What Did They Say?

People say (and do) the craziest things in role play.  These are the ones that made our jaws drop, say WTF or shed tears of laughter . . .

When group chat just goes nuts and you just have to laugh out loud
Malifice Skyclaw (pwnography): back in a bit. need to check on supper
Gaila (brooke.seranade): I require sustenance !
Malifice Skyclaw (pwnography) unzips
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): Gets my fork and knife ready and yanks my veil down as a bib..
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): OMG
Gaila (brooke.seranade): hhahahah
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): you should not have posted that!
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): I meant the.. oh snot
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): the real food
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): digs a hole and sticks my head in it
Aeliana Valerius (annabella.christensen): lol
Malifice Skyclaw (pwnography): LOL….Perfect timing Ash.
Gaila (brooke.seranade): Damn Ash
Gaila (brooke.seranade): I mean…
Ashellia Thorne (ashellia): OMG

–Gaila says–
Gaila (brooke.seranade): “Snitches get stitches.” [Svago group]
Gaila (brooke.seranade): “Shots fired.” [Svago group]

–Daks says–
Dakota (dakotasissy) paces back and forth as he looks at he wall of slave portraits. Grumbling to himself about the humiliation suffered the day before at the hands of Calia. Grabs a charcoal writing stick and approaches her portrait in particular as he draws a crude mustache on hers, then steps back and admires his work.

[2017/08/19 16:30:38] Dakota (dakotasissy): I want to challenge that Slayer to a competition in the bath house, See who has the softer hands and defter touch when it really matters.

Preface: Poor Dakota is illiterate, and hi Mistress forgot that when she told him to take notes during the  intake process of a new kajira to the slave house.

Dakota (dakotasissy) puts the quill down and corks the ink bottle. For being illiterate, the boy had done his best to show that the girl was Gorean born, from the planet with 3 moons. That she had been opened, presumably by a man’s cock. That her previous owner had been a Jarl, leaving the belly beneath the sword brand upon her. and flexing his artistic skills, had shown the dragon tatoo she had emblazoned upon her in ink.