. “Um…yes my Master” She was wondering why the woman hadn’t just called four over to serve, but her mind was now blank. She didn’t want to slap onion…but here goes. Standing up defiantly, as defiantly as someone who’s tiny and wearing pink can be, and marched over to Onion, giving her one almightly slap without warning. Then pointing accusingly, “Get some poison NOW!” Before looking to four and smiling sweetly, touching her arm in a friendly manner, “Please my friend, can you get some cheese for my
[01:29] Clarissa Faith: Master?”

[01:32] Four (silk Mendle) turned her back, purposefully to the table, and stared at the Woman who had moved to make herself some food. “Onion”, Four muttered to Onion, “stop it. You’re gonna get us in trouble”. And as Four watched the Woman, she started to grow impatient. She stared at Onion, waving a hand in front of the Inn Slave’s face. But Four, after a while, decided Onion had the best plan – stand there – look blank – stare. So Four stood there, staring forward, with a blank and expressionless stare. And when Kitai came and gave dear Onion a good whack, Four blinked. “Kitai!”, Four gasped, covering her mouth in horror. But she were quickly silenced and pulled a face. “What?”, Four glanced over at Vash, then looked back at Kitai. “Why?”, Four looked mighty confused. Eventually, though, she let out a sigh, “okay then”. And with a look of protest given to both Onion and Kitai, she turned and shuffled around the counter to wash her hands and pat them dry.

[01:34] SorshaMoon Resident grabbed a mug wiping it down and filled it with ale and walked out the inn while mumbling “Fucking men and their lazy sluts…all either is good for is furring each other…and nothing else”

[01:37] Clarissa Faith immediately felt guilty for slapping onion, she hadn’t even had a conversation with her, ever. Not that Onion was the chatty type, she leaned in and spoke softly so that the other couldn’t hear, “I’m so sorry, I….” she flushed and her hands flailed a little at her side as she fought for a good reason or excuse, she simply settled on the truth, “My Master told me to…and…well…his word is law” She looked up at Onion as she stoically took the pain that Kitai had wrought on her. Sheepishly the curvaceous slave turned to go back to her Master. Catching sight of the HUGE woman and her eyes became like moons, so round, she stared, she couldn’t help it. Kitai could curl up and sleep in one of the woman’s breasts alone. “By the moons….” it was under her breath and just before she caught herself and almost ran to Vash’s side before she got in trouble, giving four a chipper, “thank you!”

[01:39] Vash (Sebedai Charron) watched in something akin to amusement as the girls hurried to obey, his eyebrow rose at the free womans outburst. It hadn’t phased him in the least, in point of fact he seemed a lot more happier and relaxed to have the woman out of his hair. He suppressed a yawn, and sipped some more of his tea, wincing ever so slightly at the slap Kitai gave onion. He let out a long low rumble and waited for the girl to fetch him some poison. Though, in retrospect, perhaps some binding fibre could do the trick equally as well. He put his tea cup down, and took out a cord of the sinews, and began to work it into a loop like a small strangle trap, or lasso. He glanced up as kitai returned to his side, and he glanced to make sure onion was doing as she was told, and that four wasn’t stinting on his order. He placed his hand on his sluts ass, and dragged her a little close so he might bite her bottom lip, and drink from her lips a long deep kiss.

[01:43] Clarissa Faith her hand stung, she had really put a lot of force behind that slap. Her irritation at the lewd, slimy slave had made her so angry, she’d taken it out on poor Onion. Shaking it from side to side she tried to get the sting out. Everything forgotten in an instant as her Master drew her closer and she sighed happily as he sank his teeth into her lip. She didn’t begin to writhe or moan, she controlled herself. Simply closing her eyes and allowing him to drink his fill from her plump lips. Everything was just so perfect in that moment, she laid her hands on his thighs gently. “Thank you my Master…” she cooed in gratitude for his display of tenderness

[01:43] Four (silk Mendle) regretted coming to visit Onion. She always ended up serving – and Four hated serving. Four bent down to one of the cupboards and dug around. And all that could be heard, coming from the kitchen was the banging and clattering of crockery and pans, while Four searched for a plate. “Got it”, Four stood up, waving a plate at Onion. And with a flick of a rep-cloth, it was unfolded, and she gave the plate a quick wipe, front and back. Once the plate and rep cloth were set to the bench, Four dumped a little round slab of cheese on to the plate and added a small cutting tool. But whatever expression the slave held, in her happiness at finding a plate in the cupboard, was soon washed away. And as she gathered the plate up in her hands, Four, made her way to the table where Vash was seated with Kitai.

