** If you are the weapon maker, you cannot use them to fight with in Svago, nor any alt of yours – lets play fair**

Allowed Fist Fight Hud Makers
Alika Sao Weaponry (Version 1 or Higher)
LR Weaponry (Version 1or Higher)
ZCS Weaponry (Fist Fighter Version 1 or Higher)

Allowed Weapon Makers
Arueil Weapons (ArueilDesign Resident)
Cernus Weapons (CernusOfAr Resident)
EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida & JJames Alter)
Equinox Weapons (Equinox Weapons (equinoxweapons)
GTS Weapons; Centipede Weapons (Tommy Burton & Tetsuia Kohime)
LR Weapons (Larion Rhode & Allia Lane)
Jara Creations (Jaraziah Lowell )
Markz Weapons (Markz McMahon)
Myst Weapons (Mormorymor Streeter)
PFC Creations (Pucca Firecaster)
Scorpion Weapons (Scorpionweapons Resident)
VF Weapons (Tungsten Engineer)
Ancient Builds Jake Molinaro
[A.W.] | A.W. Security (nimus mortensen) | Melee and Ranged

Not on the list?
-Contact Lucius Lowan Spire (Icilowan Resident)

Banned Weapons
Jungle Weapons
Any Custom weapons not readily available to public
Cakes, Muffins, Larma, fish, bunnies, food items as weapons
– PAC – ( PAC hit )
AC G4 bows
XX weapons (XXander Snook)
TCJ weapons
H&J Swords
DM Weapons (Jenny Cioc & Greyhound Burt)
Any weapon with Friendly fire Feature
Ballista, Blowguns, blowpipes, dart rifles (unless you are a kur), bolas, hybrid weapons.