Death in Svago

Your death due to any reason, including an Assassin’s kill v13

• If you do not wish to RP your death and feel the RP is not justified or theme authentic, you have the option to end the RP. If you choose to accept the RP then you choose to accept the outcome. All Deaths must be consensual, as is all other rp on Svago.

• Death in role-play is possible. However, because we are a role-play focused sim, we highly discourage death as it brings an end to role-play. Death can only be an IC consequence for IC actions and never for an OOC reason.

• We will not mod death rps, just as we will not mod any other roleplay. This needs to be taken care of between the role players and must follow the combatant rules (found in the raid rules)

• The role-player who has accepted the kill may choose one of the two following options after the death of their character. The role player who is killed may chose either Permanent Death or Temporary Death (48 hour coma).

-a) Permanent Death: Your character is dead and while you may return to RP in 24 hours with the same account, you must be a different character, with a different story. All of what was accomplished in your character’s previous life is gone. You are a different person. Otherwise known as: Re-Role. Your character or other participants in the story cannot miraculously know who killed you or hired you to be killed if it was done by an Assassin. No retaliation is to be had.

-b) Temporary Death: Your character is not dead, but in a coma following a serious attempt on your life. You may return to RP in 48 hours with the same account and be the same character, with the same story. All of what was accomplished in your character’s previous life is retained. You are the same person. You may not leave the infirmary and may not speak, move, or talk to anyone ICly when in coma. After 48 hours you may awaken and begin to role-play the recovery processes prescribed by the Physicians. You will heal but you and others in your story will have permanent memory loss of the events that brought you to being killed and death. You may not retaliate. You were defeated and that is it. If that is not to your liking choose perma death.

• Special consideration on suicides:
– This is not a standard gorean role play and we all know that it can be an IC reaction to an OOC stress, which you have other options for per our rules.
– In the case of a suicide, the sim owners need to be involved. We will NOT allow this action to be used to escape an IC consequence you are not happy with.
– Our advice is figure out another way to deal with it, or FTB.