[01:52] Vash (Sebedai Charron) just finished kissing his slave, and then straightened again. He ignored four while he finished his work on the binding fibre, and then let out a pleased growl. Of course it took forever for onion to appear with the poison, her dull sullen silence only counter pointed by the big red mark on her cheek. He ignored her as well, simply dismissing her with a flick of his finger to leave her standing in the middle of the room, silent, but glaring a little at the two slave girls. He reached up and took the cheese from fours platter, ignoring the cutting tool, and simply crumpled the cheese in his hand until it fell in little crumbs over the table. He then opened the pouch of poison, and threw in a handful of the crumbs. He tossed this on the table and frowned at four “Put that thing down, now, both of you pay attention. There is an urt running around the outside table. I want you to feed it the poisoned cheese, from the rail while still up here. I don’t want you going down there to play with it. Throw
[01:52] Vash (Sebedai Charron): it some of the poisoned cheese, if that doesn’t get it…throw some of the unpoisoned cheese, and then try to get it’s head in the noose and ……” He shrugged “I don’t know, swing it around some until it stops flopping. “

[01:59] Clarissa Faith watched with interest as her Master made the little trap for the urt, she had no idea what he was doing until he explained it. At which point she looked up and politely pointed out, “Urts don’t really like cheese my Master, they prefer grain, bread crumbs or some oats, or sa tarna wheat would be much better at getting it’s attention…” she shut up and looked down not wanting a sword pummel to the head for being rude. “Another thing my Master…Is is fitting for two mere, pathetic slave girls to go after the vermin when you are such a strong, commanding Master….who has a sword…” she looked at four with a worried furrow to her brow, she did NOT like this plan

[02:02] Four (silk Mendle) watched with a keen interest as Vash, instead of devouring the chase, wasted it – crumbling it, and adding poison. Four looked gutted. She loved to eat cheese. And now! It was spoiled! Tainted with the poison that he had ordered. When both Four and Kitai were ordered to feed the Urts, she cast a look across at Kitai. She looked worried. Not for herself. But for her friend. “I-um… is that… a good idea? We… we might get bit?”, Four asked, cautiously, swinging her attention back to Vash. But who was Four to argue with a Free Man. She were relieved when Kitai too began to question the plan. All Four could do was look down, staring at the floor, listening. Four didnt know Vash as well as Kitai knew Vash. If it were Jamison, Four would’ve put on the waterworks, crying and pleading – this would usually get her way with almost anything she did or didnt want to do. But Vash was not Jamison and all poor Four could do was wait. And keep her fingers crossed that the Man would change His mind.

[02:09] Vash (Sebedai Charron) looked a this slave as he listened to her heartfelt plea, then her emotional and touching admiration of him, her Master, the sheer praise she gave him for having a sword that could kill an Urt. He looked at her gravely, then slapped her upside the head ” I am not telling you to go around the city and poison every Urt, I am telling you to walk just over there, and throw some things off the balconey. If you think grain, or bread might do a better job, then by all means, find some and throw that down there too. Because if you don’t do it, my next idea involves a sirik, coffling two slave girls together, and staking them out in the middle of the square in a box loaded with grain, with an Urt sized trap door in it’s side, ” He looked from Kitai, to Four, and addressed them both “So, would you rather throw a little poisoned meal of cheese and grain from the safety of up here, or be staked out as bait for all the Urts on the dock? ” He lifted a fair eyebrow and waited for the girls to make a choice,
[02:09] Vash (Sebedai Charron): because he was such a fair and understanding Master like that.

