Welcome Message

Welcome to Svago

William Carver & Nikki Lordes
Svago Owners

Welcome to Svago, a small little island away from the main trading routes on Thassa. We wanted to take a minute and tell you a little about our vision for the one of a kind sim we have built. Svago’s IC history and the sim rules can be found elsewhere on this website as well.

Svago opened in January of 2016 and many who have been with Svago from day one , still call this city home.  William Carver and Nikki Lordes keep the vision of Svago alive and manage all the day to day details in the running of this fairly busy city.

The vision is simple, we wanted to build a city that we would want to live and role play at. A city that had minimal sim owner interference and let the people of the city handle IC issues that might come up. Our focus is both BTB IC authentic and fair Gorean role play and an OOC supportive and safe environment. Our passion for teaching expanded into mentoring new gorean role players with the opening of our welcome center in 2016.

We have now passed our 4 year anniversary and have been almost continuously in the top 10 BTB sims.

The success of Svago relies strongly on the support of people who joined us, some have been here since day one, some are new and many return to continue their role play here. We like to thank all of you who helped to make Svago what it is today, many hours have been put in by so many awesome people, there are too many people to mention by name, but you know who you are, so thank you!