** If you are the weapon maker, you cannot use them to fight with in Svago, nor any alt of yours – lets play fair**

GM weapons only
No weapons that switch between ranged and melee
Sheaths must be worn or you may not use the weapon!!!!!
Acceptable ranged weapons are – Bows and Crossbows
No messenger birds
No female swords/scimitars

===Approved Weapon Makers===
(Latest versions only, shields and melee sheaths must be worn)

Alika Sao Weaponry (Alika Sao)
SWS Weapons (Braydon Randt)
FX Weapons (Francesco Xevion)
LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)
VF Weapons / VoFhang (Lego Antfarm)
Markz McMahon
Ancient Lore Weapons (Osith Emmons/Romper Barbosa)
EZ Weapons (Romper Barbosa/JJames Alter)
EQ Weapons
Centipede Weapons
GTS Weapons
PFC Weapons
Aegis Weapons
Ancient Builds Jake Molinaro

(Not on the list??… the weapon maker can contact us, but until added you cannot use them in Svago)

SHIELDS must use the official GM script from alika Sao.

Fist fight/unarmed combat HUDs:
Alika Sao Weaponry (Alika Sao)
LR Weapons (Larion Rhode) v1.05 or higher

Banned Weapons
Any Custom weapons not readily available to public
Cakes, Muffins, Larma, fish, bunnies, food items as weapons
– PAC – ( PAC hit )
AC G4 bows
XX weapons (XXander Snook)
TCJ weapons
H&J Swords
DM Weapons (Jenny Cioc & Greyhound Burt)
Any weapon with Friendly fire Feature
Ballista, Blowguns, blowpipes, dart rifles (unless you are a kur), bolas, hybrid weapons.