[02:14] Clarissa Faith yelped in pain, she was of course expecting it, but it still hurt like hell. She sniffled a bit, and resisted the urge to rub her head which now ached. She didn’t want to be put in an urt trap, that sounded…awful and deadly. Just the thought of it made her heart race and her want to scream. She looked up at four and made a face, one that said, well let’s get on with it. The choice was removed, they had to do it, or die basically, which was the punishment for not obeying any way. So…damned if you do, damned if you don’t. “Yes my sword-bearing Master…” ok she wasn’t letting that one go. Standing slowly, VERY slowly as she wanted to put it off she made her way to the kitchen. Finding old bread and crumbling it up, she didn’t want to touch the poison so she used a rep cloth to sweep the crumbled poisoned cheese into the bowl with the bread. Swirling the contents around before making her way to the balcony, ready to just dump the contents as soon as she saw that furry-faced-fuck.

[02:19] Four (silk Mendle) just stared. The man was just as insane as her Owner, Jamison. And as she stared, the cogs of her brain turned and turned. Four wasnt as quick to move as Kitai, nor was she as enthusiastic. But eventually, her locked stare shifted from Vash to the plate in her hands and with a pout, the slave bent down, swiping some of the cheese crumbs on to the plate that she had held. “Yes…. Master”, Four mumbled to Vash and she did a U-Turn, and looked for Kitai to go and join her. “This is a stupid idea, Kitai”, Four would whisper to her, when she found her. “But… I guess you should ought to know, Kitai. If either of us get bit – you will die and I will not. I am immune to the urt disease”. And as she spoke in hushed tones to Kitai, Four started to sprinkle the cheese, by tipping it from the plate on to the balcony. “I was vaccinated”, Four added, giving Kitai a, ‘i’m sorry’ look.

[02:24] Vash (Sebedai Charron) lifted the tea cup to his lips as the girls departed to see to his instructions. Honestly, the girls were making to much of it, they were in no danger of the thing springing over the balcony to get at them. Something in that mess of bread and cheese would attract the wretched thing, and then the city would be down one Urt. Although the plague of them was starting to get troublesome. He might have to vaccinate himself. He rinsed some tea back and forth in his mouth, then swallowed, and maybe kitai. He didn’t want her to be put out of action by a Urt bite. He smacked his lips and relaxed as was his right as a free man. He wasn’t about to kill the thing with a sword, it was a bit of an over kill, and would leave a mess for days.

[02:25] Clarissa Faith stared at Four for a moment, her expression was blank, but pleasant as she processed the new information she’d been given. “That pleases me….” she said softly, “I am very fond of you and think you are a rare ray of sunshine in a world that can be very dark some times, you always make me smile. If I die, that’s what the Gods have decided for me” She smiled warmly, “I’m glad you will carry on making others smile….I suppose we should get on with this and try our best, in a way we’re being very noble, if it does die we may have saved someone’s life and is there any thing more noble for a slave to do?” She didn’t add that if a slave saves a Free’s life they are then enslaved…but no one would know so it was all OK! Leaning over the balcony she whimpered softly, waiting for the urt to appear before showering it with crumbs, cheese and poison. Hoping with all of her might that the urt would be tempted by this feast, gorge and die!

[02:30] Leala (Shayandris Resident) looks over towards Four and the girl with her would wave towards her but then once seeing the urt she runs runs as fast as she can towards the upper city and hopefully stay away from these beast.

[02:32] Four (silk Mendle) looked a little sad. “Don;t say that, Kitai”, Four said in reply, sadly. “You won’t die… but if you do… wait?”, Four gasped. “Wait – if a slave saves a free life? They – become slaves?”. Four had never ever heard of this law. Her eyes lit up. “Kitai!”, Four was more than happy to hear such a law even existed. “Quick”, Four dumped the rest of her tainted cheese down over the balcony, with more enthusiasm that she had showed before. “If we save all the free… do you think we – could be free?!”, Four glanced at Kitai wide-eyed. The Urts might well have been a blessing and a way for Four to find her freedom. “Imagine that”, she whispered, looking over her shoulder to the other side of the Inn, where Vash was seated looking all high and mighty.

