Welcome Message

Welcome to Svago

Greetings Svagoreans!

By now, you are aware of the changes that are taking place. I want to start off by giving a HUGE thank you to Nikki and William. They have provided us all with a community, a home, and stability for nearly five years. The amount of work and love that has been put into Svago has been immeasurable. They have my utmost respect and are not only friends, but family. I have no doubt that there are large shoes to fill. I look forward to witnessing them enjoying their, well deserved, retirement. First round of drinks (paga or wine) are on me.

It is an honor and privilege to be trusted to continue the legacy of Svago. While this is a change, I would like to assure you, that it is my goal to make it a smooth transition with it going largely unnoticed in the functionality of Svago. The philosophies and vision that have made Svago what it is, are very much in line with my own. No doubts there will be a great many questions that are coming to mind. Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have. Though, I will attempt to address them on a mass level immediately.

  1. The build.
    Inevitably that is going to be one of the biggest questions that arise. There will be a new build. Understand that there are a lot of moving pieces with this, and it will take time. Do not expect a new build for the immediate future. This is a time consuming and expensive endeavor.
  2. Heads of Caste/Leadership
    All Heads of Caste and leadership positions will largely remain as they are currently. The only exception to this will be me moving into the Administrator position, and William choosing to retire. This does leave the High Magistrate position vacant until the Council elects a replacement. You can expect that castes will be continue to function as they have thus far. We have amazing leaders, who are good at what they do, and I don’t see a reason to fix what is not broken.
  3. Experience.
    I have had extensive experience in sim ownership (about 7 real life years.) The good, the bad, the ugly, and the extremely beautiful all included and everywhere in between. There are key factors in making a sim successful and in my experience the biggest contributions are the people. That is each and every one of you all contribute to the success of a sim.
  4. Housing and rules
    When I wrote earlier that Svago’s functionality will continue to be the same, that included housing and rules. Housing will continue to remain at no charge. The rules will remain as they are, with obvious tweaks. You will find that housing will always be free. The rules, that’s not something that will change without proper notices and considerations.
  5. Availability
    My hours tend to be fairly consistent. I work from home and have for years. This has its ups and downs. I tend to be available at the very least in IMs most days. I will continue to take my Saturdays for Real Life. During those days, Bjarte and Lucretia can take care of the sim, and also know how to get in contact with me in extreme emergencies.
  6. Events
    I know that a few of you have been planning events. Keep planning! I only ask that you let one of the Admins of the sim know so that we can include it in the calenders, put out advertisements, and see that you are getting the support needed.

I am looking forward to the stories we build together in the future! The ride has been outstanding and wild thus far, and look for this to continue.

Thank you is all I have left to say, and it seems to be small words for the amount gratitude that I feel, so I will say it again… THANK YOU!

Jonah Bernard