[02:36] Clarissa Faith “if all the Free die of this retched thing…or most of them, I could well imagine…should the slaves out number the Free, a rebellion…” she looked worried, she herself didn’t really have it in her to rebel unless someone REALLY ticked her off, then she lost all of her cool and became a raging beast, it was at those moments sharp objects should be hidden because she had killed before and would do it again without skipping a beat. “But, as we are doing this anonymously so to speak, I do not think we will be enslaving anyone, though, it would be hilarious if we did….” She imagined all the Free she disliked and then poured the last of the mixture. “Do you know that odd Lady chocolate maker got enslaved…she was in chains and everything, it was so funny!”

[02:39] Vash (Sebedai Charron) while he might be sipping his tea, he did catch snippets of the two slaves conversation. Something about free, and dying,
perhaps they were about to nobly sacrifice themselves, and thus be free in the after life. He felt a little tear of pride at the idea, two strong slave girls, willingly going before him to prepare his home in the halls of the slain. He was touched, very moved by it. Although, he probably shouldn’t be greedy, did he really need two slaves in the after life? He had to leave a spot in his ghostly bed for Amai too. He decided he would make sure four got burned with Bjorns corpse so she could suck him off all the way to the long halls of the slain. He would be a good friend like that, so he called out to the two girls “Girls, I commend your brave deeds. ” He waved to them, a little glint in the corner of his eyes, so very proud of them.

[02:42] Four (silk Mendle) listened to Kitai, wide eyed. Four looked back at the little urt skittering around down below, and then, it seemed to disappear, under the table. When did that table arrive? “Maye we will be Ubaras… That’d be kinda… fun”. Four dusted off the plate and at the news that the crazy Chocolateer had been enslaved, Four gasped, then burst out laughing. “Really! I wish I had been there to see that! She hates me!”, and Four quickly stifled the laughs she had let out and cast a cautious look back over at Vash, who was waving, calling out. Four just stared at Him. Soon, he would be a slave. Or better – killed by the nasty Urt Plague. Four grinned, waving back at Him. “Kitai… this plague could wipe out all of Gor. Arent you scared?”

[02:48] Clarissa Faith “Yesterday I think, emergency measures so that citizens can get the vacination so the urts won’t affect them…” she cradled the bowl to her belly. “Tatrixes. I don’t want to have to companion some man to be in power!” She smiled broadly at Four’s reaction, “I know, she hates all slaves, so it was satisfying to see her tripping up over her chains….but who the bloody Gor would want that as a slave, no wonder they just left. I wonder who did it, I’d like to thank him!” She too looked over to see the behavioural patterns of the rodent. “Of course I’m scared, but, Four, as slaves we are in danger of dying every day, just by being unpleasing, so…really this is no different to any other day I suppose. You just do your best, be your best and hope for the best!” The poison distributed she would take the bowl to the kitchen and wash it thoroughly before returning to her Master’s side. She was no where near as affectionate as she had been previously and seemed stiff and irritated.

[02:52] Vash (Sebedai Charron) with the two girls nobly sacrificing themselves, and there was brave four waving back to him. He saw her stare, and she was probably upset that he commended her brave sacrifice. Well that was true enough, a warrior didn’t wish to be recognized or commended for obeying the codes. He had probably demeaned their sacrifice a little by recognizing it. He paused, and rubbed at his chin thoughtfully for a moment, how could he make it up to them? Four seemed particularly upset by it, he knew kitai would willingly throw herself into the fires of hell for her Master, no sacrifice would be to great for her to make for his happiness. But four wasn’t his, so he doubted she wished to make a spectacle of it. He began to reason a little deeper, if such a brave girl wished to make a noble sacrifice, and keep it quiet, then he was duty bound to help her sacrifice not be in vain. So then, he should kill her out of sight of everyone else, then wrap her in silks, and perfumes, when it came time to burn Bjorn, he
[02:52] Vash (Sebedai Charron): could so carefully lay her underneath the pyre before hand, and thus, she would go to the afterlife to serve Bjorn, secure in the knowledge she had done so free of vanity, her motivations pure. His eyes flicked back to his slave, noting her posture, and his eyebrow rose as plotted fours murder. He took a sip of tea “You know my little blossom, for a girl who just helped a city, you certainly do look rather upset by it.”

[02:55] Four (silk Mendle) stayed back, if only to ponder a little longer. But eventually, Four retreated from the balcony and her thoughts. “Well… I wont die”, Four muttered to Onion as she came trotting over to her and the counter and placed the plate down. “Here, Onion… have a plate to wash”, and she hesitated for just a moment. Dark green emerald eyes settled upon Vash and Kitai. Four wasnt a body slave like Kitai. But she had noticed Kitai was not as snuggly towards her Owner as she had been before the two of them had been ordered to poison the urt. Four looked back to Onion. “Well… Onion…”, Four smiled. But when Four looked back at the table, where Vash was seated, with Kitai pouting beside Him, she felt a sudden uneasiness well in her stomach with the look the Free Man was giving poor Four. Four frowned a little at Him. He seemed deep in thought. And it was enough to make poor Four gulp rather fearfully at Him. Was he plotting some lavisicous threesome – with Four and Kitai licking and lapping, …
[02:56] Four (silk Mendle): like needy slaves over Him. If He was, Four would be having none of that! Four was not fond of furring men! Four blinked, looking away. It was probabyl best she avoided eye contact all together with Vash and Kitai.

[03:05] Clarissa Faith didn’t say anything at her Master’s observation, but she tucked her hands in between her thighs and made a stubborn face. She wanted to smack him, soooooo bad. She knew such a thing would get her killed, yet it didn’t stop her hands from itching to do so, perhaps the muscle memory of giving Onion a wollop was not such a good thing. She kept her chin buried, oblivious to his plotting of her friend’s death. She instead turned her thoughts to more pleasant things, like the little bug collections she’d gathered for Four and was going to gift her shortly, and of course her pet urt who she was teaching to read. Finally a smile turned her lips up and returned the twinkle to her eye, of course Vash would try and take the credit for her improved mood, his ego knew no bounds

[03:12] Vash (Sebedai Charron) far from being reassured at his slaves sudden pleasant smile, he began to suspect her old memories returning, which was not going to do him any good. He was not sure he should take her to his furs tonight, perhaps he might even cage her, and put chains on her, just to be sure. Which would make it easier to kill four he supposed. His dark troubled eyes flicked from his slaves sweet, sinister smile, to that of four, standing near Onion. He narrowed his gaze somewhat and flicked his gaze back to kitai. He sipped his tea real slow, watching his slaves hands, her breathing, the look in her eyes. Was she becoming the torturer again? Dare he let her out of his sight, then his eyes widened somewhat, he had let her have access to poisons. He let out a low deep rumble, and glanced back at four, perhaps they hadn’t been talking about their own deaths, maybe they were plotting something. He flicked a gaze back to kitai. He lowered his tea cup and his twisted lips smiled tightly. “With luck, that Urt
[03:12] Vash (Sebedai Charron): should pass along shortly.” He put his tea cup down, and let out a contented sigh “I think I shall have to get that sirik from Trentan sooner then later.”

[03:19] Four (silk Mendle) grunted. Paranoia seemed to creep in. She didnt trust Goreans. Not one of them. Maybe the odd slave, but the free ones, they made her skin crawl. Especially Free Men, who stared at Four in lustful ways. Four shuffled on the spot. “Onion, Im going Home”, she whispered, keeping a cautious eye on the table and on Vash and Kitai. “I’ll see you later”. And without another word spoken, Four hurried as fast as her little legs would carry her down the steps and out of the Inn. Four didnt even look back. Vash, she decided was just as insane as her own Owner. She’d avoid him from now on. Perhaps she would have to avoid the Inn for a while too.

[03:20] Clarissa Faith of course her old memories weren’t returning! She was kept well drugged between Amai and Anna, the suppressant of her memory and the hormone shots lefts her rather docile. He needn’t have worried at all, but she did see the calculating expression, his eyes narrowed and his lip twitched, the tic under his eye went and she knew his thoughts were not of tastas, cuddles and frevets. She whimpered in anticipation and drew away a little, she didn’t want to be struck, or hurt for no reason. She had done nothing but serve him to the letter, she was always loyal, to a fault at times. Wide blue eyes fixed on his face, angelic, perhaps naive expression as she searched his eyes, only guessing at the dark thoughts that were running through his head. Turned to wave after Four in a chipper manner, she really did like that girl!

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